The Battle of Kursk

History manuals can be found with references to many battles where the word Kursk has been omitted. It is strange because:

Kursk was the biggest battle in history for its troops and armaments. It involved 4,155,000 Soviets and Germans. The combined defensive and offensive phases lasted a few weeks (Stalingrad lasted seven months). But the means used – 69,000 cannons, 13,200 tanks and propulsion cannons and 11,950 airplanes – far outnumber the total land and air warfare equipment deployed by Americans and Japanese during the nearly four years of the Pacific War

Miguel Urbano Rodrigues

The Germans never won the initiative again after Kursk.
Furthermore, the loss convinced Hitler of the incompetence of his General Coordinators. When given a chance, his generals selected a poor plan and he decided to make sure it didn’t happen again. The opposite applied to Stalin, however. After seeing his generals’ intuition justified on the battlefield, he moved away from strategic planning and left it entirely to the military.
Predictable results followed on both sides: the German army went from loss to loss as soon as Hitler personally tried to micromanage day-to-day operations of what soon became a war on three fronts, while the Soviet army gained more freedom and became more and more fluid as the war continued.

World War II was not just a military struggle. It was also a confrontation showing the importance of the ability to establish military alliances, even if punctual, either to buy time or to join forces against a common enemy. It was also a spy services war.

Two Major ‘Waves’ of Global Infection, Towards Global Contamination?

By Larry Romanoff
Global Research, March 26, 2020

The US State Department and media are heavily promoting as theology that COVID-19 is “a Chinese virus and China spread it around the world”, demanding apologies and more. One American law firm in Florida filed a class action lawsuit against the Chinese government, seeking compensation for ‘damages’. (1) I have reviewed and analysed the details available of all first and subsequent confirmed infections in all countries, including infection source, virus strain, and timeline, which data provide ample evidence that this American theology is not supported by the facts. There appears to have been two major ‘waves’ of global infection, the first around the end of January, the second a month later. (2) (3) (4)

It is true that – in the very early stages, the first wave – 22 countries had their first confirmed infections in travelers from China but, soon after this, in the second wave, 34 countries obtained their first confirmed infection in travelers from Italy, and another 16 from Iran. However, so-called “first infection” in these countries, from Chinese citizens or other travelers, proved in all but perhaps two cases to be irrelevant because these first external infections proved to have no links to the subsequent local outbreaks, and because the virus strain in many of those explosive local eruptions did not exist in China but only in the US.

What this means is that while Italy discovered its first two infections in Chinese tourists, these two were unrelated to the subsequent virus outbreak because the strain infecting Italy is different from that in China and in those two Chinese tourists. Italy, like almost all other countries, did not obtain its infection from China and indeed could not have done. The only country with Italy’s variety of the virus is the US, and thus the infection must have originated in America, not in China. Similarly, the locations near China – South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, even Taiwan Province, share an entirely different common strain. China had only a tiny pocket of that strain, and very far from Wuhan. These were not infected by China, either. I have dealt with this in an earlier article. (5)

Much was made in the American media of the “first American virus infection” being a Chinese traveler from Wuhan, but that was also irrelevant because the massive underlying epidemic waiting to break free (as it soon did) was unrelated to that Chinese citizen, the thousands of infections in Washington, California and New York clearly stemming from unidentified (and unsought) local sources.

Given the high volume of Chinese passenger traffic around the world, it isn’t surprising that some infections would have been discovered in Chinese nationals in other countries and, since the first outbreak occurred in China, it was natural to test travelers from China. Because of that focus, few countries thought to check travelers from the United States. Australia did check, the country’s Prime Minister recently stating that 80% or more of all infections in his country occurred in the US, then traveled home. (6) Similarly, Iceland confirmed that some of their coronavirus infections have been traced to Denver. (7) (8) I have a strong suspicion that if all countries review the travel history of their early infections, they will discover more US traffic in the mix, perhaps predominantly so.

If you can get people focused on asking the wrong question, you don’t care about the answers. The wrong question is whether the original virus came from a bat or a pangolin or a banana, but that’s irrelevant. It wasn’t a bat or a banana that infected the people in Wuhan, but a live person – or a person carrying a live virus in a pail. The right questions to ask relate to the identity of that person and the source of the contents of that pail, and those answers seem to lead us to the USA. Certainly, they are not to be found in China.

Let’s take a quick look at those two waves of infections that circled the globe.

The First Wave simultaneously infected 25 nations or territories within a few days centered around January 25. The infected areas: Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Cambodia, Nepal, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Canada, the US, Germany, Italy, the UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Russia, Finland, and the UAE.

One month later. The Second Wave simultaneously infected 85 nations within a few days centered around February 25. The infected countries: Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Monaco, San Marino, the Vatican, Liechtenstein, Malta, New Zealand, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Maldives, Bhutan, Andorra, Bulgaria, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, the Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Latvia, Croatia, Estonia, North Macedonia, Georgia, Romania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovakia, Serbia, Moldova, Albania, Egypt, Iraq, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine, Iceland, Ecuador, Armenia, Norway, Denmark, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria, Togo, Cameroon, Senegal, Algeria, South Africa, Morocco, and Tunisia. Kosovo, Namibia, Uruguay, the Sudan, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Bolivia, Panama, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mongolia, Burkina Faso, Brunei and Cyprus were simultaneous around one week later.


I make no claim to being a virologist, but this is beginning to look damned peculiar. A natural virus hasn’t the ability to simultaneously infect 85 different countries on all continents of the world, with outbreaks in multiple locations in each country – and to do it without the vehicle of a seafood market full of bats and bananas.

More peculiar is that these countries were by no means all infected with the same variety of the virus, which means the simultaneous infections in these 85 countries were not from the same source. Even more peculiar is that most countries, at least the major ones, reported simultaneous outbreaks in multiple locations, and to date while some nations have been able to identify one or more of their ‘patients zero’, I am aware of no country that was able to definitively identify all their several ‘patients zero’. Considering the above information in light of the known basic facts of virus transmission, intuition suggests at least the possibility of there having been many people carrying a pail of live viruses.

It is interesting to note that high fatality rates are entirely within Italy, Iran, and China. For approximate figures, China’s fatality rate is between 3% and 4%, that of Iran at about 7% and Italy the highest at around 9%. Even more interesting is that if these countries did pass their strain of the virus to other nations, those strains abandoned their lethality when they left home. Of the 34 countries supposedly infected by Italy, for example, all exhibit very low mortality, the same being true of Chinese or Iranian infections. The natural conclusion is that these viruses prefer their ‘home populations’ and pose at best a minor threat to others.


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Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). He can be contacted at: 2186604556










The original source of this article is Global Research
Copyright © Larry Romanoff, Global Research, 2020

‘It’s Just Everywhere Already’: How Delays in Testing Set Back the U.S. Coronavirus Response

via The New York Times

A series of missed chances by the federal government to ensure more widespread testing came during the early days of the outbreak, when containment would have been easier.

A research project in Seattle tried to conduct early tests for the new coronavirus but ran into red tape before circumventing federal officials and confirming a case.

A research project in Seattle tried to conduct early tests for the new coronavirus but ran into red tape before circumventing federal officials and confirming a case. Credit…Grant Hindsley for The New York Times

By Sheri Fink and Mike Baker

  • March 10, 2020

Dr. Helen Y. Chu, an infectious disease expert in Seattle, knew that the United States did not have much time.

In late January, the first confirmed American case of the coronavirus had landed in her area. Critical questions needed answers: Had the man infected anyone else? Was the deadly virus already lurking in other communities and spreading?

As luck would have it, Dr. Chu had a way to monitor the region. For months, as part of a research project into the flu, she and a team of researchers had been collecting nasal swabs from residents experiencing symptoms throughout the Puget Sound region.

To repurpose the tests for monitoring the coronavirus, they would need the support of state and federal officials. But nearly everywhere Dr. Chu turned, officials repeatedly rejected the idea, interviews and emails show, even as weeks crawled by and outbreaks emerged in countries outside of China, where the virus began.

By Feb. 25, Dr. Chu and her colleagues could not bear to wait any longer. They began performing coronavirus tests, without government approval.

What came back confirmed their worst fear. They quickly had a positive test from a local teenager with no recent travel history. The coronavirus had already established itself on American soil without anybody realizing it.

“It must have been here this entire time,” Dr. Chu recalled thinking with dread. “It’s just everywhere already.”

In fact, officials would later discover through testing, the virus had already contributed to the deaths of two people, and it would go on to kill 20 more in the Seattle region over the following days.

Federal and state officials said the flu study could not be repurposed because it did not have explicit permission from research subjects; the labs were also not certified for clinical work. While acknowledging the ethical questions, Dr. Chu and others argued there should be more flexibility in an emergency during which so many lives could be lost. On Monday night, state regulators told them to stop testing altogether.

The failure to tap into the flu study, detailed here for the first time, was just one in a series of missed chances by the federal government to ensure more widespread testing during the early days of the outbreak, when containment would have been easier. Instead, local officials across the country were left to work in the dark as the crisis grew undetected and exponentially.

Even now, after weeks of mounting frustration toward federal agencies over flawed test kits and burdensome rules, states with growing cases such as New York and California are struggling to test widely for the coronavirus. The continued delays have made it impossible for officials to get a true picture of the scale of the growing outbreak, which has now spread to at least 36 states and Washington, D.C.

Dr. Robert R. Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in an interview on Friday that acting quickly was critical for combating an outbreak. “Time matters,” he said.

He insisted that despite the rocky start, there was still time to beat back the coronavirus in the United States. “It’s going to take rigorous, aggressive public health — what I like to say, block and tackle, block and tackle, block and tackle, block and tackle,” he said. “That means if you find a new case, you isolate it.”

But the Seattle Flu Study illustrates how existing regulations and red tape — sometimes designed to protect privacy and health — have impeded the rapid rollout of testing nationally, while other countries ramped up much earlier and faster. Faced with a public health emergency on a scale potentially not seen in a century, the United States has not responded nimbly.

The C.D.C.’s own effort to create a system for monitoring the virus around the country, using established government surveillance networks for the flu, has not yet built steam. And as late as last week, after expanding authorizations for commercial and academic institutions to make tests, administration officials provided conflicting accounts of when a significant increase in tests would be available.

In states like Maine, Missouri and Michigan, where there are few or no known infections, state public health officials say they have more than enough tests to meet demand.

But it remains unclear how many Americans have been tested for the coronavirus. The C.D.C. says approximately 8,500 specimens or nose swabs have been taken since the beginning of the outbreak — a figure that is almost certainly larger than the number of people tested since one person can have multiple swabs. By comparison, South Korea, which discovered its first case around the same time as the United States, has reported having the capacity to test roughly 10,000 people a day since late February.

A prime mission

As soon as the genetic sequence of the coronavirus was published in January, the C.D.C.’s first job was to develop a diagnostic test. “That’s our prime mission,” Dr. Redfield said, “to get eyes on this thing.”

The agency also released criteria for deciding which individuals should be tested for the virus — at first only those who had a fever and respiratory issues and had traveled from the outbreak’s origin in Wuhan, China.

The criteria were so strict that the sick man in the Seattle area who had visited Wuhan did not meet it. Still, worried state health officials pushed to get him checked, and the C.D.C. agreed. Local officials sent a sample to Atlanta and the results came backpositive.

Officials monitored 70 people who were in contact with the man, including 50 who consented to getting nose swabs, and none tested positive for the coronavirus. But there was still the possibility that someone had been missed, said Dr. Scott Lindquist, the state epidemiologist for communicable diseases.

Around this time, the Washington State Department of Health began discussions with the Seattle Flu Study already going on in the state.

But there was a hitch: The flu project primarily used research laboratories, not clinical ones, and its coronavirus test was not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. And so the group was not certified to provide test results to anyone outside of their own investigators. They began discussions with state, C.D.C. and F.D.A. officials to figure out a solution, according to emails and interviews.

Dr. Scott F. Dowell, a former high-ranking C.D.C. official and a current deputy director at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which funds the Seattle Flu Study, asked for help from the leaders of the C.D.C.’s coronavirus response. “Hoping there is a solution,” he wrote on Feb. 10.

Later, Dr. Lindquist, the state epidemiologist in Washington, wrote an email to Dr. Alicia Fry, the chief of the C.D.C.’s epidemiology and prevention branch, requesting the study be used to test for the coronavirus.

C.D.C. officials repeatedly said it would not be possible. “If you want to use your test as a screening tool, you would have to check with F.D.A.,” Gayle Langley, an officer at the C.D.C.’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Disease, wrote back in an email on Feb. 16. But the F.D.A. could not offer the approval because the lab was not certified as a clinical laboratory under regulations established by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, a process that could take months.

Dr. Chu and Dr. Lindquist tried repeatedly to wrangle approval to use the Seattle Flu Study. The answers were always no.

“We felt like we were sitting, waiting for the pandemic to emerge,” Dr. Chu said. “We could help. We couldn’t do anything.”

Sense of exasperation

As Washington State debated with the federal officials over what to do, the C.D.C. confronted the daunting task of testing more widely for the coronavirus.

The C.D.C. had designed its own test as it typically does during an outbreak. Several other countries also developed their own tests.

But when the C.D.C. shipped test kits to public labs across the country, some local health officials began reporting that the test was producing invalid results.

The C.D.C. promised that replacement kits would be distributed within days, but the problem stretched on for over two weeks. Only five state laboratories were able to test in that period. Washington and New York were not among them.

By Feb. 24, as new cases of the virus began popping up in the United States, the state labs were growing frantic.

The Association of Public Health Laboratories made what it called an “extraordinary and rare request” of Dr. Stephen Hahn, the commissioner of the F.D.A., asking him to use his discretion to allow state and local public health laboratories to create their own tests for the virus.

“We are now many weeks into the response with still no diagnostic or surveillance test available outside of C.D.C. for the vast majority of our member laboratories,” Scott Becker, the chief executive of the association, wrote in a letter to Dr. Hahn.

Dr. Hahn responded two days later, saying in a letter that “false diagnostic test results can lead to significant adverse public health consequences” and that the laboratories were welcome to submit their own tests for emergency authorization.

But the approval process for laboratory-developed tests was proving onerous. Private and university clinical laboratories, which typically have the latitude to develop their own tests, were frustrated about the speed of the F.D.A. as they prepared applications for emergency approvals from the agency for their coronavirus tests.

Dr. Alex Greninger, an assistant professor at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, said he became exasperated in mid-February as he communicated with the F.D.A. over getting his application ready to begin testing. “This virus is faster than the F.D.A.,” he said, adding that at one point the agency required him to submit materials through the mail in addition to over email.

New tests typically require validation — running the test on known positive samples from a patient or a copy of the virus genome. The F.D.A.’s process called for five. Obtaining such samples has been hard because most hospital labs have not seen coronavirus cases yet, said Dr. Karen Kaul, chair of the department of pathology and laboratory medicine at NorthShore University HealthSystem in Illinois.

She said she had to scramble to obtain virus RNA from a laboratory in Europe. “Everyone is trying to figure out what we can get to help us gather the data that we need,” she said.

The F.D.A. has disputed that it moved too slowly, saying that it provided emergency authorization for two laboratory-developed tests within 24 hours of a completed submission — one was the C.D.C.’s test and the other a test developed by New York’s Wadsworth laboratory after it had trouble verifying the C.D.C.’s test.

‘What do we do?’

On the other side of the country in Seattle, Dr. Chu and her flu study colleagues, unwilling to wait any longer, decided to begin running samples.

A technician in the laboratory of Dr. Lea Starita who was testing samples soon got a hit.

“I’m like, ‘Oh my God,’” Dr. Starita said. “I just took off running” to the office of the study’s program managers. “We got one,” she told them. “What do we do?”

Members of the research group discussed the ethics of what to do next.

“What we were allowed to do was to keep it to ourselves,” Dr. Chu said. “But what we felt like we needed to do was to tell public health.”

They decided the right thing to do was to inform local health officials.

The case was a teenager, in the same county where the first coronavirus case had surfaced, who had a flu swab just a few days before but had no travel history and no link to any known case.

The state laboratory, finally able to begin testing, confirmed the result the next morning. The teenager, who had recovered from his illness, was located and informed just after he entered his school building. He was sent home and the school was later closed as a precaution.

Later that day, the investigators and Seattle health officials gathered with representatives of the C.D.C. and the F.D.A. to discuss what happened. The message from the federal government was blunt. “What they said on that phone call very clearly was cease and desist to Helen Chu,” Dr. Lindquist remembered. “Stop testing.”

A silent spread

Still, the troubling finding reshaped how officials understood the outbreak. Seattle Flu Study scientists quickly sequenced the genome of the virus, finding a genetic variation also present in the country’s first coronavirus case.

The implications were unnerving. There was a good chance that the virus had been circulating silently in the community for around six weeks, infecting potentially hundreds of people.

On a phone call the day after the C.D.C. and F.D.A. had told Dr. Chu to stop, officials relented, but only partially, the researchers recalled. They would allow the study’s laboratories to test cases and report the results only in future samples. They would need to use a new consent form that explicitly mentioned that results of the coronavirus tests might be shared with the local health department.

They were not to test the thousands of samples that had already been collected.

The same day, the F.D.A. said it would relax its rules and allowclinical labs to begin using their own coronavirus tests as long as they submitted evidence that they worked to the agency. Under that new policy, according to an agency representative on Tuesday, it had heard from 14 labs, with 10 already beginning patient testing.

On March 2, the Seattle Flu Study’s institutional review board at the University of Washington determined that it would be unethical for the researchers not to test and report the results in a public health emergency, Dr. Starita said. Since then, her laboratory has found and reported numerous additional cases, all of which have been confirmed.

As new samples came in, Dr. Starita’s laboratory also worked their way backward through some older samples that had been sitting in the freezers for weeks, finding cases that date back to at least Feb. 20 — seven days before public health officials had any idea the virus was in the community.

The scientists said they believe that they will find evidence that the virus was infecting people even earlier, and that they could have alerted authorities sooner if they had been allowed to test.

But on Monday night, state regulators, enforcing Medicare rules, stepped in and again told them to stop until they could finish getting certified as a clinical laboratory, a process that could take many weeks.

In the days since the teenager’s test, the Seattle region has spun into crisis, with dozens of people testing positive and at least 22 dying — many of them infected in a nursing home that had unknowingly been suffering casualties since Feb. 19.

The availability of testing for coronavirus remains uneven, with some people able to easily obtain tests in certain parts of the country while others have been turned away. Some state officials fear that the virus is spreading far faster than the capacity for testing is increasing.

Looking back, Dr. Chu said she understood why the regulations that stymied the flu study’s efforts for weeks existed. “Those protections are in place for a reason,” she said. “You want to protect human subjects. You want to do things in an ethical way.”

The frustration, she said, was how long it took to cut through red tape to try to save lives in an outbreak that had the potential to explode in Washington State and spread in many other regions. “I don’t think people knew that back then,” she said. “We know it now.”

Reporting was contributed by Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, Joseph Goldstein, Sheila Kaplan, Michael D. Shear, Knvul Sheikh, Katie Thomas and Noah Weiland.

