Full Spectrum Assault Against Humanity. TYRANNY Is Here!

Democrats Slip Plans for $700,000 Vaccine Compliance Fines Under U.S. Code Section 666 Into Budget Bill –Employers who do not comply with the regime would be fined 70,000 escalating to 700,000 for ‘willful’ or ‘repeated’ violations | 29 Sept 2021 | Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has quietly slipped a provision to amend U.S. Code § 666 to levy 700,000 fines on companies that do not enforce highly controversial vaccine mandates into Democrats 3.5 trillion “reconciliation” budget bill, after Joe Biden called for persecution of businesses with over 100 employees that do not force workers to take the vaccine. The provision would allow the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to fine companies 70,000 for not forcing employees to take the COVID vaccine, and escalate the fine to a staggering 700,000 for “willful” or “repeated” refusals to comply with the regime’s demands. The new language that would allow the fines to be enforced is located on page 168 of the 2,465 page bill, under U.S. Code Section 666 . [Section 666. That’s about right.]
Biden Admin Gave Border Patrol ‘Official Notice’ to Get Vaxxed By November or Be Fired, Says Whistleblower –Biden regime to reduce Border Patrol manpower via vaccine mandate firings even as Biden’s border crisis reaches fever pitch | 28 Sept 2021 | Tonight the Republicans of the House Judiciary Committee, led in a letter by Rep. Jim Jordan, claimed that a whistleblower informed them the Biden administration has given “official notice” to the U.S. Border Patrol for agents to accept one of the controversial COVID-19 vaccines by November or lose their jobs. This comes after Joe Biden promised to make agents “pay,” citing the debunked claim that agents used a “whip” to attack Haitian migrants, when in reality, the photo depicted standard horse reigns used to direct the animal. In a tweet, the House Judiciary GOP Twitter account wrote, “Whistleblower alleges that Border Patrol agents have been given official notice that they must be fully vaccinated by November 2021 or face termination.” In the letter, Rep. Jim Jordan highlights the risk behind reducing the number of border patrol agents as the Biden immigration crisis continues to reach fever pitch.
Dianne Feinstein Unveils Bill to Mandate Coronavirus Vaccine or Testing for Domestic Flights | 30 Sept 2021 | Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) on Wednesday proposed legislation which would require proof of a coronavirus vaccination or a negative coronavirus test in order to fly domestically ahead of the holiday season. The bill has won the support of the Infectious Diseases Society of America and the American Public Health Association, Feinstein, 88, said. The introduction of Feinstein’s bill comes as some airlines are getting ready to fire unvaccinated employees.
Senate Votes Down Republican Amendment to Block Biden Vaccine Mandate | 30 Sept 2021 | The Senate on Sept. 30 defeated a Republican amendment that attempted to block Joe Biden’s announced mandate for private businesses with 100 or more workers. Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) introduced the amendment to a government funding measure, blocking the usage of federal m-ney for COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Republicans and Democrats split 50–50 on the vote, falling short of the 60 votes required to pass the amendment… “No precedent exists in American history for punishing private employers who don’t enforce government vaccination edicts,” Marshall said. “Astonishingly, House Democrats included fines up to $700,000 on businesses that have unvaccinated employees as a way to pay for their out-of-control spending.”
GOP Senators introduce bill to block federal agencies from requiring COVID-19 vaccination –Companion bill to be introduced in the U.S. House by Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw | 29 Sept 2021 | A group of Republican senators introduced legislation that protects Americans’ health records by preventing federal agencies under Joe Biden from using COVID-19 vaccine passports or requiring proof of vaccination. Text of the legislation, named the Prevent Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates for Interstate Commerce Act, says it prohibits “the Department of Transportation and other agencies from promulgating rules requiring a person to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination in order to engage in interstate commerce or travel, and for other purposes.” “While American businesses are working hard to recover from the devastating impacts of COVID-19, President [sic] Biden is set on implementing more mandates, lockdowns and restrictions that are holding them back,” said a statement from Sen. Rick Scott of Florida, who spearheaded the bill.
Connecticut Gov. Lamont will activate National Guard to replace unvaccinated state employees –Overall, 25% or more than 8,000 employees are either not vaccinated nor tested. | 30 Sept 2021 | To prepare for potential staffing shortages as soon as next week, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (D) has directed the Connecticut National Guard to start planning to replace state employees who have not been vaccinated. Lamont announced Thursday afternoon that the National Guard could be deployed “to support operations until replacement employees can be hired or non-compliant employees come into compliance.” State officials have been trying to ensure that employees are vaccinated or submit to weekly testing – as required by an executive order by Lamont.
Deadline extended for COVID-19 vaccine mandate as 10,000 Connecticut state employees have failed to say whether they are vaccinated | 29 Sept 2021 | Citing incomplete documentation from 10,000 state employees, the state of Connecticut extended its final deadline for executive branch workers to submit proof of vaccination or compliance with COVID-19 testing requirements to Monday, Oct. 4. Out of about 32,000 total executive branch employees, 19,000 have submitted proof of vaccination, 3,000 have indicated compliance with testing requirements and 10,000 have yet to complete their paperwork, Geballe said. Employees who have been neither vaccinated nor tested by the end of Monday will face unpaid leave as soon as Tuesday, Oct. 5 and no later than Monday, Oct. 11, officials said. As for possible termination, Geballe said that was “a question for another day.
Over 1 million Israelis who haven’t had 3rd dose to lose Green Pass on Sunday –Many won’t be able to access certain public places and gatherings without a negative virus test after policy change requiring booster shot six months after 2nd COVID-19 vaccine | 28 Sept 2021 | From Sunday, more than one million Israelis will lose their Green Pass after a policy change dictated that a COVID-19 booster shot is required six months after receiving the first two doses. Health Ministry data on Monday showed that 4,710,716 Israelis were vaccinated with two doses six months ago, but only 3,243,641 of them have been administered a booster dose. Even subtracting the hundreds of thousands infected with COVID-19 in the past six months, meaning they wouldn’t need the third vaccine dose, the number of people who will no longer have a so-called Green Pass is over a million.
UK Government Report: Vast Majority of Delta Variant Deaths Are VACCINATED People, Not Unvaccinated People –These are the government’s own numbers | 28 Sept 2021 | A Public Health England Technical briefing released in September 2021 entitled “SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England” has some findings that do not bode well for vaccine supporters. The numbers show vaccinated people contracted and died of the so-called “Delta” variant of Coronavirus at a far greater rate than unvaccinated people between February 1, 2021, and September 12, 2021. During the time period in question, unvaccinated people reportedly accounted for 257,357 Delta cases out of 593,572 total Delta cases (approximately 43 percent), and 722 out of 2,542 Delta deaths (approximately 28 percent) “within 28 days of positive specimen date.” What does that mean? It means that the vast majority of Delta deaths in England during this period occurred among vaccinated people, NOT unvaccinated people.

Stanford Students on Bicycles: Masks, Yes – Helmets, Maybe

 Stanford Review

In April of this year, I witnessed something on the Stanford campus that will be seared into my memory forever: a student on a bicycle, wearing flip-flops, AirPods in ear, going the wrong way through a roundabout in an active construction zone, with no helmet. But like any good follower of science, the student was wearing a disposable blue face mask — for safety, I guess.

I think this anecdote is instructive in understanding the social dynamics that have emerged in the COVID-19 pandemic. Seemingly intelligent and well-rounded people (Stanford students, for example) have adopted bizarre, pointless habits to comport with new expectations about how to “stay safe” — like wearing masks outdoors — all while continuing in much more risky behaviors. This is not to say that riding a bicycle without a helmet is *especially* risky, or that I believe helmets should be mandated (they shouldn’t). But it’s absolutely a bigger risk than COVID-19 for a vaccinated twenty-something.

Unfortunately, it turned out that what I saw in the Spring would not be anecdotal at all. When I got back to our 99% vaccinated campus last week, I realized that masking outdoors and on bicycles would be a custom.

So, I decided to attempt a measurement to quantify this phenomenon. On Wednesday, September 22nd, in the 1:00 pm hour, I observed 400 Stanford cyclists on Lasuen Mall, a popular campus street for bicycles. I simply noted whether each cyclist wore a mask, a helmet, neither, or both. Here are the final tallies:

Total cyclists: 400 – (100%)

No mask, no helmet: 195 – (49%)

Mask, no helmet: 134 – (34%)

Helmet, no mask: 42 – (10%)

Mask and helmet: 29 – (7%)

That works out to a masking rate of 41% and helmet-wearing rate of 17%. So, Stanford students are about twice as likely to wear a mask on a bicycle as a helmet. To be certain, there’s a margin of error here — I can only count so many cyclists at a time, and I’m sure I missed some. But the point stands that at one of America’s leading research universities, students wear masks on bicycles at a higher rate than they wear helmets.

Is it a delusion? Do students actually think that wearing a mask on a bicycle to prevent transmission of a respiratory virus they’ve been vaccinated against is a good idea? Maybe it’s just laziness — easier to keep the mask on for five minutes then take five seconds to take it off. I think a combination of laziness and signaling is probably the right answer. Masking has become an important way to signal that you are “conscious” about COVID-19, though I’d submit that wearing a mask on a bicycle is actually a pretty clear signal of ignorance, not consciousness.

If our government handed out dunce caps with “follow the science” embroidered on them, a double-digit percentage of the population would start wearing them (maybe even on bicycles) and look askance at people who don’t. Stanford might even mandate them if the State of California or the County of Santa Clara asked them to, because we no longer have any scientific policies at Stanford. We only follow political orders.

Stanford is somewhat unique among top universities in that we have actual scientists in leadership positions, including a neuroscientist as our President. So, what does it say about our brain-scientist-in-chief that he has failed to convince Stanford students to wear bicycle helmets (including when the university gave out free helmets!) but has successfully created an environment where bicycle-masking is routine? In my judgement, it’s a pretty big embarrassment for a public scientist and leader like MTL.

But it won’t be viewed as a scientific failure, because science is dead; idiocy and innumeracy have won a total victory. And though I will continue to be deeply confused when I see masked bicyclists on campus, I have realized that there is an ironic logic to their decision: after all, there’s no point in protecting your brain if you don’t plan on using it. At Stanford, nobody expects you to do either.


The Purges Have Begun

How this began: The virus was here (the US) already for months from 2019 and life went on normally.

Once the consciousness seeped in and the politicians panicked, we moved quickly from travel restrictions to lockdowns to mask mandates to domestic capacity restrictions to vaccine mandates. Somewhere along the way, we learned to classify people by profession, stigmatize the sick, then finally to demonize the noncompliant. It’s been 20 months of intensified controls, driven by political leaders from both parties, with precious little dissent from media organs.

The pace has been furiously fast but somehow just slow enough that people and media personalities adjust to the new, the cycle proceeds, last week’s shock becomes this week’s normal, and then politicians scramble to create the next big intervention, covering previous failures with new nostrums, all while ignoring or censoring opposing views.

Even hard-won scientific knowledge of 100 years – for example natural immunity – has been memory holed. We reference Orwell often because there is a dystopian feel to it all, describable best by reference to stories we only imagined through the help of books and movies. Hunger Games, Matrix, V for Vendetta, Equilibrium – they all come to mind.

The policies have been bad enough but the political polarization has been the real poison. In history, we’ve seen where this leads. New and random mandates from political leaders become loyalty tests. Compliant people are viewed as enlightened and obedient. The noncompliant are regarded as stupid and probably politically threatening. They are purgeable.

