Why England Was Always The Worst Enemy Of Russia

by Aleksandr Samsonovvia Stalkerzone

Russia and England do not have common borders and are geographically separated from each other. It would seem that two great powers may have neutral, if not friendly relations. England practically did not conduct a full-scale war against Russia itself (excluding the Crimean war), but secret war (inciting Russia’s neighbours) did not stop for centuries. London has always had an unfriendly relationship with Russia: Tsarist, Soviet, and democratic.

England is our main enemy

Over the past century, England has been the most terrible and dangerous enemy of Russia. It has done us more harm than Napoleon and Hitler. In the 20th and 21st centuries. England shares this place with the United States, which continued and developed Britain’s policy of creating a global empire. If you look at the history of Germany, France, Turkey, or Japan, you can find objective reasons for the conflict with Russia: historical, territorial, religious, economic, or diplomatic. Most often it was a natural (biological) struggle for a place under the sun.

The ongoing conflict with England was different. It is caused by a deep conceptual confrontation. It is caused by the desire of England (and then the United States) to rule the world, embodying the ancient strategy of Rome: divide and conquer. The Russian world on earth has the mission of preserving the measure/balance. Therefore, any attempts by one control centre (the throne) to take on the role of “king of the mountain” (the planet) receives resistance from the Russian people. As a result, for centuries London has been trying to solve the “Russian question”: to dismember and remove Russians and Russia from the historical arena. Russia is still resisting this onslaught.

Russia and England have never shared borders or laid claim to the same land. Russia expanded its borders, making new lands Russian. Britain was creating a world-wide colonial (slave-owning) empire. Russia and England gave the world two examples of global projects/orders. The Russian order is the unity of people regardless of race, religion, or nation. A life of truth, conscience, and love. Orthodoxy is the glory of truth. Spirit is higher than matter, truth is higher than law, the general is higher than the particular. The western order dominated by London is slavery. The world of master slave owners and “talking tools”. The domination of matter, the “golden calf”.

It was London that created the world’s slave empire, which became an example for Hitler. The British were the first to create an ideology of racism, social Darwinism, and eugenics. They built the first concentration camps, used methods of terror and genocide to subordinate “inferior”peoples and tribes. For example, in North America, South Africa, India, and Australia. The British skilfully used the tribal, national elite to subordinate the vast masses of people.

If it were not for this conceptual confrontation (at the level of “what is good and what is bad”), the two powers could live peacefully and cooperate. In the very least, to not notice each other. For example, this was the way the Russian Empire and Spain, a great colonial empire, lived (before it was pushed out of the world arena by the French, Dutch, and English). Russia is a continental power, and England is a maritime power. However, the point is that London claims global domination. And Russia stands in the way of anyone who claims to be the “king of the mountain”. As a result, the Foggy Albion is clearly to blame for all the conflicts between Russia and England. It is difficult to find a country in the world that has not been messed up by the “Englishwoman”. This is Spain, France, and Germany, with which England fought for leadership in Europe, and even the small Denmark. You can also recall the atrocities of the British in America, Africa, India, and China.

“The Englishwoman craps”

For the first time, interest in Russia in England appeared during the Great geographical discoveries. In fact, at this time, the Europeans discovered the world for themselves and raped and robbed it (the initial accumulation of capital). England was looking for an alternative route to rich India and China through the polar seas. In the 16th century, Europeans made several expeditions to find the northeastern (around Siberia) and northwestern (around Canada) passages and obtain new passages to the Pacific ocean. Captain Richard Chancellor was received by Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible. From this time, diplomatic and commercial relations between Russia and England began. The British were interested in trade with Russia and an exit through it on the Volga route to Persia and further south. Since that time, Britain has been preventing Moscow from reaching the shores of the Baltic and Black Seas again.

Thus, under Peter I, London, on the one hand, developed trade with Russia, on the other – supported the allied Sweden in the war against the Russians. The British also stood behind Turkey in almost all the Russian-Turkish wars. For this reason, the English Ambassador in Constantinople (as well as the Dutch and French) tried to disrupt the conclusion of peace between Russia and Turkey in 1700. England wanted to destroy the sprouts of Russian shipbuilding in Arkhangelsk and Azov, and prevent Russia from breaking through to the Baltic and Black Seas.

This hostile policy of London continued in the future. The British were behind Russia’s wars with Turkey, Persia, and Sweden. Prussia served as the “cannon fodder” of England in the Seven Years’ War. During the time of Ekaterina the Great, Russia was able to inflict two “pricks” on England: its policy supported the American revolution (the war of independence) and declared a policy of armed neutrality, which led to the creation of an anti-English alliance of northern European countries. Under the onslaught of almost all of Europe, the British lion had to retreat. On the whole, Ekaterina skilfully avoided the pitfalls of England and pursued a national policy. As a result, there were huge successes: the annexation of western Russian lands and the reunification of the Russian people, and wide access to the Black Sea.

After Ekaterina II, England was able to take revenge. London drew St. Petersburg into a long confrontation with Paris. This led to a series of wars and heavy human and material losses for Russia (including the Patriotic War of 1812). Russia had no fundamental contradictions and disputes with France. We had no common borders. I.e., St. Petersburg could safely leave the conflict with revolutionary France, and then the empire of Napoleon to Vienna, Berlin, and London. Pavel I of Russia realised his mistake and withdrew his troops. He was ready to make an alliance with Paris and to march against England, the real enemy of Russia. But he was killed by the aristocratic conspirators. English gold killed the Russian Emperor. Aleksandr I could not get out from under the influence of his “friends”, the pressure of England, and Russia fell into a trap, in a bitter conflict with France. Russian soldiers in the anti-Napoleonic wars (except for the Patriotic War) shed blood for the interests of London, Vienna, and Berlin.

London set Iran and Turkey against Russia in 1826-1829. It didn’t allow Nikolay I to occupy Constantinople. Britain acted as the organiser of the Eastern (Crimean) War, in fact it was one of the rehearsals for the future World War. However, it was not possible to dislodge the Russians from the Baltic and Black Seas, as planned. Then there was the big game in Central Asia. The Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878, when London managed to take away from Russia the well-deserved fruits of victory over the Turks, including the sphere of influence in the Balkans, Constantinople, and the Straits. The British lion entered into an alliance with the Japanese dragon, directed against China and Russia. With the help of England, Japan defeated both China and Russia. The Russians were pushed back from the greater Far East, and Port Arthur and Yellow Russia (Manchuria) were taken. At the same time, the British secret services actively fanned the fire of the first revolution in the Russian Empire.

Britain successfully pushed Russia into a confrontation with Germany, although the Russian Tsar and the German Kaiser was not a serious cause for bloodshed. The British had skilfully outwitted both the Germans and the Russians, pitting them against each other. They destroyed the two empires. England supported the February Revolution, which led to the collapse of Russia and turmoil. The British did not save Nikolay II and his family, although there were opportunities to do so. The big game was more important than dynastic ties. London took an active part in the outbreak of the Civil War in Russia, which led to millions of victims. The British hoped that the collapse and weakening of Russia would be forever. They captured strategic points in the Russian north, the Caucasus, and the Caspian Sea, and secured positions in the Baltic and Black Seas.

World War II and the cold war

London’s plans to destroy Russia have failed. The Russians recovered from the terrible blow and created a new great power – the USSR. Then London bet on fascism and Nazism in Europe. English capital took an active part in the restoration of German military and economic power. British diplomacy “pacified” the Third Reich so much that it gave it most of Europe, including France. Almost all of Europe was gathered under the banner of Hitler and thrown against the USSR (Hitler was only a tool in the destruction of the USSR). Then they waited for the Russians and Germans, who had been drained of blood in the mutual slaughter, to be finished off. It didn’t happen. At the head of Russia/USSR was a great statesman and leader – Stalin. The Russians emerged victorious in this terrible battle.

The British had to play the role of an “ally” of the USSR in order to participate in the division of the Third Reich’s inheritance. After the fall of Berlin, British leader Churchill wanted to start World War III almost immediately (in the summer of 1945). The war of western democracies against the USSR. However, the moment was considered unfortunate. It was impossible to defeat the Russian forces in Europe, which first retreated to Leningrad, Moscow, and Stalingrad, then went forward and took Warsaw, Budapest, Konigsberg, Vienna, and Berlin. But in 1946, in Fulton (USA), Churchill delivered the famous speech that marked the beginning of the third world war (it was called “cold”) between the West and the USSR. In the course of this war, Britain almost continuously moved up to a “hot” local war. In 1945-1946 – intervention in Vietnam, Burma, Indonesia, and Greece. In 1948-1960s – aggression in Malaya, the war in Korea (in terms of the number of soldiers and aircraft in this war, England was second only to the United States in the western ranks), the confrontation in South Arabia, conflicts in Kenya, Kuwait, Cyprus, Oman, Jordan, Yemen, and Egypt (the Suez crisis). Only the existence of the USSR on the planet did not allow England and the United States to establish their own world order during this period, which would have been approximately the same as Hitler’s.

