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Color Revolution in Pakistan?

by Germán Gorraiz- Political analyst
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), founded in 2001 by the Shanghai Five (China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan) and later joined by Uzbekistan, India and Pakistan, together with the ALBA countries and Iran, form the hard core of resistance to the world hegemony of the United States and Great Britain.
Consequently, the avowed aim of the US would be to dynamite the said organization, having Balochistan, Kashmir and Xinjiang as theaters of operations with the avowed aim of implementing constructive chaos following the Brzezinskinian strategy of the “clash of civilizations”. This doctrine consists of achieving the confrontation of China with Islam (about 1,500 million followers) as well as drying up its oil sources in the Islamic countries of Central Asia in order to achieve total Chinese dependence on Russian energy and in a later phase to end up confronting them with each other and finally subjugating them and implementing the new order under the Anglo-Jewish-American aegis.
China and the diversification of its energy sources
Russia and China sealed a stratospheric oil contract, one of the largest in the history of the energy industry, whereby the Russian company Rosneft (the country’s largest oil company) will supply oil to the Asian giant for 25 years for 270 billion dollars (some 205 billion euros). This, together with the gas mega-contract signed by Russia’s Gazprom and China’s CNPC, whereby Russia will supply the Asian country with 38,000 billion cubic meters of natural gas for an approximate amount of 400,000 million dollars and with a 30-year term through the Sila Sibiri (Power of Siberia) gas pipeline.
This would lay the economic foundations of the Euro-Asian Union that began its journey on January 1, 2015, as an economic and military alternative to the US project to create a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).
However, in an attempt to avoid Russian energy dependence, China is building an extensive port network, including ports, bases and observation stations in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Burma, the paradigm being the strategic port in Pakistan, Gwadar (the “gate” to the Persian Gulf), 72 kilometers from the border with Iran and some 400 kilometers from the most important oil transport corridor and very close to the strategic Strait of Hormuz.
The port was built and financed by China and is operated by the state-owned China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC). The region surrounding the port of Gwadar contains two thirds of the world’s oil reserves and through it passes 30 percent of the world’s oil and 80 percent of that received by China; it is on the shortest route to Asia (Silk Road), which makes it a direct threat to US global geopolitics as the US seeks to dry up China’s energy sources in Central Asia.

Color Revolution in Pakistan?
President Biden declared during an event at the Democratic Campaign Committee, the transcript of which has been published by the White House, that “Pakistan may be one of the most dangerous nations in the world because it has nuclear weapons and no cohesion”. For his part, Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, in a statement published by the Geo TV channel, expressed his rejection of Biden’s words, stating that “Pakistan rejects the statements allegedly made by the US president, which are factually incorrect and misleading”, statements intended to imply the dissatisfaction of the US with Pakistan’s current government, which as a collateral effect will bring Pakistan and China closer together.
Pakistan’s dangerous rapprochement with China has accelerated the Pentagon’s doctrine of Balkanizing of Pakistan and encouraging the independence movement in the province of Baluchistan, where the strategic port of Gwadar is located, with the avowed aim of making China’s flagship project, the “Belt and Road Initiative”, unviable.
Given the failure of the insurgency in Balochistan, the US will proceed with the implementation of a color revolution against the current Sharif government under the tutelage of the army, the real shadow power. Thus, the CIA is said to have taken advantage of the eight-day remand in custody of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, accused of an alleged corruption offense, known as the “Qadir Trust”, in order to steer the protests of the followers of his party, the PTI, the largest political force in Pakistan. The riots have been concentrated in the eastern province of Punjab, the most populated and industrialized of the country, where the Army has been deployed to control the demonstrators with the result of more than a thousand arrests and countless wounded.
The aim of such a color revolution would be to provoke the intervention of the Army and unleash a wave of repression and deaths, which could produce a schism in the monolithic Pakistani establishment or deep state, made up of the armed forces, the intelligence led by the Inter-Services Intelligence Agency (the dreaded ISI), as well as government officials and paramilitary groups. Thus, the CIA will try to use a bloody repression to provoke a coup d’état within the military establishment by the generals in favor of establishing relations with the US who, after an interregnum presided over by the military, would implement a civilian government presided over by Imran Khan which would gravitate in the US orbit.
This Government would be under the tutelage of the Army and the US would make Pakistan return to the path of the pseudo-democracies under the tutelage of the “American friend” in order to achieve, in a later phase, a confrontation between China and Islam as well as to dry up China’s sources of oil from the Islamic countries of Central Asia.