In this particular case, the mainstream media has argued for months that noncompliance correlates very closely with Trump support, which everyone knows is a civic sin of the highest order even though he won the presidency 5 years ago. This realization was an invitation to the Biden administration to ramp up its mandates, finding any and every means to get the federal bureaucracies to penetrate the policy walls to the states that exist under the Constitution.

They easily found the agency Occupational Safety and Health Administration, twisted a few words, and like magic discovered a basis on which to override state-based limits on vaccine mandates. It’s using medicine as a means of political punishment.

One tip-off of the political agenda here is that the data associations of the unvaxed by Trump support only work with 50 data points, meaning state boundaries, as Justin Hart has pointed out. Expand that out by county-level data with 3,000-plus data points and the correlation almost entirely disappears. Further, if you look at vaccination by race and income, you find very low compliance among voters usually associated with Democratic support. So the war on the “red states” being waged by the federal government today is really just about consolidating political support, state by state.

Regardless, the effects of the mandates are real and devastating for millions of people. People are losing their jobs because they are unwilling to go along. And all of this occurs in the midst of a chronic labor shortage: bosses are being told by the government to dismiss people from their jobs just when their companies are struggling for resources.

There are many reasons to refuse these mandates. The people with previous infections know that they have better immunities than they could get with a vaccine, and they want that to count even as the CDC refuses. This is particularly true of health care workers.

Others prefer the risk of Covid to the risks (and they exist) of the vaccine side effects. Others simply resist the demand that they pump their bodies with a medicine developed with tax dollars for which the private companies bear no liability at all. It feels like an invasion of the body that should never be tolerated by a free people. Some people still imagine themselves to be free to choose.

Their punishment for this is to lose their jobs.

The biggest impact will most immediately be felt in the state of New York. The governor – a new person named Kathleen Courtney Hochul to replace the previous bad guy – is all behind the Biden order. In particular, she is imposing this on health-care workers. As many as 70,000 people will lose their jobs as health-care workers even as hospitals are complaining about staffing shortages.

She has issued an executive order that contemplates forcing people who are enlisted in the National Guard to be deployed as scabs to replace the people who will be fired from their jobs. It’s hard to imagine how all of this will work. It comes very close to being a form of conscription in the health sector, replacing a voluntary system with a compulsory system. It’s not going to work out well for the patient.

The most shocking aspect of this is that it targets the very workers who put themselves on the line in the early days of the panic. The world cheered in the spring of 2020. New Yorkers stood outside their windows and sang songs as the staffing shifts took place. They banged pans in appreciation. Here were all kinds of nurses, technicians, and doctors who put themselves in harm’s way at a time when people were unsure of the risk profile of the disease itself.

And they gained natural immunity through exposure. They know what that means because they are all trained in virology. They know that nothing beats acquired immunity via exposure. Especially with a coronavirus with a changing profile, a vaccine cannot compare. That is precisely what 100% of the studies have shown since that time. And yet here we have governments imposing the shot on people who took the risk, gained the immunities, and now refuse to take another and potentially more deadly risk from the vaccine that operates not like vaccines of old.

A correspondent writes as follows:

“My wife is a triple board certified doctor in the Bronx. She worked at the hospital that had the highest Covid death rate in all of NYC. She went down hard w/Covid in April 2020 and missed two months of work. She recovered and went back. For 15 years she served the poor – underprivileged patients on welfare in the Bronx –  none of them had private insurance. She resigned on Friday and I could not be more proud of her.   She is not bowing to this tyranny. She tested her antibodies several times and they remain high. Please keep up this fight. Many many nurses took the vax against their will because they could not afford to miss a paycheck. These mandates must fail.”

As if things could not get more preposterous and terrifying, Governor Hochul channelled God himself to say that this vaccine is not only a healing sacramental but also morally obligatory for any true believer, a line to demarcate saints and sinners.


This is no longer about scientific confusion. This is starting to look like an old-fashioned political purge, whether justified by fake science or theology. It is happening at many levels of society. In Massachusetts, dozens of state troopers are resigning.

Health care workers in North Carolina are resigning. It’s happening in Nebraska, California, and many other areas of the country, and hospitals and many other industries are worried. Even Navy Seals are being told that they won’t be deployed if they don’t get the jab.

It is not lost on the Biden administration – this tactic seems to have been hatched in the summer – that this is harming their political enemies, not exclusively but predominantly. Apparently, no one really cares.

In academia, the problems are heating up. Todd Zywicki of George Mason University School of Law sued over the mandate – he proved that he had natural immunity – and won an individual concession from the school but the policy remained unchanged. He is just one person but there are thousands of others, most of whom are quiet about their plight. They don’t have lawyers. They are considering just giving in. They wonder what the point of resistance really is.

Among them are serious scientists who wake up daily wondering why we live in a world in which the denial of science has become required doctrine, and why they are being forced to choose between their principles and their income and profession. It’s a grim time, one we never imagined we would face in the modern world much less the US.

The party in power wants to remain in power forever, which is a story as old as time. The virus is the excuse of the day. The trouble is that they have been wrong in so many ways with so many victims that the whole scenario is unspeakable. We’ve been here before and the ultimate solution comes down to a choice between two paths for the ruling regime: admit the wrongdoing or purge those who believe things they should not.

It would appear that the latter position is the prevailing one. The vaccine mandate has become the tool of choice. Submit or see your job melt away. This is where we are today. And remember: we are not talking about smallpox. Nor are we talking about private companies exercising discretion. We are dealing here with a virus with a 99.8% survival rate and a vaccine that was oversold and has so far underdelivered.

Where is the human conscience in all of this? Does it even exist among the ruling class machine? What happened to the old and settled concern for civil liberties, scientific inquiry and truth, minority rights, and bodily integrity?

The political purge of institutions is part of a larger drive for purity in our society. Some have called it the new Puritanism. The moniker fits. It’s all about separating the clean from the unclean, defined by whatever the priority of the moment happens to be (biological, moral, political). What began as a push for a pathogen-free nation moved to become the stigmatization of the sick and then a push for universal vaccination, even though none of it makes sense: the jab does not protect well against either infection or spread.

The symbolic act of medicinal compliance easily becomes a physical sign of political compliance: the ID card. That then becomes the basis of the reductio ad absurdum, the political purge – an intensification of the mask mandate to become a needle mandate as a means of ferreting out dissidents.

Thus does this mandate fulfill the illiberalism of our current moment in civic life, and serve only to consolidate political power in the end. Pure is never pure enough, which is why Biden now says he demands 98% vaccination rates and even small children at near-zero risk are being roped in. All of this will be as ineffective in achieving its aims as the rest of the virus control strategies.

Over time, it only fuels public anger and builds a resistance force, and gives rise to new institutions determined to preserve and practice the precious right of human freedom.

Whistleblower Lawsuit! Government Medicare Data Shows 48,465 DEAD Following COVID Shots – Remdesivir Drug has 25% Death Rate!

by Brian Shilhavy via Health Impact News

Back in July of this year we reported that Ohio-based Attorney Thomas Renz was filing a federal lawsuit in Alabama based on a “sworn declaration, under threat of perjury,” from an alleged whistleblower who claims to have inside knowledge of a cover-up of reported deaths filed with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). See:

Attorney Files Lawsuit Against CDC Based on “Sworn Declaration” from Whistleblower Claiming 45,000 Deaths are Reported to VAERS – All Within 3 Days of COVID-19 Shots

Attorney Renz spoke at an event in Colorado this past weekend, and stated that more whistleblowers have now come forward, and that the death rate with those taking the COVID-19 vaccines is much higher than they originally thought.

Presenting data that he claims comes directly from the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) database, there have been 48,465 deaths among CMS beneficiaries within 14 days of a 1st or 2nd dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

There are about 59.4 million Americans covered by Medicare, representing 18.1% of the population, so these are staggering numbers!

In his presentation, Renz states that they chose deaths within 14 days of vaccination, because the federal health agencies are no longer counting deaths within 14 days of a COVID-19 as a death among the “vaccinated,” but among “unvaccinated.”

Renz also presented very damning data on the drug Remdesivir, the new COVID-19 drug that was rushed to market while existing, safe and effective older drugs like Ivermectin are prohibited in hospital settings.

According to CMS data, almost 26% of people put on Remdesivir die. But it is a huge money maker for the government and Big Pharma.

By contrast, only 3.5% of people put on Ivermectin died, according to CMS data. But there are no longer any patents on Ivermectin, so it is not a money maker for the government and Big Pharma.

As attorney Renz states: “You’re being defrauded by your government!”

He also goes on to show what are allegedly documents from Pfizer that seem to suggest they knew that “shedding” occurred with their COVID-19 mRNA shots.

Here is the presentation. I have excerpted the key data he presented. This is from our Bitchute channel, and it will also be on our Rumble channel.

The Case For Natural Immunity

Now that at least one employer in the health-care field – Michigan’s Spectrum Health – has decided to accept proof of natural immunity from prior infection as reason to waive its vaccination mandate for all employees, legal experts (and the reporters who love to quote them) are wondering: will the legality of proving natural immunity potentially win out in court?

The answer to that question, they say, will depend – as all things COVID-related do – on “the science”, that nebulous and frequently shifting concept of how prior infection impacts immunity to new variants (and whether vaccines do as well).

According to a report in Yahoo Finance, the notion that natural immunity is superior is already gaining support in the legal world. Presently, a handful of studies from different countries offer a conflicting view of whether natural immunity actually is superior to vaccinated immunity, or a combination of prior infection and vaccination

Since it’s likely the federal government’s aim to roll out vaccine mandates that cover practically every US worker (they’re not too far off already), the issue of natural vs. vaccine immunity and whether some individuals should receive exemptions based on their antibody levels will almost certainly be adjudicated in the federal courts.

At least one attorney quoted by Yahoo agrees:

“I think that a judge might reject a rule that’s been issued by a body, like the U.S. Department of Labor or by a state, that has not been sufficiently thought through as it relates to the science,” Erik Eisenmann, a labor and employment attorney with Husch Blackwell, told Yahoo Finance.

As we reported when it was first published, a report out of Israel suggests that natural immunity could be many times more effective than the Pfizer vaccine at preventing infection with the delta variant. That study has yet to be peer-reviewed, however, and the world is anxiously awaiting the results.

However, another peer-reviewed study cited by the CDC looks at dozens of cases in the US where certain people who tested positive for COVID never ended up generating the antibodies, which, science dictates, are necessary to fend off future infection.

The CDC also published a study of 246 Kentucky residents, concluding that vaccination offers higher protection than a previous COVID infection. The CDC said the study went through a “rigorous multi-level clearance process” before submission, but now some are concerned it’s slightly out of date since it pre-dates the rise of delta.

But as far as supporting natural vs. vaccinated immunity goes, this study is another big one: A C A June study by the Cleveland Clinic and Washington University tracked 52,238 Cleveland Clinic employees found that within 1,359 previously infected and unvaccinated people, none contracted a subsequent COVID-19 infection over the five-month study. The findings led authors to conclude that prior infection makes a person “unlikely to benefit from COVID-19 vaccination.”

Then there’s this:

In a smaller study conducted by Washington University School of Medicine and published in Nature, senior author Ali Ellebedy, PhD, an associate professor of medicine and of molecular microbiology, found antibody-producing cells in the bone marrow of 15 of 19 study subjects 11 months after their first COVID-19 symptoms. “These cells will live and produce antibodies for the rest of people’s lives. That’s strong evidence for long-lasting immunity,” Ellebedy said.