The US War on China

Asian Guy Perspective

It’s been clear all along

1.) The strain in Wuhan atttacked ‘Han Chinese’

2.) The strain in Iran attacks Persians

3.) The strain unleashed in the chinese factory’s in North & Central Italy attacks everybody. It’s a Chinese strain designed to jump over to Italian population, and wipe out Europe.

In Wuhan only one strain was found: the “Han Strain”

In USA they have found over five different strains

In Iran they have found only one strain.

The fact that all five or more strains were found in USA, tells the virologists the origination of the virus was in USA, this is why CDC has demanded control from day one, so they could control the narrative. This is why there are no test-kits in the USA, so they could control infection database.

What happened, and really pissed off WHO, is that say in Thailand the first infection was sequenced for DNA-RNA, and it was found to be HIV inserted, thus the doctors in Thailand put the sick on HIV retaviral drugs and everybody’s symptoms went away in 2-3 days.

USA from day one demanded to come to China, and all of Asia and manage the analysis, but Asia refused; Same in South-Korea, and Japan they analyzed their own infections and determined the DNA sequence.

So the USA lost control of the narrative,

But too late, because the virus was started in USA in Sep-2019, unleashed in Iran/China/Italy in Oct-Dec and went parabolic late december. The reason they killed Soleimani in early January in Iran was to get everybody out in the streets hugging, & crying. It worked Iran has the most infections.

Russia knew all along what was going on, they locked their country down early.

Today China has things under control, everything is pretty much back to normal, the trucks are running again.

All most all of Asia has been locked down now 2+ months, all customs borders watch Chinese/Koreans/Japanese very closely, and demand they self-quarantine on arrival.

The narrative in USA is nothing more than continuous lies, most of the alt-press and the MSM continue to push CDC-WHO talking-points and “Chinese Tourist Narratives”

We will never have “Proof” or “Evidence”, for one simple reason: where is the proof of the Indian Small Pox Blanket, or the Spanish-Flu being created by US-Mil in 1910’s, where is the proof of HIV being developed and unleashed by Ft-Detrick? We have all the documents, but physical proof or evidence doesn’t exist. It will never be. People who demand ‘evidence’ are just tossing a strawman into the debate.

All that can be done is ask the obvious: Cui-Bono?

1.) Wuhan, the Chicago of China, the INTL hub is/was destroyed, but now is back online.

2.) Iran, the source of China’s Oil, has been effectively nuked by a bomb that only kills people, but leaves all the infrastructure.

3.) Italy, the source of all Euro’s of China — where the richest men in Europe own the factories of North & Central Italy, the most famous brands on earth, sold at the most expensive shops on Earth “Made in Italy” — came to fruition some 30+ years ago on the backs of Chinese peasant labor brought to Italy. Today there are 100’s of 1,000’s of such Chinese working in the Italian factories. This was the initial target, these factory workers were infected in Dec-Jan, and then it jumped to Italians in Feb-2020.

4.) In the Fall of 2019, the US state department tried to destroy Hong-Kong, the gateway to China’s banking system.

Given all three targets were Chinese, it’s obvious the target was to destroy the elite of China, so that a new goverment can be put in place, most likely by US interests.

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COVID-19: Further Evidence that the Virus Originated in the US

By Larry Romanoff, March 04, 2020

As readers will recall from the earlier article (above), Japanese and Taiwanese epidemiologists and pharmacologists have determined that the new coronavirus almost certainly originated in the US since that country is the only one known to have all five types – from which all others must have descended. Wuhan in China has only one of those types, rendering it in analogy as a kind of “branch” which cannot exist by itself but must have grown from a “tree”.

The Taiwanese physician noted that in August of 2019 the US had a flurry of lung pneumonias or similar, which the Americans blamed on ‘vaping’ from e-cigarettes, but which, according to the scientist, the symptoms and conditions could not be explained by e-cigarettes. He said he wrote to the US officials telling them he suspected those deaths were likely due to the coronavirus. He claims his warnings were ignored.

Immediately prior to that, the CDC totally shut down the US Military’s main bio-lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland, due to an absence of safeguards against pathogen leakages, issuing a complete “cease and desist” order to the military. It was immediately after this event that the ‘e-cigarette’ epidemic arose.

Screenshot from The New York Times August 08, 2019

We also had the Japanese citizens infected in September of 2019, in Hawaii, people who had never been to China, these infections occurring on US soil long before the outbreak in Wuhan but only shortly after the locking down of Fort Detrick.

Then, on Chinese social media, another article appeared, aware of the above but presenting further details. It stated in part that five “foreign” athletes or other personnel visiting Wuhan for the World Military Games (October 18-27, 2019) were hospitalised in Wuhan for an undetermined infection.

The article explains more clearly that the Wuhan version of the virus could have come only from the US because it is what they call a “branch” which could not have been created first because it would have no ‘seed’. It would have to have been a new variety spun off the original ‘trunk’, and that trunk exists only in the US. (1)

There has been much public speculation that the coronavirus had been deliberately transmitted to China but, according to the Chinese article, a less sinister alternative is possible.

If some members of the US team at the World Military Games (18-27 October) had become infected by the virus from an accidental outbreak at Fort Detrick it is possible that, with a long initial incubation period, their symptoms might have been minor, and those individuals could easily have ‘toured’ the city of Wuhan during their stay, infecting potentially thousands of local residents in various locations, many of whom would later travel to the seafood market from which the virus would spread like wildfire (as it did).

That would account also for the practical impossibility of locating the legendary “patient zero” – which in this case has never been found since there would have been many of them.

Next, Daniel Lucey, an infectious disease expert at Georgetown University in Washington, said in an article in Science magazine that the first human infection has been confirmed as occurring in November 2019, (not in Wuhan), suggesting the virus originated elsewhere and then spread to the seafood markets. “One group put the origin of the outbreak as early as 18 September 2019.” (2) (3)

Wuhan seafood market may not be source of novel virus spreading globally.

Description of earliest cases suggests outbreak began elsewhere.

The article states:

“As confirmed cases of a novel virus surge around the world with worrisome speed, all eyes have so far focused on a seafood market in Wuhan, China, as the origin of the outbreak. But a description of the first clinical cases published in The Lancet on Friday challenges that hypothesis.” (4) (5)

The paper, written by a large group of Chinese researchers from several institutions, offers details about the first 41 hospitalized patients who had confirmed infections with what has been dubbed 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

In the earliest case, the patient became ill on 1 December 2019 and had no reported link to the seafood market, the authors report. “No epidemiological link was found between the first patient and later cases”, they state. Their data also show that, in total, 13 of the 41 cases had no link to the marketplace. “That’s a big number, 13, with no link”, says Daniel Lucey . . . (6)

Earlier reports from Chinese health authorities and the World Health Organization had said the first patient had onset of symptoms on 8 December 2019 – and those reports simply said “most” cases had links to the seafood market, which was closed on 1 January. (7)

“Lucey says if the new data are accurate, the first human infections must have occurred in November 2019 – if not earlier – because there is an incubation time between infection and symptoms surfacing. If so, the virus possibly spread silently between people in Wuhan – and perhaps elsewhere – before the cluster of cases from the city’s now-infamous Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market was discovered in late December. “The virus came into that marketplace before it came out of that marketplace”, Lucey asserts.

“China must have realized the epidemic did not originate in that Wuhan Huanan seafood market”, Lucey told Science Insider. (8)

Kristian Andersen is an evolutionary biologist at the Scripps Research Institute who has analyzed sequences of 2019-nCoV to try to clarify its origin. He said the scenario was “entirely plausible” of infected persons bringing the virus into the seafood market from somewhere outside. According to the Science article,

“Andersen posted his analysis of 27 available genomes of 2019-nCoV on 25 January on a virology research website. It suggests they had a “most recent common ancestor” – meaning a common source – as early as 1 October 2019.” (9)

It was interesting that Lucey also noted that MERS was originally believed to have come from a patient in Saudi Arabia in June of 2012, but later and more thorough studies traced it back to an earlier hospital outbreak of unexplained pneumonia in Jordan in April of that year. Lucey said that from stored samples from people who died in Jordan, medical authorities confirmed they had been infected with the MERS virus. (10)

This would provide impetus for caution among the public in accepting the “official standard narrative” that the Western media are always so eager to provide – as they did with SARS, MERS, and ZIKA, all of which ‘official narratives’ were later proven to have been entirely wrong.

In this case, the Western media flooded their pages for months about the COVID-19 virus originating in the Wuhan seafood market, caused by people eating bats and wild animals. All of this has been proven wrong.

Not only did the virus not originate at the seafood market, it did not originate in Wuhan at all,and it has now been proven that it did not originate in China but was brought to China from another country. Part of the proof of this assertion is that the genome varieties of the virus in Iran and Italy have been sequenced and declared to have no part of the variety that infected China and must, by definition, have originated elsewhere.

It would seem the only possibility for origination is the US because only that country has the “tree trunk” of all the varieties. And it may therefore be true that the original source of the COVID-19 virus was the US military bio-warfare lab at Fort Detrick. This would not be a surprise, given that the CDC completely shut down Fort Detrick, but also because, as I related in an earlier article, between 2005 and 2012 the US had experienced 1,059 events where pathogens had been either stolen or escaped from American bio-labs during the prior ten years – an average of one every three days.


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Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He can be contacted at: 2186604556. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.




(3) Science; Jon Cohen; Jan. 26, 2020








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The Dönmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret (Part II)

via Strategic-Culture

Wayne Madsen
4tonPx6ZVVE9r7ECg0qIKaFDElw.pngOctober 26, 2011

What will surprise those who may already be surprised about the Dönmeh connection to Turkey, is the Dönmeh connection to the House of Saud in Saudi Arabia.

An Iraqi Mukhabarat (General Military Intelligence Directorate) Top Secret report, “The Emergence of Wahhabism and its Historical Roots,” dated September 2002 and released on March 13, 2008, by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency in translated English form, points to the Dönmeh roots of the founder of the Saudi Wahhabi sect of Islam, Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab. Much of the information is gleaned from the memoirs of a “Mr. Humfer,” (as spelled in the DIA report, “Mr. Hempher” as spelled the historical record) a British spy who used the name “Mohammad,” claimed to be an Azeri who spoke Turkish, Persian, and Arabic and who made contact with Wahhab in the mid-18th century with a view of creating a sect of Islam that would eventually bring about an Arab revolt against the Ottomans and pave the way for the introduction of a Jewish state in Palestine. Humfer’s memoirs are recounted by the Ottoman writer and admiral Ayyub Sabri Pasha in his 1888 work, “The Beginning and Spreading of Wahhabism.”

In his book, The Dönmeh Jews, D. Mustafa Turan writes that Wahhab’s grandfather, Tjen Sulayman, was actually Tjen Shulman, a member of the Jewish community of Basra, Iraq. The Iraqi intelligence report also states that in his book, The Dönmeh Jews and the Origin of the Saudi Wahhabis, Rifat Salim Kabar reveals that Shulman eventually settled in the Hejaz, in the village of al-Ayniyah what is now Saudi Arabia, where his grandson founded the Wahhabi sect of Islam. The Iraqi intelligence report states that Shulman had been banished from Damascus, Cairo, and Mecca for his “quackery.” In the village, Shulman sired Abdul Wahhab. Abdel Wahhab’s son, Muhammad, founded modern Wahhabism.

The Iraqi report also makes some astounding claims about the Saud family. It cites Abdul Wahhab Ibrahim al-Shammari’s book, The Wahhabi Movement: The Truth and Roots, which states that King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud, the first Kingdom of Saudi Arabia monarch, was descended from Mordechai bin Ibrahim bin Moishe, a Jewish merchant also from Basra. In Nejd, Moishe joined the Aniza tribe and changed his name to Markhan bin Ibrahim bin Musa. Eventually, Mordechai married off his son, Jack Dan, who became Al-Qarn, to a woman from the Anzah tribe of the Nejd. From this union, the future Saud family was born.

The Iraqi intelligence document reveals that the researcher Mohammad Sakher was the subject of a Saudi contract murder hit for his examination into the Sauds’ Jewish roots. In Said Nasir’s book, The History of the Saud Family, it is maintained that in 1943, the Saudi ambassador to Egypt, Abdullah bin Ibrahim al Muffadal, paid Muhammad al Tamami to forge a family tree showing that the Sauds and Wahhabs were one family that descended directly from the Prophet Mohammed.

At the outset of World War I, a Jewish British officer from India, David Shakespeare, met with Ibn Saud in Riyadh and later led a Saudi army that defeated a tribe opposed to Ibn Saud. In 1915, Ibn Saud met with the British envoy to the Gulf region, Bracey Cocas. Cocas made the following offer to Ibn Saud: “I think this is a guarantee for your endurance as it is in the interest of Britain that the Jews have a homeland and existence, and Britain’s interests are, by all means, in your interest.” Ibn Saud, the descendant of Dönmeh from Basra, responded: “Yes, if my acknowledgement means so much to you, I acknowledge thousand times granting a homeland to the Jews in Palestine or other than Palestine.” Two years later, British Foreign Secretary Lord Balfour, in a letter to Baron Walter Rothschild, a leader of the British Zionists, stated: “His Majesty’s government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people . . .” The deal had the tacit backing of two of the major players in the region, both descendant from Dönmeh Jews who supported the Zionist cause, Kemal Ataturk and Ibn Saud. The present situation in the Middle East should be seen in this light but the history of the region has been purged by certain religious and political interests for obvious reasons.

After World War I, the British facilitated the coming to power of the Saud regime in the former Hejaz and Nejd provinces of the Ottoman Empire. The Sauds established Wahhabism as the state religion of the new Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and, like the Kemalist Dönmeh in Turkey, began to move against other Islamic beliefs and sects, including the Sunnis and Shi’as. The Wahhabi Sauds accomplished what the Kemalist Dönmeh were able to achieve in Turkey: a fractured Middle East that was ripe for Western imperialistic designs and laid the groundwork for the creation of the Zionist state of Israel.

Deep states and Dönmeh

During two visits to Turkey in 2010, I had the opportunity of discussing the Ergenekon “deep state” with leading Turkish officials. It was more than evident that discussions about the Ergenekon network and its “foreign” connections are a highly-sensitive subject. However, it was also whispered by one high-ranking Turkish foreign policy official that there were other “deep states” in surrounding nations and Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria were mentioned by name. Considering the links between Ergenekon and the Dönmeh in Turkey and the close intelligence and military links between the Dönmeh-descendent Sauds and Wahhabis in Arabia, the reports of close links between ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his intelligence chief Omar Suleiman and the Binyamin Netanyahu government in Israel may be seen in an entirely new light… And it would explain Erdogan’s support for Egypt’s revolution: in Turkey, it was a democratic revolution that curbed the influence of the Dönmeh. The influence of Wahhabi Salafists in Libya’s new government also explains why Erdogan was keen on establishing relations with the Benghazi-based rebels to help supplant the influence of the Wahhabis, the natural allies of his enemies, the Dönmeh (Ergenekon) of Turkey.

Erdogan’s desire to set the historical record straight by restoring history purged by the Kemalists and Dönmeh has earned him vitriolic statements from Israel’s government that he is a neo-Ottomanist who is intent on forming an alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab countries. Clearly, the Dönmeh and their Zionist brethren in Israel and elsewhere are worried about Dönmeh and Zionist historical revisionism, including their role in the Armenian and Assyrian genocide, and their genocide denial being exposed.

In Egypt, which was once an Ottoman realm, it was a popular revolution that tossed out what may have amounted to the Dönmeh with regard to the Mubarak regime. The Egyptian “Arab Spring” also explains why the Israelis were quick to kill six Egyptian border police so soon after nine Turkish passengers were killed aboard the Mavi Marmara, some in execution style, by Israeli troops. Dönmeh doctrine is rife with references to the Old Testament Amalekites, a nomadic tribe ordered attacked by the Hebrews from Egypt by the Jewish God to make room for Moses’s followers in the southern region of Palestine. In the Book of Judges, God unsuccessfully commands Saul: “Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, and infant, ox, and sheep, camel and donkey.” The Dönmeh, whose doctrine is also present in Hasidic and other orthodox sects of Judaism, appear to have no problem substituting the Armenians, Assyrians, Turks, Kurds, Egyptians, Iraqis, Lebanese, Iranians, and Palestinians for the Amalekites in carrying out their military assaults and pogroms.

With reformist governments in Turkey and Egypt much more willing to look into the background of those who have split the Islamic world, Ataturk in Turkey and Mubarak in Egypt, the Sauds are likely very much aware that it is only a matter of time before their links, both modern and historical, to Israel will be fully exposed. It makes sense that the Sauds have been successful in engineering a dubious plot involving Iranian government agents trying to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington in an unnamed Washington, DC restaurant. The Iraqi intelligence report could have been referring to the Zionists and Dönmeh when it stated, “it strives to . . . [the] killing of Muslims, destructing, and promoting the turmoil.” In fact, the Iraqi intelligence report was referring to the Wahhabis.

With new freedom in Turkey and Egypt to examine their pasts, there is more reason for Israel and its supporters, as well as the Sauds, to suppress the true histories of the Ottoman Empire, secular Turkey, the origins of Israel, and the House of Saud. With various players now angling for war with Iran, the true history of the Dönmeh and their influence on past and current events in the Middle East becomes more important.

The Dönmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret (Part I)

Via Strategic-Culture

Wayne Madsen
4tonPx6ZVVE9r7ECg0qIKaFDElw.pngOctober 25, 2011

There is a historical “eight hundred pound gorilla” lurking in the background of almost every serious military and diplomatic incident involving Israel, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Greece, Armenia, the Kurds, the Assyrians, and some other players in the Middle East and southeastern Europe. It is a factor that is generally only whispered about at diplomatic receptions, news conferences, and think tank sessions due to the explosiveness and controversial nature of the subject. And it is the secretiveness attached to the subject that has been the reason for so much misunderstanding about the current breakdown in relations between Israel and Turkey, a growing warming of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, and increasing enmity between Saudi Arabia and Iran…

Although known to historians and religious experts, the centuries-old political and economic influence of a group known in Turkish as the “Dönmeh” is only beginning to cross the lips of Turks, Arabs, and Israelis who have been reluctant to discuss the presence in Turkey and elsewhere of a sect of Turks descended from a group of Sephardic Jews who were expelled from Spain during the Spanish Inquisition in the 16th and 17th centuries. These Jewish refugees from Spain were welcomed to settle in the Ottoman Empire and over the years they converted to a mystical sect of Islam that eventually mixed Jewish Kabbala and Islamic Sufi semi-mystical beliefs into a sect that eventually championed secularism in post-Ottoman Turkey. It is interesting that “Dönmeh” not only refers to the Jewish “untrustworthy converts” to Islam in Turkey but it is also a derogatory Turkish word for a transvestite, or someone who is claiming to be someone they are not.

