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Marauding and Plundering as State Policy

Sergey Zergulio Kolyasnikov @SergeyKolyasnikov writes : via RT

We live in interesting times. One by one, the masks are cracking. And now U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland is happily announcing that the U.S. administration is gratified to know that the Nord Stream 2 is a pile of metal at the bottom of the sea.

And former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that the Normandy format, which was created to peacefully resolve the conflict in southeast Ukraine, was a “diplomatic imitation.” The same one that resulted in the February 12, 2015 negotiations that produced the Minsk agreements.

We are not accustomed to states’ endorsement of terrorist methods. We do remember how, when Hillary Clinton was US Secretary of State in October 2011, she celebrated the assassination of the head of sovereign Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, and laughed on camera: “Come and see: he’s dead.”

Incidentally, Qassem Suleimani, commander of the Iranian Special Forces Al-Quds of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, was killed on January 3, 2020, in a missile strike ordered by… American President Donald Trump.

Later, in September 2020, U.S. President Donald Trump said on Fox News that he was ready to eliminate Assad, but Pentagon chief Mattis was against it: “I would have preferred to remove Assad.” Everything was in place for that. Mattis wasn’t willing to do that. “Mattis was a highly overrated general.” Even at the time of the interview, Trump regretted that the Syrian president could not be killed.

Why does the U.S. need these wanton assassinations and terrorist attacks? for profit and plunder. In January 2022, a giant convoy of gas tankers carrying stolen oil was spotted in Syria near the border with Iraq. In August 2022, 137 tankers of oil were removed by the U.S. military from Kurdish-held territories in northeastern Syria.

These are just the cases that hit the media. According to the Syrian government, in the first half of 2022, more than 80% of the country’s daily oil production was smuggled out by the US military.

And today, Russia is one of the few countries confronting U.S. terrorism. In August 2022, Vladimir Putin said that U.S. dominance in world politics was on the wane. That American hegemony means stagnation for the rest of the world, for all of civilization, “obscurantism and the abolition of culture.”

Herein lies the fear and hatred of the U.S. towards Russia. After all, “Russia has a nasty habit of actually doing what it says!” as Lieutenant General Mikael Klasson, Chief of Staff of the Swedish Armed Forces, said.

Straight from the Mouth of the Cabal

by Karl HAEMERS via Unz Review

In a recent The Occidental Observer essay titled “Life Without Jews: The Amazing Adventures of Israeli Trans-Pedophile and Tampon-Fetishist Jonathan Yaniv,” author Tobias Langdon recounts the grotesque and perverted—and typically Israeli Jewish—behavior of this being who had the “attention of millions of people around the world” for just one of his/her vile acts.

Inspired by the topic, here we will examine the outrageous behavior of another Israeli Jew who has attracted the attention of many millions around the world. Yuval Noah Harari is described as an “advisor” to the globalist transhumanist cult of power known as the World Economic Forum, whose Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab has openly stated it is developing “a fusion of our physical, biological and digital identities” for all humankind. Amazingly, Harari’s public statements, many of them made from the main stage at the annual World Economic Forum conference where he has become a favorite keynote speaker, are far more outrageous and outraging than even Schwab’s. Almost half the age of Schwab, Harari at 46 is less likely to be an “advisor” than a spokesman for the sociopathic transhumanist futurology the World Economic Forum is not only envisioning, but increasingly imposing over today’s world through its many partners.

Harari’s popularity and influence is immense. From his About website:

Prof. Yuval Noah Harari is a historian, philosopher, and the bestselling author of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, and the series Sapiens: A Graphic History and Unstoppable Us. His books have sold 40 Million copies in 65 languages, and he is considered one of the world’s most influential public intellectuals today.

The World Economic Forum’s bio on Harari further boasts that he has published with the Guardian, Financial Times, the New York Times, the Atlantic, the Economist and Nature magazine. New York Times is of course by the Jewish Sulzberger family, the Economist is still 21% owned by the Rothschilds with Evelyn de Rothschild Chairman for over fifteen years until the late 80s, Nature magazine was co-founded by the early transhumanist Thomas Huxley (grandfather of Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World), the Guardian “has continued its long-standing tradition of liberal [i.e., radical] politics” (primarily globalist), and the Atlantic is currently majority-owned by the Emerson Collective which promotes non-White immigration, works to “combat the achievement gap among students of color,” and engages in “philanthrocapitalism.” Harari has found suitable outlets for his transhumanist ranting, and/or they have found him.

Harari’s first popular book Sapiens is derived from lectures he gave to his undergraduate world history classes. He began his academic career in the program of the Israeli Defense Forces known as Atuda, which allows high school graduates to defer their mandatory conscription in the IDF to attend university, provided they study topics applicable to the military. Harari published such works as “Strategy and Supply in Fourteenth-Century Western European Invasion Campaigns” in the Journal of Military History, and “The Concept of ‘Decisive Battles’ in World History”, among many others. He was exempted from IDF service due to “an undisclosed health problem” but nothing “catastrophic.”

He lives with his husband on a moshav, an agricultural co-operative, outside Jerusalem. Being gay, he says, helped him to question received opinions. “Nothing should be taken for granted,” he has said, “even if everybody believes it.”

Harari’s husband is also his agent and manager, Itzik Yahav. “He likes to say, ‘You don’t understand—Yuval works for me!’” Yahav declined an invitation to have Harari participate in the World Economic Forum, at Davos, in 2017, because the proposed panels were “not good enough.” A year later, when Harari was offered the main stage, in a slot between Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, Yahav accepted.

At his 2018 addresses at the World Economic Forum, Harari’s outrageous statements found their greatest reach. He participated in four speaking events that year, including two panels titled “Questioning Our Human Future” and “Putting Jobs Out of Work.” It was Harari’s keynote lecture “Will the Future Be Human?” that should concern the rest of humanity most. This is Harari’s opening statement:

We are probably one of the last generations of homo sapiens. Within a century or two, Earth will be dominated by entities that are more different from us than we are different from neanderthals or from chimpanzees. Because in the coming generations, we will learn how to engineer bodies and brains and minds.

Harari speaks with certainty and even excitement about processes for which humanity should have a choice. In his view however, this transhumanist future is inevitable.

  • “This will be decided by the people who own the data. Those that control the data control not just the future of humanity, but the future of life itself.”
  • “We have reached the point where we can hack… human beings and other organisms.”
  • “…the rise of machine learning and AI are giving us the necessary computing power. And at the same time, advances in … brain science are giving us the necessary biological understanding.”
  • “You can really summarize 150 years of biological research since Charles Darwin in three words: Organisms are algorithms.”
  • “When the infotech revolution merges with the biotech revolution, what you get is the ability to hack human beings.”
  • “You will not be able to hide from Amazon, Ali Baba and the Social Police.”
  • “Once we have algorithms that understand me better than I understand myself, they could predict my desires, manipulate my emotions, and even take decisions on my behalf. And if we are not careful, the outcome could be the rise of digital dictatorships.”
  • “If democracy cannot adapt to these new conditions, then humans will come to live under the rule of digital dictatorships. Already at present, we are seeing the formation of more and more sophisticated surveillance regimes throughout the world.”
  • “By hacking organisms, elites may gain the power to re-engineer the future of life itself. … This will be the greatest revolution in biology since the beginning of life four billion years ago.”
  • “Science is replacing evolution by natural selection with evolution by intelligent design. Not the intelligent design of some god above the clouds, but our intelligent design. … These are the new driving forces of evolution.”
  • “If we don’t’ regulate (data), a tiny elite may come to control not just the future of human societies, but the shape of life forms in the future.”
  • “As a historian I can tell you two things about the past: … it wasn’t fun … and it’s not coming back. So nostalgic fantasies are really not a solution.”
  • “We had better call upon our scientists, our philosophers, our lawyers and even our poets—or especially our poets—to turn their attention to this big question: how do you regulate the ownership of data? The future not just of humanity but the future of life itself, may depend on the answer to this question.”

Thus Harari ends his address to the WEF in 2018 with a big question. But there can be little question that the answer of who will regulate the data is those “elites” he appears to warn us about. They are the partners in the WEF, which include the world’s most powerful corporations, the governments of most current nations of the globe, globalist “think tanks” and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), the world’s military and intelligence agencies, and above all, the most wealthy and powerful Jewish banking family dynasties that top the pyramid of power. These are the “elites” who will own and control the data, and from that, everything else. Harari must know this, since he is their spokesman. Knowing his people will dominate the elite, a digital dictatorship is a future he is looking forward to.

Looking through these key statements, we see that Harari dismisses God more thoroughly than Nietzsche, and replaces Him with the technocratic “elites” which include Harari himself. This is a distinctly Judaic concept. He impresses the inevitability of his technocratic future, and asserts that we cannot return to an unpleasant past to avoid the challenge. He ascribes an omnipotence in the future to those who own the data, and conveys a helplessness among the rest of humanity before this ultimate power over all of life. The god-like “elites” are watching, and there will be no escape.

Harari allows for no glitches in the programs, no side effects from the technologic hacking of humanity, no machine failures, no problems except “digital dictatorships.” Critiques of his books however are more scathing. Canadian Professor of Anthropology Christopher Robert Hallpike stated in a review of Sapiens that:

…one has often had to point out how surprisingly little he seems to have read on quite a number of essential topics. It would be fair to say that whenever his facts are broadly correct they are not new, and whenever he tries to strike out on his own he often gets things wrong, sometimes seriously. … [W]e should not judge Sapiens as a serious contribution to knowledge but as ‘infotainment’, a publishing event to titillate its readers by a wild intellectual ride across the landscape of history, dotted with sensational displays of speculation, and ending with blood-curdling predictions about human destiny.

This past summer, Current Affairs magazine published “The Dangerous Populist Science of Yuval Noah Harari,” which stated: “The best-selling author is a gifted storyteller and popular speaker. But he sacrifices science for sensationalism, and his work is riddled with errors.”

Last month the German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung called Harari a “brand” created by his partner to sell everything from comic books and children’s stories to videos (a distinctly Jewish approach), and that his fans treat Harari like a “pop star” despite his grim message that humans are obsolete and machines will replace us.

Harari was back as a featured speaker at the World Economic Forum in 2020. He was introduced by the IDF-trained Israeli Jew Orit Gadiesh, who calls herself the “chairman” of Bain Capital (once headed by Mitt Romney), and as I reported in this TOO essay, is on the Board of Trustees of the World Economic Forum. Harari spoke along with the long-time Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte, on the topic “How to Survive the 21st Century.” He may have surpassed his 2018 address in outrageous quotes.

  • “…three problems pose existential challenges to our species … nuclear war, ecological collapse and technological disruption.”
  • “…technology may also disrupt human society and the very meaning of human life in numerous ways, ranging from the creation of the global useless class to the rise of data colonialism and of digital dictatorships.”
  • “…automation will eliminate millions upon millions of jobs.”
  • “…the automation revolution … will be a cascade of ever bigger disruptions.”
  • “In the past, humans had to struggle against exploitation. In the 21st century, the really big struggle will be against irrelevance. And it’s much worse to be irrelevant than to be exploited. Those who fail in the struggle against irrelevance will constitute a new useless class. People who are useless, not from the viewpoint of their friends and family of course, but useless from the viewpoint of the economic and political system (sic). And this useless class will be separated by an ever growing gap from the ever more powerful elite.”
  • “…AI will likely create immense wealth in a few high tech hubs, while other countries will either go bankrupt, or become exploited data colonies.”
  • “…the other major danger we face is the rise of digital dictatorships, which will monitor everybody, all the time.”
  • “We humans should get used to the idea that we are no longer mysterious souls. We are now hackable animals.”
  • “If this power (to hack human beings) falls into the hands of a 21st century Stalin, the result will be the worst totalitarian regime in human history.”
  • “If we allow the emergence of such total surveillance regimes, don’t think that the rich and powerful in places like Davos will be safe.”
  • “…the ability to hack humans might still undermine the very meaning of human freedom.”
  • “…humans will simply not be able to understand the computers’ decisions … [H]umans are likely to lose control over our own lives, and also lose the ability to understand public policy.”
  • “What will be the meaning of human life when most decisions are taken by algorithms?”
  • “If we fail to conceptualize the new hell quickly enough, we might find ourselves entrapped there with no way out.”
  • “…AI and biotechnology will give us god-like abilities to re-engineer life, and even to create completely new life forms.”
  • “Our intelligent design is going to be the new driving force of the evolution of life. In using our new divine powers of creation, we might make mistakes on a cosmic scale. ”
  • “Of course this is not a prophecy. These are just possibilities. Technology is never deterministic.”
  • “To do something effective, we need global cooperation. All the three existential challenges [nuclear war, ecological collapse and technological disruption] that we face are global challenges that demand global solutions.”
  • “If we allow such an arms race to develop in fields like AI and bio-engineering, it doesn’t really matter who wins the arms race. The loser will be humanity.”
  • “In the 21st century, good nationalists must also be globalists.”
  • “If we return there now (the jungle of constant war), our species will probably annihilate itself.”
  • “I very much hope that we can rely on the leaders assembled here, and not on the rats.”

Some of this—even quite a bit of it—may come to be true. We are already seeing increasing gaps between elites and everyone else, surveillance is continually being refined, and already there are powerful forces that seek a dictatorship, digital or otherwise and are eager to rid the public square of traditional freedoms such as free speech. But Harari’s is certainly a dystopian vision that should be resisted at all costs.

The main pattern of Harari’s discourse is fear requiring globalism as a solution. This is the old Hegelian dialectic we have seen many times before, most recently with the Covid pandemic virus as the fear (another invisible menace), and lockdowns and vaccines as the solutions. Harari here admits the possibility of mistakes, but never suggests that his technocratic near future is anything but inevitable. Machines will take over human jobs, and the “useless class” will grow. This is by no means inevitable however, as National Socialist Germany showed with its program of restricting mechanical labor and promoting manual labor in the building of the Autobahn, in order to improve and eventually all but eliminate unemployment. Harari’s techno-future could be heaven, or it could be hell, and even the “rich and powerful” and the “leaders” in Davos could be subject to the hellscape. The closer they are to the peak of the global hierarchy, the more closely they will be watched. That’s how Stalin did it.

Stalin (Dzhugashvili) also had his Jewish “advisors,” and, as the Darling of Davos, Harari will excel among the technocratic elites beside Klaus Schwab, who also was mentored by Jews such as Henry Kissinger and Hermann Kahn, and who also incited fears of global catastrophe. Schwab cites Jewish author Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber, who wrote The American Challenge, as a great influence, and Harari cites Jewish author Jared Diamond of Guns, Germs and Steel as his literary influence. As a spokesman for instilling and normalizing the 4th Industrial Revolution that will make humans “hackable animals,” Harari will never become useless like so many of the rest of us. His mad ravings are worshiped among the WEF power elites as revelations straight from the master Machine. But among the rest of us normal humans, Harari must appear a sickly vegan degenerate homosexual Israeli Jew holding dangerous sociopathic delusions of dystopian grandeur.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)

The City of London

by LARRY ROMANOFF via Unz Review

You may be surprised to learn that the city of London and the City of London are two very different things, related to each other mostly by historical accident and geographical proximity, and co-existing today in a rather complicated power system in which the City of London appears gloriously victorious.

First, the City of London, a small area of about one square mile in size, was established as a haven by the Khazar “Jews” during their extermination from Khazaria nearly 1,000 years ago, and was named ‘London’ at the time. And yes, I know the Romans had been there first. The city of London, with the Bridge and Harrods, and the fish and chips and the people driving on the wrong side of the road, was established much later, adopted the same name, and gradually expanded with population until it completely surrounded the Jewish enclave of the City of London. You can see the positions and relative sizes from the map. When you read about “The Lord Mayor of London”, you are not reading about the chief executive of the city, but about the chief executive of the City. The City of London Corporation, with its square mile directly in the center of London, obviously owns some very expensive real estate, this in addition to a great deal of other property also in the city center, but this amounts to only perhaps $10 billion in total and, as we will see, is trivial.

The City of London is effectively an independent city-state * existing inside greater London.[1][2][3]
However, its nature is unique and complicated. It is not so neat and tidy as is the Vatican for example, which is clearly a separate sovereign entity nestled within the city of Rome. Still, the City of London has its own government and police force, makes its own laws and levies its own taxes. It has its own flag, crest, and ceremonial armed forces. I have seen one reference stating that the City also has its own port. I could not find an independent confirmation of this, but it would fit the pattern and the City does have some responsibilities for London ports, so this is plausible. If true, it would be stunning because that would mean that the City could bring in products of any kind including currency, precious metals, cocaine, and also people, without the permission or even knowledge of UK customs and immigration or the UK government.

  • In performing a search the other day, I was first met with a notice in capital letters telling me “The City of London is not a sovereign state”, followed by a small avalanche of websites all doing “fact-checking” and “misinformation-debunking” to assure me the City of London was NOT an independent anything. There is hardly a sign more certain that we are onto something important, than when 25 Jewish websites leap up to tell us “There’s nothing to see here”.

The City is the center and home base of the world’s banking and insurance industries. It is the home of the Bank of England (which was supposedly privatised but is still Rothschild-owned), the home of Lloyd’s of London,[4][5] and the literal head office of many of the world’s major banks (some of which you know and many of which you have never heard of). It still contains the home office of the former British East India Company,[6][7][8] which was always a Khazar Jewish company and undoubtedly the greatest criminal organisation in the history of the world – up to that time – and whose archives are still closed to the world for good reason. The City of London is also the home of the oldest Masonic Temple in the world. Our history books tell us that the origins of the Freemasons are lost to history, but that’s not really true. Freemasonry was a Jewish cult that was formalised in the City in the early 1700s.[9]

The legal-political relationship between the City of London and the UK is a bit murky. On one hand, the City is at least theoretically subject (or can be made subject) to at least some UK legislation, although in practice this seldom if ever has happened for reasons I will describe below. On the other hand, the City is so sovereign that the King of England himself is forbidden by both UK and City law to even enter the City of London without first obtaining a “special invitation”, which process is too complicated to bother discussing. The invitation ceremony is not required by law, but the invitation itself is.[10]

Readers may not be aware that democracies can have “flavors”, the UK version being one such with a very distinct flavor. In this case, on the floor of the British Parliament, directly facing the Speaker of the House, is a special chair.[11]
Think of it as a kind of throne. The person occupying this chair is a representative of the City of London, attended by six lawyers. His purpose is to monitor all debate in the British Parliament and to scrutinise in exhaustive detail all proposed and drafted legislation to determine any possible effect on the “interests” or operations of the City of London, and to take appropriate action if such interests are affected. The “appropriate action” inevitably results in the legislation being killed. This is not necessarily done by force, but by what we might term “lobbying”, sometimes by extortion, and often simply by an all-pervasive influence on British Politicians.

Lobbying and/or Extortion

There are many news articles available on the kind and extent of the lobbying done by the City to ensure compliance from the UK Parliament. The City’s financial services group spends well over $100 million per year on wining, dining, bribing, and sexually satisfying, UK politicians and regulators. One place for dining is the opulent Guildhall, which even high-level guests describe as “intoxicating” because of the sheer power sitting in that room.

There are well over 100 different City organisations and more than 800 people involved in securing stability, secrecy and a tax-free status for the City’s operations.[12][13]
These groups are repeatedly successful in reducing banking and insurance taxes that save them billions. They are also notably successful in killing proposed legislation for any kind of oversight or “watchdog” effort wanting to police not only banking activities but also quoted companies on the London Stock Exchange. They have even successfully killed a pension plan intended for low-paid and temporary workers. I have no idea how or why this proposed legislation would have affected the “interests” of the City, but they felt it did, and the legislation was scrapped.[14][15]

Many believe the City puts its interests above those of the nation, and of course they are correct, evidenced by a long string of such legislative “victories” over Parliament. “For almost 1,000 years, the City of London Corporation has resisted virtually every attempt by monarchs, governments or subjects to rein in its vast financial wealth and influence. Such is the Corporation’s political and economic influence that today some suggest the British state, rather than controlling the Corporation, is in fact subservient to it.”[16]
According to the Financial Times, “. . . because the corporation is entitled to special tax and legal privileges, this renders it an offshore island inside Britain and a tax haven in its own right, and gives those who own businesses within its borders a distinct upper hand over everyone else.”[17]
But it is also true that the Jews in the City have UK politicians so much in their pockets that even the UK Prime Minister will lobby against any regulation that might handicap the City’s financial crimes.[18]
The UK Labor party tried at one time to obtain election within the City, to have the power to repair some excesses from the inside, but failed.[19]

The City, Tax Havens, and Money Flows

The City of London is indeed a “tax haven”. This is not particularly germane to our main topic so I won’t dwell on it other than to state that the Jewish bankers who run the City do so in conjunction with almost all the world’s tax havens, with money flowing through those labyrinths in ways to disguise forever the source and ownership of funds. It is not a secret requiring quiet discussion that nearly all the world’s narcotics money comes home to the City to be laundered by the Jewish banks, notably the HSBC but others too. Equally, it is widely acknowledged that dictators, oligarchs, legal and illegal arms dealers, bank robbers, jewel thieves, sex slavery kingpins, and criminals generally will naturally funnel their money to the Jewish banks in the City for laundering, for anonymity, and for privacy and security. For hundreds of years, the City has been the safe depository of Jewish funds obtained from slave trading, tax farming, looting, opium and narcotics trafficking, and also the temporary haven for funds when Jews were expelled from various countries over the centuries.

To be sure, not all the money flowing through the City is from illegal criminal activity. About half of the daily $4 trillion in normal foreign exchange trading flows through the City’s Jewish banks, as do nearly 50% of the world’s derivative trading and 70% of Eurobond trading. And the London Stock Exchange is still the fourth-largest in the world, with much of this processing being legitimate and thus providing a good cover for the balance.

However, due to the unique relation between the City of London and the UK, the tens of trillions of dollars that flow into and out of the Jewish banks in the City each day do not appear in UK capital flows or transaction records and there is thus no way to know how much money enters, passes through, and leaves the City, nor is there any way to know the source or application of those funds. Whatever the original intent of the financial design of the City by its Jewish owners, one clear result is that the entire design is tailor-made for the benefit of organised crime of every nature. Currencies, gold and precious metals, financial certificates, are run through an enormous labyrinth of tax havens and then simply disappear into the black hole of the City’s Jewish banks, the secrecy fully-protected by the City’s “unique relationship” with its host country.

”Behind it all lies the City of London, anxious to preserve its access to the world’s dirty money. The City of London is a money-laundering filter that lets the City get involved in dirty business while providing it with enough distance to maintain plausible deniability . . . a crypto-feudal oligarchy which, of itself, is. . . captured by the international offshore banking industry. It is a gangster regime, cloaked with the “respectability” of the trappings of the British establishment. . . . guaranteed protection. No matter just how nakedly lawless their own conduct.”[20]
“The City is often now described as the largest tax haven in the world, and it acts as the largest center of the global tax avoidance system. An estimated 50% of the world’s trade passes through tax havens, and the City acts as a huge funnel for much of this money.”[21]
Here is an important website that contains many links related to the City of London and its use of tax havens to launder money.[22]

The Hydra

The hydra was one of the most fearsome monsters in Greek mythology, a multi-headed snake descended from a long line of terrible beasts, possessing deadly poisons and with the power of regeneration. A rather accurate description of the City of London today and its Jewish Khazar denizens, at least by some measures. The City of London is also the mother of all tax havens and is unquestionably the home of all the world’s dirty money today.

Here are several references that describe the City of London as “A Global Spider’s Web of Deceit”[23], one by the UK Guardian claiming that “Shrinking the City is the only way to stop the world’s criminals flourishing in the UK”[24], and two others of interest.[25][26]

George Monbiot wrote an excellent article for the UK Guardian[27] where he quoted Nicholas Shaxson’s Treasure Islands, stating that “the Corporation exists outside many of the laws and democratic controls which govern the rest of the United Kingdom. The City of London is the only part of Britain over which parliament has no authority.” His last comment may not be entirely true although it does work that way in practice. Monbiot says further that “the Corporation acts as the superior body” (superior to the UK Parliament), and that part is definitely true. Monbiot begins by writing, “[The City is] the dark heart of Britain, the place where democracy goes to die, immensely powerful, equally unaccountable.”

Monbiot cites Clement Attlee’s lament that “over and over again we have seen that there is in this country another power than that which has its seat at Westminster.” He continues that “The City has exploited this remarkable position to establish itself as a kind of offshore state, a secrecy jurisdiction which controls the network of tax havens housed in the UK’s crown dependencies and overseas territories. This autonomous state within our borders is in a position to launder the ill-gotten cash of oligarchs, kleptocrats, gangsters and drug barons.” All of that is very true, and the power of the Jews within the City have made impossible any effective regulation of global finance, American firms like AIG and Lehman Brothers simply moving to the City of London to carry out their off-balance-sheet criminal machinations that bankrupted so many people. American and other firms have often utilised the “services” of the City to evade the financial laws of their own governments. The City is, in real terms, a vast criminal enterprise run by gangsters.

It doesn’t seem widely-known that immediately prior to its financial collapse Lehman were selling their corporate bonds “backed by the full faith and credit of Lehman Brothers”, to unsuspecting investors who had no idea the bankruptcy was already virtually in motion. I don’t know where all these bonds were sold, but I know that billions of dollars of them were disposed of in Hong Kong, the money from these sales apparently disappearing into the bowels of the City of London.

Joseph Stiglitz also railed against the Jews in the City, telling UK legislators, “. . . these people are just using your rule of law to protect money they have stolen in other countries . . . From a global point of view, you are aiding and abetting theft.”[28] A British MP said that the City of London is “a magnet for dirty money”.[29] At the same time, the government’s Anti-fraud Minister resigned because the Jews in the City had once again killed legislation to combat economic crime by the City, saying that “nobody [in the UK government] cared about stopping kleptocrats, oligarchs and organised crime lords stashing their loot in the UK.” And another article telling us how the City remains a safe haven for all the world’s dirty cash.[30] Here is another interesting article from the UK Guardian, with a 5-step guide telling how the Jews in the City can help you get away with stealing millions.[31]

One indication of this is the UK’s Official UK Companies Register that is littered with fake names, because no identity checks are required. One corporation is registered, for example, in the name of “Holy Jesus Christ”, with his stated occupation as “creator”, his nationality as “Angelic” and his country of residence as “Heaven”. Another is in the name of “Adolf Tooth Fairy Hitler”, with a City sales firm in the name of “Donald Duck”, and so on. The UK government claims it hasn’t the resources to police the corporate registry, but the truth is they permit it to continue because it serves nicely the purposes of the gangsters in the City.[32] Controlling legislation was proposed, but the Jews in the City had it killed.

An article in the Eurasia Review called the City of London ”A Parasites’ Paradise, Or The Best Criminal Sanctuary Money Can Buy”.[33]
“London has become the center of global financial capital by engaging in long term large scale active collaboration with multi-billion-pound drug, arms, people smuggling and sex-slave cartels. The [Jews in the City] specialize in laundering funds from the Mexican, Colombian, Peruvian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Nigerian narco-kings. . . white slavers have their “private bankers” at prestigious City banks . . . kleptocrats, lifelong billion-dollar tax evaders, fleeing from their pillaged homeland.” It continues that “The City Boys” welcome “every gangster / oligarch”. It continued by stating, “The London Sanctuary for the world’s richest plunderers and parasites offers unprecedented services, especially protection from extradition and criminal prosecution at the site of their crimes.”

