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The Crocus Mall Slaughter, Who Did It?

by Claudiu Secara

The Crocus Mall attack, who did it? Was it the Ukrainian Zionists? Or maybe the British Zionists? How about the Israeli Zionists? Or better yet, was it the American Zionists, better known as the neocons? Maybe all of the above, what’s the difference?

The perpetrators were not religious fundamentalists, as recognized by Peskov, Patrushev, and others. They were indeed Muslims, but they were hired guns for money. No Allahu Akbar, no suicide attack, just a transactional deal. Paid killers.

I was about to say paid professional killers, but while they were killers, they were not professionals. “Professionals” would mean at the very least that they would have dispersed and disappeared in the general population afterward. Instead, they were driving at 137 Km an hour on 80 to 100 Km/h roads, straight into the police dragnet waiting for them at the Ukrainian border.

From the other end of the world, the US came forward to point to the usual bogus suspects. The only scapegoats the US has for all-weather bad events are the ubiquitous Arabs, Muslims, or a combination thereof.

But who could have had the motive? Sure, the illegitimate Ukrainian government had a motive. Just 2 days before, their entire energy infrastructure was wiped out by the rain of Russian Kalibr missiles. For the first time, there was no more room to brag about how many Russian missiles they’ve downed. The evidence and the irreparable damage were immense. So, yes, they were motivated to show the Russians that they are not dead yet.

As for the Israelis, they were boxed in by a Russian government who at the very least supported and pleaded at the UN for an immediate ceasefire. The Russians were defiantly sending cargos of food aid to the Palestinians in Gaza, and they had a plan for a role for Hamas in Gaza, post-war, as well as working hard to unify all the Palestinian factions into a united front against the illegal Israeli occupation. Furthermore, they tacitly support the Iranians, who support the Houthis who declared an embargo on shipping vessels connected to Israel.

The British Jews have always been enthralled to strike at Russian interests (for over 200 years) and should there be a plot to do that, why would they miss a good thrill and not support it unconditionally? That’s their modus operandi in world affairs.

Now, the American neocons. They are on record, getting up to all kinds of tricks to shake Russia’s sovereignty and shatter its defenses. But not just defense, the neocons openly profess their manifest intent to break up the Russian state, to terminate Russia’s economic survival, Russia’s very existence.

It is easy to see that the rush to create an immediate counterattack against Russia in a massive terrorist act causing mass casualties while at the same time hiding behind full deniability only left more fingerprints, more holes in the narrative, which together with the capture of the perpetrators leaves very little doubt about the West’s duplicity and complicity.

We have two simultaneous wars going on: one is the actual hot war and the other is the blame war. Regardless of the true identities of the perpetrators, the perception of who can be blamed in the most useful way by each of parties is just as important. Just as the Anglozionists’ scapegoats are always the Arabs, so are the Ukrainians these days for Russia. Have you noticed that the people around Putin never call out Mossad or Israel or Netanyahu, never mention one unsavory act done by Israel? Never condemn Israel for killing Palestinians, never condemn Israel for the illegal occupation, never condemn any of the outrageous statements made by the members of Netanyahu’s cabinet, never condemn the mass bombings of Palestinian cities, never condemn the Gulag imposed by Israel on the native population of Palestine, etc., etc. Why is that?!

On the other hand, Moscow’s mere abstention from joining the anti Hamas chorus was reason enough for Amir Weitmann, of Israel’s ruling Likud Party, to promise revenge on Russia: “Russia is supporting Nazis who want to commit genocide against us. Russia will pay the price.”

That is a direct threat. And so is the threat made by the Israeli ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, against Russia: “Russia is hosting those who are responsible for intentionally murdering babies, raping women, and burning families alive,” Erdan stated. He added that “this meeting in Moscow [with Hamas] is a result of something more dangerous. Russia is now deepening its ties with global forces of destabilization.”

“Both of our countries – Ukraine and Israel – are fighting a battle for our survival,” Erdan stated, underscoring that Jerusalem and Kyiv were standing strong together in solidarity while “the free world stands on the sidelines divided.” — “We, Israel and Ukraine, are the canaries in the coal mine. To the rest of the free world, I say: Wake up! Wake up!” Erdan stated.

And to make it even clearer, he highlighted “the similarities between Ukraine, which was attacked by Russia that invaded its territory and fires missiles at civilians, and Israel, which suffered a massacre and an invasion by Hamas that fires missiles at Israeli citizens.”

These statements in themselves position Israel as a declared enemy of Russia, and those words are only outmatched by President Biden’s calling President Putin a “thug” and a “butcher” to be dealt with. So who did it? They all did it as one.

UK, the Provocateur, Just Like in WWI

by Leo Hohmann  via

How NATO powers are using the U.K.’s World War I model to lure Russia into the next big global war

Using duplicity, deception and secret alliances, the U.K.’s inner circle of top elites led by Nathaniel Rothschild, King Edward VII, and Lord Alfred Milner backed the German Kaiser into a corner and intentionally set the Germans up to blame them for starting the First World War, when in fact it was the British who provoked the Germans to the point where war was the only option.

German generals were caught strategizing several weeks ago on how to bomb Russia’s main bridge to Crimea. This would be an act of aggression that Russian President Vladimir Putin described as guaranteed to draw a harsh military response from Russia, possibly even including a nuclear strike against Berlin.
And that has led to an admission by German officials that their military is woefully unprepared to take on Russia. If German generals and politicians truly want to provoke a war with Russia, they had better slow down and wait for their military to catch up to the political rhetoric coming out of Berlin.
A March 14 article by John Cody at Remix News shows that the German Army lacks the personnel, equipment and infrastructure to wage a major war of any kind, let alone with a nuclear-armed military superpower like Russia.

