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Joe Biden: “all to help counter Ukraine’s brutal aggression” !

US President Joe Biden in his own words: “and I shipped an air defense system all to help counter Ukraine’s brutal aggression”. Really, that’s what he said.

Then, more: …”Secretary of State … hm… of the military… hm, the man behind me…”

On to victory! I mean defeat.

US Military “Setting the Theatre” for War with China

Peter Symonds@SymondsWSWS

In a remarkably frank interview with the Financial Times yesterday, the top US Marine general in Japan declared that US-NATO successes against Russia in Ukraine were a product of advance planning and preparations—“setting the theatre” for war in military jargon. That was exactly what the Pentagon was doing in Japan and Asia, he explained, in preparing for conflict against China over Taiwan.

A US Marine launching a Javelin shoulder-fired anti-tank missile during the Resolute Dragon 22 exercise last year. [Photo: Cpl Scott Aubuchon/US Marine Corps]

“Why have we achieved the level of success we’ve achieved in Ukraine?” Lieutenant General James Bierman asked rhetorically. [Success?! What success? Is that an euphemism for total defeat. – Ed.] A big part of it, he explained, was that after what he termed “Russian aggression” in 2014 and 2015, “we earnestly got after preparing for future conflict: training for the Ukrainians, pre-positioning of supplies, identification of sites from which we could operate support, sustain operations.”

“We call that setting the theatre. And we are setting the theatre in Japan, in the Philippines, in other locations.” In other words, the US is setting a trap for China by goading it into taking military action against Taiwan in the same way that it provoked Russia into invading Ukraine following the US-backed coup in 2014 that toppled a pro-Russian government.

Lieutenant General James Bierman is commanding general of the Third Marine Expeditionary Force (III MEF) and of Marine Forces Japan. Significantly, the III MEF is the only Marine crisis response force permanently stationed outside the US. In other words, Bierman and his Marines would be on the front line of any US-led conflict with China.

As the Financial Times explained, the III MEF is “at the heart of a sweeping reform of the Marine Corps.” Its focus is being shifted from the “war on terror” in the Middle East to “creating small units that specialise in operating quickly and clandestinely in the islands and straits of east Asia and the western Pacific to counter Beijing’s ‘anti-access area denial’ strategy.”

The US plans for war against China—known as AirSea Battle—envisage a massive air and missile assault on Chinese military bases and strategic industries supported by warships and submarines. The Pentagon has been increasingly concerned about China’s military abilities to defend its territory and secure neighbouring seas—“anti access area denial” with its own missiles and naval vessels.

US war preparations with Japan are proceeding apace. As Bierman boasted, the two militaries have “seen exponential increases . . . just over the last year” in their activities on territory from which they would operate during a war. In recent exercises, the Marines for the first time established bilateral ground tactical co-ordination centres rather than liaising with a separate Japanese command point.

The aim is far closer integration of American and Japanese forces. Instead of Japanese military groups being rotated to operate alongside US forces in Japan, specific units have now been designated as part of the “stand-in force” alongside their US Marine, Navy and Air Force counterparts.

Bierman also pointed out that similar preparations are being made in the Philippines where the government intends to allow the US to preposition weapons and other supplies on five more bases in addition to five where it already has access. “You gain a leverage point, a base of operations, which allows you to have a tremendous head start in different operational plans,” he enthused.

The US-led war against Russia in Ukraine and its intensifying confrontation with China are two sides of a strategy to dominate the vast Eurasian landmass that threatens to plunge humanity into a nuclear holocaust.

While Bierman is highlighting the advanced operational planning for war with China, it is being matched by huge increases in military spending by both the US and Japan.

Stars and Stripes reported on January 2 that the new US defence budget approved last month by President Biden included billions of dollars for new military infrastructure and strategic initiatives across the Pacific. The Indo-Pacific Command already has some 375,000 military and civilian personnel working across the region.

The Command’s headquarters in Hawaii get $87.9 million for barracks; $103 million for upgrading missile storage facilities; $111 million for a company operations facility, and $29 million for an Army National Guard Readiness Center.

The Navy will receive $32 billion alone for new warships and 36 F-35 aircraft, each costing about $89 million. The funding also includes $621 million for two SSN-774 Virginia class attack submarines that are expected to conduct operations in the Pacific and receive maintenance at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.

To counter Chinese weapons, the Army is upgrading artillery and missile systems, seeking new longer-range cannons and hypersonic weapons while modifying air- and sea-launched missiles and cruise missiles for ground launch by Army units.

The Japanese government announced last month that it would double military spending over the next five years between 2023 and 2027 to about $US80 billion or 2 percent of GDP. The associated national defence documents explicitly identify China as “an unprecedented and the greatest strategic challenge.”

The Japanese military will buy a range of offensive weapons, including cruise missiles like Lockheed Martin’s Tomahawk and Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM). It is also planning to upgrade its own Type 12 guided missiles that can be fired from the surface, ships, or aircrafts to strike naval vessels, and to manufacture its own hypersonic guided missiles.

Japan will also boost its missile sites. It has already begun to militarise its southern islands immediately adjacent to Taiwan and off the Chinese mainland, including Amami, Miyako, Ishigaki, and Yonaguni Islands. Tokyo has deployed or intends to deploy missile and electronic warfare units to these islands, in addition to constructing ammunition and fuel depots.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida set off Sunday on a tour of Europe and North America focussed on bolstering military ties. He will visit both Britain and Italy, which are joint partners in a deal agreed last month to build new advanced fighters. He is also expected to sign an agreement in Britain to establish the framework for visits by each other’s military forces.