The Donmeh sect of Judaism was founded in the 17th century by Rabbi Sabbatai Zevi, a Kabbalist who believed he was the Messiah but was forced to convert to Islam by Sultan Mehmet IV, the Ottoman ruler. Many of the rabbi’s followers, known as Sabbateans, but also “crypto-Jews,” publicly proclaimed their Islamic faith but secretly practiced their hybrid form of Judaism, which was unrecognized by mainstream Jewish rabbinical authorities. Because it was against their beliefs to marry outside their sect, the Dönmeh created a rather secretive sub-societal clan.

The Dönmeh rise to power in Turkey

Many Dönmeh, along with traditional Jews, became powerful political and business leaders in Salonica. It was this core group of Dönmeh, which organized the secret Young Turks, also known as the Committee of Union and Progress, the secularists who deposed Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II in the 1908 revolution, proclaimed the post-Ottoman Republic of Turkey after World War I, and who instituted a campaign that stripped Turkey of much of its Islamic identity after the fall of the Ottomans. Abdulhamid II was vilified by the Young Turks as a tyrant, but his only real crime appears to have been to refuse to meet Zionist leader Theodore Herzl during a visit to Constantinople in 1901 and reject Zionist and Dönmeh offers of money in return for the Zionists to be granted control of Jerusalem.

Like other leaders who have crossed the Zionists, Sultan Adulhamid II appears to have sealed his fate with the Dönmeh with this statement to his Ottoman court: “Advise Dr. Herzl not to take any further steps in his project. I cannot give away even a handful of the soil of this land for it is not my own, it belongs to the entire Islamic nation. The Islamic nation fought jihad for the sake of this land and had watered it with their blood. The Jews may keep their money and millions. If the Islamic Khalifate state is one day destroyed then they will be able to take Palestine without a price! But while I am alive, I would rather push a sword into my body than see the land of Palestine cut and given away from the Islamic state.” After his ouster by Ataturk’s Young Turk Dönmeh in 1908, Abdulhamid II was jailed in the Donmeh citadel of Salonica. He died in Constantinople in 1918, three years after Ibn Saud agreed to a Jewish homeland in Palestine and one year after Lord Balfour deeded Palestine away to the Zionists in his letter to Baron Rothschild.

One of the Young Turk leaders in Salonica was Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey. When Greece achieved sovereignty over Salonica in 1913, many Dönmeh, unsuccessful at being re-classified Jewish, moved to Constantinople, later re-named Istanbul. Others moved to Izmir, Bursa, and Ataturk’s newly-proclaimed capital and future seat of Ergenekon power, Ankara.

Some texts suggest that the Dönmeh numbered no more than 150,000 and were mainly found in the army, government, and business. However, other experts suggest that the Dönmeh may have represented 1.5 million Turks and were even more powerful than believed by many and extended to every facet of Turkish life. One influential Donmeh, Tevfik Rustu Arak, was a close friend and adviser to Ataturk and served as Turkey’s Foreign Minister from 1925 to 1938.

Ataturk, who was reportedly himself a Dönmeh, ordered that Turks abandon their own Muslim-Arabic names. The name of the first Christian emperor of Rome, Constantine, was erased from the largest Turkish city, Constantinople. The city became Istanbul, after the Ataturk government in 1923 objected to the traditional name. There have been many questions about Ataturk’s own name, since “Mustapha Kemal Ataturk” was a pseudonym. Some historians have suggested that Ataturk adopted his name because he was a descendant of none other than Rabbi Zevi, the self-proclaimed Messiah of the Dönmeh! Ataturk also abolished Turkey’s use of the Arabic script and forced the country to adopt the western alphabet.

Modern Turkey: a secret Zionist state controlled by the Dönmeh

Ataturk’s suspected strong Jewish roots, information about which was suppressed for decades by a Turkish government that forbade anything critical of the founder of modern Turkey, began bubbling to the surface, first, mostly outside of Turkey and in publications written by Jewish authors. The 1973 book, The Secret Jews, by Rabbi Joachim Prinz, maintains that Ataturk and his finance minister, Djavid Bey, were both committed Dönmeh and that they were in good company because “too many of the Young Turks in the newly formed revolutionary Cabinet prayed to Allah, but had their real prophet [Sabbatai Zevi, the Messiah of Smyrna].” In The Forward of January 28, 1994, Hillel Halkin wrote in The New York Sun that Ataturk recited the Jewish Shema Yisrael (“Hear O Israel”), saying that it was “my prayer too.” The information is recounted from an autobiography by journalist Itamar Ben-Avi, who claims Ataturk, then a young Turkish army captain, revealed he was Jewish in a Jerusalem hotel bar one rainy night during the winter of 1911. In addition, Ataturk attended the Semsi Effendi grade school in Salonica, run by a Dönmeh named Simon Zevi. Halkin wrote in the New York Sun article about an email he received from a Turkish colleague: “I now know – know (and I haven’t a shred of doubt) – that Ataturk’s father’s family was indeed of Jewish stock.”

It was Ataturk’s and the Young Turks’ support for Zionism, the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, after World War I and during Nazi rule in Europe that endeared Turkey to Israel and vice versa. An article in The Forward of May 8, 2007, revealed that Dönmeh dominated Turkish leadership “from the president down, as well as key diplomats . . . and a great part of Turkey’s military, cultural, academic, economic, and professional elites” kept Turkey out of a World War II alliance with Germany, and deprived Hitler of a Turkish route to the Baku oilfields.” In his book, The Donme: Jewish Converts, Muslim Revolutionaries and Secular Turks, Professor Marc David Baer wrote that many advanced to exalted positions in the Sufi religious orders.

Israel has always been reluctant to describe the Turkish massacre of the Armenians by the Turks in 1915 as “genocide.” It has always been believed that the reason for Israel’s reticence was not to upset Israel’s close military and diplomatic ties with Turkey. However, more evidence is being uncovered that the Armenian genocide was largely the work of the Dönmeh leadership of the Young Turks. Historians like Ahmed Refik, who served as an intelligence officer in the Ottoman army, averred that it was the aim of the Young Turks to destroy the Armenians, who were mostly Christian. The Young Turks, under Ataturk’s direction, also expelled Greek Christians from Turkish cities and attempted to commit a smaller-scale genocide of the Assyrians, who were also mainly Christian.

One Young Turk from Salonica, Mehmet Talat, was the official who carried out the genocide of the Armenians and Assyrians. A Venezuelan mercenary who served in the Ottoman army, Rafael de Nogales Mendez, noted in his annals of the Armenian genocide that Talat was known as the “renegade Hebrew of Salonica.” Talat was assassinated in Germany in 1921 by an Armenian whose entire family was lost in the genocide ordered by the “renegade Hebrew.” It is believed by some historians of the Armenian genocide that the Armenians, known as good businessmen, were targeted by the business-savvy Dönmeh because they were considered to be commercial competitors.

It is not, therefore, the desire to protect the Israeli-Turkish alliance that has caused Israel to eschew any interest in pursuing the reasons behind the Armenian genocide, but Israel’s and the Dönmeh’s knowledge that it was the Dönmeh leadership of the Young Turks that not only murdered hundreds of thousands of Armenians and Assyrians but who also stamped out Turkey’s traditional Muslim customs and ways. Knowledge that it was Dönmeh, in a natural alliance with the Zionists of Europe, who were responsible for the deaths of Armenian and Assyrian Christians, expulsion from Turkey of Greek Orthodox Christians, and the cultural and religious eradication of Turkish Islamic traditions, would issue forth in the region a new reality. Rather than Greek and Turkish Cypriots living on a divided island, Armenians holding a vendetta against the Turks, and Greeks and Turks feuding over territory, all the peoples attacked by the Dönmeh would realize that they had a common foe that was their actual persecutor.

Challenging Dönmeh rule: Turkey’s battle against the Ergenekon

It is the purging of the Kemalist adherents of Ataturk and his secular Dönmeh regime that is behind the investigation of the Ergenekon conspiracy in Turkey. Ergenekon’s description matches up completely with the Dönmeh presence in Turkey’s diplomatic, military, judicial, religious, political, academic, business, and journalist hierarchy. Ergenekon attempted to stop the reforms instituted by successive non-Dönmeh Turkish leaders, including the re-introduction of traditional Turkish Islamic customs and rituals, by planning a series of coups, some successful like that which deposed Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan’s Refah (Welfare) Islamist government in 1996 and some unsuccessful, like OPERATION SLEDGEHEMMER, which was aimed at deposing Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2003. Some Islamist-leaning reformists, including Turkish President Turgut Ozal and Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit, died under suspicious circumstances. Deposed democratically-elected Prime Minister Adnan Menderes was hanged in 1961, following a military coup.

American politicians and journalists, whose knowledge of the history of countries like Turkey and the preceding Ottoman Empire, is often severely lacking, have painted the friction between Israel’s government and the Turkish government of Prime Minister Erdogan as based on Turkey’s drift to Islamism and the Arab world. Far from it, Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP) seem to have finally seen a way to break free from the domination and cruelty of the Dönmeh, whether in the form of Kemalist followers of Ataturk or nationalist schemers and plotters in Ergenekon. But with Turkey’s “Independence Day” has come vitriol from the Dönmeh and their natural allies in Israel and the Israel Lobby in the United States and Europe. Turkey as a member of the European Union was fine for Europe as long as the Dönmeh remained in charge and permitted Turkey’s wealth to be looted by central bankers like has occurred in Greece.

When Israel launched its bloody attack on the Turkish Gaza aid vessel, the Mavi Marmara, on May 31, 2010, the reason was not so much the ship’s running of the Israeli blockade of Gaza. The brutality of the Israelis in shooting unarmed Turks and one Turkish-American, some at point blank range, according to a UN report, indicated that Israel was motivated by something else: vengeance and retaliation for the Turkish government’s crackdown on Ergenekon, the purging of the Turkish military and intelligence senior ranks of Dönmeh, and reversing the anti-Muslim religious and cultural policies set down by the Dönmeh’s favorite son, Ataturk, some ninety years before. In effect, the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara was in retaliation for Turkey’s jailing of several top Turkish military officers, journalists, and academics, all accused of being part of the Ergenekon plot to overthrow the AKP government in 2003. Hidden in the Ergenekon coup plot is that the Dönmeh and Ergenekon are connected through their history of being Kemalists, ardent secularists, pro-Israeli, and pro-Zionist.

With tempers now flaring between Iran on one side and Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United States on the other, as the result of a dubious claim by U.S. law enforcement that Iran was planning to carry out the assassination of the Saudi ambassador to the United States on American soil, the long-standing close, but secretive relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia is coming to the forefront. The Israeli-Saudi connection had flourished during OPERATION DESERT STORM, when both countries were on the receiving end of Saddam Hussein’s Scud missiles.

Who Or What Started The Wuhan Coronavirus Epidemic?

Authored by Professor Anthony Hall via,

On the Condemnation of “Conspiracy Theories” as a Device for Protecting Officialdom’s Lies, Disinformation, and Obfuscation.

The Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic of 2019-20 is moving many markers where life merges into death, where truth merges into lies. At age 34, Dr. Li Wenliang drew attention in Wuhan to these moving markers. The disease Dr. Li sought to warn against ended up taking his life as the epidemic gained fatal traction.

Before going down himself in the line of duty, Dr. Li faced a harsh reprimand from representatives of the Chinese Communist Party. Dr. Li was accused of spreading rumors and illegally threatening the social order with his tweets and posts and personal interventions. Nevertheless, Dr. Li was soon vindicated in calling attention to the coming plague.

It did not take long before the appalling force of the illness demonstrated that Dr. Li was anything but a wayward conspiracy theorist. Instead, the evidence proved him right even as it proved his powerful detractors were both wrong and negligent in the face of a genuine menace.

Dr. Li Wenliang is a martyr. It remains to be seen, however, how far the shadow of Dr. Li’s martyrdom will be cast.

The Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, is cutting a broad and deep swath though epidemiological history with uncertain impact on the viability of many families, communities, institutions, economies, and even countries starting with the most heavily populated nation on earth. Many fates are hanging in the balance, not the least of which is that of the communist government that has ruled China since the Maoist Revolution brought it to power in 1949.

The new strain of Coronavirus has added novel genetic features to the same family of pathogens that brought the world the SARS crisis in 2002-3 and, a decade later, the less lethal MERS outbreak. This Novel Coronavirus strain, COVID-19, is showing itself to be much more contagious and lethal than was SARS and MERS.

Some have anticipated that, if not dramatically countered, the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic could be headed in the direction of the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918. This prediction flows from the assessment of, for instance, Prof. Gabriel Leung, Chair of Public Health Medicine at Hong King University. Looking at the very fast rate of COVID-19’s spread from human to human through the air, Dr. Leung challenged any residual sense of complacency. He anticipated a possible 60 per cent infection rate of the world’s entire population with deaths numbering in the many tens of millions.

The so-called Spanish flu has set the bar for how severe and widespread a contagious plague can become. The pandemic of 1918 took more lives in one year than all deaths due to World War II. The Spanish flu of 1918 engendered more mortality in one year than the four peak years of the notorious Black Death Bubonic Plague that decimated Europe in the middle years of the fourteenth century. The worldwide pandemic of 1918 infected over a quarter of all people on earth. About 65 million people died from the illness.

News reports from the ground zero area of the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic demonstrate that the effects of the viral infection cut far and wide. Every facet of Chinese society is being challenged to the limit by a fast-spreading plague disseminating germs of destruction disrupting many biological, political, economic, and knowledge systems simultaneously.

Questions about how to interpret the epidemic and how to explain to the public what is known or not known are quickly coming into focus. Who should be believed? Who is credible and who is not credible as the epidemic unfolds. What should be the role of social media and of whistle blowers in the process of deciding how to respond? What happens when genuine whistle blowers like Dr. Li are too quickly dismissed and reprimanded by ruling authorities as “conspiracy theorists”?

An essential task that must be faced in this initial phase of this crisis is to develop an accurate explanation of where contagion came from and how the first victims of the Novel Coronavirus came to be infected. The need for some degree of certainty about the origins of the virus and its subsequent genesis is absolutely essential to the development of sound and appropriate responses. It would be highly irresponsible to rush ahead with the development of an overall strategy for dealing with the plague without making an honest attempt to get at the truth of how the contagion first came into existence.

The importance of getting to the factual roots of what happened to put humanity on this epidemiological trajectory should be especially clear after the debacle of September 11, 2001. Without any sustained investigation of the 9/11 crimes, Americans were rushed into cycles of seemingly perpetual warfare abroad, police state and surveillance state interventions at home. This cycle of fast responses began within a month of 9/11 with a full-fledge military invasion of Afghanistan, an invasion that continues yet.

When two US Senators, Patrick Leahy and Tom Daschle, sought to slow the rush of the US executive into emergency measures and war, they and the US Congress they served were hit hard by a military grade bioweapon, anthrax. The violent tactic of the saboteurs proved effective in easing aside close scrutiny that might have slowed down the fast approval by the end of October of Congress’s massive Patriot Act.

Since then a seemingly endless cycle of military invasions has been pushed forward in the Middle East and Eurasia. The emergency measure powers claimed by the executive branch of the US government extended to widespread illegal torture, domestic spying, media censorship and a meteoric rise in extrajudicial murders especially by drones. This list is far from complete.

All of these crimes against humanity were justified on the basis of an unproven official explanation of 9/11. Subsequent scholarly investigations have demonstrated unequivocally for the attentive that officialdom’s explanations of what transpired on the fateful day in September were wrong, severely wrong. The initial interpretations are strongly at variance with the evidentiary record available on the public record.

We must not allow ourselves to be hoodwinked in the same manner once again. The stakes are too large, maybe even larger than was the case in 2001. The misinterpreted and misrepresented events of 9/11 were exploited in conformity with the “Shock Doctrine,” a strategy for instituting litanies of invasive state actions that the public would not otherwise have accepted.

The conscientious portion of humanity, many of whose members have done independent homework of their own on the events of 9/11, will well understand the importance of identifying the actual originating source of the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic.

No less than in the wake of the 9/11 debacle, there are grave dangers entailed in being too quick or too naïve or too trustful in immediately accepting as gospel fact the Chinese government’s initial explanations of the COVID-19 outbreak. Why not take the time to investigate and test the current interpretations of the authorities that proved themselves to be so wrong in their decision to reprimand Dr. Li?

Especially when the stakes are extremely high, the need is great for objective, third-party adjudication to establish what really happened irrespective of official interpretations. History provides abundant evidence to demonstrate that official interpretations of transformative events often veer away from the truth in order to serve and protect the interests of entrenched power.

All semblance of due process and the rule of law can quickly evaporate when powerful institutions advance interpretations of catastrophic events used to justify their own open-ended invocation of unlimited emergency measure powers. The well-documented examples of the misrepresentation and exploitation of the 9/11 debacle demonstrate well the severity of the current danger. The origins of the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic have yet to be adequately addressed and explained by a panel of genuinely independent investigators.

The Chinese Ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, acknowledged on Feb. 9 on CBS’s Face the Nation that there is no certainty about the origins of COVID-19. When asked by CBS’s Margaret Brennan where the virus came from, the Chinese Ambassador responded, “We still don’t know yet.”

Although media giants like the Washington Post have run interference to justify the claims of established authority in this fiasco, there is still a high level of uncertainty about what COVID-19 is, where it came from, and why it spread so quickly. What factors resulted in the genetic modifications determining the biological structure of the new Coronavirus strain? What happened in the biological journey from the SARS Coronavirus to the Coronavirus strain that triggered the epidemiological bombshell starting in Wuhan?

Did the Chinese communist government have a role in creating COVID-19 either purposely or inadvertently? What did the Chinese government know when did its leadership know it? Such basic questions have yet to be objectively considered by a panel of genuinely independent experts not beholden to any centers of established authority, funding, publicity and political networking.

The need to transcend all conflict of interest in the formal investigation of this matter must somehow be realized if objectivity is to prevail in the process of unearthing, organizing and assessing the evidence. The primary objective of this process must be to bring out the truth, no matter how embarrassing such illuminations might be to the interests of entrenched power. A process must be initiated without any pandering to the political biases of institutions and individuals with much to protect, with major interests in determining the outcome of the investigations.

One version of events is that the contagion began when some mutated viral disease strain jumped from a bat or a snake into the biological workings of one of more humans. This animal to human leap is supposed to have taken place in the precincts of Wuhan’s open-air traditional food market where bats, snakes, cats, raccoons, fish, possums and the like can be bought and sold.

A growing perception of disbelief is developing in the face of the idea that all this mayhem started with a few people chomping down on some fatally infected critters purchased an open-air market. In fact, this explanation is becoming the subject of much satire and ridicule even as the horrifying nature of the unfolding of events is intensifying.

Another possible source of the contagion is the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory, one of China’s most high-tech installations designed for biological research into the most deadly forms of viruses known to humankind. This research facility, with top level 4 containment capacities, emerged from the expansion and elaboration of an older agency known as the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

*(Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory)

As shall be demonstrated, the Wuhan Institute of Virology is thought by some experts, including a prestigious group at the South China Technological University in Guangzhou, to be the probable source of the contaminant. As shall be demonstrated below, the Wuhan Institute of Virology and its outgrowth, The National Biosafety Laboratory, are thought by some to be integrated with more secretive sites where the military operations of China’s alleged biological warfare program are centered.