Assessment of the war in Ukraine by Igor Strelkov

Igor Strelkov is the nom de guerre of Igor Girkin

I had a conversation with a retired colonel, a former commander of a motorized rifle regiment. He seriously convinced me that everything is fine in the Ukraine war, we are advancing, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are retreating. Every day we grind thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and soon Ukraine will have no one to fight. To my question, where does he get such information from, he replied that he closely follows the television news. And the Internet? He answered – he has a computer at home, but he does not know how to use it, and most importantly, he does not want to use the enemy Internet in principle, since American propaganda is going on there around the clock.

And I sadly thought that if even the former commander of a regiment has such a mindset, then what can we say about the mood of the majority of Russian television viewers.

But such sentiments in Russian society in the conditions of the failure of the NWO are a direct path to disaster.
Marginal remarks. In the end, I will say … ..

Five short theses.

  1. SMO (Special Military Operation) is over. Since when, is not the point (my hypothesis is at the beginning of the summer of 2022, but that’s not the point). What is important is that we entered into a conflict of medium intensity with a coalition of the world’s largest states led by the United States, which set the direct task of dismantling our statehood and “disaggregating” the people of Russia, who are recognized – in all their national and sub-ethnic manifestations – as incorrigible. In the final, according to their scenario, we should not exist either as a state, or as a country, or as a single people. And they are mentally prepared for it. Today’s European totalitarianism is the second step towards the “Plan Ost 2.0”.

  2. Victory in the fight by a coalition of more than 50 states, both with elements of a hybrid war and with growing elements of direct military confrontation, with the virtual absence of allies (those that exist, with the exception of fraternal Belarus, are hypocritical and do not believe in our victory, this is, I think now obvious to everyone) requires the transfer of the state administration system, if not to the military, then to the mobilization rails. It is impossible to sit out until the systemic crisis in the United States. It was a good idea, but apparently not…. The United States is accelerating the crisis in a controlled manner and plans to get out of it by speeding up the defeat of Russia. Like under Reagan in the 1980s. One can only play ahead of the curve by creating an unexpected military-political situation for the United States.

  3. In order to win, the war must become – popular. No quotes. The political and social unity of the front and rear must be ensured. Based on a single ideological vector. Victory vector. And this means that we need to start talking to the society. It is not for society to speak. And talk to the community. Very big difference.

  4. It is impossible to solve this problem in the current state of the Russian elite. The elites obviously don’t want victory, they want a “defeat on points” and an “honorable surrender”. They do not want to face unpleasant realities. They are not capable of that. The moral and political decay of the elites is becoming the most obvious non-military risk in the current conflict for Russia. (Side note: the situation, in fact, on the “front” inspires me much more optimism than the situation in the rear). A purge of the elites is inevitable. The question is already in what mode to carry it out: from above, gradually and sparingly, or “as usual”.

  5. It is impossible to demand some kind of “mobilization” and “belt tightening” from society in the current state of the elite and the state, when even the extremely tense situation at the front did not make internal squabbles calm down. Under such conditions, attempts to tighten the “nuts” in relation to the “taxable class” will be more than counter-productive. Rather destabilizing, to put it bluntly. A sharp rise in social discipline is needed. But for everyone. This requires political will. The presence of which, alas, is becoming less and less obvious.

On this, colleagues, with your permission, I am taking a moratorium on any comments on the situation in the ATO (Anti-Terror Operation) zone and around it. For a month. But we’ll see.
The introduction of censorship must begin with the introduction of self-censorship.
And I advise you the same.

Finally, people with brains began to see what I clearly saw (and warned about) already 9 years ago …
❗️According to updated information, on May 12, 2023, during a rocket attack on the city of Luhansk, the armed formations of Ukraine used two Storm Shadow cruise missiles (English-French production) and one anti-aircraft missile ADM-160B MALD (US production).