In the 20th century, Britain twice managed to pit two great powers against each other, two nations that were a threat to London: Germany and Russia, Germans and Russians. The British twice crushed their main opponent in the western project – Germany. Russia was destroyed once – in 1917. For the second time, the Soviet Empire learned a lesson from previous defeats and won a great victory. The result was the collapse of the British Empire itself, over which the sun never set. England became a junior partner of the United States.

However, this does not mean that England has ceased to be an enemy of Russia. Firstly, London has retained some of its global influence. It is a Commonwealth of Nations (over 50 countries) led by the British crown. This is British financial capital. This is a British cultural influence. Secondly, England has maintained its particular hostility to Russia, even to the “democratic” one. Britain’s relations with Russia are significantly worse than with other members of the NATO bloc, for example, with Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. This was shown by the hysteria of England during the Georgian aggression in South Ossetia in 2008, and the “Crimean spring”, and the war in Donbass.

Recently, London has again stepped up its policy in connection with the “Russian threat”. So, from the report of the UK Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament from July 21st 2020 it is clear that London is again targeting Russia. The report notes that Russia is a priority for the British intelligence services with the allocation of additional resources; a special group is being formed to develop a national security strategy in relation to Russia, which consists of representatives of 14 ministries and agencies; attention is focused on Russia’s alliances with other countries; refusal to effectively use regulations on unexplained wealth in order to seize the property of the Russian elite acquired with unconfirmed income. In other words, the British intelligence services realised that the seizure of capital and property from Russian oligarchs does not lead them to cooperate – on the contrary, it repels them. Therefore, the British removed the threat of seizure of property and accounts. The real estate and accounts of Russian oligarchs are inviolable in order to create a network of British influence in Russia. Part of the Russian “elite” is guaranteed immunity under the British crown after fulfilling its mission in Russia.

Thus, England shows that in the current global system crisis, the West is again interested in creating Maidan-style turmoil in Russia.

High-Ranking Retired General Leonid Ivashov: The Pro-Israeli Lobby Permeates All The Administrative Structures Of The Russian Federation; Russia’s Sovereignty Is At Stake

First published: October 2, 2018

Russia | Special Dispatch No. 7692

The former high ranking Russian military and public official, retired Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, a former member of the Russian Joint Chiefs of Staff, wrote a stream of consciousness style article, titled “Russia’s Sovereignty Is At Stake,” accusing the “Israeli lobby” of putting at stake Russia’s sovereignty. Ivashov is not known for restraint and in 2012, he compared U.S. actions in Libya to Hitler’s actions in Poland and claimed that Russia would employ military power in defense of Iran and Syria.[1]

Ivashov wrote the article for the Izborsk Club that groups ultranationalist conservatives and Communists who are united by their hatred for the West and their espousal of a Eurasian alternative. The philosopher Alexander Dugin is perhaps the club’s most famous member.

Ivashov accused the pro-Israeli lobby of the death of the Russian servicemen on board of the Russian Ilyushin-20, which was shot down over the Mediterranean, on September 17. He described Israel as a hostile power, and suggested taking immediate punitive counter-measures.

Below are excerpts from Ivashov’s article:[2]

Leonid Ivashov (Image: Izborsk-club.ru)

If A Hostile Power Committed An Aggressive Act Against Our Aircraft, Then One Should Immediately Take Political And Diplomatic Measures

“The death of our servicemen on September 17 happened precisely because the pro-Israeli lobby in Russia tied the military to a certain format of activities that did not correspond to the realities of the military, strategic, and political situation in the region. Neither did it correspond to the missions that the Russian armed forces contingent conducts in Syria. I will remind you of a few details. Firstly, an entire package of agreements signed earlier, and even during the conflict in Syria, was humiliating to us. Back at the time of [former Minister of Defense of Russia Anatoliy] Serdyukov, we signed an agreement about intelligence sharing with Israel. What information could we give to Israel? Naturally, data about Syria, Iran, Turkey, the Arab countries. That is, the areas and countries which are Israel’s adversaries. That is, even back then we entered their service.

“Next — agreements on military and technical cooperation. We refused to send the S-300 even to Iran, although the Ministry of Defense supported deliveries under the signed contract. The Ministry of Defense declared that the S-300 would be supplied to the Syrian Arab Republic. They cancelled that decision and supplied nothing.

“We also remember how our Foreign Ministry interfered into the strategic situation, when the military made decisions together with the Syrian government and the army, organizing an offensive. At that time, there was a call from Kerry to Lavrov, and there was a pause, which was used by the rebel fighters, Israel, and the US with its satellites.

“Of course, resentment mounted in the armed forces and even among the military leadership over such interference with their professional issues. The pressure of magma kept growing — and the volcano erupted. And now we hear that the real military commanders, who are responsible for military operations and for the lives of their subordinates, have shown their responsibility before the people and the state. They did it in their statement of September 24, which the Supreme Commander-in-Chief had to agree with.

“Look at the first statement of the Ministry of Defense concerning this tragedy: ‘Israel is a hostile state. Then, immediately after Netanyahu’s call and his talk with the President of Russia, the Kremlin announced that it was ‘a chain of tragic accidents’. That is, immediately there was an attempt at blurring. Next: if a hostile power committed an aggressive act against our aircraft resulting in the deaths of wonderful specialists, then one should immediately take political and diplomatic measures.

First of all, we should have immediately frozen our visa-free regime with Israel, because a visa-free regime is established with friendly nations, not with hostile ones. A number of agreements should have been suspended, including those I have mentioned. And I don’t think that it was the military who had reached an agreement with Israel to cooperate in order to prevent incidents in the air. In what air, what air space? In Syrian territory [!] That is, this arrangement sort of allows the Israelis to invade the Syrian air space and make strikes, i.e. commit acts of aggression. And we will simply notify each other, cooperate, etc. I am certain this was not decided by the military either.

“Now the military have had their say, but I would not hasten to celebrate victory yet. The pro-Israeli lobby permeates, in fact, all the administrative structures of the Russian Federation, plus the mass media, plus the oligarchs, etc. Why is it so? Double citizenship? Okay, let the Jewish oligarchs have it. But I am trying to find a deeper cause-and-effect relation: why does a strong pro-Israel lobby exist, why do we dance to Netanyahu’s tune? The fact is that the assets of those who had moved their billions (earned by nights in their mines) to the West, are now being arrested — and their owners are being arrested as well. But in Israel they are always welcome to stash their funds.

“A number of our oligarchs and functionaries have escaped there, by the way. And the Israelis do not extradite their compatriots. On this subject, I will remind you: a couple of months ago, [Roman] Abramovich paid a momentary visit to the Ben-Gurion airport, where he immediately got Israeli citizenship and left. He had been, in fact, kicked out of London. Even though he had bought Chelsea and invested his billions — he was squeezed out. So, Israel is a sort of safe haven for most of our corrupt officials who had been caught stealing, for oligarchs who pump not only oil but also dollars out of Russia — in case something happens in our country. And ‘something’ will definitely happen.

“If the Ministry of Defense puts its foot down, if it pushes through its decision, if it delivers all as planned, including the S-300, thereby creating a united air defense system with the Syrian armed forces (an automated system, electronic countermeasure system) — this system will be really effective. But next, another serious step will be needed. And for that, the Ministry of Defense must put the question to the High Command: ‘Define the purpose of our presence in Syria’. Either we are only protecting, defending ourselves there — or we are fulfilling our obligations under a treaty with the Syrian Arab Republic and protecting the ground, sea and air space of Syria. That is, acting in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter ‘On the right of any state to individual and collective self-defense’. And we are not just present there, protecting ourselves or attacking terrorists, but we are protecting a friendly state together with it, we are engaging in collective defense of the Syrian Arab Republic. And, indirectly, of ourselves. And we don’t give a damn about threats tossed about by [Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor] Liberman and others.