A focus on the kind of procedures that take place at the Wuhan Institute of Virology begs the question of whether an accidental viral escape from this agency forms the primary origin of the epidemic. Another possibility is that some sort of power play within China’s ruling elite might have led to the decision to create and release a bioweapon in the heart of one of the most heavily populated zones on earth.

Yet another possibility is that the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic is part of some agenda of “hybrid warfare” by the US government against China. Speculation surrounding this scenario emphasizes that hundreds of US soldiers were in Wuhan in late October of 2019 for the World Military Games.

As Mark Episkopos has argued in The National Interest, the theory that the US government is behind the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus has been well reported in some mainstream media venues in Russia. This “rumor” is also one that Chinese Ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, specifically referred on CBS’s Face the Nation when he fended off the allegation that China’s biological warfare program was somehow implicated in the epidemic’s origins.

One of those interviewed on the subject is Igor Nikulin. Mr Nikulin has argued, “Wuhan was chosen for the attack [by US military officials] because the local presence of the Wuhun Institute of Virology offers the Pentagon and CIA a convenient cover story about bio-experiments gone awry.”

If it turns out the source of the Novel Coronavirus epidemic is a biological warfare weapon, yet another question concerns whether the attack germ is genetically engineered to target a specific ethnic group. Drawing on his observations of US biological research in some of the former republics of the Soviet Union, Nikulin remarked,

the supposedly Pentagon-funded U.S. laboratories in Eurasia have been collecting and treating genetic material from Russian and Chinese populations to allegedly create an “ethnically specific” virus that only targets certain peoples.

Episkopos adds that Nikulin’s observation are consistent with the position of Russian military expert, Viktor Baranets. Baranets has affirmed that biological warfare has become a new weapon “in the American fight for global supremacy against its main adversaries.” There is much evidence to indicate that one of the main thrusts of genetic research in biological warfare has long involved efforts to target specific ethnic groups for sickness and death. There are obvious reasons why those engaged in the development of biological weaponry would want to narrow their aim to envisaged enemies rather than breed germs to kill indiscriminately all humans in their path whether friend or foe.

Lance Welton covers some supposedly unmentionable yet nevertheless contested topics in an article entitled, “Asians Far More Susceptible to Coronavirus Than Other Races, More Likely to Die.”

Welton leaves aside the question of why it is that the COVID-19 seems to pack a much more virulent and lethal punch when it comes to the targeting of people sharing Chinese-Asian ancestry. The other side of the same coin is people of predominately European ancestry seem statistically to be much less at risk when it comes to succumbing to the epidemiological force of COVID-19.

Welton has observed how difficult it is has become in the Occident even to raise issues publicly concerning the different vulnerabilities of different ethnic groups to certain diseases. He cites anecdotal evidence that, so far at least, all the deaths outside China have mostly taken the lives of ethnic Chinese people. From this observation Welton concludes that racial characteristics are a significant factor in determining vulnerability to COVID-19-inflicted disease.

The fact that this subject is being so assiduously ignored by those engaged in the quest for political correctness leads Welton to comment,

“It only goes to show how pathological our taboo on “race” has become. Race denial is so strong that possible race differences in the incidence of a disease cannot be mentioned, or even suggested.”

Establishing New Domains of Hybrid Warfare

The Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic of 2020 is causing the once-firm ground beneath many established institutions to shake uncontrollably. One of those institutions, the Chinese communist government, is encountering its Chernobyl moment.

There are many consequences and implications of the epidemic that are already extending beyond China to the whole world. The epidemic is having significant implications for, for instance, the state of the Chinese and global economy, the future of the transportation industry, the future of tourism, the conditions of international relations, the state of censorship, the interaction between academic and military research, as well as the ongoing breakdown of trust in government. This list is far from complete.

The remainder of this 6 part essay highlights the implications of the COVID-19 crisis for communicative interactions, especially in the public sphere. The issues to be addressed extend across social media and mainstream media. They touch on public education and different conceptions of the public interest.

The analysis of the breakdown in public health raises questions about law enforcement. It raises related questions about the governance of professional associations, academic institutions as well as the public and private agencies with significant responsibilities in the arenas of certification and scientific publication.

One of the primary areas of professional contention arising from the COVID-19 crisis involves the close connections between biological research aimed at finding preventions and cures for diseases and research aimed at creating biological weapons. Biological weapons can be designed with the goal of bringing about indiscriminate mass murder. They can also be used to bring about the targeted murder of specific human populations sharing common genetic attributes.

Gradually a portion of the public is becoming aware that a conflict of interests exists between the military and public health applications of the microbiology field within the so-called life sciences. How many practitioners of the so-called life sciences are really devoting themselves to the death sciences? The public has reason to question, for instance, the procedures involved in the production of vaccines by an industry with one foot in the health care field and another foot in military research.

Why should the public not fear that some practitioners in the field of microbiology might confuse their dual responsibilities in projects aimed at both saving and killing people? What is to be said of the development of vaccines, in some cases by the same people involved in genetically engineering the very diseases that vaccines are meant to protect against?

Similarly, why should the public trust that we are being well served by systems of research primarily driven by the quest for lucrative patents to enrich their owners? Why shouldn’t the public suspect that we are being used as guinea pigs in experiments on human beings that continue to be perpetuated in the course of applied medical research regardless of the prohibitions that have been enacted? Did the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic begin as an experiment on human subjects that got out of control?

How many times can the public trust be betrayed before the habit ceases of giving possible professional offenders, including those in white lab coats, the benefit of the doubt? Where does the protection of the public interest and the common good fit into this complex and internally contradictory picture?

Where is there genuine accountability to a public required to support with our tax dollars scientific research that can result in both good and bad outcomes? Why does the financial return on this public investment so often end up in corporate and private hands whereas the liabilities and collateral damages accrued are expected to be absorbed by the public?

The fact that ground zero of the Novel Coronavirus is Wuhan, home of China’s newest and most sophisticated microbiology laboratory, naturally casts a shadow of doubt over narratives minimizing the role of human agency in creating the new strain of Coronavirus. Wuhan’s important role as a major Chinese research center, much of it secret and covert, has to be taken into account. Moreover, Wuhan just happens also to be the medical headquarters of the People’s Liberation Army.

The possible bioweapon was originally labeled 2019-nCoV. Then the UN’s World Health Organization changed the formal name to COVID-19. Is the World Health Organization a PR adjunct of Big Pharma? How tight is the relationship between the WHO and the Chinese Communist Party?

In an era of proliferating genetic engineering, how are governments and their Big Pharma partners dividing up the field of microbiology? How are they handling the divide between initiatives done in the name of public health and initiatives done to produce biological weapons for national governments including those of the United States, China, and Israel? How are the partners handling the apportionment of new wealth derived from securing patents?

These issues are finding expressions in the many legitimate questions that are coming to light in the course of the Novel Coronavirus emergency. Some of these questions arise because of a history of largely unexplained relations between the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory and the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada (NML). It has been well reported that both institutions share the same top-level 4 certification assigned to containment facilities in research labs where staff can pursue high-level studies of the most dangerous pathogens known to humankind.

Built with French assistance between 2015 and 2017, the Wuhan facility at ground zero of the current epidemic is one of the premier pathogen research facilities in a country that is thought by some to be developing significant capacities for biological warfare. Similarly, the federal research facility in Winnipeg may well have an attending or indirect role in military research to advance capacities for biological warfare in collaboration with Canada’s two main allies, Israel and the United States.

Immunologist and Medical Doctor, Xiangguo Qiu, is the principal professional link at the nexus of relations between the Wuhan and Winnipeg facilities. Until recently Dr. Qiu was the head of the Vaccine Development and Antiviral Therapies Section of the Special Pathogens Programme of the NML. The NML in Winnipeg is administered by Canada’s federal Public Health Agency.

*(Qiu Xiangguo was one of the first scientists to develop a treatment for Ebola. Credit: Handout)

Dr. Qiu received her medical degree in China. In 1996 she moved from the Taijin area of China to the United States while already being subsidized as participant in China’s Thousand Talents Program. She soon moved to Canada from the US continuing her graduate work at the University of Manitoba. Dr. Qiu continued her professional life in both Canada and China, apparently visiting the Wuhan Biosafety Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Science at least five times, each for two-week periods in 2017 and 2018. In each case an undisclosed Chinese entity paid her travel expenses.

After 2006 Dr. Qiu’s research specialty became the study of a variety of Ebola wild strains. The most virulent of these strains has an 80% death rate for those that contract the virus. An outbreak of Ebola from 2013 to 2016 took the lives of over 11,000 people in West Africa. Along with Dr. Gary Kobinger, Dr. Qui was said to be instrumental in developing the ZMapp treatment for Ebola using a cocktail of antibodies. In 2018 the duo received an Innovation Award from the Governor General of Canada for developing treatments for those infected with Ebola virus.

In March of 2019, Dr. Qiu and her research team sent off to China via Air Canada a package of deadly virus strains said to include Ebola and Nipah organisms. The shipment is said to have triggered an unexplained negative response from officials in China. The flagged problem probably involved an alleged failure to follow proper procedures in the transfer of materials that can be used for the manufacturing of bioweapons as well as in the making of vaccines to prevent the spread of infection.

The episode led to the decision of Canada’s Public Health Agency to call in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to investigate. This investigation was directed at Dr. Qiu and her husband, Cheng Keding, who is also an acknowledged expert in the field of virology.

*(Chinese bacterial thief Xiangguo Qiu and her husband Chen Keding.)

As a result of these developments an episode occurred that was reported on July 14 by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CBC. In her CBC article, Karen Pauls reported,

A researcher with ties to China was recently escorted out of the National Microbiology Lab (NML) in Winnipeg amid an RCMP investigation into what’s being described as a possible “policy breach.” Dr. Xiangguo Qiu, her husband Keding Cheng and an unknown number of her students from China were removed from Canada’s only level-4 lab on July 5.

The CBC acted pretty much as a stenographer of official sources whose clear mission was to keep a lid on the potentially explosive story. The story would become even more explosive with the inception in December of 2019 of the Coronavirus crisis in China. Rather than trying to go around the official platitudes by engaging in some independent sleuthing known as investigative journalism, CBC did what most mainstream venues do these days. CBC acted as a xerox machine to relay the tepid pronouncements of a timid and ill-guided bureaucracy.

Paul cited, for instance, an official in Canada’s Public Health Agency referring to the removal of Dr. Qiu, her husband and her research team as an “administrative matter” that will be “resolved expeditiously.” Several officials including a RCMP spokesman, indicated, “There is no threat to public safety at this time.”

A federal media relations officer continued the effort of deflection by trying to make a really unusual, complex and many-faceted story seem unremarkable. The commentator affirmed, “the work of the NML continues in support of the health and safety of all Canadians.” Leah West, an International Affairs Professor at Carlton University of Ottawa, went as far as venturing that “national security” issues might be involved. This statement calls for explanations that Canadian reporters have so far not seriously attempted.

Lt. Colonel Dr. Dany Shoham is one of the most attentive figures outside Canada who responded especially quickly and skeptically to the perplexing questions raised by Dr. Qiu’s activities. Dr. Shoham is a reserve member of the IDF. He continues his military responsibilities in the fields of biological and chemical warfare as a senior researcher in the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies in Israel.

*(Dr. Dany Shoham. Credit: Wiki/ Shalom magazine.)

In 2014 Dr. Shoham was a visiting scholar at the New Delhi-based Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis (IDSA). There he collaborated professionally with the IDSA’s Deputy Director, Brigadier Rumel Dahiya. Dr. Shoham devoted much of his time in India to studying what he refers to as China’s Biological Warfare Programme.

Dr. Shoham published his findings in 2015 in an “integrative study” where he commented at significant length on the makeup and structure of China’s secretive military R and D initiatives in the alleged development of bioweapons. He maintains that these secretive military operations have been blended into the operations of “ostensibly civilian facilities” where public health initiatives in disease prevention and treatment are often highlighted

Dr. Shoham notes that the government of China became a signatory in 1984 to UN’s Biological Weapons Convention of 1972. The Israeli academic alleges, however, that China, a target of US biological war in the Korean War in the early 1950s, opted to secretly retain some continuing capacities in this military field.

Dr. Shoham has cast himself as an insistent whistle blower calling attention to the provocative circumstances attending the shipment from Canada to China of virulent pathogens. Dr. Shoham indicated that Dr. Qiu’s research has been conducted not only on behalf of the governments of Canada and China. Dr. Qui has also collaborated with three scientists from the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases in Maryland. Much of her success, however, is connected to her obtaining many grants from China, all on the “national level.”

In the July-December 2019 issue of the IDSA Journal, Dr. Shoman explained.

But the collateral Chinese plexus cannot be ignored. Married to a Chinese scientist – Dr. Keding Cheng, also affiliated with the NML (specifically the “Science and Technology Core”), and primarily a bacteriologist who shifted to virology – Dr. Qiu frequently visited and maintained tight bonds with China, generally speaking, and many Chinese students joined her works in the NML during the recent decade, coming from a notable range of Chinese scientific facilities. Nonetheless, among the latter there are four facilities that have been regarded to possess parts of the Chinese biological weapons alignment, namely

  • Institute of Military Veterinary, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Changchun.
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Chengdu Military Region.
  • Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hubei.
  • Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing.

All of the four mentioned facilities collaborated with Dr. Qiu within the context of Ebola virus, yet the Institute of Military Veterinary joined a study on the Rift Valley fever virus, while the Institute of Microbiology joined a study on Marburg virus too. Noticeably, the drug used in the latter study – Favipiravir – has been earlier tested successfully by the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences, with the designation JK-05 (originally a Japanese patent registered in China already in 2006), against Ebola and additional viruses.

However, the studies by Dr. Qiu are considerably more advanced and fruitful, in certain aspects. They are apparently vital for the Chinese biological weapons developing, in case Ebola, Nipah, Marburg or Rift Valley fever viruses are included therein, which is a plausible postulation; let alone the wild type viruses in themselves. And it is of note that only Nipah virus is naturally found in China or neighboring countries. Collectively, then, the interface between Dr. Qiu and China has a priori been highly suspicious. On top of it, the shipment of the two viruses from NML to China apparently generated an alarm, beyond its seeming inappropriateness. And an unavoidable question is whether previous shipments to China of other viruses or other essential preparations, took place from 2006 to 2018, one way or another.

It has not gone unnoticed that this episode at the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg may be intertwined with the mounting diplomatic tension between the governments of Canada and China. The controversy is unfolding in a way that adds new uncertainty to the controversy instigated in December of 2018 with the Canadian government’s decision to arrest, detain and put on trial the Huawei cell phone company’s executive, Meng Wanzhou. Many have questioned the dubious nature of the decision to arrest the Huawei official in Vancouver for allegedly violating US law pertaining to sanctions against Iran.

The future role of the Huawei system for 5G wireless communications, a frightening and largely untested public health hazard in its own right, has emerged as a core issue in the conflict between the United States and China. To conceive of this conflict as a trade war alone is to underestimate the full scope of the antagonisms. These antagonisms over the future of wireless communications extend, for instance, far into the shape and form of future international espionage. Since the era began nearly 20 years ago of the 9/11 psychological operation, much international espionage has taken place by means of backdoor spying on digital flows of information. Israel has become especially closely identified with this type of digital spying throughout the Internet.

The Chinese strategy for achieving traction in this competitive milieu is to apply breakthroughs in digital computation and communications. The strategy is to integrate innovations in Artificial Intelligence, AI, with cutting edge developments in biotechnology. This methodology is understood by some Chinese students of geopolitics as integral to the military process of “preparing a new domain for warfare.”

In this digital and biological theatre of rivalry, the new gene splicing capacities of CRISPR technology constitute a formidable new tool for major and irreversible interventions into life’s most fundamental cycles of death and renewal. The ability to alter the genetic makeup of organisms, including human organisms, is thereby becoming a key facet in establishing new domains for warfare, including various forms of hybrid warfare.

More elements in China’s geopolitical strategy have come to light as the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic gathers momentum especially in the ground zero region. The decision of Canadian federal officials, including federal police, to intervene by removing Dr. Qiu and her research team from the NML was to some extent mirrored in the United States.

In January of 2020 police in the United States arrested Prof. Charles Lieber, Chairman of Harvard University’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department. Dr. Lieber has been placed on indefinite administrative leave and charged under US criminal law with lying to officials in the Defense Department and in the National Institutes of Health. These agencies funded Dr. Lieber’s research at Harvard in the field of nanoscience to the tune of $15,000,000 in grants.

*(Prof. Charles Lieber, former Chairman of Harvard University’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department.)

Dr. Lieber is alleged to have misled federal officials and Harvard officials about the extent of his contractual relations with several Chinese entities including, most prominently, the Wuhan Technological University. Among the allegations pointed his way are those that accuse Dr. Lieber of failing to reveal his participation in China’s controversial Thousand Talents program.

According to the FBI, “China’s talent recruitment plans, such as the Thousand Talents Program, offer competitive salaries, state-of-the-art research facilities, and honorific titles, luring both Chinese overseas talent and foreign experts alike to bring their knowledge and experience to China, even if that means stealing proprietary information or violating export controls to do so.” The Chinese-Canadian researcher, Dr. Qiu, is reported to be, like Harvard’s Dr. Lieber, a participant in China’s Thousand Talents program.

In its report on the case, Bloomberg News described the work at Dr. Lieber’s Harvard lab as being dependent on “a pipeline of China’s brightest Ph.D. students and postdocs, often more than a dozen at a time, to produce prize-winning research.”

The North American research activities of Dr. Lieber and Dr. Qui seem to have been similarly dependent on China’s financial backing, collaboration and constant supply of promising young practitioners of scientific research. Both Dr. Lieber and Dr. Qiu clearly ran into a major sea change in the conditions of their work with major ramifications for the conduct of national security, international relations, law enforcement and academic governance.

No doubt administrators have been sent reeling behind-the-scenes at Harvard University, at the University of Manitoba and at institutions of higher learning throughout the world. These institutions depend heavily on international networks of academic collaboration. Suddenly the viability of many of these academic networks has been called into question though interventions by the criminal justice system in Canada and the United States.

Indeed, the sudden global spotlight on anything that might help shed light on the still-shady background of the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic must be given its due. The startling developments associated with a major plague quite possibly cultivated in stages in both test tubes and animal hosts calls into question many things. It calls for explanations about the role of many corporations, government agencies and philanthropic foundations. The rules seem to be changing fast for entities that regularly sponsor scholarly research even as they participate in the process of applying research findings to technological innovations.

The arrest of Dr. Lieber followed the arrest in mid-December of 20019 of Zaosong Zheng at Logan International Airport in Boston for trying to smuggle to Beijing 21 vials of biological material. The vials were taken from Harvard University’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre where Zaosong Zheng was a visiting graduate student in pathology.