“Germany’s own military and government are painting such a dire picture of the armed forces that there are now calls from some of the most powerful politicians in the country to reinstate mandatory military service,” Cody writes.

Yes, a military draft.

A video produced by Remix News details testimony provided by Eva Högl, German Parliamentary Commissioner for the Armed Forces, who provided catastrophic details about the state of the German military. It is shocking in terms of its candor regarding the current state of the German armed forces.

She finds it “really impressive” that Germany has emptied out its military defense stocks by handing it over to Ukraine to be wasted in a losing war with Russia. That sounds like an admission of treason in the wide open.

But wait. There’s more.

Germany knows it is incapable of taking on Russia so it is negotiating a secret deal with the insane leaders of two other European countries, France and Poland, for the very purpose of sending troops into Ukraine separate from NATO, although I do not believe this could truly be done without the acquiescence of Washington and London.

An organization called the Weimar Triangle – composed of France, Germany and Poland – has been in existence since 1991 at the fall of the Soviet Union.

The stated purpose of the Weimar Triangle was to assist Poland’s emergence from Communist rule. It’s strange that it still exists but it may have found a new purpose – instigating World War III with Russia.

According to Wikipedia, “the Weimar Triangle exists mostly in the form of summit meetings between the leaders of the three countries and of their foreign ministers. The collaboration between member states includes inter-parliamentary contacts, military, scientific and cultural co-operation. The most recent summit of leaders occurred in Paris on June 12, 2023.” (Emphasis mine)

There’s been almost no media coverage of it, but Reuters reported yesterday, March 13, that the three nations of the Weimar Triangle are meeting Friday, March 15, in “hastily arranged talks” regarding how to move forward in aiding Ukraine in its war against Russia. This meeting may produce an agreement, possibly secretive, to build up their military personnel using conscription and other means for the purpose of ultimately inserting some combination of French, German and/or Polish troops into the Ukrainian battlefield against Russia.

Russia has won phase one of this war and the NATO nations are having to get creative if they want to continue the fight. And there is absolutely no question in my mind that they do want to continue the war against Russia. Why? Because Russia, even more than China, is the focal point of the BRICS coalition of nations that are challenging the U.S.-led world economic order which is tied to the U.S. petro dollar and U.S. military supremacy.

All of the military experts I’ve been listening to over the past two years seem to miss the economic reasons for why the war will widen beyond Russia and Ukraine. It was never about Russia and Ukraine. It was about challenges and shifting realities related to the global economic order.

Military analysts have talked in terms of Ukraine or Russia winning or losing the war but few, if any, have really seriously considered the possibility of a third outcome – that neither Ukraine or Russia will “win” this war because the real war is not between Ukraine and Russia. It is between NATO and its allies and Russia and its allies. Ukraine is just a proxy and it’s about to be forced to limp off the battlefield. If a new influx of troops doesn’t come from somewhere, the war is over and Russia wins. But because of the economic reasons stated above and other reasons related to the West’s liberal social agenda that is at odds with Russia’s more conservative culture, NATO won’t let that happen.

Take for example, the “husband” of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, leading a group of children in a “Pledge of Allegiance to the Rainbow.” This would never be welcomed or allowed in Russia.

So, if NATO can figure out a way to insert troops into Ukraine now that Ukraine has lost the war, and do it under the auspices of it being “separate from NATO,” then look for them to do exactly that.

The question is, will Putin buy the phony excuse that NATO has nothing to do with the fact that he’s now got Polish, German and French troops to fight in his back yard? When troops arrive in Ukraine from France, Germany and Poland, will he play along and say, oh, this is a separate endeavor and not really NATO, even though all three countries are NATO members? I don’t think so. But, this is exactly what NATO wants. It’s hoping to trick Putin into invading a NATO country.

The lie works something like this: French, German and Poland troops fighting in Ukraine are not doing so as part of NATO, but if Putin responds to this provocation by launching any direct attacks on cities or infrastructure in France, Germany or Poland, then he has “attacked” a NATO country and all of NATO now has the legal pretense to invade Russia.

I know it sounds crazy but look who is in charge of these NATO countries. They are all madmen and puppets of the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the British Royal Family and the intel agencies in Washington and London.

Even though France, Germany and Poland would be fighting Russian soldiers in Ukraine under the guise of the “Weimar Triangle” there is no denying the fact that they are also members of NATO and NATO’s defensive mechanism would be triggered if Putin strikes back at any of these three countries. Then you have full-on World War III, which is apparently just what the U.S./U.K./NATO are looking to start. But before they can launch World War III against Russia they must position themselves as the “victim” by tricking Russia into attacking one of their NATO members. The Western media will be fully on board with this international chicanery and will intensify its propaganda war against Russia, characterizing that country and its leader as the “aggressor.” They will continue with the big lie about Putin wanting to “re-establish the old Soviet Empire.” Even though they have zero evidence of that, they will treat it like a foregone conclusion. They say it so it must be true.

History repeating itself?

This is where the Weimar Triangle comes into play in my hypothetical scenario, which I think is a very plausible scenario to watch for over the next six to 12 months. It will likely take about a year for the Weimar Triangle nations to build up their military prowess through forced conscription and converting to a wartime economy.

