Must Watch: Sachs on Carlson

Tucker and Sachs!

Must watch

Jeffrey Sachs with probably the smartest and most accurate assessment of the Ukraine war, and American foreign policy more broadly, ever caught on tape.

(20:17) Why did America push for Ukraine to Join NATO?

(58:34) What is a Neocon?

(1:25:28) Regime Change Never Works

(1:36:27) Who Blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline?

(2:01:45) COVID Origins

“The Train of War Has Departed”

NATO is preparing for a protracted war with Russia but there is still a chance to prevent it, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said at a ministerial meeting of the military bloc in Prague on Friday.

NATO member states have been granting approval for Kiev to use Western-supplied weapons to hit targets deep inside Russia. Earlier in the day, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Ukraine had the right to defend itself, which includes the right to strike legitimate military targets inside Russia.

These steps are being taken in preparation “for a long, many-year war,”Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet quoted Szijjarto as saying.

“The express train of war has departed from the penultimate station,” and the question is whether there is still a chance to stop it, he added.

The Hungarian foreign minister said there was “only one emergency brake left,”referring to the European Parliament elections in June. The European people “can make it clear to their governments that they do not want to live with war in Europe for a long time,” Szijjarto added.

Hungary had previously called for a ceasefire and peace talks to resolve the Ukraine conflict. Budapest has refused to send military aid to Kiev and has repeatedly delayed EU sanctions on Moscow.

The Hungarian foreign minister has been a vocal critic of NATO’s position on the conflict. Before the meeting in Prague, he said anti-Russia “war hysteria” was making Western leaders adopt increasingly “crazy ideas” that could lead to grave consequences.

Last week, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban warned that Brussels and Washington could be warming up for a direct military conflict with Russia. Budapest was working to “redefine” its NATO membership status to allow it to opt-out of the military alliance’s “activities outside the bloc’s territory,” Orban stated.

A number of other NATO member states such as Norway, Finland, Latvia, Poland, and reportedly Germany have spoken in favor of Kiev using long-range missiles against targets on Russian territory.

On Thursday, US President Joe Biden was reported to have secretly given Ukraine the green light to use American-provided weapons to strike targets in the part of Russia that borders Kharkov Region.

via RT

Chinese Medicine’s Breakthroughs

Chinese scientists were the first in the world to cure a patient with type II diabetes, reports the South China Morning Post.

A 59-year-old man who had lived with diabetes for the past 25 years and required several insulin injections a day received an innovative cell transplant.

The Chinese modified the man’s pancreatic stem cells and performed a transplant, after which the body began to independently produce insulin.

After this, the patient has not taken insulin or other medications for 33 months.

Let us remind you that recently Chinese scientists also managed to freeze and unfreeze brain tissue, which brings closer the possibility of preserving the eternal life of the human brain.

A New Political Force in the West Flexes Its Muscles


Rashida Tlaib, a Congresswoman from Detroit and a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, spoke over the weekend at the “People’s Conference for Palestine,” linked to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). 
This group, an Arab nationalist movement with Marxist-Leninist ideology, is designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the US. It has public-facing arms, such as Samidoun, working on behalf of the group, and active cells in many countries in Europe and North America. 
During the Saturday speech, Tlaib referred to members of the audience as the “squad” and demanded President Biden establish a “red line” on Israel’s counteroffensive in Gaza. She criticized the president for “attacking the authority” of the International Criminal Court, which issued an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week over war crimes and crimes against humanity in Israel’s mission to eliminate Hamas in Gaza. 
Among the speakers was Wisam Rafeedie, an activist linked to PFLP. The US State Department has designated the PFLP as a terrorist organization. 
“I don’t need to tell you that you’re on the right side,” Tlaib said in her speech in Detroit, adding, “I don’t need to. But I’ll be damned if I wait ten years before they apologize to all of you for doing what was right at this moment.”

A recent statement by Israel’s Ministry of Defense specifies, “Samidoun organization was designated as a terrorist organization as it is part of the PFLP.” 
“Representatives of the organization are active in many countries in Europe and North America, led by Khaled Barakat, who is part of the leadership of PFLP abroad. Barkat is involved with establishing militant cells and motivating terrorist activity in Judea & Samaria and abroad,” MoD said. 
Barakat is married to leftist radical Charlotte Kates, the coordinator of Samidoun and a Rutgers University School of Law graduate. 
According to NGO MonitorPFLP and Samidoun “had a strong presence at encampments, demonstrations, and riots on American college campuses. Students have been documented carrying PFLP posters, flying the PFLP flag, hosting PFLP-linked speakers, and reading PFLP publications.”