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Israel’s HAARETZ: Israel Has Been Defeated

by Chaim Levinson | Apr 11, 2024 via Israel’s Daily HAARETZ:

Saying What Can’t Be Said; Israel Has Been Defeated – a Total Defeat


We’ve lost. Truth must be told. The inability to admit it encapsulates everything you need to know about Israel’s individual and mass psychology. There’s a clear, sharp, predictable reality that we should begin to fathom, to process, to understand and to draw conclusions from for the future. It’s no fun to admit that we’ve lost, so we lie to ourselves.
[…] We can’t say it, but we’ve lost. People have an inclination to believe in the best and be optimistic, hoping that tomorrow will be okay, that we are in a process that in the end will be more successful. That’s the most fundamental failure of human thought: the notion that the direction we are taking is a good one, that we just need to get there already – that in just a little more time, with a little more effort, the hostages will be returned, Hamas will surrender and Yahya Sinwar will be killed. After all, we’re the good guys, and good will triumph.
It’s the same mentality that leads to the notion that “the Iranian regime will soon implode” and other notions that have more to do with Hollywood scripts than life itself. They’re not the truth and it relates to something that’s uncomfortable. After all, it’s uncomfortable telling the public the truth.
[…] No cabinet minister will restore our sense of personal security. Every Iranian threat will make us tremble. Our international standing was dealt a beating. Our leadership’s weakness was revealed to the outside. For years we managed to fool them into thinking we were a strong country, a wise people and a powerful army. In truth, we’re a shtetl with an air force, and that’s on the condition that its awakened in time.
[…] Rafah is the newest bluff that the mouthpieces are plying to fool us and make us think that victory is just moments away. By the time they enter Rafah, the actual event will have lost its significance. There may be an incursion, perhaps a tiny one, sometime – say in May. After that, they’ll peddle the next lie,

Is the Possibility of a World War Real?

by Serge Marchand and Thierry Meyssan via

Atomic war is possible. World peace hangs on the finger of the United States, blackmailed by Ukrainian “integral nationalists” and Israeli “revisionist Zionists”. If Washington doesn’t deliver weapons to massacre the Russians and Gazans, they won’t hesitate to launch Armageddon.

According to the Book of Judges, Samson is a Jew consecrated to God. He has vowed never to cut his hair and has fabulous strength. However, his mistress, Delilah, cuts off his braids while he sleeps, depriving him of God’s help and strength. He was taken prisoner by the Philistines, who gouged out his eyes and threw him into prison in Gaza. During a sacrifice to their god, when his hair had begun to grow back, he was placed between two columns in the palace. With his bare hands, he pushed them apart, causing the palace to collapse. He committed suicide, killing several thousand Philistines in the process.

The wars in Ukraine and Gaza have led several leading politicians to compare the current period with the 1930s, and to raise the possibility of a World War. Are these fears justified, or are they just fear-mongering?

To answer this question, we’re going to summarize events that are unknown to everyone, though well known to specialists. We shall do so dispassionately, at the risk of appearing indifferent to these horrors.

First, let’s distinguish between the conflicts in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. They have only two things in common:

They represent no significant stakes in themselves, but a defeat for the West, which, after its defeat in Syria, would mark the end of its hegemony over the world.

They are fueled by a fascist ideology, that of Dmytro Dontsov’s Ukrainian “integral nationalists” [1] and that of Vladimir Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s Israeli “revisionist Zionists” [2]; two groups that have been allies since 1917, but went underground during the Cold War and are unknown to the general public today.

There is, however, one notable difference between them:

The same fury is visible on both battlefields, but the “integral nationalists” sacrifice their own fellow citizens (there are hardly any able-bodied men under thirty left in the Ukraine), while the “revisionist Zionists” sacrifice people who are foreign to them, Arab civilians.

Is there a risk that these wars will become more widespread?

This is the will of both groups. The “integral nationalists” are constantly attacking Russia inside its territory and in Sudan, while the “revisionist Zionists” are bombing Lebanon, Syria and Iran (more precisely, Iranian territory in Syria, since the Damascus consulate is extra-territorialized). But no one responds: not Russia, Egypt or the Emirates in the first case, nor Hezbollah, the Syrian Arab Army or the Revolutionary Guards in the second.

All of them, including Russia, anxious to avoid a brutal retaliation from the “collective West” that would lead to a World War, prefer to take the blows and accept their deaths.