Commenting on his ongoing investigation of the case, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Benjamin Tolkoff remarked, “Zeng’s theft and attempt to smuggle biological specimens out of the U.S. was not an isolated incident. Rather it appears to have been a coordinated crime, with likely involvement by the Chinese government.”

Ideology and Investigative Journalism

A tight set of right-wing activists and agencies with deep-rooted antipathies to Chinese communism have provided a particular genre of criticism in the course of the current debacle. These agencies include Radio Free Asia, a former CIA-backed outlet now governed by a federally-funded Board of Governors answerable directly to the current Secretary of State and former CIA Director, Mike Pompeo. The criticisms of Radio Free Asia have been integrated into a matrix of criticism of the Chinese government highlighted especially in the Washington Times and The Epoch Times.

The Epoch Times emerges from an international group of newspapers published in several languages. It has a strong focus on China and on Chinese people globally. The Epoch Times was founded in 2000 by John Tang with a group of Chinese Americans associated with Falun Gong.

The Falun Gong organization is in the grips of an antagonistic relationship with the Chinese Communist Party. Falun Gong combines Taoism, Buddhism and meditation. It became so independently influential in China that in 1999 the Communist government declared it a heretical organization. The antagonism between Falun Gong and the Chinese government quite likely involves covert infiltration by the US CIA and related US agencies.

Whatever is happening behind the scenes, The Epoch Times has been running an unrelenting critique of the Chinese government’s handling of the Novel Coronavirus crisis. The journalistic coverage of the crisis is often been incisive and bold. The consistent message is that the Chinese government is not reporting on the epidemic honestly. Nor is The Epoch Times holding back from criticizing the Chinese government for secretly engaging in the violent repression of Chinese citizens especially in the most hard-hit regions.

Some managers of the dominant cartels’ media thought police try to ridicule and harass those publicly posing essential questions. The Epoch Times, however, has no hesitation in asking, “Is the Coronavirus a Bioweapon?” In explaining the position of those opposed to open debate on the geopolitics of biological warfare, The Epoch Times Steven W. Mosher has commented, “Much ink has been spilled by The Washington Post and other mainstream media outlets to try to convince us that the deadly coronavirus is a product of nature rather than nefariousness, and that anyone who says otherwise is an unhinged conspiracy theorist.”

Like The Epoch Times, the Washington Times is rooted in the politics of anti-communism. One of the primary journalists at the venue is the national security correspondent, Bill Gertz. Gertz is a career China expert who is sometimes invited to lecture for the FBI and CIA.

The Washington Times grew out of the controversial career of the Korean-American, Sun Myung Moon. Moon is founder of the Unification Church sometimes dubbed “the Moonies” by its detractors. The Washington Examiner is also known for its related right-wing orientation to news coverage. One of the lead authorities frequently highlighted in the output of this genre of anti-communist reporting is Dr. Dany Shoham. Recall that Dr. Shoham was one of the most insistent critics of the Wuhan-Winnipeg axis revealed in the summer of 2019.

*(Rev. Sun Myung Moon speaking in Las Vegas, NV, USA on April 4, 2010.)

Dr. Shoham was quoted, for instance, in the 26 January edition of the Washington Times asserting “Certain laboratories in the [Wuhan Institute of Virology] have probably been engaged, in terms of research and development, in Chinese [biological weapons], at least collaterally, yet not as a principal facility of the Chinese Biological Weapons alignment.”

Elsewhere Dr. Shoham, who is sometimes described as “a former Israel intelligence officer,” asserted his understanding that “China had intentionally leaked the new coronavirus from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

Tom Cotton, Republican Party Senator for Arkansas, has emerged as another significant voice criticizing the role of the Chinese government in the Novel Coronavirus epidemic. In introducing the Senator’s position to its readership, Newsweek reported on 16 February, “Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas on Sunday accused China of lying about the severity of the coronavirus outbreak and suggested that the new disease may have originated from a biosafety super laboratory in Wuhan.”

Senator Cotton has praised US President Donald Trump for his decision to temporarily cancel flights between China and USA. This cancellation, however, was seemingly contradicted by records revealing the continuation of much air traffic between China and USA in spite of the presidential pronouncement.

Senator Cotton referred to evidence pointing to the fact that some of the early victims of the disease had no contact whatsoever with the Wuhan open-air food market. The deadly virus, Senator Cotton insists, “went into the food market before it came out.”

Senator Cotton has unwaveringly underlined his contention that the Chinese authorities have from its inception withheld the truth about the crisis. According to the Senator, Chinese officials have been especially deceptive about the extent of the illnesses and mortality. “They’re still lying today,” he was reported as telling Newsweek. The young Arkansas politician has insisted on the need for some kind of reckoning on the part of the Chinese government leading to a full and proper investigation with full disclosure.

Newsweek’s interpretive angle is similar to that of other media survivors of the Mockingbird era of US propaganda. Most Big Media venues including Newsweek employed writers and editors who happily accepted extra money from the CIA to tell the US government’s side of the story during the Cold War.

The common denominator in much of the dinosaur-style of reporting that characterizes a discredited old guard is to describe any interpretation that challenges established conventions and interests as “conspiracy theories.” As Lance DeHaven-Smith has demonstrated in his book of the same name, the CIA led the way in the conceptual tweeking of the term, “conspiracy theories,” with the goal of discrediting interpretations considered menacing to established interests.

Again and again the media conglomerates most deeply integrated into dominant matrixes of power deploy the weaponized terminology with the goal of limiting public discourse. They invoke the boogeyman of “conspiracy theories” as a meme to flippantly discredit skeptical journalism questioning the honesty of official sources.

Newsweek reported,

Cotton’s remarks came amid the proliferation of various conspiracy theories surrounding coronavirus’ origins, one of which suggests it may have come from a laboratory tied to Beijing’s biowarfare program. In response, Facebook and other social media platforms have cracked down on the reach of posts that perpetuate these unsubstantiated allegations.

There is much irony in Newsweek’s supportive account of Facebook’s intervention aimed at blocking open exchange on a major undecided topic. The irony occurs because of the propensity of some MSM venues to condemn the Chinese government for their imposition of censorship including the blocking of their critics on social media.

The heavy-handed crackdown in the Occident on the increasingly vandalized domain of violated free expression on the Internet is quite comparable to communist crackdowns on dissident news and views especially during the peak of the Cold War.

The US claim to be the heartland of the “free world” has long since become ludicrous in the extreme given many factors including the ailing superpower’s generation of an unrelenting flood of power-serving disinformation. Part of this agenda is to control the narrative no matter how deceptive. It is to engage in digital vandalism aimed at discrediting or altogether silencing dissident voices on the Internet.

One of the targets of Internet censorship on the Wuhan Coronavirus story is the web site, Zero Hedge. Zero Hedge was permanently deplatformed by the corporate censors at Twitter for reporting on interpretations that might be characterized as consistent with Senator Cotton’s skeptical critique of officialspeak on many aspects of the current Coronavirus debacle. One of the thought police agencies behind the attack Zero Hedge is the Internet venue, BuzzFeed News.

Twitter’s decision to deplatform Zero Hedge came in the wake of its 29 January post that included the following comments by Tyler Durden:

..the official theory for the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic, namely because someone ate bat soup at a Wuhan seafood and animal market… … is a fabricated farce, and that the real reason behind the viral spread [of the disease] is because a weaponized version of the coronavirus (one which may have originally been obtained from Canada), was released by Wuhan’s Institute of Virology (accidentally or not), a top, level-4 biohazard lab which was studying “the world’s most dangerous pathogens.”

The Military-Medical-Propaganda Complex and COVID-19

India, and especially India’s capital of New Delhi, have been important bases where challenging interpretations of the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic have been formulated and distributed. In some circles in India there is a high level of attentiveness and concern about China’s interest in biological warfare. This concern was expressed in Tehelka, an important English-language publication based in New Delhi.

Tehelka reported on 18 Feb. that

China’s national strategy of military-civil fusion has highlighted biology as a priority, and the People’s Liberation Army – PLA could be at the forefront of expanding and exploiting this knowledge… China’s Biological Warfare Programme is believed to be in an advanced stage that includes research and development, production and weaponization capabilities. Its current inventory is believed to include the full range of traditional chemical and biological agents with a wide variety of delivery systems including artillery rockets, aerial bombs, sprayers, and short-range ballistic missiles.

As we have seen, New Delhi’s Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis hosted Dr. Shoham during a study leave in 2014. During his time in India, the Israeli intelligence officer devoted his study leave with the approval of his Indian hosts to investigating China’s alleged biological warfare program.

Not surprisingly, Indian scientists were especially fast off the mark in trying to understand the nature of the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic. Some in India well remember that the Chinese government was slow in releasing information on the SARS infection of 2002-3. Some, including Dr. Dany Shoham, believe this delay had to do with the importance of SARS in the Chinese program of bioweapon research. Dr. Shoham has maintained that Coronaviruses, but particularly SARS, have been studied in the Wuhan Institute of Viriology. He adds, “SARS is included in the Chinese Bioweapons program, and is dealt with in several pertinent facilities.”

During January of 2020 a team of nine high-level researchers at the University of Delhi’s Kusuma School of Biological Sciences at the Indian Institute of Technology investigated the RNA side of the genetic blueprint of the COVID-19 virus. These Indian researchers collaborated in the analysis of the organism that some have taken to calling the Wuhan supervirus.

The initial findings of the researchers have been published on line in a paper entitled, “Uncanny Similarity of Unique Inserts in the 2019-nCoV Spike Protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag.” At the time of writing this essay, the University of Delhi’s much-smeared contribution to COVID-19 research continues to be available on the line even though it is still making its way through the process of peer review with possible future revisions.

The main finding of the study so far is that the genetic structure of the virus has “4 insertions in the spike glycoprotein (S) which are unique to the 2019-nCoV [COVID-19] and are not present in other coronaviruses.” These “4 inserts have identity or similarity to those in HIV-1 gp120 or HIV-1 Gag.” This finding “sheds light on the evolution and pathogenicity of this virus.”

The authors of the paper find that the genetic inserts into the virus “have identity/similarity to amino acid residues in key structural proteins of HIV-1.” These characteristics are “unlikely to be fortuitous in nature.” This key phrase indicates that in the opinion of the researchers the presence of HIV genes in COVID-19 was not the result of some process of random mutation in nature. Instead, the insertion of the HIV genes into the new coronavirus probably took place through an engineered intervention by experts in microbiology.

The finding that HIV genes are integral to the genetic structure of COVID-19 has not been seriously challenged. The fact that HIV treatments are being widely used to ease the symptoms of those suffering the effects of the new infection is highly suggestive. It implies that some of the analysis of the Kusuma School of microbiologists was quickly seized upon and applied in clinical situations.

The main subjects of the controversy that has been generated so far arise mostly from the question of whether or not the insertion of the HIV genes could have occurred without human intervention, without genetic engineering. That issue is bound to attract much scientific attention in the weeks and months ahead.

The work of the Kusuma microbiologists at the University of Delhi has become important in the interpretation of the epidemic advanced by Zero Hedge. The size of the group following Zero Hedge’s coverage of the Coronavirus crisis of 2020 only became larger after the censorious thought police at BuzzFeed and Twitter intervened. The public is not taking well to corporate intervention aimed at dictating what can or cannot be communicated, viewed, considered or debated.

The hysteria aroused by the “Uncanny Resemblance” paper captured the attention of a site called GreatGameIndia. This operation publishes a regular “Journal of Geopolitics and International Relations.” The co-founders and editors of GreatGameIndia, an especially lively and edgy publishing venue, are Raja Sekhar and Shelly Kasli.

The interpretive bent of this venue begins with the surprising observation that the English East India Company was the most influential and large-scale business venture in all of history. According to Raja Sekhar, this history established patterns of Western kleptocracy in Asia that continue to this day.

The publication of GreatGameIndia on the background of the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic has attracted positive attention from Tehelka and from many other publications throughout the world. The venue, unfortunately, is not always completely transparent. For instance the names of specific authors of specific essays are sometimes not published.

GreatGameIndia describes itself as “India’s one-of-a kind portal on international affairs providing global intelligence… in a geopolitical and historical framework to better understand international developments and the world around us. Experts in the field of Geopolitics and International Relations, we bring in fresh perspective to the otherwise redundant academic approach. We are read, recommended and published by decision makers, renowned personalities and organisations around the world.”

GreatGameIndia did indeed bring “fresh perspective” in highlighting a possible role for Canada in China’s alleged military program to develop bioweapons. This story was developed in a rapid-fire series of articles, most of which appeared in January and February of 2020. These items brought together intertwined news on the possible roles of the Wuhan Institute of Virology and Winnipeg’s National Microbiology Laboratory in the genesis of the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic.

This juxtaposition of the two institutions highlights the work of Israeli intelligence expert, Dr. Dany Shoham. It seems he may have had some role in shaping the overall narrative. Dr. Shoham’s oft’ republished essay highlighting the role of Dr. Xiangguo in the Winnipeg-Wuhan axis of biotechnology was republished by GreatGameIndia.

A number of issues are raised by Dr. Shoham’s possible involvement in the genesis of the stories run by GreatGameIndia and by other related venues on the Wuhan Coronavirus crisis. Is Dr. Shoham to be understood as an agent of Israel in the discussions and debates? Is his consistently critical stance on China’s alleged bioweapons program together with his relative silence on similar US programs a significant sign of an Israel-US or an Israel-US-India alignment on this issue?

One could legitimately ask, for instance, if the series of narratives highlighting the Chinese-Canadian connection might have been meant as a diversion? Might such a diversion have been mounted to point attention away from the possibility that a germ warfare attack was covertly mounted in Wuhan by US soldiers taking part in the 7th World Military Games? Over 300 US military personnel took part in this event organized in Wuhan from October18-27, 2019.

In an interview with Jeff Brown, a veteran of US special operations in China, “Uriah Heep,” aka “Metallicman,” has speculated about the possibility that the US government was responsible for a biological attack resulting in the COVID-19 epidemic.

The GreatGameIndia essays are premised on a very harsh picture assessment of the Chinese government’s intentions as directed especially at North America. J. R. Nyquist is the author of the article in GreatGameIndia outlining the historical background of China’s emphasis on biotechnology, including the development of the means to conduct biological warfare.

A version of Nyquist’s GreatGameIndia essay also appeared in the Falun Gong-backed Epoch Times. Nyquist writes frequently for The Epoch Times. Many of his essays emphasize very critical assessments of communism in a variety of contemporary and historical settings.

The heart of the essay introducing readers to the genesis of China’s biological warfare capacities highlights a speech given in 2005 by Chi Hoatian, an important General in the People’s Liberation Army.Between 1993 and 2003 General Chi was also China’s Minister of National Defence. The full text of the speech is available here.

The essence of the presentation is based on the premise that by 2005 China had become severely overpopulated, a problem that entailed a growing degradation of the national environment. The solution to this problem, General Chi decided, was to colonize a portion of the globe as a second China. Chi observed that the region neighboring China was already densely populated. He added, “only countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia have the vast land to serve our need for mass colonization.”

General Chi indicated that is was Deng Xioping who was the most instrumental figure in the decision to build up his country’s arsenal of biological weapons in spite of China’s formal adherence to the Biological Weapons Convention. Deng is best known as the Chinese leader who oversaw the dramatic transformation of the Chinese economy beginning in the 1980s. Said General Chi

When Comrade Xiaoping was still with us, the Party Central Committee had the perspicacity to make the right decision not to develop aircraft carrier groups and focused instead on developing lethal weapons that can eliminate mass populations of the enemy country. Biological weapons are unprecedented in their ruthlessness, but if Americans do not die then Chinese have to die. If the Chinese people remain strapped to the present land, a total societal collapse is bound to take place.

As General Chi saw it, from the Chinese perspective biological weapons have advantages over nuclear weapons. According to his way of seeing things,’ “only by using non-destructive weapons that kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves.”

GreatGameIndia did little to explain how average people in China have responded to General Chi’s surprising explanation of a perceived need to colonize a portion of the world for a second China. How seriously were General Chi’s words received in China? How many in China today consider General Chi’s analysis to be still relevant?

The account by GreatGameIndia of the strange viral infection starting in Wuhan depends on some documented evidence mixed in with speculative accounts of things that might have taken place. The essence of the scenario presented to the public is identified by the title of the core essay in the series. Published on 26 January, 2020 this title is “Coronavirus Bioweapon: How China Stole Coronavirus from Canada and Weaponized It.”

This essay was widely republished including by Zero Hedge.

The authors mix sheer conjecture with an evidence-based chronicle of certain events. The aim seems to be to stimulate thinking about what is known to be happening while encouraging concurrently reflections on what might be taking place or what might be about to take place.

Hence the overall nature of the narrative outlined by GreatGameIndia can best be described as an SOS about quickly deteriorating developments containing warnings about possible unseen factors or possible dangers up ahead. The GreatGameIndia project can be conceived, therefore, as a psychological operation meant to shift and enliven public attitudes, behavior and actions. Psychological operations, sometimes innocuously identified as PR campaigns, are very prominent in the media coverage of many events and topics these days.

What is actually known about the condition of Winnipeg’s National Microbiology Laboratory during the period when Dr. Qiu’s team of China’s researchers conducted themselves in ways that led to the removal of their security passes, followed by their physical removal from the facility? Recent media reports in Winnipeg have painted a picture of the breakdown of decorum at the NML. In September of 2019 the Winnipeg Free Press reported,

The lab, known as NML, is a source of pride for its role in creating the Ebola vaccine. It’s one of the few facilities in the world accredited to handle the most deadly pathogens. It officially opened in 1999 to much fanfare, after political wrangling had it ultimately placed in Winnipeg.

Yet numerous people who work there have told the Free Press of a workplace rife with intimidation, alcohol abuse and clashes between officials in Winnipeg and Ottawa, which was partially revealed this summer in an administrative breach that has the RCMP investigating a shipment of dangerous substances to China.

“The sad thing is, they do world-class science, but internally they’re almost self-destructing, in terms of how they treat their employees,” said Todd Panas, national president of the Union of Health and Environment Workers.

“The collateral damage to get that science is pretty remarkable.”

As far as the specifics of the RCMP investigation into the much highlighted shipment of deadly viruses from Winnipeg to China, all that has been reported in MSM is that it may have had something to do with “rules around copyright, patents and published works.”

The reporter, Dylan Robertson, went further, indicating, “multiple sources who spoke with the Free Press on the condition of anonymity, say the shipment lacked an agreement spelling out intellectual property rights, which is critical for protecting scientific research.” According to Robertson, the RCMP still will not say if its investigation is going forward in the organizational realm of either national security, or organized crime, or forensics.”

The GreatGameIndia essays highlight the role of Frank Plummer, a former Scientific Director of the Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory and a leading researcher on HIV-AIDS. Prof. Plummer conducted much of his primary HIV research in Kenya. He focused especially on the heterosexual spread of AIDS in Africa, developing in the process a joint project between the University of Manitoba and the University of Nairobi.

