Western Police Beating Own Citizens in the Name of Israel

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Amsterdam, 2024: Police Officers Assault Their Own Citizens in the Name of Israel. Medieval.

If this had happened in Iran, Russia or China, these scenes would have made international news and Western governments would have risen up in protest and anger.

‘Rules-based’ western democracy in action.

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patricia bowman
patricia bowman
29 days ago

We are now “internationally” here in the West in the same situation when it comes to police beating up regular folks. Something has torn the sovereign doors off our nations and gave marching orders to all police to beat us up. Corruption on a world wide level and I believe these powers that be have activated the 7 NOAHIDE Laws against all Goyim. Just saying. Connect the dots. Behavior is in itself a language. What they do to us speaks volumes. I pray for all men and women of this beautiful world to stand strong in morals and ethics as truth always wins. These evil cretins will never stop. Be Blessed.