Zelensky, As a Matter of Fact Russia is Not Isolated

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The West is “keeping the door slightly ajar” despite arming Kiev and squeezing Moscow’s economy, the Ukrainian president has claimed

Western countries have failed to pressure Russia into ending the Ukraine conflict because they are reluctant to fully sever ties with Moscow, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has claimed.

In an interview with the New York Times on Tuesday, Zelensky rebuked the West for what he called a fear of escalation with Russia. This is at the heart of Western reluctance to greenlight Ukrainian strikes deep inside Russia with foreign-made weapons, the leader said.

“It’s like sanctions. They talk about the risk of economic escalation with Russia. This shows that our partners are afraid, in principle, of completely severed relations with the Russian Federation,” Zelensky complained.

He went on to say that while the West has achieved an exodus of foreign companies from Russia and has frozen Moscow’s sovereign assets in its jurisdiction, it has refrained from more decisive measures. “They do not transfer this money to Ukraine. Why?… Because it would mean a total rupture of economic relations with the Russian Federation.”

via RT

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