I Remember The Way The Israeli National Anthem Resonated On The Red Square On Victory Parade-2018; ‘We Must Rise From This Degraded State’

“Liberman made a statement after Shoigu’s address to the effect of ‘we bombed and we will continue to bomb’. They can bomb, but only until [their] first serious losses. By the way, there have been such moments in the history of Israeli-Arab relations. They shot down our planes, in great numbers, but when we delivered our Shilka anti-aircraft systems, if I’m not mistaken, in one of their first raids the Israelis lost 11 planes. That’s it! That sobered them up immediately, they stopped all flights at once, started looking into it, appealed to Moscow, etc. This is what will happen here, if we act decisively in full compliance with the norms of international law from the UN Charter. Yes, they will scream at us and call us names, that is natural. But all their flights will stop immediately. We should not make agreements on ‘cooperation in the Syrian air space’; we should reach an agreement so that the Jews would respect the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic and not invade its ground, air or sea space.

“There was indeed a serious clash in the corridors [of power] last week, and this round was won by the military. The fight will continue. Russia’ssovereigntyisatstakehere. Either we obey Netanyahu — then personnel appointments and all the rest will continue to depend on the Israeli lobby. Which is what [Alexander] Livshits talked about not long ago, when he was actually in Israel. In 1996, he was appointed a Deputy Prime Minister and a Minister of Finance. And then the oligarchs gathered together and told him: ‘Here is a checklist of what you must do. No independent decisions, no personnel appointments. Only through us. We have brought Yeltsin to power, [in the 1996 elections against the Communist Gennady Zyuganov] now it is our country’. And to his question ‘What will happen to me if I don’t do this?’ they said that he would no longer be a minister or a deputy prime minister, that’s it. This was the influence on the part of Israel and the United States on our domestic, foreign and human resource policies.

“God grant this Rubicon be crossed now in our favor, in favor of national interests. The next two weeks are very important because this is the timeframe that Shoigu mentioned. After these two weeks, if the S-300 and other systems that the Minister of Defense listed are delivered to Syria, it will be difficult to withdraw them. It is in these two weeks that the most serious fight will take place. Most likely, not in the Kremlin offices. The president is only rarely in the Kremlin now, to say nothing of the Prime Minister. It will be something off-stage, in the offices of the Duma, in ministries.

“There will be attempts to find some mechanisms of counteraction, to look for clauses that do not correspond to legal norms in the resolution of the Ministry of Defense, or something else. America will join, including Trump. Serious money will be involved. I hope that Sergei Shoigu and his colleagues do not have investments and real estate abroad. Those who do have them, and support the decision of the Defense Ministry, will have to pay for it — we will witness arrests, searches, and sanctions including a ban on leaving the country. This entire arsenal will be put to use. And, of course, our mass media will have something to say. Look at [the liberal radio station] ‘The Echo of Moscow’, which exists on Gazprom’s money and is quite well off. And Gazprom was declared ‘our national heritage’. So, we will see all that. The fight continues.

“We must support our army, so that the army could win today and could not only protect the interests of the oligarchs and bring them profit, but do something to raise the prestige of our nation. We need to pull our people out of the deplorable state we are in. Victory Parade-2018: I remember the way the Israeli national anthem resonated on the Red Square. We must rise from this degraded state.[3]

“And our Jews, who are Russian citizens, should remember how Israel treats them. After all, hundreds of our people (both tourists and those who have residence permits) are being deported, humiliated, refused help — including medical help. Because our Jews are mostly lower in status. They are ‘not Sephardic’ — that’s what they think in Israel. Iosif Kobzon [known Soviet and Russian singer of Jewish origins, known for his crooner style] told me a lot about that (by the way, he was not allowed into Israel because of his standpoint).

“Our political parties, primarily CPRF, and all other movements that are fighting against the pension reform, should start using geopolitical terminology. Because they will introduce some concessions into the pension reform now, but the humiliation and robbery will continue. The members of the so-called government will remain in their posts or will be replaced by others, who are the same — or even worse nonprofessionals, corrupt officials, etc. One must look at the situation in the country as a whole. There should be expressions of support for the actions of our military in Syria, for the Ministry of Defense, in mass events and rallies. The latest decisions of the Ministry should feed political momentum, the people should be involved.

“Our army is the people’s army, and it must not only serve the interests of the oligarchs, banks and hydrocarbon companies. We talked about this at the Russian Officers’ Assembly. But it is the first time the army has made such a statement as an institution of power, as a state institution. May it be God’s will, as they say! The army’s opinion still counts for something. The army has suffered a lot of humiliations too: Serdyukov’s appointment, a ‘women’s battalion’ in the leadership of the armed forces, etc. It has gone through much. God grant that its patience has reached the breaking point.”

“Operation Legend”: The End of America’s Democracy

by Phil Butler


A great many analysts and journalists are dancing around the issue of Donald Trump’s visions of fascist grandeur these days. Americans put in office a greedy and self immersed billionaire to save the nation from a woman of even scarier character. And now the American people are about to come under military rule. The federal crackdown putsch dubbed “Operation Legend” will soon be expanded to any city in the United State that does not overwhelmingly support Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

It’s happening people. When Adolf Hitler seized power in 1933 and created the Nazi state, he leveraged a blend of political acuity, deceptiveness, and cunning. Donald Trump did not need these attributes to seize power in America, his backers took care of the details while Trump catered to the same brand of far-right idealists who helped usher in an era of anti-Marxist, Pan-Germanism, and anti-Semitism which set the stage for The Second World War.

Trump’s version is, of course, Pan-Americanism, anti-Everything, and decidedly pro-Israeli no matter what. The takeover has begun, and hardly anyone in the United States sees it. “Operation Legend”, featuring agents from the United States Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Marshals Service, the Department of Homeland Security, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, and eventually active-duty US military personnel usurps everything the US Constitution stands for. If Trump is allowed to proceed, the greatest democracy ever to rise will fall in the ashes of an elitist nightmare, the same way Hitler’s Third Reich fell. Only this time, there may be no survivors.

With Kansas City as a test case, Homeland Security and the other Trump controlled agencies proceed to Portland, Oregon where reports from news people and protesters tell of officers dressed in camo pulling up in unmarked cars and detaining people with no explanation, and no due process. In one account, a protester was left hospitalized after federal officers shot him in the head with so-called less-lethal munitions on July 11.

On Attorney General William Barr’s announcement that Albuquerque would see Operation Legend agents, Democratic Senator Martin Heinrich of New Mexico commented:

“Instead of collaborating with the Albuquerque police department, the sheriff is inviting the President’s stormtroopers into Albuquerque.”

Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller and Albuquerque Police Chief Mike Geier have issued statements suggesting that President Trump’s plans to expand Operation Legend are an election-year stunt. Keller went on to refer to the plan as an attempt at the creation of a “police state” in Albuquerque. Other stakeholders say what Trump is up to is the polarization of political protests, the fomenting dissent, and sowing distrust in the United States’ system of government, with the same purpose as past presidential campaign tactics utilized since the middle of the 20th century. Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas has counseled other mayors about concerns that Operation Legend would metastasize into something not only wrong but unconstitutional.

At the heart of the matter, the constitutionality of Trump’s moves hangs like the Sword of Damocles over the nation. Trump is pushing the envelope farther, especially since his getting off the impeachment hook recently. Like any bully, the New York businessman has spent his life pushing to discover his limits. The question looms; “How and when may the president deploy armed federal officers across the country?” Under the constitution, the president can send federal officers to protect federal property and enforce federal law.

Trump has his “stormtroopers” exceeding their authority to simply protect property and commerce laws. His agents are interfering in “normal” police investigations. Policing the streets of these cities is not under federal jurisdiction, and using force against peaceful demonstrations is certainly not under federal jurisdiction. DHS officers cannot enforce non-federal law unless they are deputized by state or local officials to do so. So, Donald Trump is willfully ignoring the governing law of the land he is sworn to defend. Michael Dorf, a professor of constitutional law at Cornell University told PBS News Hour the other day:

“The idea that there’s a threat to a federal courthouse and the federal authorities are going to swoop in and do whatever they want to do without any cooperation and coordination with state and local authorities is extraordinary outside the context of a civil war.”

Finally, New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait says President Trump has committed at least two “impeachable offenses” in the last few days. First, the story by Chait cites other sources saying Trump pressured his ambassador to the United Kingdom to request that the British Open be held at Trump’s Scottish golf resort. Secondly, the article comes out and accuses Trump of using the military occupation of cities run by the opposing political party to win an election. The author goes on to cite Both Tom Ridge and Michael Chertoff, former Homeland Security directors under George W. Bush, as having denounced Trump’s abuse of their former departments.