GreatGameIndia included in their lineup of intertwined stories one describing Frank Plummer as the “key to the coronavirus investigation” who “was assassinated in Africa.” There is nothing but conjecture behind the assertion that Dr. Plummer was assassinated. It was widely reported in MSM that Prof. Plummer died quickly of an unexpected heart attack in Nairobi on 4 February of 2020 just as coverage on the Wuhan epidemic was reaching a point of critical mass.

The conjecture of assassination gave the story a contemporary resonance that captured considerable attention. This twist invested the larger narrative with sensationalist connotations. It strongly implied that some malevolent group of saboteurs had eliminated Dr. Plummer so he could not bear witness to what had apparently happened at the NML in Winnipeg to pour oil on the inflamed crisis in China.

No proof is offered that Dr. Plummer did not die of natural causes. The spotlight put on his career by GreatGameIndia, however, does call attention to the rather exotic career of a significant Canadian involved in many original types of genetic study and alteration totally new to medical and military science. The report serves to stimulate reflections on the types of intrigue that would probably arise on a regular basis in Dr. Plummer’s unusual line of work.

The account by GreatGameIndia of the Canadian connection to the Wuhan plague stresses the role of Dr. Plummer in the process that is said to have brought into Winnipeg’s level 4 pathogen lab a particular SARS strain that initially came from Saudi Arabia. Before arriving in Winnipeg, the strain of SARS said to be investigated by Dr. Plummer passed along a chain of custody involving collaboration with colleagues in Jeddah, Egypt and Rotterdam.

We learn from the narrative that the NML has a “long history of offering comprehensive testing services for Coronaviruses”; that it “isolated and provided the first genome sequence of the SARS Coronavirus and identified another Coronavirus as NL63 in 2004.” We learn that the “Canadian lab grew up stocks of the virus [originating in respiratory illnesses infecting Saudi Arabian victims] and used it to assess diagnostic tests being used in Canada. Winnipeg scientists worked to see which animal species can be infected with the new virus.”

The article uses provocative language calling Dr. Qui “a Chinese Bio-Warfare Agent.” After referring to Dr. Shoham, whose comments appear consistently throughout a wide array of reports critical of the alleged biowarfare program run by the Chines government, a reference is made to James Giordano. a is identified as a neurology professor at Georgetown University and a senior fellow in Biowarfare at the U.S. Special Operations Command. Prof. Giordano is reported to have commented,

China’s growing investment in bio-science, looser ethics around gene-editing and other cutting-edge technology and integration between government and academia raise the spectre of such pathogens being weaponized.

That could mean an offensive agent, or a modified germ let loose by proxies, for which only China has the treatment or vaccine. “This is not warfare, per se,” he said. “But what it’s doing is leveraging the capability to act as global saviour, which then creates various levels of macro and micro economic and bio-power dependencies.”

The authors of the GreatGameIndia series on the possible Canadian connection to the Wuhan Institute of Virology speculate that the shipments of viruses from the NML to China included the specific strain of Coronavirus that originated in Saudi Arabia. This conjecture caused me to speculate about why it is that the Israeli specialist in biological and chemical warfare, Dr. Dany Shoman, took such an active interest in the Winnipeg biolab. I have seen no evidence Dr. Shoham ever visited the Winnipeg lab but for some unexplained reason he seems well informed about its activities.

My own speculations cause me to wonder if Dr. Shoham might have come in contact with Dr. Plummer because of the latter’s reported work in doing the genetic sequencing of the virus causing the Saudi-based outbreak of a version of SARS. This speculation arises because of a serious report in London England highlighting the interests of Israeli biological warfare experts in an “ethnic bomb” that would specifically target Arabs.

The existence of such a program was outlined on 15 November, 1998 in a London Sunday Times story entitled, “Israel Planning ‘Ethnic Bomb’ as Saddam Caves In.” The story’s authors, Uzi Mahnaimi and Marie Cohen, explain the existence of such a clandestine research project on ethnic-specific bioweapons at Ness Ziona Israel near Tel Aviv. The Israeli research project, which still continues, apparently drew earlier on investigations on ethnically-targeted biological weaponry that took place in South Africa during the era of apartheid.

The Times article reported that

Israel, using research obtained from South Africa, was developing an “ethno bomb; In developing their “ethno-bomb”, Israeli scientists are trying to exploit medical advances by identifying a distinctive gene carried by some Arabs, then create a genetically modified bacterium or virus… The scientists are trying to engineer deadly micro-organisms that attack only those bearing the distinctive genes.

As an Israeli military and medical expert in the field of biological and chemical warfare, Dr. Shoham must have had some awareness of the founding and genesis of Ness Ziona “ethno-bomb” project.

What is the past or current relationship of Dr. Shoham to the Ness Ziona Institute for Biological Research? Did Dr. Shoham have professional interactions with Dr. Plummer following the reported cultivation and genetic sequencing by the Winnipeg scientist of the Saudi-derived strain of SARS. This strain came to be known as MERS. Was Dr. Plummers’s involvement in a strain of Coronavirus that initially targeted Arabs a factor in attracting Dr. Shoham’s interest to Winnipeg’s NML.

GreatGameIndia has published a rich and detailed academic paper presenting a chronicle and an assessment of the spread of the SARS strain that struck down Arab victims initially in Qatar and Jordan as well as Saudi Arabia. Some of the victims also spread the illness to family members in London and Pakistan. The labeling of this strain of infection as MERS comes from the name, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.

Prof. Gufaraz Kahn is the author of the paper published on 28 February of 2013 in Vol. 10 (no. 66) of Virology Journal. Dr. Kahn’s professional base is the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at United Arab Emirates University.

Dr. Kahn’s rich and erudite academic account of the early stages of the MERS infections in Virology Journal would almost certainly have drawn the attention of Israeli agents involved in the country’s alleged biological and chemical warfare program. This attraction would have been especially enticing for any Israeli military officials still seeking to target Arab victims with genetically-engineered viruses.

Did Dr. Plummer knowingly or inadvertently help Dr. Shoham with his research work based in Israel? How does the staff of the NHL navigate the inevitable military side of their research with its applications in Canada, in the US and internationally?

If Dr. Plummer did in some way collaborate with Dr. Shoham and with other Israeli researchers in biotechnology, might this activity have been a factor in the decision of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to grant Dr. Plummer the Scopus Award? What level of accountability is owed by the managers of the NML in Winnipeg to the citizens who fund the research facility? Shouldn’t these managers and their supervisors in administrative and elected office make a commitment not to hide research for biological warfare behind veneers of public health research?

In the last year of his life Dr. Plummer agreed to the insertion of a surgically inserted implant in his brain meant to help the scientist cope with a severe case of alcoholism that plagued his life beginning in the 1980s. Dr. Plummer agreed to be a test case in this new biomedical therapy after he suffered a liver failure followed by a liver transplant in 2012.

The case was widely publicized by the BBC and many other media venues in the weeks and days before the death of Dr. Plummer by heart failure in Nairobi. It is legitimate to ask whether Dr. Plummer’s longstanding problem with alcoholism contributed to the breakdown of orderly procedures and civility reported to have overtaken the culture of scientific work at the Winnipeg’s NML?

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Masks Its Own Ineptitude by Attacking ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ and ‘Vigilantes’

On 27 January of 2020 the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation responded to the boisterous response created on the Internet to the GreatGameIndian series of articles. The CBC article was written by Karen Pauls and Jeff Yates. As we have seen, some elements of GreatGameIndia series drew on news conveyed through Karen Paul’s earlier CBC reports written during the spring and summer of 2019.

The CBC reporting on the factual lapses in the alleged Winnipeg-Wuhan axis of microbiology failed to deal with many germane subjects including the role of Dr. Dany Shoham. The stories featuring comments by Dr. Shoham have tended to develop storylines that the CBC report deems deceptive.

Dr. Shoham’s media interventions have been influential in creating the imagery of Chinese government malfeasance in the handling the COVID-19 crisis. This critical orientation to the CCP has become common in coverage generated by many venues. Prominent among them are The Epoch Times, the Washington Times, Steve Bannon’s and Miles Guo’s coverage on War Room: Pandemic, and Simone Gao’s Taiwan-based coverage on Zooming In.

Another very significant source of honest news reporting on the COVID-19 crisis has been Trunews, an evangelical Christian broadcasting operation hosted by Rick Wiles. Rev. Wiles and those who join him on-air emerged as pioneers in the in-depth coverage of of China in epidemiological crisis. They conducted their own independent research, crawled down rabbit hole after rabbit hole, and emerged with some excellent coverage that really does qualify as Trunews. In the course of their coverage the webcast was removed from the You Tube/ADL platform. The background of the deplatforming has to do with the fact that Rev. Wiles is a self-declared Born Again Christian who is highly critical of the preoccupations and ethics of Christian Zionists.

The CBC intervention labeled as “Fake” a screen shot of a tweet by a Dallas-based hedge fund manager named Kyle Bass. Citing CBC News, Bass tweeted that “a husband and wife Chinese spy team were recently removed from a level 4 Disease facility for sending pathogens to the Wuhan facility.” CBC reported that this tweet, one that combines documented facts with speculative supposition, was shared 12,000 times .

The CBC did not attempt to add background and context to the use made of its own stories formulated months before the inception of the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic. There was no specific reference in the CBC “Fake News” diatribe to the GreatGameIndia series of articles. As noted, when taken together the GreatGameIndia publications created a fairly elaborate narrative by mixing straight reporting of well-documented facts with speculative interludes.

Bear in mind that this speculation was delivered pretty much into the vacuum created by the unwillingness or inability of many mainstream media venues to deal with the complexities of a fast-moving emergency spreading from China to the world. The genesis of the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic provides an important window into a whole range of issues that are in many respects quite different from anything previously faced by humanity.

The recent introduction of the tools of genetic engineering into the production of food, vaccines, or bioweaponry is not an easy or familiar subject for many people. When it comes to introducing audiences to the wide array of new issues involving technologies integral to the COVID-19 epidemic, the media still has many big jobs of public education to mount. This public education is the necessary gateway to well-informed public discourse on the complex array of issues, some of them life-and-death in nature, that is fast bearing down upon us all.

Instead of conscientiously reporting on the situation, the CBC’s reporters tend like so many others in their position to fall back on what is becoming an old canard. Rather than evaluate all the gaping holes and omissions and silences in their own news coverage, they attribute all problems to some imagined tribe of malicious know nothings smeared collectively as “conspiracy theorists.”

By and large, most MSM reporters equate the concept of “conspiracy theorists” with kooks and losers who exist in some wayward zone well outside the charmed inner circle of “authoritative sources”? How are we to interpret what Pauls and Yates mean when they subjectively refer to a “conspiracy blog,” or to “conspiracy theory blogs” without giving any explanations, proofs or definitions of what they mean. Where is the trusted agency that is qualified and empowered to decide without bias or self-interest what is or is not a “conspiracy blog”? Is any interpretation that runs counter to the CBC’s often-vapid interpretation of events a “conspiracy theory”?

Doesn’t the MSM’s serial abuse of the “conspiracy theory” meme provide a license for lazy, groupthink-inclined stenographers of power to continue a policy of serving the continued reign of the status quo?

How often does it happen that whistle blowers who provide conscientious critiques of official narratives in many fields are dismissed as “conspiracy theorists”? Wasn’t Wuhan Medical Doctor, Li Wenliang, initially dismissed by Chinese authorities as a conspiracy theorist? How often does it happen that those who fall back on the conspiracy theory meme to discredit their detractors are in fact apologists and gate keepers for corrupt, self-serving lobbies?

The CBC story presents a screen shot that attributes to Zero Hedge the asking of the question, “Did China Steal the Coronavirus From Canada And Weaponize It?” No effort is made by the CBC reporters to put in context the important story of the attack on Zero Hedge by Twitter in order to protect the problematic official narrative of the COVID-19 epidemic. No effort has been made by CBC to identify GreatGameIndia as the source of the story on the alleged Canadian connection to COVID-19. No effort is made to assess the background, understanding and possible motivations of the creators of the GreatGameIndia essays.

If the CBC had held back its attack on Coronavirus “conspiracy theorists” one day longer, its reporters would have had before them the story of the arrest of Dr. Charles Lieber, the Chair of Harvard University’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Dr. Lieber is facing serious criminal charges for his failure to communicate to US authorities the full extent of his commitments in China, including his role at the Wuhan University of Technology.

The nature of the allegations against the activities of Dr. Lieber cast an important light on the case of Dr. Xiangguo Qui, her husband Keding Cheng, and on her many Chinese graduate students often afforded favorable treatment at the NML and the University of Manitoba. The clear and detailed explanations given by some US officials describing the content and broader implications of the Lieber case help clarify what is not being reported in Canada.

What and who was behind the attempt to identify and explain a significant Canadian connection to the COVID-19 crisis? What is the position of the federal government and the University of Manitoba on the case in Winnipeg that, in general terms, is seemingly being replicated by some aspects of the scandal that has opened up the Chemistry Department at Harvard University to considerable skeptical public scrutiny?

The reporting on the Lieber case helps clarify the nature information blackout imposed on Canadians by, for instance, by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, by the federal Public Health Agency, by the RCMP, and by the Crown’s public broadcaster known as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

In setting themselves up as virtue-seeking critics of “conspiracy theorists,” CBC reporters professionally roughed up an array of writers whose work they probably haven’t read, let alone considered in a careful and thoughtful way. In creating stereotypical accounts about a body of work they probably have not evaluated on a case-by-case basis, the CBC journalists resort to forms of blanket generalizations that have much in common with the racist caricaturing of ethnic groups.

Hence the CBC reporters continue down the road of incitement by demonizing interpretations that in many instances do not conform to their own way of viewing events. Part of this incitement is expressed in the decision to highlight the comments of Prof. Fuyuki Kurasawa. Kurasawa is a sociologist and Director of the Global Digital Citizenship Lab at York University. Kurasawa condemns “conspiracy theories” and “rumours” for “washing out factual information being reported on line.”

How can genuine “factual information” be credibly determined without providing space and time for open debate among proponents of competing interpretations? If the pursuit of truth by means of open debate is being spurned even by faculty members at academic institutions (which tragically is often the case these days), where else in society can such rituals of informed and civil disagreement take place in humanity’s quest for knowledge?

Kurasawa is one of those academic careerists who has decided to swim along professionally with a broad array of discredited assumptions underlying the Global War on Terror.

Kurasawa’s complicity in the war on terror’s culture of caricature shows up in his convoluted account how the Coronavirus “vigilantes” of his imagination might think and act. He imagines a subgroup of “conspiracy theorists” who

will take it on themselves to become vigilantes, where they’ll try to spot someone who supposedly is either holding the truth about some hidden truth about the coronavirus or a person who may be a carrier or supposed carrier of the virus because they appear to have certain symptoms, and then they’ll ask the general public to take matters into own hands.

Life Sciences or Death Sciences?

Spiro Skouras, former executive producer at Newsbud, has emerged as one of the more engaging and erudite of the young investigative journalists who have been delving into the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic. Skouras has documented the position of many prominent figures that have questioned the dubious claim that the source of COVID-19 infection was a diseased animal in Wuhan’s open-air food market.

Skouras has argued it would be “negligent” for researchers to refrain from investigating “the full array of possibilities” on how the contagion originated and how it spread.

Among the first figures, Skouras interviewed on the crisis was Francis Boyle, the renowned professor of international law at the University of Illinois. Prof. Boyle drafted the Biological Weapons and Terrorism Act, legislation that enabled US ratification of the UN’s Biological Warfare Convention in 1990.

Prof. Boyle indicated in his interview with Skouras that COVID-19 is most likely a genetically-engineered pathogen that escaped from the so-called Biosafety Laboratory in Wuhan. Prof. Boyle indicated,

It’s clear to me [the coronavirus] leaked out of the Wuhan Biosafety Level 4 Facility set up by the Chinese government that is working on every type of dangerous biological warfare agent you can consider.

Prof. Boyle points to the fact that the SARS virus leaked out from a Beijing lab in 2004. He describes as “propaganda” the widely promulgated opinion that COVID-19 originated in Wuhan’s exotic, open-air food market. Prof. Boyle expanded some of his interpretations in a subsequent interview published by GreatGameIndia.

Skouras specifically asked Dr. Boyle about his relationship with mainstream media given his record as one of the foremost academic experts on international law and military culture concerning the development of bioweaponry in the United States. Dr. Boyle responded that he was pretty much blacklisted from commenting on the subject of biological warfare ever since he publicly shared his interpretation of the anthrax attacks on two US Senators in October of 2001.

There has been considerable scholarly scrutiny of the anthrax attacks targeting the US Congress and some media organizations in early October of 2001. The anthrax attacks constitute the most serious assault ever on the operations of the US Congress, the primary interface between law and politics in the United States.

These attacks have come to be understood as an integral part of the large body of crimes committed in Manhattan and Washington DC on 9/11. The anthrax attacks killed five people including two postal workers. Seventeen people were injured and Congress was shut down for a few days.

Anthrax-laden letter attacks were specifically directed at two Democratic Party Senators, Patrick Leahy and Tom Daschle. When they received the contaminated letters both lawmakers were engaged in questioning provisions of the post-9/11 emergency measures legislation known as the Patriot Act. Both Senators Leahy and Daschle were hesitant to rubber stamp the enactment that was seemingly instantly drafted and put before Congress within three weeks of the 9/11 debacle.

The anthrax attacks took place just as the US Armed Forces began invading Afghanistan where the culprits of the 9/11 crimes were supposed to be hiding out. The perpetrators of the anthrax attack, who we were supposed to imagine at the time as al-Qaeda terrorists, succeeded in easing aside the major locus of opposition to the Patriot Act’s speedy passage in late October. Why, one might legitimately ask, ask, would Islamic jihadists want the Patriot Act to be rushed through Congress. In early October the US Armed Forces invaded Afghanistan at the same time that the US executive branch was seeking with the Patriot a license to kill and torture and steal without any checks of accountability.

Once the US Armed Forces went to war with Afghanistan on the basis of a fraudulent explanation of 9/11’s genesis, there was basically no chance that a genuine and legitimate evidence-based investigation of the September 11 crimes would ever take place. To this day the Global War on Terror continues to unfold on a foundation of lies and illusions that have had devastating consequences for the quality of life for average people throughout the United States and the world.

In his 2005 book, Biowarfare and Terrorism, Prof. Boyle’s analysis pointed to major problems in the FBI’s investigation of the anthrax attacks including the agency’s destruction of relevant evidence. To Prof. Boyle, the highly refined military-grade quality of the anthrax made it almost certain that the anthrax bioweapon was produced within the US Armed Forces at the lab in Fort Detrick Maryland. Anthrax, or Bacillus anthracis, is a rod-shaped bacteria found naturally in soil.

Looking back at the episode Dr. Boyle observed, “The Pentagon and the C.I.A. are ready, willing, and able to launch biowarfare when it suits their interests. They already attacked the American People and Congress and disabled our Republic with super-weapons-grade anthrax in October 2001.”