Kishida’s final stop will be in the US where he will hold talks with Biden at the White House that will discuss military collaboration, Japan’s purchase of US missiles and efforts to block China’s access to advanced semi-conductors. As part of the US economic war on China, Biden has imposed a series of bans on the sale to China of advanced computer chips or the machinery required to develop and manufacture them. The Japanese defence and foreign ministers are due to hold a round of talks with the American counterparts on Wednesday in Washington.

At the same time, the US is about to conduct a provocative, official trip to Taiwan—an island that it de-facto recognises under the One China policy as being part of China with Beijing as the legitimate government. Terry McCartin, the top US official responsible for trade with China, is due to arrive in Taipei on Saturday to lead a delegation that will include officials from other government agencies.

The visit to Taiwan by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last August, sanctioned by the White House, provoked sharp tensions and a dangerous show of force by both sides in surrounding waters. By strengthening trade and military ties with Taipei, Washington is deliberately pushing Beijing into a corner to force it to fire the first shot in a war over Taiwan that the US has prepared for in advance.

As Lieutenant General Bierman crudely explained: “As we square off with the Chinese adversary, who is going to own the starting pistol and is going to have the ability potentially to initiate hostilities . . . we can identify decisive key terrain that must be held, secured, defended, leveraged.”

What To Give Hitler this Christmas

By John Helmer, Moscow


Set your clocks forward from 1337 and from 1618.

We are in Europe’s second Hundred Years War, and at the end of the first year of Europe’s second Thirty Years War. What we have to look forward to next year is an armistice on the Ukrainian battlefield, but not an end to the war.

This is because President Biden (lead image, front 1st right) aims to fight it until Russia’s destruction, as do Olaf Scholz (rear left), Andrzej Duda (rear, centre), Vladimir Zelensky (rear, right), Giorgia Meloni (front, half, right) and Emmanuel Macron (front, full right). Like the European princelings and principates who fought each other to standstill and penury the last time around, none of them has long to look forward to, and certainly no victory-in-Europe parade.

Russia’s offer to them for the future, for mutual security without defeat on the battlefield, was tabled as treaties of non-aggression and security for Europe last Christmas, on December 17, 2021. After the Russian offer was dismissed by Biden and the others a month later, President Vladimir Putin had no choice but to launch the special military operation. This is now a general military operation because Biden and his allies have committed themselves to that. Scholz’s one hundred billion Euro rearmament of Germany to reinvigorate the war against Russia after the armistice on the Ukrainian battlefield leaves Zelensky’s Ukraine with a future shrinking as fast as his territorial capacity to threaten; Scholz’s Germany ditto.

Hitler is in this picture because the ruination of Europe and the US in fighting this war can only be sustained inside their countries by the methods of fascism – force, fraud and propaganda — which Hitler introduced more systematically than had been attempted before; and before he ran into a Russian army which was magnitudes weaker than it is today.

Today we are in a fresh war for Europe, Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu declared this week. “It is well known that the military potential and capabilities of almost all major NATO countries are being widely used against Russia,” Putin said. “Today in Ukraine, Russia is fighting against the collective forces of the West,” Shoigu added.

In their speeches at the National Defence Control Centre on December 21, they presented the expansion of the Russian Army to a fighting size which has not been seen for a hundred years, with capacities which have never been seen before.

A day later, General Valery Gerasimov (right), the Chief of the Russian General Staff, added details in his briefing to foreign military attachés in Moscow. He also redrew the map of the general war from the 815-kilometre Ukraine front northwards to the continental shelf beyond Russia’s exclusive economic zone in the Arctic, and southwards to the Asia-Pacific region from the Russian Kuriles to US bases around Darwin, in Australia; that’s a front of almost 6,500 kms.

The Russian warfighting clock – that’s the one on the wall of the General Staff — started when the troops of the British and their empire, allied with the US, Germans, French, Czechs, and Japanese started their march toward St Petersburg and Moscow in 1918; the Japanese reopened their offensive in 1937; the Germans in 1941.

Next to this clock on this wall are the invasion maps of 1918 and 1941. They are more than souvenirs of Russia’s defeats of every invasion attempted against the country over the past hundred years. They are the reminder for those Russians who believed until February 24, or who still believe, that non-aggression security pacts with the US and NATO and a peace treaty with Japan can be negotiated, signed and honoured with the leaders of those countries – without an armistice enforced by the Russian Army. It is now clear that without that, treaty papers are fraud and propaganda, and therefore worthless in the territorial defence of Russia. Force, fraud and propaganda, we must keep repeating, are the methods of fascism.




In retrospect, you can see that all the arrows on these maps represent the hopes of those states whose leaders are now aiming to try again. Their propaganda keeps reassuring them that the hopes will not be in vain this time round – that they are already winning against Russia. If you let hopes like these come down your chimney this Christmas, you had better have an alternative source of supply of heat, light, and water.

This is the season for hope, and even in war hope dies last.

That was the 168th of Francois de La Rochefoucauld’s maxims, to which he added: “though it be exceedingly deceitful, yet it is of this good use to us, that while we are traveling through life it conducts us in an easier and more pleasant way to our journey’s end.” Himself one of the great losers in the civil warfighting of 17th century France, La Rochefoucauld was in chronic pain from battle wounds when he composed that one. Much earlier he had composed his 38th maxim: “We promise according to our hopes; we perform according to our fears.”

The task of our work this year past, and for the new year coming, is to report the hopes and fears of others – the Bears with whom we have been dancing these past 33 years – and to perform according to the truth. Fears we have for them, to be sure, as for ourselves. But if we perform according to our fears, then we too will turn into fraud and propaganda. We count on you, dear reader, to keep watch.