“Nowadays, . . . the City of London is an anachronism of the worst kind. The Corporation, which runs the City like a one-party mini-state, is an unreconstructed old boys’ network whose medievalist pageantry camouflages the very real power and wealth which it holds. The City of London Corporation ranks as a political power without rival in Britain, possibly in the world. It has used its power to exert enormous political influence to resist regulation and extract tax exemption. It has fostered criminality by ensuring that the City ranks amongst the least accountable of financial centers on the face of the earth.” The TaxJustice website calls the City of London “A state within a state; the most powerful self-interested political lobby in the world.”[34]

There is much more, including the Rothschild Bank’s financing of Zionism and the atrocities continuing in Palestine since prior to the founding of Israel, all through and under the auspices of the Jews in the City of London.[35][236][37] Also, Sinhalanet had an article you might find interesting, in which it is claimed that “three corporations run the world: City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City”,[38] and that together they control politicians, economies, and 80% of the world’s wealth.[39]

The King of England Meets His Master

North Americans seldom pay much attention to news details in the UK and might not be aware of the recurrent brief media campaigns about “Should the Monarchy be Abolished?” These normally emerge abruptly without warning or apparent cause, listing all the usual issues of a monarchy being an anachronism, the British Royal Family being a useless appendage to government, a needless expense, and so forth. They disappear equally suddenly, all the UK media silencing their peeps at the same time. These little campaigns are not accidents; they are “reminders” or, in some cases, a warning, by the gnomes controlling the City of London that they have the power to work the UK public into a frenzy on command and also the influence to introduce and push through Parliament a vote that would indeed disband the monarchy. This would leave the “King” and all his princelings not destitute or homeless, but alone, shunned, and unemployed.

Look at the photo of (then) Prince Charles and Evelyn de Rothschild, with smug Rothschild poking Charles in the chest. That is a very aggressive gesture, and not something one would do to a superior. Can you picture yourself walking up to your boss or the Chairman of the Board, poking him in the chest and saying, “I have something to tell you”? Definitely not. We would do this only to a distinct inferior, and someone we were bullying, almost treating with contempt. The gesture is not only to accentuate a point but is a kind of threat, one we might imagine a policeman making when issuing an order. From the photo, the relation between these two men is quite clear. We can’t know the topic of conversation but Rothschild is essentially telling Charles “this is how it is, and you don’t have to like it”.

But why wouldn’t Rothschild poke that little twerp in the chest? Charles is nothing to him, a convenient nuisance, a bit of a public shield, but no more. Rothschild has wealth that Charles can barely fathom, and power exceeding that of Charles by orders of magnitude, including over the UK Parliament and UK public opinion. Both men know Rothschild could dethrone the “King” at any time, that Charles as a Royal exists only at the Jews’ pleasure. Charles, the supposed “King of England”, can’t even enter Rothschild’s home or place of business without a specific invitation. How subservient can you be? It is the several Rothschilds, Sebag-Montefioris and others similar who are considered the real “royalty” of England, Charles, Andrew, Edward, being puppet-caricatures.

Who Owns the City?

Well, the entity is described as “The Corporation of The City of London” but, since this is a privately-owned company, we have no shareholder list. I am told there are 13 Jewish families who are central to this enterprise, the Rothschilds being the first among these. The City may well operate as a corporation in some senses, but could be more accurately described as a typical organised-crime family who are Lords of their own mini-state and effectively operate with virtually absolute impunity throughout the world. This impunity resolves primarily from their financial power, but secondarily from the political power and influence obtained by that financial power. It is hardly a secret that national governments like the US, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and others are fundamentally and essentially Jewish-controlled states, with that control emanating from the City of London.

If we think of Jeffrey Epstein and his sex-entrapment enterprise that flourished for decades, it makes sense that the City of London would have been the source of the planning and financing. Epstein’s operation was definitely Jewish and worldwide, and there is no other candidate body in the world with an interest in controlling the politicians of all nations, at least not by that dirty means. If we think of the world’s mass media which is largely and increasingly Jewish-owned, and which is vitally necessary for the propaganda to control the standard narrative, it makes sense that increasing media control would arise primarily from this same source. This would clearly account for the development of the social and Internet media, almost dictating the necessity for the creation of a Google, a Facebook, a Wikipedia, an Instagram, a Telegraph, and the takeover of Twitter.

There is something else here, dealing with the intelligence agencies, primarily the CIA and Mossad although MI5 would almost surely fit into this. I have a copy of a document that was released by the CIA under a FOIA request. It is not a CIA document and it is not clear why it would have been in the possession of the CIA. The document is not redacted, but the original author is not identified. The salient point of this document indicates the existence of a group somewhere within the CIA that operates independently, acting under the auspices and authority of the CIA but with its own purpose and agenda unrelated to the remainder of the organisation. The document maddeningly lacks precise details but the implication is that this group does not report to any part of the CIA and that its activities may not even be known by the CIA executive. I had read of, or heard rumors about, such a group before, but this was the first bit of documented evidence of it.

Edward Snowden, in an article titled “The CIA is not your friend”, made reference to this as well. He wrote that after the creation of the CIA, “Within a year, the young agency had already slipped the leash of its intended role of intelligence collection and analysis to establish a covert operations division. Within a decade, the CIA was directing the coverage of American news organizations, overthrowing democratically elected governments (at times merely to benefit a favored corporation), establishing propaganda outfits to manipulate public sentiment, launching a long-running series of mind-control experiments on unwitting human subjects . . . and interfering with foreign elections.”[40][41]

This is a very large topic with so many interwoven threads that even a very long article could scarcely do it justice, but I wanted to raise one point about the secrecy, the agenda, and the lack of a CIA reporting chain. As one example, it had been reported in several places that neither the US Congress nor the White House had any knowledge of the “CIA’s” MK-ULTRA program. I covered this in much detail in a previous article on MK-ULTRA.[42] During Congressional hearings on an unrelated matter, one witness brought a colleague who began testifying on a bizarre mind-control program that was unknown to that date, which led to the exposure of MK-ULTRA – and the rapid destruction (so they said) of all related documents. The important point is that this enormous and horrific program, spanning decades, escaped external attention. MK-ULTRA was entirely a Jewish program. I have a list of the top 30 lieutenants of MK-ULTRA, from Gottlieb down, and all are Jews. This is not in dispute, and in fact I believe that of the top 50 or 60 people, only two or three at the most are not Jews. The question is how it would happen that an internal group of the “American CIA” would have had such a determined interest in such a horrific program and would have staffed it entirely with Jews.

A similar concern arises from the Congressional hearings conducted on the exposure of the “CIA’s” program, again spanning decades, of assassinating some 150 world leaders and senior politicians. Upon examination of the evidence of all those assassinations, it is by no means clear that many, or even most, of them would have been of any benefit to the US government. In fact, like the worldwide gold thefts conducted by the US Treasury Department in the 1930s, or the hijacking of Iraq’s oil today, it is easier to believe these were carried out on behalf of the “secret government” to the benefit of, and masterminded by, the City of London. Looking back on so many world events, it is by no means certain that any part of the US government would have had any interest in, or seen any benefit in, those activities. I can only speculate here, but if we assume all those activities, programs and events were carried out at the instruction of the gnomes in the City of London, everything seems to make sense, like a jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces fit perfectly together to make an overall picture.

We can recall that Jeffrey Epstein was spared from his first arrest because “he is intelligence” and “above your pay grade”. But as I pointed out above, there is no way the US CIA would have created a worldwide sex-entrapment scheme with or without the knowledge of any part of the US government. There would simply be too great a lack of both interest and benefit to any part of the US, and the only conclusion I can see is that it must have originated in the City of London where it would fit perfectly into the overall picture. In a similar context, the Boer Wars make no sense if we attribute them to Britain, yet England did send in her army to commit astonishing crimes and atrocities with no benefit whatever to England. But when we understand that this was done on order from the Jews in the City of London to take over all South Africa’s gold and diamond mines for a Rothschild, then all the pieces fit and everything makes sense.

Again, there are perhaps hundreds of articles and many books about the CIA importing heroin and cocaine and generally trafficking in drugs. Now, I have no illusions about the chastity of the CIA, and I’m sure many of their staff are sufficiently evil to do just this. But it doesn’t compute. It certainly is possible, but it doesn’t make sense that the “American CIA” would, entirely on its own account, become so deeply involved in international drug-running. But the Jews in the City of London cut their teeth on narcotics trafficking; in fact, this was the source of much of their initial fortunes. The Khazar Jews have always been among the world’s biggest drug dealers. Thus, if we attribute the drug trafficking to this central “private” core in the CIA that reports to the City of London, all the pieces fit together and everything makes sense. This would even explain why the HSBC is repeatedly fined so heavily in the US for laundering drug money; this is what the HSBC was created to do 150 years ago, and its headquarters are in the City. Even the small pieces fit perfectly.

Think again of the “CIA” assassination program. There is no way that the CIA by itself, rogue group or otherwise, would decide to kill 150 Presidents, Prime Ministers and other high government officials which, in the most part, would have no benefit whatever to the US. And no CIA group, rogue or not, would take it upon themselves to kill the Secretary-General of the UN, again with no apparent benefit to the US. But if we insert into this equation the political hegemony ambitions of the Jews in the City of London, the pieces again fit snugly together.

It is true this is speculation on my part. I cannot supply proof of these assertions. I have simply cobbled them together from logic and circumstantial evidence.

Caution is Advised

Certainly, these people are ruthless. There is no shortage of evidence that they will destroy anyone who challenges them and will kill anyone who threatens to expose or frustrate their plans. And this doesn’t apply only to Gentiles. They are equally ruthless to their own. You have read what they did to Dominique Strauss-Khan[43]
. It is important to note that this man was the Managing Director of the IMF and almost surely the next President of France, and yet he was very much an outsider, far from the center of power. As I mentioned in my article, he confided to his wife and others that “they are out to get me”. To use such terminology, we can understand these were not people who were close to him, but who were at the same time far above him, and he was clearly hoping he might be sufficiently insignificant they might just ignore him. He was wrong.

Jeremy Corbyn was similar. Former leader of the UK Labor Party, Corbyn earned the enmity of the Jews in the City and they destroyed him. He was permanently tainted as an anti-Semite, and absolutely trashed for his disobedience to the Jews and his good intentions toward the British people. The Labor Party state firmly that Corbyn will never again cross their doorstep because he is now “too toxic”.

There was another matter, with newspaper headlines some years back of “Amschel Rothschild Commits Suicide”. This man, a 6th-generation banking Rothschild, was slated to take the reins from his cousin Sir Evelyn Rothschild, as chairman of N.M Rothschild & Sons. His body was found by a chambermaid in a Paris hotel room. But there was nothing about this that made any sense. The first policeman on the scene told reporters that Rothschild was found with a rope around his neck attached to a bathroom fixture upon which he supposedly “hung himself”, but the policeman said he tugged on the rope and the entire fixture detached from the wall. He said there was no way the man could have hung himself because the fixture could support no weight, that the rope had been tied there afterward. That policeman quickly disappeared and the story was totally scrubbed from the Internet. I saw an email copy from Rupert Murdoch, instructing all his newspapers to state this “as a suicide, if you mention it at all”.

The official stories that followed, were all nonsense, too pathetic to even be termed lies. The UK Mirror was typical, saying “. . . it seemed the real noose around Amschel’s neck was his fortune of £18million”, that “huge riches and influence have not always brought great happiness”, and that of his great fortune “You could describe it as a gilded millstone”. His “great fortune of £18million”? That would buy two Ferraris, one Bugatti, and leave enough loose change for a bucket of Häagen-Dazs ice cream, but this “gilded millstone” led to such depression the man hung himself. Another story was that the man was depressed at the death of his mother, and so he hung himself. Others, and there were many, were equally stupid. Of all people, the Rothschilds would have had the influence to put nearly the entire Paris police force on the case and hunt every clue to the ends of the earth. But they didn’t. They simply told many foolish lies and buried it.

I do not know what really happened, but I have to say that when reading the initial police report and then the frenetic cover-up stories, my instinctive reaction was that this had to have been “a family hit”. We will never know. And it might not have been the first. Can you imagine committing suicide by slitting your own throat? Why not? The Rothschilds do it. According to the Jewish Telegraph Agency, “Nathaniel Rothschild, second son of the first Lord Rothschild committed suicide by cutting his throat. The specific reasons for the deed are not revealed.”[44] Nor are the reasons revealed for the stupidity of the method. Of all the options available for killing myself, cutting my own throat would not be my first choice. Here are some media reports. Decide for yourself.[45][46][47][48][49]

Where Do We Go From Here?

Nowhere, so far as I can see. Many readers like to see a solution offered. There is one. If King Charles could collect sufficient courage and a single-minded resolve, he could deal with it. He could commandeer the UK media and explain the situation to the people in a way that they could understand. If he were to do that, he would surely have the support of the entire country, and also of the military. Now, the UK army is admittedly nothing much, but even they have the military might to launch an all-out assault on an unprotected one square mile of urban landscape. Gather all the missiles and artillery, and completely demolish the City of London. Leave no stone resting upon another, and kill anything that moves. If the head and brain of the hydra are thus killed, the body would slowly die too. But this is a dream.

Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).

His full archive can be seen at +


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Netanyahu Government Reconnects with “Revisionist Zionism”

via Voltairenet

The agreement struck between the representative of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud), and that of his future National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir (Otzma Yehudit), provides that the latter will head an autonomous armed force.

The Ministry of National Security will take over the attributions of the former Ministry of Internal Security while acquiring new powers. It will supervise not only the national police (Mishtara), but also the border police (Magav) which until now was answerable to the Ministry of Defense. The agreement also provides for the creation of a large-scale National Guard and a reinforced presence of reserve troops within the border police.

Mr. Ben-Gvir is a Kahanist, meaning a disciple of Rabbi Meir Kahane who demands the expulsion of Arab citizens from Israel and the establishment of a theocracy. He makes no secret of wanting to use the border police to expel Arab populations, be they Muslim or Christian. The expansion of the border police will depend on the budget allocated to it by parliament (Knesset).

Itamar Ben-Griv’s party will also be in charge of the Ministry for the Development of the Negev and the Galilee, whose environmental police will be able to impose its law on the Bedouins. It will chair the Knesset’s Internal Security Committee, the Knesset’s special committee for the Israeli Citizens’ Fund (which oversees state revenue from gas drilling), in addition to filling the slot of deputy minister in the Ministry of Economy.

Outgoing Defense Minister Beny Gantz remarked that establishing “a private army for Ben-Gvir in the [West Bank] is dangerous…and will create real security holes.”

Benjamin Netanyahu is poised to sign two more agreements involving two other far-right formations.

One must understand what is happening and not allow oneself to be blinded by preconceived ideas. There are several forms of “Zionism”. Benjamin Netanyahu was a “revisionist Zionist”, follower of Vladimir Jabotinsky (of whom his father Benzion Netanyahu had served as private secretary). As a young man, he professed that Palestine is “a land without a people for a people without a land.” He was, consequently, in favor of expelling all Arabs. Furthermore, he advocated the idea that the State of Israel should expand “from the Nile to the Euphrates” (Eretz Israel). However, he proved to be rather moderate during his 16 years as Prime Minister. He was considered to have evolved. In reality, he had simply adapted to his conservative majorities and to the spirit of the times. Today, when the Straussians are in power in the United States behind Joe Biden and when his personal friend Volodymyr Zelensky leads the “integral nationalists” in Ukraine, Benjamin Netanyahu has found at last the opportunity to make his youthful dreams come true.

In the coming months, anti-Arab pogroms will take place in Israel, Jewish settlements will sprout on the fields of Arab peasants, and Israeli weapons will be sent to Ukraine. These are not separate issues. It is the same ideology that will be at work in the US State Department, in Tel Aviv and in Kiev.

The Richest Man in the World

by  via Unz

The purpose of this essay is threefold: (1) to bring to the attention of readers the existence of a long-standing conspiracy about the identification of “The Richest Man in the World”, (2) to dismiss from contention the current list of candidates, and (3) to document that a small number of Jewish banking families operating out of the City of London have for generations held these wealth records with fortunes that are orders of magnitude above anything we might have imagined. I will address these points in reverse order, and deal with the current crop of wunderkind at the end.

I do not profess to be able to irrefutably document all the assertions made in this essay, nor to definitively substantiate all the inferences made. The topic is such that too much of the necessary legal evidence is irretrievably hidden from public view and accessibility, and we must in many cases rely on logic and circumstantial evidence to support our assertions and inferences. While the proofs are not as complete as one would desire, this level of evidentiary support is often sufficient, especially when our cases follow an established pattern and we have such reasoning and evidence in bulk. The descriptions and evidence in this essay will serve at least to provide a reasonable basis for understanding and to “draw attention to some of the great forces which have been molding our world”. The figures presented in this essay are not meant as precise calculations, but to impress upon readers the magnitude of the numbers and amounts with which we are dealing.

The Power of Compound Interest

Much of this essay is primarily dependent on only one simple thesis: that those with enormous wealth do not leave it idle but put it to a constant good use; the money is always at work. It is lent out to finance wars and colonisation, to purchase legitimate businesses, to establish control of governments and national economies, and more.

As to interest rates for long-term accumulation, we tend to think of historical interest rates as being very low, perhaps only 1% or 2%, but that was seldom the case. The reason Abraham Lincoln resorted to printing his “Greenbacks” as currency was because Rothschild demanded a 24% interest rate to fund the Union in the US civil war. There are many other such examples, as war financing in particular carried high interest rates. Dutch perpetual bonds issued by Jews were at rates of 10% and 12% in the 1500s and 1600s; Genoa issued much of its debt at 9% in the 1600s. I have used a rate of 5% for the compound interest calculations in this essay, a selection that is admittedly arbitrary but that appears reasonable and conservative in the overall context. The accompanying charts from the Bank of England appear to justify this choice.[1][2]

Some Background on Corporations

A great many of the world’s largest corporations are owned and controlled by Jews, many of these by the select few in the City of London, but also very many outside this small group. The world’s major oil companies are controlled by Jewish interests, as are the major pharmaceutical companies, many of the weapons manufacturers and the world’s airlines, a preponderant amount of the world’s shipping capacity, and many other industries that might not normally come to mind. It is impossible to obtain access to all the information required to even hazard a guess at the value of the corporate asset ownership of these people, but consider that virtually all of the media in the West, and a great deal of the prime media outlets in the rest of the world, including movies and book publishing, are owned or controlled by Jews. There are international companies worth in total many trillions of dollars that are entirely Jewish; Nestle, Sanofi, Monsanto, being a few among hundreds such. We cannot easily know what part of this reverts to our handful of Jewish bankers in the City of London, how much of that was financed by, and is controlled from, that center, but it isn’t negligible.

Things are not always what they seem. Many of the world’s large fortunes were financed by Rothschild or others from that inner circle and thus there is a hidden ownership that will never be revealed. Trolling through historical records, we sometimes discover that a very wealthy man left an estate of only a few million dollars. It isn’t a secret although apparently not widely-known, that one of the Rothschilds financed Rockefeller’s creation of Standard Oil, and did the same with Andrew Carnegie’s steel empire and the Harriman railroad fortune in the US, among others. The financing was usually done through J. P. Morgan, who was a Rothschild agent for all of his career, and in fact Morgan’s banking interests themselves were much more European Jewish than they were American. It is worthy to bring this to the attention of readers since it appears that much of the wealth of the famous American and European families may not have been really theirs but belonged instead to the ultimate Jewish financiers in the background. Today, Google, Facebook, Tesla, Amazon, Starbucks, and many others are in this category, firms that could not possibly have attained their extent of market control without both heavy financing and intense planning originating elsewhere.

A number of studies have been done on interlocking corporate ownership and control, with consistent conclusions that as few as 400 companies, and perhaps even as few as 250 companies, own outright or at least have control of, more than 40% of all the value listed on all stock exchanges everywhere.[3][4][5]
 But behind those 400 or 250 companies is that same number of men controlling those companies. Even though most large corporations are listed as public, with sometimes hundreds of millions of shares outstanding, we cannot know where the true control lies. Increasingly, many of the shares are held by proxies like Blackrock or Blackstone or other investment groups, and we have no information on share classifications or other restrictions on voting and control.

Nor does the general public have information on interlocking directors who have absolute day to day control, including over all financial decisions. More importantly, it isn’t necessary to own a plurality of shares if you control the Board of Directors or if they are reading from the same script. These people can empty a company’s treasury to pay unlimited dividends tax-free through a tax haven, and do so without even attracting unrest from the common shareholders who seldom have much understanding of these matters.

Many European banks fall into this category, most of these Jewish-owned and tightly-held. The few dozens of Europe’s largest banks like HSBC, BNP Paribas, Lloyd’s, have a market cap in the trillions and an asset base of over €30 trillion. The major North American banks, like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, again owned by Jews, have a market cap of well over $1.5 trillion and assets to match. Plus, we have literally hundreds of Jewish-owned banks in Switzerland and other countries that appear on no list anywhere.

Many of the world’s largest insurance and reinsurance companies are owned by Jews, with a combined market cap in the trillions, and there is no way to place a value on Lloyd’s of London, a worldwide insurance platform that is virtually priceless. Then there are the oil companies; Royal Dutch Shell alone has a market cap of over $200 billion, and there are many of these, Jewish-controlled, sufficient to control the world’s price of oil as we will see.

The two major FMCG companies, Unilever and P&G, both Jewish, have a combined market cap of over half a trillion dollars. Internet-related firms like Google, Meta, Amazon, Dell, Oracle, again all Jewish, have a combined market cap of nearly $5 trillion. The world’s fashion houses and jewelry firms, mostly Jewish-owned or controlled, firms like Swarovski, YSL, LVMH, Cartier, Hermès, Estee Lauder, L’Oréal, have a market cap of more than $1 trillion, and there are hundreds of jewelry firms, diamond cutters and merchants, gold dealers, operating behind the scenes that are also owned by Jews and worth a combined trillions of dollars.

The major armaments and weapons manufacturers, which have always had a high percentage of Jewish ownership and control, again have a market cap in the vicinity of $1 trillion. The world’s major food companies, again mostly owned by Jews, is another example. Nestlé, an entirely Jewish company, owns more than 2,000 food brands with a market cap of about 1/3 of a trillion dollars by itself. Pepsico is the second-largest food company in the world, owning hundreds of major brands, and many others like Kraft Heinz, Mondelez, Danone, Anheuser-Busch Inbev, Coca-Cola, Diageo, Starbucks, have a combined market cap of at least $1.5 trillion. The world’s largest pharmaceutical companies are all Jewish-owned, with a combined market cap of around $4 trillion.

The main North American media companies (all owned by Jews) have a market cap of over $1 trillion, with larger numbers for the European media that are also largely Jewish-owned and virtually all Jewish-controlled. And this ignores their media holdings in Latin America, Asia and Africa. And there are literally hundreds of Jewish-owned companies that don’t fit easily into the above categories, including everything from H&R Block to Mattel and Hasbro, Monsanto, Ben and Jerry’s. The list is almost endless. Collectively, their value and influence are enormous.

The Real Power: Family Dynasties

When we read of a Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, we tend to think in simple terms of someone starting a company with a good idea and over a lifetime building a huge enterprise that today is worth many billions. But this reasoning is simplistic because we are confining our thoughts to only one generation. The people with whom we are concerned here, are family dynasties that have been accumulating their fortunes for perhaps ten or even twenty generations. With the Rothschilds, Sassoons, and so many others, we are going back to the 1600s and 1700s, with family dynasties that have expanded enormously over the centuries and maintained control over their increasingly vast wealth through avoidance of inheritance taxes, rigid intermarriage, and shared intentions.

The greatest of all family dynasties are hidden from view, expunged from the media, deleted from the history books, and almost never attract public attention. All of these are Jewish – Rothschild, Sassoon, Sebag-Montefiori, Warburg, Lehman, Goldman, and so many names you may have never heard of. Here is a listing of a few of the Jewish bankers, representing perhaps only 25% of them, most having begun banking, financing and industrial operations in the early to mid-1800s, so an average of nearly 200 years, and many resulting in Jewish family dynasties that continue to this day, entirely out of the public eye.

Rothschild, Sassoon, Warburg, Moses Montefiori, Sebag-Montefiori, Kadoorie, Lehman, Israel Moses Seif, Kuhn Loeb, Goldman Sachs, Salomon, Schiff, Joseph Hambro, J. Henry Schroder, Samuel Montagu, Emile and Isaac Péreire, Lazard Brothers, Speyer brothers, Seligman brothers, Stern brothers, Barnato Brothers, Ernest Oppenheimer, Abraham Oppenheim, Carl Fuerstenberg, Jacob Goldschmidt, Oskar Wassermann, Hirsch, Raphael Jonathan Bischoffsheim, Hambro, Isaac Glückstadt, Levy Martin, Markus Rubin, Goldsmid, Rosenthal, A. Dunkelsbueler, Eugen Gutmann, Herbert Gutman, Wagg and Co, Mèdici family, Speyer, Speyer-Elissen, Emile Erlanger, S. Japhet, Ernest Cassel, Carl Meyer, Achille Fould, Luigi Luzzatti, Wertheimer and Gompertz, Lippman.[6]

I have a graphic on my computer that displays the holdings of the Rothschild dynasty, displayed rather like an organisation chart with small boxes indicating holdings and lines everywhere indicating ownership and control. It is so large that to print it in the smallest readable type would require a sheet of paper half a meter in size. Rothschild recently created a new bank just to manage his land holdings confiscated from poor countries. It is difficult to obtain hard information because so much of this is done through no-name banks, agents, related companies, and run through innumerable tax havens. Rothschild owns, among other things, Sanofi Pharma with a capitalisation of $125 billion, the Economist, and IHS which is the largest mobile tower operator in Africa.[9]

Anglo American was founded by Ernest Oppenheimer, a German Jew. Headquartered in the City of London, this is one of the 250 largest companies in the world, producing gold, diamonds, other metals, and nearly half of all the world’s platinum. Their subsidiaries and investments are too many to list. When Ernest died, he was succeeded by his son Harry, who also became chairman of De Beers, so you can see how the families integrate and rationalise their holdings.

The Jewish Wallenbergs in Sweden have been in business for 200 years, where today they own most large Swedish industrial groups like Enskilda Bank, Ericsson, Electrolux, ABB, SAAB, SAS Group, SKF, Atlas Copco, and Nasdaq. As far back as 50 years ago, the Wallenberg family businesses employed 40% of Sweden’s industrial workforce and represented 40% of the total worth of the Stockholm stock market. The market capitalisation of only ten of their companies is nearly $350 billion, and much has been buried in trusts and hidden in tax havens. Swarovski, with their fake “crystal” is another 150-year-old Jewish dynasty.

For this essay, I will ignore much of the past history of these Jewish families and begin from the early 1800s, but it should be noted that these Khazar “family fortunes” began hundreds of years before this. We had the (Jewish) Dutch Tulip bubble, the (Jewish) South Seas bubble, the (Jewish) British and Dutch East India Companies and many similar. There were the centuries of slave trading, of tax farming and so much more. I will omit all of that.

India was at one time almost certainly the richest nation in the world, with stocks of gold, silver and precious gems worthy of fable and legend. The British East India Company which was eventually led by one of the Rothschilds, was unquestionably the greatest criminal enterprise in the history of the world, and the vehicle used to loot India to the bones.

Sassoon ben Salih was the chief treasurer to the pashas of Baghdad.[10]
 Exposed in an immense fraud in the early 1800s that must have involved hundreds of billions in today’s dollars, he was lucky to escape with his life (and the money). He and his two sons David and Joseph fled to India where they teamed up with one of the Rothschilds and hatched their infernal plan to force Indian peasants to grow opium for sale in China.[11]
 From the early days, they already had the young Queen Victoria firmly in their grasp. She not only supported their efforts to the extent of allocating the British military as the Jews’ enforcers of the opium, giving David Sassoon the exclusive franchise for selling opium in all of China, seizing Hong Kong for his distribution base and giving him the charter to form the HSBC. To say that the British Royal Family profited heavily from this personally, would be an understatement of some magnitude. This is where we will begin our story.

From their wholesale looting of India and the thefts from Iraq, followed by growing and selling of opium in China, Rothschild and Sassoon were reliably estimated to have accumulated wealth of more than $5 billion each, by 1835. Actually, the calculated estimates I have seen were of $6 billion and $7 billion,[12]
 and these were my estimates as well. I reduced this to $5 billion to be conservative, but the totals are still staggering. $5 billion accumulated at only 5% for the intervening 185 years, accumulates to a total in 2022, of more than $40 trillion each for Rothschild and Sassoon. And there were at least a dozen or more Jewish banking families that were not so very far behind Rothschild and Sassoon, as well as many dozens more that were very wealthy but not in this same league. That $40 trillion may seem shocking and too fantastic to be real, but reserve your judgment until the end. As you will see, that $40 trillion is almost irrelevant in the overall picture.

