Quote from Andrey Belousov, Russia’s New Defense Minister

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An interesting quote by the new Russian Minister of Defence Andrey Belousov: ‘By preserving traditional values of the West, which are originally the values of Western Christian European civilization, Russia can become a guardian of these values. This may seem like a paradoxical idea, but it is nonetheless true. Therefore, it is incorrect to say that the West is our enemy.’

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Quentin L. Ledford
Quentin L. Ledford
28 days ago

Minister Andrey Belousov is correct. The people of the west are not the enemies of Russia. However, the secret powers that govern the west from the shadows (often called the deep state) IS the enemy of both the peoples of the west and of Russia. These powers control the central banks and have stolen far more wealth than any of the soviet oligarchs so despised by the Russian people today.
The peoples of the west have now had decades of indoctrination by the propaganda of the establishment media of the west and the so-called ‘educational institutions’ of the government.
Some westerners are beginning to wake up. but most are still in the hypnotic state of their ignorance induced stupor, still not realizing that every election to a seat of power in the west is ‘fixed’ with the deep state owning ALL the horses in the race. After all, this is not hard to do when money is ‘no object’ (since you can steal it directly from the people simply by issuing more currency) and there are only two perceived political parties, the candidates of which are both selected by the deep state.
(BTW – There are only two criterion the deep state requires to select their candidates. 1) The individuals MUST compromised, and 2) The individuals MUST be thoroughly corrupt and totally corruptible.)
Russia today, has overcome its demons of the past, and it deserves the utmost respect in recognizing its current role of being a bastion for Judeo-Christian standards (including traditional family values, integrity, and virtue).
Unlike the peoples of Russia, the west hasn’t suffered the unspeakable atrocities following the 1917 Russian coup (financed FULLY by those same western powers who rule in the shadows still today).
The central bankers and their minions who rule the west are truly Satanic in nature and they serve only their father, the Devil himself. These originated in Khazaria and their aim has not changed since the 6th century. These established the feudal system of the dark ages. In fact, if one compares the feudal system with what today is called ‘communism’ the reality is this… there is NO material difference between the two. It is this system which the central bankers are seeking to implement on a worldwide basis.
When one studies human history, one is confounded by the fact that yes, Satanic forces do indeed exists. Moreover, one is also comes to the realization that the Devil NEVER changes his methods. The Devil merely waits long enough for memories to fade then he ‘rebrands and expands’ his operation.