Andrey Belousov’s Plan for Russia’s War Economy

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As Putin’s adviser on economics, Andrey Belousov proposed increasing the role of the state in the economy. He was a monetarist in his youth and became a Keynesian. And he suggested that the state should subjugate big business.

In the West, the main explanation for the appointment of Belousov as Minister of Defense is that Putin is preparing for a long war, and for this Belousov will rebuild the entire Russian economy in a military format. Everyone in the media asks about this. Will there be a long war?

Russia does not want a long war. But to avoid a long war, you need to be very well prepared for a long war. Otherwise, the West will never stop the war against Russia.
Therefore, Belousov’s task is to create a modern Russian army with which the West would not want to fight, but to make peace.

Belousov is a “military Keynesian,” his informal ideological name. Military Keynesians say that during a war you need to throw a lot of money into the military-industrial complex and this will be very beneficial for economic growth. And after the war, carry out the conversion of technologies from the military-industrial complex to civilian industries and thus again give impetus to economic growth and a technological breakthrough. Sounds very reasonable.

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