Leger Entry: Rothschild: $40 trillion in today’s dollars

Leger Entry: Sassoon: $40 trillion in today’s dollars

(1) Slavery and Forced Labor

Jews have always been heavily involved in slave trading, including both the white slaves that depopulated Ireland and much of England and the more recent black slaves, but I will ignore that part of the past and deal only with the more recent events in China. Slave trading by these same richest Jews – Rothschild, Sassoon, Kadoorie and many others, stopped only because the First World War put an end to it. We haven’t precise numbers, but the historical record tells us that many millions of Chinese were kidnapped and sold as slave labor. Countless tens of thousands of Chinese were kidnapped and shipped as slave labor to North America to build the railroads and work the gold mines, to build the Panama Railway and the Panama Canal, to work the guano mines in Peru, and in many other instances. This is why we have Chinese all over the world; even today the population of Panama is more than 10% Chinese because of this.

In many cases, the Chinese were not actually sold to others but used by the Jews as slave labor for their own projects. As late as 1904, Rothschild had around 65,000 Chinese kidnapped from Fujian Province to work his gold mines in South Africa.[13]
When these same Jews financed the building of the North American railroads and the Panama Canal, for example, kidnapped Chinese were the supply of free (and disposable) labor. Harsh conditions resulting in tens of thousands of deaths were irrelevant because the supply was inexhaustible. As well, there is credible evidence that Easter Island was almost totally depopulated by these same Jews who kidnapped most of the people to work the guano mines in Peru. There are letters from officials in the UK demanding that these Jews return the Easter Islanders to their home.

At this distance in time, it isn’t possible to construct a comprehensive tally of the totals of Chinese slave laborers conscripted by these Jews for their projects, nor to estimate the “value” of all this slave labor, but it was certainly substantial and carried on in great volume from about 1800 to 1920 and, as I mentioned above, it was only the First World War that put a stop to it. I list this because it is an important contributing aspect to the accumulated wealth of these Jewish banking families, but I do not provide a leger entry for it.

Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars

(2) Diamonds

It’s not a secret that DeBeers controls the diamond production of South Africa, and also in Zaire, nor that DeBeers is a Rothschild company. Let’s not forget the origin and purpose of the Boer Wars. Diamond production statistics seem scattered, with South Africa claiming around 650 million carats of total production,[14]
 while Statista claims twice this amount. South Africa places a value on this production (at $100 per carat) at about $60 billion, but with no allowance for the compounding an average of $300 million per year over 150 years: (average of 3 million carats per year at $100 per carat). If we allow for compounding at 5%, this accumulates to about $10 trillion. To keep things simple, I have excluded all other countries from this calculation; the addition of these and other Rothschild and Jewish-owned production would at least double the total. It should also be noted that the Jewish enclave of Holland is still the center of the world’s diamond trade, the great majority of which is firmly in Jewish hands.

Leger Entry: $10 trillion in today’s dollars

(3) Gold

It is difficult to find comprehensive and reliable statistics on the actual annual production of gold from the Rothschild-controlled mines, but production apparently reached more than 1,000 tonnes per year 50 years ago. With 32,000 ounces in a tonne of gold, and gold selling at $1,700 an ounce, that represents many billions of dollars per year, compounded at 5% for nearly 150 years, about ten times the value of the diamond production listed above. The picture is clouded by fluctuations in both production amounts and gold prices, so definitive results are impossible to calculate.[15]
 I have assumed what I believe is a conservative estimate of only twice the diamond production and value.

Leger Entry: $20 trillion in today’s dollars

(4) Canals: Panama and the Suez

It is universally-known that the US built the Panama Canal – after “liberating” the Province of Panama from Columbia, but not so widely-known that it was Jewish money that paid for the canal.[16]
 We can reasonably assume that the profits from the canal for about 120 years would have accrued to those who financed it. The Suez Canal was also built with Jewish money and existed as a privately-held corporation. However, since the revenues from these two amount to only a few mere billions of dollars per year, I will omit them from the totals.

Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars

(5) Cash Management

It isn’t widely-known but, as part of America’s Monroe Doctrine, the US used not only its powerful bullying “diplomacy” but also the CIA and the full force of its military to arrange for a few Jewish bankers (and the US FED) to obtain the position of “investment managers” of all the cash assets and central bank holdings of the countries under its control. This included Latin America, but also countries like the Philippines and the 50+ countries where the US overthrew a government and installed a compliant dictatorship.

The scheme was simple. These nations were forced to turn over all their liquid assets to the Jewish bankers in the US who would “prudently manage” all that cash for the benefit of these smaller nations. In practice, the Jewish bankers invested the money in New York real estate and profited in the billions while paying those nations 3% on their money. This practice was coupled with a bad American habit of invading, then forcing open and emptying, the vaults of the central banks of these same nations of all their gold. These practices are sufficiently documented to withstand challenge and, having existed for about 150 years, I think we could reasonably attach a total compounded to today of at least $1 trillion dollars, but the historical records are insufficient and so I make no leger entry for this item.

Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars

(6) Germany’s Hyperinflation

It is widely accepted today that Germany was set up for this precise circumstance from the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles and the corresponding restrictions enacted by Jews to prevent Germany’s recovery. Regardless, the inflation rate was so extreme that money became literally worthless, permitting the Jewish bankers to buy up much of Germany for virtually nothing. This was one of the deep resentments harbored by Hitler toward the Jews, knowing they were behind the treaty and other restrictions that could have had only the bankruptcy and subjugation of Germany as the one possible purpose. We needn’t go into details here, but it was Hitler’s eviction of the Jews from Germany’s banking system and taking over the country’s central bank that resulted in the “miracle” of Germany’s economic recovery which, unfortunately, was not to last. There is no way to estimate the value of the looting of Germany that took place at this time, and I attribute no definitive value to it although the present value would surely be in the many trillions of dollars, all to the benefit of these same few bankers.

Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars

(7) Central Banks

European Jewish banking families, led by the Rothschilds, own or control the central banks of at least 30 nations, including the FED in the US. There are several very nasty results of this ownership, one of which is that these nations cannot print their own money but must borrow it from the (privately-owned) central banks – and pay interest on it. This is of enormous magnitude. Until the late 1970s, Canada owned its own central bank and paid little to no interest to foreigners. But then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (Justin Trudeau’s father) committed an astonishing act of treason – on his own account, without even the knowledge of his own cabinet or Parliament – and committed Canada to foregoing its financial birthright to print its own currency and from then on borrowing from the European Jewish bankers. The result is that in the past 30 or 40 years little Canada has paid these bankers more than $1.1 trillion in interest for borrowing its own money.[17][18][19][20][21][22]
 You might especially want to watch item 22, a video of Canada’s former Cabinet Minister commenting on Banking in America.

But Rothschild and a handful of other Jewish banking families have owned the central banks of the European nations, and others including the US FED, for well over 100 years. If little Canada has paid more than $1 trillion in interest in a relatively short time, the governments of countries like England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Africa, have paid much more during the past century. As one example, Italy’s debt is several times that of Canada, and many other countries are in the same position.[23]
 I have no accurate record of total interest the US has paid to the FED, but its current debt is more than $13 trillion – an amount which will never be paid off.

Working from Canada as a baseline, and counting only 30 countries, an excessively conservative estimate would be $30 trillion paid out in interest to these bankers. If we then allow for only 100 years, we can multiply this by more than three times and arrive at around $100 trillion paid in interest – entirely without need or justification. And this doesn’t allow for the US FED which could increase the total by half again. It should also be noted that those 50+ nations where the US military and CIA overthrew a government, the Jewish bankers were right behind them to take over ownership of all those central banks. In every case where information has escaped – Iraq, Libya, South Africa, the Balkans, this has been their priority and simple logic dictates that it would be very high on their list in every country where they had access. I have not included this item in my estimates. Considering all of the above, my leger entry is arguably conservative by 75% or more, but there is insufficient detail. My estimate below makes no allowance for the compounding of interest for even 100 years; to do so would multiply the total to a truly astronomical figure, and yet the real-world situation is that this amount would indeed be compounded, and for more than 100 years, to the many hundreds of trillions.

Leger Entry: $100 trillion in today’s dollars

(8) Recessions and Depressions

One of the nastier advantages of the foreign ownership of a country’s central bank is that the Jews have total control over those economies.[24]
 Since they control both the money supply and the interest rates, they have easily the power to whipsaw economies and profit immensely at every cycle. They do it the same way every time – by lowering interest rates to zero or nearly so, while hugely inflating the money supply, thereby creating large bubbles in debt, in the stock and housing markets, and so on. Then, they severely contract the money supply and all credit while simultaneously raising interest rates, thus bankrupting countless thousands of banks, businesses and families, and buying up for pennies on the dollar every manner of assets when the blood is running in the streets. After accomplishing their task of relieving a nation of a significant portion of its assets, they again expand the money supply and open the credit taps while reducing interest rates to give economies time to recover, then rinse and repeat. It is not a secret that all such recessions have been deliberately inflicted on Western economies by these Jewish bankers for the past 200 years or more.

The 1929 Great Depression was one such, with euphoria based on the Jewish owners of the FED expanding an almost unlimited money supply and easy credit with low interest rates, building a huge bubble which was then burst. Thousands of banks, tens of thousands of companies, and millions of families, all went bankrupt, with all those assets mostly flowing eventually to the Jewish owners of the US FED and their closest friends. This was done many times prior to 1929, and has been done many times since. The bitterly savage recession in 1983 was similarly created by the US FED – on orders from the City of London, with Volcker even boasting openly about what he was doing. The 2008 housing and financial crisis in the US was identical, and in no way accidental. It was so bad that an executive of Goldman Sachs said at the time, “Things will never return to normal after what they have done.”

The collapsing of the industrial economies in 2022 is the same. A sudden and deliberately-contrived “energy shortage”, created in large part by the sabotage of Nordstream II, a reduction in the money supply, and the stiff raising of interest rates “to combat inflation” (which was entirely self-induced), and soon blood will be once again running in the streets. And an almost unlimited number of industrial corporations, especially in Germany but also in the weaker European nations, will be facing bankruptcy and takeovers, the news of which will never reach the public thanks to the almost-total media control by these same people.

There is no accurate way to definitively calculate the looting that takes place during these contrived “recessions”. 1929 was certainly in the trillions of dollars, as was 1983, which were perhaps the two worst, but the others weren’t so far behind. 2008 was also in this category, the housing losses alone being in the trillions, which I have included elsewhere. Given the lack of detailed data, I won’t try to isolate and estimate the financial result of each contrived financial recession, and will ignore the smaller ones, but that still leaves us with 1929 and 1983 being worth a very conservative $3 trillion each. It seems unreasonable for our purposes to not compound these two amounts with interest for the 90 years and 40 years respectively, but the totals become fantastic and almost incomprehensibly large, and thus very difficult to accept as rational. At 5%, $3 trillion in 90 years (since 1929) will accumulate to $240 trillion, and even over 40 years (1983) will become $21 trillion.

Senator Robert Owen, a co-author of the Federal Reserve Act, testified before a Congressional Committee that the bank he owned received from the National Bankers’ Association the “Panic Circular of 1893.” It stated: “You will at once retire one-third of your circulation and call in one-half of your loans.” And that is how these central bankers create the recessions: an instant reduction of 35% or more in the nation’s money supply and a 50% reduction in total credit.[25]
 The inevitable result is the bankruptcies of thousands of corporations and banks, and an enormous plunge in stock market values and corporate assets of every description which are now available for pennies on the dollar. Wait ten years, and repeat. The purpose is the immense transfer of wealth available in each such cycle, and not only from small banks and corporations but from the general public as well, many of whom also lose everything they had, those assets eventually filtering up to the few oligarchy bankers who planned the events.

Leger Entry: $6 trillion in today’s dollars

(9) Looting the Oil Industry in 1983

As a detailed example, let’s look at the FED-induced 1983 recession and its effect on only the oil industry in North America. To begin, let’s assume we have an oil well with a constant steady production (which many are), but in this case of only one barrel per year for 40 years, with the oil price at $100 per barrel. That gives us a total value of $4,000. However, since $1 next year is worth less than $1 this year, we discount our future production at some interest rate, with this result in terms of value (if we want to sell our oil well):

  • 0% – $4,000
  • 3% – $2,500
  • 6% – $1,500
  • 10% – $1,000
  • 25% – $400

Immediately prior to the 1983 recession, The New York Times proclaimed that a sudden and inexplicable “oil glut” had arrived,[26] such that oil became nearly worthless, prices dropping from US$40 to less than $10 almost overnight. Of course, if the price of oil drops by 75%, the value of our oil well drops by 75% as well, so our $4,000 oil well is now worth only $1,000. But we had a double whammy, because the FED wasn’t idle during this period. After causing a massive burst of inflation in the 1970s to prepare for this eventual result, the FED suddenly felt a need to “fight inflation” by driving interest rates up to 20% and even 25%. The result was that oil wells were then selling at a discount of 25% on cash flow, and I know because at the time I was in the oil business and was buying and selling oil properties, some quite large, at this discount rate. This means that our $4,000 oil well, which was now worth only $1,000 due the collapse in the price of oil, was then hit with the FED’s interest rate sting, and was now worth only $100. And, with the blood running in the streets, this was when our Jewish Khazar bankers in the City of London sent in their agents to buy.

Then, the “oil glut” somehow miraculously evaporated and it seems we actually had a shortage, pushing the oil price back to its original $40, and quickly on its way to $100. And then, just as miraculously, inflation seemed to have been “tamed”, and interest rates declined from 25% back down to the 6% and 3% where they had been before. And our “$100 oil well” was back up to $2,500 and on its way to $5,000. And that means that a mere handful of people purchased producing oil and gas properties for almost pennies, and then watched their “investment” multiply by maybe 50 times. That’s not bad. There are few places where we can obtain a return of 5,000% on an investment in only a few years, and with no risk whatever. When you have the power to control the price of oil, and when you have the FED controlling interest rates, you can work miracles. There is no way to calculate accurate totals, but countless thousands of small and medium-sized oil companies either went bankrupt or were taken over, and the purchases in North America alone would have been in the trillions of dollars. I have ignored the rest of the world, and assumed a conservative $2 trillion for only North America, adjusted at a growth of 5% for 40 years from 1983.

Leger Entry: $14 trillion in today’s dollars

(10) Looting Americans 1975 to 2022

The situation is not different with the 2008 financial meltdown in the US. We had clearly deliberate attempts to inflate the housing market to almost atmospheric levels, with nearly zero interest rates and the removal of all restrictions and requirements – to the point where unemployed homeless people were buying $500,000 homes. This was again done with the full cooperation of the FED. Then, they simply collapsed the bubble, resulting in tens of millions of foreclosures. And again, when the blood was running in the streets, firms like Blackrock and their ilk were busy buying up these foreclosed homes at perhaps half price, as rental properties – often, to the same people who lost them. There is no accurate record of the total purchases, but the buying was almost frenzied. At one point, one agent in Florida for one “investment firm” alone, was bidding on more than 200 homes per week. With even conservative estimates, the transfer of housing assets alone from the American middle class to these same few people, would have been $7 or $8 trillion, all within two or three years.

It is a surprise to me that so few people seem to want to see such events as having been planned, and yet the evidence is overwhelming and irrefutable. There is no possibility that these events, and so many similar, could possibly have occurred “by accident”. There were simply too many threads all working together to accomplish this one result, and those threads could not possibly have been independent. And it is not possible that the US government itself was unaware of the eventual outcome. Economists working for the US government are not stupid, and so many private economists were describing the events and predicting the only possible outcome. The only thesis that fits all the facts is that the 2008 meltdown was planned and that the US government, so totally controlled from the City of London, knowingly permitted it to happen. Again, in summary, a relative handful of people profited to the tune of trillions of dollars in a few years, in this one enterprise alone.

And it wasn’t only homes, and not only in 2008. In an article titled Destroyers of US Democracy[27]
, Chris Hedges quoted a RAND corporation report that stated: “These establishment politicians and their appointed judges promulgated laws that permitted the top 1 percent to loot $54 trillion from the bottom 90 percent, from 1975 to 2022, at a rate of $2.5 trillion a year, according to a study by the RAND corporation.”[28]
 For those who don’t know, RAND is a despicably Satanic corporation that spends most of its time on planning wars, designing torture regimes (Vietnam Phoenix, Guantanamo Bay, Baghram, Diego Garcia), and scheming for world political control. But the people at RAND do know how to calculate, especially considering they planned the methods for the looting they now boast about. Note that the euphemistically-named “top 1%” is not really the top 1% but a tiny group of Jewish bankers and industrialists, including the (Rothschild and other) owners of the US FED. A huge portion of this looting occurred in 2008 and subsequent years; I won’t bother accumulating this with interest.

Leger Entry: $54 trillion in today’s dollars

(11) The Great Gold Robbery – Part I – The US FED

In the early years after the creation of the Rothschild-owned FED, the US was still on a gold standard for its currency; new money could be issued by the FED only if it had at least 40% of that amount in gold. But, as the Jewish bankers have always done in every country, they issued paper currency far beyond the permitted limits, which was the prime cause of the 1929 Great Depression. By 1933, the FED had only about 6,000 metric tons of gold in its vaults, and was about 50,000 tonnes short for the paper currency it had issued. The public were aware generally of what was happening and, with concerns of US paper money becoming worthless, were spending the paper and hoarding the gold coins and bars, while small banks and companies were hoarding gold bullion. There was no way out of this trap. The FED needed a huge infusion of gold to prevent a collapse of the currency, but its owners had no intention of investing their own money to prevent the financial collapse of America. Their solution was to convince Roosevelt and Congress that the real problem was citizens preventing the economy from naturally prospering, by holding gold. On their advice, Roosevelt passed the famous 1602 provision which confiscated all the privately-held gold (in all forms) in the US, all citizens forced to turn over their gold to the FED, under penalty of a $10,000 fine plus a 10-year prison sentence. Note that the gold was not surrendered to the US Treasury Department, but to the privately-owned FED.

The gold was exchanged for paper money, meaning that the owners of the FED used the power of the US government to confiscate all the privately-held gold in the US, at only the cost of printing paper. According to available records, individual citizens surrendered nearly 3,000 metric tonnes of gold, mostly in coins. The amount of gold bars and bullion surrendered from the private sector is extremely difficult to determine accurately. All historical analyses focus on the gold coinage and ignore the bullion, yet this had to be by far the larger part since it was a standard clause in commercial contracts at the time that settlements would be made in gold and both companies and banks had to be in possession of large stocks of it. The historical studies go to great lengths to trace all the gold coinage produced, to estimate the amount remaining in circulation and thus the amount surrendered to the FED. It would seem the easier method would be to simply request of the FED the amount of coinage surrendered, but the FED apparently refuses to part with this information, and is dead silent on the matter of bars and bullion. My estimate for the bullion was around 6,000 or 7,000 tonnes as a minimum, for a total of about 10,000 tonnes, but Seagrave quotes credible sources claiming the FED purchased 18,000 tonnes so I will use that figure.

However, this was nowhere near sufficient to cover the 50,000-tonne shortfall, so the Jewish bankers – led by the Jew Morgenthau, who was then Secretary of the Treasury – devalued the US dollar by about 70% immediately after the gold had been confiscated, thus raising the gold price from $20 to $35, and substantially reducing the FED’s shortfall. But this was with the tragic result that Americans were not only cheated by the loss of their only real cash asset, but of the 70% loss in value. There were lawsuits of course, with the courts essentially determining that the government’s action was illegal and unconstitutional, but that citizens had no recourse.

In summary, to bail out the FED, Rothschild (or his colleagues) convinced Roosevelt to pass a law permitting Rothschild to confiscate all the privately-held gold in America and to devalue by 70% the paper given to Americans in return for that gold. Those 18,000 metric tonnes of gold had a value then of about $20 billion*, taken from the people in the middle of the worst recession in living memory, surely one of the cruelest and most inhumane acts possible at the time. A gold run on the Federal Reserve bank was imminent, and this entire act was simply to prevent the financial collapse of the FED – at the cost of further impoverishing the population and extending the Great Depression by years.[30][31][32][33]

* 32,150 oz. per metric tonne @ $35/oz. (roughly $1 million per tonne) times 18,000 metric tonnes. Today, that gold is worth around $1,700 per oz., or about $50 million per tonne, times 18,000 tonnes = approximately $1 trillion.

Leger Entry: $1 trillion in today’s dollars

(12) US Silver Purchase Act of 1934

They didn’t stop there. The next year, 1934, President Roosevelt implemented yet another Executive Order, number 6814, The Silver Purchase Act, that specified the seizure of all silver in the US and a huge program to purchase silver on the open market at almost three times the then market price. From any rational standpoint, this action was bizarre. The US government did indeed nationalise the US silver stocks, but by purchasing that silver from Americans at the old price of $0.45. This action vacuumed up billions of scarce government funds at the depth of the Great Depression when most Americans were struggling to survive and avoid starvation and bankruptcy.[34]

Having accomplished this, Roosevelt then even more bizarrely enforced the second part of the act which directed the Treasury to purchase silver at a price of at least US$1.29 per ounce, which was nearly three times the then market price which American citizens received. The legislation primarily authorised the Treasury to purchase silver “from foreign countries” on the open market – on the New York Futures Exchange. But this Act was totally bizarre because such purchases had never occurred, nor would they. Not even a crazy person would spend money buying something at $1.29 when that commodity was widely available on world markets everywhere at $0.45. So, what really was driving this new policy?

To this time, China had been on a silver standard for its currency for hundreds of years, the only currency in the world fully backed by precious metal, and responsible for creating a solid and stable economic base, permitting China to escape altogether the Great Depression that was ravaging the rest of the world. The American silver policy of course dealt a devastating blow to this centuries-old stability because the Americans were not purchasing silver from foreign countries on the open market, but only in China through the American banks like Citibank, Morgan and Chase because they were immune to Chinese export regulations. These US agents offered Chinese three times the market price for their silver, naturally resulting in a flood of silver flowing into these banks and from there to be shipped to the US on American military vessels. I have seen statements by historians that China had about 1 billion ounces of silver which at the time was 1/3 of the world stocks, but that is clearly untrue since Shanghai alone was losing half a billion ounces a month, and Chinese banks that normally had their currency backed 60% with silver were down to about 4%.[35]

A careful reader should have noticed that the most important piece of this puzzle is missing. Let’s recap: (1) The US government bought up all the gold existing in private hands in the US, then gave all that gold free as a gift to Rothschild and the other Jewish owners of the FED. (2) The US government then bought all the silver in the US and also gave that to Rothschild’s FED as a gift. (3) It then instituted a policy of the US Treasury buying all the silver in China at three times the world market price and gifting all that silver to Rothschild’s FED. The part that’s missing is the money. This was in the middle of most severe depression in living memory, people were starving, the US government had no money and the currency as well as the FED were in danger of collapsing. How could Roosevelt afford to buy up all that precious metal and gift it to a few Jewish bankers? Easy. They lent him the money by printing paper, and collecting not only the principal but the interest. Roosevelt didn’t have the money to buy Rothschild a Christmas gift, so Rothschild lent Roosevelt the money – at interest, to buy his gift. And that’s how the US went $33 billion into debt 1n 1933.[37]
 It isn’t possible to accurately estimate the total value of the silver extracted from the US or China, so I make no leger entry here.

Leger Entry: $0 billion in today’s dollars

It may occur to you to wonder why the Jewish bankers at the FED didn’t also try to buy up all the gold in China. They didn’t need to, because some of their closest friends were already on this path. See Citibank, below.

(13) Citibank – The Great Gold Robbery

The Chinese have always hoarded gold, individually, as security, and they were certainly doing so in 1902 when Citibank came into China on the verge of bankruptcy and needing a clever way to rebuild its asset base. Citi found it. The bank advertised throughout the nation the insecurity of keeping gold bars in a sock under the bed, and managed to convince at least 100 million Chinese to deposit their gold in Citibank’s vaults where it would be safe. After more than 40 years of this, when war clouds were gathering, Citi loaded literally dozens of US military vessels with all that Chinese gold and closed its doors without even saying good-bye. The gold, of course, would all have been turned over to the FED in return for paper. People today are still trying to recover their gold from Citibank. Since the documentation is irrefutable, US courts have permitted lawsuits, but on the stipulation that the claimants must appear in person at the trials. No problem, but the American consulates in China refuse to issue visas for these people to travel to the US. No travel visas, no court claims against Citibank, no recovery of Chinese gold. The gold was of course turned over to the US FED in return for paper.

There is much more to this story, since Citibank pulled the same stunt in perhaps a dozen countries. If it works in one place, it should work everywhere. At the same time, in 1902, that Citi (International Banking Corporation) registered itself in China, it also opened banking operations in Manila, Calcutta, Singapore, Yokohama, Brazil, Argentina, and in other countries. In Argentina, Citibank was so hated for these gold thefts that in 1927 a group of victimised “customers” retaliated by blowing up both Citibank’s headquarters and that of the Bank of Boston, and they so hated the US government (and Americans generally) for protecting Citibank that they also bombed the US Embassy and the Ford Motor company. Ignoring the thefts from all the other countries, the amount of gold stolen by Citibank (and Chase and Morgan) from Chinese citizens alone was in the tens of billions, spanning the period from 1902 to 1949, but it is almost impossible to calculate accurately, and I will make no leger entry for this.

Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars

(14) The Great Gold Robbery – Part 2 – The US FED

This is one of the most staggering frauds ever perpetrated in the history of the world, one that seems to have been expunged from all our history books, to the point where I doubt one person in a million has any knowledge of it. Like all good frauds, it was simple: From 1932 until the start of World War II, the US government and the Jewish media were extravagantly fear-mongering to the entire world that either Japan or Germany would be invading every nation and inevitably looting all their central and commercial banks. The solution offered was for all the banks in all the world’s nations to turn their entire gold reserves over to the US FED for safekeeping until the war was over. And they did. Every day, the New York Times faithfully recorded shipments of millions of dollars of gold from all these nations to the US. One NYT article claimed seven US naval destroyers laden with 125,000 metric tons of Chinese gold sailed to the US in 1938, one of many such. These “deposits” were evidenced by gold certificates issued by the US Treasury, although the gold actually went to the US FED.

However, there doesn’t appear to be even a single credible instance of any of this gold ever having been returned to its owners. In every case, the FED stated that the certificates proffered were either forgeries with obvious spelling and other errors, or that they simply “could not confirm the issuance of certificates” with those serial numbers, and refused to redeem them. A journalist at the Financial Times claimed:

<BLOCKQUOTE>“It has now reached a point where you can go into one of the big banks in New York, London or Zurich, give them half a metric ton of gold in return for a certificate of ownership, walk around the block for 10 minutes, re-enter the same bank, and they’ll deny ever seeing you before, and have you arrested for presenting them with a counterfeit certificate.”</BLOCKQUOTE>

But then some very strange events. A CIA aircraft was discovered crashed in the jungle of the Philippines, containing trillions of dollars of these same certificates, and clearly originals and not forgeries. Upon that discovery, with the attendant publicity and the surfacing of redemption claims for these certificates, the FED panicked, leading to something truly bizarre: the FED suddenly decided to remelt and recast its entire holding of gold for the stated purpose of “preferring to have all their gold ingots in the same shape”. No explanation was offered, but then none was really necessary. Remelting tens of thousands of tons of gold is a huge undertaking, complicated and very expensive, and would never be done for the foolish reason of changing the shape of the bars. Whatever the FED’s stated purpose, the main result was that remelted gold no longer contains its original markings, which meant there was no longer any way to identify the original source of that gold. And that meant no one could ever prove the gold held by the FED was the gold that was – in real terms – stolen – from nearly every country in the world.