But of course, Donald Trump cannot be swayed by either public opinion, expert advice, or the law of the land. The only good news is that Donald Trump is a weakling according to some analysts, who say Trump’s autocratic moves are “a slow ratchet in the direction of dictatorship.” And for doubters about Trump’s moves toward becoming the first American Führer, his minions ring every alarm bell there is in their rhetoric and their actions. Take Chad Wolf, the acting secretary of homeland security, who said recently:

“I don’t need invitations by the state, state mayors, or state governors to do our job. We’re going to do that, whether they like us there or not.”

Hundreds of little kids ripped from the arms of thei

r parents, with no documentation in place to reunite them, is a callous act that should have had Trump on the witness stand years ago. But like almost all the billionaire president’s misdeeds, shredding rights and decency are seldom reasons to call Trump to accountability. The current present has zero accountability either publicly, or in his private life. No wonder he feels like the rule of America.

If history is repeating itself, in a new and twisted sort of way, Americans can expect a redux of the infamous Night of the Long Knives that cemented Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship of Nazi Germany. I know this sounds like the tongue in cheek conspiracy theory, but Germany conquering much of the world and murdering millions seemed crazy in 1933 too. Russia’s Czar Nicholas probably never believed he die in a humble house in far off Ekaterinburg, shot to death with his whole family by Bolsheviks. No dynasty or idea ever goes knowingly or softly into the night. And Donald Trump is just the sort of soulless, self-involved, a narcissist to go down in history as the great desecrator of democracy.

I urge my countrymen to study past events like the Night of the Long Knives and to superimpose what’s going on in America today. In my mind, the American hegemony under a democratic model was an unsustainable disaster. We are seeing the results of 75 plus years of capitalism at work. The world cannot even come to grips with a collective sickness, let alone the socioeconomic divides that fracture geopolitics. The empire is failing, and the only solution for the world order is to reboot it under a new model. The only model they believe will work. With Trump or his successor in absolute control, the last crumbs of human and natural resources can be summoned for a final ritual feeding of the elites. Their “growth model” demands a feeding time, and there is nothing left to feed on but us peons who have been grinding at their mill wheels all along.

Operation Legend, indeed. I never thought I would live to see the day the United States would use a wartime cliche or icon, to suppress the people at home. “Operations” are surely only meant to steal oil from Arabs or to keep the Russians at bay. Operations with important-sounding names are what lend purpose so that brave, young American boys can go slaughter some other breed of humans. Or, to destroy Nazi Reichs or Japanese Empires just like the one we’ve created in the name of the Republic.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

Colonialism, Modernity and Africa


Motivational speaker

Black Africa is the poorest part of the world by far. When African governments are not openly plundering their nations economy, they are simply incompetent. The argument that colonization accounts for Africa’s poverty is so easily refuted that it should have gone out of currency long ago. That it has not can be attributed only to the apparently endless capacity of whites to accept arguments that paint them as villain.

To believe that colonization thwarted the economic development of Africa is to believe that indigenous societies were on their way towards prosperity but were brutally shoved off course by Europeans. Every year, thousands of Africans die of starvation. In bad years, hundreds of thousands starve. Even in tropical parts of Africa untouched by famine, as many as one third of all children die before the age of five. One in a hundred births kills the mother. Malaria, sleeping sickness, hepatitis, leprosy, and AIDS are rampant. Nevertheless, the population of Africa grows faster than that of any other region of the world. The total number of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren that an average woman from a developed world will have is 14. The equivalent figure for the average African woman is approximately 258! Despite the ravages of disease, starvation, and inter-tribal warfare, Africa’s population increases by more than three percent a year. At that rate, populations can double in 20 years. When most of Africa became independent, the region exported food. Now, it devours more than $1 billion a year in Western food aid, and thousands still starve.

It is possible to argue that Africans might have been better off if they had been left entirely alone. This is to take a romantic view of the disease, tribal warfare, slavery, and ignorance that were widespread on the continent. Moreover, no African group that has glimpsed the possibilities of Western progress has opted to return to purely African primitivism. This suggests that Africans themselves would rather have the benefits of Western technology than do without them.

Given that people naturally yearn for medical advance and material progress, colonization was an obvious and striking benefit to Africa. The benefits are particularly clear in any comparison of those parts of Africa that were colonized with those that were not. In fact, African societies south of the Sahara that had not had contact either with Europeans or with Middle Eastern traders showed no signs of modern development.

No precontact African society had devised a written language or had discovered the wheel. None had a calendar, or built multi-story buildings. No African had learned how to domesticate animals. The smelting of iron was widespread, as was fire-hardened pottery, but the continent did not produce anything that could be called a mechanical device. It was trade with Europeans that introduced modernity to Iron Age Africa.

Far from hobbling and holding the continent back, colonization laid the foundations for whatever evidence of economic progress can now be found in Africa. It was Europeans who built roads and rail lines, introduced piped water, schools and telecommunications, and built national administrations. Nothing suggests that Africans would have achieved any of this on their own. There is no question but that life for Africans improved steadily under colonization.

Africans had no concept of the biological origins of disease, and attributed personal misfortunes to the work of evil spirits. Slavery was widely practiced, and deeply rooted in Africa long before the arrival of Europeans. There is no reason to think that, left to themselves , Africans would have risen from the primitive conditions in which Europeans found them. The European slave trade, though unquestionably harmful to Africa, was hardly the depopulating scourge it is often made out to be. When the 15th century Portuguese began sailing down the coast, they met long-established slave traders keen to sell off surpluses. Europeans almost never went on slaving expeditions into the interior. They bought slaves from dealers, which mean that other Africans first enslaved slaves taken from Africa.

For any knowledgeable African who has looked into the question as to ‘What lessons can Africa learn from colonization? There seems to be little doubt that Africans have brought misery upon themselves. Whether it be in Africa, Haiti, or Washington (DC) , Africans show little evidence of an ability to organize and run a modern economy. Just as economic refugees from Africa working in developed countries like Europe or United States in which they may form a majority community have failed to exercise authority, so have Africans desolated a continent bursting with riches. Of course, it is not permissible to conclude that this is because of natural, genetic handicaps from which blacks suffer, so anti-white arguments inevitably rush in to fill the explanatory void. Blacks the world over, whether they live only among themselves or among people of other races, are said to lead lives of failure and misery only because whites have oppressed them in the past and continue to oppress them in the present. It makes no difference that this explanation falls apart under scrutiny. It is the only one that is permitted because the alternative does not conform to current political dogma. There can be no pleasure in saying so, but the facts point to one conclusion. Whether in Africa or America, Haiti or Great Britain, blacks are poor because they are, for the most part, incapable of lifting themselves from poverty. Africa is poor, just as Harlem is poor, because it is populated by Africans.

Comment: Young black men account for just 3% of the population of the U.S. yet they commit 53% of all murder. 13% of the population receives 39% of the welfare, and 20% of all federal jobs are handed to the 13% of the population that is black. Various schools add 50 points to their SAT scores to make them qualified for entry. Not to mention decades of promotions under affirmative action. How many artificial steps must be provided to the ladder for Africans to be equal?

After all, How Sovereign is Russia’s Putin?

Here we have clear evidence of Putin outright lying  with a straight face and false conviction. Putin, so-called Leader of  the Axis of Resistance, reveals himself as a schoolboy boldface liar, afraid and humiliating himself in public. In a true show-trial display, he chokes and stumbles on his own words while professing obedience to the demands of the Western Big Lie.  He is emasculating  himself and exposing his fake independent leadership by his subservience and self-denunciation showing his compliance with the demands of, and his acquiescence to the Cult of the Western Big Lie.   

Here he clearly states that he doesn’t believe it was the American intelligence services who did  9/11 to themselves . He didn’t say exactly who he believes did it either.  So what does he believe ?

Does he believe Architects  & Engineers for 9/11 Truth?  That’s science not belief. Steel cannot melt from a kerosene fire.

Big Red Flag. Where does Russia under Putin really stand?

One can only hope that this is just a Judo moment in the fight.


“How We Got Here”: The Transformation Of America

Authored by Frank Miele via RealClearPolitics.com,

[ . . . ]

So what went wrong? In a word, education. In two words, “progressive education.” For the first hundred years or so of our nation’s history, education served its usual purpose of reinforcing social norms, teaching values and passing on the heritage and traditions that bind us together. All of that began to change in the 1880s, thanks in large part to one man — John Dewey, the godfather of progressive education, who insisted on teaching children what they want to learn instead of what they should learn. Essentially, what the progressive education movement wanted to accomplish — and did accomplish by the 1960s — was to jettison traditional values and replace them with transient values (those which each generation or even each student adopted individually). This meant that society was no longer tethered to the Tao. Morality had become relative. Education had switched from being a method of reinforcing social conventions and standards to uprooting them.