The legal and scientific standards are intertwined here, but as more data develops that appears to validate the argument that natural immunity is at least as effective as vaccinated immunity, it’s more likely that lawyers will succeed in convincing judges that the standard should be “immunity by any means.”

Also, see this:


International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists
September, 2021
(view in Italian) (view in Slovak) (view in Dutch) (view in Spanish)

[UPDATE: as of 7pm ET on 9/27 over 5,200 doctors & scientists have signed the Rome Declaration. Please join us by reading and signing below.]

We the physicians of the world, united and loyal to the Hippocratic Oath, recognizing the profession of medicine as we know it is at a crossroad, are compelled to declare the following;

WHEREAS, it is our utmost responsibility and duty to uphold and restore the dignity, integrity, art and science of medicine;

WHEREAS, there is an unprecedented assault on our ability to care for our patients;

WHEREAS, public policy makers have chosen to force a “one size fits all” treatment strategy, resulting in needless illness and death, rather than upholding fundamental concepts of the individualized, personalized approach to patient care which is proven to be safe and more effective;

WHEREAS, physicians and other health care providers working on the front lines, utilizing their knowledge of epidemiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology, are often first to identify new, potentially life saving treatments;

WHEREAS, physicians are increasingly being discouraged from engaging in open professional discourse and the exchange of ideas about new and emerging diseases, not only endangering the essence of the medical profession, but more importantly, more tragically, the lives of our patients;

WHEREAS, thousands of physicians are being prevented from providing treatment to their patients, as a result of barriers put up by pharmacies, hospitals, and public health agencies, rendering the vast majority of healthcare providers helpless to protect their patients in the face of disease.  Physicians are now advising their patients to simply go home (allowing the virus to replicate) and return when their disease worsens, resulting in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary patient deaths, due to failure-to-treat;

WHEREAS, this is not medicine. This is not care. These policies may actually constitute crimes against humanity.


RESOLVED, that the physician-patient relationship must be restored. The very heart of medicine is this relationship, which allows physicians to best understand their patients and their illnesses, to formulate treatments that give the best chance for success, while the patient is an active participant in their care. 

RESOLVED, that the political intrusion into the practice of medicine and the physician/patient relationship must end. Physicians, and all health care providers, must be free to practice the art and science of medicine without fear of retribution, censorship, slander, or disciplinary action, including possible loss of licensure and hospital privileges, loss of insurance contracts and interference from government entities and organizations – which further prevent us from caring for patients in need. More than ever, the right and ability to exchange objective scientific findings, which further our understanding of disease, must be protected.

RESOLVED, that physicians must defend their right to prescribe treatment, observing the tenet FIRST, DO NO HARM. Physicians shall not be restricted from prescribing safe and effective treatments. These restrictions continue to cause unnecessary sickness and death. The rights of patients, after being fully informed about the risks and benefits of each option, must be restored to receive those treatments.

RESOLVED, that we invite physicians of the world and all health care providers to join us in this noble cause as we endeavor to restore trust, integrity and professionalism to the practice of medicine.

RESOLVED, that we invite the scientists of the world, who are skilled in biomedical research and uphold the highest ethical and moral standards, to insist on their ability to conduct and publish objective, empirical research without fear of reprisal upon their careers, reputations and livelihoods.

RESOLVED, that we invite patients, who believe in the importance of the physician-patient relationship and the ability to be active participants in their care, to demand access to science-based medical care.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned has signed this Declaration as of the date first written.


Depopulation by Any Means! Dr. Bryan Ardis, Interviewed by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich



Frontline Doctors’ Help Getting Ivermectin

Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance

How We Got Here:

  1. FDA tweets a joke about Americans using a “horse drug”
  2. Exaggerated reports of calls to poison control centers
  3. False reports of animal product overdoses filling ER’s
  4. CDC issues bulletin emphasizing ivermectin is not approved for COVID-19
  • NOTE: NIH remains silent
  1. State Departments of Health issue warnings to licensed doctors
  2. Pharmacies and individual pharmacists refuse to fill valid COVID-19 early treatment prescriptions
  3. Despite these concerted actions – TOTAL PRESCRIPTIONS CONTINUE TO RISE IN THE U.S!

THE 5 LIES: “I cannot fill your prescription…

  1. due to corporate policy
  2. because we are out of stock”
  3. because we cannot order more”
  4. because it is not FDA approved for COVID-19”
  5. because I refuse to put my license on the line”


  1. NO CORPORATE POLICY exists against filling ivermectin by Walgreens, CVS, or Rite-Aid
  • NO POLICY exists for major grocery/pharmacies: Kroger, Publix, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco
  1. NO NATIONAL SUPPLY SHORTAGE in the United States at this time
  2. VERY FEW CIRCUMSTANCES where a pharmacy/pharmacist cannot obtain a supply of ivermectin within 24-48 hours of ordering
  3. FDA APPROVAL for COVID-19 is NOT REQUIRED to prescribe ivermectin off-label – in fact, 20% of all prescriptions written in the U.S. are off-label
  4. VERY FEW U.S STATES allow pharmacists to refuse to fill a valid prescription

Overcoming the Blockade

Take Action and REPORT

  1. Corporate pharmacy chains WANT TO KNOW who is not filling ivermectin:
  • DOCUMENT the store number/location and name of the pharmacist where a valid prescription was refused to be filled
  • REPORT the store and pharmacists name (See “Contact List for Corporate Chains”, pg. 7)
    • Call, email, or direct message on Twitter
  • STOP REFUSALS by their employed pharmacists by presenting the 5 Truths above
  1. If you believe your pharmacist has lied, REPORT them to the state pharmacy board:
  • Make sure to specifically call out they “knowingly lied” in any complaints

How to Get Ivermectin

  1. To find a pharmacy that fills in your zip code (for U.S.):
  • Email Edenbridge Pharmaceuticals the largest U.S. in the U.S., for a list of pharmacies in your area at sales@edenbridgepharma.com
  1. Look to Online and Compounding Pharmacies as an option.


A Guide to Challenging Pharmacists

Barrier #1 – “Ivermectin is out of stock, back ordered or unavailable”

  • Customer:
    • I’d like to document what I’m hearing – what’s your full name and store number?
  • Customer:
    • So, you’re saying (repeat what pharmacist said) …
  • Customer:
    • Your corporate office has indicated that they want customers to report any pharmacist and store refusing to fill ivermectin scripts;
    • What’s your email address so I can connect both of us directly with your customer service department?
  • Customer:
    • Edenbridge Pharmaceuticals says there is no supply issue anywhere in the country
      • They are the only pharmacy in the U.S. authorized by the FDA to manufacture and distribute ivermectin for human use
    • They want to be connected directly to any pharmacist stating there’s an issue so it can be resolved immediately.
    • So, I’ll connect the two of us via two separate emails;
      • (1) directly to your customer service department at corporate, and
      • (2) to Edenbridge customer service so we can resolve the issue now.
  • Customer: Thank you for your assistance


A Guide to Challenging Pharmacists

Barrier #2 – “FDA has not approved its use in COVID-19”

  • Customer:
    • I’d like to document what I’m hearing – what’s your full name and store number?
  • Customer:
    • With respect, I’ve researched this topic extensively and would like to offer the following:
    • Ivermectin is, in fact, an FDA approved drug and has been for decades
    • As you’re aware, over 20% of all prescriptions written in the U.S. annually are written for off-label use
    • It’s also important to note that the NIH has a “neutral” recommendation for ivermectin for use in COVID, not an “against” recommendation
    • Please tell me you’re not attempting to interfere with the sacred relationship between my physician and myself to treat my illness
  • Customer:
    • The customer service department at your corporate office has indicated they want customers to report any pharmacist and store refusing to fill ivermectin;
    • What’s your email address so I can connect the two of us directly with your customer service department so that we can resolve this immediately?
  • Customer:
    • My intention is not to be difficult, but please understand that if this isn’t resolved today, I will be filing an official complaint through my attorney with the State Pharmacy Board because, unless we’re in one of the rare states that allows pharmacists to do this, what you’re attempting to do is known as “engaging in the practice of medicine” and it’s illegal.
    • Customer: Thank you for your assistance


A Guide to Challenging Pharmacists

Barrier #3 – “Our corporate policy dictates that we do not fill your prescription”

  • Customer:
    • I’d like to document what I’m hearing – what’s your full name and store number?
  • Customer:
    • So, and I would like to document this, what you’re saying is (repeat what pharmacist said) …
  • Customer:
    • I’d like to say two things;
      • (1) Ivermectin prescriptions for COVID are not against your corporate policy, and
      • (2) the customer service department at your corporate office has actually indicated that they want customers to report any pharmacist and store refusing to fill ivermectin scripts.
    • What’s your email address so I can connect both of us directly with one of your customer service representatives so that we can get this resolved immediately.
  • Customer:
    • My intention is not to be difficult, but please understand that if this isn’t resolved today, I will be:
      • Filing an official complaint through my attorney with the State Pharmacy Board because,
        • Unless we’re in one of the rare states that allows pharmacists to do this, what you’re attempting to do is known as “engaging in the practice of medicine” and it’s illegal.
      • Further, although what you are doing may be technically legal in this state, it almost certainly violates the spirit and intention of the original law
        • I would like to be able to provide feedback to the Board of how you are applying the law in the hope they may be interested in amending its language to not restrict the provision of life-saving medicines to their states’ citizens.
  • Customer: Thank you for your assistance


A Guide to Challenging Pharmacists

Barrier #4 – I will not put my license on the line to fill an unapproved drug

  • Customer:
    • I’d like to document what I’m hearing – what’s your full name and store number?
  • Customer:
    • With respect, I’ve researched this topic extensively and would like to offer the following:
      • Please tell me you’re not attempting to interfere between the sacred relationship between my physician and myself to treat my illness
      • Are you in a state which allows you to refill a prescription on this basis?
  • Customer:
    • The customer service department at your corporate office has indicated they want customers to report any pharmacist and store refusing to fill ivermectin;
    • What’s your email address so I can connect the two of us directly with your customer service department so that we can resolve this immediately?
  • Customer:
    • My intention is not to be difficult, but please understand that if this isn’t resolved today, I will be filing an official complaint through my attorney with the State Pharmacy Board because,
      • Unless we’re in one of the rare states that allows pharmacists to do this, what you’re attempting to do is known as “engaging in the practice of medicine” and it’s illegal.
  • Customer: Thank you for your assistance


  1. Walgreens
  1. CVS Pharmacy
  1. Rite-Aid
  1. Walmart
  1. Sam’s Club
  1. Costco
  1. Kroger
  1. Publix:

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Gagged Australian Nurses Form Whistleblower Group — See What’s Happening in Hospitals!

Reignite Democracy Australia, which was started by journalist Monica Smit, an outspoken critic on authoritarian lockdowns in Australia who was just released from jail on bond last week, has started a group called “Nurses Speak Out” where gagged nurses are speaking out about the truth of what is currently going on inside of hospitals with people suffering from vaccine injuries.

They are posting these stories on their Telegram channel as well.

This is an Anonymous whistleblowing channel for Nurses & Healthcare workers in Australia. We will share verified experiences from frontline workers who see firsthand the damage caused by COVID-19 vaccinations.

These submissions have been vetted by a collective of health professionals. Some details may be omitted, your identity will be protected. AHPRA has gagged, coerced and threatened anyone who comes forward – let’s save some lives.

This channel is dedicated to all frontline workers around the world. This is Australia. This is for you.

Here are some of their stories that have just been published.


I’m a community RN on the —— , Qld.