One famous instance was the gold stocks from China’s central bank. When Chiang Kai-Shek lost the Chinese civil war and fled to Taiwan, his last act was to loot all the gold from the central bank of Mainland China and the commercial banks, and take the tonnes of bullion with him to Taiwan – under the protection of the Americans. To further their protection, the US convinced Chiang to let them take the gold to the US “for safekeeping” in case China attacked Taiwan and stole “his” gold. This bullion was never returned. In fact, long after her husband’s death, and until the day she died, Mme. Chiang was arguing, fighting, begging, and suing, the US government and the FED for the return of “her” gold. She failed, and the matter died. Taiwan today has no knowledge of this.

There does not appear to exist any unified record of all the gold shipments delivered to the US FED under this scheme, but it had to have been at least in the high tens if not hundreds of billions, and this occurred in the 1930s, nearly 90 years ago now. If we assume a conservative total collected worldwide of only five times that confiscated in the US alone, that gives us around 100,000 metric tonnes, at around $50 million per tonne at today’s prices, or about $5 trillion. All of this gold went into the pockets of the few Jewish bankers who own the US FED.

To be sure this is perfectly clear; Rothschild and other Jewish bankers concocted a scheme to literally steal all the gold stocks from all the central banks and commercial banks in all countries of the world. These Jews were at the time in the process of instigating a second World War, and used the fear of this to support their plan. They employed the full fear-mongering propaganda influence of the Jewish media combined with the extensive bullying power of the US White House and State Department as well as the coercive power of the US military, to coerce all the world’s central banks and every nation’s commercial banks to turn over their gold stocks to the US FED for “safe-keeping”. There was never any intention to return any of that gold after the war. It should be obvious thatthe US government was into this criminal atrocity right up to its neck, acting as the enforcer and bag-man for the Jews, collecting and delivering all this gold not to the US Treasury but to the FED, and thus of no benefit whatever to the United States. The US government was simply obeying its master.

Leger Entry: $5 trillion in today’s dollars

How Much Gold is There in the World?

Warren Buffett says about 175,000 tonnes, but his estimate is worthless and few people agree with him, and in fact his estimate comes from the Jewish source of Thompson Reuters[38]
 and should be discounted on principle. Estimates range from this level to one by the Gold Standard Institute of more than 2.5 million tonnes. Part of the problem is that gold has been mined for millennia and nobody knows how much is out there. The identical problem exists in estimates of the total gold supply in various nations at various points in history. Shills for the US FED attempt to minimise the effects of their worldwide gold theft in the 1930s by grossly understating the amount of gold bullion in the US at that time, and have done the same for most other countries. We also have the problem in reverse where, according to accounts by some Jewish so-called “historians”, the Nazis looted from the Jews alone ten times the total volume of gold existing in those countries.

An Important Aside: the US FED

In 2013, there were media reports that were quickly buried and censored in the US, though not in Europe, about Germany’s quest to repatriate its gold holdings from the US FED. The German government had been storing about half of its gold supply in the NYC FED vaults. Germany’s central bank decided to bring home all its gold, but the FED refused the request, claiming such a move would be impossible, stating it would need until 2020 to be able to accomplish the transfer. The German government then asked to visit the FED vaults to inventory the gold and determine its actual existence, but the FED refused to permit Germany to examine its own gold. The reasons given were “security” and “no room for visitors”. Upon determined insistence at this strange turn of events, Germany did finally send some staff to the FED, who were permitted only into the vault’s anteroom where they were shown 5 or 6 gold bars as “representative of their holdings”, but were permitted to view nothing else. German officials returned a second time, with even more determination, at which time the FED apparently opened only one of 9 vaults and permitted the Germans look at the stack of gold from a considerable distance, but were not permitted to either enter or touch. After repeated insistence, Germany did recover a small portion of its gold holdings, but that was shipped from France’s central bank – owned by the same Jews who own the FED.

Speculation has been brewing for many years that the FED doesn’t actually have much gold, or even any gold, that it has either sold it off, lent it out, or used it as collateral for borrowings. There are repeated claims today that the gold supposedly being stored on behalf of many nations, doesn’t actually exist. Nobody, other than FED staff, have actually been permitted inside the vaults to see or inventory any of the gold, and there is no evidence that the gold actually exists.

Even worse, the situation is the same with the supposed gold depository at Fort Knox, the storage location of what is supposed to be the entire gold holdings of the US Treasury. Most people believe Ft. Knox is a government vault but, while it is built on government land, it is managed by the FED and the entire contents are the property of the FED, not of the US Treasury. It has been true since the creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913 that the contents of Fort Knox have belonged to the FED but guarded by the US military. And nobody knows what is there.

The last audit, and the last public visit, was in 1953, just after Eisenhower took office. No outside experts were allowed during that audit, and the audit team tested only about 5% of gold there. There hasn’t been even an inventory, much less a comprehensive audit of Fort Knox in 70 years. In 1974 six Congressmen, one Senator and the press were allowed to enter Fort Knox to see for themselves if the gold was there or not. The tour showed that there was something in Fort Knox that looked like gold, but it sparked even more controversies. Only a small fraction of the gold was made available for viewing, and one Congressman published a report saying the gold bars held in the fort were less heavy than expected. During recent years, several US politicians have claimed that there is a high chance that neither Fort Knox nor the FED have any gold, and have demanded a full and public inventory and testing, but the FED have resolutely refused.

Given the near certainty of the US FED and Treasury having little gold, there has been much speculation about the location of the world’s gold holdings which exist at the FED on paper but not in reality. I do not know where the gold is, but if I had to guess, I would guess it is all sitting deep in the mountains in Switzerland, in the many hundreds of tunnels drilled deep into the rock underneath the new headquarters of the BIS – the Bank for International Settlements, which is in turn also owned by the same Rothschild who owns the FED and various other European Central Banks.

(15) The Spoils of War

This is a topic that seldom if ever comes to our attention – with the notable exception of the persistent stories about Germans confiscating art and other treasures from Jews. But the historical truth is rather quite different, and with much evidence that it is Jews who have done much or even most of the looting during wartime. We have been treated to about 85 years of non-stop accusations about Germans having looted Jews during two World Wars, but there has almost never been presented any credible evidence of this, and on examination the stories of Germans looting from Jews are in the same category as the tubs full of eyeballs and the melting of Jewish fat to make glycerin for explosives. No doubt some looting takes place by all sides during all wars but, as we shall see, it is the Jews who appear to have done most of the looting, covering their crimes through their control of the mass media.

As one recent example, Iraq has been accurately described as “a cradle of civilisation”. One result is that, prior to the American invasion, Iraq was full to the brim of archaeological artifacts, art treasures, scrolls and other items accumulated over the course of centuries, many of great financial value but also of immense historical significance. All have disappeared. American troops looted most of the country, with reports that all Iraqi museums today are completely empty. Valuables and historical artifacts were stolen not only from museums and libraries, but also from private homes. Iraq was looted in totality. Published estimates claimed that at least 200,000 items of art and culture, many of which were of inestimable value to the history of the world, were stolen from Iraqi museums in Baghdad, Mosul, and other cities. The US government claims these were only a few rogue actions of which it disapproved, but the facts tell us otherwise, and indeed many of these items have appeared in other museums and private Jewish collections – in Israel, among other places. There is no way to place a value on this, but the magnitude is considerable and this is only one of many such situations.

The Soviet Union insists that the US and various Jews still hold priceless collections of stolen Soviet art, seized by the Jews when they fled Russia after their failed revolution. The US and the Jews naturally dismissed this claim, but then were caught in a lie when researchers uncovered documents proving the US had indeed kept a huge amount of art treasures – which had by then disappeared into private collections by the usual group of suspects. There were also documented reports that at the end of the Second World War, the US military emptied a train of 24 cars filled with gold, silver and various expensive German art objects estimated to be worth many billions at the time, items the Germans were trying to protect from Jewish and Allied looting. As well, an additional many billions in gold disappeared from the Reichsbank at about the same time, and have never been accounted for.

The details of European treasure thefts are murky and very complicated, with claims and counterclaims, being easy and tempting to dismiss treasure-hunting stories about Germany as exaggerated tales of war. However, for the last 70 years we have been inundated with tales of the Germans looting precious metals and invaluable works of art throughout Europe, most particularly from the Jews, but there is a whole lot more to the story than this. For one thing, after the Jews completed their Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917, they looted the entire country, beginning with all the gold in the central bank which was shipped to the US as payment to Jacob Schiff for financing the revolution. But Russia was looted of much more than gold, the relatively well-off middle class owning billions in precious metals, artifacts and invaluable works of art, as well as virtually the entire holdings of the Romanovs – the Russian Royal Family. Most of this was removed from the country, much of it to Germany and Austria, when the Bolshevik Jews fled Russia. Much of this looted treasure and gold would have almost certainly found its way entirely into the hands of the Jews in the City of London. And substantial documentation does exist to evidence claims that the US and the Jews did indeed loot Germany severely at the end of both wars. Given the facts of Operation Paperclip, this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

But in terms of looting and destruction, there was something far worse, two of the greatest acts of cultural genocide in the history of the world were both perpetrated by the Khazar Jews, and both in China, another piece of history they have managed to completely bury. The one that concerns us here is the looting and burning of China’s Summer Palace, the Yuanmingyuan, which contained more than ten million of the finest and most valuable historical treasures and scholarly works gathered in one place from 5,000 years of Chinese history.

The Jews decided to punish China for refusing their opium, so Rothschild and Sassoon obtained Queen Victoria’s permission and a commitment for the use of her troops to loot and destroy the entire complex[39]
 to, in their words, “open a wound that would never heal”. The complex was so vast (eight times the size of the Vatican City) it required 7,500 soldiers nearly three weeks to loot and burn it. What could not be looted was destroyed, and the entire massive palace burned to the ground. This wanton theft and utter destruction of one of the world’s greatest collections of historical treasure was engineered by the Rothschilds and Sassoons in retaliation for Chinese resistance to their opium. Upon hearing the news, China’s emperor vomited blood and died soon after. Repeatedly, some of the most prized artifacts appear at auction today, always by Jewish sellers. You can understand why not everyone feels sympathy for the Jews if indeed the Germans did loot some of their artworks. In all likelihood, most of those had been looted by the Jews from someone else.

Since we cannot obtain the necessary detail to document the looting performed by the Jews in all their revolutions from Russia onward to Egypt, China, Iraq, Libya, nor for the looting done by the Americans in their behalf, and especially including Germany, I will make no entry for this but simply state it to register the magnitude and to emphasise that much of what has been stolen by these Jews is priceless.

Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars

(16) Japan’s Golden Lily

However, there is another matter of looting, this one involving Japan, that is a bit more sinister and in a league of its own in terms of victors claiming spoils of war. It seems that almost everyone is aware of the looting, mostly imaginary, committed by Germany, but almost no one seems aware of the vast catalogue of almost unbelievable looting committed by the Japanese. Japan indeed looted not only the central banks but every possible source of treasure during their sweep through China and across Asia. Gold, silver, jewels, works of art, anything and everything of value was looted, including from private homes, and shipped to Japan during the early stages of the invasion. This knowledge has been totally suppressed, never having entered the mass public mind, except for brief comments made in passing.

Few today are aware of the terms of Japan’s surrender to the US at the end of World War II. It is not widely known that when the Americans drafted the documents of Japan’s surrender, they specifically prohibited war reparations claims against Japan. Article 14(b) of the treaty stated:

“The Allied Powers waive all reparations claims of the Allied Powers, other claims of the Allied Powers and their nationals (my italics) arising out of any actions taken by Japan and its nationals in the course of the prosecution of the war, and claims of the Allied Powers for direct military costs of occupation”.

Then-US Secretary of State Allen Dulles bullied and coerced the other allies and all Asian countries to sign this surrender agreement. Only China and Russia refused to be bullied into signing.

But why the prevention of reparations? The US and the Jews used war reparations to strip Germany to the bones, leaving only the skeleton of the country. Japan was far worse than Germany in every way, so why the astonishing generosity toward Japan? The Japanese heavily looted all of Asia and shipped some of that loot home to Japan but, as the spoils of war were being looted increasingly farther from home, the Japanese began assembling and storing their loot in preparation for larger shipments later. Unfortunately, as the war progressed, Japan began losing control of the shipping lanes and transfer to Japan was no longer a safe option. Operating under an incorrect assumption that the US would permit them to keep the Philippines in exchange for a cease-fire, the Japanese elected to bury most of that looted gold and other assets in the Philippines. There exists today ample documentation that Japanese officers created dozens of deep storage depots in caves or excavated underground areas, filled them with the looted treasure and destroyed the entrances with explosives. It also appears to be true that all the individuals who worked on the transport, excavation and storage of all this loot were buried inside the caverns, apparently leaving only three or perhaps four people with knowledge of either the fact of storage or the locations. This was Japan’s Golden Lily project.[40][41][42][43][44]

There has emerged substantial and irrefutable evidence that the Americans had learned of Golden Lily and had captured and tortured one of those individuals, who revealed the existence and locations of at least some of the sites. Since Japan could hardly make a claim to this loot after the war, and since the hidden billions were now essentially orphans, they were available for the Americans (and the Jews) to quietly spirit away. The problem was that this was a huge crime, even in American minds, since it was clearly a theft from friends rather than enemies, who would want their property returned. The Americans found the perfect solution – the provision for forfeiture of reparations in the treaty of Japan’s surrender would in fact mean these nations – and their nationals – renounced their claims to all treasure looted by Japan, thus serving to make the Americans’ actions “legal”, provided only that all parties signed the treaty. And all parties, save China and Russia were indeed bullied into signing.

General MacArthur, in charge of the occupation, reported finding “great hoards of gold, silver, precious stones, foreign postage stamps, engraving plates and . . . currency not legal in Japan”. There was also a US Army document containing a statement referring to “undeclared caches of these treasures [which are] known to exist”. The American occupation forces had apparently discovered at least some of Japan’s Golden Lily sites, containing billions in gold and other valuables. This much is without question, and there is documentation that MacArthur actually toured some of these opened sites and evaluated the contents.

The Japanese looted every nation to the bones and, to the maximum extent possible, every citizen, and there is no question the value had to be in the trillions of dollars. Since we don’t know the number of sites discovered nor the proportion of precious metals in each site, I will use a conservative estimate of only $500 billion recovered. And, since there is no evidence any of this loot ever entered the US, much less recorded in the US Treasury, we can safely assume it was collected on behalf of the FED. We can use one of two measures here. The gold price at the time was about $35 an ounce, with current prices (2022) around $1,700, or about 50 times, for a present value of about $25 trillion. The other method is to compound the $500 billion at 5% for 72 years from the war’s end, giving us a present value of about $15 trillion. I will use the lower figure. I must note here that the actual amount recovered is potentially many times greater than I have assumed here. Seagrave’s ‘Gold Warriors’ tells the entire story in exhaustive detail,[45]
 and should be considered mandatory reading.

Leger Entry: $15 trillion in today’s dollars

(17) Treasure Island

In 1999, Edward Michaud produced an excellent historical essay titled, “Corregidor The Treasure Island of WWII”,[46]
 in which he detailed the looting of the Philippines. It wasn’t called looting at the time, but that’s what it was. When the Japanese invaded the Philippines, MacArthur was forced to evacuate and take refuge in the island of Corregidor, prior to which he did two things. He ordered all munitions and war materials destroyed so as not to leave them for the Japanese, and he collected and shipped off the entire wealth of the Philippines’ central bank and all personal wealth that could be collected from local citizens, “to be sent to the US for safe-keeping” and prevent the inevitable looting by the Japanese.

According to Michaud’s report, “The Government securities alone consisted of over 51 tons of gold bullion, 32 tons of silver bullion, 140 tons of silver pesos & centavos, and millions of paper Treasury Notes, bonds and corporate stocks. The civilian property … consisted of approximately two tons of gold bullion in various sized ingots, along with an unknown amount of precious stones and foreign currency. When orders were received to evacuate the city the many paper inventories and records were still incomplete, with many private citizens not even being given receipts for their valuables. Much of it was stored in sections of the large underground complex known as Malinta Tunnel. The remaining 51 tons of government gold bullion, consisting of 2,542 ingots of 42lbs each, (20 kilos), along with the balance of the paper currency & securities, were stowed in several of the interior laterals of the Navy Tunnel on the South side of the Malinta tunnel complex.”

Virtually all of this was loaded onto whatever vessels, large or small, were available, and the entire lot transferred to Corregidor, where it was eventually loaded onto US submarines and removed to the US. Anything not able to be shipped out in time was loaded onto surplus vessels which were towed out into deeper water and sunk, this amounting to hundreds of tonnes of precious metals, some of which may have been later recovered by the Japanese but which was also recovered by the Americans. The submarines were loaded during the night when the Japanese aircraft could not attack, submerging during the daylight hours for safety. Michaud thought this Philippine treasure was transported to the US Mint, but it almost certainly ended up at the FED since the mint was almost a non-entity producing only cheap metal coins. He ended his essay by stating, “At the end of the war this securities shipment, “or at least its monetary equivalent”, was subsequently transferred back to the Philippine Government”, but the claim is nonsense. I have seen no evidence to support it, and no one is in a position to make such a claim since no accurate inventory was done in the panic to evacuate before the Japanese arrived, and nobody actually knows what was taken. In any case, from the few facts available, I have seen nothing to support statements that this wealth was ever returned to the Philippines. This was by no means the only, or the last, such event during the Second World War.

In this calculation, I have made no allowance for the “hundreds of tonnes” of gold and silver not loaded into the submarines at the first effort, and have ignored the value of all treasure other than the 53 tonnes of gold and 175 tonnes of silver bullion. Again, a relatively paltry amount in relation to the other crimes.

Leger Entry: $3.3 billion in today’s dollars

(18) Seizure of German Industrial Assets

It appears to be not at all known, totally expunged from the world’s history, that the US government and military have acted as hired thieves for the Khazar Jewish mafia in the City of London for at least the past 85 years, and are still doing so today. I am able to present here only a very brief summary of many very long criminal stories, those with sufficient documentation to survive in a court of law.

This topic is much too large to cover here. I have detailed the seizures of WWI and WWII at length in an E-book which is heavily annotated with references that I have not supplied here.[48]
 I urge you to read Chapter Five to appreciate the magnitude of what was done. All German industrial – and even personal – assets worldwide, were seized by the US military, primarily on behalf of these Jewish bankers although the US itself and its domestic corporations also benefited handsomely. Again, the totals would have been well into the trillions of dollars – in 1915 and 1945, not accounting for more than 100 years and 75 years of profit accumulation, but the landscape is so vast it isn’t possible to even attempt a credible estimate, and thus no leger entry for this item.

(a) World War I Seizures

It doesn’t appear widely-known, but these same Jewish bankers, again using the US as their “enforcer” literally plundered all German industrial assets – worldwide – after both World Wars. The extent of this was unimaginable. As one example, the entire Bayer company was sold – to a Jewish agent – for the sum of $5 million, in an “auction” conducted on the front steps of the Bayer head office. Bayer was at the time one of the largest companies in the world, producing not only chemicals but a vast assortment of medications including Aspirin which was at the time the world’s most popular drug and most valuable patent. The Jewish lawyer Seymour J. Rubin wrote that it was “clear and compelling that for reasons of justice” a victor or a conqueror should confiscate all the property and assets of the vanquished.

And confiscate, they did. They seized not only all German corporate assets worldwide, but virtually all personal assets, with listings like “three horses”, “some cedar logs”, “a few carpets”, and of course bank accounts, precious metals, artworks. It was all illegal of course, but the US passed a law permitting themselves to do it. There was a special law that “anyone of German descent” who had been imprisoned for any reason was classified as an enemy alien and subject to a total property seizure, and so they tossed nearly every German into jail on any trumped-up charge, often for only two or three days, just long enough to classify them and seize their assets. This was one of the main purposes of the war; to strip an entire race of people of all their assets, patents and property, to put down a nation that was becoming too powerful and too disobedient to the Jews.

There is no way to credibly estimate the total value of all the WWI seizures. The personal property seized in the USs alone would accumulate to about $60 billion in today’s dollars, but this was only personal property in only one country, and by far the smallest part of the seizures. The total value of Germany’s worldwide corporate assets seized would today almost certainly amount to many trillions, but the detail isn’t available to calculate, so no leger entry.

Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars

(b) Operation Paperclip – WWII

This was without a doubt the second-most massive and far-reaching theft ever perpetrated in the history of the world, exceeded only by the Jews’ looting of India a century prior. As with WWI, all of Germany’s worldwide assets were again confiscated, but this time with years of planning that began even before the war.[49]
 The Jews who controlled the US government at the time, had arranged for thousands of teams with tens of thousands of individuals often only meters behind the troops entering Germany at the end of the war, and they took literally everything. They came in waves, and what one wave didn’t take, the next one did. They emptied every corporate library, every research installation, every patent office, every factory, and simply seized everything. Even the Library of Congress had its own Foreign Mission which was to locate and confiscate all books and journals published in Germany that might possibly be of interest to any part of corporate or scientific America.

In one case the German Patent Office put some of its most secret patents down a sixteen-hundred-foot mine shaft, but the Americans found it and confiscated the entire contents as US “war reparations”. The value of the more than 800,000 German patents seized was estimated at more than $30 billion, which would be well over $1 trillion in today’s dollars. As I mentioned above, American-registered firms profited handsomely from this, but many of those “American-registered” firms were owned or controlled by Jews, and the European Jewish bankers and industrialists took ownership of everything including chemical firms like I. G. Farben, auto firms like Volkswagen, major aircraft companies like Dornier and Messerschmitt, pharmaceutical firms like Hoescht. And this brief listing doesn’t include the personal seizures of art, gold and silver, precious stones and other valuables. Once again, an entire nation of people was stripped to the very bones, but this time much more viciously than in WWI and, in this case, between 12 million and 15 million Germans were killed by various means before, during, and long after, the looting. Dead Germans tell no tales of their victimisation, but live Jews have been telling stories for 75 years about how they were looted by the Germans. The truth is rather different.

The looting of Germany after WWII was so vast and so extensive, that this one category cannot be permitted to remain without a leger entry. I am therefore making an entry of $10 trillion in today’s dollars, a figure I believe is easily defensible and excessively conservative.

Leger Entry: $10 trillion in today’s dollars

(19) Hijacking Countries with Oil Production

It doesn’t seem widely understood or appreciated that Iraq and Libya were literally hijacked by the European Jews using the US military as the enforcer. Both countries have been taken over, with puppet governments installed, with new Jewish privately-owned central banks and, at least in the case of Iraq, virtually all the commercial enterprises featuring “new owners”. In the case of Iraq, the Jewish bankers allocated to themselves 65% of Iraq’s oil – at no charge, leaving Iraq with the revenue from only 35% of its own oil production. Moreover, much of the oil exported from Iraq is not metered, so nobody actually knows how much of Iraq’s oil is literally stolen by this method. It is only the metered amount that is shared 65/35. In the case of Libya, all of the oil is confiscated by these same Jewish bankers, again with the US military having a permanent enforcement presence. I have covered this is detail in an earlier article which I urge you to read.[50]
 With Syria, they weren’t able to hijack the entire country due to Russia’s presence, but the US military did succeed in taking full control of Syria’s oil fields on behalf of these same bankers. Syria today, like Libya, receives no revenue from the sale of its own oil.

More than this, the Jewish mafia from the City of London has installed its own privately-owned central banks in Iraq and Libya and, by this means, will loot these two countries to the extent of trillions more. Also in Iraq, much or even most of all profitable commercial activity has been taken over by these same people. There is no data source to estimate the extent of looting from these secondary sources.

It is of immense importance to note that the hijacking of Iraq and Libya and of Syria’s oil fields were done entirely by the US military acting as The Banker’s Private Army.[51]
 The US government absorbed the entire cost of the wars – with trillions of dollars borrowed at interest from these same Jews, took all the battlefield casualties, and has since acted as the full-time military enforcer of the Jews’ “proprietorship” of these nations – at no benefit whatever to the United States. All of the money and political advantage have gone to the Khazar Jews in the City of London. The US government is simply doing its master’s bidding.

Average oil prices are notoriously difficult to calculate but, for the recent periods involved here, I have taken an inflation-adjusted average of $80 per barrel. Iraq’s production was historically around 3.0 million barrels per day, now up to 3.5 million, so around $300 million per day, $200 million of which is taken by the Jewish bankers in the City of London. Around $1.5 trillion so far. Libya’s production dropped to zero after the invasion but has since averaged about 1.5 million barrels per day, or about $450 billion to date. Syria has been producing 500,000 barrels per day, of which the Jewish bankers take all. Around $150 billion so far. Adding these three, gives us about $2 trillion so far, or about $3 trillion if we account for compound interest at 5%.

Leger Entry: $3 trillion in today’s dollars

(20) Privatisation, Part 1

There are some who believe that turning over government services or assets to private enterprise is a wise move because, as we are told, governments are bloated and inefficient, and private companies can almost inevitably be far more efficient. In real life, I have not been able to uncover even one instance where this mythical theory has proven true. Instead, private enterprise inevitably follows the same path – that of maximising profit by raising prices and cutting services. Even worse, it seems impossible to locate an example of privatisation that wasn’t clouded with corruption and payoffs on the part of legislatures and government officials. Examples are not difficult to find.

In the UK, our Jewish banker friends arranged the privatisation of British Rail, after which point they bled it dry and ran it into the ground so that the UK government had to take it back and rebuild it. After they had reconstructed the rail system and had it operating steadily and profitably, our Jewish bankers got another kick at the can and had it privatised again. The cost to the British public was in the high billions.

Still with the UK, these same bankers arranged (or bribed) for the privatisation of the Royal Mail. However, immediately prior to negotiating the selling price, the unions at the Royal Mail became suddenly embittered at their management and proposed a long-term all-out strike, thus kicking the foundations out from under the selling price and making the Royal Mail nearly worthless in view of the serious labor strife ahead. But then, magically, as the sale took place at a much-reduced price, the unions were suddenly quite happy again and no strike ever took place. More disheartening was that somehow, inexplicably, the selling price seemed to have included only the value of the mail delivery service and omitted entirely the billions of dollars of prime property owned by the Royal Mail in downtown London. An “inexplicable oversight” but, in a democracy, nobody is to blame.[52]

In Canada, in the province of Ontario, government officials sold off in a 99-year lease, the busiest highway in North America, for $2 billion. A few years later, the new owners sold off 10% of their investment to some friends for $10 billion, meaning that the government of Ontario sold off a $100-billion asset for $2 billion. Even worse, the new owners raised tolls so high that all motorists attempt to use other highways, creating such congestion that the province has no choice but to build new highways. Unfortunately, they are unable to do that since the terms of their initial sale prohibit the government from constructing new highways to “compete” with the old one, unless the new ones are also turned over to the “new owners”.

In the US, the prison system was costing $20 billion per year. After privatising only a portion of it, the same system is now costing American taxpayers more than $80 billion per year, with some of the prisons so inhuman in their conditions that courts are ordering them closed. And it isn’t only the prison system but the parole system and much more, all bleeding the nation. In all Western countries, these same Jewish bankers and their friends push incessantly for the privatisation of nearly anything where money could be made. They normally fire the majority of the staff to reduce costs, and also avoid all maintenance that isn’t critical. The theory, under these long-term “leases” is to cannibalise the asset itself so that at the end of the lease period when the asset is returned, its value is precisely zero. That is the theory of profit maximisation under privatisation.

