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Is This Jewish America?

Besides circumcision, there are numerous other signs, small and big, of Jewish cultural influence in the West and especially in the US.

For most cultures, it’s a joy to eat without inhibition from the cornucopia of nature. But Jewish rules regarding food are the opposite.  Prescriptions regarding how to eat and how not to eat meats, fruits, or cheese, etc. are an important part of the practicing ideology for Jews. Don’t eat this or don’t eat that. Or, it has to be prepared only “this way” or “that way”.

Fruits are to be eaten as compôt, for example, that is a widespread belief among a certain category of Jews. What is a delicious treat for most of humanity, a crispy fresh-picked apple, or a juicy mango, a bowl of plump cherries – for some is unhealthy unless it is processed fruit.

And here, below, is a hilariously horrifying, absurd, self-confessed example of an American young woman.  It is a sign of lack of common sense, but at the same time it’s a sign of how the Jewish rules-based eating religion is creeping into the American mindset.

Is Hungary’s Orban Really that Much of an Anti-West Maverick?

By Timofey Bordachev, Programme Director of the Valdai Club

When you read in the Financial Times (or FT to its friends) that the EU wants to destroy Hungary’s economy because of its “recalcitrance,” you should always bear in mind that this is a UK-based newspaper and that the political aim of the publication is to create internal contradictions in the EU after its home country’s exit.

Accordingly, the information given to the newspaper by British officials is primarily aimed at manipulating journalists to create stories that will create additional controversies within the EU and worsen the situation of Germany and France. This is the first thing we have to understand when we talk about political war propaganda.

Secondly, Hungary’s relations with officials in Brussels and the main countries of the bloc are not easy, but they are not linear either. If they were, the Budapest government would long ago have come under more serious pressure, first from Germany, then from France, then from Austria. Together they could have influenced the investment climate in Hungary if they had wanted to. But judging by all their actions, they don’t want to, and there are no examples to the contrary.

Brussels alone will not do anything that Berlin and Paris do not want to do. Indeed, come to think of it, if what FT wrote is true, it is a first in the history of any union – killing a member state to give money to a non-member? It’s completely un-European, somehow.

The Hungarians themselves have a normal, balanced attitude towards the EU. They are positive on economic issues – such as the common market, for example. Another thing is that Budapest knows that it can’t dictate overall bloc policy, and they accept this.

On the issue of aid to Ukraine, the Hungarians will stick to their line, as they have been doing for two years, and they have no reason to change anything here. After all, when it comes to fundamental issues, Orban can go for a coffee during the vote and then complain that the others voted without him. Remember, this has happened before.

Also, remember this, when we read FT’s articles on Russia, we know that they are mostly untrue. So why would Hungary and Germany be treated much better? They are also ultimately London’s opponents.

This article was first published by Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper, translated and edited by the RT team

Bannon Predicts Trump’s First 100 Days Will Set 50-Year Agenda

Ed. Note: Yes from “Unipolar Globalism” to “Multipolar Globalism”.

Authored by Nathan Worcester via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

In an exclusive interview with The Epoch Times, Steve Bannon laid out what the beginning of former President Donald Trump’s second term would look like if he is elected later this year.

The first 100 days of President Trump’s second term will be the equivalent of the first 100 days of FDR [Franklin Delano Roosevelt],” said Mr. Bannon, the host of the “War Room” podcast.

“FDR, in his first hundred days, started the foundations of building the administrative state, the deep state. The first 100 days of President Trump, I think you’ll see the beginning of the deconstruction of that and the destruction of the deep state, along with dozens and dozens and dozens of other policy proposals,” he added.

Steve Bannon in Huntington Beach, Calif., on Sept. 18, 2022. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

How 2024 Differs from 2016

Mr. Bannon served on President Trump’s transition team in 2016 and then as the White House’s chief strategist.

He recalled that former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had put together the future president’s first transition team.

Mr. Bannon dismissed the resulting work product as “a joke.”