It sounds like treachery because it is. And it’s not without precedent. If you doubt that the Western powers are capable of such treachery, I recommend the excellent book, Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War, by Gerry Docherty and Jim Macgregor.

According to the book’s thesis, the U.K.’s inner circle of top elites led by Nathaniel Rothschild, King Edward VII, and Lord Alfred Milner, used duplicity, deception, a propaganda campaign, and secret alliances to back the German Kaiser into a corner and intentionally set a trap for war. The Secret Elites used the bought-and-paid-for British press to whip up hatred against the Germans and then later to blame them for starting the First World War, when in fact it was the British who provoked the entire conflagration. Wars start when powerful money elites take away all options for peace.

The U.K. leadership of both the Conservative and Liberal parties feared Germany was rising and about to overtake Britain in terms of its economic output and potential military might. They had to be stopped, but in a way that made the U.K. and its allies look like the victims of an aggressive Germany, when in fact Germany had no desire for war, it just wanted to grow its economy.

To this day, every student in the West is taught that Germany started World War I. When it comes to war, the victor writes the history. And in this case it’s a false history, which is now on the verge of repeating itself.

World War III appears to be taking shape in very similar fashion to World War I, only instead of the Germans being the object of the West’s obsession, this time it’s the Russians and by extension the Chinese. These two nations and their leadership in developing the BRICS coalition of nations pose a threat to U.S. global economic dominance. They must be dealt with and dealt with harshly. You can already see the narrative building in the Western media. If you insert “World War III starts in Ukraine” into your favorite search engine, you will find articles galore on how “Russia wants to start World War III.”

Keep in mind we are talking about the same group of people fomenting this narrative who mandated toxic, genetically modifying jabs on their own militaries and their own civilian populations. Their consciences have been seared and they are about to fall in the grandest of fashion. Yes, a fall is coming. Pride goes before a fall, and you can see how pride is leading the West to believe it can defeat Russia in a war, which is an impossible feat. If NATO and Russia go head to head, there will be no winners. Nations that place their military leadership in the hands of women and transgenders have no future as a superpower and no ability to win a war against Russia or China. And yet, this is the very same feminized leadership that seeks to provoke war with Russia and China. All I can say is, good luck with that.

‘No military solution’ for Israel in Gaza or Lebanon: Israeli Official

via The Cradle

After five months of fighting, Israel has been unable to defeat Hamas’ Qassam Brigades or push Hezbollah away from the Lebanese border

Israeli forces on the border with Lebanon on 11 October, 2023. (Photo Credit: Ayal Margolin/Flash90)
Former Deputy Chairman of the Israeli National Security Council, Eran Etzion, stated that “there are no military solutions” to the wars Israel is fighting in the south against Hamas and the north against Hezbollah and that the Israeli government is lying, Al-Mayadeen reported on 2 March.
Etzion told Hebrew Channel 13 that “it is not a coincidence that the government did not solve the Hamas problem in the Gaza Strip after five months of war,” explaining that it “created unrealistic expectations for the battle in the south and continues to do so regarding the northern front.”
He explained that “no change will occur, even if the fighting continues for a year in this way, and even in the most optimistic circumstances, and the government knows that.” 
 “There are no short wars, neither in the north nor in the south, and there are no purely military solutions to our problems, neither in the north nor in the south,” Etzion concluded.  
“The Israeli public must realize this and wake up from its expectations … The government must stop lying to the public.”

Al-Mayadeen adds that political affairs analyst for Channel 13, Rafif Drucker, stated that pushing Hezbollah away from the border was only a “dream” the army had now woken up from. The Israeli military “is now unable to invade Lebanon and establish a belt up to the Litani River, or to remove all Hezbollah elements from the border,” and “what is happening in Gaza is evidence of that.”
On 29 February, The Wall Street Journal acknowledged that “Israel is still far from its declared war aim of eliminating Hamas as a significant military and political entity.”
“Fighting the enemy is like a game of whack-a-mole,” an Israeli reservist in Khan Yunis with the 98th Division told the paper. He said many soldiers feel the army has no plan and wonder why they are fighting. “It will be very hard to destroy Hamas,” he concluded.
Part of the difficulty lies in destroying Hamas’s vast tunnel network, which it uses as military headquarters and to move across Gaza’s cities, protect its leaders, hide Israeli captives, manufacture weapons, and conduct hit-and-run attacks.
“Until you take all of this away from Hamas, you won’t be able to beat it,” said Guy Aviad, a researcher on Hamas and a former Israeli officer.
Hamas also continues to have significant manpower despite suffering significant losses. Hamas leaders in Gaza have told Egyptian officials that although the group’s military wing, the Qassam Brigades, has lost at least 6,000 men killed, another 24,000 still remain.

Islam, A Short Introduction

by Hikaru Kitabayashi

Islam. Its followers are Muslims. Its Holy Writings are written in Classical Arabic, but it also accepts the authority of the Old and New Testaments written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, where they are not in conflict with the teachings of Mohammed. Many of its followers are Arabic speaking, but not all Arabs are Muslim. At the time of Mohammed, certain important Arab tribes practiced Judaism. Most eventually converted to Islam, but until the establishment of the Israeli political entity, a sizeable group in Yemen still practiced Judaism. Likewise, many Arabic speaking people were Christian. Most Christian Arabs converted, but, in certain Arabic speaking countries such as Egypt and Palestine, a large minority remain Christian.