In all Western countries, everything from airports to prisons to education to communications, transportation, and every manner of government services is slowly being “privatised”, producing literally trillions in profits for the new leaseholders, and slowly bankrupting the nations. This is such an enormous program involving so many countries, so many kinds of infrastructure, and so many types of government services, that any sensible estimate of the looting is impossible. I will therefore make no entry for it, but will state emphatically that the looting here – the transfer of sovereign assets into the hands of a few bankers – is in the tens of trillions of dollars[53][54]

Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars

(20) Privatisation, Part 2

More than this, there are at least hundreds, and more likely thousands, of undercurrents in this business of privatisation which is more often than not conducted as outright theft. It should be emphatically noted that the 50+ nations where the US overthrew a legitimate government and installed a compliant dictator, would have very quickly undergone the same “privatisation” process, with the US military and State Department specifying to the new dictator the portions of his country’s infrastructure to be seized. None of this would have been paid for, and these occasions have occurred in many other nations. As one example, it was initially reported in the NYT, then quickly suppressed everywhere that, after the destruction of Yugoslavia, George Soros and Madeleine Albright were given “ownership” of the entire communications infrastructure of Kosovo – stated as having a value of $800 million. It is likely that all of the former Yugoslavia suffered the same fate, but the news blanket is total and no information is permitted to leak. All of Iraq and Libya have suffered this same consequence, and so many other nations are in the same position. Without a world map of this so-called “privatisation”, we can never know the true total but it must be immense.[55]

Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars

(21) The World Bank and the IMF. Infrastructure and Debt

This category is a bit easier than the one above. Typically, our Jewish bankers fund government loans privately or through the IMF or World Bank, and do so when US$ interest rates are at a low. They then push increasing debt on a country until it is past any sane level, then have the US FED raise interest rates and effectively place these nations into bankruptcy. Since the countries haven’t the cash to repay their loans, our Jewish bankers take infrastructure in lieu of payment. They will also take arable land, which is what has recently happened to Ukraine although the (Jewish-owned) media seem to have no knowledge of this. There was a recent media report that Rothschild had to form a new bank just to hold all the arable land that had been confiscated by these methods. The Khazar Jews are also after the water, the president of Nestle publicly claiming that “drinking water is not a right. It is a commodity and should be priced and sold like any other commodity”. A few years back, Jenna Bush, GW’s daughter, took over for a paltry sum the ownership of the largest water aquifer in South America – on behalf of her Jewish friends. There are countries where more than 70% of all infrastructure, including railways, airlines and airports, shipping ports, banking, arable land – and water – and much more are owned by these same Jewish bankers in the City of London.

A good current example is Greece.[56]
 The situation was so pitiful, and the bankers’ greed so powerful, that Greece was forced to place the country’s entire stock of infrastructure – everything – into a “privately-owned” Luxembourg trust that was “entirely outside the power or influence” of the Greek government. The value was about $3 trillion, and it is gone at whatever price the bankers choose to pay for its parts – if anything at all. I include only Greece in this account entry, and ignore the many dozens of other nations who were placed in this position as long ago as 100 years. The totals are most assuredly in the high tens of trillions, but we haven’t the detail on which to base an estimate[57][58][59]

Leger Entry: $3 trillion in today’s dollars

(22) War Financing

It is no longer much of a secret that these same Jewish bankers have typically financed both sides of most, if not all, wars in recent history. The general consensus is that the war in Iraq cost the US around $2 trillion,[60]
 and Forbes claims the cost in Libya at $2 billion per day,[61]
 all of which was borrowed from the FED. We cannot know how much money has been borrowed from the Jewish bankers in the City of London to finance all the military conflicts in recent history, and thus we cannot put a price on the interest paid, but it is of utmost importance to realise that these totals are not small. As one indication of the real cost, the British Empire was at one time the ruler of the world, an empire on which the sun never set, and “Britannia ruled the waves” for a very long time. But the Jews pushed England into two wars nobody wanted and, at the end, Britain was bankrupt and begging the US for loans to stave off “a financial Dunkirk”. England borrowed all the money to finance its part in WWI, and lost 40% of its empire to repay those loans. WWII cost Britain the remainder of its empire and left the nation in actual bankruptcy. WWI cost Britain about $7 trillion in today’s dollars, and WWII was much worse. Again, we cannot know precisely how much money was borrowed from the Jewish bankers, nor the amount of interest paid, but the magnitude of both would have been considerable since the estimated cost to all countries was nearly $50 trillion in today’s dollars.[62][63][64][65]

We know that when the Civil War was unleashed on the US, the London Rothschilds were backing the Union and the French Rothschilds were backing the South. Everyone made a fortune and by 1861 the US was $100 million in debt. But we haven’t information about the total of interest paid. We know that Rothschild (through Jacob Schiff) lent Japan $200 million in 1905 to finance their war with Russia. That would be about $60 billion in today’s dollars, and another set of Jewish bankers financed Russia to the same extent, both sides selling weaponry from Rothschild’s armament factories in Germany. In this case, we know the amounts borrowed but no information on the interest repayment amounts nor on the revenue and profit from selling the weapons of war. There simply isn’t sufficient public detail to determine the increases in wealth by these bankers from instigating and financing all those wars. The totals must be well into the trillions, but we haven’t a sound basis for estimation, so no leger entry.

As WWII approached, these same bankers not only pushed the US into the war but lent the Americans the money to pay for it. By the end of WWII, the US went from $33 billion to $285 billion in debt, all to help out our Jewish banker friends to launch and fight a war that no one but them wanted. It’s even worse than you imagine. These bankers needed other countries in the war, but didn’t want to lend them the money because their economies weren’t considered sufficiently risk-free, and this applied to England itself. The solution was to lend the money to the US, then push the Americans to make all those war loans, to keep the Jews happy not only by keeping all countries in the war, but by having the US effectively guarantee all their debt. Hence, the $285 billion debt which, for your comparison, would be about $12 trillion in today’s dollars. The debt has never been paid off; there are insufficient records available to document the total interest paid to the Jewish bankers in war financing, neither for the US nor for all the world’s nations, so this item receives no leger entry. In terms of magnitude, however, the amount again is most assuredly well into the tens of trillions in today’s dollars.

Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars

(12) My Currency, But Your Problem

After the end of the Second War, the world’s major nations arranged what we call the “Gold Standard”, which meant that a country could not print more money than it actually had in gold reserves. This was intended to maintain stability and to avoid any excess printing of money which would lead to inflation and could destroy the international monetary system – as the Jews had done repeatedly in the past. In theory, all international debts were to be settled in gold, but in practice this was cumbersome and inconvenient. Since the US dollar existed in large volume and was – in theory – fully guaranteed to be exchangeable for gold at any time, all nations simply settled their accounts in US dollars. But the faith in doing so was predicated on the promise that any nation could, at any time, exchange its holdings of US dollars for real gold.

The system worked well enough for about 20 years, until by early 1971 the US was under enormous financial pressure from the huge sums it had borrowed to finance its military atrocity in Vietnam. The final straw came when France, not blind to what was happening and concerned about the ability of the US to maintain the dollar’s value, insisted on exchanging all its dollar holdings for gold, as per the agreement. The US gold supply was insufficient to comply, and the FED faced the very real possibility of all nations demanding an exchange. Faced with this pressure, the Jewish bankers unilaterally declared the world’s financial agreement null and void, forced the US withdrawal from its participation in the gold standard, and the FED refused to convert any nation’s foreign dollar holdings into gold. This left all the world’s countries holding countless trillions of US dollars that no longer had any fixed or guaranteed value, but that were sure to depreciate since the US was indeed printing enormous volumes of dollars to finance its Vietnam war. At the time, US Treasury Secretary John Connally told the world, “It’s our currency but it’s your problem”.

Since all nations had accumulated US dollars on good faith but now had no way to dispose of them, they had no choice but to continue using the same US dollar, now of indeterminate value, for all international transactions. This one act of Jewish predatory capitalism imposed a stunning financial penalty upon the world, devastating the values of other nations’ currency reserves. After reneging on the Gold Standard (the Bretton Woods Agreement), the FED continued to print huge volumes of money, sending the Western world into an intense inflationary spiral. From the date of the US default in 1971 to 1981 or 1982, the US dollar depreciated by more than 95%, representing an almost unimaginably huge transfer of wealth from the entire world to the Jews in the FED because all nations holding US dollars suffered that degree of loss in their foreign exchange reserves while US debts remained in heavily-depreciated US dollars, thereby repaying foreign debt at 5¢ on the dollar. In 1971, a fine home in the US cost only $25,000. By 1976, that same home was over $100,000, and by 1983 the price was about $250,000. These prices accurately represent the depreciation of the US dollar during that decade.

The benefit to our favorite Jewish bankers? Well, the gold price in 1971 when they killed the Gold Standard, was about $40 per ounce. Today, that gold is worth $1,700 per ounce. On the other hand, the paper currency that all other governments had to then accept in lieu of their gold, has depreciated by about 95% since that time. There is no accurate way to assess this. The accumulated financial damage to the national economies of the world is at least in the hundreds of trillions of dollars, if not in the thousands of trillions. The damage is so vast, so wide-ranging, and so all-inclusive, that it is impossible to even contemplate a measurement.

But let’s not lose the main point. It wasn’t the “US government” or the “US Treasury” that made this decision. Rather, it was made for them by Rothschild and the other Jewish owners of the FED and the City of London to maintain their gold holdings and protect their value. It was simply another bail-out for the Jewish bankers, in this case to the great cost of the entire world. If only we could place a number on the cost. But we cannot.

Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars


“The World’s Richest Man” Conspiracy

As can be deduced from the above, the real wealth in the world has never come from corporate ownership, but from financing wars, from owning the central banks of nations, and from theft and criminal activity on a vast international scale. The large amount of Jewish corporate ownership today is not the beginning of the accumulation of wealth but merely the last step in the process. As is true with all organised crime, the trillions of dollars involved in corporate ownership noted at the beginning are merely from the reinvestment of criminal profits into legitimate enterprises.

It should be obvious from the above that people like Gates, Buffett and Bezos are not contenders for the title of the World’s Richest Man. Elon Musk with his supposed $200 billion barely qualifies as pocket change, with people like George Soros and his paltry billions not even qualifying as pocket lint. The media have lied to us for decades and sent us looking in all the wrong places. Jewish publications today have many articles on “The world’s richest Jews”[66]
 or “The most influential Jews”,[67]
 but these are all nonsense, listing individuals like Zuckerberg or Soros, or Sheldon Adelson at the peak. None of this is accidental; it is merely a way to distract attention from the real sources of money and power, and perhaps not surprising that every newspaper and magazine touching on this topic will follow the same pattern. What is surprising is that people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett participate in this charade when they must so clearly know the truth of their own positions. None of these men can be so naive or ignorant, which definitely implies a conspiracy of silence.

As an aside, most every man who builds something of substance has an almost genetic urge to pass it on to his offspring, to perhaps create even a small family dynasty that could continue in time. But has anyone noticed that it is only people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet who have no such urge and are determined to just give it all away at the end? Why are there no Rothschilds on this list, no Sassoons, no Kadoories, no Goldman Saches? Is this terminal philanthropy a defect only of the goyim? We can reasonably assume this tendency results from pressure, and my suspicion is that this pressure would result from obligations due to financing. That means Gates and Buffett didn’t create their empires entirely on their own; my guess is they were provided with ideas, planning, much financing, and much bullying Jewish diplomacy to have accomplished what they did. The price to be paid is that you don’t take it with you when you go. One thing Jews don’t finance, is competition for themselves.

The foundation and building of large corporate fortunes is not normally a quick process. There are always exceptions of course, but generally things take time. The conventional wisdom, which has proven true time and again, is that “it takes the first generation to make it, and the second generation to make it really big.” The Jews, functioning as an organic unit, can short-circuit this process. Consider Indigo Books & Music, begun by the Jewess Heather Reisman only about 25 years ago, it resulted in the financial bankruptcy of Canada’s largest independent bookseller and the takeover or elimination of all other competitors who suddenly encountered “financial difficulties”. Today, Indigo is Canada’s only major English-language bookstore chain and the country’s largest book, gift, and specialty toy retailer with annual revenue of more than $1 billion. Jews control the book publishing industry and can ensure your bookstore has no stock if you refuse to sell out. They collectively control much of the financing and distribution and can force takeovers or bankruptcies.  There is no defense against a determined Jewish onslaught. These people operate as gangsters and have unlimited financing available to take over an industry sector almost at will.

The important point is that the planning for these sector take-overs seldom originates with the public face of the operation. Instead, these are often connected parts of a worldwide long-term plan for control of these sectors. I covered some of this in a prior article titled ‘Today’s Jewish Corporate Heroes – Virgin Births All’,[68]
 dealing with Google, Facebook and a few others. It is apparent that neither Zuckerberg nor the Google Twins were capable of creating almost instantly a world leader in their respective sectors. To accomplish such a result requires unlimited financing and the application of enormous amounts of financial and political pressure, plus determined planning and intense media support. This applies equally to others like Wikipedia, Amazon, Starbucks, and many others who seemed to come from almost nowhere to being world leaders in a very short time. The process has been the same in all cases, and it certainly applies today to the current “Richest Man in the World”, Elon Musk.

All you have to do is think. Using Elon Musk as an example, the man appeared to come from literally nowhere and yet suddenly “owns” the world’s largest auto manufacturer. Musk at the same time began an aggressive program of launching tens of thousands of communications satellites, and then SpaceX, “Elon Musk’s private spaceflight company”, the maker of the Starship, planning International Space Station missions, no less. Then we have Musk buying Twitter for $44 billion.

In the last 100 years, anyone attempting to create a new auto company and brand has met with disaster, but Musk apparently experienced not a hiccup with the Tesla that is suddenly a world favorite. This would have required perhaps ten years of planning and design, the planning of factories and production, the creation of supply lines, the testing and certification, and so much more, but with Tesla this apparently all occurred overnight in a vacuum. Are we to believe Elon Musk designed the Tesla? There is no evidence Musk has the ability to design even a dipstick, much less an entire car, so how did all this occur and what was the source of the background billions required to bring this project to fruition? Musk played no part in the creation of the Tesla. He just somehow showed up at the end, “owning” the company.

Similarly, the aggressive program of communication satellites that “Elon Musk” has launched; this as well would require many years of planning and design, to say nothing of arranging the launch facilities and obtaining the necessary thousands of paying customers. This again would require years and billions of dollars in financing but, like Bezos’ space flight program, this one suddenly appeared in full bloom, operating, launched, and ready to go. Who did the planning for this? It certainly wasn’t Musk, so who was behind it? And the money for all this came from where? “Musk’s” Tesla has never made a profit, so where would he obtain the billions for a pie-in-the-sky system of tens of thousands of communications satellites? Nothing like this can happen without a decade or more of intensive planning and an enormous investment, and obviously none of that came from Musk.

These would be enough challenge for any man, but then we had “Elon Musk” buying Twitter for $44 billion. How would that happen? We are told that Musk suddenly has wealth of – vaguely – $200 billion, with no detail, but presumably from stock holdings in “his” Tesla. But are we to assume that Musk has an extra $44 billion in loose cash sitting in the bank to purchase Twitter? That’s not possible, and Musk isn’t selling half his interest in Tesla shares to finance it, so what is the source of the money? The media confuse this by providing only a few sound bytes but no detail, and thus we have thoughts loosely in our minds that Musk is very wealthy and could somehow afford to purchase Twitter, but all we need to do is think to realise that is impossible.

The picture is clouded because the political ambitions of the Khazar Jews cannot be separated from their financial intentions. “Musk’s” satellite system is eventually to consist of 35,000 communication satellites – military, not civilian – some of which are already being used in Ukraine. The Khazar Jews in the City of London are desperate for World War III, but they have no military of their own and must depend on the US (as the Bankers’ Private Army) maintaining military supremacy. If it hasn’t already occurred to you, the reason for this development was that the Chinese proved they can shoot down US surveillance and communication satellites, thus presenting an existential threat to US warmongering with China and Russia. The solution is clever, and also obvious: you cannot shoot down 35,000 tiny communications satellites, thus maintaining US battlefield communication supremacy. The financing is interesting because normally the Jews push the US to make all these military investments, but the US no longer has the money for all these efforts and thus they had no choice but to finance this themselves – and channel it through Musk to disguise the origin. There is no other source for the financing of such a massive project. It is obvious the financing didn’t come from “Elon Musk”, since “his” Tesla still cannot turn a profit, so where would he obtain the money for satellite development? The Jewish bankers in the City of London are the only source.

This is the same as “Mark Zuckerberg” a few years ago buying and forming companies to manufacture military drones and high-altitude balloons, the latter because dear Mark wanted everyone in the world to have Internet access. Not quite. The high-altitude balloons were not for Internet access but for military communications with the drones that “Facebook” was manufacturing, drones carrying warheads that could communicate by means of the balloons if China destroyed all the US military communications satellites. So far as I could tell, nobody wondered why “Facebook” was manufacturing military drones and their communications systems. Again, not possible to push this cost onto the US military so the Jews in the City of London ran it through Facebook to disguise it as a civilian venture and hide the true source – and intention – from scrutiny.

Back to Tesla. lf you take the time to read Musk’s high-school level treatise on hyperloop transportation[69]
 or listen to his media blurbs, it’s obvious the man hasn’t the intelligence to have attained his position independently. It’s not apparent, at least not to me, that he knows anything about anything, and I would say the same for Zuckerberg and the Google twins. These people are merely fronts for someone who really does have all the money. And the plans. But we are supposed to believe that Elon “focus-on-my-cute-8-year-old-smile-and-my-adorable-3-year-old-sideways-looking-eyes-so-you-don’t-realise-how-stupid-I-am” Musk, is suddenly The Richest Man in The World from designing cars and satellites and space ships and heaven only knows what all. What rubbish.

That latter point deserves attention. Do you see Warren Buffett posing with a stupid smile and adorable sideways-looking eyes to seduce all the mothers into encouraging their daughters to buy his company shares? What kind of a man, apparently the CEO of trillion-dollar international companies, behaves in such a foolish fashion? A mental dwarf with serious emotional problems, no one else.

Similar arguments are true for Zuckerberg, Bezos, the Google Twins and others. None have the knowledge or ability, nor the enormous financing to do the things they are supposedly doing. Neither their fortunes nor their abilities can possibly be real. It is easier to accept a Bill Gates, starting with a small Microsoft and building over 40 years into a $50 billion prize, but to pretend that an Elon Musk who, out of the clear blue sky, goes from sleeping in his car and eating leaves from trees, suddenly is designing and producing electric autos and military communications satellites and space vehicles and so much more, is too ridiculous a prospect to bother refuting.

Some claim that Elon Musk is not a Jew. Elon (אֵילוֹן), or Alon (אַלוֹן) is a Hebrew masculine name that would not occur on a list of Gentile names. Musk attended Jewish schools in South Africa. His mother, Maye Haldeman, is Jewish but listed as “Canadian”, which is hardly an ethnic group. There are Jewish family and other relations (Elon’s brother married Jen Lewin), and more. Musk’s connections with Israel and powerful Jews have a long history, Tesla’s closet relationship with Israeli tech spanning many years and its self-driving technology is 100% Jewish, originating from the Israeli company Mobileye. Musk has close and high-level contacts in Israel, having met with Netanyahu (at his private residence) on more than one occasion.

In was in the news very recently that Evelyn de Rothschild died at an old age.[70]
 The NYT wrote a thoroughly fictional obituary notable primarily for the astonishing lies, as the NYT does for every Jewish criminal who departs this world. You might care to read the NYT’s loving treatise on Madeline Albright to refresh your memory of the criminal insanity of the NYT’s editors. According to them, this Rothschild “Initially showing little promise, he eventually joined the family firm and rose to chairman, wielding vast influence in Britain’s financial and political affairs.” That part is certainly true. The man had banks, investment banks, investment subsidiaries and much more in about 30 countries, and there was no question of his “vast influence in Britain’s financial and political affairs”, since he was the primary man involved in Margaret Thatcher’s selling off all the UK assets to Jewish bankers. But then the NYT told us that Evelyn de Rothschild was worth maybe a paltry $2 billion.

So, Evelyn de Rothschild, the scion and proprietor of the greatest criminal banking dynasty in the history of the world, one with assets harvested from hundreds of years of looting and plundering, a man owning literally hundreds of banks and financial companies all over the world was so dull, so slow and dim-witted, that even a little shit like Zuckerberg could come from nowhere and in only a few years be worth ten times as much. As Buddy Holly was so fond of telling us, “That’ll be the day.”

So, who really are the richest men in the world? Well, who has been financing both sides of every war for the past 300 years? Starbucks? Who has been looting South Africa of all its gold and diamonds for the past 150 years? The President of Victoria’s Secret Underpants? Is it Mark Zuckerberg stealing trillions of Iraq oil every year? I have no doubt that Jeff Bezos is a criminal, but it wasn’t Bezos who engineered the theft of all the gold from all the world’s banks in the 1930s. Who owns as many as 75 or 80 of the central banks of the world’s nations? Some goyim from Kansas?

I am told there are 13 families in control of the entire worldwide clan, operating from the City of London. The leaders in this list are unquestionably Rothschilds, probably beginning with Jacob Rothschild, “The King of the Jews”, followed by his kin. The list would most likely include a Sassoon, a Warburg, a Goldman, a Moses Seif, Kuhn, Loeb, Salomon, a Sebag-Montefiori, with this group sharing total assets in the hundreds of trillions of dollars. We can only guess about the others, but we can be very certain that neither Bill Gates nor Warren Buffett have ever been on this list, and Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos can be dismissed with deserved contempt.

The purpose of this essay was threefold: (1) to bring to the attention of readers the existence of a long-standing conspiracy about the identification of “The Richest Man in the World”, (2) to dismiss from contention the current list of candidates, and (3) to document that a small number of Jewish banking families operating out of the City of London have for generations held these wealth records with fortunes that are orders of magnitude above anything we might have imagined. I trust this has been accomplished to the satisfaction of readers.


Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).

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The City of London Elects Sunak as next British Prime Minister!

Note by the Algora Editors: In the last week, the Kremlin escalated a major rhetorical offensive on the subject of Ukraine’s false flag “dirty bomb” plot, along the line that:  

“There is information about the contacts of the office of the President of Ukraine with representatives of the United Kingdom on the possible acquisition of nuclear weapons technology”.

Suddenly Liz Truss resigns, Boris Johnson withdraws his candidacy for the premiership, even Ben Wallace, the hawkish Defense Minister, is called  to Washington and then he also withdraws his candidacy. Did the Russians have the “smoking gun” on the plot to stage a false flag “dirty bomb” event? Very possible.

If so, then, is this the turning point in the war in Ukraine, the moment when the war in Ukraine has been decided? Is this the winning strategy of the Kremlin’s Special Military Operation?

by Gilbert Doctorow via Doctorow

Aside from the United Kingdom itself, there may be no single country taking a greater interest in the ongoing competition to replace Liz Truss as British Prime Minister than in India. After all, the leading contender for the post, Rishi Sunak, is of Indian descent and is married to the daughter of one of India’s richest men.

Against this background, a couple of hours ago I was delighted to participate alongside a half dozen other talking heads on a featured live broadcast hosted by Republic TV of India.  My fellow panelists, mostly Indians plus one Brit, examined the prospects of a Sunak premiership from various angles:  What will this mean for Indian-UK relations?  Whether an Indian can win not merely within the closed circle of Tory parliamentarians but in the next general election in two years time, when the people of Britain decide at the ballot box if they are content to be led by a man of color? What will a Sunak premiership mean for the pound sterling?  What does a Sunak premiership imply for British foreign policy generally?

As the last speaker, I was given the opportunity to upend the playing board and to suggest that Mr. Sunak, if he wins, will have been elected by ….the City of London.  This is not merely because he worked for Goldman Sachs before entering the House of Commons six years ago. It is because the City of London, aka Capital or The Markets effectively removed Liz Truss from office by facilitating the dramatic crash of gilts and the slide of the pound. The markets were responding to one stimulus: the evident incompetence, particularly the ignorance of economic laws demonstrated by the PM and her Chancellor of the Exchequer when they rolled out their mini-Budget shortly after taking office. The City was not interested in ideological convictions of the PM; they were interested in what works and what does not work in the real world.

Now what is extraordinary about that, you may ask? It is extraordinary that in the UK Capital still speaks, still decides who runs the country and how.  That raw fact alone may be the best justification for Brexit, because it sets Britain apart from every country on the Continent. Here in Europe we see incompetence in the premiers, in the cabinets of country after country. For the most part, it is not because the individuals in power are stupid, but because they have assumed portfolios for which they have had no grounding in their education or in their professional careers.  They receive their portfolios or leadership batons strictly through political horse-trading among coalition partners who have different agendas and agree only on the desirability of sharing out the spoils of electoral victory within the proportional representation schemes in place. And the same applies to the European Commission which sits atop all of the member states and barks orders. What is the quality of economic or defense decisions that you can expect to come from the desk of one Ursula von der Leyen, whose professional education was as a gynecologist and who was kicked upstairs to Brussels after she failed, as minister, to keep the German Defense Ministry free of corruption scandals.

 Here across Europe, and particularly in what is considered to be the locomotive of the European Union’s economy, Germany, Capital is silent.  Silent in the face of economic incompetence in high places no less egregious than that displayed by Liz Truss.  German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is destroying the German economy by his stubborn, asinine insistence on denying Russian hydrocarbons access to the German and EU markets.

German companies are announcing their transfer of production to the United States and Asian countries where the cost of energy is vastly lower and where their end products can be competitive on global markets.  In fertilizers and glass and metals, industry is already shutting down capacity due to excessive energy costs, while Mr. Scholz beams before the television cameras as he announces that Germany will not run short of gas this winter because of his purchases from every imaginable supplier except Russia, damn the price.  Nonetheless, Industry and Capital are silent here about the political leadership responsible for the pending catastrophe. Only workers come out on the streets to complain about inflation and unsupportable energy costs at the household level.

The question which the moderator on Republic TV tossed to me was what to expect by way of foreign policy from a Sunak premiership.  My answer took no time to formulate:  it is likely to be a foreign policy dictated by The City of London. I expect this policy to be more moderate, less strident and hostile towards Russia and China than the policy of Boris Johnson or Liz Truss.  Not friendly, you understand, but not vicious either. Sunak is unlikely to speak about his readiness to press the nuclear button. At some point Realism has to trump Ideology and the Bubble.

War Profiteer Story

via War Profiteer Story

“That there are men in all countries who get their living by war, and by keeping up the quarrels of nations, is as shocking as it is true.” – Thomas Paine, Rights of Man, 1791

War Profiteers and Israel’s Bank

A Primer

Israel’s Founding Bank

Israel’s Prime Minister is not the final authority in the Zionist project. Politicians come and go. The final authority is at an immensely huge pool of capital. The specialists in pools of capital are banks.

It’s well-known which bank is behind the Zionist project. That is the Rothschild bank. Jacob Rothschild re-acknowledged this responsibility in 2017, on the 100th anniversary of the “Balfour Declaration”, which was in a letter to his uncle Walter Rothschild. Jacob Rothschild stated that Israel was funded specifically for “that sacred goal, the return of Israel to its ancestral homeland” (at 8:50 in video).

Everyone knew the Zionist project would require a war, despite the secretly arranged “Balfour declaration”, and the unfinished, coerced UN process to partition Palestine. For details see “War Profiteers and the Roots of the War on Terror” at this website.

Thus, a major expense in establishing Israel would have been weapons, ammunition, uniforms, and other supplies for the Zionist army to take over Palestine. And before the military takeover, there were the well-known operations of the Jewish terrorist organizations, against the British and the Palestinians, and false-flag operations in the Arab world to stir up the conflict.

There would have also been political strings to pull so that an army and arms could be shipped across Europe to Palestine without interferance by governments along the way. Getting the Balfour letter written was a long, drawn-out, secret process, involving both London and Washington.

All these would have been easily within the capacity of the Rothschild bank. The Rothschild bank was experienced at financing wars, making money from both sides of wars. In one contract the winner had to repay the loans of the loser along with their own. And having branch offices in the major European capital cities simplified dealing with all sides, and with transfers of funds between countries.

The international Rothschild bank was established by Mayer Rothschild. He was the son of a moneylender in Frankfurt, and starting working with his father at an early age. He then apprenticed at a bank owned by the Oppenheimer family in Hanover. After his father died, he took over and expanded his father’s business. He also changed his name from Bauer to Rothschild.

Much of the material here on the Rothschild bank is from “Secrets of the Federal Reserve”, especially the chapter titled “The House of Rothschild”. This can be purchased online, or downloaded free at

Through personal connections Mayer Rothschild became a close associate of Prince William IX of Hesse-Hanau, “one of the richest royal houses in Europe, which gained its’ wealth by the hiring out of Hessian soldiers to foreign countries for vast profits. … He soon discovers that loaning money to governments and royalty is more profitable than loaning to individuals, as the loans are bigger and are secured by the nation’s taxes.”