Time magazine in 1958 put it this way:

“In a kind of country-club existentialism, Dewey and his boys genially contended that the traditional ends of education, like God, virtue and the idea of ‘culture,’ were all highly debatable and hence not worth debating. In their place: enter life adjustment. The Deweyites thus transformed conditioning techniques into ends in themselves. … Within the schools, discipline gave way to increasingly dubious group persuasion. ‘With teen-agers,’ one high school principal said proudly, ‘there is nothing more powerful than the approval or disapproval of the group. When the majority conforms, the others will go along.’ It would not easily occur to the modern educationists that such blind fostering of group pressure is a travesty of free democracy.”

Dewey’s system of education emphasized students doing what feels good rather than learning what is good for them. Progressive education does not believe in moral, religious or cultural absolutes, but rather teaches students that they have the right to reject any system of belief, any principles, and values that they find to be “restrictive” or that make them “uncomfortable.” In essence, Dewey said to question everything and respect nothing. That model did permanent damage to the family, to the church, and to the country. Progressive education does not believe in moral, religious or cultural absolutes and makes every individual the master of his own moral universe. It also means that nothing can be taken for granted, nothing is certain, and the concept of right and wrong is malleable.

Which brings us — in this truncated history — to the 1960s. The social revolution of that decade was the illegitimate child of progressive education and the affluent society. Thanks to the sacrifices of the Greatest Generation, my own generation was able to smoke weed, skip class, and raise Cain — all while on the family allowance. Somehow along the way, these products of indulgence decided that America didn’t live up to their high standards of social justice. They rejected the principles of rugged individualism and free enterprise and substituted their socialist fantasies. The Vietnam War gave them the perfect foil to foment civil unrest and to enlist most of their generation into a war on “the establishment,” which meant a war on law and order, a war on religion, a war on the nuclear family, and a war on authority in general. These were the godchildren of John Dewey: Question everything, respect nothing.

One mastermind of the ’60s revolution was Bill Ayers, who was first a progressive educator, then a bomb-throwing revolutionary in the Weather Underground, and then a fugitive from justice. It was while he was hiding from the FBI for the entire decade of the 1970s that Ayers realized that violent revolution could not topple the government unless it was first rotted from within. In “Prairie Fire” and other radical writings, Ayers described how young people, minorities and women could be turned against the system, and most importantly how revolutionaries who wore suits and ties could infiltrate boardrooms, political parties, the military, the courts and other institutions of society in order to bring about change from within.

When you see how many millions of dollars that corporate America has voluntarily given to the communist front organization known as Black Lives Matter, you can gauge just how successful Ayers was in his strategy. When you see that the Democratic Party is led by communists and socialists like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, you can thank Bill Ayers. When you see military generals publicly condemning the commander-in-chief for his efforts to ensure public safety, you know that Bill Ayers has come close to victory. When you watch our courts chip away at our freedoms, you can bet that Bill Ayers thinks he has won. And maybe he has.

A recurring theme in “How We Got Here” is that the Constitution no longer means what it says it means, but rather what any five Supreme Court justices say it means. These justices have a remarkable knack for discovering new powers for the government hidden in nooks and crannies of the document that somehow were missed previously. Under such a scenario, the Constitution becomes a tool for social engineering rather than a protection against government excess, as was originally intended.

It too is all part of the plan. After all, judges are lawyers, and lawyers are graduated from law schools, and the top law-school students come from the top Ivy League and radical-left colleges, and most radical college students come from public schools, and public schools are to progressivism what politics is to the swamp. You can thank John Dewey, and you can thank Bill Ayers, who after he returned to public view, became an influential educator of educators at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

In “Prairie Fire,” Ayers outlined how the revolution would transform America. Yes, violence would play a role. Yes, bankrupting the system by increasing dependence on government would play a role. Yes, spurring foreign wars to spread America’s military too thin would play a role. Yes, encouraging division among the races would be part of it, as would weakening the influence of religion on the masses, but if you wanted to win the revolution, Ayers made it perfectly clear how to begin: “The real question is: Who will control the schools?”

How did we get here? The answer by now should be obvious.

* * *

Frank Miele’s new book “How We Got Here: The Left’s Assault on the Constitution” is available from his Amazon author page. Visit him at HeartlandDiaryUSA.com to read his daily commentary .

WUHAN-GATES – 12. MI6 British Intelligence former Head: “SARS-2 Built in Bio-Lab”. Pics and Proofs of HIV Test

The SIS official accuses China in a partial “false-flag” because hides the role of the EU and the US

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy


Finally. Exactly four months after the first Gospa News reportage that previewed the theories on Covid-19 created in the laboratory, for a vaccine or a bacteriological weapon, even an authoritative intelligence official fo NATO area confirms the focal point of the 21 Gospa News reportages.

«Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of the British SIS Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), told the Telegraph’s Planet Normal podcast that a scientific report published this week by a Norwegian-British research team suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic is the result of the “escape” of the virus from a laboratory in China» SputnikNews writes in the more detailed article on the topic that bounced from the Telegraph on Daily Mail and Independent and then on many British and Italian media.

According to the new “important” report cited by Sir Dearlove, clues have been discovered within the genetic sequence of the virus, which seems to suggest that its key elements were created by man and “inserted” inside it, writes the newspaper from London.

With fairly generic references, it confirms what Gospa News anticipated on April 14 in the WuhanGates 2 investigation when we reported the revolutionary research of a group of Indian scientists from the Kuzuma School of Biological Scienses who first discovered the HIV sequences inserted in the SARS 2 virus.

Their study, published on February 1, was immediately withdrawn because «they were forced to retract» according to the famous French virologist Luc Montagnier, winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine, who not only confirmed the validity of scientific research in New Delhi but added multiple other details in his study and interviews.

Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of the British SIS Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)

Today, with even suspect delay, the former MI6 executive (British counter-espionage for foreign affairs), reiterates similar things more generically but points the finger only at China although it is known to the entire international scientific community that the experiments of “splicing” genetic ”and other bioengineering techniques for creating recombinant viruses, very dangerous because they can be enhanced in a dual-use, for vaccine or bio-weapon.

In them one pathogen is associated with another as in the risky experiments that were carried out in Wuhan on the CoronaVirus strains of horseshoe bats thanks to funding from the European Commission before (EPISARS project revealed in our WuhanGates 9 investigation) and USAID, the American government agency used by the Central Intelligence Agencythen.

«I think this started as an accident … Raise the problem, if China ever admits responsibility, will it pay for repairs? I think this will make every country in the world rethink how it sets up its relations with China and how the international community will behave towards Chinese leadership» said Sir Richard Dearlove, who was head of MI6 between 1999 and 2004.

The statement by the former SIS official not only is very general and ignores the authoritative previous studies but seems oriented to identify Beijing as a scapegoat in a partial “false-flag”. It should not be forgotten that he was directing Her Majesty’s 007 which are part of the USUKA intelligence agreement between the Anglo-Saxon countries called in journalistic and espionage jargon Five Eyes (USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand). And as we show in previous post Australia also financed the tests SARS-HIV.

Montagnier, while supporting the same theory about the virus built in the laboratory, specified that it was “a business between China and the USA” as confirmed in multiple reports from Gospa News but also from Veterans Today. It was the American site of gepolitics and military intelligence (with which I collaborate) that first revealed the truth about the supervirus ended in a service of the Leonardo-TG3 Italian RAI TV transmission.

It was not made in China but in Chapel Hill in the laboratories of the University of North Carolina, but using samples of a CoronaVirs strain called WIV 1 and HIV plasmids built by the Wuhan Institute of Virology to infect it and test enzyme reactions. to the enzyme ACE2 of the protein S Spike: the one that allows the killer pathogen to attack human cells.

«While denying allegations in Beijing of intentionally releasing the virus, in the interview Dearlove accuses China of subsequently covering the scale of the epidemic» adds SputnikNews.

«Of course, the Chinese must have thought “If we are to suffer a pandemic, perhaps we should not try too hard to warn our competitors, so to speak, that they will suffer from the same disadvantages that we have”» said the ex-MI6 chief. Previously, the Chinese ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming said that Beijing would welcome an international investigation into the origins of the pandemic, insisting that his country has nothing to hide.

