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Western “idiots” Want WWIII – Medvedev

via RT

The conflict in Ukraine may lead to World War III because of the “idiots”occupying leading roles in the West, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has warned.

“The number of high-ranking morons is rising in NATO member states,” he wrote on Telegram on Sunday. Medvedev, who currently serves as the deputy head of Russia’s Security Council, was responding to statements from London and Berlin the previous day.

The former president labeled the UK’s newly appointed Defense Secretary Grant Shapps a “freshly minted cretin” over his idea of sending British military instructors to Ukraine to train local troops for the conflict with Russia.

If this happens, the UK servicemen would become a “legitimate target” for Russian forces, Medvedev warned.

Shapps has proposed deploying instructors to Ukraine, “knowing fully well that they’ll be mercilessly destroyed, and no longer as mercenaries, but precisely as British NATO specialists,” the Russian official wrote.

Medvedev also described the head of the German parliament’s defense committee, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, as “another fool” after she urged Berlin to supply long-range Taurus cruise missiles to Kiev. She also claimed that Ukrainian attacks on targets inside Russia using those German-made munitions would be in full compliance with international law.

“In this case, the [Russian] strikes on German factories where those missiles are being made would also be in full compliance with international law,” he said.

“Still, those idiots are actively pushing us towards World War III,” the former president concluded.

In a previous post on Saturday, Medvedev insisted that Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine would continue until the current regime in Kiev is “destroyed and the historic Russian territories are liberated from the enemy.”

The Great North Coalition?

by Sergey Markov

Vladislav Surkov, a brilliant political strategist and original philosopher and former leading statesman of Russia, has published a new article. There he predicted the formation of the Great North – a coalition of the USA, Europe and Russia. The logic there is that once the Global South has been formed, a relatively unified North should also be formed.

The Great North as a coalition of three superpowers, the USA and the EU and Russia. Surkov states that this coalition could have been created in the early 00s, when Putin proposed to the US and EU that Russia join NATO.

But the West did not dare then, it was afraid. And now, in fact, there is a war between those countries that could be in a strong alliance and rapidly develop on the basis of this alliance.
But this union of the Great North can be created if Russia wins the North and establishes itself as a great power.

From these thoughts of Surkov we will draw a paradoxical conclusion.
It turns out that strategically the United States and the EU are interested in their defeat from Russia in Ukraine. Only the stupidity of Western elites prevents them from realizing their strategic benefit.

But some Western elites still understand that the EU and the United States need a speedy end to the war in Ukraine on Russia’s terms for their development.

Therefore, the conflict within Western elites regarding the Ukrainian crisis is a conflict between those who think tactically and short-sightedly – they quarrel with Russia, and those who think strategically and smartly – they are for ending the conflict in Ukraine and for a compromise with Russia.

Sum-up of Seymour Hersh’s Article on Nord Stream Blow-up

Terrorist attack on the Nord Stream gas pipeline. New details. 1. Biden personally gave the order for the terrorist attack.
2. The order was given rather vaguely. The CIA chose the most minimal interpretation of this terrorist attack because they were afraid that a broad interpretation could lead to world war.
3. The purpose of the terrorist attack was not related to Ukraine.
4. The purpose of the terrorist attack was to reduce Russia’s influence on Germany.
5. Biden personally ordered the terrorist attack to the head of the CIA, and the terrorist attack itself was led by the head of the CIA. He was in touch with the direct perpetrators of the terrorist attack in the person of US Navy officers.
6. There is nothing in digital form for the conspiracy of a terrorist attack. All paper trails were burned later.
7. Therefore, nothing can be found from the documents. Only personal interrogation of the terrorist attack participants can provide information.
8. Seymour Hersh published this. This data is passed on to him by CIA employees who risk their lives because they really don’t like that the US President and his team are obvious criminals and are possibly leading the country into the abyss of a nuclear disaster. 9. Today is the anniversary of the terrorist attack. That’s why the new data.



A senior Polish official has dismissed multiple German media reports that a Ukrainian special forces team blew up the Nord Stream pipelines by renting a yacht and sailing across the Baltic Sea. Stanislaw Zaryn, the secretary of state at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland, described the alleged team of military divers as ‘tourists.’

He was speaking to public broadcaster ARD TV, which, along with Die Zeit, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, and several other outlets, investigated the explosion that damaged the two gas pipelines connecting Russia and Germany last September.

The investigation focused on a yacht name Andromeda, allegedly rented by a team of saboteurs several weeks before the blasts. Several of the team are alleged to be Ukrainian, while the charter fee was paid by a company reportedly owned by a Ukrainian businessman. 

Zaryn said, as quoted by Die Zeit, that Warsaw has “no doubts that there was no explosive material on this boat.”

The official stressed that the Polish authorities believe the trip had a “purely touristic character.” “There was nobody in the group who had anything close to military or sabotage-related training.”

However, according to the journalists, in January 2023, an investigative team found traces of HMX on the boat – the same explosive found at the attack sites.

The reporters also claimed that the first rumors of the planned sabotage were picked up by a Dutch intelligence officer who informed his superiors that a commando unit of six people acting under the guise of scuba divers was set to blow up the pipeline.

The officer’s source allegedly claimed that while Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky knew nothing of the upcoming attack, the unit was reporting to Valery Zaluzhny, the commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Information about the attack is said to have been shared with the CIA. It was said to be planned for June 19, but it did not happen on this date.