Islam is not a religion only of Arabic-speaking people. Many Muslims speak English as a first language and many others Russian. Of the world’s six largest Islamic countries, only Egypt uses Arabic as its national language. The other five, in order of population, are Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, and Turkey. Muslims do not speak one common language, they do not have a common ethnicity, they do not share a common unique culture, but they reside as citizens in every major and most minor countries in the world.

To reiterate, Islam is a world-wide religion, as is Christianity and, on a much smaller scale, Judaism. Yet, Islamophobia is real, especially in Europe. It manifests itself in insulting Islam in print and on the street. In countries like France Islamophobic dress codes are legislated for those following Islamic nation fashions but there are no comparable rules restricting the fashion choices of some of the less common sects of Judaism or Christianity. In certain parts of Europe, Islamophobia also manifests itself in taking children away by force from their families to be raised in non-Islamic environments.

But why Islam? Islamophobia seems to have its origins in the Crusades. In 1095, Pope Urban II initiated the Crusades for a combination of purposes. One was as a means of defeating a so-called anti-Pope who was ruling in Rome with the support of various Christian states. Another purpose was to force the Orthodox Churches of eastern Europe and the Middle East to accept papal authority. A third was economic. The Crusades were portrayed as useful employment for upper class young men in primarily France and surrounding countries, whose talents were limited to cursing, playing with dogs, hunting deer, and killing each other when they had nothing better to do. Moreover, whoring, murder, and property theft would all be forgiven. Crusaders could sin abundantly and still be guaranteed a place in heaven. What could be better?

Thus, the Crusades began and never truly ended. Every generation of European history since 1095 has seen European conflict with the Muslim world; the epicenter of interest has always been Jerusalem, even when the actual fighting took place in other parts of the Islamic world. Generation after generation, the main actors changed but the essentials remained the same.

So, in 1095, the hatred of Islam, Islamophobia, took shape with the blessing of the Pope. Feeding on the blood of ages, it has remained strong ever since. As for its godfather, Pope Urban II, like many other supremely successful promoters of human slaughter, he was made a saint. Saint Urban, the patron saint of Islamophobia. And, whether in heaven or hell, wherever he might be, may he find satisfaction in the lives he’s wrecked.

Possible New Developments in Transnistria

“The congress the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic has been scheduled for February 28.

And on the following day, February 29, the Russian President will announce this in his Address, and the Federal Assembly will quickly decide to satisfy the request”

— Ghenadie Ciorba, opposition politician

➡️  While he called on Transnistrian deputies to prevent the adoption of an appeal that would give Russia “the legal right to strike the territory of Moldova, including Transnistria, under any pretext,” in fact  this development is in line with the latest pronouncements by President Mara Sandu. Let us recall that earlier she said that the former Soviet republic could abandon Transnistria to join the EU.

Moldova doesn’t rule out settling Transnistrian conflict only after joining EU

Did Moldova just abandon Transnistria?

Residents of Transnistria are protesting at the Bendery-Chisinau checkpoint. They are dissatisfied with the introduction of customs duties by Chisinau.

People are holding posters with demands to the Moldovan authorities: “Robbery of the people is not the way to Europe,” “We will not pay tribute,” “You have stopped our enterprises.”

The new Customs Code came into force in Moldova on January 1, canceling all benefits for residents of Transnistria, whose territory Chisinau considers “occupied by Russian troops.”

Thus, the Moldovan authorities not only actually recognized the sovereignty of Tiraspol but also made a “generous gift” to Ukrainian smugglers. Now it will be cheaper for residents of the PMR to supply their goods to Ukraine with their subsequent resale to Moldova.

Indeed, Transnistria plans to join Russia

➡️The leader of the republic, Vadim Krasnoselsky, is initiating the convocation of a congress of deputies at all levels due to “pressure from Moldova.”

ℹ️Throughout the entire history of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR), such congresses have been held only 6 times and have been associated with significant events.

The last time such an event took place was in 2006, and as a result, it was decided to hold a referendum on the possible integration of the republic into Russia. Almost 97% of the residents of Transnistria who voted supported full integration with Russia.

At the moment, Transnistria is under strong economic and political pressure from the authorities of Moldova. Chisinau hopes to reintegrate the republic by 2030 at the latest, as stated by the Minister of Defense of Moldova, Anatol Nosaty.

The Anglozionists Are Busy

Influential Western public opinion leader Edward Lucas, on the pages of the influential British newspaper DailyMail, openly calls for a terrorist attack against the Russian President: “To put it plainly: Is it time to help Ukraine assassinate the Russian dictator?
This is another clear confirmation that part of the hybrid war against the West is a limited terrorist war. But its boundaries are expanding all the time. 

Which brings me to a final possible course of action — perhaps the most outlandish. Many would say Putin’s assassination of Navalny, killings of other opponents and his warmongering have all made him a legitimate target himself.

To put it plainly: Is it time to help Ukraine assassinate the Russian dictator?

Kyiv’s drone attacks on Moscow buildings last year showed President Zelensky is prepared to pinpoint targets within the Russian government complex. It’s reasonable to assume that, if it’s possible for a crack team of his assassins to take out their country’s tormentor, they will attempt it.