I am seeing and caring for adversely affected clients who have had the vaccines and are quite literally dying. Our palliative care is increasing at an exponential rate, people are getting diagnosed with terminal conditions and dying quickly. We (community nurses) are seeing 2-3 palliative clients per day each, this is a massive increase from 1-2 each per week. Other palliative clients who haven’t been vaxxed, then their families talk them into the vax, die more quickly than expected.

Have noted that those who are vaxxed that their clinically ‘weak’ areas are being exacerbated. Appears to be at 3, 5 then 12 week patterned intervals. Not one of them associate with the C19vax.

Had one man in his 70’s in very stable remission with leukemia for years. Within 3 weeks of having ‘the vaccine’ his white cell count dropped so he had neutropenia. He suddenly developed in 24 hours bilateral cellulitis to both legs up to thighs. 9 weeks later, he is dead.

Those with rheumatoid arthritis who have been jabbed experiencing related consistency of flare ups. Getting all sorts of skin infections for no obvious reasoning. They’re having constant medication reviews and increasing analgesia.

3 x clients with healing venous ulcers, all 3 had the jab, 3 weeks later all developed septicemia all with hard to treat bacteria.

Those with cardiac conditions who were clinically stable on medication for years, suddenly no longer stable. Arrhythmias, unstable blood pressure, syncope, falls, increased hospitalisations.

Cancers: seeing massive increase in skin cancers. They’re growing very quickly and aggressively.

Cognition: clients who have been vaxxed and predisposed to some memory issues, increasing episodic bouts of confusion with accompanying amnesia and increasing STML.

Of my nursing colleagues who have been vaxxed, noticing increasing sick leave being taken.

Community RN

Triage Admin, Emergency Department.


I work in Emergency Department as an admin clerk at triage and I can tell you the reason I will not be having this vaccine is that every third or fourth patient is coming in with an adverse reaction.

Some complaining that their heart is beating so hard and is squeezing out of their chest, I’ve seen vision changes, numbness , skin problems , cellulitis young men and women diagnosed with pericarditis myocarditis, clots , tumors even my colleagues have had Bell’s palsy there is so much more.

What amazes me with all this is that no one can see it! Young patients being told it’s just anxiety 😥, nurses at triage rolling their eyes saying things like “can’t they just stay home and take a panadol” !

Then to top it all off our double jabbed nurses at triage test positive to Covid and are admitted and are sick but they are saying “at least I’m vaccinated I could have been a lot worse”, there are 5 unvaccinated clerks at the front desk at triage and we have worked through this pandemic but now we are a danger to the other other staff

UNBELIEVABLE! So we now have received the letter saying no jab no job we’ve got till the 30th 😟 Also would like to add the influx of nursing home patients that are coming in is ridiculous, falls vertigo generally declining quickly after jab, I’m not a medical person but I can see what’s going on it’s very sad 😞


I am a Physiotherapist with 40 years of Private Practice experience – Some of the clients I see I have been seeing them and their families for different things for decades.

On Thursday I had four of the jabbed ones in. They all had the same set of symptoms.

Their original injury that I treated them for occasionally — maybe once every few years over the last few decades has returned with a vengeance and is excruciatingly painful. Additionally all four of them had pain all over in ankles, wrists, knees, hips, backs all over… and they all had a severe headache.

They are not relating this to the jab.

I have been seeing this new presentation of pain over the last couple of weeks.

However, on Thursday with them all coming in on the same day with the same symptoms I now KNOW it is a pattern of pain for the jabbed.

This evening I went out with a Nurse friend who is jabbed and she has the same thing happening to her. Neck, arm and wrist pain, swollen feet and foot pain, and she kept saying she felt old, and her body was breaking down… She is 15 years younger than me and could barely walk home from dinner.

These people are my friends and long term clients — it is difficult to watch them suffer.

(Response to #0003)
Private Practice Physiotherapists


We’re also a group of private practice physios of similar vintage and have seen this pattern of presentation in the jabbed ones.

Headaches feature prominently. In addition, we’ve noticed discoloured feet (purple-red), swollen joints (one young patient with Crohn’s disease resorted to a walking stick), swollen and tight calves, recurrence of old injuries as well as new joint aches snd pains.

When dry needling, our acupuncture needles are now “swimming” in tissue because there’s just so much generalised inflammation of the muscles. Patients are reluctant to report these symptoms because they’re doctors have told them “the shots are safe”!

Student Nurse, Rural.


I’m a student nurse working in a rural hospital.

I’ve had several people walk into the hospital with flaring pains all over their body, on my last shift there were 9 patients who whispered to me that they were sure that their condition was caused by the COVID vaccine they got but they were afraid to tell the registered nurse for fear of being ostracised. They got the jab because everyone else was getting it rather then making the decision for medical treatment.

I have seen many nurses and doctors laughing about these people in the break room. Calling these patients Anti-vaxers and wishing they could kick them out for the real patients in need. I told my student supervisor and the nurses stopped talking about it when I was on break but I have the feeling they still had those conversations behind my back.

RN. Aged Care, NSW.


I am (was) a Registered Nurse in Aged Care in NSW.
I was terminated from my job there over a week ago now for declining the jab.

The facility had a covid clinic where the masses received Pfizer.

On the day as they had left over stock the staff were then offered jabs which many of them didn’t feel comfortable but got because the management where there on the day saying things like “come on just get it, don’t be ridiculous, if you can’t trust the science what can you trust” one staff member declined twice, the third time she was pushed into getting it (all on the same day) I seen this as pure bullying and coercion, she submitted and got the jab.

The next day a resident died (nobody batted an eyelid) within three days post jab another two residents died.

Over the course of the next three weeks we lost in total 6 residents all who had significantly declined overall and not to mention a lot of other residents declining overall and becoming unwell.

The second jab clinic, within the first week, we had five people end up in hospital who then died, shortness of breath, heart issues, others the residence getting rashes not being able to lift their arm up, acting as delirious state, within the next week after that another 5 residents died.

In total within the 3 months roll out of the jab, we had 14 deaths of vaccinated residents.

In a nursing home with 90 residents most of the staff are commenting on how unheard of this amount of death was but when questioned in relation to the jab many were in denial stating it couldn’t be from that.

Over the course of three months watching the staff who had been injected so many staff off on sick leave a few staff members ended up in the hospital one for heart reasons the other one had blistering rashes all over her body she ended up being admitted twice, mass reports of headaches lasting days to weeks, dizziness, just generally reporting to not feeling right since having it. The fear in the eyes of the staff is something I will never forget. Other staff feeling completely deflated as they could lose there jobs and had to submit to the jab, In which some after were crying to me at how much they just felt defeated. I have many things to say in relation to this, I could write a novel.

I know just within the week and a half of not being there they are struggling to fill shifts, which sadly impacts on everyone, residents and staff the only people it doesn’t effect is the management.

I love being a nurse but I just can’t do it in this current situation it no longer aligns with what I believe health to be. It is a sad and devastating time.

RN, Emergency Department. NSW.

I am a Registered Nurse from NSW,

I have a young colleague, also a nurse who did not want the vaccine.

Due to the mandate she got the shots. After her first shot she had searing pain down her arm. Unrelenting pain. After her second shot, she was bedridden for an entire week. She could not sit up straight. She was so sick, unable to move and constant chest pain.

After the week of being bedridden she returned to work with chest pain. She finally has been admitted to hospital with myocarditis.
She is early 20’s. Before the vaccines she was healthy with nil health issues. Now she has cardiac issues and may need medication for the rest of her life.

Each day we are seeing the emergency department full of patients with stroke, Pulmonary embolisms, cardiac arrhythmias, Myocarditis, endocarditis. The increase of strokes is exponentially growing. Patient after patient with PE’s, cardiac issues. Most in previously healthy patients. Doctors are denying connections to the vaccines.

RN, 40years. Palliative Care.
AHPRA Verified ✅


I am an RN of 40 years, presently my work is in Palliative care where I have worked for 8.5 years permanently in ——-.

I am seeing patients developing increased effects from Palliative radiation, which is commonly prescribed for reducing various conditions arising from cancers. Our patients are deteriorating more quickly with increasing weaknesses, breathlessness (?PEs) facial droops (Palsy or stroke), neuropathys in hands or feet.

The cancers some only recently diagnosed, seem to have metastisised very rapidly. This needs to be looked into carefully. We as nurses are commenting those going for radiation are very much at risk; a death sentence which hastens their deterioration towards death. As Palliative patients, their downturns are passed as expected, while we see them as alarming.

I have many colleagues took the jab out of sheer fear of losing their job and incomes. Also one other colleague after she recieved her 1st pfizer jab was off work with encephalitis and remains very unwell having diffuculty with headaches and dizzy spells.

I am ordered to leave from September 30th, a job I am passionate about and feel have been valued. While now 61 years old I hoped to continue my work for 5 more years and feeling very sad to be forced to leave.

I think the radiation perhaps is accentuating the vaccinations, namely the graphene components.


EN. Brisbane, QLD.

Hi, Enrolled Nurse from Brisbane…

I work in Private health, so don’t often get to see initial reason for presentation to emergency, as they are usually transferred from public to us later.

I nursed a man in his 60’s recently that got vaxed…he had a knee replacement 3 months prior (fully healed).

Came in to hospital again due to severe bleeding and needing surgery… post-surgery his knee haemorrhaged quite badly… then got a vacc dressing…ended up nursing him again in a Rehab ward a week later… told me it happened after vaccination but surgeon didn’t report it or link it with vaccine.

Another older lady presented as very disordered after vaccination.. couldn’t walk properly, ended up 2 assist with a FASF… on Lyrica 150 BD for nerve pain… frequently complained of headaches and chronic ear ache.. ended up going home after a long rehab stint..

I won’t be getting the jab so will probably be unemployed in the next month or so… One of our Doctors is very over the draconian crap..his words.. he is fully vaxed and furious we are still wearing masks.

Remedial Massage Therapist, QLD.

Part 1 of 2.


I am a Remedial Massage Therapist operating out of Wellness Clinic in an exclusive seaside town in —— Qld, Australia.

Over the past 12months the majority of my regular clients have received both shots of either AZ or Pzizer and I have observed and felt the changes in their bodies. I will also add that not only have the changes happened in their bodies but also their personalities.

Over the past 2 months I have also listened to them telling me of their sudden medical issues that are happening to them. This has been so disturbing for me that I am closing my business and am taking the time to heal myself both physically and mentally.

Their bodies over the past 12months have changed. They have no movement, elasticity anymore. It is like they are turning to lead. I have 3 clients, all retirees and golfers who now have tears in their supraspinatus. This is on their left hand side from swinging the golf club.

(1) One client, male retiree who has been rushed to hospital 4 times last week unable to urine or make bowel release. The Doctors have told him that he has kidney stones. Hmmm… He also had a large burning and itchy rash all over his back. He said it was that painful he had his wife put metho on his back to ease the pain as nothing else was working.

(2) One retired lady advised me that she had a cyst forming behind her knee and when she would have a shower it would burst and the blood that came out was uncontrollable. This happened twice within a couple of weeks. She went to the Doctors he said it was a bakers cyst. She returned saw another Doctor who said it was a BCC. The third time she came to me her leg is now swollen all the way and she is in a lot of pain.

(3) Another lady, a Doctor herself advised that she had an electrical like pain run across her back. She couldn’t quite explain it. Never had anything like it before and now has a sore neck and headaches. I felt her neck and there was a pulsing feeling at the rear. She couldn’t feel it. I went back to that site 2 more times and I could feel it. She couldn’t.


Part 2 of 2.