If war were to become widespread, it would no longer be simply conventional, but above all nuclear.

While we all know each other’s conventional capabilities, we are largely unaware of each other’s nuclear capabilities. The most we know is that only the USA used strategic nuclear bombs during the Second World War, and that Russia claims to have hypersonic nuclear launchers with which no other power can compete. However, some Western experts question the reality of these prodigious technical advances. Behind the scenes, what is the strategy of the nuclear powers?

In addition to the five permanent members of the Security Council, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel have strategic atomic bombs. All except Israel see them as a means of deterrence.

The Western media also present Iran as a nuclear power, which Russia and China officially deny.

During the Yemen war, Saudi Arabia bought tactical nuclear bombs from Israel and used them, but it does not seem to have them permanently at its disposal, nor to have mastered the technique.

Only Russia regularly conducts Nuclear War exercises. During last October’s exercises, Russia admitted to losing a third of its population in the space of a few hours, then simulated combat and emerged victorious.

Ultimately, all the nuclear powers have no intention of firing first, as this would undoubtedly lead to their destruction. The exception is Israel, which seems to have adopted the “Sanson doctrine” (“Let me die with the Philistines”). It would thus be the only power to imagine the ultimate sacrifice, the “Twilight of the Gods”, dear to the Nazis.

Two critical works have been devoted to the Israeli military atom: The Samson Option: Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy by Seymour M. Hersh (Random House, 1991) and Israel and the Bomb by Avner Cohen (Columbia University Press, 1998).

The military atom was never envisaged as a classic form of deterrence, but as an assurance that Israel would not hesitate to commit suicide to kill its enemies rather than be defeated. This is the Masada complex [3]. This way of thinking is in line with the “Hannibal Directive”, according to which the IDF must kill its own soldiers rather than let them become prisoners of the enemy [4].

During the Six-Day War, the Israeli Prime Minister, the Ukrainian Levi Eshkol, ordered one of the two bombs Israel had at its disposal at the time to be prepared and detonated near an Egyptian military base on Mount Sinai. This plan was not carried out, as the IDF quickly won the conventional war. Had it gone ahead, the fallout would have killed not only Egyptians, but Israelis too [5].

During the October 1973 war (known in the West as the “Yom Kippur War”), the Defense Minister, the Ukrainian-born Israeli Moshe Dayan, and the Prime Minister, the Ukrainian Golda Meir, again considered the use of 13 atomic bombs [6].

Mordechai Vanunu’s revelations on the front page of the Sunday Times.

In 1986, a nuclear technician from the Dimona power plant, the Moroccan Mordechai Vanunu, revealed Israel’s secret military nuclear program to the Sunday Times [7]. He was kidnapped by Mossad in Rome, on the orders of the Israeli Prime Minister and father of the atomic bomb, Shimon Peres of Belarus. He was tried in camera and sentenced to 18 years in prison, 11 of which were spent in total isolation. He was again sentenced to 6 months’ imprisonment for daring to speak to the Voltaire Network.

In 2009, Martin van Creveld, Israel’s chief strategist, declared: “We have several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can reach our targets in all directions, even Rome. Most European capitals are potential targets for our air force (…) The Palestinians must all be expelled. The people fighting for this goal are simply waiting for “the right person at the right time” to come along. Only two years ago, 7 or 8% of Israelis thought this would be the best solution, two months ago it was 33%, and now, according to a Gallup Poll, the figure is 44% in favor.

So it’s reasonable to assume that no nuclear power, except Israel, will dare commit the irreparable.

This is precisely what Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu (Otzma Yehudit/Jewish Force) envisaged on Radio Kol Berama on November 5. Referring to atomic weapons against Gaza, he declared: “It’s a solution… it’s an option”. He then compared the residents of the Gaza Strip to “Nazis”, assuring that “there are no non-combatants in Gaza” and that this territory does not deserve humanitarian aid. “There are no uninvolved people in Gaza”.

These remarks provoked indignation in the West. Only Moscow was surprised that the International Atomic Energy Agency did not take up the matter [8].

It is very likely that this is the reason why Washington continues to arm Israel, even though it is calling for an immediate ceasefire: if the United States no longer supplies Tel Aviv with weapons to massacre the Gazans, the latter could use nuclear weapons against all the peoples of the region, including the Israelis.