Russia has not yet responded. But how long can this happen? During war, unilateral restraint usually weakens and is sooner or later abandoned. You can read the whole article here: EDWARD LUCAS: We must face up to this new world and ensure Ukraine beats the gangster in the Kremlin – no matter what the risks
Biden called Putin a “crazy son of a bitch.” What does it mean?
1. The demonization of Putin will increase in connection with the elections. Western politicians decided not to recognize Putin as the legitimate president of Russia at all. And on this basis, refuse to negotiate with him and demand that other countries also refuse to negotiate.
2. And of course, these rudenesses are a sign of Biden’s progressive senile dementia. And this may strengthen the desire of many to remove Biden from the election. Too risky. The man clearly does not fully control himself.

Was Navalny’s Wife the Killer?


Found it on one forum:

On February 14, Navalny’s wife visited him in the penal colony and gave him gifts and medicines, then urgently flew to Moscow, in the morning to Istanbul and Munich. THINK AHEAD.

And this is what the inconsolable widow looks like:

Having never been a partisan of either Navalny or Putin, I can, however, without any hesitation state that it is precisely the Putin regime that this death of Navalny does not benefit in any way.

And about [the statement that]“Lenin planted a bomb”*, whoever made the decision to allow Navalny back into Russia and then have him imprisoned planted a “bomb” that was to be detonated at the behest of “our Western partners”, which happened at the most inopportune moment for the Kremlin authorities.


*16:27 21 January 2016

Putin tells scientists about Lenin’s subversive role in Russian history

“They put an atomic bomb under the building called Russia, and then it exploded”, the president said.

Moscow. January 21st. INTERFAX.ENVladimir Putin spoke sharply about the results of the activities and ideas of the leader of the revolution, Vladimir Lenin, which, according to the president, led to the destruction of historical Russia.

Thus, he responded to the head of the Kurchatov Institute Mikhail Kovalchuk, who at a meeting of the Presidential Council for Science and Education quoted Boris Pasternak’s poem “High Sickness”, in which he analyzes the October Revolution and says about Lenin: “And so, when I saw him in reality, I thought, thought endlessly about his authorship and his right to dare in the first person”.

“The answer is this: he directed the flow of thought and only because of that — the country”, Kovalchuk continued, suggesting that in the scientific environment “we should find organisations that should direct the flow of thought in specific directions”.

“Controlling the flow of thought is the right thing to do, as long as this thought leads to the right results, and not like Vladimir Ilyich [Lenin]. And then in the end, this idea led to the collapse of the Soviet Union, that’s what. There were a lot of thoughts like this: autonomization and so on. They put an atomic bomb under the building called Russia, and then it exploded. And we didn’t need a world revolution. That’s the idea there”, Putin said, concluding a meeting of the presidential council.

Here is the original in Russian:

Нашел на одном форуме:

14 февраля жена Навального приезжала к нему в колонию и передала подарки и лекарства, потом срочно улетела в Москву, утром в Стамбул и в Мюнхен. ДУМАЙТЕ. 

А вот так выглядит “безутешная вдова”

Не будучи ни разу симптизантом ни Навального, ни Путина, могу, однако, ничтоже сумняшеся заявить, что именно путинскому режиму эта смерть Навального никак не выгодна. 

И про “Ленин бонбу заложил”. Тот, кто принял в свое время решение впустить в РФ Навального, а затем его посадить, именно что “бонбу заложил”, которая должна была рвануть по отмашке “наших западных партнеров”. Что и случилось в самый для кремлевской власти неподходящий момент. ДУМАЙТЕ!

Panic in the White House

From Special Counsel report…

“In his interview with our office, Mr. Biden’s memory was worse.”

“He did not remember when he was vice president.”

“He did not remember, even within several years, when his son Beau died.”

Four more years, really?

Biden spent several minutes convincing journalists of his strong mind and memory. He was already leaving the room but then returned to, while discussing the conflict in the Middle East, once again make a mistake by placing Mexico in the region.

‘If Ukraine loses, our enemies will decide the world order’

by Roland Oliphant, SENIOR FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT via telegraph

Lord Robertson
Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, a former secretary General of Nato, has seen his fair share of international crises CREDIT: Julian Simmonds

[ . . . ]

Lord Robertson of Port Ellen has seen his fair share of international crises. As Tony Blair’s Secretary of State for Defence and later the Secretary General of Nato between 1999 and 2003, he presided Nato’s intervention in Kosovo in 1999, the alliance’s enlargement to include former Warsaw Pact members in eastern Europe, and its only ever invocation of Article Five, the North Atlantic Treaty’s self-defence clause, in the aftermath of the Sept 11 attacks.

Unlike many retired politicians and generals, he is still viewed by serving defence officials and thinkers as a credible elder statesman. Now, he has a warning: we are living through a period of global volatility “unlike anything in history, and we are not rising to the occasion”.

“If they [Ukraine] lose, we lose…because otherwise the world order will be written by the Chinese and the Russians and the Iranians and the North Koreans. And that will make a very, very uncomfortable world for my grandkids.”

It is not a reassuring prediction. The war in Ukraine is about to enter its third year, the Middle East is aflame, and Western nerves jangle over Xi Jinping’s plans for Chinese “unification” with Taiwan.

Ukrainian servicemen fire a M777 howitzer toward Russian troops at a position near a front line in the Zaporizhzhia region

Ukrainian servicemen fire a M777 howitzer toward Russian troops at a position near a front line in the Zaporizhzhia region CREDIT: Reuters/Stringer

And by the end of the year, Donald Trump, who is on record telling European officials that “Nato is dead,” may once again be president-elect of the United States.

Some officials are openly warning that Britain may be involved in a peer-to-peer conflict within a decade. Some people say the world has never been so dangerous as it is in 2024. Can Lord Robertson reassure us it isn’t?