“We reviewed it, but we threw that away,” he said. Mr. Christie was quickly replaced as the lead of the transition effort by the president-elect’s second in command, Mike Pence.

“During the first few days on the job, every hour felt like a race,” Jared Kushner, also a member of the transition team, recalled of the opening hours of President Trump’s time in office in his memoir, “Breaking History.”

Mr. Bannon and Mr. Kushner were among the big names who helped set the White House’s initial agenda. Reporting during the Trump administration often emphasized ways the two men did not always see eye to eye.

“President Trump does like to have the tension of different viewpoints and debating things—and the best idea wins. So that’s not a negative,” Mr. Bannon said, likening the dynamics in Trump’s inner circle of advisers to Abraham Lincoln’s cabinet, which also included many clashing personalities.

He predicted “one difference” that would set that “Team of Rivals” dynamic in the second administration apart from what Americans saw between 2017 and 2021.

“You won’t have people that tend to be more globalist. I think you’ll see populist, nationalist people that are fully on board with the outlines and directionally on board with President Trump’s policies,” Mr. Bannon said.

Trump, he added, is “running an anti-globalist campaign.”

President Trump has said neither Jared Kushner nor his wife and President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, will be part of a future Trump presidential team.

“It’s too painful for the family,” the former president told Fox News’ Bret Baier in June 2023.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner attend a welcome ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London on June 3, 2019. (Toby Melville/Pool/Reuters)

‘A LinkedIn of MAGA’

Mr. Bannon said the first 100 days of the first Trump term also suffered because “we didn’t have a deep bench of MAGA-type people that had understood policy or had been in the government before.”

Eight years after 2024, Make America Great Again has a real institutional presence in Washington.

“You have groups like Heritage and others that have made a huge effort,” he said, citing Johnny McEntee, a young Trump insider who is now part of the Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025, officially unaffiliated with any candidate, but seen by many as a blueprint for the second Trump White House with a stronger executive and weakened executive branch bureaucracies.

That slow, steady organizational work is yielding “a LinkedIn of MAGA,” according to Mr. Bannon.

The former White House strategist ran through a list of core Trump policies that President Trump has described in his campaign trail speeches: “Tariffs across the board, sealing our border, mass deportations, starting to rethink our geopolitical alliances.”

While he conceded that some of the president’s priorities would likely require cooperation from Congress, he argued that much of the president’s agenda could be enacted through executive order, or even simply a return to enforcement of the law as written.

Executing MAGA policies requires loyal, competent people.

The new MAGA-inflected institutions in Washington are “building up a cadre, a base of like-minded people that can step into the government and media.”

“I think President Trump’s first days will be very dramatic,” Mr. Bannon predicted.

He foresees an equally dramatic immune response from MAGA foes.

“They will come at him from every different angle, just like they do on the lawfare now,” he said.

Former President Donald Trump sits in the courtroom with attorneys Christopher Kise and Alina Habba during his civil fraud trial at New York State Supreme Court in New York City on Nov. 6, 2023. (Brendan McDermid-Pool/Getty Images)

MAGA Equivalent of New Deal Coalition

Mr. Bannon, a naval intelligence veteran who also previously worked in investment banking and Hollywood, returned to the theme of President Trump as an anti-FDR during his conversation with The Epoch Times.

FDR was elected to an unprecedented four terms, serving through the Great Depression and most of World War II. He ultimately died in office.

The New Deal coalition he forged was a political juggernaut for generations, setting a liberal tone to the national government for much of the next half century. The coalition only began to fragment with the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 and the 1994 “Republican Revolution,” in which Republicans gained control of both houses of Congress for the first time in 42 years.

While a second Trump term could accomplish a lot through executive orders, the reversal of many Trump executive orders at the start of the Biden administration reveals the weakness of governance in that form. To stand a better chance of lasting, MAGA policies emanating from the top would need to be buttressed by MAGA laws promulgated by a friendlier Congress.