In Ukraine, the “integral nationalists” planned to blackmail the United States with the same argument: the threat of nuclear or, failing that, biological weapons [9]. In 1994, Ukraine, which had a vast stockpile of Soviet atomic bombs, signed the Budapest Memorandum. The United States, the United Kingdom and Russia guaranteed Ukraine’s territorial integrity in exchange for the transfer of all its nuclear weapons to Russia and signature of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). However, after the overthrow of elected president Viktor Yanukovych in 2014 (EuroMaidan), the “integral nationalists” worked to re-nuclearize the country, which they saw as essential to eradicating Russia from the face of the earth.

On February 19, 2022, Ukrainian President Voloymyr Zelensky announced at the annual Munich Security Conference that he would challenge the Budapest Memorandum in order to rearm his country with nuclear weapons. Five days later, on February 24, 2022, Russia launched its special operation against the Kiev government to implement Resolution 2202. Its top priority was to seize Ukraine’s secret and illegal reserves of enriched uranium. After eight days of fighting, the civilian nuclear power plant at Zaporijjia was occupied by the Russian army.

Laurence Norman, the Wall Street Journal’s special envoy to the Davos forum on the Iranian nuclear issue, reported Rafael Grossi’s statement on the Ukrainian nuclear issue on Twitter, but did not publish an article on the subject. The information was confirmed by another journalist, this time from the New York Times, also on Twitter.

According to Argentina’s Rafael Grossi, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, who spoke three months later on May 25 at the Davos Forum, Ukraine had secretly stored 30 tons of plutonium and 40 tons of uranium at Zaporijjia. At market prices, this stockpile was worth at least $150 billion. Russian President Vladimir Putin declared: “The only thing [Ukraine] lacks is a uranium enrichment system. But that’s a technical question, and for Ukraine it’s not an insoluble problem”. However, his army had already removed a large part of this stock from the plant. Fighting continued for months. If the integral nationalists had still had them, they would have done what the “revisionist Zionists” are doing today: they would have demanded more and more weapons and, if refused, threatened to use them, i.e. to launch Armageddon.

Back to today’s battlefields. What are we seeing? In Ukraine and Palestine, the West continues to provide the “integral nationalists” and, to a lesser extent, the “revisionist Zionists” with an impressive arsenal. However, they have no reasonable hope of getting the Russians to back down, or of massacring all the Gazans. At worst, they can lead their allies to empty their arsenals, sacrifice all Ukrainians of fighting age and diplomatically isolate the puppet-state of Israel. As Moshe Dayan once said, “Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to control”.

Let’s imagine that these apparently catastrophic consequences are in fact their goal.

The world would then be divided in two, as it was during the Cold War, except that Israel would have become uninviting. In the West, the Anglo-Saxons would still be the masters, especially as they would be the only ones with weapons, their allies having exhausted theirs in Ukraine. Israel, isolated as it was in the late 70s and early 80s when it was only really recognized by the apartheid regime of South Africa, would still be fulfilling the mission it was originally entrusted with: to mobilize the Jewish diaspora in the service of the Empire, fearing a new wave of anti-Semitism.

This bleak vision is the only one that can keep the Anglo-Saxons from collapsing, and ensure that they will always have vassals, even if this will bear little relation to their power in the days of the “global world”. This is why they have placed themselves in the current inextricable situation. The “integral nationalists” and “revisionist Zionists” are blackmailing them, but they intend to manipulate them to divide the world in two and preserve what they can of their supremacy.

Roger Lagassé

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“The word antisemitism is overused”

Enough with the blackmailing and the intimidation. You can’t continue guilt tripping people with the “antisemitism” accusation . Your victimhood card has expired. You even call Jewish people and Rabbis antisemites . Yes we can attack and criticize Israel and we can hold Zionists accountable. Go ahead and call me antisemite , like you call anyone who calls out your bullshit . I don’t care anymore . The world doesn’t care anymore.

— Bassem Youssef

“Ukraine, “Unconditional Surrender” – Holy Smoke

The Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, has requested council members to prepare for the fact that “very soon the only topic for any international meetings on Ukraine will be the unconditional surrender of the Kiev regime.”

Jewish Banking – Short History

by Anonymous

This story begins in the mid 1500s when Jews took over Amsterdam after being expelled from Spain and Portugal during the inquisitions of the early 1500s – 1820s.
Many people forget that there were attempts at forming a central bank in the United States in both 1791 and in 1816. And that the central bank of 1791 lasted 20 years and that congress’ unwillingness to renew the charter resulted in the war of 1812.