“Oh, it’s bad,” he says. “People say it’s an incredibly dangerous time. Well, it is. We have never had such a volatility of events, so many things simultaneously happening in politics of both democracies and autocracies. Is it the most dangerous period? No.”

Lord Robertson left Nato in 2003, but never really retired. At the age of 77 he is a frantically busy peer, commuting weekly between Westminster and his home in Dunblane where he lives with his wife Sandra (he also has three grown-up children).

[ . . . ]

“It’s unlike anything in history this period we’re living through,” he says. “It is almost a battle of alliances. The Global South is taking sides and they don’t seem to recognise that they’ve got a dog in the fight – that if you can change borders by the use of force then anarchy is the eventual outcome. The Western alliance is there, but maybe endangered by Donald Trump coming in. We cannot afford to be taken by surprise again.”

It is the vacuum of leadership that bothers him most. Yes, he concedes, the Westerners, including his own generation of leaders, became complacent in the aftermath of the Cold War.

“Even now, when there is a land war in Europe, when we’ve got Ukraine and some other problems – the Prime Minister was reminding us on Monday of how important it was that [Ukraine] gets the equipment. And he still doesn’t say when we will give them a multi-year commitment.”

Lord Robertson talks to troops from the Ukraine and Poland during a joint training exercise in 1998

Lord Robertson talks to troops from the Ukraine and Poland during a joint training exercise in 1998 CREDIT: Adam Butler/PA

This week, Rishi Sunak won a standing ovation in the Rada, Ukraine’s parliament, when he announced a new package of aid. It was a strong speech, and greeted with great relief by Ukrainians who sense a creeping fatigue over the war.

But Lord Robertson fears there is still too large a gap between the bravado of Western rhetoric and the hesitancy of their actions for the Kremlin to take them seriously.

“There is a basic principle in politics: it is not what you say, it is what people hear. We forget that all the time. The only thing that will change Vladimir Putin’s mind – and that’s the mind that dictates what is happening there – is you’ve got to say you are there for the duration. One speech on a Monday afternoon is not enough.

“The money we pay for Ukraine at the moment runs out in a few weeks time in March. The Prime Minister goes out there and makes all the right noises and gets an award and announces £2.5 billion for the next year. What they need is for us to say ‘we’re going to give you £2.5 billion every year.’ Because that’s the only thing that will be heard in the Kremlin.”

He sees a similar problem across the Atlantic. Joe Biden has also shown “timidity” in his response to Ukraine. And Donald Trump has even worse messaging problems.

US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky hold a press conference at the White House in December

US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky hold a press conference at the White House in December CREDIT: AFP via Getty Images

“I was talking to an American congressional delegation this week who were pointing out that, although he was rhetorical about Nato before, he actually increased the American contribution to Nato. The American Congress has now put in place a law that says he cannot withdraw from Nato,” he explains.

“They were saying, ‘Look what Donald Trump did. We are absolutely on the side of the Ukrainians. We just want this deal done’. I said, ‘But that’s not what is appearing in the Kremlin. And that is all they are listening to’.”

[ . . . ]

“I think the next stage for Putin, if he succeeds here, is that you build up another buffer. He will mop up Moldova, Armenia, Kazakhstan – building that buffer in there. There is a timidity both in the White House and in Downing Street and in other capitals in Europe, that they don’t want to escalate.

“You can’t give them long-range weapons because they might use them into territorial Russia and then we will have World War Three. So that fear of escalation is reducing that objective, that Ukraine has got to win,” Lord Robertson explains.

“In my view, again psychologically, we have got to inculcate into the Russian high command the thought that they could escalate and bring about that conflict. Because a conflict with Nato would lead to Russian defeat.”

[ . . . ]

Admiral Rob Bauer, Nato’s current military chief, warned this week that Nato must prepare for all-out war with Russia in the next 20 years. The head of Poland’s national security agency last month gave the alliance’s eastern members just three years to arm themselves.

Defence think tanks are rehearsing a nightmare scenario of Russia launching a surprise attack on the Baltic States, presenting Nato with a fait-accomplis before the alliance can agree on an effective military response.

By exploiting fear of nuclear war, Putin could then seek to persuade European governments to talk rather than fight – avoiding a conventional war (which he would lose), while effectively destroying Nato politically by demonstrating that Article 5 is useless.

Lord Robertson is sceptical. “I don’t think he will cross the Article 5 line. The key thing about nuclear deterrence is you don’t know what we’re going to do. And you can say Trump won’t press the button. But actually you’ve got the French and the British deterrents. And the British deterrent is independent.”

He freely admits he has come a long way from scouting for CND protesters at Holy Loch.

And yet the painting on his office wall is a reminder that there is more continuity than contradiction between the angry young pacifist scouting CND campsites and the peer of the realm putting faith in mutually assured destruction.

It was, after all, a group of former student radicals who resolved to stop Slobodan Milošević’s nascent genocide in Kosovo.

“The French, German, and British foreign and defence ministers around that table were all of that Sixties generation who protested against the Vietnam war,” Lord Robertson recalls. “You had people like Robin Cook, and me, and Joschka Fischer, confronted with something horrible going on, that we can stop.

“We knew what the public didn’t know, about Operation Horseshoe and Milošević expelling an entire population. Are you going to take military action? You have to, when you’re faced with that enormous responsibility.”

In the end, it comes back to the bones beneath the poppies on his office wall.