“When the Elector of Hesse earned a fortune by renting Hessian mercenaries to the British to put down the rebellion in the American colonies, Rothschild was entrusted with this money to invest. He made an excellent profit both for himself and the Elector, and attracted other accounts. In 1785 he moved to a larger house, 148 Judengasse, a five story house known as ‘The Green Shield’ which he shared with the Schiff family.”

Mayer Rothschild had five sons who he trained in banking, and dispatched them to five capital cities of Europe to establish branch banks.

Mayer’s son Nathan Rothschild catapulted the London branch to banking dominance in Britain by starting a false panic, sinking the price of British treasury notes. He then secretly bought up all the available notes. When the truth became known, their value immediately rose back up, creating an overnight fortune for Rothschild. Rothschild started the panic by hinting that Wellington would lose the battle of Waterloo to Napoleon. He already knew Wellington had won. Rothschild’s grandson later sued in an effort to suppress this story. However, the judge ruled the story was true and threw the case out.

Profits from the Waterloo panic scam gave Rothschild control of the Bank of England. The Bank of England is a private bank, not a government bank. It was chartered by King William of Orange as a “central” bank, which means it has the power to create new money and loan it out at interest. The Amsterdam bankers who put William on the throne were principal shareholders and beneficiaries of the new bank, as was King William. This was a classic example of an ancient phenomenon wherein rich men “behind the scenes” determine the fates of governments.

As an economy grows, the increase in the number of transactions per day requires an increase in the amount of money in circulation. How does new money get created and into the economy? With the (privately owned) Bank of England in place, the government would request a loan from the bank. The bank, as stipulated in the charter granted to it by the government, would then manufacture the amount of money requested, and put that money in its own account. At this point the bank – its owners – legally own this money; it’s theirs. They then lend this newly created money to the government at interest. The government, over time, repays this loan with interest. For creating this new money and servicing this loan, the bankers receive a “fee” equal to the amount of the loan plus interest.

This was the money-making machine taken over by the Rothschild bank. All new English money created became immediately the property of the Rothschild bank. Before the bankers of Amsterdam colluded with William of Orange, making him king of England and setting up this deal, for several hundred years the English money had simply been created by the king, without all new money first going directly into bankers purses. And the economy had thrived. It’s easy to see that this arrangement would deliver the Rothschild bank vast wealth.

In America

A major European bank with branches in multiple countries would reasonably want to invest in the growing economy of the US. A bank who owned all the new money created in England might want to set up a similar arrangement in America. This would ultimately take shape as the Federal Reserve Bank. Like the Bank of England, it would be a privately owned bank. It would manufacture money, which it would immediately own. The government (and others) would then borrow this money at interest.

In 1835 Nathan Rothschild began secretly funding George Peabody, an American banker who opened an office in London. Peabody’s banks eventually became the very powerful J.P. Morgan banks, and through them the Rothschild bank acquired a powerful presence in America.

It was also a hidden presence. “{A] considerable anti-Rothschild movement had developed in Europe and the United States which focused on the banking activities of the Rothschild family. Even though they had a registered agent in the United States, August Schoenberg, who had changed his name to Belmont when he came to the United States as the representative of the Rothschilds in 1837, it was extremely advantageous to them to have an American representative who was not known as a Rothschild agent.”

In 1865 Jacob Schiff opened another avenue of Rothschild influence in America. Jacob Schiff was the son of Moses Schiff, a broker for the Rothschild bank. Mayer Rothschild and Moses Schiff shared a five story house in Frankfurt. So Jacob Schiff literally grew up in the Rothschild house.

After training in banking in Germany, Jacob Schiff went to America. He was eventually invited to join the banking house of Kuhn Loeb Company. He married Solomon Loeb’s daughter, and in 1875 became head of Kuhn Loeb Company. “He goes on to finance John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company, Edward R. Harriman’s Railroad Empire, and Andrew Carnegie’s Steel Empire. This is all with Rothschild money.”

“Senator Robert L. Owen had identified [Kuhn Loeb Company] as the representative of the European Rothschilds in the United States.”

In these ways the Rothschild bank established deep leverage in the foundations of the American economy.

Then the Rothschild bank moved to establish a “Bank of England” type of money-manufacturing deal with the U.S. government. The bank would be called the “Federal Researve Bank”. All new U.S. money would be created by them, and go straight into their bank accounts. They would then put this (their) money out into the economy, lending to the government and businesses, and investing in the stock market.

Establishing the Federal Reserve Bank was planned and implemented in secret. The story is told in “Secrets of the Federal Reserve”. The published version of “Secrets of the Federal Reserve” contains diagrams showing bank ownerships in the chapter “World War 1”.

“Chart I reveals the linear connection between the Rothschilds and the Bank of England, and the London banking houses which ultimately control the Federal Reserve Banks through their stockholdings of bank stock and their subsidiary firms in New York. The two principal Rothschild representatives in New York, J.P. Morgan Co., and Kuhn, Loeb & Co. were the firms which set up the Jekyll Island Conference at which the Federal Reserve Act was drafted, who directed the subsequent successful campaign to have the plan enacted into law by Congress, and who purchased the controlling amounts of stock in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 1914. These firms had their principal officers appointed to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the Federal Advisory Council in 1914.”

These charts are not in online versions of “Secrets of the Federal Reserve”, but are available online at

In the Senate debate on the Federal Reserve Act, Senator Stone said on December 12, 1913,

“I myself have known more than one occasion when bankers refused credit to men who opposed their political views and purposes. When Senator Aldrich and others were going around the country exploiting this scheme, the big banks of New York and Chicago were engaged in raising a munificent fund to bolster up the Aldrich propaganda. I have been told by bankers of my own state that contributions to this exploitation fund had been demanded of them and that they had contributed because they were afraid of being blacklisted or boycotted. There are bankers of this country who are enemies of the public welfare. In the past, a few great banks have followed policies and projects that have paralyzed the industrial energies of the country to perpetuate their tremendous power over the financial and business industries of America.”

Deeply researching economist Michael Hudson was interviewed by Ellen Brown (author of Web of Debt). He made the following assessment.

“Central banks are created to take monetary policy out of the public domain, out of the Treasury, out of electoral politics, and to make it part of un-elected politics. Creating the Federal Reserve is the number one policy of oligarchy. Once you create a central bank that is independent from politics you’ve essentially moved from democracy to oligarchy. And that was the intention of J.P. Morgan when he and his fellow bankers designed the Federal Reserve specifically to exclude Washington. Washington and the Treasurey weren’t even allowed on the Federal Reserve board as it was first structured. It was Franklin Roosevelt who put the Treasury back on. So basically, all the functions that are performed by the Federal Reserve today, and used to be performed by the Treasury, should be returned to the Treasury. And the Treasury should manage the money supply in the public interest. And credit, and loans, and extend credit for purposes that are deemed to be in the public interest. Not the Federal Reserve, which is independent and antithetical to the public interest, directly adverse to the public interest. The inherent policy of the Federal Reserve is to create a depression. That is what debt deflation is. As long as you have the Federal Reserve and a privitized banking system you are mathematically creating the dynamics of exponential debt growth, leading to permanent debt peonage for the economy, permanent until there’s a change in the system.”

If most of the new money created in the American and British economies has become immediate property of the Rothschild bank, including indirectly through corporate linkages, for over 100 years in America and over 200 years in Britain, it’s easy to see how the stupendous resulting wealth could easily afford to buy all the major media and politicians. It becomes easy to see how a thoroughly and professionally researched work like “The Israel Lobby” by Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer could disappear from the mainstream media discussion overnight. It becomes easy to see how all political candidates who oppose its agenda could be defeated by overwhelming money and press coverage in the primaries, before the main election even takes place. It becomes easy to see how authors could be hired to write articles and books that perpetuate the cover-up.

And that overwhelming financial control is entirely aside from the financial plundering itself, robbing the British and American people on a massive scale. The banks could be paid a fee for doing the due diligence on granting loans with new, government created money. But all that new money does not need to become the property of the banks. The currency is part of the economic infrastructure, and its creation should benefit the people, not ensnare them.

An excellent, deep and broad account of this money story, including money mechanics, history, and current international events, is in “The Web of Debt” by attorney Ellen Brown. In addition to “Secrets of the Federal Reserve”, another book on the secret creation of the Federal Reserve Bank is “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin. Jekyll Island was where the bankers secretly met to draw up their plans.

Media Control

In 1917 Congressman Oscar Callaway alleged that J. P. Morgan had taken control of the major American news outlets.

“Congressman Oscar Callaway lost his Congressional election for opposing US entry into WW 1. Before he left office, he demanded investigation into JP Morgan & Co for purchasing control over America’s leading 25 newspapers in order to propagandize US public opinion in favor of his corporate and banking interests, including profits from US participation in the war. Mr. Callaway alleged he had the evidence to prove Morgan associates were working as editors to select and edit articles, with the press receiving monthly payments for their allegiance to Morgan.”

Congressman Callaway’s statement in The Congressional Record, February 9, 1917, Vol. 54, pp. 2947-48 said:

“In March, 1915, the J.P. Morgan interests, the steel, shipbuilding, and powder interests, and their subsidiary organizations, got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the United States and sufficient number of them to control generally the policy of the daily press of the United States.

“These 12 men worked the problem out by selecting 179 newspapers, and then began, by an elimination process to retain only those necessary for the purpose of controlling the general policy of the daily press throughout the country. They found it was only necessary to purchase the control of 25 of the greatest papers.

“The 25 papers were agreed upon; emissaries were sent to purchase the policy, national and international, of these papers; an agreement was reached; the policy of the papers was bought, to be paid for by the month; an editor was furnished for each paper to properly supervise and edit information regarding the questions of preparedness, militarism, financial policies, and other things of national and international nature considered vital to the interests of the purchasers. … This policy also included the suppression of everything in opposition to the wishes of the interests served.”

In 1934 Hollywood released a movie called “The House of Rothschild”, focused on Nathan Rothschild and the London branch of the bank. Significantly, it left out the Waterloo panic episode (described above). Instead, it portrayed Rothschild as immediately sharing his inside information on the battle of Waterloo, exactly the opposite of what he actually did.

In “The Empire of the City”, a book about the Rothschild Empire headquartered in the City of London, E.C. Knuth writes, “The fact that the House of Rothschild made its money in the great crashes of history and the great wars of history, the very periods when others lost their money, is beyond question.” Footnote 44 in “Secrets of the Federal Reserve”.

Conclusive proof that the cabal of London financiers has spread its tentacles of control around the world, and deeply into America, is given in the book “The Great Red Dragon or the London Money Power” by L. B. Woolfolk, published back in 1890. Woolcroft presents an enourmous array of historical facts and economic data that renders his conclusions inescapable. Among other things, he proves that many of the great “American” fortunes were actually London fortunes behind American facades. He offers the theory that the Rothschild bank itself is the face of a much larger syndicate. Many of the tactics he describes we can see in current news accounts are still being used today. His picture is extremely sobering and dire. Because of his interest in religion, he follows his economic analysis (Book I) with an analysis comparing his economic data with the imagery in the Biblical Book of Revelations (Book II). While the parallels are quite striking and vivid, readers uninterested in religion can ignore Book II, and will find that the overwhelming evidence in Book I stands solidly on its own. His book is available free online in PDF format (along with several other formats) here.

The Nature of Empire

John Hobson’s 1902 classic analysis of Empire shows that big investors drive imperial policies, for their own benefit and at huge cost to the rest of society, including the immense cost of wars. “Imperialism. A Study”

The key concepts are laid out in Part I of Chapter IV: “Economic Parasites of Imperialism”

“By far the most important economic factor in Imperialism is the influence relating to investments.”

“If, contemplating the enormous expenditure on armaments, the ruinous wars, the diplomatic audacity of knavery by which modern Governments seek to extend their territorial power, we put the plain, practical question, Cui bono? the first and most obvious answer is, The investor.”

“Investors who have put their money in foreign lands, upon terms which take full account of risks connected with the political conditions of the country, desire to use the resources of their Government to minimise these risks, and so to enhance the capital value and the interest of their private investments.”

“If the special interest of the investor is liable to clash with the public interest and to induce a wrecking policy, still more dangerous is the special interest of the financier, the general dealer in investments. In large measure the rank and file of the investors are, both for business and for politics, the cat’s-paws of the great financial houses, who use stocks and shares not so much as investments to yield them interest, but as material for speculation in the money market. In handling large masses of stocks and shares, in floating companies, in manipulating fluctuations of values, the magnates of the Bourse find their gain. These great businesses—banking, broking, bill discounting, loan floating, company promoting—form the central ganglion of international capitalism. United by the strongest bonds of organisation, always in closest and quickest touch with one another, situated in the very heart of the business capital of every State, controlled, so far as Europe is concerned, chiefly by men of a single and peculiar race, who have behind them many centuries of financial experience, they are in a unique position to control the policy of nations. No great quick direction of capital is possible save by their consent and through their agency. Does any one seriously suppose that a great war could be undertaken by any European State, or a great State loan subscribed, if the house of Rothschild and its connections set their face against it?”

“Every great political act involving a new flow of capital, or a large fluctuation in the values of existing investments, must receive the sanction and the practical aid of this little group of financial kings. These men, holding their realised wealth and their business capital, as they must, chiefly in stocks and bonds, have a double stake, first as investors, but secondly and chiefly as financial dealers. As investors, their political influence does not differ essentially from that of the smaller investors, except that they usually possess a practical control of the businesses in which they invest. As speculators or financial dealers they constitute, however, the gravest single factor in the economics of Imperialism.”

“The public financial arrangements for the Philippine war put several millions of dollars into the pockets of Mr. Pierpont Morgan and his friends; the China-Japan war, which saddled the Celestial Empire for the first time with a public debt, and the indemnity which she will pay to her European invaders in connection with the recent conflict, bring grist to the financial mills in Europe; every railway or mining concession wrung from some reluctant foreign potentate means profitable business in raising capital and floating companies. A policy which rouses fears of aggression in Asiatic states, and which fans the rivalry of commercial nations in Europe, evokes vast expenditure on armaments, and ever-accumulating public debts, while the doubts and risks accruing from this policy promote that constant oscillation of values of securities which is so profitable to the skilled financier. There is not a war, a revolution, an anarchist assassination, or any other public shock, which is not gainful to these men; they are harpies who suck their gains from every new forced expenditure and every sudden disturbance of public credit.”

“The policy of these men, it is true, does not necessarily make for war; where war would bring about too great and too permanent a damage to the substantial fabric of industry, which is the ultimate and essential basis of speculation, their influence is cast for peace, as in the dangerous quarrel between Great Britain and the United States regarding Venezuela. But every increase of public expenditure, every oscillation of public credit short of this collapse, every risky enterprise in which public resources can be made the pledge of private speculations, is profitable to the big money-lender and speculator.”

“The wealth of these houses, the scale of their operations, and their cosmopolitan organisation make them the prime determinants of imperial policy. They have the largest definite stake in the business of Imperialism, and the amplest means of forcing their will upon the policy of nations.”

The direct influence exercised by great financial houses in “high politics” is supported by the control which they exercise over the body of public opinion through the Press, which, in every “civilised” country, is becoming more and more their obedient instrument. While the specifically financial newspaper imposes “facts” and “opinions” on the business classes, the general body of the Press comes more and more under the conscious or unconscious domination of financiers. The case of the South African Press, whose agents and correspondents fanned the martial flames in this country, was one of open ownership on the part of South African financiers, and this policy of owning newspapers for the sake of manufacturing public opinion is common in the great European cities. In Berlin, Vienna, and Paris many of the influential newspapers are held by financial houses, which use them, not primarily to make direct profits out of them, but in order to put into the public mind beliefs and sentiments which will influence public policy and thus affect the money market. In Great Britain this policy has not gone so far, but the alliance with finance grows closer every year, either by financiers purchasing a controlling share of newspapers, or by newspaper proprietors being tempted into finance. Apart from the financial Press, and financial ownership of the general Press, the City notoriously exercises a subtle and abiding influence upon leading London newspapers, and through them upon the body of the provincial Press, while the entire dependence of the Press for its business profits upon its advertising columns involves a peculiar reluctance to oppose the organised financial classes with whom rests the control of so much advertising business.”

“Such is the array of distinctively economic forces making for Imperialism,a large loose group of trades and professions seeking profitable business and lucrative employment from the expansion of military and civil services, from the expenditure on military operations, the opening up of new tracts of territory and trade with the same, and the provision of new capital which these operations require, all these finding their central guiding and directing force in the power of the general financier.”

“The play of these forces does not openly appear. They are essentially parasites upon patriotism, and they adapt themselves to its protecting colours. In the mouths of their representatives are noble phrase, expressive of their desire to extend the area of civilisation, to establish good government, promote Christianity, extirpate slavery, and elevate the lower races. Some of the business men who hold such language may entertain a genuine, though usually a vague, desire to accomplish these ends, but they are primarily engaged in business, and they are not unaware of the utility of the more unselfish forces in furthering their ends. Their true attitude of mind is expressed by Mr. Rhodes in his famous description of ‘Her Majesty’s Flag’ as ‘the greatest commercial asset in the world.'”

Hobson extends his analysis of Empire to the United States in Part I, Chapter VI: “The Economic Taproot of Imperialism”.

“Here is a country which suddenly breaks through a conservative policy, strongly held by both political parties, bound up with every popular instinct and tradition, and flings itself into a rapid imperial career for which it possesses neither the material nor the moral equipment, risking the principles and practices of liberty and equality by the establishment of militarism and the forcible subjugation of peoples which it cannot safely admit to the condition of American citizenship.

“Is this a mere wild freak of spread-eaglism, a burst of political ambition on the part of a nation coming to a sudden realisation of its destiny? Not at all. The spirit of adventure, the American “mission of civilisation,” are, as forces making for Imperialism, clearly subordinate to the driving force of the economic factor.”

The economic factor also led the House of Rothschild into the opium trade in the Far East. This was carried out by the British East India Company, a consortium of several businesses, each of which handled a different aspect of the overall opium trade. In Hobson’s terms, the “general financiers” providing the “central guiding and directing force” were “the Houses of Rothschilds and Warburgs”, who “coordinated the banking aspect of this trade.”

This opium trade was forced onto China at gunpoint to create a favorable financial trade balance. There was a great demand for Chinese products in Europe, but little demand for European products in China. China thus wanted gold in payment for its goods, which became a problem for the East India Company finances. The Company found a solution in selling opium to the Chinese, and commandeered a large section of India to grow the opium (wreaking havoc there). The Chinese government, however, was trying to suppress the somewhat new practice of smoking opium because it was having serious negative effects on society. The Company fought two wars with the Chinese to force them to accept the opium trade. Initially the Company had its own army, but eventually arranged for the British Navy to do the job.

Alliance with the Mob

When the Rothschild empire began preparing the ground for the state of Israel, it needed weapons for its terrorist operations in Palestine. It allied with the National Crime Syndicate in America, which combined the Jewish and Italian crime organizations. Meyer Lansky headed the Jewish mob and ultimately the National Crime Syndicate, which became heavily involved in smuggling weapons to Palestine for the Zionist terrorist operations.

Lansky had a head for finance, and “was responsible for managing the finances of Lucky Luciano’s heroin smuggling empire.” (His role here paralleled that of the Rothschild bank managing the finances of the British East India Company’s opium trade.)

“Between 1932 and 1934 Lansky joined Luciano and Johnny Torrio, among others, in forming the National Crime Syndicate and became one of its major overseers and bankers, often laundering funds through foreign accounts.”
“He also extended his gambling empire to other areas of the Caribbean and even across the Atlantic to London. He was also into narcotics smuggling, pornography, prostitution, labour racketeering, and extortion and had control of such legitimate enterprises as hotels, golf courses, and a meat-packing plant. Monies were secreted in Swiss banks.”

As far back as the 1930’s Meyer Lansky was running a sexual blackmail operation targeting powerful politicians, police, and judges, including FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. The corruption of these public figures was fundamental to mafia operations, and was partly why Lansky lived essentially immune from prosecution.

Lansky belonged to a network of very powerful people. These included liquor barons Samuel Bronfman and Lewis Rosenstiel. Rosenstiel had his own sexual blackmail operation, which he eventually turned over to his protege Roy Cohn. Blackmail using underage boys and girls enabled Cohn to become a very influential “fixer” in Washington, D.C., with a social circle that included many prominent people. “Many of the same names that surrounded Cohn until death in the late 1980s would later come to surround Jeffrey Epstein, with their names later appearing in Epstein’s now-infamous ‘little black book’.”

New York attorney John Klotz investigated Cohn for a case and came to the following conclusion. “Roy Cohn was providing protection. There were a bunch of pedophiles involved. That’s where Cohn got his power from — blackmail.”

Bribery of public officials can obtain a certain level of cooperation. But adding blackmail can gain complete control. The blackmail victim wants to avoid ruining their entire life, and wants to maintain their significant rewards. So they are motivated to stay in their position and go along. Mob control over high-level public decision makers lets the mob operate with impunity. They can even commandeer major public institutions, such as local law enforcement, the FBI, the CIA, the military, and even the Congress to do work for them.

The sexual blackmail operations mentioned above were not isolated cases. There were numerous such operations, connected to the network of moguls, mobsters, and political figures to which Roy Cohn belonged. For example, the network of people smuggling drugs and weapons in the Iran-Contra scandal, including several CIA fronts, “were also trafficking minors for their sexual exploitation and use in sexual blackmail rings.”

“Several of these rings made headlines at one point or another over the years — from the ‘call boy ring’ run by Washington lobbyist Craig Spence, to the Franklin child-sex and murder ring run by Republican operative Larry King, to the scandal that enveloped the Catholic charity Covenant House in the late 1980s.”

“Appalling for both the villainous abuse of children itself and the chilling implications of government by blackmail, this tangled web of unsavory alliances casts a lurid light on the political history of the United States from the Prohibition Era right up to the present day and the Age of Trump, a fact made increasingly clear as more and more information comes to light in relation to the Jeffrey Epstein case.”

Jeffrey Epstein’s patron was Leslie Wexner, who hired him as a financial advisor around 1986. Wexner’s mentor was Max Fisher, who allegedly worked with Detroit’s Purple Gang. The Purple Gang smuggled Bronfman liquor, and was associated with the National Crime Syndicate. “Wexner was the only publicly acknowledged client of Epstein’s suspicious hedge fund, the source of much of this wealth, and the previous owner of Epstein’s $56 million Manhattan townhouse, which Wexner transferred to an Epstein-controlled entity for free.” Wexner had the house outfitted with hidden electronic surveillance equipment upon purchasing it, and shortly thereafter turned it over to Epstein. This house was a precursor to Epstein’s famous “Lolita Island”, with its hidden surveillance system. So the island was merely an upgrade to an existing system of entrapment for blackmail.

In 2008 Epstein escaped from an iron-clad case of child sex trafficking in Florida, with inevitable long prison time, partly through the legal skills of his good friend Alan Dershowitz. There was also very mysterious decision making by Florida prosecutors, which baffled and infuriated the police who had investigated the case and assembled the overwhelming evidence against Epstein. A series of detailed podcasts covering these events is here.

While working for Wexler Epstein traveled in some rarified social circles, and had been introduced to Dershowitz in 1996 at a party on Martha’s Vineyard by Lynn Forester, who was to marry Evelyn de Rothschild in 2000. Epstein told Forester that he would like to meet Dershowitz, who was also at the party. Forester fetched Dershowitz and brought him to meet Epstein. Epstein showered Dershowitz with attention, and they became buddies. An account of the meeting begins at 13:10 of this podcast.

Epstein’s child sex trafficking story re-surfaced in 2019 when he was re-arrested and put in a federal maximum security prison to await trial. At this time reporting revealed that Epstein had been let go in back in 2008 because prosecutors were told that Epstein was connected to “intelligence”, and higher ups wanted him let go. Further reporting revealed that Epstein’s child sex trafficking operation was an Israeli Mossad operation to provide blackmail information on very important politicians and others. As noted above, Israel was established by the Rothschild empire, and the Rothschild empire has a history of controlling foreign governments for its benefit.

Before Epstein could be put on trial, and the mountains of evidence from his blackmail operation put on public display, Epstein died in his federal maximum security cell. The authorities say it was a suicide. But famed forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden explained how multiple pieces of evidence point extremely strongly to murder.

But since Epstein’s blackmail operation could lead to the heart of darkness in the American (and international) political power structure, and since the evidence is so strongly consistent with murder, Americans aren’t buying the suicide story. A Rasmussen poll found that “only 29% of American Adults believe Epstein actually committed suicide while in jail. Forty-two percent (42%) think Epstein was murdered to prevent him from testifying against powerful people with whom he associated.” Of the 25% who say they have followed the story very closely, 56% believe Epstein was murdered. Such a coverup might have been believed once upon a time, but not any more.

Here’s a conversation between highly respected investigative reporter Matt Taibbi and talk show host Joe Rogan on how blatantly obvious the Epstein murder looks to the general public. They also discuss the peculiar death of the story itself in the mainstream media.

A set of reasons why the Department of Justice will probably not investigate the anomalies in Jeffrey Epstein’s death is given by reporter Whitney Webb in the video linked below. Attorney General William Barr was a CIA lawyer who stonewalled the Church committee’s investigation into illegal CIA activities, including sexual blackmail operations. He was later Attorney General at the time of the Iran-Contra scandal, when he arranged the pardons of participants in that network, which also involved sexual blackmail as well as drug and weapons smuggling. See the first five minutes of the following video.

Who could wield enough influence to get away with murdering a high profile prisoner in a federal maximum security prison? In addition to Attorney General William Barr having a history of covering up illegal CIA activities, the president at the time of the murder was Donald Trump. Trump was at one time a friend of Jeffrey Epstein. Trump was also linked to the mob-CIA-Mossad nexus through Resorts International. “Resorts International was established and controlled by front men for the Rockefeller and Rothschild families and their ‘enforcers’ in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its allied intelligence agency, Israel’s Mossad.”
“the illegally rigged casinos were being operated with the collusion of “respectable” politicians, law enforcement officials, Wall Street financiers who floated loans to finance the gambling resorts and the high-profile gambling resort operators themselves.”
“In 1987, upon the death of longtime CIA front man James Crosby, the nominal head of Resorts International, up-and-coming young New York real estate tycoon Donald Trump stepped into the picture and bought Crosby’s interest in the gambling empire.”

Among the original investors in Resorts International were Meyer Lansky and Edmond de Rothschild.

When Trump’s Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City (which was originally begun by Resorts International) faced bankruptcy, Trump was financially rescued by the Rothschild empire.

Trump’s friendship link to Epstein with his blackmail operation, and his business links to the gambling underworld, could potentially provide the Rothschild empire (behind both) leverage over Trump’s decisions. And Trump has certainly been extremely compliant in doing the Rothschild empire’s bidding regarding their Israel project. Trump moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, which all previous presidents have refused to do. Trump approved Israel’s annexing Syria’s Golan Heights, in clear violation of international law. Israel promptly assigned oil and gas rights to Genie Energy, on the board of which sits Jacob Rothchild. Trump has tacitly approved of Israel’s future annexation of the West Bank, again in violation of internation law. And Trump executed Israel’s extremely provocative plan to assassinate Iranian general Soleimani. The Rothschild empire’s Israeli branch is well-known to use assassination as a regular tactic. A thorough article on this is American Pravda: Mossad Assassinations.

Trump’s links and endebtedness to the Rothschilds are covered in more detail in an excellent report by independent investigator Jake Morphonios, starting at 11:00 in this video.

The Rothschild empire demonstrated its willingness to blackmail an American president with President Bill Clinton. In that case Israel used recordings of Clinton’s phone conversations with Monica Lewinsky to blackmail him into silence on the issue of Israel’s illegal land thefts, aka “settlements”. Details of that case are given in this website’s article “War Profiteers and the Roots of the War on Terror”.

