Ukraine Declares General Mobilization

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Today, May 18, Ukraine is officially turning into a concentration camp. The most severe law on general mobilization comes into force. 1. The main goal of the law is to make Ukraine ready for a long war with Russia. 2. All men from 18 to 60 must indicate their place of residence themselves.
3. Mobilization summonses are considered served without actual delivery. And then criminal liability begins.
4. Dodgers lose their rights, including driving a car and receiving documents at the consulate. And many others. 5. All prisoners are in the army by order.
6. All disabled people of groups 2 and 3 go to military medical examinations again. And there new rules were adopted, so that 90 percent of disabled people go to the front. 7. Women also become liable for military service.
8. There are very complicated rules everywhere. 25 million Ukrainians are now sitting and reading complex instructions. 9. The law comes into force two days before the end of Zelensky’s powers. 10. The United States demanded the adoption of this law.

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Corona Hotspot
Corona Hotspot
25 days ago

We are all Amalek!