While the investigation by the media conglomerate indicates a Ukrainian role in the sabotage, American journalist Seymour Hersh has blamed the attack on the US, which he said wanted to force Germany to take a hard stance on Russia amid the Ukraine conflict. Moscow officials have also repeatedly blamed the West for the explosion.

Remembering Lahaina Before the DEW – An Ode to Lahaina

by Neil Rabinowitz via Cruising World

Lahaina Harbor, Maui RandyJay/Adobe

I came to Lahaina from the south. After 13 days on an unleashed reach out of French Polynesia, I clung to the mast top, my legs wrapped in a death grip. We swung west into Alenuihaha Channel, known to Hawaiians as the river of laughing waters. The sun blazed and the trades howled as 20-foot rollers raced up our stern and frothed over the rails. Flying our heaviest chute was risky, as the channel boiled with towering whitecaps, but the Beach Boys blared from the deck speakers, and Maui loomed ahead in all its verdant glory. Cobalt-blue waves cascaded on the approaching lava rocks of Kaupo. Hana stood lush to the east, with the Big Island’s Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea silhouetted to the south.

I hadn’t been back to America in years, and I now charged full-tilt—unvanquished from the south seas under a swollen spinnaker, drunk on Brian Wilson.

It was gnarly up the mast. The horizon was a sweep of white water wrapped along the Maui shore, with roller after roller that threatened to bury us in the troughs. We broached, like a dog shaking a rat on a rope, and I slammed hard onto the deck with the bosun’s chair tangled around my legs. Our keel broke the surface as we buried the spreaders and spun out of control. All of us hung white-knuckled until the boat shuddered violently and tried to stand. We were a seasoned crew, baked brown and stringy by the sun. We hadn’t dropped the chute in 2,000 miles since leaving Tahiti. The closer Maui inched, the more we felt invincible. Landfall does that. After days at sea, every south sea island is an intoxicating rebirth of the senses, a virginal stirring of the heart. Lahaina was all of that. We had the boat tidied by the time we slipped past Kaho’olawe, into the lee of west Maui and the tranquil, humpback-strewn waters between Lahaina and Lanai.

A humpback whale makes an explosive breach in the waters between Lahaina and Lanai. Manuel/Adobe

Among cruisers around beach fires back in the South Pacific, Lahaina’s reputation was as a dusty, one-horse whaling town. I was on the beach in Huahine, set to hitch a berth to New Zealand, when “Hurricane Annie” Musselman, a striking female sailor fresh ashore after a 20-day sail from Maui, convinced me of the fun awaiting me in Hawaii, where I could then catch a boat to New Zealand next season.

In Hawaii, an endless arrival of passagemakers and wannabe sailors from the mainland made Lahaina their first stop. Those flying over never felt the same passion for the place; landfall was the only way to fathom the prize of Lahaina. From the sailor’s eye after days on the open ocean, Lahaina offered seduction like no other, bathed in the late-afternoon sunset sweetened by the fragrance of tuberose and mango that wafted miles offshore.

It wasn’t the thought of endless lilikoi cocktails, or the fantasy of tropically toned women exuberant with song and dance, their hair pinned with red hibiscus flowers and with plumeria leis around their necks. Beyond the fertile earth, fresh fruits, waterfalls, perfect surf, and harbor life of ocean sailors was the stunning Hawaiian backdrop and a celebratory welcome for sailors fresh from the sea, dues paid. Welcome to the land of earthly delights.

Radiant Lahaina women adorned with vibrant flowers in their hair embrace the spirit of aloha. AJ/Adobe

Lahaina’s harbor, first seen as mast tops peering over a small breakwall, was packed with working and provisioning yachts. At the entrance lay a weary 19th-century whaling ship, long in the rigging, and over its shoulder was an old missionary plantation home and museum adorned with whaling artifacts and reminders of the invasion of the Hawaiian Kingdom centuries ago.

The waterfront public library next door was the best place to watch the sunset through the palms, and next to that loomed the colonial, columned veranda of the Pioneer Inn, with its red roof, green sides, creaking wainscoting, whirring ceiling fans, open-air everything, and swinging saloon doors with a carved figurehead standing guard. The sound of a honky-tonk piano player pounding the ivories and wailing rousing tunes drifted from the saloon and across the anchorage, serenading us. Just beyond reach of the saloon was the canopy of an enormous banyan tree spreading a hundred yards in every direction. A missionary gift, it had been planted in 1873 by the widow of King Kamehameha. Lahaina, the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii, which Kamehameha violently united, became the whaling capital of the world and commanded respect.

Lahaina’s famous banyan tree, a missionary gift, was planted in 1873 by the widow of King Kamehameha. Scott/Adobe

Even with its tin-pan serenades drifting across the water and its promises of revelry ashore, Lahaina was a sacred destination for those crossing the Pacific. Its backdrop was a riotous splash of color—a transformative sight after weeks at sea. Lush green cane fields rose up the slopes behind town, waving in the trade winds like a frozen sea. Red earthen foothills, ascending steep slopes to the majestic cloud-shrouded tops of the West Maui Mountains. Lahaina’s low-slung waterfront foreground bustled with green, shanty-style houses and humble shops all the way to the sugar cane mill, where every so often the sweet bouquet of molasses would blanket the town. Most harbor regulars nursed dreams of sailing to the South Pacific and were stopping just long enough to find a berth on a yacht heading south. Bikini-clad gals hawked sailing charters while gruff, unshaven sport-fishermen pitched billfish hunts. Sunset-cocktail-excursion captains, in bright-white uniforms with golden epaulets, recruited passengers. Sport divers in wetsuits hauling scuba tanks joined in the shouts amid the beer-drinking revelries of black coral hunters, stewed in their constant highs from too many daily 300-foot dives.