This War is Existential for the US, and the US Will Lose It

Disclosure: We are posting this only as an exhibit piece that proves the desperation and the madness of the West. As it is confronted with its imminent demise, instead of having the maturity to negotiate the sunset of its empire, it now doubles down threatening direct war with China over Taiwan, while dreaming of seeing the President of Russia in a cage. Demented.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said his country is in talks with G-7 nations to set up a war crimes tribunal which would investigate and punish Russia and its top officials and military leaders for “war crimes” committed amid the ongoing invasion, especially after some 440 “unmarked” graves were found in Kharkiv Oblast.

“This is an extremely important direction, which is important both in the context of European integration and in the context of the internal transformation of our state,” Zelensky said in reference to the EU recently bestowing ‘candidate status’ on Ukraine.

His comments came in an address to the nation Friday, just a day after EU chief Ursula von der Leyen visited the war-ravaged country and said in an interview that she wants to see Russian President Vladimir Putin face the International Criminal Court over war crimes.

Widely circulating photograph of grave site in Izium, which has become focus of war crimes allegations.

“That Putin must lose this war and must face up to his actions, that is important to me,” she told German television’s Bild. She expressed that there’s “no doubt” Russian forces have committed war crimes throughout the now seven-month war.

According to The Hill, “Zelensky said the proposal was made during a meeting of a group working to advance Ukraine joining the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), an intergovernmental association of democracies with market-based economies that work to stimulate economic growth.”

Currently, the United Nations said it has dispatched a forensic team of investigators to examine what Ukraine has alleged is a “mass grave” left in the wake of Russian forces’ retreat from the city of Izium in the east. Zelensky in his Friday remarks has alleged “torture chambers” used against civilians were found in the formerly Russian-occupied region. Zelensky has made the claims a focus of his latest charges against Russian troops:

“More than 10 torture chambers have already been found in various cities and towns liberated in Kharkiv region,” he added, describing the discovery of electrical implements for torture.

“That’s what the Nazis did. This is what Ruscists do. And they will be held accountable in the same way – both on the battlefield and in courtrooms,” he said, using the term “Ruscists” for “Russian fascists”.

Like with allegations surrounding Bucha before, reports of the mass burial sites quickly took over headlines in the West.

But curiously, some of the more sensational headlines perpetuated in the mainstream press were quickly and quietly walked back.

For example see the above and below Reuters headlines which came just hours apart…

The discrepancies in current claims, also given there has long been a fierce ‘propaganda war’ raging from all sides which is typical of any war, has led a number of independent analysts to examine the circumstances surrounding Izium.

For example, the analysis website Moon of Alabama concludes after a detailed look at the allegations of “mass graves” that “There is otherwise nothing unusual with that graveyard. During a war people on both sides die. Civilians suffer as much as soldiers while fighting around them is going on.”

“The city had been heavily defended by the Ukrainians and it took the Russian military the whole of March to take it,” the report continues. “A lot of the buried casualties were likely killed by artillery fire. There is no way to tell from which side that fire had came,” it adds.

Below: an Associated Press photo and caption…

Amid continued calls for an international inquiry into what happened at Izium and other places where Russian forces have been newly driven back amid Ukraine’s counteroffensive in the east, the Kremlin has vehemently denied carrying out the alleged atrocities.

While in Uzbekistan for last week’s Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit, President Putin didn’t address the allegations directly, but stressed Russia is ‘not in a hurry’ in terms of achieving its goals during the “special operation” in Ukraine.

Hungary and Turkey: More on the Fake War

by Claudiu Secara

Part I: The Fall of Europe

Part II: The Fake War

Part III: More Evidence of the Fake Wars

Part IV: Hungary and Turkey: More on the Fake War

One glaring red flag in the current stand-off between Russia and the West is the positions of Turkey and Hungary vis-a-vis Russia. Turkey was an arch enemy of the Russian Empire since the 16th century; they fought hundreds of battles over territory around the Black Sea – which enabled Russia to slice away, little by little, Ottoman Empire lands that are part of what is known today as Ukraine (mostly the lower half). In the Crimean War (1853-56), Russia was defeated on behalf of the Turks by the coalition of England and France, who actually carried the brunt of the war, but then in the Russian-Turkish War of 1877, Russia successfully advanced into the Balkans for the first time and came very close to the heart of the Ottoman Empire which, by now, was crumbling.

The Turks were never happy about the loss of their empire, a loss that was caused largely by Russia’s aspiration to gain access to warm water ports. In the previous centuries, Russia had been fighting for access mainly to the Black Sea, but the end of the WWI and the dissolution of the fiery Ottomans legitimized Russia’s unimpeded access to the Mediterranean. This was sealed through the Montreux Convention of 1936. This meant a total loss of face for the Turks, who could no longer exercise full control over their own internal sea, the Sea of Marmara.

Turkey was a less critical participant in WWI, as the main theater of operations was in continental Eurasia. Still, its importance is clearly demonstrated by the fact that Turkey was and remains to this day the only non-European member of NATO and the only non-Christian nation as well.

For 70+ years, Turkey was NATO’s most forward line of offense against Russia (formerly the Soviet Union). Turkey was the most forward trench, or better, moat, that would block Russia’s room for maneuver outside of its limited northern lands bordering the Black Sea.

Then came the Syrian war. What happened? Something very murky. We are told there was some plot by “Gulen sympathizers”, supported in secret by no less than the US government, to overthrow Erdogan. Why? Because.

Then, the story goes, Putin, fond of his direct adversary, decided to throw a lifeline to the drowning Erdogan. He tipped him off about the plot, which Russia was privy to (but not Erdogan’s own secret service) and, through some dramatic flight to safety, Erdogan kept his head and his scepter.