The central bank of England for example formed in 1694 formed after the “Glorious Revolution” of 1688 played a pivotal role in jewish interests in regards to the slave trade in the Americas and the ultimate realization of their plans to build central banks and “stock markets” like the one they created in Amsterdam in 1602 and 1609.

The center of European banking moved from Amsterdam to London as a result of the Glorious Revolution and the King of England had his authority transferred to the already pozzed Parliament, the notorious “City of London”, a sovereign state within England, became the center of world finance after jewish banking dynasties colonized it.

Right before this move was one of histories most infamous scams the “Dutch Tulip bubble” which enriched the newly formed financial sector in Amsterdam in the 1630s. The Jews would take that enormous wealth generated and put that towards backing William of Orange in his quest to conquer England and steal the throne from his father-in-law James II.

Once installed the centuries long civil war in England fought over absolutism and a kings “divine right to rule” came to an end and authority to rule firmly placed in the newly formed Parliament that Jews had control over. It wasn’t even a decade later in 1694 that the Jews began to build their “institutions” in London, their Central Banks, their Stock Markets, their lending houses all of that which was tested in Amsterdam came to London. England would spread this new form of “banking” to the colonies like a cancer.

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Gaza War, a Setup: The End of Israel as We Know It

by Claudiu Secara

Let’s say that Agenda 2030 is running behind schedule. And let’s say that that perception is predicated on the existence of a grand bargain among the Powers That Be (PTB) that all the major conflicts must be brought to a resolution, by 2030, so the world can start focusing on what comes next in implementing the much-delayed world management of our planet’s runaway dysfunctionality.

Ukraine is one such point of friction and the Palestinian question is another, as is Taiwan. Behind them there are major issues of tectonic consequences. The balance among the powers is shifting; the political continental plates are realigning on a geological scale of magnitude.

One hot spot that needs to be brought to rest is the Israel­­‒Palestinian conflict. But can that be done? Way over 50% of the Israelis are adamantly against making any concessions to the Palestinians, with the settler group militantly promoting the expulsion of the Palestinians from all the lands coveted by Israelis.

But the method to bring the Israelis to their senses and break their national resolve is the usual method, nothing new. It is what the French call “la politique du pire”, the “policy of the worst”. It works the same way as police entrapment. The poor target is set up to act recklessly and foolishly under the impression that it acts in full control and with the support of the shadow powers.

In this case, it is easy to recognize that the Hamas incursion on October 7 into heavily fortified Israel territory could not have been possible without the knowledge of the biggest spies of the world. It is even conceivable that Netanyahu himself was in the loop. But not, as Larry Johnson describes the conspiracy theories claims, in order to trigger the ethnic cleansing of Gaza. Au contraire. To tar with compromat the extremists in his own government, those reckless individuals such as Smotrich, Ben Gvir, etc.

Just think about it. Israel is killing untold scores of Palestinians and we all are seeing acts of utter massacre, where Palestinians, dead or alive, are literally run over by Israeli tanks, hospitals are bombed, schools and mosques desecrated, pregnant women run over on their way to the maternity ward, horrific acts of inhumanity, utter barbarism never seen by the global audience live on mass media, a killing spree unseen in the world’s memory.

Once you’ve established these facts of war, then you have the next set of events that run contrary to anything the world was led to believe in the last 70 or so years. A rag-tag army in sandals, who could not control even their own country – that is Yemen’s Houthis – brings world trade to a standstill by flying some home-made, or maybe Chinese-sold, drones above the busiest shipping thoroughfare, the Red Sea. And what do the superpowers decide to do? The US armada, the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier strike group, claims to have to up-anchor and leave the theater of war, in which it was meant to take an active interest, and return to home base in Norfolk, U.S.A. At the same time, the US Defense Secretary is in bed in an intensive care facility without anyone in the government knowing. And what does the Chinese commercial flotilla decide would be appropriate to do when its core business is under attack by the sandal-wearing Houthis? They announced the suspension of trade with Israel and the embargo of its ports.

It is nearly impossible to fathom how the Hamas people managed to build an army under the conditions of total surveillance. They seem to have access not only to unlimited amounts of materiel and know-how to build guns and ammunition but access to the most modern tools, such as drones and highly-professional video-making equipment. Under “total control” by the Israeli army, they can communicate freely, releasing daily streams of videos straight out of the so-called underground tunnels. One hint that we are given is that, supposedly, Hamas was indeed a proxy army organized and financed by, or with the knowledge, of the Israelis as a force to undermine the Palestinian Authority. Was that Israeli-Hamas partnership cut at some point, or how much do the Israelis know about their own creation today?