Lahaina’s low-slung waterfront foreground bustled with green, shanty-style houses and humble shops. PhotogENer/Adobe

Lording over it all, doling out privileges and access like a pirate king, was the leather-skinned, gray-bearded harbormaster. The rest of the town was second fiddle to the workings of that tiny harbor, the heartbeat of the town. Inebriated or not, the harbormaster could make or break sailing futures in this part of the Pacific. Flippant declarations boomed from the breakwall as he stalked the docks, banishing boats from the harbor, relegating them to endless hobbyhorsing at anchor, scheduling impossible departure times, and controlling the pace of work and supplies to replenish desperate sailors amid bribes, favors, and hard-luck tales.

A steady stream of entrepreneurs, street hustlers, harbor alcoholics, and starry-eyed youthful adventurers were always coming and going, convinced that they were at a pitstop en route to the South Pacific. Seemingly every waiter and waitress had dreams of being discovered, landing a berth on a boat heading south.

For many other locals, content with their hospitality and construction jobs, Lahaina was just home. Several hundred one-story houses of all shapes and tropical colors led from the water’s edge to the hillsides by the mill, sprawling neighborly toward the Kaanapali beaches to the north and the Olowalu beaches to the south.

Along the bustling Lahaina waterfront, every waiter and waitress had dreams of being discovered, landing a berth on a boat heading south. Art Boardman/Adobe

Kaanapali, with its stretch of high-rise beachfront resorts, kept a good distance, about 4 miles from the hum of Lahaina, so their pampered guests could join the tourist hordes swarming town and then return to the civilized world of luxury Hawaiian resorts.

By contrast, many of Lahaina’s simply constructed neighborhood homes had basic tin roofs and green plywood sides, and were smart with a humble pride of ownership. Most houses had flourishing window boxes, and were peppered with hibiscus and plumeria hedges under the shade of towering mango and avocado trees with sweet gardenias, all thriving with minimal care. There was no need for heat or air conditioning, or even screens, in these homes. The streets were alive with locals and young folk making ends meet in town. Dogs barked, kids played, barbecues were everywhere, and bicycles were fine for getting around.

A young girl soaks in an iconic Lahaina sunset along the waterfront. Dmitry/Adobe

Kids wearing flip-flops and swimsuits skateboarded by the park or pedaled banana-seat bikes through town to the harbor break with surfboards under their arms. Pickups were the vehicle of choice, practical work vehicles suited to racing though cane fields. They’d cruise through town, tunes blasting with surfboards piled high, heading to the beach. Older locals surrounded by their broods of kids and grandkids hosted hula dances and strummed ukuleles beneath the banyan tree, or at the beach or grassy town parks, picnicking to beat the heat.

Lahaina was a tropical mecca of American pizzazz, where mainlanders swapped tales of the South Pacific. With the romance of the south seas under my belt, I was in no hurry to go back to sea, so I ran sailboat charters from here on a handful of yachts from 40 to 65 feet long that swept tourists off the beach for a heart-stopping sprint out to the Pailolo Channel wind line. We got a charge exciting the passengers, shifting without warning from a gentle, drink-sipping 7-knot drift to a rollicking, heeled-over, mai-tai-be-damned 15-knot dash into the teeth of the trades. If the passengers did not seem like they could handle the wind line’s excitement, we sailed calmly to Lanai’s Manele Bay, stopping halfway for a swim with the whales.

Sailboat charters swept tourists off the beach and into a world unbeknownst to many mainlanders. jdross75/Adobe

The real charter yachts were too big and too busy to handle the daily traffic in and out of Lahaina Harbor, so we sat on moorings off the resort hotels. There was Johnny Weismueller’s 60-foot 1929 schooner, Allure; Barry Hilton’s Alden 57, Teragram; the 54-foot aluminum ketch Minset; the Hermaphrodite schooner Rendezvous; and a handful of performance catamarans, which had the best layouts to accommodate hordes of tourist passengers, complete with midship bars, and could be rammed right onto the sand for loading and offloading. And the charter fleet wasn’t the only thing humming with intensity and tourists: Lahaina’s Front Street, the town’s waterfront artery, was the place to be. You could grab a drink at the Blue Max—a tiny, second-deck bar overlooking the seawall—and discover Elton John playing a surprise session on the piano. Jim Messina might drop in to perform at Kula’s Silversword Inn; Taj Mahal could be seen playing the congas to an empty beach at sunset; and Stephen Stills and David Crosby were regularly jamming aboard their boats at anchor. I recall Peter Fonda’s 73-foot sloop, Tatoosh, returning from the Marquesas, where I had recently shared trails with its crew while hiking the Nuku Hiva jungle. There were celebrities everywhere on Maui, a place where they could enjoy themselves without facing fandom.