… (4) A retired lady told me she had burning and itching skin on her chest and that she was in a lot of pain. I asked her if I could see it. It covers a large area between her breasts and underneath her bra line. She said it is getting worse each day. It was very red and raw.

(5) Another regular client has markings all through her lower back on the left side. She was unaware. I took a pic and showed her. She said that she had been putting an electric heat pack in that location at night to warm her up. She went to the Doctors and the skin clinic and they didn’t know what it was. She came back to see me 5 weeks later and the markings are still there.
I have attached the pics (redacted) for you to view. and the list goes on..

I have regularly massaged these clients over the past 2-3 years and I find it extremely troubling. These haven’t happened straight after their shots but over the 3, 4 , 5 months following so they are not connecting it to their shots. I am unable to say anything to them as their once friendly personalities have also changed. They are more aggressive and talk at you, not to you and will defend these shots.

The man I mentioned above even said to me that he will be getting the booster shot if and when it comes out next year. When you hear from your clients all day, every client, not 1 or 2 then this is a concern for all people who have had this shot. They are not the same people, on any level anymore. Like I mentioned above this has traumatised me to the point that I am now unable to continue my passion for the foreseeable future and I am now focusing on healing me, physically, mentally and spiritually. Take care everyone and be safe.

Radiographer, Private Practice, Rural.


I work as a Sonographer for a private rural practice. We mostly see outpatients but the occasional patient via ED.
I work three days a week and I would say I see at least one patient per shift with an injury directly related to the vaccine. Some examples:
89 yo F haemathrosis to left shoulder at injection site one week post vaccine.
No blood thinners. Healthy

72 yo F (mother in law)
Very healthy, fit. No medical problems.
Profoundly deaf in both ears over a period of days. Had vax 10 months ago. No cause found.

56 yr old M
Testicular ultrasound showed epididymis one week post vax.

Lots of unexplained abdominal pain, headaches, shoulder pain and inability to use arm at injection site.
Hope that’s helpful.
Regards. ——

RN, 39years.


I am an RN with almost 40years experience.

We looked after one of the first AZ blood clot patients

Male, 45yo. 8 days post his 1st AZ shot he complained of dreadful stomach pains. Went to ED.

Scans showed a massive blood clot in his bowel.
It took 3-4 days before they could operate, as his Coags were all over the place.

The clot was finally removed along with almost 2 metres of necrotic bowel.

When out of ICU, he came to our ward. A beautiful man, who was black and blue all over with bruising. He was on an anti-coagulant drip, with a drug I’d never heard of (still can’t remember the name).

He was transferred to our Haematology ward, and unsure what happened to him.

Admitted a pt yesterday, who had been in ED for 10 hrs. Quite casually he told me that he couldn’t believe the numbers of young guys coming in with side effects from the vaccine. I asked him how he knew this, and he said he could hear the conversations.
I asked re the side effects and he said chest pains, breathing problems!

Nursed a female pt, fully vaxxed, with pancreatic issues, but she’s had increasing weakness in her legs?? All Neuro tests are NAD. She can no longer weight bear, and has been told it’s because she’d been in ICU and was deconditioned???
I’m not so sure….

Will no doubt lose my job end of October, as no jab for me!😥😥

RN. Emergency Department, Melbourne, VIC.


I am an Emergency Department RN based in Melbourne’s east and have similar experiences to the other whistleblowers.

We have young, healthy men in their 20’s-30’s coming in every single day due to chest pain after the vaccine. Pathology is usually fairly normal (Trops and d-Dimer) and doctors write it off as either psychological or unrelated to the vaccine. Even when they admit it’s probably vaccine related, it is never reported. Ever.

I have looked after a young, healthy female who felt coerced in to getting it due to her job in healthcare, who suffered from severe headaches ever since, and nothing seemed to help. She was sent home basically left to hope that it resolves eventually. Doctors did not report it.

Another patient came in with multiple blood blisters, and petechiae on his arms. He was diagnosed with ITP which is a known adverse effect of the Pfizer vaccine. His platelets were literally completely wiped out. Doctors did not think it was linked to the vaccine he had 3 days earlier, and so it was not reported.

If science was being respected, people would be followed up properly, and the cause of the chest pain for example would be getting investigated, but it isnt.

None of these things were discovered during the purportedly thorough and complete clinical trials. None of the patients were made aware of the possibility of these effects, which means they could not give proper informed consent.

Now they want to force us to take it or lose our job? Who knows what other problems will be uncovered in the future?

No risk/reward analysis is being done in regards to age demographics. Many experts are saying young adults have greater risk from the vaccine than the virus. No formal studies have been done that I’m aware of, but I suspect that is true. And it is definitely true for children. The government now wants to vax all children despite their risk of harm from covid being almost zero, and the risk from the vax being comparatively high.

Medical treatment is supposed to have a favourable risk/benefit analysis, and it absolutely does not in this case.

The medical field is about to lose staff who are capable of thinking for themselves and standing up for themselves, and healthcare for patients will be much worse because of it.

RN. Brisbane Hospital, QLD.
AHPRA Verified ✅

Hi there,

I am a nurse at one of the major hospitals in Brisbane. Had my first Pfizer shot back in April – suffering pericarditis, numbness and tingling in both arms, ceased menstruation, elevated insulin levels.

Will not get second.

No Covid at our hospital. Have seen many adverse reactions from Covid vaccine. Mainly block clots, strokes, heart problems.

AIN. Aged Care, NSW.
AHPRA Verified ✅

I work as an AIN (Assistant in Nursing) in aged care in rural NSW.

One of my colleagues in her mid 30s went home sick the day after her second Pfizer shot. She went white and nauseaus and faint. This was in March and she has not been back to work since (its September now). After ages of going to Doctors etc she was diagnosed with myocarditis, she says she can hardly do anything. She was fine and healthy before, slim, physically active and on a good diet. Whenever the other staff talk about it, the narrative goes: oh she must have had something else before that, surely it’s not from the vaccine.

Two residents died within 2-3 weeks after first Astra-Zeneca shots, however were overall in bad condition before.

Residents are not allowed to leave the facility and nobody is allowed to see them except on compassionate grounds (basically if someone becomes really unwell). This causes some of the people to be really mentally unwell. There has not been one Covid Case in our town for the whole course of the pandemic since 2020.

We are told we have a “choice” to either get the flu and covid shot or we can’t work here. Another colleague had 40 years experience in emergency nursing and refused the flu shot, she was subjected to sitting at the door doing covid checks for about six months (even when there was no flu season) until she gave up and resigned. She had never had a flu shot for her entire career.

RN. Clinical Call Handler, COVID Vaccine Adverse Events, VIC.
AHPRA Verified ✅


I am a registered nurse in Melbourne with almost 33 years experience.

I currently have a role as a clinical call handler for people that are experiencing side effects from covid vaccines.

The adverse events that have been reported to me are extremely concerning in both the types of reactions and the frequency of them.

Apart from the usual expected side effects of over, pain etc for 1 to 2 days, some of the reactions that have been reported to me multiple times include

*Delayed anaphylactic reactions involving respiratory distress, facial and tongue swelling, usually a rash, but not always , with onset occurring usually around 2 days after vaccine, but has been up to 4 days post vaccine.

* Chest heaviness, stabbing chest pains, palpitations and shortness of breath is reported to me several times a day every day usually in young people (male and female) post Pfizer 1st and 2nd dose.

* Heart palpitations are very commonly reported across all age groups( usually Pfizer)

* ongoing shortness of breath for 6 plus weeks post vaccination with no explanation

* unusual rashes that appear days to weeks after vaccination

* unexplained bruising that appear days to weeks after vaccination with both Pfizer and AZ ( commonly reported extensive bruising on legs)

* swollen, painful varicose veins

* persistent headaches for weeks after vaccination, sometimes severe but usually just annoyingly persistent

* heavy vaginal bleeding in post menopausal women ( mid to late 50’s) and menstrual disruption/ irregularities in younger women

* Blood noses post Pfizer is extremely common

* Burning pain in limbs, in several cases the pain is so severe that the person is unable to walk.

* numbness and tingling in arms and legs is very commonly reported up to 6 weeks post vaccination with both Pfizer and AZ

* leg / foot pain and swelling( symptoms strongly suggestive of DVT however I don’t get to follow up)

* severe vertigo and tinnitus ( Pfizer)

* numbness down one side of face (this is surprisingly common)

* uncontrollable muscle twitching/ spasms

* extreme lethargy that persists for months after vaccine.

* Exacerbation of old injuries such as previously broken or sprained joints flare up or old scars become red and inflamed again.

* older Australians that have had Astrazeneca vaccine and have been ok but then had flu vaccine and have been extremely unwell since. I do believe there is a correlation between the 2 given within weeks of each other that is causing significant health decline in older people.

* people that have had stable auto immune disease but then once vaccinated their symptoms are markedly exacerbated or others with no previous history of immune disorders, I suspect develop an immune disorder post vaccine

I am certain that these vaccines are causing immune, neurological and blood clotting disorders resulting in significant harm to an unacceptably large amount of people.

There is more specific cases that I am aware of but for anominity I will not disclose them here. I am aware of ICU admissions post Pfizer vaccination in 3 different people as well as deaths of elderly nursing home residents within 24 hours of vaccination.

I am both concerned and frustrated that the medical profession is either unaware that these side effects are happening, or in many cases, not prepared to admit that they are in fact a result of the covid vaccines, (often medically gaslighting and putting down to anxiety), leaving these poor affected people desperately seeking help and answers, that in most cases, they probably won’t get either. I have tried to raise this issue on more than one occasion, but it falls on deaf ears.

RN/Critical Care Nurse. Rural, NSW.


Love your idea by the way! It’s too hard for us to speak out and keep our jobs 😔

I watched many of my fellow colleagues suffer side effects. I was one of them too! When you talk about it so many stories come out and quite a few of us have ongoing issues to this day.

Within my workplace in a rural Emergency department I find myself as a team leader at times. I have been overwhelmed with patients post vaccination suffering side effect. Some short term such as chest pain amongst 20 -40yr olds to abdominal pain. Then the more serious long term stokes, heart attacks, guillian barre and pulmonary embolism.
For those nurses around me that have not had their vaccination yet, they are terrified!! For us that have had a reaction…..never again!

Very little are reported and knowing how a proper clinical trial is conducted for my many years at university…this roll out is terribly wrong!

I understand COVID can make you quite sick (even if I have never seen it in my nursing career) but I believe this vaccination is no better! We need to go back to the drawing board and admit defeat instead of pushing forward.

The politics running this with no medical knowledge should be ashamed!

RN. Palliative Care Ward, Melbourne. VIC. AHPRA Verified ✅

I’m a RN working on a Palliative Care ward in a major Melbourne hospital.
We never had Covid patient as they stay on the acute wards, obviously we need to protect our non-Covid patients.

However we have had a number of patients coming to our ward and subsequently dying with sudden onset of unusual symptoms. Of course no connection has been made to the jab what so ever.

One male 70-something had his second AZ jab and a few days later suddenly collapsed with seizures. He was brought into hospital, ICU, had a number of CT’s, MRI’s and other investigations done, was intubated for a number of weeks. Everytime he was extubated, he was having seizures despite being on high doses of anticonvulsant (anti-seizer medication). The medical team decided he might have Autoimmune encephalitis (=autoimmune brain inflammation) eventhough the EEG and blouds did not confirm this conclusively.