Sir Dearlove’s revelations are based on new peer-review research entitled “A reconstructed historical etiology of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic “, led by Professor Angus Dalgleish of St. George’s Hospital at the University of London and the Norwegian virologist Birger Sorensen in which it is said that «SARS-CoV-2 differs considerably from any other Sars virus previously studied and, therefore, it is doubtful whether efforts to develop a vaccine will be successful».

The analysis carried out by Professor Dalgleish and his colleagues says that the virus has “unique fingerprints”, “indicative of intentional manipulation”, thus questioning the theory that coronavirus evolved naturally. “Research suggests that COVID-19 is a “virus that is remarkably well adapted for human coexistence, “and was probably designed through a Wuhan laboratory experiment to develop “high potency chimeric viruses”.

They are the exact same things written with multiple minution technical descriptions in his study by the French professor Pierre Bricage, former director of the Department of Biological Engineering of the University of Pau, in the Pyrenees Atlantiques, a former speaker of NATO.

As anticipated in a worldwide exclusive by Gospa News in WuhanGates 8, the bio-engineer Bricage, expert in molecular genetics, highlighted the sequences of inerts of the HIV-1 virus in SARS-CoV-2 and the methods used for genetic manipulation but has also pointed the finger at the delicate experiments conducted by the Canadian National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) of Winnipeg also with the DTRA funds, the USA Defense Threat Reduction Agency of the Department of Defense (Pentagon) which directly manages 25 other laboratories suspected of occult bacteriological weapons experiments.

The French professor highlighted the research of the Chinese scientist Xianggou Qiu by pointing out that she had ended up under investigation for suspected espionage, which she conducted together with the famous Canadian professor Frank Plummer who spent a lifetime looking for vaccines against HIV and SARS.

But Bricage in his study did not want to highlight that Plummer died of a sudden collapse in mysterious circumstances while he was in Kenya a few days after confirming the outbreak of the Wuhan epidemic.

This is why the claims of sri Dearlowe are certainly important because they confirm that the entire scientific community has lied knowing full well of the existence of research on recombinant SARS with inserts of HIV but also of Ebola (quoted in WuhanGates 9).

This is why the declarations of the head of British intelligence must be taken with caution regarding the responsibilities of China because today that 15 scientists in 5 studies claim that the virus was born in the laboratory it is convenient to find a scapegoat as soon as possible and to distract attention from the alleged international conspiracy of the Deep States of various nations of which we have revealed many connections and plots in 21 reports.

The summaries of all the WuhanGates reports below in chronological order.


It is not a conspiracy title but conspiracy-logo: that is, the study of a conspiracy, all too evident for the increasingly well-founded suspicion that the new strain of CoronaVirus is a bacteriological weapon hand-sucked or intentionally released. In the first reports of this first cycle of investigations, American biological warfare experts supported him: former White House consultant Francis Boyle and Jeff Brown, founder with other journalists and international authors of the Bioweapon Truth Commission. So it was the Chinese Communist Party that accused the US after some scientists from their country discovered the different lethality of two CoVid-19 strains with four very killer Spike amino acids of the “killer” protein.

This brought to mind the investigations of the Bulgarian investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva on the 25 top secret laboratories of the Pentagon (US State Department) opened mainly in Georgia and Ukraine, after the colored revolutions supported by the globalist plutarch George Soros, where studies on bacteriological weapons are also carried out biogenetic and ethnic.

Among the most suspicious superviruses, however, there is the chimeric SHC014 created in Chapel Hill in 2015 in the biosecurity laboratories of the University of North Carolina thanks to a contribution from USAID, the American government agency used by the Central Intelligence Agency to finance its projects. . It is the supervirus that the Leonardo RAI3 scientific transmission also spoke about.

At the time she was deputy director of the CIA was the lawyer Avril Haines, longtime Dem former consultant to Joe Biden in Congress, expert on bio-weapons of the NTI (private institution of Democratic area), who in the same year was called by the former president Democrat Barack Obama, supported in the election campaigns by super-donors Gates and Soros, to become deputy White House National Security Advisor until the arrival of Donald Trump.

She was one of the organizers of Event 201, funded by Gates, in collaboration with the John Hopkins Center of Health Security. John Brennan, her head at the CIA, one of the alleged directors of the fake RussiaGate dossier against Trump, is also a Senior Fellow for JH University, among those who publicly praised the existence of the Deep State on the occasion of the UkraineineGate. However, the reference of the lawyer Haines to the need for a World Order at a conference in 2018 in which he prophesied the pandemic like Gates was sensational.


Why be surprised then if it turns out that John Hopkins University, together with Columbia University where Haines is a researcher, are among the authoritative partners of the NGO EcoHealthAlliance (EHA) of New York that funded the international project PREDICT 2 with the aforementioned USAID (CIA) launched in 2009 by the Obama administration?

Other EHA supporters also include Chinese and Saudi universities. In 2014 the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia joined the USA in the VPDs vaccine immunization action package (vaccine-preventable diseases) launched in 2014 by the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA), a partnership between 67 nations of the world to accelerate specific plans of the World Health Organization. Obama, together with former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, former secretary of the Democratic Party, has therefore identified Italy as a pilot project for the 10 mandatory vaccines for all school-age children.

After the resistance of Parliament, the plan became law with the new PD government of Paolo Gentiloni in 2017 giving way to an increase in the vaccine production of GlaxoSmithKline, pharmaceutical leader in the world and despite a tremendous precedent for a bribe of the SmithKline paid to the Minister of Healthcare Francesco De Lorenzo in the 90s.

In 2017, as if it were to honor a debt of gratitude, GSK plc in London increased its stake in the Saudi Arabia branch Glaxo from 49% to 75% with good profits for the Arab governmental members of Banaja KSA Holding. This was done under the leadership of the new CEO Emma Walmsley, non-executive director of Microsoft Corporation as discovered by Gospa News.


Up to now there are normal crap of international political-economic trafficking for the “good health” of the children to be bombed with 10 vaccines, including the dangerous hexavalant, so as to provoke the vibrant protests of many Italian pediatricians. But the yellow of the pandemic becomes a thriller when we trace the disturbing results highlighted by some Indian researchers in the analysis of the SARS-Cov-2 virus, so called because it is a genetic relative of the Acute Severe Respiratory Syndrome that killed 814 people in Asia in 2003.

There would be inserts from HIV, the AIDS pathogen. According to the Kusuma School of Biological Sciences of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi), the virus was most likely built in the laboratory. This sensational news appears and disappears from the scientific community within 24 hours because the research is mysteriously withdrawn.


The scoop of Gospa News proves to be well founded. By a miraculous coincidence two days after the distinguished French virologist Luc Montagnier, winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2008 precisely for discovering human immunodeficiency related to HIV and for having isolated two strains in the 80s, not only confirms the study Indian but claims to have come to the same conclusions with the help of biomathematician Jean-Claude Perez and therefore to have the certainty that SARS-CoV-2 was built in the laboratory with molecular biology.

His interview with the microphones of the French podcast of medicine “Pourquoi Docteur” pierces the veil of silence but this is not enough to induce repentance to his colleagues, who are even deniers of the hypothesis of the articular virus they are competing against, with the mainstream media, to discredit Montagnier.


The Nobel Prize winner, first teacher at the Pasteur Institute in Paris today at the Jiao Tong University of Shanghai, remains rock-hard on his positions and increases the dose with a twenty-minute interview on French TV CNEWS. He defends the Indian biologists claiming that they have been “forced to retract” and goes into the details of his scientific research by reiterating that “the virus is not natural”.

Luc Montagnier adds a phrase that becomes a track for our investigations: «The United States is aware. They funded part of the research done in Wuhan’s labs and this is published. So it’s not just a Chinese affair. ” It’s so true! As ascertained by Gospa News, the laboratory of the Wuhan Institute of Virology is a partner of the PREDICT 2-USAID project wanted by Obama and on which the shadow of the CIA hovers

We therefore discover that there are two superviruses created in Wuhan and reworked in the USA. So, thanks to the notes of the same studies published on the Pnas website (US Prot. National Academy of Science), there is an implicit confirmation of what the French virologist asserts. These «pseudotype experiments were similar to those that used an HIV-based pseudovirus, prepared as previously described and tested on HeLa (Wuhan Institute of Virology) cells that expressed ACE2 orthologists». Whoever denies even the possibility of the virus built in the laboratory lies knowing that they are lying!!!