The historic Lahaina waterfront was a place to see and be seen, where celebrity sightings were an any-day occurrence. Michael/Adobe

One weekend, we filed aboard the square-rigged Rendezvous with friends and sailed to Oahu to hear the Eagles play Diamond Head crater. Days later, we rounded up our festival-weary crew for a quiet sail back to Maui. Getting around the islands was as easy as going down to the harbor and sticking out your thumb. One friend stood at the harbor entrance and hitched a ride on a sport-fishing boat heading to Oahu. He planted himself in the fighting chair and opened his paperback, ready for a nice read. Next thing he knew, the crew had hooked into something. They grabbed his book, strapped him in, and handed over a live rod. He spent the next four hours landing a 750-pound marlin for the first-ever fish thrill of his life.

Most of the Maui charter boats dragged lines just in case. They often landed ono, mahi, ahi and billfish. Once ashore, they would sprint to the best seafood restaurant in town and pocket a few hundred extra dollars for the crew. I recall a wedding sailing charter aboard Minset around Molokai’s Mokuhooniki Rock that double-hooked two big ono. After the wedding party fought and landed both fish, they returned to the dock bloodied, drunk and still smiling, with rave reviews.

The break at the harbor entrance was sweet enough to lure sunrise surfers from upcountry, a 30-minute drive from the volcanic slopes of Haleakala. As thick as tourists were in town, Lahaina’s waterfront shops had to cater to them. Along with its bounty of missionary folklore and whaling nostalgia, open-air bars, dive shops and salad bars, Lahaina sold trinkets, T-shirts, ice cream, Hawaiian-style jewelry, and the sort of faster food that tourists craving the hotel pool could quickly sample.

A hard-charging surfer shreds a beautiful roller off Lahaina. Manuel/Adobe

Around it all were the locals, living a life in the seams of tourist traffic, enjoying a shady beachfront tuft of palms and greenery, sitting with relatives on the sand, eating fish packets and coconut rice on the seawall. The proprietary goods that they depended on were relegated to tired one-story shopping centers on the periphery of town. The tourists came and went; it wasn’t difficult for residents to still feel a sense of steadfastness to Lahaina town. They tolerated the young people who moved in to take their hotel and tourism jobs. Compared with the relentless tide of visitors who abandoned their sensibilities when they became tourists, sailors often arrived with purpose and were commonly the most welcome of outsiders.

The famed Lahaina Yacht Club, host of the Victoria to Maui race and open to all visiting yachtsmen, was as unpretentious as there ever was a yacht club. It hosted none of the functions that typical yacht clubs host; it had no docks, no sweeping nautical lobby. Accessed through an insignificant Front Street doorway, the private club was disguised so well along retail row that visitors rarely found it on their first attempt. Inside, the dark, narrow hallway was decorated with photographs of classic sailboats finishing the Transpac and Victoria-Maui races, and framed letters from appreciative yachtsmen. A basic waterfront bar hung over the water with an intimate collection of tables. Dangling from the ceiling were burgees from visiting yachts from all around the world; upstairs, the loft had a few tables and backgammon boards. I participated in a couple of the Victoria-Maui races, as well as the dockside parties afterward. The bright-eyed patrons greeted us at all hours like heroes returning from the sea, offering flowered leis for each sailor, champagne, and lots of fresh fruit and pupus.

It’s an ecstatic moment for racing sailors, but cruising sailors wear their hearts on their sleeves and their first landfall is like a first kiss that can never be repeated. It’s a taste of wonder and redemption, almost salvation from any miscues of the passage, and a gratitude for an ocean’s drop of grace. In racing, the motivation is victory, the mission is speed, and glory the reward. While that’s a thrill worth seeking, in cruising, the promise of landfall is all heart.

Aerial view of the west coast of Maui, the foothills of Lahaina. Dudarev Mikhail/Adobe

The aching loss for this breathtaking Pacific landfall is that it will never be the same in Lahaina. The sailors will still come, but the landscape and the romantic legacy of a town that was an authentic kingdom’s home, a whaling mecca, a missionary post, and a working blend of tourism and local ohana is gone. What now remains of this legendary alluring paradise is but a barren gray stretch of ashen slabs and ghosts.

The town will be rebuilt and redefined by developers, legal setbacks and the buying power of realtors, but the soul of this Pacific pit stop and the prevailing Hawaiian spirit is at risk. The magic of this mythical landfall will never be quite the same.

Neil Rabinowitz is a longtime and frequent contributor to Cruising World as both a photographer and a writer. His work has appeared in Men’s Journal, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, Outside, and The New York Times to name a few, and just about every marine publication. He has completed numerous ocean passages on both racing and cruising yachts and often finds inspiration recalling the romance of his first south seas landfall. He lives on a sunny farm on Bainbridge Island in the Pacific Northwest.

Ukraine Bombshell: Millions of EU Citizens are Praying Putin Will Win

by JONATHAN SAXTY via Express

Ursula von der Leyen: Eastern EU increasingly pro-Russia

Ursula von der Leyen: Eastern EU increasingly pro-Russia (Image: Getty)

Whisper it quietly but Eastern European attitudes towards the war in Ukraine are beginning to turn in Russia‘s favour or at least moving away from Ukraine.

It seems unconscionable but peek behind the curtain at attitudes and trends among those in Russia‘s former sphere of influence and some startling truths emerge.