(1). A man in that age group suddenly having an autoimmune disease? Eventually the decision was made to palliate him, which is when he was transferred to our ward. He somehow stabilised on our ward but was bedbound and definetly not like himself. Now here’s the twist. All along in his medical history the diagnoses was documented as “autoimmune encephalitis vs. vaccine injurie post AZ”. At one stage during the weekly meeting I actualy asked if he was going to be a Coroners case, since it’s unclear what his cause of death would be.

I was looked at realy strange, my concern was dismissed, I was told no it’s clear that he suffers from Autoimmune Encephalitis. After that the above comment was removed and his diagnoses remained Autoimmune encephalitis. To me this was a trigger to start looking at each patients history deeper.

(2). Female 65 years old and healthy was transferred to us after she’d suddenly collapsed at home for unknown reasons. ICU, intubated, again seizures from unkown reasons. They had done all the tests available under the sun(whole body MRI, CT, EEG, Autoimmune tests, etc). Medical team unable to find a cause of her severe deterioration. Decision was made to palliate. Transferred to us and then died after a couple of weeks. At least this one was a Coroners, as the cause of death was unclear.

A number of other patients were transferred to us, mostly with some sort of seizure that led to a collapse, or Stroke that led to more strokes and collapses. Sometimes one has to dig a bit to find info of recent vaccination with Covid vaccine!

I am genuenly concerned for every single person that had or will have the jab! Please don’t take it!

Physiotherapist, Private Practice.


Thanks for giving us somewhere safe to speak out. I am a physio in private practice and previously contracted to aged care.

I have seen several deaths in aged care facilities in 12-24hours following the vaccination in people who were previously stable. Each time the entire file has been completely removed from the system and any notes by staff related to vaccine were deleted prior to the file being returned.

I actually retained proof of this from the first time I saw it happen as I could not believe what I had seen happen given how strict they are on no modification of record keeping being made in ANY other circumstance. This was not normal protocol when a death occurred in the facilities.

In private practice I have seen and heard of many side effects – similar to all those listed in the other accounts (persistent sharp headaches, increased previous injury flares, auto-immune disorder flares)

Probably the worst 2 were a patient with Parkinsons who I have been seeing for several years and had been symptomatically stable the entire time despite other health challenges. Post second vaccination they had a debilitating increase in freezing episodes and pain through their lower limbs. Their specialist denied this would have any connection to the vaccination so they did not question it any further.

Another client attended an appointment reporting they were completely bedridden for 3 weeks with extreme dizziness, lack of appetite and fatigue post initial vaccine (AZ). They were still breathless and very fatigued on the day they saw me. They are normally very well and active with no history of prior health issues. Again when they contacted the GP regarding the issues following the vaccine they were informed that what they had experienced the equivalent of “mild” symptoms of COVID and that was all to be expected with the vaccine. When I queried if they were going to return for their second dose, they reported they were so afraid as the GP had told them catching COVID would be much worse than what they were currently going through so they definitely needed to ensure they returned for their second dose. 😥😥

RN, Cardiology Ward, Major Hospital.
27/09/2021 AHPRA Verified ✅


I work on a busy cardiology ward.

Overall in the medical notes Doctors aren’t connecting the dots and not even considering the jab as a reason for the illness. Whether that is intentional or not I don’t know.

I have seen young adults come onto the ward for cardiac monitoring after collapsing after the jab.

(1). A lady with an autoimmune disease came in with a pericardial effusion after her jab.

(2). One lady had chest pain for weeks after the second astrazeneca dose, she had myocarditis. She was quite sick when she was on the ward, she had fevers, and all of her face was swollen, her eyelids were that swollen she could barely open them and inside her eyes were all glassy.

(3). Another was a young guy, healthy as, post jab had severe cellulitis to one side of his face, his ear was Triple the size.

(4). Another guy in his 20s had his first pfizer and the day after was febrile, and after a TOE was diagnosed with infective endocarditis. He also developed acute kidney injury to the point of needing dialysis. All kidney scans came back normal but still his kidneys were failing. In his notes when he was in ED it was mentioned that this started post jab but then on the ward after being reviewed by multiple specialists (infectious disease, renal, cardiac) not once was the jab mentioned.

What I am finding disturbing in my area is that it’s not even being considered as a potential cause. Even though problems start after the jab.

RN, Community GP Practice, Former Vaccinator. AHPRA Verified ✅

Part 1 of 2..


I’m an RN who was working in a GP clinic and guilty of being a covid vaccinator.

I had raised concerns on a number of occassions and could no longer give it when I started to see what was happening. During this time I have seen and heard things which lead me to believe the vaccines are not safe.

I have heard many people saying they were spaced out and dizzy for days.I can’t count how many times I heard “spaced out”. Older people coming back and saying they were off balance and having falls when this hasn’t happened to them before.

Also heard people say loss of bladder control, arthritis flare ups, eczemea and skin rashes, strange blister, out of control diabetes, unhealing wounds and enhanced pain of old injuries. A man reported that he had visual problems and thought he almost went blind for a month but went to the optometrist instead of a dr and he said he had reported it to the report link provided which he said they had “pretty much dismissed it”.

I have sent a man off in the ambulance with anaphylaxis reaction, uncontrollable shaking and tingling around his mouth, unable to walk. I have had 40y old man crying half hr post vaccination saying he didnt feel right, was dizzy, headache, heart palpatations and jitters, he did not believe it was anxiety as they said.

I’ve since realised there was an older man who didnt come back for second jab and I had reported this to the report line. I remember he had walked back into the treatment room the day after his jab and he was anxious, glassy eyed, said he was sick and had been falling over that night. I did his obs and his ecg wasnt right, offered for him to go in ambulance but he declined. He missed his second appointment I wouldn’t be surprised if he died.

I have seen a man with cancer go down hill very quickly after his jab.
I have heard patients tell me there family has told them they have to get the shot or they wont pay for a ventilator. Also a pt tell me that her old neighbour told her he thinks he has killed himself getting the jab and he hasnt been the same since.


I have heard of a nurse pressured to get the jab who had diabetes under control is now on insulin. Another nurse I know didn’t want it but said she has brain fog and memory loss and sudden onset of menopause..she also admits to seeing patients at a seperate clinic she works at go down hill since getting the shots.

I have a nurse friend who has 2 family members, 1 with bells palsy and the other with myocarditis. She also knows a fit healthy 30yr old who had a heart attack.

My sisters 60yr old neighbour is in a coma after second shot. Her mother in law keeps passing out and her father in law has been showing aggression.

My brother in law also knows a guy in a coma and somebody else with blood clots in his bowel.
My sister in law had kidney stones the day after her second shot.

Another thing I have noticed is personality changes in patients and people I know or have worked with where a number of them seem to become aggressive, lack empathy and logical sense.

In comparing my findings with other nurses we have all noticed similiar patterns where we agree that comorbidities seem to become worsened and mortality is being sped up.

We are very concerned and worried sick, especially that they want to give these to our children who will be at much greater risk from the jab than the virus.

We disagree with the mandates, we believe the cases of injuries and deaths to be under reported and the jabs are unsafe and unethical and should be ceased immediately.

RN, Major Hospital.
27/09/21 AHPRA Verified ✅

I work on a rehab ward

I know of 3 patients who had a stroke 7-8 days post jab.

(1). 1 Pt with bell’s palsy.

(2). 1 Pt with Guillain-Barré syndrome.

(3). 1 man experienced an unresponsive episode following his 2nd jab. Diagnosed with hypo delirium and pneumonia! 3 weeks in hospital so far and at what financial cost?
Nothing documented in notes. Family told it was nothing to do with the jab.

Also possibly seeing vac shedding too.
Bels palsy, shingles causing encephalitis, lots of falls.

Lots of PE’s, but unsure of vac status.

Interesting that recently the federal gvt was trying to amend the NDIS Act! It would be interesting to see the statistics of new NDIS applications.

And, what happened to influenza?? Vanished?

Reported by REGISTERED NURSE from Regional NSW:

(1). 62 year old with blood clot on lung post AstraZeneca- ICU admission

(2). 35 year old with severe headaches and blood clot on brain- ICU admission 2 weeks- sent home to have MRIs every 2 weeks as followup

(3). 27 Year old Male- Pericarditis following Pfizer

(4). 19 Year old female- cardiac arrest 3 days post pfizer (deceased)
…and many others.

V status not being consistently asked or documented in eMR- medical team not looking to make correlation. Medical team worried about AHPRA and their careers if they speak out.

This is not what we signed up for!

MD. RN. 46years.
27/09/2021. AHPRA Verified ✅
Part 1 of 2.


Im an RN of 46 yrs practicing as an acute peri/post operative care nurse.
I no longer practice. The following is an account of a close nursing colleague. She experienced: Pfizer x no1 jab- “headache from hell”.
No 2 pfizer jab- awoke in the night totally paralysed for 4-6 hrs(estimated as time unknown on waking). She could not move a muscle, cough, speak, take a deep breath or nudge her husband to call ambulance until it resolved. Only eyes would open and blink..at one point she wished she would die she felt so terrible.

On return to duty when recovered much later, she reported incident in writing to hear similar affects with 6 other nurses in total at her hospital. Date 2/6/21. Still has not been interviewed face to face as normal protocol, 10 weeks later.

What is going on? We must all ask ourselves and our superiors?
The Hippocratic oath- to do no harm? Are the medicos brain dead? Is it mind control? Surely no one could need the $ that badly. That is only one example…


MD. RN. 46years.
27/09/2021. AHPRA Verified ✅
Part 1 of 2.


Im an RN of 46 yrs practicing as an acute peri/post operative care nurse.
I no longer practice. The following is an account of a close nursing colleague. She experienced: Pfizer x no1 jab- “headache from hell”.
No 2 pfizer jab- awoke in the night totally paralysed for 4-6 hrs(estimated as time unknown on waking). She could not move a muscle, cough, speak, take a deep breath or nudge her husband to call ambulance until it resolved. Only eyes would open and blink..at one point she wished she would die she felt so terrible.

On return to duty when recovered much later, she reported incident in writing to hear similar affects with 6 other nurses in total at her hospital. Date 2/6/21. Still has not been interviewed face to face as normal protocol, 10 weeks later.

What is going on? We must all ask ourselves and our superiors?
The Hippocratic oath- to do no harm? Are the medicos brain dead? Is it mind control? Surely no one could need the $ that badly. That is only one example…


No 2 this is anecdotal from a jab victims daughter-in-law:
An 80 r yr old independant lady, no comorbidities in nursing home. Family expressly forbade- face to face with 2 staff members, her having the jab( I can’t call it a vaccine as it isnt). The army turned up to jab the residents. When they came to this 80 yr old, the residential nurse on duty told the army nurse the said woman was not to have the injection. She ignored the nurse and gave it (az) anyway- that was on a Thursday.

On the Friday the relative came to see her mother in law, having been informed via phone of the misdeed. She found the woman in an unusually hyped up state- as if high on something- unusual for this quiet woman.

On the Saturday, the injected woman asked her nurse to return her to her room as she felt unwell. According to the relative who had been told the following, as she walked down the hallway she collapsed and died instantly. This was day 2 after first az.

The attending physician refused to sign the death certificate as he thought his now deceased patient had NOT died of a cardiac arrest as staff assumed. Deceased was sent to coroner in a large city nearby. The coroner only scanned the body, decided it was heart attack and declined to perform a full post mortem. The lady has since been cremated so no body to exume? We all know what to call such an incident!

Life should never be this cheap!
Enough is enough. This must be stopped.
We all know there is power in numbers. Everyone, seem to be impotent to act on this critical and existential crisis in the making.

In fact this is threatening humanity’s very survival.