Making this all the more of a thriller is that little incident that took place just a few weeks earlier, when a Turkish fighter jet downed a Russian jet in a direct act of war.

So, who was/is at war against whom?

This whole episode was meant to turn the only country that could actually block Russia from reaching out to its ally Syria into the best friend of Russia, on its western borders. Without Turkey, Russia’s hand in both Syria and Ukraine would be very precarious – militarily and economically. While Poland, the Baltic states, and especially Ukraine are steadfast in opposing Russia, Turkey is undermining the West -and the Eastern European opponents of Russia – for no obvious reason. Turkey is now the gateway for Russia’s gas to Southern Europe, it is one of her largest trade partners (bypassing western sanctions and allowing the importation of gadgets banned in the West and other forbidden goods), it is the one country who helps the rubles-only Russian tourists to enjoy wonderful balmy vacations, etc.

And then there is another subplot. Even while saving Russia in the pipeline war with the West, Turkey convinced the Ukrainians that it is a trustworthy guarantor of their security and is fully on board with the Ukrainians’ aspirations. That is until yesterday when, in another coup de théâtre, Ukraine decided to add these very security guarantors, the Turks, to their hit list as enemies of Ukraine. Again, who is the enemy of whom, here?

Now, how can one explain all these theatrical events, or rather coups de théâtre, twists and reversals of the plot?

Now, let’s look at Hungary, on another European flank of the Russian Empire. The unfriendly nations of Austria and Hungary. Both fought bitter wars with Russia for centuries on end. Austria and its sidekick, Hungary, were engaged in wars with Russia since the 17th century. Most important, though, is the year 1848 when Russian troops quashed a budding revolution in Hungary. This open enmity culminated in 1956 with the Hungarian uprising, put down again, in blood, by the Russian army. Hungary was always at the frontline of anti- anything Russian, while the Austrians can still remember their glorious days before the loss of their imperial territories to, mostly, Slavic brothers supported by the Big brother in the East.

And now? Australia’s Foreign Minster, Karin Kneissl, famously celebrated her wedding dancing with Putin in Vienna. Both, Hungary, very openly, and Austria, more discretely, are voicing support for the Russian point of view in Ukraine and are against the West’s economic war against Russia. How is that?

Victor Orban, the ubiquitous prime-minister of Hungary, made a political career out of his unblemished record as a warrior against communism, against totalitarianism, against the Soviet occupiers. A nationalist bordering on chauvinistic tendencies, a very tribal defender of Magyar ethnic interests, he switched sides and is now a champion of the Russian cause. Hungary defies the West at the risk of losing its substantial financial support, its reputation as a reliable partner of democratic alliances, etc.

What motivates the elites of these two countries to turn their backs to the luring West and make a dramatic break with them in favor of the upstart Russia?

So, what could possibly explain such support from two countries that were archenemies of Russia through their history? And, furthermore, two countries very critical to the geopolitical and geo-strategic actions by Russia in Ukraine. Yes, they are nationalists and yes they see the writing on the wall, one can say. But so was Milošević a nationalist, though he was not tolerated by the West for five minutes despite Serbia’s independent, pro-Western’s position since the WWII vis-a-vis the Soviet Union. Then you have Ceaușescu of Romania, who had pursued a pro-Western policy, pretty much anti-Russia for almost 30 years. The West executed him like a dog.

But they have been tolerating both Orban and Erdogan for a long time including in these very critical days, while both openly defy the West, and, furthermore, are helping the enemy.

I have only one explanation, and that is that the “West” is made up of two “Wests”. One that is the visible one: the quintessential belligerent Biden, the witchy Pelosi, the octogenarian sinister Soros, the scheming Schumer, etc.

But there is another “West” that we don’t see and that makes sure that Auntie Ursula makes a fool of herself every time she opens her mouth in public. They make sure that the sexy prime minister of Finland is videoed getting caressed by a man who is not her husband, that Biden is noted for being a creepy semi-demented old fool, and that Pelosi is an old hag, past her expiration date. And, more importantly, it is the same party within the West that will help to bring about the defeat of Ukraine and the defeat of the old colonial supremacy of the West.

In other words, there is a lot more to the strategy employed by Moscow in pursuing the West. It is not just the singular anti-Western heroic Putin on one side and the block of the West on the other side.

The second “West” is leading the West, in my opinion, from behind, to its great awakening and demise; Saving the West from itself.

Europe Today as Led by Housewives

While the EU is going into the Middle Ages, Ursula still wants to arm Ukraine with tanks… They are closing their smelters and the iron factories, how are they going to arm themselves?

“This is a fight about the victory of democracy and the defeat of autocracy.”

She is speaking of democracy defeating autocracy while she is not an elected official, no one voted for her.

Oh, we have the answer, it is the Open Society. Soros will provide his billions. But, but . . . he has no gas, nor petroleum. His organization worked for 25 years to undermine Russia, but his men missed the main point in the plot: the energy. Oooops…

Quit Relying on Political Masters and Elections to Save You

By Gary D. Barnett

“The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.”

~ H.L. Mencken

Rarely do I wander into political arguments, or discuss politics in any manner other than to denounce all government and governmental procedures as completely insane. The most prolific liars, thieves, and murderers are politicians, and those who control them. Actually, the entirety of all politics is criminal, and ridiculously asinine. With that said, the population at large in this country, whether they participate in the idiocy of voting or not, accept the premise that politics and government are a necessity for life, and that humanity has not any ability to function properly without a governing force ruling over them. In simple terms, what this means is that almost the totality of the entire populace has accepted a master and slave relationship that requires extreme force in order to exist and survive. Under these conditions, freedom is an impossibility that cannot ever be achieved.