One Eurobarometer poll in 2022 had already found that across Central and Eastern Europe, total agreement on support for sanctions against Russiavaries from highs of 57 percent in Poland and 55 percent in Estonia to lows of 35 percent in Slovakia, 30 percent in Hungary and 20 percent in Bulgaria (

Meanwhile, data from Slovakian non-governmental organisation GLOBSEC last year found while narrow majorities of people in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland would like their countries to be part of ‘the West’, this was still below half for people in Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Romania and Slovakia.

More recently, we know from a study in the Czech Republic that 48 percent of Czechs are either “not sure”, “misinformed”, or “strongly pro-Russian” when it comes to their views of the Ukraine war. More striking still, a study by MNFORCE and Seesame agencies, and the Slovak Academy of Sciences, found more than half of Slovaks welcome a Russian victory.

Slovakia is especially noteworthy since the upcoming election in that country could see a more pro-Russian coalition emerge.

The man quite likely to become Slovakia’s PM once again, Robert Fico, has said he would “stop supply of weapons to Ukraine“.

Meanwhile, just this week, in a dramatic turn of events, Poland – Ukraine‘s biggest regional ally – has said it is no longer supplying weapons to its neighbour, with the focus now on defending itself. The background to this is a grain dispute, as well as an October election where the conservative nationalist Law and Justice party could be joined by the even more Eurosceptic and conservative ‘Confederation’, and Confederation’s support for Kyiv is a matter of debate.

As regards the grain, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia are banning Ukrainian agricultural imports, with Ukraine planning to take its case to the World Trade Organization (WTO). On Tuesday, Croatia also confirmed no further Ukrainian grain imports.

This comes as the EU overrode the concerns of the Eastern European states, and ended the previous partial ban on grain imports from Ukraine, which allowed Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia to ban domestic sales of Ukrainian grains while permitting transit for export elsewhere.

No doubt governments in Poland and Slovakia have elections on their mind, amid fears that farmers – major constituencies for ruling parties in both countries – could be negatively impacted. For its part, the EU is trusting the goodwill of Ukraine and assuming market distortions are over.

However, when even Poland’s agriculture minister warns that Ukraine’s agriculture poses a “threat” to EU farmers, the chances of Ukraine joining the bloc seem even more remote. Perhaps after election day Poland and Slovakia will follow Bulgaria’s example and lift the ban to bring down food prices. But the damage may be done by then.

Of course, Poland is not going to turn towards Russia per se. But when Ukraine‘s biggest regional ally is having a massive dispute with Kyiv it hardly bodes well for the latter, sending alarm bells ringing in both Brussels and Washington perhaps that support is starting to diminish.

What is also striking about recent findings is that pro-Russian sympathies are not merely emerging in the countries of southeast Europe – Orthodox Christian and traditionally more sympathetic to Russia, including non-EU Serbia – but in the historically Catholic West Slavic countries as well, like the Czech Republic and Slovakia. And perhaps Croatia, with Croatian president, Zoran Milanović, having previously criticised Western nations for supplying Ukraine. That is before we get to nearby Hungary.

It is worth remembering that a cultural Iron Curtain very much divides the EU and Europe between a liberal West and a conservative East. Hard as it may seem to accept in the West, for many in Central and Eastern Europe, Moscow represents a bulwark against what many see as a Godless and permissive Western world. For good or ill, this is likely informing attitudes towards the war.

Cancers Appearing In Ways Never Before Seen After COVID Vaccinations

Authored by Efthymis Oraiopoulos and Jan Jekielek via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

There is evidence that cancers are occurring in excess after people receive COVID-19 vaccinations, according to Dr. Harvey Risch.

Dr. Harvey Risch, professor emeritus of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health, in New York on July 7, 2022. (Bao Qiu/The Epoch Times)

Dr. Risch is professor emeritus of epidemiology in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine. His research has focused extensively on the causes of cancer as well as prevention and early diagnosis.

In an interview for EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders,” Dr. Risch said patients must now wait months, not weeks, to get an appointment at an oncology clinic in New York.

There is difficulty in observing whether a vaccine can cause cancer, because cancer usually takes time to develop, Dr. Risch said. It can take anywhere from two years to 30 years, depending on the different types of cancer, from leukemia to colon cancer.

What clinicians have been seeing,” said Dr. Risch, “is very strange things: For example, 25-year-olds with colon cancer, who don’t have family histories of the disease—that’s basically impossible along the known paradigm for how colon cancer works—and other long-latency cancers that they’re seeing in very young people.”

He said this is not how cancer normally develops.

“There has to be some initiating stimulus to why this happens,” he said.

Fighting Cancer

Dr. Risch said that in his opinion, cancer is something a healthy human body can fight and disable, as the non-normal cancerous cells are gobbled up when detected in a body with a functional immune system. If the immune system is compromised, however, it cannot cope with the task of neutralizing cancerous cells, and cancerous cells are left to multiply and grow, leading to symptoms of cancer.

“That’s the mechanism I think is most likely here,” Dr. Risch said. “We know that the COVID vaccines have done various degrees of damage to the immune system in a fraction of people who have taken them.”

That damage could translate to getting COVID more often, getting other infectious diseases, or getting cancer.

Another example Dr. Risch gave was breast cancer, which normally, if there is a remanifestation after surgical removal, the remanifestation occurs after two decades. However, vaccinated women are now seen to remanifest breast cancers in much shorter periods of time.