“We need to look at Ukraine in the same context. Because if they lose – if Putin wins – then we all lose.”

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Will the Globalist Elites Ever Allow Trump Back Into the White House?

by Emmet Sweeney

When the COVID hoax was sprung upon the world in early 2020, conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh was not fooled: the primary purpose of the hysteria and the lockdowns that went with it, he said, was to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump. The lockdowns, said Limbaugh, were designed primarily to wreck the Trump economy and thereby stymie his attempt to remain in office later in the year. The present writer came to the same conclusion, at basically the same time; about the same day as the lockdowns began. Closing the world down over a coronavirus – a type of virus normally associated with the common cold – was an act of unprecedented irrationality that could only have some ulterior motive, and that motive was very evidently not public health.

There were other motives, in other parts of the world, for locking down, but it soon became obvious that an extremely important one in America was to damage Trump.

As it turned out, the wreckage of the economy, by itself, was insufficient to ruin the Orange Man’s re-election chances, and the Democrat establishment (which, since the advent of Trump, has become the main vehicle of corporate and globalist power), was ultimately compelled to steal the election in the most brazen act of political piracy ever witnessed in a modern democracy. Mail-in ballots, stuffed with fabricated Biden votes, continued to arrive at counting stations up to two weeks after the actual election day. When tallied up, the senile old pervert, who couldn’t attract more than half a dozen people to his pre-election rallies, was said to have garnered 81 million votes – twelve million more than the previous popular vote record held by Barack Obama. The establishment, having rubbed Trump’s nose in it by such a move, might reasonably have expected the latter to retire from politics. After all, if they could take the election from him in such a brazen way – one which he almost certainly won by a landslide – why would he even imagine that he could gain the White House again in a future ballot? But Trump has made a comeback, much to everyone’s astonishment (not least, perhaps, his own). To all intents and purposes he now looks set to win the election this coming November in an even bigger landslide than in November 2020, when he took 71 million votes.

Before moving on, it is perhaps necessary to say something about why the establishment loathes Trump so much.

The Orange Man is above all a performer: He made his name as a television reality show host. He is abrasive and he speaks his mind. But his bark is much worse than his bite. His inaugural speech, in January 2017, said to have been written by Steve Bannon, read like a declaration of war. To the excruciating discomfort of the assembled clutch of high class criminals around him, he had the effrontery to call the elites out on the very crimes they were actually guilty of. Hillary, Barack, and George W., who stood close by, must have wondered whether their day in court was fast approaching. Yet nothing (much to the disgust and fury of his “deplorable” followers) happened. Months, and finally years, went by, and still “the Swamp” remained undrained. On the contrary, Trump permitted most of the Swamp creatures in the FBI, CIA and other powerful institutions to hold onto their jobs, and he even employed a plethora of new Swamp creatures, such and Nikki Haley and John Bolton. In the meantime, radicals such as Steve Bannon were fired. It is said that Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her billionaire husband Jared Kushner were the main architects of his policies at this time, but that is irrelevant. The fact is, these were his policies as President and they defined him.

Meanwhile, the Swamp and its inhabitants were by no means inactive: a series of criminal conspiracies which accused Trump of “colluding” with Vladimir Putin of Russia, among other absurdities, were launched against him. One by one these cases were revealed to be fraudulent and illegal; yet nothing was done to bring the perpetrators to justice. Nor has the ousting of Trump during the 2020 coup d’état drawn a line under the attacks. These have continued unabated, both in the billionaire-owned media and in the billionaire-controlled law courts and regional legislatures, where repeated attempts have been made to criminalize The Donald and strike him off the electoral ballots. Lawyers and detectives have been employed to trawl through every detail of Trump’s business and private life in order to find something to charge him with or to disqualify him from standing in the next election. All of these procedures are unethical, mostly illegal, and entirely without precedent.

And speaking of things that are illegal we come, perhaps, to the reason behind the fear and loathing gripping the oligarchy. Over the past few years it has become painfully obvious, to anyone with a modicum of awareness, that there is a two-tier justice system in America: one for the rich and powerful, and another – and far more severe one – for everyone else. The elites, in short, are corrupt, criminal, and unaccountable. Impunity is their middle name. There is no need to go into the financial corruption, which is ubiquitous and brazen. The way in which the Clintons, the Obamas, the Pelosis, and the Bidens have employed their political positions to enrich themselves and their families is common knowledge. Yet it is in their private lives that the most dangerous and personally shameful criminality is perhaps to be found. The Epstein case, sensational and revealing as it is, is almost certainly only the tip of a vast iceberg. A short time ago a list of all those associated with Epstein, which read like a Who’s Who guide to the rich and famous, was released: virtually every celebrity, billionaire, and major political figure in America was revealed to have been an associate of the paedophile pimp. What was not released, however, and what will never be released as long as the elites remain in control, was the mountain of video tapes collected by Epstein showing his celebrity “clients” and friends cavorting with under-age girls. These tapes are allegedly still in the possession of the FBI.

Incriminating as such material might be, it is almost certainly but a small part of what the billionaire class and their friends get up to behind closed doors. Rumours alleging rampant paedophilia in Hollywood have been around for decades, and confirmed by several major Hollywood figures who have dared to break the unspoken code of silence surrounding the topic. And the Democrat Party tapes, released by WikiLeaks, which revealed people like Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta using enigmatic code terms such as “pizza” and “pasta”, which are recognized by the FBI as cyphers used in paedophile child trafficking, have never been explained either by Podesta or his associates. These reveal a potential level of depravity much greater than anything in the Epstein case.