While this political system, and all government, has always been atrocious in nature, it has now become nothing more than a circus based only on absurdity and evil, and presented to the ‘average’ man as essential in order for a ‘rule-based’ society to function. In this light, the governing body pretends to be the protector and savior of the masses. This lie has been perpetrated throughout history, but has served the master class well. It has fooled the bulk of society who have voluntarily accepted this ruse to such an extent, that they actually continue to believe that they control their own destiny and have a say in their fate due to supporting one or the other trimmer seeking power over them in this illegitimate political scheme.

The party system is the driving force of acceptance, and the safety blanket for much of the population, but it always pits one side against the other when both (all) are supposed to be working toward the exact same goal of doing what is ‘right’ for the ‘people.’ How can this idiocy be believed? The entire political class, regardless of any feigned ideological differences, promises to take care of all citizens, protect their freedom, secure their ‘rights,’ and defend them from harm. These are of course all lies, but this should be completely obvious to any with the ability to think.

The latest round of ‘voting’ to choose the ‘supreme leader’ of the American people was a spectacle so difficult to believe, and so circuslike, that it defied all logic and imagination. Nothing could be more laughable, but it boiled down to Trump against Biden. How much more ridiculous could this circus be? Two buffoons; one whose brain was completely compromised, and one whose ego was such as to indicate self-adoration and pompous lunacy in the face of pretended intelligence. This would be comical except for the reality that one of these vile power-seekers had to be selected to ‘lead’ this country as proxy for the real power.

Biden was ‘picked’ this last time around, but I want to mainly focus on Trump, as it seems he may be ‘selected’ as the possible agent of the master class in 2024 for the Republicans. This could be so for a couple of reasons, including to stir up so much left/right hate as to stoke a civil war of sorts, where martial law could be fully activated and implemented. The other possibility of course would be to have him there to continue supporting and enforcing extreme tyranny on the path to global governance, just as he did when he was president during the last cycle of totalitarian rule.

Trump of course, like all high-level politicians, exposed to all who can see, that he is a hypocrite, a liar, a cheat, a tyrant, a warmonger, and a murderer in that he authorized terror against others here and around the world. Harsh words you might say, but all true.

The problem though, is that Trump is a cult figure, and most who support anyone with an R behind their name, tend to look upon him as some sort of political god, who is not only backed in many cases unconditionally, but worshipped. This is similar to the Democrats worship of the evil Obama.

Trump made so many promises, but failed in most all, while pushing forward every agenda necessary in order to promote the new world order, just as he was instructed to do. He did this all the while pretending to do the opposite, and his followers took the bait hook, line, and sinker. This requires a very sophisticated’ propaganda machine working continuously to fool the herd of sheep who take up space in this country. On one hand, there is the left opposition, which just by their unbridled hatred strengthens the Trump camp, while the Trump supporters just become more and more obnoxious in their quest to ignore reality. Most of the right media, and much of the alternative media, including a large percentage of so-called ‘libertarians’ as well, promote Trump as savior, while failing to report his part in the destruction of this country, which is staggering.

Two-faced politics took on a new meaning with the Trump presidency, as taking both sides of an issue was a Trump specialty. In addition, the most extreme, tyrannical, and freedom destroying policies to date, came from the Trump administration. While he was in office, his Republican base cheered, regardless of the carnage, but once he left office, that same base blamed all ills, economic destruction, and tyranny on Biden, ignoring the entire past and Trump’s policies. Biden is nothing more than a perverted, brain-dead, leftist politician, but he does not even know where he is or what he says. This is no praise or defense of this evil political monster, but he is not running anything, which means that Trump is much more cognizant of his actions, and therefore more responsible.

It would be impossible to list and describe all of the corrupt and heinous moves made by Trump and his handlers in any essay, or even a book of essays. As to ‘promises’ broken, the most honest answer is most all were broken. I will only concentrate on a few of the most egregious and terroristic policies that caused so much harm, economic catastrophe, and death.

Trump strengthened government and government enforcement on many fronts. Many of his choices of advisors and cabinet members were atrocious, including Pompeo and Haspel to name just two neocon terrorists, and he kept Fauci and Birx on board during the most horrendous destruction this country has ever encountered in the fake ‘covid’ pandemic scam. The deficits and debt soared astronomically; the opposite of what was promised. Taxes only increased while spending and ludicrous money printing out of thin air skyrocketed. There was never an ‘audit’ of the Fed of course, regardless of guaranteeing that audit in his first 100 days in office. The continued aggressive wars, bombing and murder of innocents in Yemen, Syria, and elsewhere, including the continued presence of troops in Afghanistan, were pursued. One after another promise was not only ignored, but completely reversed.

The list of lies and atrocities is endless under Trump, but the worst was saved for the scam called ‘covid.’ In 2019, government spending was record-breaking, eclipsing over $4.5 trillion, and in 2020, spending was almost $7 trillion dollars. Deficits and debt were out of control, as this country fell into the worst times in its history. This began with Trump’s declaring a national emergency, turning every governor in every state loose to tyrannize every citizen. Of course, Trump vowed to go after any governor if they shut down the state or locked down the populace, and said he would never allow it, and said very aggressive measures would be forthcoming.

Only 7 states did not fully close down, but all still had massive restrictions on some or many businesses, including South Dakota, which did not mandate closings. Economies in all 50 states were decimated, and Trump did absolutely nothing to stop it. He could have rescinded the national emergency order at any time, thereby taking power out of the hands of the states, just as he said he would, but this was just another lie.