“Those are the initial signals that we’ve been seeing, and because these cancers have been occurring to people who were too young to get them, basically, compared to the normal way it works, they’ve been designated as turbo cancers,” Dr. Risch said.

“Some of these cancers are so aggressive that between the time that they’re first seen and when they come back for treatment after a few weeks, they’ve grown dramatically compared to what oncologists would have expected for the way cancer normally progresses,” he added.

“Be attuned to your body,” Dr. Risch recommended, for noticing any new signals the body might give.

Adverse Events After Vaccination

Dr. Risch also talked about the aspect of official medical agencies not recognizing someone as being vaccinated inside the first two weeks of vaccination. This happens, he said, because the medical agencies say that the effects of the vaccine need two weeks to start manifesting. Adverse effects occurring a few days after vaccinations were officially counted as health conditions manifesting in unvaccinated people, he said.

However, serious adverse events after receiving the vaccine have occurred within the first four days, Dr. Risch said. He said three-quarters of adverse effects are being recorded as happening to unvaccinated people.

The decision makers who were in charge during the pandemic “threw out the principles of public health six days into the pandemic and did the opposite of everything that we knew should be done for respiratory viruses,” he said.

One example was the denial of effective early treatment and unnecessary vaccinations, which show a “colossal failure of public health through this period,” he said.

Dr. Risch said that a lot of people are now less likely to be “propagandized” regarding COVID, and that news reports about a new variant that is going to take over the world in the next month are “propaganda to sell the next batch of vaccines coming out in a few weeks.”

People are fed up with this and it’s going to be a lot more pushback,” he said.

Risks to Society

Dr. Risch said that while the individual risk of an adverse reaction to the vaccine is relatively low, once that risk manifests itself at a greater scale, when millions of people have received the vaccine, the result is that hundreds of thousands of people are left with injuries and serious adverse events that are often worse than the virus itself.

Dr. Risch’s opinion is that nobody should get vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine, as the new variants are mild and not life threatening. He has heard of a few hospitalizations that lasted for some days, but as most people had COVID in the past, they have some immunity to these new variants as well.

There is no reason for people to be vaccinated now, to any degree,” he said.

He said COVID has become an illness similar to the flu in its degree of severity, and that propaganda to scare people is being pushed by the government on behalf of pharmaceutical companies to sell more vaccines.

“We live in social contact with each other and therefore spread low-level infections. This is part of human life that we take for granted and we try to treat it the best we can,” he said. “That’s how we should be managing this.”

Remember Hiroshima, Mon Amour? The US Did It

 Maria Zakharova: “On September 21 the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, presented awards from the Atlantic Council, a well-known American analytical center under NATO that promotes the ideas of Euro-Atlanticism and also specializes in generating Russophobic, anti-Russian ideas.

One of this year’s laureates is Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. Von der Leyen gave a rather remarkable speech. She praised the head of the Japanese government for supporting the Kiev regime and the fight against Russia. She remembered that his family was from Hiroshima, and during the nuclear bombing in 1945, his relatives died there. Not a word about the United States and the Washington executioners who dropped bombs on the Japanese cities and civilians. But the defendant in the largest corruption scandals in the history of the EU went further – she blamed the tragedy of Hiroshima… on Russia.

Here are her words verbatim: Many of your relatives lost their lives when the atomic bomb razed Hiroshima to the ground. You’ve grown up hearing the stories of the survivors and wanted us to listen to the same stories, to face the past and learn something about the future… when Russia threatens to use nuclear weapons once again. It’s heinous, it’s dangerous, and in the shadow [in the context of] Hiroshima, it’s unforgivable.”

It’s disgusting and dangerous how Ursula Von der Leyen lies».

From the Horse’s Mouth: “Time for a “Rethink”

via The Economist

“Rethink? It’s Meltdown Time for the West’s Ukrainian Fantasy [category saving ukrainians from themselves]

➡️The Economist finally echoes what some have known all along: The West’s Ukraine gambit is an epic fail. But don’t expect them to enjoy this bitter pill. They’re not just floundering; they’re imploding—and a mere ‘rethink’ isn’t going to save this sinking ship. Time for a seismic reality check, not cosmetic touch-ups.

➡️When even The Economist is forced to pull back the curtain on the dismal numbers—”less than 0.25% of territory liberated”—you know it’s not just a bad day at the office for the West; it’s a full-blown existential crisis. This isn’t just a “watershed moment”; it’s a public shaming, a smackdown of the highest order. In the unforgiving arena of facts, these pitiful percentages aren’t merely statistics; they’re epitaphs for every delusional narrative that’s been pushed. “Time for a rethink”? More like time to eat some humble pie and come to grips with the unvarnished, inconvenient reality that’s been lurking all along.

➡️Let’s not sugarcoat this—what the West has done to Ukraine isn’t just exploitation; it’s the coldest form of geopolitical manipulation we’ve seen in ages. Ukraine is not merely in the eye of the storm; they’re cannon fodder in a reckless game where they can’t possibly win. All this posturing about ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’? Spare us. It’s a smokescreen, an alibi for one of the most cynical power plays we’ve seen—willing to throw Ukraine to the wolves just to make a feeble attempt at boxing Russia in. And now they’re faced with a “sobering rethink”? How about a full-on moral and strategic bankruptcy? It’s not just grim—it’s revolting.