Clinton already had ties to the CIA’s Iran-Contra smuggling operations, which used an airport in Mena, Arkansas while Clinton was governer of Arkansas. Allegedly CIA director Bill Casey, through his emissary William Barr, told Clinton “You and your state have been our greatest asset. Mr. Casey wanted me to pass on to you that unless you fuck up and do something stupid, you’re No. 1 on the short list for a shot at the job that you’ve always wanted.”

It’s possible that Clinton had little choice but to go along. John Perkins, in his book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, has described how the international banking mob will coerce a new president of a financially weaker country into going along. Interviewed on Democracy Now he explained as follows.

“The other thing we do, Amy, and what’s going on right now in Latin America is that as soon as one of these anti-American presidents is elected, such as Evo Morales, who you mentioned, in Bolivia, one of us goes in and says, ‘Hey, congratulations, Mr. President. Now that you’re president, I just want to tell you that I can make you very, very rich, you and your family. We have several hundred million dollars in this pocket if you play the game our way. If you decide not to, over in this pocket, I’ve got a gun with a bullet with your name on it, in case you decide to keep your campaign promises and throw us out.'”
“[W]hat I’m saying is that, you know, I can make sure that this man makes a great deal of money, he and his family, through contracts, through various quasi-legal means, and I can also — if he doesn’t accept this, you know, the same thing is going to happen to him that happened to Jaime Roldos in Ecuador and Omar Torrijos in Panama and Allende in Chile, and we tried to do it to Chavez in Venezuela and are still trying — that we will send in the people to try to overthrow him, as, in fact, we recently did with the President of Ecuador, or if we don’t overthrow him, we’ll assassinate him. And these people all know the history. They know that this has happened many, many, many times in the past.”
“I was recruited by the National Security Agency, the one that’s in the news so much today because of spying on people, and I was tested by them, recruited by them.”
“they put me through a series of tests, personality tests, lie detector, several days, and concluded that I would make a good economic hit man, and they also discovered a number of weaknesses in my character, which they could use then to hook me into the business, and then I ended up working for a private corporation.”
“Nobody wants to be able to connect the dots. So the NSA, the CIA, these types of organizations often recruit economic hit men and the jackals, the assassins, the 007 types, but they will recruit us, maybe train us, and then turn us over to a private corporation, so that you really can’t make the connection, so that if I were caught at what I was doing in one of these countries, it would not reflect on our government; it would only reflect on the corporation that I worked for.”

In Perkins’ account there is a private, coordinating organization above the NSA and CIA that is manipulating those agencies to serve private interests.

“We economic hit men, during the last 30 or 40 years, have really created the world’s first truly global empire, and we’ve done this primarily through economics, and the military only coming in as a last resort. Therefore, it’s been done pretty much secretly. Most of the people in the United States have no idea that we’ve created this empire and, in fact, throughout the world it’s been done very quietly, unlike old empires, where the army marched in; it was obvious.”

Perkins’ reference to “old empires” clearly includes cases like the British East India Company, described above. And the accumulated evidence is that the old empire has merely changed its outward form. Perkins also gives interesting details on how security is bypassed to assassinate top government officials, such as presidents.

One attempt by Wall Street financiers to overthrow a sitting American president has been confirmed by a Congressional investigation. In 1933 they attempted to recruit Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler to lead the effort, but he informed Congress instead. Most of the establishment press belittled the story. As noted above, most of the major establishment press had been captured by the Rothschild empire through the agency of J.P. Morgan. But General Butler had strategically informed a newspaper of the plot, which sent an experienced reporter to interview Butler’s contact person for the plot. The reporter confirmed the story, which was then published. Butler later wrote a book, War is a Racket, in which he stated that for most of his military service he had been used as muscle for private corporations. This echoes the British East India company using the British military to enforce its business “deals” abroad.

As noted above, the Rothschild empire bought the editorial policies of the major news companies in the early 1900’s, with money and threats. They captured the FBI in the Hoover era with blackmail. They captured the CIA in the post-WWII era.

Their key man at the CIA was Allen Dulles. Before WWII Dulles worked as a lawyer, helping clients hide huge amounts of money. Some of these clients did business with the Nazis well into WWII. One such client was a bank that did a lot of such business, and was consequently taken over by the federal government in WWII for aiding the enemy. So Dulles brought this experience and these business connections with him to the CIA. Given the nature of his business, there is the possibility that some of his connections may have had compromising information on him.

Because of his experience with international financial dealings, during WWII he was able to work for the US government gathering intelligence in Europe. In this capacity he worked for the OSS (Office of Special Services), which had been established by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to coordinate the intelligence being collected by the several services. This coordination of intelligence was to be the main task of the CIA, newly created after the war. When the war ended and the temporary OSS was replaced by the permanent CIA, Dulles became Deputy Director. Dulles soon became Director, and ultimately put in place a vast, secret organization capable of carrying out military false flag operations anywhere in the world, almost at a moment’s notice. It involved storing vast amounts of supplies around the world, and hiding their activities in other government agencies. They also used a lot of companies as fronts. Designing and implementing this system directly utilized Dulles’ early experience at hiding vast amounts of money. Dulles once said that he was not a diplomat, but a lawyer. In other words, he performed services for his clients, following their instructions.

From whom did Dulles take his ultimate instructions? The US government or his private connections? Col. Fletcher Prouty served as the military’s liason with the CIA for their procurement of military equipment and men, so he had a very good picture of much they were doing. He was surprised to discover that his superior, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, did not know what was going on at the CIA. Prouty realized a lot of the supplies he had provided had not been authorized by the highest level of the military chain of command, but by somebody else. Prouty began to research, and ultimately concluded that the CIA was run by a highly coordinated, “secret team”. His invaluable in-depth report The Secret Team is available as a book and online here.

The Dulles CIA soon went on to experiment with mind control in project MK-ULTRA. The ultimate goal was to take an ordinary person, turn him into a “robot”, have him murder a target and forget the whole event. There is some fascinating evidence that they achieved this goal, and have used it to create several recent high-profile murderers, including Charles Manson, Jack Ruby, and Sirhan Sirhan. Researcher Tom O’Neill discusses his solidly documented, in-depth book Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties here.

If a criminal organization has developed “human robot” killer technology, that could be used in various ways. In addition to political assassinations such as the Jack Ruby and Sirhan Sirhan cases mentioned above, it could be used to terrorize a population with seemingly random, or false flag, mass shootings. Such terrorism can be used to create fears that steer a population in a particular political direction. A sober look at the very real evidence for the latter is in Whitney Webb’s article “How the CIA, Mossad and ‘the Epstein Network’ are Exploiting Mass Shootings to Create an Orwellian Nightmare”

Another less drastic mob tactic, but still pure thuggery, is to threaten a person’s family with harm. A documented case of this tactic was John Bolton’s threat to Jose Bustani, director of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). Bustani was advocating for inspections in Iraq to avoid a war. Bolton was George W. Bush’s Ambassador to the U.N., and told Bustani, “We know where your kids live”. Reported by Aaron Mate at 15:00 of this video.

More on Bustani’s removal at the insistence of the U.S. is here.

Information on Bolton’s tight connection with Israel is here.

Bolton fully supports Israel’s claim to all of Palestine, and has even committed outright treachery for Israel. “John Bolton, while serving as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, went behind his boss’s back to supply Israel with crucial information on American plans at the UN and redirect U.S. policy.” Thus Bolton’s thuggery is on behalf of Israel, and the Rothschild empire behind Israel.

If a public figure suddenly changes their tune, or goes silent, they may be receiving such a threat. This, along with bribery and blackmail, could explain the complete silence by America’s politicians and corporate press about Israel’s blatant ethnic cleansing crimes.

Banking Crimes

In addition to the crimes of war profiteering, gun smuggling, and drug smuggling, there are pure banking crimes. A major example is money laundering. Some of the world’s biggest banks have been involved with money-laundering, and all the criminals have escaped with fines, essentially as a cost of doing business. This includes JP Morgan which, as noted above, became an American powerhouse bank by becoming an affiliate of the Rothschild empire. And as noted above, the Rothschild empire has a long history of connections to opium dealing and heroin dealing mobsters. More details on these establishment money-launderers is in the following three articles.

The first article contains the following quote from Senator Elizabeth Warren. “You know, if you’re caught with an ounce of cocaine, the chances are good you’re going to go to jail. If it happens repeatedly, you may go to jail for the rest of your life. But evidently, if you launder nearly a billion dollars for drug cartels and violate our international sanctions, your company pays a fine and you go home and sleep in your own bed at night, every single individual associated with this. I think that’s fundamentally wrong.”

The second article has the sub-heading “DOJ Urges Federal Court to Approve Sweetheart Deal with Drug-Tainted HSBC”. The “sweethear deal” phenomenon illustrates the value to the empire mobsters of controlling top decision-makers in the justice system. The “sweetheart deal” was how Jeffrey Epstein escaped justice in Florida, as discussed above.

The third article Banks Are “Where the Money Is” In The Drug War provides further details and history of the banks’ role in drug trafficking.

The criminal banking tentacles are also reaching into America’s cities, attempting to forcibly take over municipal utility companies. The municipal energy utility of Cleveland, Ohio was targeted for takeover by a private monopoly. Dennis Kucinich ran for mayor on a platform of preventing the sale and was elected. A bank who was a major shareholder in the private monopoly then tried to force Cleveland to sell by refusing to renew the city’s credit on pre-existing loans. Media coverage was controlled by the bank, and there were three assassination attempts on Kucinich. Kucinich tells the story starting at about 1:04:40 in the following video.

The coercive takeover of a company is obviously not the free market in action. It is pure gangster thuggery. In another such instance, the crisis of lead-contaminated water in Flint, Michigan, with its longstanding, community-wide health tragedy, has been traced to a coercive attempt by private interests to take over Flint’s water supply, knowingly sacrificing the people of Flint.

In another instance, the TARP bailout of Wall Street banks in 2008 was denounced by fiscal conservative David Stockman, Ronald Reagan’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget, in his book The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America. According to Stockman, the endangered banks were mainly gambling, and could have failed without endangering the entire economy, as they claimed to Congress. Instead, average Americans covered their massive gambling debts. In short, it was a “crony capitalism” scam in Stockman’s phrase.

Some of the key players in the Wall Street bailout scam have also been connected to the Zionist network behind the 9/11-Iraq War scam. In his book Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World investigative reporter Christopher Bollyn extends his research into 9/11 on into the financial crisis of 2008. In chapter XI of his book he quotes Senator Richard Shelby, speaking for many, as saying, “[The bailout plan] does nothing basically for the stressed mortgage payer. It does a lot for three or four or five banks”.

Thus we see the George W. Bush administration bookended by two gigantic scams, beginning with the 9/11-Iraq war scam, and ending with the 2008 Wall Street bailout scam. The three chapters linking the two are:
XI – The Fleecing of America: 9-11 and the Crisis on Wall Street
XII – The Nexus Linking 9/11 and the Financial Crisis
XIII – Ptech, 9/11, and the Financial Collapse
There is some repetition of material in these three chapters because they were originally published as individual articles. The book is online here.

An early recorded case of bankers swindling their customers is in the Bible, in the Book of Nehemiah. In Nehemiah 5 the people of Judea protest vehemently against their leaders for devastating them economically by usurious money-lending practices. At that time it was common in the Jewish community for bankers to also be rabbis, thus giving them tremendous authority. Because of these protests a new rule was instituted, banning usurious practices by Jewish bankers toward fellow Jews. There was no such ban, however, toward non-Jewish customers.

And while there are passages in the Torah advocating fairness, there are also scholarly discussions in the Talmud claiming that these rules of fairness are only intended for other Jews, and not for Gentiles (non-Jews). There is a caveat, however. If making this discriminatory attitude clear to Gentiles would antagonize them so as to create a danger for Jews, then Jews are advised to avoid that danger by pretending to treat Gentiles as equals. A consequence of these views is seen in the recent statement of Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, who said, “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.”

The belief that Jews need not treat Gentiles fairly is rooted in the idea that Jews are God’s “Chosen People”, and hence superior to Gentiles. In the Talmud some Jewish scholars have categorized Gentiles as animals rather than humans. This view could be used by some Jews to justify their using mobster tactics in dealing with Gentiles. This view has re-surfaced overtly in Israel, and is a source of struggle for “liberal Zionists”. The history and evolution of this belief from ancient times to today is given in detail here.

Mobster tactics have not been confined to Jews. Nor have public revolts against moneylenders.

“The persecution and slaughter of Italian usurers, in particular in France during the late thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, were phenomena as frequent and widespread as pogroms against the Jews, with the one difference that the pogroms were prompted by religious motives as well as the hatred of wealthy moneylenders of a different faith.”

As noted above, that faith was often one with an attitude of entitlement. “The exploitive nature of Jewish usury invariably alienated the Christian populace. The Cortes of Portugal, for instance, complained in 1361 that Jewish usury was becoming ‘an unbearable yoke upon the population.'” In another case, “In 1431, for instance, armed peasants demanded that the city of Worms surrender its Jews to them, ‘in view of the fact that they had ruined [the peasants] and taken away their last shirt.'” These complaints echo those of the Jews in ancient Judea, described in the Book of Nehemiah, as noted above.

In days of yore a son typically learned his trade from his father. So it isn’t surprising that history after the Book of Nehemiah finds Jews prominent in banking. A favorable overview of the considerable historical presence of Jews in banking is given in the following linked article. For example, “as soon as the Jews were exiled to Babylonia we surprisingly encounter at least two full-fledged Jewish banks operating there — the banking houses of Murashu and Egibi. Many cuneiform tablets evidencing their money lending transactions and bearing Jewish names have been preserved. The banking skill of these Jews must have been preceded by generations of experience and tradition.”

Computerized Mobsters

Any empire based in banking would move naturally into the information terrain of computers. Here there are new tools for spying and control. The Rothschild empire had long used secrecy, along with their various forms of coercion. In this they followed Sun Tzu’s focus on information warfare, and the dictum, “All warfare is based on deception.”


PROMIS (Prosecutors Management Information System) was a case management software program, leased to the US Government in 1982. Reagan aide Earl Brian provided Israeli “superspy” Rafi Eitan a copy of PROMIS. Israeli intelligence then added a “backdoor” to the software. The original developer was driven out of business, and the bugged version sold to governments around the world. “Dozens of countries used the software on their most carefully guarded computer systems, unaware that Mossad now had access to everything PROMIS touched.”

In addition to gathering counterintelligence data, “PROMIS’ backdoor and adoption by intelligence agencies all over the world essentially provided the Mossad with access to troves of blackmail that the CIA and FBI had acquired on their friends and foes for over half a century.”

The Ptech Plot

The software that the U.S. was using to coordinate its reponse to the 9/11 attack had been developed by an Israeli start-up named Ptech, masquerading behind a Lebanese cutout. Ptech was responsible for coordinating the software of the U.S. Air Force and the Federal Aviation Administration, a coordination which, for practical purposes, failed on 9/11. Through Ptech the Israelis would be intimately familiar with the software of both the USAF and the FAA, and would add their own coordinating software into the system.

In an amazing coincidence, the 9/11 attack occurred precisely when the USAF and the FAA were conducting a practice drill for a scenario involving hijacked airliners. This created confusion and delay among the responders. With a back door into the coordinated USAF and FAA software system, the Israelis were in a position to sabotage that coordination, and to foster confusion and delay.

Ptech software is also used at the highest levels of the U.S. Navy, the Department of Defense, the FBI, the Secret Service, the House of Representatives, the Treasury Department, and the IRS. More details are given in the book Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World, Chapter V How Did Spy Software Get Onto FAA Computers?

Here’s an audio interview with Indira Singh, describing how she came to first raise the red flag about Ptech.

The Carbyne Plot

“In 2015, a few years after Epstein’s release from prison following his conviction for soliciting sex from a minor in 2008, [Israeli Ehud] Barak formed a company with Epstein with the chief purpose of investing in an Israeli start-up then known as Reporty. That company, now called Carbyne, sells its signature software to 911 call centers and emergency service providers and is also available to consumers as an app that provides emergency services with access to a caller’s camera and location and also runs any caller’s identity through any linked government database. It has specifically been marketed by the company itself and the Israeli press as a solution to mass shootings in the United States and is already being used by at least two U.S. counties.”

“The company’s executive team are all former members of different branches of Israeli intelligence, including the elite military intelligence unit, Unit 8200, that is often likened to Israel’s equivalent of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).”

“the Chinese government uses a smartphone app very similar to Carbyne as part of its mass surveillance apparatus, even though the original purpose of the app was for improved emergency reporting. According to Narativ, the Chinese Carbyne-equivalent ‘monitors every aspect of a user’s life, including personal conversations, power usage, and tracks a user’s movement.'”

The chief salesman for the Carbyne software was Robert Maxwell, a Mossad agent who was also the chief salesman for the bugged PROMIS software. He was also the father of Ghislaine Maxwell, the “chief of staff” for Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail entrapment operations.

The Tech Infiltration and Outsourcing Plot

“Several U.S. tech giants including Google, Microsoft and Intel Corporation have filled top positions with former members of Israeli military intelligence and are heavily investing in their Israeli branches while laying off thousands of American employees, all while receiving millions of dollars in U.S. government subsidies funded by American taxpayers.”

“Further consider that U.S. government documents leaked by Edward Snowden have flagged Israel as “leading threat” to the infrastructure of U.S. financial and banking institutions, which use much of the software produced by these top tech companies, and have also flagged Israel as a top espionage threat.”

“Furthermore, many of these companies are hiring members of controversial Israeli companies — known to have spied on Americans, American companies, and U.S. federal agencies — as well as numerous members of Israeli military intelligence as top managers and executives.”

Consider the example of Microsoft.

“Beginning in 2014 and continuing into 2018, Microsoft has laid off well over 20,000 employees, most of them Americans, in several different rounds of staff cuts. Over that same time period, Microsoft has been on a hiring spree in Israel, building new campuses and investing billions of dollars annually in its Israel-based research and development center and in other Israeli start-up companies, creating thousands of jobs abroad. In addition, Microsoft has been pumping millions of dollars into technology programs at Israeli universities and institutes, such as the Technion Institute. Over this same time frame, Microsoft has received nearly $197 million in subsidies from the state governments of Washington, Iowa and Virginia.”

Israel’s elite military intelligence unit known as Unit 8200 has a technology focus, and is a major source of personnel going into various tech companies. “At Microsoft, managers for at least 15 of the company’s products and programs — including Microsoft’s lead managers for engineering, product strategy, threat analytics and cloud business intelligence — publicly listed their affiliation with Unit 8200 on their LinkedIn accounts. In addition, the general manager of Microsoft’s Israeli Research and Development Center is also a former member of Unit 8200.”

“Similarly, at Google, 28 former Unit 8200 members at the company were identified from their LinkedIn accounts. Among them are Google’s Engineering Director, its strategic partner manager, two growth marketing leads, its lead technical manager, and six product and program managers, including Google’s manager for trust and safety search.”

MintPress identified at least 13 Unit 8200 alumni working for Facebook, including its director of engineering, lead manager for express wi-fi, and technical program manager. Notably, Facebook has spent the last several years collaborating with Israel’s government to censor Israel’s critics.”

During the 2020 Democratic primaries both Google and YouTube (owned by Google) sabotaged searches for information on Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard at critical times of high interest during the campaign. Simultaneously the corporate media smeared her throughout the campaign. This concentrated negative attention was despite her having only a few percent support in the polls. But Congresswoman Gabbard’s campaign focus was ending the “regime change wars”. And these wars are part of the “war on terror” precipitated by the Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine in order to create the state of Israel. So Google, whose original motto was “Do no evil”, was now sabotaging democracy at the behest of Israel and the Rothschild empire behind Israel. These videos and articles tell the story.

Steven Crowder Demands Answers of YouTube’s Gabbard Censorship

Tulsi Gabbard sues Google over censorship claims

Who’s Afraid of Tulsi Gabbard?

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: Regime change wars have disastrous consequences

Returning to Microsoft, according to research by the New York Times Bill Gates met with Jeffrey Epstein several times after Epstein had been convicted of sex crimes. “‘His lifestyle is very different and kind of intriguing although it would not work for me,’ Mr. Gates emailed colleagues in 2011, after his first get-together with Mr. Epstein.” Eventually Gates said he regretted having ever met Epstein.

Taken together, all these facts raise the possibility that Israeli intelligence could be routinely spying on everyone using Microsoft Windows. For example, a list of folders and files could be periodically compressed and uploaded to a Mossad or Unit 8200 server. Files with recent change dates could then be scanned for keywords, and files with keywords of interest could be compressed and uploaded. This could happen during a Windows update, or anytime the computer is idling while connected to the web. People actively opposing Israel’s actions could then be targeted for various sorts of harassment.

For example, Max Blumenthal interviews David Sheen on an Israeli assassination team murdering a Palestinian American in California, and getting away despite the FBI knowing who committed the murder. The discussion goes on into Israeli impunity in committing crimes, Netanyahu and Trump, and the Talmudic supremacist bigotry characterizing Israeli society today. .

The shifting of American technology capacities, including research and development capacities, from America to Israel is reminiscent of the shifting of American manufacturing capacities to China. Who benefitted from shifting those manufacturing capacities? International financiers would find a cost savings and increased profits in that shift, regardless of the devastating effects on American cities and lives. Historically, such financiers would be somebody like the Rothschild empire, with its history of manipulating international economics. Since Israel is a project financed by the Rothschild empire, it would also benefit from moving critical American technical capacities to Israel.

The Pandemic Plot

A committee of people from the intelligence community and the tech community are recommending that America needs to copy China’s mass surveillance programs in order to maintain a lead in artificial intelligence technology. The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) claims that the massive amount of data China is collecting on its citizens will give it an advantage in “training” its AI systems.

“[D]ata is the new oil. And China is just awash with data. And they don’t have the same restraints that we do around collecting it and using it, because of the privacy difference between our countries. This notion that they have the largest labeled data set in the world is going to be a huge strength for them.”

A data set is used to “train” an AI program to distinguish and identify patterns. We might train an AI program to distinguish between photos of people and photos of dogs. To do this we feed the AI program many photos, some of a person, and some of a dog. With each photo we have the program decide whether it’s a person or a dog. If it’s correct we go on to the next photo. If it’s wrong we change some parameter values in the program. These parameter values represent the strengths of the connections between the simulated “neurons” in the program’s simulated “neural net”. The program may have a vast number of simulated neurons, and an even vaster number of simulated connections, each with its own parameter value. After feeding the program a very large number of photos, these parameter values will converge on a set of specific values that give correct categorization of the photos most of the time.

If we want our AI program to “learn” to distinguish rose bushes from pine trees we would feed the program many photos of rose bushes and pine trees. After each photo the program assigns the photo to one of our target categories, rose bush or pine tree. When the program is incorrect, we adjust the parameter values in the program. Our program’s strategy for adjusting these parameter values is the key to how well our program learns. This strategy is the “secret sauce” of our AI program.

If we train our program to distinguish people and dogs, it will be no good at distinguishing rose bushes and pine trees. It will only be good at distinguishing what we have “trained” it to distinguish. Instead of training it to distinguish photos of objects, we could feed it a person’s genetic data and have it “learn” to distinguish the person’s hair color, or whether they will have a predisposition toward a genetic disease. When the program is wrong we adjust the parameter values. Over many, many tries it improves. Obviously, this can be very useful.

The key to the effectiveness of our AI program is our strategy for adjusting the parameter values when the machine gives a wrong answer. Once we have a good strategy, we can use that for learning many distinctions. We might develop a very effective strategy using photos of people and dogs, and then use that same strategy for learning to distinguish photos of rose bushes and pine trees. Or for learning to distinguish the genetic data associated with different genetic disease vulnerabilities.

It is not necessary to collect all the personal data of all American citizens to experiment with different strategies for adjusting our program parameters. It’s true we need large sets of examples for the training, but that is not a reason for instituting a totalitarian level of mass surveillance. Yet that is what this committee is advocating. They are claiming that mass surveillance, ending privacy, is necessary to develop effective strategies for adjusting the parameters when our AI program makes a mistake. In essence, they are claiming that we should adopt China’s totalitarian practices for our “national security”.

An article in Forbes on this subject notes, “[T]he use of masses of connected sensors makes it clear that the coronavirus pandemic is–intentionally or not–being used as a testbed for new surveillance technologies that may threaten privacy and civil liberties. So aside from being a global health crisis, the coronavirus has effectively become an experiment in how to monitor and control people at scale.”

Such a “Coronavirus Surveillance System” is being backed by Jared Kushner, well-known to be a staunch asset of Israel, as well as influential son-in-law of President Donald Trump. Here again we see the tentacles of Israel and the Rothschild empire increasing its control of America. The companies prepared to profit from this plan are discussed in the article Meet the Companies Poised to Build the Kushner-Backed “Coronavirus Surveillance System”

There is also a chain of circumstantial evidence linking the Coronavirus outbreak to the Anthrax attacks that immediately followed the 9/11 attack. The Anthrax attacks were directed at key members of Congress who were resisting Israel’s push within the US government for war with Iraq and mass surveillance of Americans. Like the 9/11 attack, the Anthrax attacks were immediately blamed on Arabs. But the Anthrax was traced to the bioweapons lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland. The Anthrax attacks turned out to be an inside job, like the 9/11 attack.

“Yet, as the investigation into the 2001 Anthrax attacks unfolded, accusations from major U.S. newspapers soon emerged that the FBI was deliberately sabotaging the probe to protect the Anthrax attacker and that the CIA and U.S. military intelligence had refused to cooperate with the investigation.”

The evidence fits the theory that the Anthrax attacks came from the same people who did the 9/11 attack, as part of an overall effort to scare the American people into the “war on terror”, with its several “regime change” wars. The evidence points overwhelmingly to the Israelis, as discussed in this website’s article War Profiteers and 9/11

The Trump administration has suggested the Coronavirus originated in a Chinese virus research lab in Wuhan. The Chinese government is suggesting it could have originated in the Fort Detrick lab in Maryland. The Fort Detrick lab has a history of security breaches from the early 1990’s to the present.

“More recently, this past July [2019], the same Fort Detrick lab would be shut down by the CDC, after it was found that researchers ‘did not maintain an accurate or current inventory’ for toxins and ‘failed to safeguard against unauthorized access to select agents.’ The closure of the lab for its numerous breaches of biosafety protocols would be hidden from Congress and the facility would controversially be partially reopened last November before all of the identified biosafety issues were resolved.”

“The same day that the lab was controversially allowed to partially reopen, which was the result of heavy lobbying from the Pentagon, local news outlets reported that the lab had suffered ‘two breaches of containment’ last year, though the nature of those breaches and the pathogens involved were redacted in the inspection findings report obtained by the Frederick News Post. Notably, USAMRIID has, since the 1980s, worked closely with virologists and virology labs in Wuhan, China, where the first epicenter of the current novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases emerged. The Chinese government has since alleged that the virus had been brought to China by members of the U.S. military, members of which attended the World Military Games in the country last October.”

“Yet, upon examining not only these biosafety incidents at Fort Detrick, but the 2001 Anthrax attacks and the current Covid-19 outbreak, another odd commonality stands out — high-level war games exercise took place in June 2001 that eerily predicted not only the Anthrax attacks, but also the initial government narrative of those attacks and much, much more.”

“That June 2001 exercise, known as “Dark Winter,” also predicted many aspects of government pandemic response that would later re-emerge in last October’s simulation ‘Event 201,’ which predicted a global pandemic caused by a novel Coronavirus just months before the Covid-19 outbreak. In addition, the U.S. government would lead its own multi-part series of pandemic simulations, called ‘Crimson Contagion,’ that would also predict aspects of the Covid-19 outbreak and government response.”

“Upon further investigation, key leaders of both Event 201 and Crimson Contagion, not only have deep and longstanding ties to U.S. Intelligence and the U.S. Department of Defense, they were all previously involved in that same June 2001 exercise, Dark Winter. Some of these same individuals would also play a role in the FBI’s “sabotaged” investigation into the subsequent Anthrax attacks and are now handling major aspects of the U.S. government’s response to the Covid-19 crisis.”