Among the drugs used to treat CoVid-19 infection there are retrovirals used against AIDS. Among these, the most widespread in the world that seems tailor-made for the new CoronaVirus strain of the pandemic, is that of the American big-pharma GILEAD Remdisivir. That’s a Pentagon partner in mysterious and lethal experiments in Georgia whose, for a certain period, chaired by a politician from the Deep State even feared by Henry Kissinger, the historic American Secretary of State.

He is Donald Henry Rumsfeld twice Secretary of the Defense Department in Washington. The drug Remdisivir from GILEAD allows the company to make a significant leap on world stock exchanges in just two months because it becomes one of the most tested in the world. Who is the first to patent its use? Just Wuhan’s laboratory! Who is among the shareholders of the American pharmaceutical corporation: one of the main donors of the Stars and Stripes Democratic Party: George Soros. The political-financial-pharmaceutical thriller becomes a horror nightmare …


At the World Military Games held in Wuhan in mid-October 2019, many athletes fell ill with a powerful and anomalous influence from which it is difficult to heal. The French pentathlete Elodie Clouvel declares this to the television station Loire7, the Italian swordsman Matteo Tagliariol, Treviso fencing champion and Olympic gold champion in Beijing 2008, confirms it to local newspapers.

The suspicions that have been around for months become almost certain: the epidemic spread to Wuhan, and perhaps elsewhere, well before December. For some it was scattered in China by US soldiers, Intel sources claim with nano-drones thanks to CIA infiltrators, for others it was the Chinese who infected the foreigners. According to Gospa News, agents from both countries piloted by the Deep State and not by their governments have been hidden …


An extremely confidential file, publicly known but buried in the archives of UNODA, the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs in Geneva, raises suspicions against the USA for the SARS-COV-2 pandemic that exploded in the context of a war biological secret of financial, Masonic, military and intelligence powers.

Thanks to this OSINT document, recovered by the grace of Divine Providence, we ascertained that only in the year 2015, during the Barack Obama administration, the Stars and Stripes Government granted $ 824 million for the study of biological weapons to 28 BLS laboratories of level 2,3 or 4 operating on the national territory. We have viewed many researches wich was just specifically for various strains of CoronaVirus and some of those extremely dangerous. A shock video from 1952 that was declassified reveals the power of the US Navy in biological warfare as early as 1950.


Among the various scientific studies published in recent months is that of the French bioengineer Pierre Bricage, former speaker at UNICEF and NATO. Based on his experience in molecular genetics, he confirms the studies of Indians and Perez-Montagnier on the traces of HIV in the SARS-CoV-2 virus that triggered the pandemic killing more than 300 thousand people.

Impossible to summarize the impressive amount of technical analytical findings therefore we report only the lapidary sentence written by this scientist in his study: «This virus cannot have emerged spontaneously from natural mutations and recombinations of wild strains, it is a genetic chimera with artificial insertions of modified genes , an engineered genome of a coronavirus inside a capsid of a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)».


I spent nights reading dozens of bio-chemical scientific studies published in the last 15 years to confirm the construction of recombinant chimeric viruses in the laboratory with the insertion of HIV sequences in different SARS viral strains. I discovered a dozen of which 7 in China, including 3 only in Wuhan. It is the mathematical proof that the scientific community continues to lie knowing that it lies in denying the existence and probability that SARS-CoV-2 may have been artificially produced and contains amino acids from the AIDS pathogen.

But in making this discovery, here is the confirmation of an obsessive political plan on the search for vaccines for viruses that ARE NOT EXISTING yet, started by the European Commission in 2004 after the SARS epidemic of 2003. It is the EPISARS program launched with a budget of 2 million euros. by the presidency of Romano Prodi. A portion of that money was destined to finance the dangerous experiments with the construction of superviruses in the Wuhan laboratory (and in one in Beijing).


The whole world spoke about the famous exercise on a hypothetical pandemic from CoronaVirus called Event 201 and held in New York (CoronaVirus BioWeapon report 4) thanks to the financing of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation a few months before the official discovery of the first cases of Covid-19.

Instead, only Gospa News reported the news of an equally suspicious summit: the one organized on 12 September 2019 by the European Commission of President Jean-Claude Juncker with 4 NGOs founded by Gates himself for a global vaccination plan that could also be welcome if was voluntary and not imposed on the poorest populations.

The issue also becomes suspicious if it is recalled that the founder of Microsoft himself has enormous interests in the multinational GlaxoSmithKline, owned by the investment funds of the Weapons Lobby and in companies with Saudi Arabia which financed the immunization plan wanted by President Barack Obama (of which Gates is one of the main donors) who identified Italy – thanks to a political agreement between the Democrats of Rome and Washington – as a pilot project for the 10 mandatory vaccines for school attendance. Thanks to this project GSK has made golden deals that have allowed it to reinvest in Riad making the Saudis rich …


We kept this investigation last because it was the most delicate. And our patience was rewarded. The mysterious death for a sudden collapse of the Canadian scientist Frank Plummer, former director of the Canadian National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) of Winnipeg, has been added to the investigation for alleged espionage of his Chinese colleague Xianggou Qiu, one of the world’s leading experts in molecular genetics and in biological engineering.

As we deepened their scientific experiments on both the SARS CoronaVirus strain of 2003 and HIV we discovered that they also came under the lens of Professor Pierre Bricage, the bio-engineer who minutely identified the traces of inserts of sequences of the virus of the AIDS within the SARS-CoV-2 which triggered the pandemic as reported in the WuhanGates 8 report.

«What more was needed to build a candidate HIV vaccine? Only a humanized supposed harm-less coronavirus was! Could we not protect ourselves from AIDS while only risking a simple cold? What could be more dull and benign than a cold?» are the sarcastic questions that Bricage asks giving surprising and disturbing answers …

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
no reproduction without authorization – original italian version

Major Breakthrough’: New COVID-19 Mist Treatment Largely Lowers Chance of Severe Illness

via Sputnik

British pharmaceutical company Synairgen revealed Monday that its new respiratory COVID-19 treatment reduced the number of hospitalized patients requiring intensive care in its recent clinical trial.

The drug is called SNG001 and consists of a naturally occurring antiviral protein called interferon beta that is inhaled as a mist into the lungs. According to the company, COVID-19 patients who were given the treatment had a 79% lower risk of developing severe illness compared to those who were given a placebo instead.

In fact, patients who received the treatment “were more than twice as likely to recover (defined as ‘no limitation of activities’ or ‘no clinical or virological evidence of infection’) over the course of the treatment period compared to those receiving placebo,” the company said in a Monday news release.

The findings also showed that patients who received the treatment “were more than twice as likely to recover over the course of the treatment period compared to those receiving placebo” and that the measure of breathlessness was “markedly reduced in patients” who received the treatment compared to those who just received the placebo.

The study – which was a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial involving 101 patients in the UK between March 30 and May 27 – has not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal, although the results appear promising.

“This assessment of SNG001 in COVID-19 patients could signal a major breakthrough in the treatment of hospitalized COVID-19 patients,” Synairgen CEO Richard Marsden said in the news release.

“Our efforts are now focused on working with the regulators and other key groups to progress this potential COVID-19 treatment as rapidly as possible.”

The trial’s chief investigator, Tom Wilkinson, also lauded the possible new treatment.

“We are delighted with the positive data produced from this trial,” Wilkinson said in the survey.

“The results confirm our belief that interferon beta, a widely known drug that, by injection, has been approved for use in a number of other indications, has huge potential as an inhaled drug to be able to restore the lung’s immune response, enhancing protection, accelerating recovery and countering the impact of SARS-CoV-2 virus.”

USA: Puritanism vs. Evangelism

by Thierry Meyssan

The reactions to the murder of black George Flyod by a white policeman do not refer to the history of slavery in the United States, but – like the systemic opposition to President Trump- to a profound problem in Anglo-Saxon culture: Puritan fanaticism. The domestic violence that rocked this country during the two civil wars of Independence and Secession must be remembered in order to understand current events and prevent their resurgence. Beware: in the United States, the political class now preaches egalitarian racism. All equal, but separate.

JPEG - 75.2 kbIt could be humour, but unfortunately it is a puritanical slogan to be taken at face value: “Black Men are an endangered species”.

The Anglo-Saxon Puritans

About four hundred members of the Church of England fled their country where they were considered fanatics. They took refuge in Leiden, Holland, where they were able to live according to the Calvinist tradition, or more precisely the Puritan interpretation of Christianity. Probably at the request of King James I, they sent two groups to the Americas to fight against the Spanish Empire. The first founded what was to become the United States, the second was lost in Central America.