Childless Gladys should read these ‘testimonials’. She is some one else’s child too! Unwitting guilt abounds. The people responsible including medico’s, who ignore what they must be re-cognising, cannot plead ” I didn’t know” for too much longer, surely?? Bring on Nuremberg!

M. D. RN

Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist, Metropolitan Hospital, NSW.

Hi there,
I am a senior Nurse (CNS2) in a metropolitan hospital, NSW.

My usual role is in Cardiology.
My lengthy career is ending this week, after decades in the acute sector.

I have seen many patients both in ED and Cardiology with vaccine SE’s .
These are LARGELY under-recognised, and RARELY reported. I have told relatives to make their own TGA reports as reporting in the acute sector is NOT HAPPENING.

Doctors are RARELY attributing the various conditions to vaccination, but when you take a history it is very easy to join the dots.

Heart attacks (all ages), acute myocarditis / pericarditis, DRASTIC deterioration in EF (ejection fraction – index of heart’s pumping strength), ie worsening in heart failure.

I understand that many are presenting with strokes, and other neurological complications.

Diabetes has been far more unstable in some, and difficult to manage, with very labile BSLs.

I have seen colleagues with gastrointestinal SE, recurrent pneumonias

Many non- injected, including myself have experienced symptoms from spike protein transmission (shedding).

GI pain (severe), headaches, migraines, sleep disturbance.
I have seen bizarre changes in pathology, huge drops in haemaglobin, and derangements in biochemistry (Na, kidney function).

I had a secondment in Aged Care and after the vaccination was rolled out in Facilities, saw MANY acute deteriorations, with increases in death rates above normal
Loss of speech, loss of mobility, chest infections.

My sister in law works in community aged care, and has seen MANY SE as well. Renal Failure, siezures, acute loss of mobility with resultant falls.
Many of the elderly she has cared for and knows well have had their death hastened, or had to move into residential care as they now cannot manage at home.

Thanks for helping us to get our stories out there.

RN, 40 years experience, NSW.
27/09/21. AHPRA Verified ✅

I am an RN with over 40 years experience, mostly in the public sector.

I am currently employed on a casual basis.

I received a letter from NSW Health last week stating I “ must have” my first “ vaccination” by the 30th September to continue to work.
If I don’t I will not be able to work for NSW Health and will be placed on unpaid leave.

All of the nurses in my ward( except a pregnant one) acquiesced to the “ vaccine” even though some were
dead against it.

One nurse experienced loss of sensation in both legs below the knees which eventually resolved.
Another staff member( clerical) had a mini stroke and ended up in ED.
Both these episodes were not reported as vaccine injury.

Indeed, one Physician said it definitely is not vaccine related.
I will now be forced not to work as I do not want the “vaccine”.
I believe NSW Health system will be in dire straights after 30th September and beyond as very experienced staff leave.

I am a Registered Nurse working for a large public hospital in Melbourne.

A significant amount of our patients have had the covid vaccine and are presenting to us as transfers from ED, presenting with chest pain, shortness of breath, neurological symptoms , headaches and fevers. These patients are being found to have confirmed mini strokes (TIA), Pulmonary Embolisms, neurological disorders, severe headaches and deranged pathology resulting particularly often in acute kidney injury.

The most concerning of these presentations is the fact that majority of these patients range from 20-70 years old. One female patient in her 30’s presented with a body temperature of 40 degrees and has since been found to have multiple bilateral PE’s.

There has been no documentation or discussion from Doctors linking these patients symptoms with their recent covid vaccination. These patients were healthy and fully functioning people pre vaccination.

We’re also having to palliate patients at a concerning rate due to acute deterioration. Most of these patients are dying from respiratory failure or suffering a massive stroke.

All nurses in my clinical area have now been vaccinated besides myself. Some have told me they were coerced into getting it by management.
I am counting down the days now until I’m fired for not wanting the vaccine.

Our current staffing is awful, I hate to think how bad it will be after October 15th when unvaccinated nurses are mercilessly terminated from employment. I feel for the patients who will fall through the gaps of our already stressed healthcare system.

Registered Midwife, WA.
AHPRA Verified ✅

Hello, Thank you so much for the work you are doing.

I’m a Registered Midwife in W.A. and until I resigned on Wednesday Sep 21, I had been working at the biggest hospital in the South West region. When RANZCOG and the ACM came out with their guidelines stating the c19 vax was safe for pregnancy, the directive from the hospital was to promote it hard.

At the hospital clinic I know of 2 women that received their first doses and they subsequently lost their babies;

1st dose at 34 weeks and 2 days, fetal death in utero at 36 weeks

1st dose 28+2, fetal death in utero 29 weeks I know of other women in the community under 20 weeks as reported to me by midwives that work with General Practice obstetricians;

1st dose 12+6, miscarriage 13 weeks

1st dose 17 +5, miscarriages 18 weeks

1st dose 12 weeks, miscarriage 12+2

Now, I know correlation does not mean causation, but it certainly should be investigated. Only one of the above cases have been reported. I fear many won’t be and they will be lumped into the 1:4 pregnancy loss statistic.

It’s not something that is asked (vaccine status) when women come to the hospital with a loss, so many may fall through and be missed.

I mentioned it to a doctor and they didn’t see the connection. I’m so sad to leave a job I love, but this isn’t health. This is something entirely different.

Registered Midwife, Small Rural Hospital.
28/09/21. AHPRA Verified ✅


I’m a Midwife in a small rural hospital.

We recently admitted a woman who’s baby had unfortunately died in utero and was subsequently stillborn. She was in her third trimester and she’d had her 2nd dose of Pfizer just 3 days before she stopped feeling the baby moving.

When I questioned my manager if this was going to be reported to the TGA she talked to the doctor and he said no, because there was no evidence of the two being linked.

I can’t help but wonder…what if nobody else is reporting events like this either because they all think there is no evidence?

contact us: nursesspeakout@pm.me

Microsoft, the Sinister Gangster Goon

By Dr. Mathew Maavak, a Malaysian expert on risk foresight and governance.

We may have had a more equitable and decentralized international system today if not for US intervention on behalf of Microsoft. Big Tech thereafter underwent a series of sinister functions at the expense of fundamental freedoms.

It was the 1980s. A resurgent Japan was colonizing one civilian market after another through sheer diligence and ingenuity. In terms of quantity and quality, Japanese manufacturers were bankrupting a variety of industrial strongholds, ranging from Swiss watchmakers to US auto giants. Whether it was school stationery, household appliances or nylon saris, quality with affordability could only be ‘Made in Japan’. America was in particularly deep trouble.

Land of the sunset industries

The United States was unable to stem the tsunami of Japanese exports. Trade deficits scaled new heights with each passing quarter and, for a time, Japan seemed poised to overtake the US as the preeminent economic superpower. It hardly mattered that the yen was not challenging the dollar as the global reserve currency.

The Reagan administration was in a quandary; its laissez-faire policies were benefiting Japanese firms at the expense of US corporations. A volte face was inevitable, beginning with a protectionist quota imposed on Japanese cars in 1981, followed by a steep 45% tariff on Japanese motorcycles two years later.

While the average American consumer wanted Japanese bang for the US buck, the automobile heartland of Detroit would have none of it. It even hosted a memorable “charity” saturnalia where participants could pummel a Toyota with a sledgehammer! (Yes, virtue-signaling had pseudo-conservative roots. And that sledgehammer today would be made in China!)

The only big markets Japan could not penetrate were the media (namely, the production of trashy Hollywood flicks) and the military-industrial complex (from which post-WWII Japan was barred from participating).

Bitter trade negotiations between Washington, DC and Tokyo yielded protracted concessions. Status quo nonetheless seemed to prevail until a new Japanese innovation threatened to derail US hegemony forever.

The rise of TRON

Tokyo had unknowingly crossed Washington’s red line when it unveiled The Real-time Operating System Nucleus (TRON) in 1984. Developed by Professor Ken Sakamura and his team at the University of Tokyo, TRON was hailed as the world’s first operating systemthat was based on “an ideal computer architecture and network, to provide for all of society’s needs.” It would have also rendered much disparate software redundant (mainly American) through a unified, open architecture that promised a “total computer environment.”

This was the kind of hydra which Washington elites regarded as their sole right and manifest destiny. The Japanese operating system would not only interlink a constellation of networked devices worldwide one day, but it would also democratize a new electronic medium for communications. The future of global domination – or alternately the Stygian mess we are in today – hinged on scuttling this project.

A technological casus belli was sought, and it was inevitably found in classic neoconservative fashion. After plumbing the underbelly of Japan in search of an incriminating offense, it was discovered that a subsidiary of Toshiba had joined a Norwegian consortium in selling submarine-related technology to the Soviet Union.

The stage was set for the usual theatrics. In one memorable episode, US congressmen vented their “righteous anger” on a Toshiba radio set with sledgehammers and a symbolic noose. True to the ‘80s zeitgeist, this was interspersed with the latest US-curated dispatches on an equally righteous Afghan mujahideen war against the “godless Soviets.” (For the record, this writer – who abhors communism – was rooting for the Soviets while in high school. Any Asian with two functioning brain cells could foresee the blowback from appeasing Islamic militancy).

The US deep state’s Japan-bashing was widely dismissed as an undisguised form of racism. That there was a deeper, more ominous game plan afoot was never countenanced by an unsuspecting public. After all, similar hissy fits were not thrown at the guilty Norwegian consortium. French, British, Italian, West German and even US firms that had transferred technology to the “Evil Empire” were given a relatively free pass. Hyper-mediated gaslighting and distractions were a neoconservative political art long before the Democrats elevated them into the cult of wokism.

One OS to rule them all

Operating systems were indeed the next great frontier in the race for full-spectrum dominance. By 1985, Japan had a 10-year advantageover the US in software development. TRON would have merged Japanese software with Japanese hardware on computers worldwide. While the internet had its genesis in the ARPANET in 1969, Japan had begun operationalizing the Widely Integrated Distributed Environment (WIDE) system from 1988 onwards. WIDE interlinked a consortium of companies, universities, and public institutions for wide-area communications via the TCP/IP protocol in use today. At this juncture, the World Wide Web (WWW) was still a concept.

TRON was a game-changer and that game had to be rigged. The US wanted future access to every networked device on Earth as a prelude to something more sinister. In 1989, after heavy lobbying from an upstart entity called Microsoft, TRON was subjected to theSuper 301 sanctions which effectively excluded it from the US market. Although this action was deemed “temporary,” Japan was forced to apply the brakes on the TRON project or suffer consequences that one can only hypothesise in retrospect. (As a consolation, Sony was allowed to acquire a chunk of Hollywood).

Nearly a decade later, in keeping with the software development time lag between Japan and the United States, Windows 95 was born. The world was changed forever and not for the better.

Alongside Microsoft, US start-ups like Yahoo, Amazon, Google and Facebook etc. rapidly coalesced into a monolithic global kraken that subsumed Big Media, Big Pharma, Big Government and big everything else. This was techno-communism on steroids. Maybe this was the reason why TRON had to be quashed before it went global in the late 1980s.

The final frontier

The little guy now has as much “choice” and “freedom” as the Covid-19 vaccines he is mandated to take. Special vaccine passports are now needed to cross state [country] lines or to enter malls, churches, schools, and government agencies. Or to keep one’s job! The world currently resembles a digitally systemized gulag thanks to US Big Tech.

But will the global kraken stop at that?

“War Is Almost Inevitable”

by   via: Dances With Bears

“The hegemony of the Anglo-Saxons in the world is seriously shaken, both because of their own internal weakness, and because of the growth of China, and the sabotage of their system of power by Russia. It is quite obvious they will not give up their power over humanity and the benefits resulting from this in a favourable fashion.”