Prof. Boyle’s interpretation was later verified and expanded upon in a book by Canadian Prof. Graeme MacQueen. Prof. Boyle acknowledges the veracity of Prof. MacQueen’s study of the anthrax deception as part of a “domestic conspiracy.” He sees The 2001 Anthrax Deception as the most advanced finding of academic research on the topic so far.

Prof. MacQueen is prominent among a very large group of academics and public officials who condemn the official narrative of 9/11 for its dramatic inconsistencies with the available evidence. Those who share this understanding include former Italian Prime Minister Francesco Cossiga, former German Defence Minister Andreas von Bülow, former UK Minister of the Environment Michael Meacher, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury Paul Craig Roberts, former Director of the US Star Wars Missile Defense Program Lt. Col. Bob Bowman, Princeton International Law Professor Richard Falk, and the author of ten academic books on different aspects of the 9/11 debacle, Claremont Graduate University Professor David Ray Griffin.

Prof. Francis Boyle shared the 9/11 skepticism of many when he asked,

Could the real culprits behind the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001, and the immediately-following terrorist anthrax attacks upon Congress ultimately prove to be the same people? Could it truly be coincidental that two of the primary intended victims of the terrorist anthrax attacks – Senators Daschle and Leahy – were holding up the speedy passage of the pre-planned USA Patriot Act … an act which provided the federal government with unprecedented powers in relation to US citizens and institutions?

In his coverage of the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic, Spiro Skouras highlighted the proceedings known as Event 201. Event 201 brought together in New York on October 18, 2019 an assembly of delegates hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. The gathering anticipated the COVID-19 crisis by just a few weeks. I retrospect it is almost as if Event 201 announced many of the controversies about to arise with the outbreak of the real epidemic in Wuhan China. Event 201 performed functions similar to those of the drills that frequently mimic the engineered scenarios animating false flag terror events but especially those of 9/11.

A major subject of the meeting highlighted the perceived need to control communications during an epidemic. Levan Thiru of the Monetary Authority of Singapore went as far as to call for “a step up on the part of governments to take action against Fake News.” Thiru called for recriminatory litigation aimed at criminalizing “bad actors.” Cautioning against this kind of censorship, Skouras asked, Who is going to decide what constitutes “Fake News”? If fact checkers are to be employed, “who will fact check the fact checkers”?

Hasti Taghi, a media executive with NBC Universal in New York, was especially outspoken in condemning the activities of “conspiracy theorists” that have organized themselves to question the motives and methods of the complex of agencies involved in developing and disseminating vaccines. She frequently condemned the role of “conspiracy theories” in energizing public distrust of the role of pharmaceutical companies and media conglomerates in their interactions with government.

Tom Ingelsby of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security injected an interesting twist into the discussion. He asked, “How much control of information should there be? By whom should control of information be exercised? How can false information be effectively challenged?” Ingelsby then added, “What happens if the false information is coming from companies and governments?”

This final question encapsulates a major problem for conscientious citizens trying to find their way through the corruption and disinformation that often permeates our key institutions. Those that try to counter the problem that governments and corporations sometimes peddle false information can pretty much expect to face accusations that they are “conspiracy theorists.” Too often the calculations involved in deciding whom or what is credible (or not) depends primarily on simple arithmetic favouring the preponderance of wealth and power.

Spiro Skouras gives careful consideration to the possibility that the United States instigated the COVID-19 epidemic starting in Wuhan China.

He notes the precedent set in 1945 on the atomic attacks by the US government on the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Skouras points out that there is proof that since the Second World War, the US government has conducted at least 239 experiments, secretly deploying toxic chemical and biological agents against portions of its own population.

On the history of US involvement in biological warfare see here, here and here.

Skouras highlights the window presented for a covert US bioweapon attack at the World Military Games in Wuhan China in the second half of October of 2019. He notes that 300 US soldiers participated as athletes in the Wuhan Military Games together with a large contingent of American support personnel. The timing and the circumstances of the event were more or less ideal to open up a new pathogenic front in the US government’s informal “hybrid war” against China.

On Feb. 15 at the Munich Security Conference, US Defence Secretary, Mark T. Esper, developed a highly critical characterization of Chinese wrongdoing in order to seemingly justify recriminatory actions. Esper asserted, “China’s growth over the years has been remarkable, but in many ways it is fuelled by theft, coercion, and exploitation of free market economies, private companies, and colleges and universities… Huawei and 5G are today’s poster child for this nefarious activity.

The US antagonism to Huawei’s leadership in the design and worldwide dissemination of 5 G technology might well be a factor in the scandal generated by the Chinese connection to intertwined research in microbiology at the level 4 labs in Winnipeg and Wuhan.

Back in 2000 the notorious report entitled Rebuilding America’s Defenses, a publication brought forward by the neoconservative Project for the New American Century (PNAC), proposed that the US government should refurbish and invoke its capacity to wage biological warfare. PNAC was the think tank that anticipated the events of September 11, 2001 by outlining a strategic scheme that could only be realized by mobilizing American public opinion with “a catalytic event like a New Pearl Harbor.”

After 9/11, the PNAC Team of related neoconservative activists and Zionist organizations pretty much took over the governance of the United States along with the build up and deployment of its formidable war machine. PNAC called for the invocation of “advanced forms of biological warfare that can ‘target’ specific genotypes.” In this fashion “biological warfare might be transformed into a politically useful tool.”

The relationship of this pandemic to internal disagreements within China has been put on full display in Steve Bannon’s coverage of the crisis entitled War Room: Pandemic. A prominent member of US President Donald Trump’s inner circle, Steve Bannon is often accompanied on the daily show by Chinese billionaire dissident, Miles Guo (aka Guo Wengui, Miles Haoyun, Miles Kwok).

Guo is an outspoken Chinese refugee. He is a persistent critic of virtually every facet of the policies and actions of the Chinese Communist Party.

Guo regularly condemns those who dominate China’s one-party system, a system run by an elite who, he alleges, are corrupt, incompetent and inveterate liars. Guo regularly asserts that all of the Chinese government’s numbers on the pandemic, including death rates and infection rates, can probably be multiplied by 10X or even 100X to get closer to accuracy.

[On the 10X guestimate of mortality and infection see this.]

Clearly Bannon and Guo would like to see the emergency conditions created by the pandemic as a wedge of division, protest and regime change within China. One of the subjects they regularly raise, as do others who accuse the Chinese government of systematic lying and deception, is that the crematoriums in Wuhan and nearby Chongqing are burning corpses of dead people at a rate far higher than official death figures. Some reports indicated that portable incinerators were being brought into the most infected core of the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic.

It is troubling, to say the least, that some reports indicate dead people are being cremated far faster and at far higher rates than the Chinese government and the World Health Organization are reporting. Some reckoning with the apparent disparity between reported and actual deaths has led to widespread suspicions about what is actually going in the scenes of violent and angry exchanges between people in the Wuhan area.

Many of these videos show brutal confrontations between Chinese civilians and Chinese security police. The displays of desperation by some of those trying to escape apprehensions by uniformed officials seem sometimes to suggest the severity of a life or death struggle. It is made to seem that those seeking to escape the grip of authorities are aware that their failure to do so might lead to a quick death and a quick exit by incineration. These reflections are, of course, speculative rather than definitive.

Questions concerning who we are supposed to believe or not in this crisis are becoming ever more pressing and volatile. One of the emerging themes in the discourse developed at War Room: Pandemic is the propensity of some of the core agencies of mainstream media in the United States to accept at face value the reports they receive from official media outlets answering to the Chinese Communist Party. To Banning and Guo this pattern makes media organizations like the New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN essentially propaganda extensions of the Chinese government.

The Chinese people themselves are clearly grappling in new ways with the problem of how to understand the information and directives given them by the governing apparatus of the Chinese Communist Party. Clearly the Party initially failed the people by not intervening early and decisively enough after the first cases of Coronavirus illness began to show up. The exit from Wuhan of almost five million people in prior to the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations had huge implications for spreading the contagion.

As noted in the introduction, the death in Wuhan of Dr. Li Wenliang on 7 February has become a flash point for popular criticism of the Chinese Communist Party led by General Secretary Xi Jinping. Dr. Li wrote to members of his medical school alumnus group suggesting that some significant action should be taken in response to the appearance of SARS-like symptoms that suddenly afflicted his patients.

For sending out this unauthorized communication, Dr. Li was summoned along with seven other supposed offenders to the Public Security Bureau. There he was warned by police to stop “making false statements.” He was ordered to cease and desist “spreading rumors,” and “acting illegally to disturb social order.”

Dr. Li signed a form indicating he would refrain from continuing to do what he had been accused of doing. The chastised professional returned to his medical practice. He took his own advice and began treating patients exhibiting signs of the new illness. He himself soon died from COVID-19 when it was still known as 19-nCoV.

Is Twitter’s permanent deplatforming of the Zero Hedge web site a North American version of the police intervention in China with the goal of silencing Dr. Li? Is the censorship of the Internet in the name of opposing “conspiracy theorists” repeating the Chinese Communist Party’s effort to silence Dr. Li?

Is Dr. Li to be appropriately understood as a Chinese version of a “conspiracy theorist”? How different was his treatment for allegedly “spreading rumours” and “acting illegally to disturb social order” from the treatment of those in the Occident who have been deplatformed, smeared and professionally defrocked for attempting to speak truth to power?

I have developed responses to these incursions based on hard-won experiences facing the propaganda blows of an especially powerful political lobby able to seize control of the governing board of my university. These professional lobbyists seek to discredit academic analysis of their own violations of law, ethics and civility by labelling critics of their zealotry as “conspiracy theorists” or worse.

More recently I have been grappling against a variation on this process in trying to counter the censorious attacks on the American Herald Tribune. These assaults on free expression and open debate began with the machinations of military hawks whose hit job instructions were passed along to the disinformation specialists at CNN and the Washington Post.

No one can say for sure where the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic is taking the world. Wherever we are headed, however, we are leaving behind an era that can never be recreated. Whatever happened to originate the contagion, this crisis is forcing us to take stock of the framework of biological warfare as it has been developing in China, Russia, Israel and probably many other countries.

Nowhere, however, is biological warfare being more expansively and expensively developed and probably deployed than by the US Armed Forces. The death and destruction that humanity is presently experiencing should signal to us that it is time to get much more serious about inspecting military facilities and enforcing the terms of the Biological Warfare Convention of 1972. It is, in fact, time to get much more serious about enforcing all aspects of international criminal law in balanced ways that transcend the biases of Victors’ Justice.

It is time to throw off the weight of the pseudo-laws introduced after 9/11 through abhorrent tactics like the inside-job military anthrax attack on Congress. Most certainly, it is time to draw a clear distinction between research in the field of public health and research in the development of lethal bioweapons. Better yet, we should work towards putting an end altogether to militarization through the massive expansion of the “death sciences.” The vile activities of fallen practitioners of the endangered life sciences are, for starters, undermining the integrity of our besieged institutions of higher learnining.

How Vietnam Withstood Largest Bombing Campaign in Human History

Via Sputnik

Between 1965 the 1975, the United States Air Force dropped over three times more bombs on the Southeast Asian nations of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia than the total tonnage dropped by the Allies during World War II.

Monday marks the 55th anniversary of the start of Operation Rolling Thunder, the US Air Force bombing campaign against North Vietnam which remains the largest sustained aerial bombing campaign in human history.

What was meant to be an eight week operation ended up lasting 44 months, until October 31, 1968. During the campaign, US aircraft carried out some 304,000 sorties over North Vietnam, dropping about a million tonnes of munitions, or an average of some 800 tonnes a day. Over six million more tonnes of bombs would be dropped elsewhere in Indochina by the time the US would withdraw from the region in 1975. By comparison, Allied planes dropped a total of ‘only’ 3.4 million tonnes of bombs on the Axis powers between 1939 and 1945.

Col. Igor Permyakov, the head of the Central Archives of the Russian Defence Ministry, suggests that Operation Rolling Thunder’s real goal was “really an attempt to essentially destroy North Vietnam.” At the same time, he said, the North Vietnamese were able to avoid catastrophic losses thanks to an elaborate network of shelters and communications.

“Of course, without the help of the Soviet Union, Vietnam would not have been able to withstand this aggression,” Permyakov emphasized. “Moscow supplied the country with a large number of modern anti-aircraft missile systems and radars. These systems were effectively controlled by Soviet specialists. They inflicted major losses on US aviation. The Americans lost a total of 938 aircraft and 1,084 pilots killed, captured or missing. This helped lead to massive protests inside the US itself and ultimately forced the US government to stop the operation.”

A group of Soviet military experts assigned to the 368th surface to air-missile regiment of the People's Army of Vietnam

A group of Soviet military experts assigned to the 368th surface to air-missile regiment of the People’s Army of Vietnam

Indeed, if in the early stages of the war, the North Vietnamese seemed almost defenseless against the high altitude US air operations, the clandestine shipment of advanced air defences by the Soviets to the country gradually shifted the balance, forcing the Pentagon to change tack. Specifically, once Moscow delivered the S-75 Dvina high-attitude air defence system to North Vietnam, US B-52 Stratofortress strategic bombers were no longer safe high above the clouds, and forced to descend below altitudes of 3 km, putting them at risk of other Vietnamese air defences, including traditional anti-aircraft batteries. Vietnam had assembled large quantities of these weapons going back to the Second World War and their fight against Japan, and from their 1950s campaign against the French.

Vietnamese air defence troops stand beside an S-75 Dvina SAM system.

Vietnamese air defence troops stand beside an S-75 Dvina SAM system.

Air Defence Network as Dense as Vietnam’s Jungles

Two years into Operation Rolling Thunder, North Vietnam amassed as many as 150 surface-to-air missile launchers organized into 25 battalions, along with over 200 radar early warning sites dotting the whole country, which not only helped warn of impending US raids, but coordinated the country’s air defence network. By 1967, not one square inch of North Vietnam was left undefended. Furthermore, as in Korea a decade and a half earlier, Hanoi was armed with MiG-17 and the new MiG-21s fighters by Moscow. Used in combined operations to carry out hit and run attacks, these aircraft turned into a serious challenge not only to B-52s, but also to the faster F-105 Thunderchief fighter-bombers and F-4 Phantoms which could accompany them. During Operation Rolling Thunder, Vietnamese pilots carried out a total of 268 major air battles, during which they claimed the destruction of over 240 US and allied planes, while losing 85 MiGs.

All told, between 1965 and 1975, in their operations in North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, the US Air Force lost some 2,251 aircraft, including 31 B-52s, 445 Phantom IIs, 243 Super Sabres, and 382 Thunderchiefs, among others. The US Navy, meanwhile, lost 532 more fixed wing aircraft. US helicopter losses were even more serious, reaching over 5,100 choppers lost by the end of the war.

A MiG-21 on display alongside the remains of B-52 bombers at the Vietnam Military History Museum in central Hanoi.

A MiG-21 on display alongside the remains of B-52 bombers at the Vietnam Military History Museum in central Hanoi.

Notwithstanding these air victories, which ultimately helped force the US to admit defeat in Southeast Asia, the strategic bombing campaign had a devastating toll on Vietnam and its neighbours. As many as 182,000 North Vietnamese civilians killed during Operation Rolling Thunder. Furthermore, the Pentagon’s use of Agent Orange would lead to the deforestation of about 18 percent of Vietnam’s entire forested area. To this day, Vietnamese farmers continue to find unexploded US ordnance, while hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese and thousands of US veterans have faced cancers, birth defects in children, and other diseases associated with exposure to the chemicals. Unfortunately, while US vets have been made eligible for compensation for their injuries, Vietnam has yet to be compensated in any way.

US Army helicopter sprays Agent Orange over Vietnamese fields.

US Army helicopter sprays Agent Orange over Vietnamese fields.

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The Greatest Intellectual Property Theft in History: Operation Paperclip – The plunder of Germany’s scientific and industrial knowledge after World War Two.

By Larry Romanoff
Global Research, November 16, 2019

The initial purpose of what began as Operation Overcast was to plunder Germany of all its scientific and industrial knowledge after World War Two. The plan was to steal documents and working samples, but the depth and breadth of German industrial knowledge proved much too complex to be usefully understood from a simple examination of documents. In spite of the immense trove of scientific, technical, and industrial knowledge confiscated from Germany, the US failed to benefit due to a lack of know-how. It became quickly apparent that the process would require an extensive debriefing of German scientists and technicians to obtain adequate working knowledge of German industrial and scientific theory and processes.

This realisation led to the immediate creation of vast internment camps containing all the scientists and technicians the Americans could take into custody where these people could be debriefed over time. When it became apparent that both plundering and debriefing would be insufficient, Operation Overcast became Operation Paperclip which involved the forcible transfer of countless thousands of these same individuals to the US.

Operation Overcast has been described as being “as massive a logistical enterprise as that of any major war campaign, involving enormous pre-planning and coordination that included literally dozens of government agencies and departments, ancillary groups like the Library of Congress, hundreds of US corporations and countless thousands of individuals.” It has been downplayed as a simple post-war immigration of German scientists and military personnel to the US, but it extended far beyond this. As in virtually every other area, American history has been revised, deleted, sanitised and Photoshopped to prevent the truth from escaping into the world at large.

Germany had been thoroughly looted after the WWI, including the confiscation of nearly all foreign assets belonging to German companies, (1) and plans were well under way to repeat the process long before the Second War ended. This time, instead of simply seizing German assets and stealing their patents throughout the world, the Americans concocted a grand plan with an almost savage determination to plunder the entire nation of Germany itself, to the maximum extent possible. This was Operation Overcast, the planning for which was completed at least two years before the war ended.

When Germany surrendered and the Americans entered the country in force, hundreds of teams of scientists and industrialists, military and other specialists, were often only minutes or meters behind the troops, in their determined effort to confiscate everything useful lest it be destroyed before their arrival. These hundreds of groups had been selected and prepared in advance, with experts in every specialised scientific, industrial, and military area, those who were best qualified to judge what material was useful or valuable in their fields. A few groups focused on military items, but by far the largest effort was by the TIIB, the Technical Industrial Intelligence Branch of the US Department of Commerce, whose task was to examine every possible segment of German industry and to collect any and all information including documents, patents, processes, prototypes, models, working samples, anything that might be of interest or use to American industrial firms. The TIIB sent many hundreds of commercial investigating groups to Germany, with each group reportedly confiscating millions of pages of documents and countless tons of equipment and product samples. Even the Library of Congress had its own specialised group, tasked with locating and confiscating all German books and journals that might be in any way useful to American corporations.

Every kind of German company of every size was targeted in this enterprise if it might possibly contain research or products of potential use to American companies. Further, all universities, research institutes, patent offices, laboratories of every kind, all government agencies, research councils, were stripped bare, as were every kind of library. This latter included not only public libraries but all those inside German corporations like I. G. Farben, Volkswagen, Dornier, Messerschmitt, Hoescht, and thousands of others. And not only the libraries, but the internal research facilities of these thousands of firms were emptied of all their research documents, publications, and proprietary information. Entire factories and physical production facilities were combed for anything of commercial value.