Later, the Puritans took power in England with Lord Cromwell. They beheaded the Papist King Charles I, established an egalitarian Commonwealth and colonized Ireland, massacring Catholics en masse. This bloodthirsty experiment was short-lived and discredited for a long time the idea of a General Interest (Res Publica) in the eyes of the English.

The 35 Pilgrim Fathers set out from Leiden, stopped in England, and then crossed the ocean on the Mayflower. They arrived in North America in 1620 to practice their religion freely. During their voyage, they signed a Covenant in which they vowed to establish a model society (strict observance of the Calvinist faith and cult, intense community life, and unfailing social and moral discipline). By creating the Colony of Plymouth, they hoped to build the “New Jerusalem” after fleeing from the “Pharaoh” (James I) and crossing the “Red Sea” (the Atlantic). After a year, they thanked God for their epic, which is commemorated each year as Thanksgiving. [1] They established their capital city 60 kilometers north, in Boston. Their community veiled its women, practiced public confessions and corporal punishment.

JPEG - 34 kbThe logo of the very powerful Pilgrim’s Society: the Pilgrim Father is depicted alongside the British lion and the American eagle.

These events are not only myths that every American should know, they shape the political system of the USA. Eight out of 45 presidents (including the Bushes) are direct descendants of the 35 “Pilgrim Fathers”. Despite the arrival of tens of millions of immigrants and institutional appearances, their ideology remained in power for four centuries, until the election of Donald Trump. A very closed club, Pilgrim’s Sociey, brought together, under the authority of the English monarch, very high British and American personalities. It set up the “Special Relationship” between London and Washington and, among other things, provided many secretaries and advisers to President Obama.

Many ceremonies planned this year for the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower have been cancelled due to the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, in particular the conference that the former British National Security Advisor was to give at Pilgrim’s Society. Bad tongues assure that the epidemic will end the day after the US presidential election, if Donald Trump loses it, and that the festivities can then take place.

There are two cultures that have always been opposed in the United States among Christians: Calvinists or Puritans on the one hand, and Catholics, Anglicans and Lutherans on the other. While some “denominations” among the eight hundred US churches resolutely line up on one side, most are crossed by both because Puritanism has no defined theological corpus. It is rather a way of thinking.

The War of Independence began in 1773 with the Boston Tea Party. Its first actor was John Adams, another direct descendant of one of the 35 “Pilgrim Fathers” and second president of the United States. While the call for independence was made by the political journalist Thomas Paine based on religious arguments although he himself did not believe in anything.

In a way, the War of Independence was a continuation in the Americas of Lord Cromwell’s British Civil War (the “Great Rebellion”). This conflict would resurface a third time with the Civil War, which, it should be remembered, had nothing to do with slavery (both sides practised it at the beginning of the war and both sides repealed it during the war to hire former slaves into their armies).

The Puritans lost in England with Cromwell’s Republic, but won the next two times in the United States. Historian Kevin Phillips, who was Republican electoral adviser to Republican Richard Nixon (descendant of a brother of one of the 35 “Pilgrim Fathers”), has studied this conflict at length over the centuries. [2] It is on the basis of this data that he imagined the strategy of “Law and Order” in the face of the segregationist Democrat George Wallace in the 1968 presidential election; a strategy that Donald Trump has taken up again for the 2020 election.

All this to say that appearances are deceiving. The dividing lines are not where the rest of the world thinks they are.

- The Puritans have always supported absolute equality, but only among Christians. They long forbade Jews from entering the civil service and massacred the Indians they claimed to love. During the American Civil War, they extended their egalitarianism to blacks (unlike the Puritans in southern Africa, who defended apartheid to the end), giving rise to the false myth of a war against slavery. Today, they defend the idea that humanity is divided between equal and, if possible, separate races. They are still reluctant to call them interracial marriages.
- The Puritans place lying at the bottom of their scale of values. It cannot be for them a ruse, but always the worst of crimes, far more serious than robbery and murder. In the seventeenth century, they punished with the whip for lying to a pastor for any reason. They established laws that still punish lying to a federal official for any reason.

US Evangelism

With time, and particularly in the 19th century, another current of thought arose within American Christianity: evangelism. These are Christians of all denominations who try to get closer to the original Christianity of which they know little. So they rely on the sacred texts. Like the Puritans, the Evangelicals are fundamentalists, i.e. they give the Scriptures the role of a divine word and interpret them while refusing any contextualization of the texts. But they are much more pragmatic. On everything, they have a position of principle, but when faced with a problem, they act in conscience and not according to the rules of their community.

It is very easy to make fun of the grotesque convictions of the Evangelicals against the theory of evolution, but this is of little importance and they abandon it when necessary. It is much more significant, but unfortunately rarer, to denounce the puritanical vision of a humanity divided into distinct, equal, but separate races. Yet this has serious consequences on a daily basis.

The Puritans remained the masters of U.S. politics until 1997, when Libertine President Bill Clinton issued an executive order banning all expressions of religious faith in federal institutions. The result was a shift in religion from the Administration to the private sector. All major corporations accepted prayer groups in their workplaces. This shift favored the public emergence of Evangelicals at the expense of Puritans.

JPEG - 29.7 kbDuring the riots outside the White House, President Trump went to St. John’s Episcopal Church to present himself, Bible in hand, as the defender of the religious beliefs of all Christians in the face of Puritan fanaticism.

The Return of Puritan Fanaticism

The conflict between the Puritans and the rest of society is today taking a radical and religious turn. It opposes two mentalities, one idealist, egalitarian within their community and fanatical, the other sometimes even more extravagant, agreeing on inequalities, but realistic.

Puritan Hillary Clinton hesitated to become a Methodist pastor after her failure in the presidential election [3]. She sinned a lot (her affair with Vince Foster), was punished by God (her husband’s affair with Monica Lewinsky) repented (within the Pentagon Family [4]) and was saved. She is sure that she was chosen by God and takes pride in her violence against non-Christian peoples. She supports all wars against the “enemies of America” and hopes to see the return of Christ.

On the contrary, Donald Trump shows no interest in theology, has only an approximate knowledge of the Bible and a summary faith. He has sinned as much as anyone else, but boasts of what he has achieved rather than repenting of his sins in public. He doubts himself and compensates for his feeling of inferiority with excessive egotism. He loves to compete with his enemies, but does not want to destroy them. In any case, he embodies the will to restore the greatness of their country (“Make America Great Again!”) rather than to pursue wars always and everywhere, which makes him the champion of the Evangelicals against the Puritans. He offers the opportunity for Christians to reform themselves rather than convert the world.

In the 2016 election campaign, I asked the question, “Will the United States reform or tear itself apart? » [5] In my view, only Donald Trump could allow the USA to continue as a nation, while Hillary Clinton would provoke a civil war and probably the dissolution of the country on the model of the end of the USSR. What has happened since the death of George Flyod shows that I was not mistaken.

JPEG - 46.3 kbHillary Clinton during the 2016 election campaign.

Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party supporters are imposing their ideology. They fight against lies and destroy statues like their Puritan ancestors burned the Salem witches. They develop an absurd reading of their own society, denying social conflicts and interpreting inequalities only in terms of so-called distinct human races. They disarm the local police and force “white” personalities to apologize in public for enjoying an invisible privilege.

In the Russian case, the discontinuation of the prosecution of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and the presidential pardon granted to Donald Trump’s former advisor, Roger Stone, sparked angry protests from Puritans. Neither man harmed anyone, but they dared to lie to the FBI to keep him out of the White House.

The mayor of Minneapolis (the town of George Flyod) was publicly humiliated for refusing to disband the “racist” city police. While Seattle City Council has just cut its city police budget in half. This does not bother the upper social classes living in private residences, but deprives those who cannot afford private security guards.

The Associated Press, then the New Yok Times, the Los Angeles Times and soon almost all US media, decided to write Black with a capital letter when referring to “race” [6], but not White in the same way. Indeed, the fact of writing White with a capital letter is a distinctive sign of the white supremacists [7].

The Pentagon considered renaming its military bases with the names of southern personalities accused of being “racist” and sent an e-mail to all civilian and military personnel of the US Army denouncing as “extreme right” the claim that there is only one human race. Although these initiatives have provoked a strong reaction from the trumped-up GIs and have failed, they mark a very dangerous escalation [8].

All these decisions demonstrate a loss of collective rationality.

Roger Lagassé

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