Following last week’s meeting in Washington of Australia’s Foreign Minister Marise Payne, the Australian defence minister and their US counterparts, a strategic military and basing agreement was announced between Australia, the UK and US (AUKUS). This is being reinforced with summit meetings in Washington this week.

The declared target of their war-making preparations is China.

Australian strategy against Russia in the Pacific region follows in lockstep with the US. But for the time being the Russian enemy, and Russian submarine and surface fleet operations in the Indo-Pacific region, are not being discussed by Australian officials in public; at least not to the extent when President Vladimir Putin last visited Australia in November 2014 with a nuclear-powered, nuclear armed naval escort.

Ahead of schemes for strategic warmaking in the Pacific, the US, the UK and Australia are also engaged in proxy war operations. These have accelerated recently in Myanmar, where Russia and China are allied in support of the military government of  General Min Aung Hlaing. Next, from both sides, state bribery, subversion, putsch-making, and other special operations are likely to accelerate in the Pacific islands from Fiji to Papua-New Guinea.

For the moment, the initial reaction to AUKUS from the Russian Foreign Ministry has been as close to uncritical as the ministry can be.” Spokesman Maria Zakharova said last Thursday:

“We noted the plans, announced by Australia to build nuclear-powered submarines as part of an ‘enhanced trilateral security partnership’ agreed yesterday by the United States, Great Britain and Australia. We proceed from the premise that being a non-nuclear power and fulfilling in good faith the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Australia will honour its commitments under this document, as well as the IAEA Safeguards Agreements along with its Additional Protocol. We hope that Canberra ensures the necessary level of cooperation with the IAEA in order to rule out any proliferation-related risks.”

The first detailed technical and strategic assessment of the AUKUS scheme has followed this week in Vzglyad, the leading strategy publication reflecting the Russian General Staff and GRU assessments. A translation from the Russian article by Alexander Timokhin follows.

In a few years, another country with a nuclear submarine fleet will appear in the world  – Australia. What kind of submarines will this country receive from its allies, what kind of combat capabilities do they provide, and according to what scenario can they be used to contain China’s military power?

Everything is learned by comparison. What are the eight multi-purpose nuclear submarines that Australia will receive (not to be confused with submarines armed with ballistic missiles)? Let’s compare them with other fleets.

First, take the example of China, against which (at least, so they say) everything is being planned. Now China has only nine multi-purpose nuclear submarines, with low stealth. Three of them are Project 091; these are old and noisy vessels  that have almost no combat value. The remaining six are Project 093, more modern boats, which, however, are inferior to modern American and British ones. In fact, only these six have a real combat value, and it is this number that should be taken into account.

I must say that the Chinese have made tremendous progress if we start from their initial level. Their submarines are already armed with good torpedoes and means of countering enemy torpedoes. But they are still very far from British ‘Astutes’ or American ‘Virginias’.

Theoretically, the ‘Virginia’ of the latest modification (the block, as the Americans say) will be able to be used when delivering a high-precision massive non-nuclear strike on Chinese territory. In this case, the Australians will be able to increase the American salvo. In the future, when the Americans finish their hypersonic missile program for the Navy, this strike may also be very fast.

It will be a separate story if the Americans again trample on international norms of behaviour and deploy nuclear weapons on Australian submarines before the war. Then, using cruise or hypersonic missiles, Australia will be able to cause China (and not only it) simply monstrous damage. And just ordinary Tomahawks with their fast, surprise launch can cause considerable damage to the side attacked – and the tactical and technical characteristics of the ‘Virginia’ will allow you to secretly approach even a well-guarded shore and deliver a sudden and unexpected blow.

Naturally, this is true if Australia builds ‘Virginias’ with vertical missile launch installations, and not ‘Astutes’, which can only use Tomahawks through torpedo tubes. There is no answer to this question yet.

In the event of a war more or less close to a classic naval war, these submarines will create an additional threat to China, and China will be required to allocate additional forces to this threat, which it will need very much in a war with the United States and Britain,  even without Australia.

The Chinese are taking care of their fleet and developing it. They have anti-submarine surface forces and anti-submarine aviation, but when performing combat tasks outside the combat radius of their base (coastal in colloquial language) aviation, the problem of combating enemy submarine forces will become quite acute for China. Chinese surface ships will be subjected to air strikes by Australian based and American carrier-based aircraft; anti-submarine aircraft will not be able to work without cover; in fact, all tasks will have to be solved by Chinese nuclear submarines. They do not reach the western (that is, the future Australian) level yet, and they will be forced to act against heterogeneous enemy forces (submarines, anti-submarine aircraft, surface ships) without support.

How will China respond?

China has hope – there are new multi-purpose nuclear submarines being created, designated in the foreign press as Type 095, and in China itself 09-V. According to visual assessment of images of the boat, it is clear that China is trying to introduce a large number of technical solutions that increase the stealth of the submarine and the range of detection for its underwater targets. It is clearly visible that the boat is being created specifically for combat.

But what success the Chinese will have is an open question, and most importantly, even these boats will not see superiority in quality;  ideally there will be approximate parity.  At the same time, if the current pace of updating the submarine forces in China continues, then China will be inferior to the Americans and the British in numbers even without Australia, and even more so with it. These new boats are still in the planning stage — China has not built any of them yet. And another hostile nuclear submarine fleet will definitely require the Chinese to invest very quickly and very seriously in expanding their production; that requires time, money, and resources.

Can China ignore this threat? No.

Here is just one of many examples. Geographically, Australia can completely block the connection between China and the Indian Ocean: there is a direct exit there and this is not controlled by China in any way. China only has the Strait of Malacca, which with its new submarines Australia will be able to block from the Indian Ocean. Or go past Australia itself, with the same submarines and its aircraft. There is no other road by which a large amount of oil can be supplied to China.

Australia would never have had these opportunities in this form if it had continued its work on the purchase of non-nuclear submarines from France.

A non-nuclear (in fact the same diesel-electric) submarine is not capable, for example, of going under water at a high speed, as the ‘Virginias’ and ‘Astutes’ can, and secretly, without a critical increase in noise.

A non-nuclear boat needs to deliver fuel to the combat service area, an atomic one does not need to – a nuclear submarine is not tied to nearby bases or to fuel, and it can operate disproportionately more freely than a diesel-electric one, even with an air-independent power plant.

In combat, a nuclear submarine also has a lot of advantages, up to the possibility of sometimes getting away from the enemy’s torpedo by running. For a hypothetical Australian-French non-nuclear submarine, this would be impossible. The hydroacoustic complex on the ‘Virginias’ is generally difficult to compare with something, and this is the range of target detection and the range of shooting at it.

Now China, in addition to measures to counter the submarine fleet of the United States and Great Britain, will also have to take into account Australia, which wants to get a nuclear submarine more powerful than anything that China has at present.

What does the battlefield look like in numbers? If we start from how many of the ‘Virginias’ are already built and under construction to go into service by 2036, when the Australians want to get their eight submarines, then we can assume that there will be about 20 units. And they will not be able to throw everything at China; some of the submarines will be needed in case of emergency operations against Russia.

Thus, an additional eight Australian submarines will increase the number of units opposing China by at least a third, compared only with American submarines. This is even more than the British will be able to give for the war with China. China will have to increase both the submarine and other fleet forces by a comparable number.

In general, for China, these eight additional enemy submarines are a fresh handful of bones in the throat. That’s about what the Americans planned to do with the British. That’s what eight nuclear submarines are.

This is what caused the reaction of the Chinese to the news. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the transfer of nuclear submarine construction technologies to Australia harms the nuclear non-proliferation regime and ‘exacerbates the arms race’, as well as the fact that the United States and Great Britain ‘extremely irresponsibly’ apply double standards. These admonitions, of course, will not have any effect.

And what does this mean for Russia? If Australia wants to have eight multi-purpose submarines by 2036, then by that year we will ideally have four Yasen-class vessels in the Pacific Ocean – the ‘Novosibirsk’, ‘Krasnoyarsk’, ‘Vladivostok’ and, presumably, the ‘Perm’.

Is for the future boat of the project 545 with the code-name ‘Laika’, the form in which the ‘Laika’ was presented to the president in December 2019 indicates the deliberate obsolescence of the project. And most importantly – it is extremely doubtful that these boats will be in service by the mid-thirties. This is another example of how many there will turn out to be — eight nuclear submarines in one theatre of military operations.

However, the western ‘partners’ may have difficulties in implementing these wonderful plans.

Virginia class under construction

Is everything so simple?

There is one aspect in all of this that can complicate everything. The production of as many as eight nuclear submarines, stuffed with high-tech systems to the brim, is not an easy matter. If we assume that the Australians will build some kind of ready-made project, for example the ‘Virginia’, then in any event they will up to 14 years for the construction of eight nuclear submarines if they start next year. This is an ultra-fast pace for eight units; the Americans themselves take five years to build one ‘Virginia’ from the popint of laying the keel to delivery to the Navy.

Is it possible for the Australians to meet the deadlines? Yes, but only in an “expansive’ way – laying more submarines a year than the Americans. And this requires, firstly, shipyards in sufficient quantity to build submarines;  secondly, workers and engineers;  and thirdly, the supply of components from the United States, which can become the bottleneck of the project because of the existing crisis in American shipbuilding. Does Australia have all this in the right amount? The allies will not be able to help them there;  they do not have enough themselves.

And if the Australians build some kind of British project – either the ‘Astute’  or, as is now rumoured in Britain, the future project of a British multi-purpose submarine, which should replace the ‘Astutes’, then nothing will work out. Britain is barely coping with the construction of its submarines by itself, including the part played by related companies. In the case of the ‘Astutes’, some of the related parties are from France engaged by by the Anglo-Saxons. On the other hand, the British can in this way compensate for the losses of the French from the broken Australian contract for non-nuclear submarines. Still, the problem of timing will also arise in  this case.

The Australians seem to understand this. On Sunday, September 19, the Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton said that Australia will not wait until its nuclear submarines are built, but will buy or lease British or American ones.

This is quite possible. However, not with British submarines, but more likely with American ones, although such a scheme would not lead to the desired increase in anti–Chinese forces; there would still be as many submarines against China, just some of the flags would change. But, firstly, by the time the construction of their series is completed (even if not all and with a delay), the Australians will already have experience working with nuclear submarines, and secondly, the United States now has problems with repairing its submarines (they do not pull, as they say), and renting some of their ships to Australia for the Americans will in fact mean their salvation as combat units, even under a foreign flag.

In general, it is possible to make Australia a country with a nuclear submarine fleet quickly. Moreover, the authors of this initiative have an extremely serious reason for all this. Such gigantic investments and sharp political turns are not carried out just like that. The hegemony of the Anglo-Saxons in the world is seriously shaken, both because of their own internal weakness, and because of the growth of China, and the sabotage of their system of power by Russia. It is quite obvious they will not give up their power over humanity and the benefits resulting from this in a favourable fashion.

It is worth recognizing that the world is on the verge of war. Australia’s agreement with the United States and Britain says exactly this. An ordinary world war with tens of millions of dead, as one option, or with hundreds of millions; after all, no one has canceled nuclear weapons. Such a war is almost inevitable.

Moreover, knowing what deadlines the ‘partners’ set for themselves, you can roughly understand the time for which they are preparing the ‘hot phase’. And looking at how other countries are preparing for the next world war, it’s time for us to take a critical, honest and non-biased look at how we are preparing for it.”