The release of the Democrat emails by WikiLeaks may, at least in part, explain the unrelenting persecution of Julian Assange, which continues to this day.

The elites, in short, have a lot to hide and a lot to be afraid of; a fact which may help to explain their almost pathological reaction to Trump. The Orange Man talks as if he means business, as if he really intends to clean out the Augean Stables that are the halls of power and privilege in the U.S. He didn’t do it in his first term, that is true; yet the way he has been hounded for eight years now has perhaps convinced the elites that this time round he might carry out his threats. As the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, the President has a huge amount of personal power; and the elites have a huge amount of criminal behaviour to hide.

They will not, therefore, in my opinion, permit him to re-enter the White House. Yet how to stop him? He is clearly, even in the opinion of the biased anti-Trump pollsters, the most popular candidate in the country. The attempt to stop him by legal action will almost certainly fail. The accusation that he planned or encouraged an “insurrection” on January 6 2021 is frankly laughable and will unquestionably be thrown out by the Trump-friendly Supreme Court. Another option, which will certainly be considered, is to once again steal the election. That course of action however carries its own dangers. The Democrats were able to get away with it in no small degree owing to the fact that the pre-election polls in 2020 had consistently put Biden ahead. Almost everyone knows that such polls are typically weighted in favour of the Democrats, yet the fact that such was the official prediction at least helped the Biden team argue that his victory was sort of plausible. This time round, that is not an option, as even the most biased anti-Republican polls put Trump well ahead. Stealing the election in November 2024 might perchance this time trigger the very insurrection they accused Trump of in 2021.

I am not a well-connected journalist with access to insider sources; I am a historian, and the job of the historian is a bit like that of a detective. Clues of every kind, very often providing no more than circumstantial evidence, are how the historian and the detective proceed. When a variety of types of evidence begin to point in the same direction, then the historian or the detective can offer a hypothesis about how events unfolded. And very often, the past repeats itself. As such, I would suggest the following as the route by which the elites will proceed.

Perhaps the safest way to keep Trump out of the White House would be to find a pretext for cancelling the election. This would require an almost unparalleled crisis, such as the appearance of a genuinely deadly and fast-spreading virus, a nuclear terrorism incident, or a world war. And there is very good reason to believe that the elites are planning, if not a world war, then a major regional war in the Middle East which will not be far removed from a world war and may even escalate into one.

There is no question whatsoever that the Hamas incursion into southern Israel on October 7 was permitted by the Israeli government to happen. The border between Gaza and Israel is one of the most secure and surveilled frontiers in the world. A mouse could scarcely cross the frontier without being detected. The Egyptian government warned the Israelis several times that a major attack was imminent. They even, as far as I am aware, told them when it would happen. All warnings were ignored. Furthermore, when the attacks did begin, the Israeli army took several hours to respond. Israel is a tiny country, roughly the size of Connecticut. You can drive across it in a couple of hours. Nonetheless, Hamas had several hours in which to wreak havoc in the southern part of the country. Clearly, the Israeli Government wanted the incursions to go ahead, almost certainly as an excuse to invade Gaza in force and “cleanse” the region of Hamas – and much of the Palestinian population.

At this point we need to call a halt. When we speak of the Israeli government we are really speaking of the power which stands behind it: That power is the globalist establishment or “Deep State” based in the United States. The Israelis are currently bombing Gaza with American bombs, and Israel would collapse in a few days without the continued massive military and economic assistance provided to it by the Unites States. In short, Israel’s planned attack on Gaza had to have been given the go-ahead in Washington. Furthermore, the powers that be in Washington must have had a reason for permitting the carnage to take place. That reason became obvious just a few days into the Israeli invasion of Gaza. The media in America and Europe began claiming that the Iranians were behind the Hamas attack, and that Iran was the primary source of all instability in the region. The same media began to warn that “Iran-backed” Hezbollah, based in Lebanon, would also be drawn into the conflict.

Sure enough, within a short time, Israel and Hezbollah began exchanging fire along the Lebanese-Israeli border. The controlled western media immediately proclaimed this as proof that Iran was behind everything.

All of this was and is perfectly in line with a narrative pushed by the Deep State in Washington for several decades; namely that Iran is the West’s and Israel’s major enemy in the Middle East, and that “regime change” is necessary in the country.

It is fairly easy to see that the slaughter continuing day by day in Gaza is intended by the Western elites to provoke Iran, as well as other Muslims in the region, into a major regional war. The recent expansion of that conflict into Yemen, where the “Iran-backed” Houthis are essentially blocking Red Sea shipping, can be seen as another stage in a pre-planned strategy. The elites want a war against Iran. They know perfectly well it will be a massive and potentially catastrophic conflict; moreover, one which is liable to draw in Russia on the side of the Iranians. If the Iranians blockade the Strait of Hormuz, through which passes about 60% of the world’s oil, then there will be a collapse of the world economy. But even that will be useful for the globalist banking and corporate plutocracy: As well as providing an additional reason to cancel the election in November, the collapsed economy will potentially be used as a smokescreen to hide the massive theft and criminality the rich and powerful have been guilty of for decades. (The COVID “crisis” also had this as one of its goals).

This then is how I see things developing in 2024. I could be wrong: I hope I am.

Emmet Sweeney is the author of several works dealing with a radical reassessment of the chronology of the ancient Near East. His latest book, In the Time of the Pyramid-Builders, was published by Algora in autumn 2023.