Khodorkovsky Speaks on the War in Ukraine

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Russian Opposition figure Mikhail Khodorkovsky says:

️ Putin spends about $120bn a year on the war – 5.4% of Russia’s $2.2 trillion GDP – with the most commonly used Russian shell costing about $500

️ European aid to Kyiv over two years amounts to $88bn – about 0.25% of the EU’s GDP – with shells that cost between $5,000 and $8,0002

️ This means that, if we include the American contribution, Putin is outproducing the West by at least 2.5:1. This year, without US support, that ratio jumps to 4:1

️ At the start of the war, Russia’s population was 142 million to Ukraine’s 40 million – a ratio of about 3.5:1. Now, two years later, that ratio is  7:1. And yet, we demand that Ukraine continue to fight on – but with what?

️ At the current rate, Kharkiv will fall within the year, and Odesa – next year. By 2026, Ukraine will be capable only of maintaining a small-scale partisan resistance – and that is in the best case scenario

Sergey Markov comments:
Khodorkovsky’s forecast. If all trends continue, Ukraine will lose Kharkov by the end of 2024, and Odessa by mid-2025. From the end of 2026, all of Ukraine will pass to Russia. And Lvov will remain outside of Russia only if Poland sends troops there.

In fact, this is what Khodokovsky is calls for. This is  in an interview with Bild.

In this case, Khodorkovsky simply conveys those conversations that Western politicians do not say publicly. They consider this a disaster and figure out how to avoid this disaster.

There are 3 options. 1. Send troops to Ukraine. 2. Offer a truce. 3, help Ukraine organize a massive terrorist war in all regions of Russia. The third option is the most likely.

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