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Please Stop Getting Swabbed, Spanish Emergency Physician Says

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Dr. José Luis Gettor an emergency physician in Spain has warned the population about the damage caused by PCR test swabs.

“Swabs are a weapon. They contain a substance developed by military intelligence called ‘DARPA hydrogel’. And the little tip of the swab isn’t plain cotton. Those swabs come from China. It’s not a plastic stick with a cotton tip. It’s a bundle of hollow nylon fibres that contain, among other things, ethylene oxide.

“Ethylene oxide is a poison that’s retained by the hydrogel. But when the swab penetrates the mucosa at 30ºC, the hydrogel melts. And keep in mind that ethylene oxide boils at 10.4ºC. That’s why it’s so painful. That’s why it’s so stinging. Because once the hydrogel melts, ethylene oxide is released and generates an ulcer at the bottom of the rhino pharynx.

“Far from making a diagnosis, what they’re doing is much, much harm. So, please, people, stop getting swabbed,” Dr. Gettor warned.

Click on the image below to watch the video on Rumble.

Dr. José Luis Gettor on the ‘DARPA hydrogel’ in nasal swabs, 10 February 2022 (2 mins)

Warnings from the United States

In late April 2021, Natural News published a series of nearly 40 microscope photos showing strange fibres, structures and even “hooks” that are embedded in the fibres of Covid nasal swabs and masks.  Mike Adams explained all the photos and how they were taken, using iodine stains and ultraviolet light in certain cases in his Situation Update video HERE.

Below is an example of one of the 40 microscope photos.  Natural News took a time-lapse photo series and aggregated the photos to reveal strange sparkles coming off the synthetic swab strands when exposed to UV light:

Warnings from Slovakia

In May 2021 a Slovakian report revealed that “covid tests” are contaminated with nanotech hydrogels and lithium. Lithium is used in the lipid compound coating nanobots which are inserted into the hydrogels for ballistic delivery of biological agents.

Mark Sexton, a retired UK police officer, went public with the Slovakian report knowing full-well that mainstream media would not touch the story. At the time, Sexton also pleaded with the public to take the PCR “test kits” to a local police station and remove the so-called “tests” from circulation at once.

Click on the image below to watch the video on Brand New Tube.

Report from Slovakia: PCR Tests are contaminated and therefore an act of bioterrorism, 18 May 2021 (13 mins)

Warnings from Cyprus

In October 2021, a union in Cyprus, Isotita, representing the rights of public-sector workers called for the suspension of rapid tests for the coronavirus, after media reports showed a swab contained multiple times the permissible trace level of ethylene oxide.

Citing the European Chemicals Agency, the union said ethylene oxide – a substance used to coat and sterilise PCR and rapid test nasal swabs – is toxic, carcinogenic and mutagenic even when inhaled.

The use of EO is banned in food production in the EU. Under EU Regulation No. 2015/868, the maximum residue level for the sum (of ethylene oxide and the conversion product 2-chloroethanol), referred to as ethylene oxide, has been specified at 0.05 mg/kg.

Isotita’s concerns come after a report aired two days before on media channel, Pronews TV, about a rapid test swab found to contain 0.36 mg/kg of ethylene oxide.

Warnings from the United Kingdom

More recently, concerns have been expressed by Mike Watson. The Telegram channel for Robin Monotti + Dr Mike Yeadon + Cory Morningstar shared a post from Watson on 15 January 2022 which reads:


Check the swab packet and you will find letters EO in a black square box.

I work on refineries with “Ethylene Oxide” catalyst reactors and wear full breathing apparatus because it’s a major carcinogen.

One swab in the nose and back of the throat forces EO ppm into your mucus membrane where unknown ppm remains in the body.

However multiple swabs, every few days over time, increases one’s critical ppm exposure levels that exponentially increases cancer risk, from now until one’s immune system naturally deteriorates with age (this goes with any carcinogen we put into our bodies e.g., smoking) BUT EO massively increases cancer risk to all in medical and other industries (jabbed or not) who are forced to test by employers, every 3 days (ca.120 x per year!!) Their PPM exposure level is through the roof.

There is no discernible, empirically measured benefit between a swab up the nose/throat -V- Saliva test to measure results of an already flawed PCR method.

Current MSDS (material safety data sheet) / COSHH (care of substances hazardous to health) uses an average mean PPM value, typically based on double blind exposure trials of a few hundred people who naturally would all have varying health conditions, done over 5 years before FDA approval.

By exposing billions of people to ever increasing EO exposure levels by forced swabbing will only show increased cancer levels (hopefully not) between now and 5/10 years. Providing a non-suppressed, global process can be implemented which can accurately follow up, measure, monitor and record data that is then shared with a decentralised, non-corrupt, “trust less” database management entity. Thinking specifically blockchain!

That said ALARA (as low as reasonably acceptable) shouldn’t really come into it. Should swabs be deemed absolutely necessary (many countries are now abandoning this entire protocol and living with it all) I’d recommend to Senate, should you get another opportunity, that all such tests revert to saliva based and not nasal/throat swabs, which to most is extremely uncomfortable, extremely stressful and wilfully and unethically inserts a known carcinogen more times than has ever been tested into the bodies of all ages! Why, when saliva works just as well!

Hope this is helpful to all – please forward to your loved ones.

Mike Watson,,

Mike “Doc” Watson

Further reading:

Sweden Declares The Pandemic To Be “Over”

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

Sweden, a country which never imposed significant lockdown measures, has officially declared that the COVID-19 pandemic is “over” and announced that it will be lifting all remaining restrictions.