“Project” Covid-19 was Funded Years Before the Scamdemic

Documents from US National Institute of Health requested by and published to Judicial Watch conservative watchdog group show US NGO EcoHealth Alliance started doing taxpayer-funded research on MUTANT VIRUS from bats back in 2013 at Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Showing project in the making YEARS before COVID-19 outbreak is another stake in claim by EcoHealth Alliance that COVID-19 totally didn’t come from a lab.

“Ten Days” that Changed the World

Over the last month we have seen astonishing geopolitical developments.

In February China publicly lambasted U.S. hegemony, launched a global security initiative and offered a peace plan for Ukraine.

On March 10 China mediated an agreement which restored relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

On March 15 Moscow rolled out the red carpet for the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Yesterday al-Assad and his wife Asma arrived in the UAE for talks with Sheikh Mohammed

Also yesterday Iran and Iraq signed a security cooperation agreement that will stop the CIA sponsored Kurdish activities against Iran.

Also yesterday King Salman of Saudi Arabia invited the President of Iran to a visit in Riyadh.

For the last 30 years the U.S. considered the Middle East as its backyard. Twenty years ago it illegally invaded Iraq and caused 100,000nds of death and decades of chaos. Now China, by peaceful means, changed the balance in the Middle East within just one month.

Today China’s President Xi arrived in Moscow for three days of talks with Russia’s President Putin. An article by President Putin was published in the People’s Daily while Russian media published a signed article by President Xi.

The U.S. is afraid that China’s peace initiative for Ukraine will gain ground. It has openly come out against a cease-fire and peace talks. I had thought that was for Ukraine to decide?

It is likely that Putin will publicly endorse the Chinese peace plan while the U.S. is paranoid that peace might indeed happen. It may even want to sabotage the Saudi Iranian deal.

China’s people are by the way the most happy in the world.

Xi and Putin are now running the multilateral global show. Biden and the hapless ‘unilateral’ people around him are left aside.

via MOA

Meanwhile Here is Prison China

That’s the social model promoted by the WEF. No need to visit the prison camps as long as the highest members of the government elites are themselves treated like inmates and the mandarin at the top doesn’t even try to hide the autocratic nature of his rule.

The only solution for the West is not to emulate an inhumane, un-dignifying model, which in any case would not be up to the level of the Chinese maniacal mindset but would surely cause more resentment among Western societies. 

The West would do better to promote the anti WEP movement, promote anti-authoritarianism and reject Biden-type warmongering under the liberal so-called “responsibility to protect”, reject cancel culture, immigration, and integration. Promote nationalism of the White culture which made it so successful in the last few hundred years, minus colonialism and slavery induced by alien influences (both Arab and Jewish). Unleash the energies of the talented white European peoples.

The West should mind its own business, make peace with Russia, throw out the shackles of an alien, bizarre religion, rollback feminism, emancipate itself as a separate culture and offer a sense of liberty and freedom to its own people, retreat to its own borders, enjoy life and the pursuit of happiness to the chagrin of the Chinese maniacs and the other foreign implants. Using limited but powerful defense, it can withstand the colossal but overweighted Chinese, just as the mobile little English galleons overcame the Spanish Armada with its heavy caravelles.

As long as the West aims to use Chinese methods of governance, it is doomed and we all are doomed together.

Graphene-like Sheds from the Vaccinated Destroying Blood Cells & Causing Strange Blood Clots


In his latest set of slides of blood samples taken from both “vaccinated” and unvaccinated people, Dr. Philippe van Welbergen demonstrated that the graphene being injected into people is organising and growing into larger fibres and structures, gaining magnetic properties or an electrical charge and the fibres are showing indications of more complex structures with striations.[category scamdemic – corona virus]

He also demonstrated that “shards” of graphene are being transmitted from “vaccinated” to vaccine-free or unvaccinated people destroying their red blood cells and causing blood clots in the unvaccinated.

Let’s not lose touch…Your Government and Big Tech are actively trying to censor the information.

Dr. Philippe van Welbergen (“Dr. Philippe”), Medical Director of Biomedical Clinics, was one of the first to warn the public of the damage being caused to people’s blood by Covid injections by releasing images last year of blood samples under the microscope.

At the beginning of July 2021, Dr. Philippe, was interviewed on a South African community channel, Loving Life TV.   He explained that when his patients started complaining about chronic fatigue, dizziness, memory issues, even sometimes paralysis and late onset of heavy menstruation (women in their 60s upwards), he took blood samples. Their blood had unusual tube-like structures, some particles which lit up and many damaged cells. Few healthy cells were visible. Until three months earlier, he had never seen these formations in blood.  We now know these tube-like structures are graphene.