Republican skeptics of President Trump are quick to argue that the fruits of his political influence—for example, on the primaries ahead of the underwhelming 2022 midterms—show MAGA isn’t a formula for victory.

But Mr. Bannon envisions a MAGA equivalent of the New Deal coalition capable of implementing an agenda that lasts.

“If we do this right, it’s just the beginning, like FDR’s was, of 50 years of MAGA policies,” he said.

Family “Values” or Good Old Fashioned Corruption?

Family values or good old fashioned corruption? Openly gay, French PM appoints openly gay husband as foreign minister.

Stephane Sejournet, “husband” of French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, has become the new head of the country’s Foreign Ministry, local media report.

We now have the Triumvirate of the closet gay President Macron, his openly gay Prime Minister and the openly gay Foreign Minister as the leaders of the Conservative Catholic France. 

We remember the last French Triumvirate of sorts, having Napoleon as the “primus inter pares”. But Macron? Or maybe Gabriel, or Stephane is the new Primus Inter Trisome?! The new Gay Triumvirate!? O tempora, o mores!.

Xi vs Li

China. Sudden death of Li Keqiang. He was the Prime Minister of China, the 2nd person in the country for 10 years, during the entire Xi government, from 2013 to March 2023. Young to die, 68 years old. Death was sudden. Many will believe that this is not natural. Context is very important here.

1. Li was the leader of the so-called “Komsomol group” in the Chinese elite, the main group alternative to the Xi group.

2. Xi revolutionized China’s political system in 2023. Previously, for 40 years, the leader was in power for 10 years, and then left with his entire team. Xi was in power from 2013 to 2023. And he remains. Apparently for a long time. But many do not agree with this.

3. Recently, it has been very strange that the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs first disappeared and then resigned. And then the head of the Ministry of Defense.

4. Suddenly, soon after their appointment, the head of the Ministry of Finance and the head of the Ministry of Science and Technology resigned.

5. China’s chief epidemiologist Wu Zunyou has died at the age of 60, a Chinese digital media outlet reported, without specifying the circumstances of his death.

6. All these events are quite unusual. And all together they cause a lot of controversy. The general consensus is that there is an intense leadership struggle in China.

7.  When this struggle ends, Greater China’s policies may change.

8. Xi is considered to be bad for the US and good for Russia.

9. Xi’s opponents want to distance themselves from Russia and be more friendly with the United States.

One of them suddenly died.

From the Water Cooler

What goes around comes around.

Won’t be long before you’re called Black immigrants.

Trump supporters accused Antifa of being funded by Soros, turns out Soros was one of Trump’s biggest financial donors.

Meanwhile the antifacists are called fascists.

After 70 years of provocation, Palestine fights back and the West calls them terrorists.

Israeli Jews murder 5500 innocent civilians, women and children, and the West calls the Jews the victims.

The Western poodle governments do so out of fear of America.

Americans are clinically insane. 

That’s all we need to know.

They say who god wishes to destroy he first makes him insane.

Can’t happen soon enough.

Let’s stick to sanity.

On the Russian Soul

“Even if Russia expands its possessions at the expense of neighboring colonies, unlike other colonial powers, it gives more to its new acquisitions than it takes from them. This is not because it is driven by some kind of philanthropy or anything like that. The initial aspirations of all empires are not much different, but wherever the Russian man appears, everything miraculously takes a completely different direction.

Developed in the Eastern Slavs since pre-Christian times moral norms do not allow the Russian man to rape someone else’s conscience. More often out of the ineradicable feeling of compassion rooted in him he is ready to give his last shirt than to take it away from someone. Therefore, no matter how victorious Russian weapons are, in purely mercantile terms, Russia always remains a loser.

Those defeated by it or taken under its protection usually win in the end, keeping intact their way of life and spiritual institutions, despite their apparent insufficiency for progress, as one can easily be convinced after getting to know them more or less thoroughly, increasing their material wealth and significantly advancing on the path of civilization.