We all know what happened since that time. The economy was destroyed, travel was mostly eliminated, totalitarian policies ran rampant, loss of jobs was tremendous, psychological torture of the citizenry commenced, bankruptcies and small business devastation were rampant, police brutality and allowed terror by criminal groups like BLM and Antifa were allowed to take place, hyper-inflation occurred, as prices soared beyond imagination. Deadly mask mandates and ‘social distancing’ idiocy was ordered. This harmed everyone, except those large, rich, and protected and funded businesses supported by the Trump administration, the central banks, and the Treasury.

And then there was the bioweapon injection. Trump first said that ‘coronavirus’ was not a big deal, which was actually true, since there never was any virus called ‘covid’ or any pandemic. Shortly thereafter, he claimed he created and oversaw “Operation Warp Speed,” and said he was the “Father of the vaccine.” He changed his tone and comments on a regular basis throughout, from one position to the opposite position constantly. He said he was defunding the WHO, while at the very same time, giving almost $1.2 billion to GAVI, Bill Gate’s organization, and therefore a backdoor funding of the same WHO. Contradiction and hypocrisy abound in everything Trump says or does.

Another presidential election is coming in two years. Trump is likely to run, but at this point, who knows? Trump worshippers are delusional, and cannot see the absolute idiocy of all that he has done and said, all the lies and hypocrisy, and the immense damage caused by his presence in the White House. All presidents are evil and horrendous puppets, regardless of party affiliation, but the Trump supporters have lost all sanity in believing he is their savior, or a savior of anything or anybody. To be fooled by such obvious trickery and religious worship, and by an egotistical and arrogant stooge such as Trump, is a pathetic analysis of a large contingency of Americans.

The entirety of this political process is collectivist madness. Quit relying on political masters and elections to save you. Vote for no one; get rid of them all!

Biden’s Hateful Rhetoric Against Americans Presents GOP With A Sterling Opportunity

Authored by Rajan Laad via American Thinker (emphasis ours),

Whenever political leaders lose all political capital due to their misgovernance and have no real issues to base their campaign on, they often resort to focusing on the symbolic — usually referring to ‘the soul of the nation.’

This happened before in the U.S., it happened in India, it happened in the U.K. and it happened again in the U.S.

This is most typical of the left.

Instead of being humble and conceding their mistakes, they attack voters for thinking of voting against them while overlooking the myriad catastrophes they presided over. 

They often blame their opponents for what they are guilty of — i.e., bigotry and violence, and then end with the ‘soul’ plea.

Biden delivered his ‘soul’ speech at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, the birthplace of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

The manner of delivery was unhinged; he frequently waved his fists aggressively. His voice was hoarse, perhaps owing to recent bouts with Covid-19, giving the speech a scornful tone. 

Biden spoke flanked by uniformed Marines, while his backdrop was bathed in blood-red hues making it look like an ominous hellscape.

Twitter video screengrab

His speech was a sequel to his recent addresses where he claimed that he doesn’t respect MAGA Republicans and that MAGA philosophy is like “semi-fascism.”

Biden called for Americans to “unite behind the single purpose of defending our democracy regardless of your ideology.”

But Biden added a caveat that this didn’t apply to “MAGA forces’ — i.e., all those scores of millions who voted for and intend to vote for MAGA candidates.

Biden said that “too much of what’s happening in our country today isn’t normal.”

Biden is right here, but the blame for this lies on him.

Never before have government institutions been hijacked and misused to target political opponents.

Never before has a virus been misused to impose lockdowns that infringe on the right to freedom of movement and the right to earn a living.

Never before have vaccines been mandated causing people to be fired from their jobs or suffer from health issues.

Never before has the U.S. government demonized its own citizens, calling them domestic terrorists.

Never before has the U.S. government set up a ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ that sits in judgment of the utterances of citizens.

Never before has the U.S. been subjected to prolonged disinformation campaigns, the Russian collusion hoax, the Ukraine call hoax, and now the insurrection hoax.

Never before has the U.S. had a president whose cognitive abilities are so impaired that he struggles to read off a teleprompter and causes citizens to wonder who is in charge.

Biden continues by claiming that the Republican party is “dominated, driven, intimidated by Donald Trump” and his supporters, calling it “a threat to this country” because “they refuse to accept the results of a free election.”

Perhaps Biden forgot the Russian collusion hoax concocted by the Democrats that baselessly attempted to delegitimize the results of the 2016 presidential election. It was the Democrats who refused to accept the results of a free election.

Perhaps Biden forgot that big media and big tech suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop scandal prior to the 2020 elections. A recent poll shows that nearly four of five Americans believe that “truthful” coverage would have changed the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

Perhaps Biden forgot about Mark Zuckerberg spending $419 million to infiltrate sacrosanct electoral infrastructure of the 2020 elections and push for mail-in voting.

Perhaps Biden forgot that 69% of voters nationwide cast their ballot nontraditionally i.e., by mail and/or before Election Day for the 2020 elections. Mail votes are highly vulnerable to fraud.

Biden also alleged that the “MAGA forces” are aligned with white supremacists, violent extremists, and other undesirables.

Perhaps Biden forgot violent Democrat extremists threatening Supreme Court Justices, vandalizing Catholic churches, pregnancy centers, and the offices of pro-life groups. There was an assassination plot against Justice Brett Kavanaugh,

Biden also accused “MAGA Republicans” of seeing a country consumed in “darkness.”

Perhaps Biden forgot that his misgovernance is the sole cause of darkness.

The open borders have caused an influx of illegal immigrants, some of whom are violent criminals. More than 4.9 million illegal migrants have crossed the southern border. 

