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On Globalization

China's Emergence
Global Growth ________________________________________

Eastern Europe & Russia

International Herald Tribune
France's German Jitters
Some See New Great Power Ambition in Berlin By John Vinocur

International Herald Tribune
A Widening Franco-German Rift?
New Books Add to the Suspicion of Berlin's Ambitions for Europe By John Vinocur

The United States
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European Union

France Has a Hard Sell to Rein In U.S. Power
By John Vinocur International Herald Tribune

From Anatol Lieven, Carnegie Endowment, Washington D.C.:
May I briefly summarise the dominant Western opinions on the Russian state and the "oligarchs" in recent years (often expressed by one and the same people)?

In March 1997, the Iraqi parliament ratified a 23-year oil contract with Moscow allowing a Russian oil consortium headed by LUKoil to develop reserves estimated 7-8 billion barrels in Iraq's southern Qurna oil field, Iraqi media reported. Russia is spend $200 million on activities related to the project and extend credit worth $1 million to Iraq.