“Other major players in Dark Winter are now key drivers behind the “biodefense” mass surveillance programs currently being promoted as a technological solution to Covid-19’s spread, despite evidence that such programs actually worsen pandemic outbreaks. Others still have close connections to the insider trading that recently occurred among a select group of U.S. Senators regarding the economic impact of Covid-19 and are set to personally profit from lucrative contracts to develop not just one, but the majority, of experimental Covid-19 treatments and vaccines currently under development by U.S. companies.”

Here is a discussion among sober reporters, hosted by Consortium News, about the Trump administration’s attempt to pin the Coronavirus outbreak on the Chinese lab in Wuhan. They too note there is a strong counter-narrative in the undisputed facts about the recent, serious security breaches at the Fort Detrick lab, the presence of U.S. military personnel in Wuhan just before the outbreak, and their staying at a hotel 300 meters from the Wuhan livestock market. This starts at about 20:00 in the video.

The personnel linkage between the Coronavirus pandemic and the 2001 Anthrax attacks, with their strategic similarities of preceding exercises and subsequent mass surveillance, suggest the same actors are behind both. The evidence is overwhelming that the Israelis were behind the 9/11 attack and probably the Anthrax attacks that accompanied it. Further, President Trump has been doing everything the Israelis want in foreign policy, including the very provocative assassination of Iranian General Soleimani, greenlighting Israel’s theft of the oil fields in the Golan Heights, greenlighting Israel’s planned theft of the entire West Bank, and moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. He has been the perfect puppet that he predicted Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton would be. And the Israelis have a solid history of false flag attacks. So the possibility must be considered that this is another instance of Trump taking directions from Netanyahu.

There is abundant evidence that the Coronavirus pandemic is being used as an excuse to rush into even more mass surveillance of the American people. Instead of focusing on the simple and inexpensive method of providing everyone with N95 masks, which would stop the spread of the virus at the start, elaborate monitoring of everybody day and night is being pushed. From smartphone location data, central computers will know where everyone is at all times, and can then tell which smartphones have been near which other smart phones. Who are you meeting with, when and where? Big brother will be watching you at all times. Dissent can be nipped in the bud. Constitutional bedrock freedoms can be effectively neutered. No tyrant in history has had such power.


As is usual with any successful enterprise, the Rothschild empire has been thorough in its methods of acquiring and maintaining control.

The Scofield Bible

A little-known tactic has been the creation of an annotated version of the Bible, the Scofield Reference Bible, which contains Zionist propaganda inserted in the reference notes. The intended result of this tactic has been a huge level of support for the state of Israel from American Evangelical Christians, unaware they are being duped by a Trojan-horse Bible. Here’s a good secular overview article.

Here’s a detailed analysis of the embedded Zionist propaganda by a Christian minister who began as a fan of the Scofield Bible, but ultimately abandoned it. He tried to find Bibilical citations supporting the pro-Zionist comments in the study notes, and could not. After much study he concluded that the pro-Zionist notes were actually in direct contradiction to the New Testament.

Much of the American Jewish community has also been duped by an intense campaign of pro-Zionist propaganda, based on the claim of Jews being God’s chosen people, and “owning” Palestine because of a Biblical decree. A Jewish psychologist, born in Israel has written about this in an article titled It’s time for American Jews to recognize they have been duped.

From Clark County to Congress

“In late April [2020], the platform committee for Nevada’s biggest county Democratic committee, in Clark County (Las Vegas), approved a platform that included three planks in support of Palestinian rights that were put forward by Bernie Sanders delegates: calls to end the blockade of Gaza, to support the right of return, and to repeal anti-boycott legislation. Hours after the platform was published last Monday, county party leaders acted to strip the three planks, out of 500 lines in the platform.”

The chair of the Nevada Democratic Party and the chair of its platform committee had received complaints “from members of the Jewish community that these [planks] were anti-Semitic”. This reversal was despite the fact that “the platform committee was not unanimous in overturning its own decision, and that the top-down procedure violates party bylaws.”

Here Israel’s influence, as an extension of the Rothschild empire, reaches into the details of Democratic Party politics in Clark County, Nevada to sabotage America’s democracy. This same detailed attention is paid to States and counties all across America.

Here’s an article describing a conversation between a columnist for the (Jewish) Forward and a leader of Emily’s List discussing the “gigantic” and “shocking” role of Jewish donors in the Democratic party.

Here’s a report on top Democrat Nancy Pelosi and 9 Congressional Democrats having an “excellent meeting” with Netanyahu in Israel, at the same time Netanyahu was sending “dozens of snipers” to shoot unarmed protesters in Gaza.

Here’s top Democrat Nancy Pelosi speaking to the Israel America Council. “If this Capitol [Washington, D.C.] crumbled to the ground, the one thing that would remain is our commitment to our aid … and I don’t even call it aid … our cooperation with Israel.” America’s “cooperation” aid to Israel amounts to over three billion dollars per year, and it takes precedence over America’s capital city for the Israel America Council and their loyal friend Nancy Pelosi.

The mechanics by which Pelosi’s America gives that three billion plus dollars to Israel every year is an interesting story in itself. First, America borrows that money and pays interest on it. Second, Israel deposits that money in a bank and collects interest on it. Third Israel deposits the money in the same bank from which America borrows it. So the money essentially sits in the bank, while the U.S. starts paying interest on it and Israel starts collecting interest on it (in addition to owning it). That bank is the Federal Reserve Bank. As discussed above, this is a private bank, loosely regulated by Congress, which was created semi-secretly by agents of the Rothschild bank. A more detailed account of this process by independent investigator Jake Morphonios is here.

The Democratic and Republican parties vote essentially in lockstep on matters of Israel and their wars in the Mideast. They also vote essentially in lockstep on matters of the big banks.

Here’s an excellent discussion between progressive political comedian Jimmy Dore and conservative pundit Tucker Carlson, in which they agree on the war scams, and Pelosi’s alliance with Trump to maintain them. They start with a discussion of the Democratic party’s establishment efforts to knock Bernie Sanders out of the primaries.

Congress’s subservience to the big banks is solidly discussed here by economic and political reporter Matt Taibbi, with Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti.

The Accusation of Anti-Semitism

The false accusation of “anti-Semitism” is a major tactic for suppressing criticism of Israel’s actions. If someone publicly criticizes an action of Israel they are immediately met with a barrage of highly emotional, indignant accusations of anti-Semitism. The facts about Israel’s action are completely ignored. This barrage of false accusations is enough to silence mainstream media and political figures. The media people fear the loss of their jobs, and the political people fear the loss of their campaign “contributions”.

Here’s an article by a former employee of AIPAC explaining how AIPAC deploys false accusations of anti-Semitism.

Here’s an excellent undercover documentary that catches Israeli agents on camera explaining their playbook of tactics to manipulate America. Among other tactics, they rigorously avoid publicly debating the facts of Israel’s actions and policies, and instead shut down debate by indignantly proclaiming people who raise those facts to be anti-Semitic. “The Lobby – USA – ALL episodes 1+2+3+4”


The Federal Reserve Bank

The monopoly on creating American money must be taken back from the private banks and restored to the American people. The U.S. Constitution grants the sole right to create money to the people through their government. That job was outsourced to private banks, to the banks’ great benefit and the great detriment of the American people.

“But we are told that the Constitution authorizes Congress to coin but not to print money. The one is understood to apply to metal, and the other to paper. But at this time, in all Europe, coin and print mean the same thing. The two words were used by all financial writers as interchangeable. They both mean stamp, and nothing else.” Thus the term “coin money” commonly meant “create money”, just as we say Shakespeare had a capacity to “coin a phrase”. From Our Money Wars, page 26.

The private control of the Fed is a bit opaque, involving private banks owning shares in the Fed’s regional branch banks. Who Owns the Federal Reserve Bank and Why is It Shrouded in Myths and Mysteries?

However, behind the scenes, “The banking industry fully determines the entire process of money creation, whereas the government, far from being monetarily sovereign, is indebted to and dependent on the banks.” Page 48.

On the way to nationalizing the creation of money, individual States can create their own State banks to begin escaping the clutches of Wall Street. North Dakota has a State bank, which helped it weather the Great Recession of 2008. Building on this, Ellen Brown has proposed a “system of banks operated as public utilities” in The Public Bank Solution.

After the Great Recession of 2008, Congressman Dennis Kucinich presented a bill containing a plan with specific steps to take back the creation of money from the private banks, and put it in the hands of the people, as granted by the U.S. Constitution. A summary of that plan is here.

The Media Monopoly

The functional monopoly of the corporate media must be ended. This hidden monopoly is why Americans get virtually no reporting about Israel, especially about its ethnic cleansing, its murder and even slaughter of innocent Palestinians, its massive land thefts, its control over American politicians and foreign affairs, and its control over America’s mainstream media. It is also why Americans get very little reporting on banking events, and are given little understanding of how their banking system works.


Financial support for Israel must be ended.

AIPAC and similar organizations must be made to register as agents of a foreign government.

Campaign contributions from Israeli/Zionist agents must be barred.

The U.N. must be allowed to debate Israel’s actions and take appropriate responses without a U.S. veto protecting Israel.

Are these steps possible? Yes. Former Senator James Abourezk wrote,

“I can tell you from personal experience that, at least in the Congress, the support Israel has in that body is based completely on political fear—fear of defeat by anyone who does not do what Israel wants done. I can also tell you that very few members of Congress—at least when I served there—have any affection for Israel or for its Lobby. What they have is contempt, but it is silenced by fear of being found out exactly how they feel. I’ve heard too many cloakroom conversations in which members of the Senate will voice their bitter feelings about how they’re pushed around by the Lobby to think otherwise. In private one hears the dislike of Israel and the tactics of the Lobby, but not one of them is willing to risk the Lobby’s animosity by making their feelings public.”

The opening scene of John Huston’s movie We Were Strangers depicts a national Senate voting, under a hidden coercion, to suspend their citizens’ liberties. It’s a chilling scene, based on a true story.

*****You may use this material freely and without attribution.

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The writer earned a PhD from one of the planet’s top-ranked research universities. Those standards have been applied in collecting this data and writing these reports. No financial gain is sought. Anonymity is for privacy and security.

For Its Security and Survival, China Must Understand Rothschild Zionism

by RICHARD SOLOMON via Unz Review

Was Oswald Spengler right? Are we approaching the end of Western Civilization- or at least that West we knew? Perhaps Russia’s President Putin will preserve a piece of it, like the Irish monks who transcribed and hid the works of Aristotle and Plato during the Viking invasions. Barring a Mad Max apocalypse, it seems China stands poised to play the role of global influencer.

If we accept that premise- then what kind of China? The Rothschild Zionist plan seems to involve sucking the last drop of blood from the lethal walking corpse US Empire, and after total desiccation, moving on to a new host. China.

Imagine international banking and Rothschild Zionism at the helm of China’s awesome military, global trade routes, scientific innovation, and manufacturing capability. A Hieronymous Bosch hellscape—for both China, and the planet. But don’t jump yet.

An unassailable granite mountain stands between the insatiable giant hydra of global finance and total world domination. That mountain is China- with President Xi standing at its summit. With its vast might, China’s greatest threat comes not from the US Empire and vassal armies that amass outside its gates, but internally from Rothschild Zionist controlled sleeper cell traitors who patiently wait for the opportune moment to strike.

To ensure its cultural and existential survival, China must fathom Rothschild Zionism like the woodsman in his sleeping bag fathoms the viper coiled around his ankle. The wrong move means goodbye. For the purposes of this article, I define Rothschild Zionism in its present incarnation, as the amalgamation of Wall Street (global Jewish banking mafia families) and the Israel Lobby, along with their affiliated organizations, agencies, think tanks, spy networks, corporations, and agents.

I in no way include righteous Jews, innocent little Jews, or beautiful creative Jews in with that. I love those Jews. For purposes of full disclosure, I identify as Jewish Hebrew Israelite, Jew, or K!ke (out of compassion for angry victims of Rothschild induced PTSD). Process that data as you see fit.

Many on the reactionary right use the blanket term “Jews” when referring to Rothschild Zionism (or international Jewry). I disagree with this practice, as I believe it leads to irrational racism (the opposite of protecting and or celebrating one’s people, culture of race.) Through bitter experience, China understands the harmful consequences of irrational racism.

When viewed through the the objective clinical lens, all past “Western” attempts to deal with the Rothschild Zionist question failed miserably. “Zen and the art of gardening” requires a discerning mind to cultivate the proper aesthetic. Water the flower, pluck the weed. (Zen Buddhism originated in China. This dynamic spiritual philosophy was imported to Japan and embraced by many. I hope one day Japan awakens from its radioactive Anglo-Zionist trance and reaches out to what should be its natural ally- China).

The first way for China to understand Rothschild Zionism is through its own history. The murderous Opium Wars, European colonization projects, and other “thousand natural shocks” of foreign origin that China endured during the 19th and 20th centuries received their financing from the City of London/Wall Street financial parasites. Just like almost every other evil venture of global finance over the past five centuries, Anglos (Europeans) acted as international banking’s soldiers.

The Jewish Sassoon crime family amassed an incredible fortune by pushing opium, debt slavery, and death on China. During its British East India Company occupation, China was ruled by these Rothschild anointed Jewish mandarins. To such painful humiliation, China must say—“never again.”

The second way for China to understand Rothschild Zionism is to study the example of the former United States republic, now US Anglo-Zionist Empire (I place “Anglo” first for alphabetization purposes only, as the “Anglos” clearly became the junior partners in this twisted relationship). America’s original sins embedded the spores of rot into its nascent foundations, e.g., Native American genocide, African slavery (financed by International Jewry and utilized by Anglo Southern plutocrats), George Washington’s crushing of the Whiskey Rebellion (solidifying the US as a plutocratic republic).

Despite its tragic flaws, the United States went on to produce amazing scientific innovation, astounding industrial output, creative ideologies, the 1945-1965 middle class miracle, and in some cases- brilliant music, artwork, cinema, and literature. As discussed in Jean Baudrillard’s book, “Simulacra and Simulation,” the US could lose the Vietnam War, but still achieve ultimate Hollywood “hearts and minds” victory through brilliant propaganda movies like “Apocalypse Now.” The Communist Viet Cong kicked out the US, but Vietnam wound up a neoliberal sweatshop for Western multinationals. Today’s Hollywood CIA scripted “woke” dreck lacks the cinematic genius to rewrite disasters like Iraq and Libya.

The iconic line from Don McLean song “American Pie” goes, ”Bye-bye Miss American Pie, drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry.” After GM received a 50 billion dollar taxpayer bailout, incompetent CEO Mary Berra paid herself 22 million dollars, and fired 15,000 American workers. GM’s outsourced foreign workforce remained untouched. The Chevy left the levee and drove off a cliff.

Today, America’s top exports are war, toxic financial instruments, and Deep State social media. Not even Mad Men’s Don Draper could sell this version of the “American Dream.” The rot is so systemic, the only “cure” left is empire collapse. For America’s citizen-serfs, that won’t be a day at the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Whatever one thinks of 2022 America, or how we got here, one thing is undeniable- Rothschild Zionists (aka neocons) currently run the empire. Look at the makeup of the Biden Administration’s lead managers. But where did it start? Like many of its present maladies, the vector of disease can be traced back to America’s original sin of slavery.

It was during the US Civil War that the Rothschilds locked their fangs into America’s soft underbelly. Prior to that, the Founding Fathers had managed to keep the Rothschild banker clans at bay. In the 1830’s, President Andrew Jackson (a bad man who did some good things), successfully beat back the international banker assault.

In her enlightening 1887 book, “Seven Financial Conspiracies Which Have Enslaved The American People,” Sarah E.V. Emery laid out the details of this Rothschild victory. Both North and South borrowed heavily from the Rothschild bankers. After the war, the victorious Union was not only saddled with its own enormous war debt, but also the Confederacy’s.

By bribing powerful senators, the Rothschilds pushed through laws that astronomically ballooned the debt, making it unpayable, and turning the US into a debtor nation. Some historians believe Lincoln’s assassination was due in part to his plan to repel the Rothschild invasion following the successful reunification of the republic. Post civil war, American military adventures, at least in large part, have been international banker affairs.

Once the Rothschilds established their beachhead, it took less than fifty years for the international bankers to gain total control of America’s financial system through the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. With the help of the eugenics obsessed Rockefellers (an Anglo-Saxon clan who went on to become one of the eight global banking mafia families ), and traitor politicians like President Woodrow Wilson and Senator Nelson Aldrich, the financial coup d’état was complete. America was Rothschild, but not yet Zionist.

As the modern nation state of Israel was a Rothschild project (Balfour Declaration), it was only a matter of time before this Middle East entity was absorbed into the United States. The first dramatic display of unbridled Zionist power came with the assassination of President Kennedy. JFK had strongly opposed Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. The Mossad likely partnered with the CIA and the Military Industrial Complex in Kennedy’s murder, as all three entities harbored a deep hatred for the President.

The watershed event that turned America culturally Zionist was Israel’s stunning 1967 Six Day War victory. To give the IDF their due, Israel’s “lightning war” deserves its place in the annals of military clockwork operations. Right alongside Germany’s Polish Blitzkrieg. As Professor Norman Finkelstein has pointed out, prior to that event, many American Jews considered Israel a Middle East backwater. Overnight, diaspora Jews had a “kick-ass” homeland. Mired in a hopeless Vietnam quagmire, many Anglo State Department and Pentagon apparatchiks began to view Israel in a haloed light. Much of the U.S. public also embraced the biblical “David beats Goliath” narrative.

To understand the extent that the Six Day War gripped America’s collective psyche, one merely needs to look at the attack on the USS Liberty, a naval technical research vessel on patrol in international waters. Like a cat torturing a wounded mouse, Israeli gunships, fighter jets, and torpedo boats pounded the crippled and fully identified ship for over an hour. 34 crew members were killed and 171 were wounded.

Such a brazen act of war should have been answered with a squadron of B-52 bombers, and a “Saving Private Ryan” storming of the beaches of Tel Aviv. What happened instead? Quisling President Johnson, bribed (and blackmailed?) US politicians, and Pentagon bigwigs not only covered up the incident, but showered Israel with fantastic sums of taxpayer money. The cash spigot remains open to this day.

Soon after, Rothschild Zionist Jews took over Holocaust studies. They pushed out legitimate scholars, and replaced them with hacks like Biden’s Anti-Semitism Czar Deborah Lipstadt. In many countries, questioning the official narrative could land you in a jail cell, or at the least, torpedo a promising academic career. The Rothschild Zionist also stole hundreds of billions in Holocaust reparations money as documented in Professor Finkelstein’s book, “The Holocaust Industry.” Anyone who criticized Israel or George Soros became a card carrying Nazi.

Rothschild Zionist Jews replaced the Anglos in key positions in universities, courts, government agencies, the Deep State, presidential cabinets, and big business. Even the Wall Street WASP blue bloods took the knee, although at least they received golden multi-generational compensation packages. Anglo elitists continue to enthusiastically work for the Rothschild Zionists, e.g. The Clintons, Lindsey Graham.

The Rothschild Zionist takeover of the United States could never have occurred without the full support and assistance of the Anglo ruling class. Many on the reactionary right understand that the “liberal” Democrats and “conservative” Republicans are a corporate Rothschild Zionist uniparty, but few realize that almost every US “right-wing” organization (and right-wing European Party) is under Rothschild Zionist control (See Steve Bannon).

Rothschild Zionists like George Soros also control the major “left” organizations. At one time the left (many of them Jews) championed the working man by pushing for the 5 day work week, 8 hour work day, overtime pay, and workers compensation. They fought for free speech and protested MIC wars. That left was subsumed by the corporatists, as chronicled in Chris Hedges’ book, “Death of the Liberal Class.”

With the 9/11 Israeli/neocon/ Deep State false flag, the US Anglo-Zionist Empire devoured, digested, and excreted the last pieces of living flesh that clung to the bones of the former US republic. Endless wars for the bankers and Israel became the new normal. 24/7 Stasi surveillance and torture were legalized. The Constitution was shredded. Perhaps someday, a new and more beautiful flower will spring from the dung heap.

About twenty years after 9/11 came the most stunning and audacious false flag attack in human history- the covid pandemic. In a series of brilliant articles, technology entrepreneur, free speech activist, publisher, writer, and journalist Ron Unz assiduously documented how covid started as a neocon Deep State bioweapon attack against China. I would only add to Mr. Unz’s excellent journalism by hypothesizing that the mRNA vaccines and their accompanying digital biometric IDs are the second phase of the globalist “problem-solution” agenda.

To China’s credit, their vaccine is based on the old school attenuated virus model. Please China, don’t let Pfizer and its Rothschild Zionist CEO Albert Bourla breach the Great Wall. As an aside, I agree with mRNA developer Dr. Robert Malone that vitamin C, sunshine, exercise, and zinc, make the best prophylactic modalities. I would think that China possesses a plethora of potential covid remedies within its vast treasure house of herbs and traditional Chinese medicines.

The US instigated Russian-Ukraine War is another Rothschild Zionist operation. All the key Biden Administration members behind NATO’s encroachment into the Ukraine are hardcore neocon Israel firsters. Lead Ukraine strategist Victoria Nuland is married to Robert Kagan. Kagan is one of the authors of the pre-9/11 Project for the New American Century policy paper that called for a “new Pearl Harbor” to gain public support for the neocon Middle East invasions.

Ukraine’s comedic actor President Zelensky openly bragged that he wanted to turn Ukraine into a “big Israel.” Rothschild Zionist Zelensky came to power through Israeli-Ukraine dual national oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. China must continue to support Russia and President Putin in the battle against US-Zio aggression. Today Ukraine, tomorrow Taiwan.

What kind future does Rothschild Zionist rule hold for the US citizen-serf? Most likely, shanty town austerity, mind destabilizing false flags, a heavier jackboot- and if the Roman Empire is a guidestone, civil war (with both sides under Rothschild Zionist management). In their supreme arrogance, the neocons fail to realize that their “controlled chaos” policy is like a doomed jet airliner. The tiny crack in the plane’s fuselage grows larger, forming a positive feedback loop of concentric circles of entropy that end in catastrophic failure.

At this point, a Chinese national might say, “While unfortunate, this American tale of woe couldn’t happen here.” Wrong friend. It’s already happening. BlackRock and other Rothschild fronts have established financial bases in China. If these malignant tumors are not removed, they will follow the same course of metastasis that occurred in the United States.

Do you think there are no traitors within China who would drive a dagger into their nation’s back to become the next Bill Gates or Elon Musk? The international bankers can make anyone fantastically wealthy with the touch of a button. Only through eternal vigilance, the carbon steel integrity of leaders like President Xi, and good house cleaning, can China hope to avoid the fate of the United States.

To overcome the giant hydra, China must become like the Shaolin warrior monk. Strike without striking, block without blocking. Become as empty as the space between the spokes of a wheel and as solid as a titanium fortress. China must adapt to all variations of attack. Switch from crane style, to tiger, to dragon, within the span of a single flap of a hummingbird’s wing. Map the hydra’s vulnerable pressure points. Land each laser point blow like a meteor impact. All while the mind remains as calm as a windless morning lake- free from the darkness of fear. As Sun Tzu said, “Every battle is won before it is ever fought.”

Some might call me a China shill. Maybe I am. China’s win-win policy of cooperation reminds me of the win-win philosophy espoused in scientist Buckminster Fuller’s book, “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth.” President Xi’s description of humanity coexisting harmoniously with Earth’s fragile ecosystems is the polar opposite of the West’s “Global Warming” wealth grab and austerity scam.

President Xi even references the Tao in his speeches- quite amazing considering China’s official position was Marxist atheist not long ago. Look how quickly China transitioned from a Marxist economy to its current capitalist-socialist hybrid model. China’s capacity for adaptation is unprecedented. What’s next? A post-scarcity Star Trek economy with Chinese characteristics? Only if the contagion of international banking is neutralized.

Does China have problems? Absolutely. How could a nation of 1.4 billion not? However, China possesses one thing the US no longer has- potential. Yes, I stand with China. A China that follows the Tao- not Rothschild Zionism.

To the American who follows the Tao of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence- China is not the enemy. China is a friend. Humanity’s enemy is the international banker. So either get on your knees, become invisible, find a mountain cave sanctuary, or assume the fighting stance. Within the yin-yang circle, there are four compartments in which to stand. Choose well friend.

The Royal Rabbit Hole

 We are approaching one of those “turning points” in history, which remake our lives in ways radically different from the past. No, not in the way that WEF planned it. Not at all.

Graham Greene wrote that men’s lives have a turning point, a point of no return. (He added that most men do not recognize it at the time.) This also applies to societies, to cultures. We are at such a turning point for generations to come.

For one, the UK is due for a makeover. The firebrand Liz Truss is the gal who is appointed to bring down the House of Windsors. Think about it. Two days after the Queen anointed her as the Prime Minister – the Queen dies. Just like that. What was the cause of death? What medical procedures were done, how, where, etc? Not a word.
Still, more interesting is who is Liz Truss. She is the “abolish the monarchy” firebrand of the Liberal Party. Watch her in her youth. Yes, go Liz!

The video below is a 20-minute documentary published by Nicholas Veniamin, of “We The People.” It was produced by Jay Myers Documentaries, before the Queen’s recent alleged death.

This documentary does a great job including clips of actual news reports and interviews, and it covers a LOT of material in only 20 minutes, so it is easy to see that topics such as sexually abusing minors, kidnapping children, ties to Freemasonry, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and the alleged murder of Princess Diana all have solid evidence behind them.

This is not a picture of the “Royal Family” you will see in the corporate media. The video is called “Royal Rabbit Hole.”

You may skip the first 11 minutes, the real interesting part starts at around 11:00. And then the last 2-3 minutes of the interview with the member of the royal retinue are quite shocking, even if the testimony is only half true.

UN Declares War on ‘Dangerous’ Conspiracy Theories: ‘The World Is NOT Secretly Manipulated By Global Elite’


The United Nations has declared war on conspiracy theories, describing the rise of conspiracy thinking as “worrying and dangerous”, and providing the public with a toolkit to “prebunk” and “debunk” anybody who dares to suggest that world governments are anything but completely honest, upstanding and transparent.

The UN also warns that George Soros, the Rothschilds and the State of Israel must not be linked to any “alleged conspiracies.”

UNESCO has teamed up with Twitter, the European Commission and the World Jewish Congress to launch the campaign dubbed #ThinkBeforeSharing: Stop the spread of conspiracy theories.

The UN wants you to know that events are NOT “secretly manipulated behind the scenes by powerful forces with negative intent” and if you encounter anybody who thinks the global elite are conspiring to consolidate power and dictate global events, you must take action.

According to UNESCO, “if you are certain you have encountered a conspiracy theory” on the internet then you must “react” immediately post a relevant link to a “fact-checking website” in the comments.

(Never mind the fact that “fact checkers” are mostly untrained and unqualified hacks performing “fact checks” from the comfort of their bedroom in between posting far-left political content on personal blogs and getting high.)

UNESCO also provide advice for anyone who encounters a real live conspiracy theorist in the flesh. According to the UN agency, you must not under any circumstances be lured into an argument with the conspiracy theorist. “Any argument may be taken as proof that you are part of the conspiracy and reinforce that belief” and the conspiracy theorist will probably “argue hard to defend their beliefs.“

Instead you must show “empathy“, avoid “ridiculing them“, and if you are a journalist you must “report” them to social media and “contact your local/national press council or press ombudsman.”

Remarkably, hidden in the fine print, UNESCO admit that conspiracy theories do exist. Under the heading “What is a real conspiracy?” the United Nations bureaucrats explain that “real conspiracies large and small DO exist.”

According to the UN, it’s only a REAL conspiracy theory if it’s “unearthed by the media.”

“They are more often centered on single self-contained events, or an individual like an assassination or a coup d’etat. They are unearthed by whistleblowers and the media, using verifiable facts and evidence.“

There is just one problem with the UN’s definition of a “real” conspiracy theory. The media has been fully bought and paid for by the elite. And it’s the elite who are conspiring against the masses.

Ask yourself, when was the last time the media unearthed a conspiracy?

Also ask yourself, when was the last time the media covered up a conspiracy?