One way or another, some important players were involved in organizing, providing, equipping and facilitating this shadowy army right under the eyes of the powerful Israeli police state. Was the Israeli police state itself, and is it still, behind Hamas, as some have implied ?

Then you have Russia. Where is Russia in this war? Not one clear word from Moscow. Do they condemn Netanyahu for the atrocities committed in Gaza? Not really. Hamas? They held talks with Hamas in Moscow but not one word indicated any animosity between the two. At the same time, Russia is maintaining a very cordial line with Netanyahu himself.

While the mass media in the West keeps more or less quiet, the world is awash with scenes of the dastardly Israelis. A newly created cottage industry in the alternative media space is pulling together former stars like Tucker Carlson and Judge Napolitano, just to name a few, who are now broadcasting the same spokesmen from within the former media ranks, rewriting history under the eyes of a mesmerized populace. The same guys pop up on every alternative channel: Scott Ritter, Larry Johnson, Jeffrey Sachs, John Mearsheimer, etc.

A slow-boiling build-up of emotion is turning world opinion against the Israelis, and not only that – they are now seen as exemplary monsters far outstripping the Nazis in personifying inhumanity. This suddenly makes it possible to reverse the 70 years of the Holocaust industry’s mythology and possibly to replace it with the Jew as the villain, in the old tradition.

So we have Netanyahu squeezed from one side by the highly-advertised corruption charges and the popular movement in Israel to put him in jail. On the other hand we have the far-right settler criminal gang getting away with murder. What a good mix to foster a total manipulation and undermining of Israel’s society.

That reminds me of Yugoslavia, or more exactly of the Serbs. Post World War II, the Serbs had a reputation as one of the darlings of the West, as the best, most balanced model of the hybrid economic system as well as being a politically astute, unaligned, country. They were promoted as the little power who could withstand the aggression of Stalin’s takeover of Eastern Europe, they had a liberal, multiparty system, open to the West, and still maintained a socialist, workers’ economic system.

The West was fighting the communist enemy, the Soviet Union, but Serbia always dared to stand next to the West. And this stance was expected only to be reinforced once the Communists were finally defeated. But it turned out that little Serbia was not subservient to anyone. They claimed their independence from the Soviet Union, but they claimed the same independence and sovereignty from the West, just as much. So our best partner became our worst enemy, hellbent on standing up to the language of vassality from the East or from the West.

A few other small countries, such as North Korea, Cuba, Israel, and Hungary, managed to straddle the fence way past the expiration date, to play both sides and survive for a long time in a sort of limbo universe, where they maintained the illusion of National Sovereignty.

But there is very little room left within Agenda 2030 for such political acrobatics. The time has come to clear these thorns sticking out here and there, and to bring everyone under the system of total vassalage. You go to China, you go to Russia, and you go under the US umbrella. No more Israel or Serbia, or North Korea thumbing their noses at their masters.

The immediate impact of Israel’s intransigency on Israeli society is a shocking defeat. The terror inculcated by the death of their sons and husbands on a level of World War I, relative to their size, is having a sobering effect. The world’s reaction to their atrocities now makes them think about what they are doing to their own future, when even the subservient Germany dares to question their agenda. The settlers are getting their pound of flesh through the pagan demand for the sacrifice of Palestinian lives, and their rabid hatred and blood thirst are being slaked, but at the same time their indictment in the court of world justice is now moving from verbal curses to the actual Nuremberg trial stage.

That’s the story of the Gaza war in a nutshell. Israel will have to face the same fate as the rest of the world. Submit to the almighty; disarm; remove its nuclear weapons stocks; and allow the world to create a Palestinian State. Or, it will face an even greater threat as a unified state in which the Palestinians outnumber the Israeli Jews, in which case the situation in Israel will be even more destabilized. The majority of the Israelis, which rallied around the manifest destiny of Greater Israel, are now faced with a mighty barrage by the military siege mounted from all sides, economic impoverishment, even a de facto embargo, etc. They are slowly coming to their senses. The war against the Palestinian people turns into a civil war within Israel proper. Israel follows the same path to self-destruction that color revolutions have caused in country after country, as we’ve witnessed since the 1980s.