Since then, Dr. Philippe has been a regular guest on Loving Life TV: blowing the whistle on the experimental Covid injection roll-out; providing updates on the increasing damage being done to blood by the experimental Covid injections over time; and, giving updates on the Covid situation in the UK and South Africa.

On 12 February 2022, Dr. Philippe returned again to Loving Life TV to release images of his latest slides of blood samples.  The live stream was lengthy so Loving Life TV separated it into two parts.

Part One is a discussion including answers to the audience’s questions.

In Part Two, Dr. Philippe presents the images of his latest blood slides and explains what the images are showing.  He discusses nearly 100 blood slides from both “vaccinated” and vaccine-free patients.  His slides show that vaccine-free patients have been “infected with vaccine toxins through shedding.”

Below is a short clip from Part Two courtesy of The Timeline Post channel on Telegram.

Dr Philippe (Part Two), The Blood Slides, 12 February 2022

Below is an image of typical healthy red blood cells as seen with a microscope, what blood should look like. There is no coagulation or foreign objects in it.

The next image is of a person who has been injected with the experimental Covid drug. The blood is coagulated, the misshapen red blood cells are clumped together.  The cell encircled in the image is a healthy red blood cell, one of the few in the image, sitting alongside the graphene fibres.  You can see the size of the graphene fibres in relation to the size of a red blood cell. Fibres of this size will block capillaries. You can also see the graphene fibres are hollow and contain red blood cells.

A couple of weeks before the video below was made, Dr. Philippe began noticing a magnetic or electrical polarity effect on different sides of the graphene fibres.  In the image below, to the right of the fibre the cells are coagulated and on the left-hand side is what looks like a gap or roughly backward “C” shaped spacing. 

Dr. Philippe says that this “behaviour” was not seen before but now, all of a sudden, it is being seen in almost every sample.  It is an indication that “these things have changed, their reaction with surrounding blood cells has changed … and I don’t know what triggered it,” he said.

The image below is of a blood sample from a vaccine-free, or unvaccinated, three-year-old child.  It shows pieces or “shards” of graphene that “are the result of shedding,” in other words the graphene has been transmitted from “vaccinated” parents to their unvaccinated child.

Below is the image of a blood sample from an eight-year-old unvaccinated child whose blood has been contaminated and destroyed by the transmission of graphene from those around him/her who have had a Covid injection.  The child’s right arm and upper right leg are basically paralysed, the child is unable to lift his/her right arm and the thigh is not functioning properly.

Dr. Philippe’s presentation is truly eye-opening and horrifying – a must-watch, especially for those who proclaim Covid injections are “safe” and are insisting people be injected.  The Covid injections are weapons of genocide and how the people who have designed them are still walking free is incredible.

You can either watch the presentation below or on Loving Life TV HERE.

Loving Life TV: Dr Philippe (Part Two), The Blood Slides, 12 February 2022 (90 mins)

Ukraine War, Real Casualties?

A Turkish publication, citing Israeli intelligence agency MOSSAD, claims to show the real number of casualties for both parties in the conflict as Ukrainians killed in action reaches a staggering number of 157,000 and 234,000 injured.


The casualties of Ukraine, which had on the ground 734,000 soldiers (plus 100,000 reserve soldiers) and NATO officers, soldiers and mercenaries, are as follows:

302 Aircraft

212 Helicopters

2,750 (S)I HA

6,320 Tanks and armored vehicles

7.360 Howitzer (Artillery systems)

497 Air defense system

157,000 Dead

234,000 injured

17,230 Captive

234 Dead – NATO military trainers (US and UK)

2,458 Dead – NATO soldiers (Germany, Poland, Lithuania, … )

5,360 Dead – Mercenaries


Russian losses in the field with 418,000

soldiers (plus 3,500,000 reservists) and a growing number of Wagner mercenaries:

23 Planes

56 Helicopters

200 (S)IHA

889 Tanks and armored vehicles

427 Howitzer (Artillery systems)

12 Air defense system

18,480 dead

44,500 Injured

323 Captive