So, yes, “Time for a Rethink”—but it’s a rethink that will necessitate a swallowing of some rather large and inconvenient truths.


Fake Climate Narrative

Authored by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog,

Anyone capable of critical thought knows this entire globull warming/ climate crisis/ health emergency narrative is false, contrived by the ruling elite/globalist cabal billionaire class as a further means to gain control, increase their already ungodly wealth, tax us into oblivion, lock us down in their 15 minute cities, and dole out our daily allotment of bug protein.

Their narrative is filled with lies, misinformation, and holes so big you can drive a Tesla through them.

They have faked the temperature data for decades.

CO2 is not a pollutant.

Eating meat is not destroying the planet.

Cows farting is not ruining our environment. Of course, Chris Christie farting may be harming the planet.

This fake narrative is dutifully spewed by the corporate regime media 24/7, as they are funded by Gates, Soros, and the WEF to do so. Lies, lies and more lies.

The foolishness of the drivel they expect us to swallow is beyond the pale.

They want to put oil companies and coal companies out of business because fossil fuels are evil.

They are purposely attempting to drastically reduce our energy output, which means less electric power.

But they also want to force everyone to drive an electric vehicle.

And they won’t allow nuclear power plants to be built. These insane beliefs are ridiculous.

Only low IQ willfully ignorant NPCs could believe them. More than half the population apparently fall into this category.

Wind and solar are polluting, environmentally damaging and inefficient. They push solar, while at the same time push geo-engineering to block the sun, to cool the planet.

This idiocy speaks volumes to what these people running the show think about the intellectual capacity of the masses.

They believe we are sufficiently dumbed down, distracted, and apathetic to implement their agenda through constant propaganda, fear mongering, and threats.

They want to own everything, while you own nothing. It’s nothing but a show and they will keep it going until we do something about it.

American Oligarchs: The Pritzkers and Transgenderism

by Eric Striker via Unz Review

American Oligarchs” will be a recurring National Justice series highlighting 21st century robber barons and how they use their power over our country.

The goal is to spotlight America’s crisis of representative democracy and the corruption foisted upon our society by capitalist thugs and their agents.

It seems like we woke up one day to find that, out of nowhere, distinguishing between male and female has become illegal. In defiance of intuition, common sense and 3rd grade biology, a number of liberal plutocracies like Canada and the United Kingdom have legislated to force-feed their subjects the doctrine of transgenderism, which contrary to the idea that it is an individual choice, is always coupled with mandates that ordinary citizens acknowledge the delusions of wealthy narcissists and perverts.

In the United States, using the incorrect pronoun or expressing suspicion that transgender people are simply mentally ill incurs a massive personal cost. Such expressions can get one put on a Southern Poverty Law Center hit list, banned from the ability to use social media and banking services, and opens one up to harassment and violence from anarchist and radical liberal militias given vast leeway to operate by the police.

An army of phony scientists, shameless academics, politicians and activist legal fronts, armed with unfathomable amounts of money, have been successful in using every dirty trick to completely circumvent and upend legislative democracy. Christopher Caldwell’s recent book, “The Age of Entitlement,” outlines how elites have been able to use Civil Rights precedents – where laws are decided in courts rather than by elected representatives and referendum – to radically transform American society by overruling the US Constitution and the will of the people.

Civil Rights, what was originally promoted as a second “Reconstruction” that would only impact issues related to Jim Crow in the South, has become a parallel vein of political power, where laws and rules that impact society as a whole are no longer tethered to public opinion or consent, but instead decided by a small group of rich Jews and capitalists, sometimes in the same family and playing diverse roles on the pitch to make their grotesque and oppressive dystopia real.

The Pritzkers and Transgenderism

The Pritzker family, heirs to the Hyatt Hotel, today use their estimated $29 billion dollar fortune to speculate on the stock market, dodge taxes, buy politicians, and rip people off with predatory banking schemes.

The Jewish clan has made capitalist-activism, where money wrung out of working class people is used to pay for the pet projects of the anti-social left, central to their plan to radically re-engineer America. The Hyatt Hotels have been specifically targeted in the past for their atrocious working conditions, while they have also raked in large illicit profits through Superior Bank, a usurious subprime lending racket that ripped off and ruined the lives of scores of poor people. The money-lending venture so abusive it compelled the government to force the Pritzkers to pay a $460 million dollar settlement. In a functional system they would’ve gone to prison.

One member, the billionaire Jennifer Pritzker, is a male-to-female transgender who served in the US military.

According to research conducted by Jennifer Bilek, Jennifer’s money, along with other figures like fellow Jew and transsexual Martine Rothblatt, has put the wind in the sails of the transgender top-down revolution, granting it scientific and medical credibility through the power of their checkbooks, along with trained operatives who have helped institutionalize in the corporate world. The Pritzkers are heavily invested in the world of pharmaceuticals and science.

Through the Tawani Foundation, Jennifer has been able to corrupt and influence the direction of the ACLU, various military academies, medical institutions (including for children) and universities.

In recent years, Jennifer has donated millions to the University of Minnesota Medical Department’s Human Sexuality department, carved out a “Pritzker School of Medicine” at the University of Chicago, and a “Transgender Studies” chair, handpicked by Pritzker, at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. Other members of the Pritzker family donated $25 million to University of California at San Francisco’s child health department, which under the auspices of two Jews, predictably advocates for confused or ill young children to be given irreversible transsexual surgeries.