The smuggling of illicit drugs across the border is a regular occurrence. There were an estimated 100,306 drug overdose deaths in the United States during the 12-month period ending in April 2021, an increase of 28.5% during the same period the year before.

Inflation is at a very high 8.5 percent, causing the price of essential items to skyrocket. The price of fuels continues to be high.

The crime wave is ravaging the nation and Democrat judges refuse to prosecute misdemeanors such as drug possession, driving offenses, disturbing the peace, shoplifting, larceny, domestic violence, etc.

None of Biden-backed initiatives such as the Inflation Reduction Bill or the infrastructure bill or his climate initiative or pardoning Student Loans will reduce people’s suffering, in fact, wasteful spending will make inflation worse. 

Biden’s ‘gun safety’ red flag laws allowed instant confiscation of guns on mere suspicion; this endangers lives, especially considering the crime wave.

Biden has thus not only taken the nation into darkness but his misgovernance will blacken the darkness even further.

Biden perfunctorily claimed that “not every Republican, not even a majority of Republicans, are MAGA Republicans; not every Republican embraces their extreme ideology.”

If that were indeed the case, and the MAGA movement was just a small minority, why did Biden base his entire speech on an insignificant minority?

This was an attempt to distinguish between the Good Republicans (Lincoln Project, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, and company) vs the Bad Republicans (Trump and the MAGA GOP). The truth is the “Good Republicans” are useful idiots, who will instantly become bad if they dare to run against Democrats.

Most Americans disapprove of Biden; that number is likely to rise after his hateful rhetoric.

The purpose of the address was to demonize, dehumanize and otherize Donald Trump and his supporters, which would justify any kind of persecution by government agencies.

This also creates grounds for the Democrats to reject the outcome of the midterms should the GOP, particularly the MAGA GOP win by a landslide. They could claim to stand against fascist forces. The Democrats have broken every immutable norm in recent times; they already attempted to overthrow the 2016 election; they could very well do this for the midterms.

But there is a silver lining.

Despite claims that the speech would be apolitical, Biden delivered a campaign speech.  However, it wasn’t for the Democrats it was instead for the Republicans and Donald Trump.

Even personnel from Democrats’ mouthpieces such as CNN and the Daily Beast weren’t impressed

Upcoming Civil War Gets in High Gear

Biden Attacks ‘MAGA Republicans’ in Angry Speech, Labels Them ‘Threat’ to Democracy | 1 Sept 2022 | Joe Biden attacked supporters of former President Donald Trump in a speech Thursday evening in Philadelphia that many across the political spectrum viewed as divisive, castigating large scores of Republican voters as “extremists” and threats to democracy. “Too much of what’s happening in our country today is not normal,” Biden said. “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” “They fan the flames of political violence,” Biden added. Biden’s remarks come after earlier attacks on Trump supporters in which he claimed many Republicans had embraced “semi-fascism” during a Democratic National Committee fundraiser. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has largely doubled down on Biden’s rhetoric, arguing that Biden’s characterization of many Republicans as “extremists” was accurate as they allegedly don’t share the beliefs of the majority of Americans.

Joe Biden Declares War: ‘MAGA Republicans a Clear and Present Danger – MAGA Republicans Embrace Anger, Thrive on Chaos, Live in the Shadow of Lies’ | 1 Sept 2022 | Joe Biden started his speech Thursday night attacking President Trump and his supporters — 75 million Americans. Joe Biden calls MAGA Republicans “a clear and present danger to our democracy.” (Video)

Disgraced Former FBI Official Andrew McCabe Says Joe Biden Didn’t Go Far Enough Threatening MAGA Republicans | 1 Sept 2022| Disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on Thursday evening said Joe Biden didn’t go far enough threatening Trump supporters. Joe Biden on Thursday evening declared war on Trump supporters in a divisive prime time speech on the “battle for the soul of America” from Philadelphia. Joe Biden called 75-plus million Trump supporters “a clear and present danger to our democracy.” …This wasn’t enough red meat for the rabid former FBI Deputy Director who got fired for lying to federal investigators. McCabe told a CNN panel that Joe Biden should have talked about what he’s going to do to take care of the problem – the problem being the millions of Trump supporters. “People would like to have seen a bit more references to accountability. There really wasn’t much talk about what we’re doing about those insurrectionists,” McCabe said. McCabe, Biden and leftists like them won’t be happy until every Trump supporter is locked up or dead.

Over 50 Biden Administration Employees, 12 US Agencies Involved in Social Media Censorship Push – Documents | 1 Sept 2022 | More than 50 officials in Joe Biden’s administration across a dozen agencies have been involved with efforts to pressure Big Tech companies to crack down on alleged misinformation, according to documents released on Aug. 31. Senior officials in the U.S. government, including White House lawyer Dana Remus, deputy assistant to the president Rob Flaherty, and onetime White House senior COVID-19 adviser Andy Slavitt, have been in touch with one or more major social media companies to try to get the companies to tighten rules on allegedly false and misleading information on COVID-19, and take action against users who violate the rules, the documents show. In July 2021, for instance, after Biden said that Facebook was “killing people” by not combating misinformation effectively, an executive at Meta reached out to Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, a Biden appointee, to say that government and Meta teams met after the remarks “to better understand the scope of what the White House expects from us on [alleged] misinformation going forward.”