Estland (the northern part of Estonia – note) and the Caucasus are illustrative examples of this, for example, they have been despised and raped by their neighbors for centuries, but have taken an honorable place among the nations and achieved incomparable prosperity under the patronage of Russia, while the situation of the Russian people, i.e. the native population of Russia, has not improved at all as a result of the acquisition of Estland and the Caucasus. The latter seems to us a paradox, but this is the reality, the root causes of which lie, undoubtedly, in the peculiarities of Russian morality”.

Sir Roderick Impey Murchison, speaking at a crowded rally against Britain’s entry into the Crimean War famous Scottish scientist-geologist, who named the periods of the early Paleozoic era: Silurian, Devonian and Permian (after the names of the places where he conducted his research). Year 1853.

Cardinal Virtues vs Democracy

The problem is NOT any one system of government—but the lack of Virtue (arete – excellence, moral virtue in ancient Greek).  The Ancients understood this.

The Greeks had the concepts of Manliness, Righteousness, Sophrosyne (ancient Greek concept of an ideal of excellence of character and soundness of mind, which when combined in one well-balanced individual leads to other qualities, such as temperance, moderation, prudence, purity, decorum, and self-control – Wikipedia), Phronesis (wisdom in determining ends and the means of attaining them, practical understanding, sound judgment, from Greek phrónēsis, meaning “practical wisdom, prudence in government and public affairs” in Plato, Aristotle, and other heavy hitters – Wikipedia). 

Lycurgus commanded Virtue for the Spartan Republic.

Remember, Virtus Romana ! — And the mythical Mucius Scaevola, from school?

The writer of II Peter 1:5 “Supplement the Faith with Virtue”. — No church, Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant, has ever complied with that verse. 

Virtue is the antidote to the effects of the original sin. Virtue is character training and morality. It is what makes a person good. People have to be trained to be good. There is no training in The Good in America! 

That is the problem, not the systems of government.  Besides that, a democracy is inherently based on the lowest common denominator and is flawed from the get-go. 

Peasants could obviously complain when they didn’t like something, and they could protest, (sometimes at the cost of their lives) and they could send representatives to speak to the Lord or the King about their grievances. But for the most part, peasants had little interest in the workings of Government.
It was a scam to bring all of these peasants into the public process of government. That’s what “democracy” is. And once you’ve brought them in, you can’t expect them to understand the higher social order and concepts of philosophy, personal morality and virtue because they are not educated, and primarily think about sex, food, and entertainment. 

Now it is even worse, as we have the champions of capitalism (see Bill Gates, Rockefeller, Soros or Musk) who claim their leadership authority emanating from the sum of their bank accounts. No established record of virtue in the service of their society. Greed and Vanity are their only coordinates.

Comments from Around the Water Cooler

Die schwarze Schmach (“the Black Disgrace”) was a German nationalist propaganda term for the African colonial troops deployed by France during its occupation of the Rhineland after 1918. From Wiki:The majority of colonial African soldiers were accused of committing rape and mutilation against the German population. The campaign reached its peak between 1920 and 1923, but did not stop until 1930. Adolf Hitler blamed Jews for bringing the Senegalese into the Rhineland.
Children of mixed parentage were known as “Rhineland Bastards”.

The parallels between 1937 Germany and the present USA situation is before all to see. You cannot unsee it. The level of dissatisfaction and abject hatred between the two political dynasties is starting to boil over. And the average American citizen is watching from the censored sidelines.
I have come to believe that the only way out of this situation is to allow the pending explosion. Do not fight the fire. Throw hi octane gasoline on the conflagration, stand back and watch.
Only then will the hidden perpetrating scum be visible.
If the U.S. is to survive as a republic with freedom for all we must excise these demons from our midst. That is the only way forward.


