For a Kinder, Gentler Society
Political Philosophy
The Narrow Path to Social Progress
  • Anthony C. Patton
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Political Philosophy. The Narrow Path to Social Progress
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What do we mean by "social progress" and how do we know what is the right direction? How does the value of "liberty" inform our views?

Society exists for the sake of the individual citizens (not the other way around). Society, however, is not a thing that exists on its own. When we say society helps us succeed, we are really saying we all together help each other succeed. There is no "they" to take care of us. While we might all love for everyone to get along, to help the needy, and for the wars to end, we need to explain how people can reach this point in their biological growth and development by promoting social progress.

The author analyzes the building blocks we use to gain knowledge of the world and make progress (universals) and the underlying material that makes progress (teleology), that is, our human nature. He presents well-reasoned arguments for a moderate conservative outlook on life and offers readers new ways to think about and evaluate their own arguments.

About the Author

Anthony C. Patton has worked with the U.S. Air Force, Department of Defense, and Department of State. He has served in Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Pakistan, Italy, and Greece, gaining insights into the political and social scene and the competing interests of the elites and the common people in developing countries.

He earned an MBA with high honors at Thunderbird - School of Global Management and a BA from Augsburg College with a double major in mathematics and philosophy, magna cum laude.

Patton has also written a novel, Unfaithfully Yours, and The World as Story, a book designed to help writers and story tellers to understand the ideas of story and life.

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Year: 2017
Soft Cover
ISBN: 978-1-62894-285-9
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ISBN: 978-1-62894-286-6
ISBN: 978-1-62894-287-3

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