‘Censorship Enterprise’: Emails Reveal Biden Administration Coordinated With Facebook, Twitter | 1 Sept 2022 | Dozens of federal officials across multiple agencies within the Biden administration communicated extensively with social media companies to coordinate censorship of information, according to internal documents released by Republican Attorneys General Eric Schmitt of Missouri and Jeff Landry of Louisiana. Officials within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) sent emails to employees at Facebook and Twitter to flag instances of alleged misinformation and provide talking points to counter allegedly false narratives spreading on the platforms. Government officials would occasionally initiate this activity, with one message from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention official requesting monthly meetings with Facebook to plan “debunking” strategies, and a White House official requesting the removal of a parody Anthony Fauci account. One collection of emails shows Facebook staff collaborating closely with staff at the the Department of Health and Human Services to remove Facebook groups, with one message describing the collaboration as “critical.” Staff from the CDC discussed setting up “regular chats” with Twitter.

Putin has Pulled off a Shock Win that Could Destroy the Free World

by Allister Health via Telegraph

[ . . . ]

We risk ending up with calamitous poverty, civil disobedience, a new socialist government by next year, a break-up of the UK, nationalisations, price and incomes policies, punitive wealth taxes and eventually a complete economic and financial meltdown and IMF bailout. The situation in the EU is, if anything, worse.

This is not a plea for pacifism, for looking away when Ukraine is being illegally invaded by a savage regime. Britain was – and remains – morally right to back Ukraine in a carefully calibrated way. Instead, this is a plea for an economic counter-offensive, for Liz Truss, the next PM, to tackle Putin’s economic and energy war head-on.

Mass, immediate intervention is inevitable, but must be designed to avoid hastening Britain’s shift into demagoguery, welfarism and socialist central planning, all steps down Hayek’s “road to serfdom” that the Leftist and green elites are longing us to take. The wrong response – because too little is done, or because the wrong solutions are chosen – would merely advance Putin’s masterplan to cripple the West.

Cheap and plentiful energy is essential to our consumerist societies. We cannot be delusional about the scale of the developing catastrophe. Household energy and vehicle fuel costs will jump from 4.5 per cent of household spending in early 2021 to some 13.4 per cent by April next year, much higher than at any time during the past 50 years, including the 1970s, according to Carbon Brief. Households may face a rise in energy costs of £167 billion, or 7 per cent of GDP, taking total expenditure to £231 billion, more than government spending on health, and that is before the hit to business is accounted for. The rise for consumers alone is more than the combined defence and education budgets.

This is equivalent to a Depression-style shock. Pay rises will protect some workers at the expense of investors, but – until and unless energy prices fall again – our national living standards will slump massively. The nation is sending tens of billions more abroad to pay for energy imports.

The state can borrow to cushion the blow, reducing future consumption to prop up current living standards, but our impoverishment cannot be magicked away. Coming after years of QE, there is a real danger of excess borrowing triggering even higher inflation, rocketing interest rates, mass repossessions and a banking crisis, so caution is imperative.

There was little the West could do other than rely on hostile Opec nations in the 1970s, the last time an energy war almost destroyed us; but it was an unforgivable error for Europe to become so reliant on Russian supplies, and to fail so miserably to increase domestic energy production. The French even allowed their nuclear plants to break down.

Putin struck at the right time: the zombified Western economy was in the doldrums. Covid was a disaster of unpreparedness and errors, increasing national debts and inflation and entrenching a dependency culture. But the Russian tyrant’s canniest move was to understand just how suicidal our energy policy had become. A toxic brew of net zero ideology, deep hypocrisy about decarbonising without making the nuclear effort, endemic nimbyism, short-termism and state incompetence had radically weakened the West.

There are four broad emergency options. The first is targeted help: anybody under a certain income gets cash from the state, paid for by borrowing. Some needy cases would be missed, however, and can the benefits system cope? The second is to freeze energy prices for all, with the state subsidising the acquisition of gas: this looks “free”, while in fact it massively increases the national debt, as in France. The third is to cut taxes dramatically, something the Left always rejects as “untargeted” or “regressive”. The fourth is to help some or all firms.

Whenever possible, Truss must cut tax; whenever possible, she should target help on families and companies that need it and avoid bailing out the well off; if she must cap prices, given the total collapse of the system, she needs an exit strategy; and she has to launch the greatest, most urgent energy infrastructure programme in history while suspending as many green rules as possible. She needs to work visibly with business, showing voters they are delivering big investments under warlike conditions, reducing the pressure for confiscatory windfall taxes.

On top of the extra debt, all these options come with downsides. All four are being weaponised by the Left to shift politics permanently in their direction. For many activists, this is a useful crisis. They are calling for wealth taxes and income tax surcharges: they claim that this would be “just” if the “rich” benefit from untargeted handouts or price caps. They demand “social tariffs”, where the rich or bigger users pay crippling surcharges.

But once such taxes are imposed, they never go away. In France, the Left are calling for bans on private swimming pools, private planes and even detached housing: permanent green austerity. The Germans are slashing the cost of public transport, supposedly to save energy but really to undermine the private car. In Britain, there is huge support for nationalisations, even though they wouldn’t increase the supply of energy or reduce its cost. Price caps, made mainstream thanks to Theresa May, are now the norm: ever more wages and prices are set by civil servants. Will supermarkets be next?

One paradox of Putin’s neo-Soviet revanchism is that it is strengthening America’s position as leader of the West. The US emerged better from Covid. Its interest rates have gone up faster, bolstering the dollar. Its health care system hasn’t fallen over like the NHS. But it is its energy policy – “Frack, baby, frack”, as the Republicans advocated in the early 2000s – that has been the real triumph. Tyler Cowen, the George Mason University polymath, argues in a Bloomberg piece that “2022 may be remembered as the year when living standards in the US truly pulled away from those in Western Europe”.

Why, oh why, did Britain and Europe allow themselves to become Putin’s hostage?