It was reported that even the Steiff stuffed animal factory was emptied of its patterns, proprietary books and documents, production methods, patents, and samples of teddy bears. The Americans literally took everything, reportedly coming in waves with one wave taking whatever the prior waves left behind, until factories, warehouses, libraries, universities, patent offices, were simply empty. The document haul alone was in the tens of thousands of tons. No one counted the number of samples, prototypes, working models, of vehicles, aircraft, military appliances, and vast numbers of commercial items, and the number of books stolen was likely in the millions.

Secrets by the Thousands

One of the few recorded instances of public documentation and acknowledgement of this massive theft was an article written by C. Lester Walker and titled, “Secrets by the Thousands”. (2) His article begins with the following:

“Someone wrote to Wright Field recently, saying he understood this country had got together quite a collection of enemy war secrets, that many were now on public sale, and could he, please, be sent everything on German jet engines. The Air Documents Division of the Army Air Forces answered: “Sorry – but that would be fifty tons (of documents)”.

Moreover, that fifty tons was just a small portion of what is today undoubtedly the biggest collection of captured enemy war secrets ever assembled. The collection is today chiefly in three places; Wright Field (Ohio), the Library of Congress, and the Department of Commerce. Wright Field is working from a documents mother lode of fifteen hundred tons. In Washington, the Office of Technical Services reports that tens of thousands of tons of material are involved. It is estimated that over a million separate items must be handled, and that they, very likely, contain practically all the scientific, industrial, and military secrets of Germany. One Washington official has called it the greatest single source of this type of material in the world, the first orderly exploitation of an entire country’s brainpower.”

Walker confirms that the US organised a colossal search for what it euphemistically termed “war secrets” but which was simply a treasure hunt for military, commercial and scientific knowledge that the US lacked. “To accomplish this task, various US agencies formed more than 500 intelligence groups, ranging in size from a few to a dozen or more individuals, which closely followed the invading US army into Germany with the intent of confiscating everything of value before the other Allied forces arrived. Most of these Joint Intelligence Objectives search teams were ordered to locate and confiscate industrial and scientific secrets in particular. According to Walker, these US heroes “performed prodigies of ingenuity and tenacity” in accomplishing their task. To some extent, he was correct. In one case the German Patent Office put some of its most secret patents down a sixteen-hundred-foot mine shaft, but the Americans found it and confiscated the entire contents as US “war reparations”.”

German citizens were forced by the Americans to sign documents testifying that they had turned over “all scientific and trade data, and if not, would accept the consequences” – which meant execution, and these were staff of commercial enterprises totally unrelated to military items. The US had photo crews and microfilm recording teams working 24 hours a day to document German inventions. Walker stated that at Hoechst alone, the Americans had more than 100 researchers who would “struggle feverishly to keep ahead of the forty OTS document-recording cameras which route to them each month over one hundred thousand feet of microfilm”. To put this into measurable perspective, the US was extracting several million pages of documents each month from Hoechst alone. Such was the scale of the US theft of German scientific and commercial secrets.

Walker then proceeds to give readers “some outstanding examples from the war secrets collection” which included 1,000-watt micro-miniature vacuum tubes made of porcelain rather than glass, that were virtually indestructible, and a tenth the size of the best the US could make. He listed an apparently miraculous magnetic recording tape, and infrared devices for perfect night vision and a “remarkable diminutive generator which operated it”. He states that German infrared technology was so advanced that, according to US military sources, “German cars could drive at any speed in a total black-out, seeing objects clear as day two hundred meters ahead. Tanks with this device could spot targets two miles away. As a sniperscope it enabled German riflemen to pick off a man in total blackness. …It stepped up current from an ordinary flashlight battery to 15,000 volts.” Prior to these discoveries the Americans had no idea these items even existed, much less of how to design or manufacture them.

Walker listed an array of electronic items including remarkable condensers that appeared to be magic to American scientists, the manufacture of large sheets of synthetic mica, which was important for many manufacturing processes and which the Americans had never been able to make, in any size, but which immediately increased American cold steel production by 1,000%. The Germans had perfected the process of cold metal extrusion, which the Americans also could never do, and which now permitted US manufacturers to increase the production speed of many items by ten times.

Walker stated that the head of a military communications unit told him this one “war secret” alone would totally revolutionise dozens of American metal fabrication industries. He went on to state that “In textiles the war secrets collection has produced so many revelations that American textile men are a little dizzy.”

He relates discoveries of a German rayon-weaving machine (“discovered” by the American Knitting Machine Team that was scouring Germany) that increases production by 150%. There were looms that produced seamless hosiery for ladies, textile needle-making machinery that the American firms had never dreamt possible, a patented way to separate the wool from sheepskin leaving a perfect hide surface. One American dye authority declared, “It includes the production know-how and the secret formulas for over fifty thousand dyes. Many of them are faster and better than ours. Many are colors we were never able to make. The American dye industry will be advanced at least ten years.”

Patents, Theft of Intellectual Property (IP), Product Piracy and US-China Relations

Walker continues:

“In matters of food, medicine, and branches of the military art the finds of the search teams were no less impressive. And in aeronautics and guided missiles they proved to be downright alarming. … the Germans had discovered was a way to sterilize fruit juices without heat. Milk pasteurization by ultra-violet has always failed in other countries, but the Germans had found how to do it …”

His sources told him the Germans had invented a continuous butter-making machine, something the Americans had always wanted but couldn’t figure out how to do it.

Samples of the machines were immediately confiscated and shipped to the US dairy companies. The Germans had invented remarkable new ways of preserving food, and air conditioning and water reclamation so efficient that “German submarines could travel from Germany to the Pacific, operate there for two months, and then return to Germany without having to take on fresh water for the crew.”

Walker tells us as well that a US Army surgeon claimed German medical secrets, many of which were startling and revolutionary, would save American medicine “years of research”, items that included a process for producing synthetic blood plasma on a commercial scale, and substitutes for both blood liquid and adrenaline. These were also areas where the Americans had tried for years, and failed, but Walker then crowed, “Today we have the secret of manufacture.” And let’s not forget these were all categorised by the Americans as “war secrets”, this categorisation somehow justifying their theft. The Germans also had developed methods of reviving bodies in cases of complete standstill of heart and cessation of respiration, Walker noting that “Before our war with Japan ended, this method was adopted as the treatment for use by all American Air-Sea Rescue Services, and it is generally accepted by medicine today.” Likewise, the Germans had already discovered the medical importance of negatively-ionised air and methods of creating it.

Walker further proceeds to tell us,

“But of highest significance for the future were the German secrets in aviation and in various types of missiles. The V-2 rocket which bombed London, an Army Air Force publication reports, was just a toy compared to what the Germans had up their sleeve. When the war ended, we now know, they had 138 types of guided missiles in various stages of production or development, using every known kind of remote control and fuse: radio, radar, wire, continuous wave, acoustics, infra-red, light beams, and magnetics, to name some; and for power, all methods of jet propulsion for either subsonic or supersonic speeds. Jet propulsion had even been applied to helicopter flight. The fuel was piped to combustion chambers at the rotor blade tips, where it exploded, whirling the blades around like a lawn sprinkler or pinwheel.”

Walker goes on to mention supersonic rockets with speeds of almost 6,000 miles per hour with intercontinental range that could reach New York from Germany in about 40 minutes. He tells us, “Little wonder, then, that today Army Air Force experts declare publicly that in rocket power and guided missiles the Germans were ahead of us by at least ten years.”

Walker completes his article with examples of how “the American public”, i.e. American companies “are eating up” all this information, with hundreds of thousands of requests for documents on every conceivable commercial application. American companies like Bendix, Pillsbury, Pioneer, Pacific Mills, requested German patent and process information on record player changers, flour and bread production methods, insect repellent compounds, crease-resistant finishes for spun rayon. And of course Polaroid, the great American camera company obtained all its information from the exploitation of German photography and optics documents, as did Kodak after World War I, without which the company would have amounted to nothing.

Daniel W. Michaels wrote a series of informative and excellently-researched articles on this matter, one titled “The Great Patents Heist”, which is filled with detail and background. (3) Michaels was for decades employed as a translator of German for the US Department of Defense and the Naval Maritime Intelligence Center, and has much personal experience of the extent of this theft. John Gimbel also wrote a treatise titled, “Science, Technology, and Reparations. Exploitation and Plunder in Postwar Germany”, which was published by the Stanford University Press in 1990.

Michaels begins by stating,

“It is quite acceptable to American pride to acknowledge that immigrants have contributed to our prosperity and greatness. It’s a little harder to swallow that a good deal of our scientific lead and prosperity has come from simply seizing German patents and inventions after World War I, and far more so after World War II.”

He notes that the most creative period in world history may have occurred in Germany between 1932 and 1945, and that it was the theft of this German scientific research that fueled America’s post-war technology boom. It was Truman’s Executive Order 9604 – which, he notes, was also known as the “License to Steal” – that constituted what was perhaps the greatest robbery in the history of the World, the theft of all German intellectual property, products, processes and patents existing to that time.

The US today makes a great show of protecting intellectual property while disclaiming any past or present efforts to obtain by clandestine or dishonest measures the IP of other nations, desperately insisting its espionage and other efforts deal only with ‘terrorism’ or national security issues. These denials can be easily dismissed as outright lies when faced with these revelations and the subsequent Project Echelon. Truman’s Executive Order 9604 provided for the seizure of “scientific and industrial information, including all information concerning scientific, industrial and technological processes, inventions, methods, devices, improvements and advances” discovered in Germany, and “regardless of its origin”.

“One of the largest hauls of classified information harvested by the Allies came from laboratories and plants of IG Farben, whose vaults contained secret industrial information on, among others, liquid and solid fuels, metallurgy, synthetic rubber, textiles, chemicals, plastics, drugs and dyes. Several U.S. Army officers stationed in the Farben Building after the war commented that the value of the files and records confiscated would (from that source alone) have been sufficient to finance the war.”

Michaels also noted that among the great aeronautical discoveries were “the papers describing the sweptback wing and providing considerable wind-tunnel data which showed clearly that the sweptback plane had superior speed properties near the speed of sound. These data were the first of their kind.

Schairer (a Boeing engineer) quickly wrote to his Boeing associates to stop work on the Mach 1 transonic plane with the straight wing which they had designed, telling them of his find. He microfilmed the data and used them when he got back to Seattle to design the B-47, the first U.S. sweptback bomber….”

Michaels again:

“The theft of intellectual property is not new, but the extent and ruthlessness of what the “wannabe” superpowers did in Germany from 1945 to 1948 was unprecedented. The United States … literally stole the entire extant store of German patents, designs, inventions and trademarks. Germans, who were not forthcoming in informing the U.S. Occupation Forces of the existence and location of such records could be imprisoned, punished and even threatened with death for “insufficient reporting”. When World War II ended, America’s elite determined that the United States would not lapse back into its prewar depressed state, but rather would revitalize its economy and have a first-class military and industrial establishment. To this end, Germany’s advanced military hardware, aeronautical and industrial secrets would simply be confiscated and transplanted in America … reinvented and stamped “Made in the U.S.A.”.

To ensure that the Allies would have an insurmountable head start in exploiting the patents, the Germans were even forbidden to use or refer to their own inventions after they were confiscated. The German Patent Office was closed by the Allies and (when it reopened), the first number assigned was 800,001, indicating that some 800,000 original patents had been looted by the Allies.

Germany had been deprived of all prior IP in existence to that point and, by its deliberate exclusion from the international Patent Union, could not patent or exploit any new discoveries. All new German inventions or scientific discoveries were simply confiscated by the US and, thanks to the massive and overwhelming infiltration of the US’ Project Echelon embedded in Germany (and throughout Europe), American espionage would quickly discover any new German inventions. To make the situation permanent, in May of 1955, the Americans, “aware of the improprieties involved in their seizure of German industrial secrets”, forced Germany to sign the ‘Paris Agreement’ and “to renounce all claims or objections to Allied actions during the occupation”. The so-called “agreement” stated:

“The [German] federal government shall in the future raise no objections against the measures which have been, or will be, carried out with regard to German external assets or other property, seized for the purpose of reparation or restitution, or as a result of the state of war, or on the basis of agreements concluded, or to be concluded by the Three Powers with any other Allied countries, neutral countries or former allies of Germany.”

The Second Wave – Forcible Emigration

The original intent was to steal documents and working samples, and to debrief scientists wherever necessary to obtain working knowledge of theory and processes. Since the extent of necessary debriefing could not reasonably be known in advance, the plan was to gather up all German scientists, technicians, and skilled workers and, to prevent their dispersion, to imprison them in concentration camps until they could be fully debriefed and all useful information extracted. However, German knowledge was far in advance of anything imagined by the Americans, and it was realised almost at the beginning that simple confiscation and debriefing would be hopelessly insufficient. As one example, the US military located and shipped home the components for more than 100 newly-manufactured but still unassembled V-2 rockets, but discovered they had no idea how to assemble the pieces nor any understanding of either the scientific principles or the mechanics of how the rockets functioned.

From this one dilemma and so many others in so many industrial areas, the Americans realised that, just as occurred after World War One, they were so far behind Germany they weren’t able to even understand, much less utilise, much of what they had stolen. They then realised they had no choice but to relocate to the US many thousands of captive scientists, engineers and technicians, and eventually a great many skilled craftsmen as well. As one author noted,

“The American experience of virtual hopelessness in deciphering Germany’s wartime rocket program alone, quickly led to the solution of confiscating not only the documentation and products but the people as well, for hundreds of other scientific, military and commercial processes.”

This was when Operation Overcast morphed into Operation Paperclip. It hasn’t received notice in the historical narrative, but these deportations were forcible. The alternative presented was a trial and probable execution as war criminals, the US having essentially full authority and discretion to make these determinations and thus leaving the victims with little choice. These relocations were not only forcible, but abrupt, with only one day’s notice in many cases:

“On orders of Military Government you are to report with your family and baggage as much as you can carry tomorrow noon at 1300 hours (Friday, 22 June 1945) at the town square in Bitterfeld. There is no need to bring winter clothing. Easily carried possessions, such as family documents, jewelry, and the like should be taken along. You will be transported by motor vehicle to the nearest railway station. From there you will travel on to the West. Please tell the bearer of this letter how large your family is.”

The first personnel transfers were of military specialists, but all subsequent waves were of purely commercial interest, the Americans forcibly importing scientists, technicians, skilled workmen and specialist craftsmen in virtually every industry, including steel, metal fabrication, glass, porcelain, printing, dyes and fabrics, electronics, musical instruments, auto manufacturing, aircraft design. The list is almost endless.

In 1987, Tom Bower wrote a book titled “The Paperclip Conspiracy” (4) in which he detailed the extent, and the value, to the US military alone, of the importation of these German scientists. He listed scores of dramatic German achievements that had been far beyond the ability of the US at the time: advanced aircraft power plants, guided missile control, in-flight refueling, high-temperature alloys, precision optics, infra-red detectors, new diesel engines, new fuels and lubricants, a wind tunnel running at Mach 8, which was three times the speed and ten years ahead of the best American effort, high-altitude reconnaissance and mapping, acoustic weapons. He further noted the American military opinion that the Germans had “made contributions of an unusual and fundamental nature” in the realms of equipment design and development, generators, microwave techniques and crystal structures. In a review of this book, Publisher’s Weekly wrote, “Bower’s revelations are individually shocking and cumulatively devastating . . . will appall readers.”

In a BBC news article on 21 November 2005 titled, “Project Paperclip – Dark side of the Moon” (5), Andrew Walker detailed how 60 years ago these imported German scientists provided the US with cutting-edge technology in which it still leads today. In addition to the items covered in Tom Bower’s book,

Walker lists “supersonic rockets, nerve gas, jet aircraft, guided missiles, stealth technology and hardened armor” as just a few. Walker argues, as do most others, that Germany’s Horten Ho 229 was the first stealth aircraft, complete with radar-absorbing skin and single-wing shape, and that the US-based Northrop B-2 stealth bomber (at $2 billion each) is virtually a clone of the German design from 1944.

After the uncounted tens of thousands of the most useful knowledge candidates had been transferred to the US, there was still an enormous remainder being maintained in these concentration camps – widely known as “Eisenhower’s Death Camps” – individuals who had been debriefed and for whom the Americans had no further need. I believe it was Michaels who noted there was at one point a plan by American General R. L. Walsh, known as the German “Urwald-Programm” or jungle program, which was a massive plan to scatter and resettle these Germans in small numbers as widely as possible anywhere and everywhere in the Third World, as one way to prevent Germany from ever again forming a critical mass of industrial knowledge. (6) In the end, those ‘debriefed and not especially valuable’ millions were either executed outright or starved to death, totaling some 12 million Germans, a large part of the content of Bacque’s “Other Losses”. (7) It should be noted, as Bacque has done, that the death by starvation of the many millions of German civilians was a planned and deliberate process. (8) (9)


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Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He can be contacted at: 2186604556


(1) The US military entered every country with a German corporate presence and claimed ownership of all German assets.

(2) Harper’s Magazine, October, 1946. I would note here that I have seen several claims that this issue of Harper’s is unavailable publicly in print form, that even in libraries or other collections that contain every issue of Harper’s since inception, this one issue is missing. I was told this article is available online from Harper’s, for a price, if you know the title and publication date. The issue is of course that there are few people alive who would be aware of the existence of this article and even fewer who could specify the precise title and date of publication.

(3) The Great Patents Heist

(4) The Paperclip Conspiracy: The Hunt for the Nazi Scientists

(5) BBC: “Project Paperclip – Dark side of the Moon”

(6) This was part of the Deep State’s Morgenthau Plan, meant to complete the total destruction of Germany by permanently deindustrialising the country, to turn Germany into Europe’s dairy farm and potato patch. The intent was to forever deprive the country of not only its best scientific minds, but also of this entire second and third tier of scientific intellectuals, technicians and skilled workers, to prevent a German attempt to rebuild itself after the war.

(7) Bacque was a popular Canadian author, his short stories, novels and articles appearing regularly in all the prominent media but, after publishing “Other Losses”, he was blacklisted and destroyed in Canada. No newspaper or magazine would return his calls, and all publishers refused contact with him. He was excoriated in the US media as a fraud, even though his research was impeccably detailed and his book carried an introduction and testimony from prominent and high-ranking American military officers. Almost no one in North America is aware of his extraordinary historical discovery since his books have been virtually banned on the continent. By contrast, his many books on this subject have been a major hit in Europe, having been translated into I believe now 15 languages, documentary movies have been made of his discovery and he is widely recognised in Europe as a prominent and respected historian.

(8) It now seems that the popular photos we have all seen, of piles of emaciated dead bodies, were not of Jews killed by Germans (as we have been told) but of Germans killed by the Americans. An undetermined number of those incarcerated and killed were women, and more than a few were children.

(9) The only shortage of food in Germany was caused by the Americans who forbade all external food shipments to Germany after the war, and it was widely announced that anyone attempting to smuggle food into the camps would be shot on sight.