Can’t count the number of times I’ve been in some group of guys who go on and on about football stats, who should have been traded, who is good at what position, scores, upcoming games and so on. Most players these days are black so it’s rooting for one’s favorite negro. When it comes to something else though they’re all clueless and uninterested. Something like the Ukraine situation they know nothing about but act like they’re backing one team over another. They can’t be bothered to spend a half hour researching the subject before forming an opinion on something but simply parrot what they’ve heard on television. What can you do with this stupid population? They’re just what the elites want, malleable and conformist. People keep doing a geographic, moving around to get away from diversity and other ills of society but everybody is running out of space to run to. If the US collapses it would be a nightmare sci-fi scenario. It could never reconstitute itself seeing as it’s not a country but an economic empire. Take away the imperially supported economy and there’s nothing left but some disparate people with nothing in common.

I recently represented a man on disability for “his back.” Never mind that he weed eats, crawls under cars and can move a refrigerator. He gets $1200 a month as well as $190 per month in EBT (food stamps.)

I ask tons of questions and discover that his father, his brother, his ex- wife, her mother and a sister in law are ALL on disability. They are all white. They all appear that could bust a log over their leg like a twig. They take drugs, drink, fish, fight, and generally have the Life of Riley. They are not getting up in 20 degree weather and hustling to work. They are sleeping late and watching Magnum PI reruns in their dirty Lazy Boys.

So, making conversation waiting for his case to be called up in court, I said: I can’t believe I just paid $6 for a bag of corn chip. His reply? No commiseration or awareness: “I don’t look at prices.” He doesn’t have to acknowledge inflation. He lives in a busted out mobile home that is paid for and so do the other grifters.

Now add millions to that mindset. So here we are, the dumbos who keep working to pay for these leeches. Add in the blacks and the illegals we pay for- and it is demented.

So I ask you: Whose the dummy?


I’ve been criticizing White men for supporting professional “sports” for more than a few decades. I never watched that garbage…
Not only the “Negro Felon League” and the “Negro Basketball Association” but even that bastion of truly white skills, NASCAR has been infected with “woke” ideology. When (((they))) banned the “Stars and Bars” flag, a part of their history, NASCAR sealed its fate, along with the promotion of substandard affirmative action” negro driver “bubba” wallace complaining about “racist” garage door pulls, NASCARs fate was set. To add insult to injury, recently “bubba” wallace’s violent tendencies were on full display.
Let’s not forget the billions spent by White male “sports fans” on negro ball jerseys, caps and other “trinkets”, overpriced game tickets and taxpayer-subsidized stadiums (playpens), all to benefit the (((owners))) of the criminal steroid-addled costumed players who are paid millions of dollars to play children’s games.
“Bread and circuses” which are provided to “quell the masses” are just as successful now as they were in ancient times…
It is disgusting to see White men spout off useless and meaningless sports statistics and the adulation that they give these costumed players (actors). It is just sickening to see White men debase themselves.
I realize that negro ball is “entertainment for the masses” and do look down derisively on grown White men who sport their favorite negro ball players clothing or other accouterments. I think to myself: “don’t you have anything better to do?”
There are much better things for white men to do than watch negro ball sports.
Build something…repair something…study philosophy or technical journals on something that interests you, make something better, improve yourself and your standard of living and devices…use your wisdom and knowledge to get your fellow Whites to THINK for themselves, not what to think, but HOW to think and to not just accept the pablum, lies and falsehoods of the mainstream media and useless professional sports.
Message to White men: Get away from the negro ball. You are much better than that…


If “we” Whites are truly that dense collectively, then I’m not sure that we’re worth preserving at all. Truth be told, we White people are ultimately responsible for our own demise simply because we DON’T have the innate common sense to defend ourselves or preserve our racial identity. This probably serves as a partial explanation for why imprisoned Whites not only don’t band together to defend themselves from $#!+skinned sexual predators, but also why the White supremacists behind bars don’t do so, either. They are the minority of Whites who are racially conscientious and have come to justifiably despise those Whites who are not.

Putting it more succinctly, if Whites don’t band together and stand up for themselves now, why would anyone think they’ll do so at any point in the future? The reality is that we will all continue to act as “lone wolves” in the face of adversity and will be defeated because of our failure to unite. Embedded programming doesn’t change.