This money guarantees, in the very best case scenario, a veto on science that questions the validity of transgenderism, but often times just incentivizes these universities to produce pseudo-science in favor of it. UMN has a whole clinic dedicated to advocating in favor of and entertaining transgender insanity, targeting kids in particular. The University of Chicago’s School of Medicine has been transformed into a laboratory for macabre “gender-reassignment” human experimentation, akin to Magnus Hirschfeld’s Weimar-era house of horrors.

The private grant system and for-profit universities have reduced science in the United States to the propaganda mills dedicated to affirming the ideological will of donors like the Pritzkers, as seen with Brown University’s inexplicable retraction and apology for a study that found transgenderism is nothing more than a socially constructed fad spreading via peer pressure. Brown later allowed for the study to be republished after rare but intense media scrutiny, but this case was symbolic of the pressure scientists are under to never question system dogmas set in advance by billionaires.

The ridiculous “controversy” over whether the military should allow transgenders is another product of Pritzker money. It is hard to believe that retired and current military men think it is important to include transsexuals in the armed forces, but 10s of millions of dollars can get many of these careerists “woke.”

In 2013, Jennifer Pritzker donated $25 million to the prestigious University of Norwich and its military department, which is credited with creating the ROTC system. This was the largest donation the school has ever received in its 194 year history. A few years later, the University of Norwich’s student rules manual has a whole chapter dedicated to “accommodating” transgender recruits with special exceptions, putting the homo in globo-homo imperialism.

Agents trained in Pritzker funded school departments or who are selected for Pritzker scholarships include Jews like University of Chicago Medicine academic David T. Rubin who also served as an expert advisor at CVS Caremark, which acquired Target (famous for its transgender bathroom policy), and Loren S. Schecter, an influential “gender confirmation” surgeon.

The reason our national discourse takes on inane debates about whether women should get their own private bathrooms and lockerrooms in a country rife with real problems is because these are manifestations of consciousness streaming out of bags of money owned by the mentally disturbed.

While transgenderism is associated with the Democrats, Jennifer Pritzker is a life-long GOP donor, but the billionaire last year decried its “marginalization” at the hands of the Trump administration’s “rhetoric.” In its op-ed, Pritzker demands the GOP go back to focusing on low taxes for billionaires and defer to “experts” on issues like transgenderism – presumably the “experts” Jennifer personally funds to say what it thinks

The Democratic Political Machine

The Pritzker family is intimately involved with the Democratic establishment, especially in their home city of Chicago where they enjoy close ties to the Israeli Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama. Members of the family have chaired major campaigns, served as Secretary of Commerce, have been given control over the Chicago school system, directed Olympic games, and much more. J.B. Pritzker is currently the Governor of Illinois, and the chairman of the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center.

This family was very influential in Washington during the Obama years, where the Pritzkers, through bundling and personal donations, were able to collect $800 million dollars for Obama’s campaigns and inaugural funds.

Quid pro quo in the Obama years was rife, and the role of the Pritzkers in getting him elected was duly noted. Obama’s administration was important in using federal power to impose transgenderism in the public space, with pushes to integrate transsexuals into the military, creating “gender neutral” bathrooms in public schools and facilities, and increasing state funding to groups like the Tides Foundation, which in turn funds pro-transsexual activist groups. Penny Pritzker’s close relationship to Obama led to the government looking away as her and her family cheated the estate’s tax system, paying $9 million on their inheritances rather than the $150 million they should’ve owed.

Obama in 2013 appointed his handler Penny Pritzker, who ran his campaign’s finance wing in ’08 and chaired his campaign in ’12, to oversee his Department of Commerce, which allowed her to set the terms and priorities on new government initiatives like NIMBL, a program that allocates R&D grants for research on biopharmaceuticals.

Like Jennifer, Penny’s private “philanthropy” is obsessed with influencing what children are taught as well as the university system. Her Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation has funneled millions into Harvard’s Medical School, which has purchased her a spot as a member of the Harvard Corporation. Harvard is known for institutionalizing an extreme form of gender ideology that it submerges future elites in.

As for Penny’s brother, fellow billionaire and Governor J.B. Pritzker, he has turned the state Illinois into a free for all, often with a tranny bent.

He has signed executive orders and bills on immigration that ban local law enforcement from cooperating with ICE to deport criminal aliens, give wide swaths of Illinois’ illegal immigrant population amnesty, and developed a special incentive program for illegal and transgender students to receive public grants from the Monetary Award Program.

Governor Pritzker has also signed an executive order giving transgender and “non-binary” students special privileges in school, along with free access to an arsenal of lawyers that effectively controls the direction of sexual education and erases the First Amendment rights of fellow students.

The Pritzkers are only one, relatively small branch of America’s hereditary plutocracy. If you’re wondering why Presidential candidates like Elizabeth Warren or Great Wall Street Hope Pete Buttigieg have made the absurdity of transgenderism front and center in their campaigns, it’s because the Pritzkers are paying them to.

Universities, mass media, elections, law enforcement, medicine – all of these important institutions have been ruined by Jewish bankster money from people like the Pritzkers, who have almost fully replaced ethics and merit to indulge their fetishes and desire to control us.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)