It’s Not The Really Blatant Propaganda That Gets You

by Caitlin Johnstone via Caitlin Johnstone

One of my favorite follows on Twitter right now is a smallish account run by an anti-imperialist activist who goes by “Left I on the News”, because he has a real knack for going through articles in the mainstream press and highlighting the mundane little manipulations we’re fed each day to shape our worldview in alignment with the US empire.

One story he singled out recently was a New York Times article titled “Russia Fires Drones and Missiles at Southern Ukraine,” which opens with the line, “Russian forces launched drones and missiles at cities in southern Ukraine from the Black Sea early Tuesday, Ukrainian officials said, a day after Moscow blamed Kyiv for an attack on a bridge linking the occupied Crimean Peninsula to Russia.”

Can you spot anything funny in that sentence? It’s not super obvious at first glance.

“Look how the NYT phrases this subhead to make Russia sound extra evil,” Left I tweeted with a screenshot of the article. “Not ‘a day after Kyiv attacked the Kerch Bridge’, but a day after Russia blamed them for doing it (as if it’s just some wild accusation). Remember — the most effective propaganda is the subtlest.”

“The most effective propaganda is the subtlest” is a phrase you should try to remember, because it’s so very true.

It is indeed ridiculous to try to frame this as some wild accusation by Russia, as though Moscow should have remained open to the possibility that the bridge was struck by Bolivia or Nepal. CNN reports that Ukrainian officials have taken credit for the attack, and just days ago Ukraine’s deputy defense minister publicly acknowledged that Ukraine was behind last year’s attack on the very same bridge. No serious person doubts that Ukraine was behind the attack, including those who support Ukraine.

But that subtle manipulation didn’t really stand out when you first saw it, did it?

As we’ve discussed previously, these subtle little adjustments of perception are what constitutes the vast majority of the propaganda westerners ingest through the news media from day to day. This is because the really overt, ham-fisted propaganda isn’t what’s effective; what’s effective is those sneaky little lies that slide in unchecked underneath people’s critical thinking faculties.

Contrast the above example with the response we’ve been seeing to Yeonmi Park, whose outlandish, larger-than-life propagandistic lies about what it’s like to live in North Korea have turned her into an internet meme. She’s become so widely mocked that even The Washington Post, among the first to help amplify her as a trustworthy North Korean defector after her arrival in the US in 2014, is now openly questioning her credibility.

This is because propaganda only works if it doesn’t ring people’s cognitive alarm bells. You can’t slide propaganda down people’s throats if it triggers their critical thinking gag reflex. If you want to poison someone’s food, you can only pull off the deed if they don’t taste the poison or throw it up before it takes effect.

So most propaganda isn’t of the Yeonmi Park “communists are so poor that they have to eat mud and get out of the train and push it because there’s no electricity” variety. It’s subtle. It’s these tiny little adjustments where US allies are reported on more sympathetically than US enemies, claims made by unaligned governments are reported with much more scrutiny and skepticism than aligned governments, and the sins which take place within the US-centralized power structure are overlooked while those outside it are amplified and condemned.

We’ve been ingesting these tiny little manipulations all our lives like microplastics in our water supply, and they build up within our reality tunnels to significantly warp our perception of what’s going on in the world.

And the fact that it’s been so many tiny little lies over years and years means it’s a lot harder to extract all the perception management from our worldview once we’ve discovered that it’s happening. If it was just a few really big lies we could reorient ourselves toward truth fairly quickly just by recognizing them, but because it’s so very many tiny manipulations it takes years of sincere work to fully free yourself from all the distortions and false assumptions you grew up with.

But it’s worth doing, because positive change can only come from an awareness of what’s true, whether you’re talking about individuals or humanity as a whole. Our task as humans is to come to a truth-based relationship with reality to the furthest extent possible, and that means fearlessly diving headfirst into the long, hard slog of sorting out fact from fiction, one lie at a time, no matter how subtle.