“As we know this pandemic, I would say it’s over,” Minister of Health Lena Hallengren told Dagens Nyheter. “It’s not over, but as we know it in terms of quick changes and restrictions it is.”

According to Reuters, these comments were as close as possible to the country “effectively declaring the pandemic over.”

From today, bars and restaurants are allowed to stay open beyond 11pm again and there are no limits on guest numbers.

Attendance limits for indoor venues and vaccine passports, which were temporarily introduced in response to the Omicron variant, have both been scrapped.

Most testing rules for COVID-19 have also been abolished.

Sweden being the first country to declare the pandemic a done deal will be sure to infuriate lockdown fanatics and mask zealots.

Despite being on the receiving end of an intense backlash, the country’s approach of refusing to impose harsh lockdown restrictions has been completely vindicated.

Unlike other Europeans countries such as France and Spain which imposed draconian lockdown rules, Sweden’s COVID-19 death rate is comparatively better and the country is exiting the pandemic while other nations are refusing to lift restrictions for at least months more.

The Scandinavian country did not enforce strict mask mandates, with senior epidemiologist Anders Tengell asserting that face coverings were in fact “dangerous” because they provided a false sense of security while failing to stop the spread of the virus.

As we highlighted in October 2020, Sweden again refused to follow other European countries by re-imposing lockdown rules, arguing that those beset by loneliness and misery of being isolated had suffered enough.

Congratulations, Sweden.

Grand Jury Proceeding for Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity – Expert Witnesses’ Testimonies Begin Saturday, 12 February

On Saturday 5 February 2022 lawyers gave their opening statements at the Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion, an international natural law court.  Attorney at Law Dr. Reiner Fuellmich from Germany gave his opening statement which included an overview of the expert witnesses that will testify before the court. 

Below is the video of Dr. Fuellmich’s opening statement and the transcript.

Grand Jury Day 1: Attorney at Law Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Germany, Opening Statement, 5 January 2022 (18 mins)

Transcript (links contained within the text below are our own)

Good aftenoon.

My name is Reiner Fuellmich and it is my pleasure to serve as one member of a group of distinguished international attorneys and lawyers who have been collaborating on this very important case for many months now.

This case involving the most heinous crimes against humanity committed under the guise of a “corona pandemic” on a global scale looks complicated only at first glance. But when you put together all those pieces – all those little pieces of the puzzle, as we will do this for you with the help of many renowned experts and other witnesses during this proceeding – you will see four sets of facts.

One, there is no corona pandemic but only a PCR test plandemic fuelled by an elaborate psychological operation designed to create a constant state of panic among the world’s population. This agenda has been long planned – its ultimately unsuccessful precursor was the swine flu some 12 years ago – and it was cooked up by a group of super rich psychopathic and sociopathic people who hate and fear people at the same time, have no empathy, and are driven by the desire to gain full control over all of us, the people of the world. They are using our governments and the mainstream media, both of which they literally own, to convey their panic propaganda 24/7.

Two, the virus itself can be treated safely and effectively with vitamin C, D, zinc etc and also with off-label use of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine etc. But all these, not alternative methods of treatment but, real methods of treatment were banned by those who are using the guise of this plandemic to push their ultimate goal which is to get everyone to receive the, as we will show in this proceeding, not only ineffective but highly dangerous – yes lethal – experimental injections.

Three, the same people who made the swine flu, which ultimately turned out to be a mild flu, into a pandemic 12 years ago – by first changing the definition of what a pandemic is and then, creating panic – created this corona pandemic.

The swine flu was their first real attempt at creating a pandemic. And just as one of its purposes then was to divert our attention from the blatantly fraudulent activities of their financial industry – more aptly to be called a financial mafia which had become visible through the Lehman crisis – this is also one of their major purposes of this corona pandemic now.

Had we taken a closer look then, during the Lehman crisis, instead of blindly believing our government’s promises that the perpetrators of those financial crimes will be held liable, we would have seen then that they had been looting and plundering our public coffers for decades. And we would have seen that our governments are not our governments anymore, rather, they have been taken over by the other side through their main platform the World Economic Forum which had started to create their own global leaders through their Young Global Leaders program as early as 1992. Two of the first graduates being Angela Merkel and Bill Gates. And we would have understood, already then, what we will show you now through this proceeding – these financial crimes went unchallenged by our politicians because they are aiding and abetting those who commit them and profiting from these crimes.

Four, ultimately however, we will show to you – the jury – that the other side’s main purpose is to gain full and complete control over all of us. This involves the finalisation of their looting and plundering by deliberately destroying our small and medium-sized businesses, retail businesses, hotel and restaurants so that platforms such as Amazon can take over.

And this involves population control which, in their view, requires both a massive reduction of the population and manipulating the DNA of the remaining population with the help, for example, of mRNA experimental injections.

But it also requires, in their view, the deliberate destruction of democracy, of the rule of law and of our constitutions through chaos so that ultimately we will agree to losing our national and cultural identities and instead will accept: a one world government – under the UN [United Nations] which is now under the full control of them and their World Economic Forum – a digital passport through which each and every move is monitored and controlled and one digital currency which we will only be able to receive from one world bank, theirs of course.

At the conclusion of the case and after you have heard all the evidence, we are confident that you will recommend indictments against all six putative figurehead defendants: Christian Drosten of Germany; Anthony Fauci of the United States; Tedros of the World Health Organisation; Bill Gates; BlackRock and Pfizer.

Ladies and gentlemen, this case is about a long-planned agenda of a group of ultra-rich people and their financial mafia based in the City of London and on Wall Street, to use a pseudo-pandemic as the guise behind which – while our attention is on the pandemic – they want to complete their decades-long efforts to gain full and complete control over all of us.

There are numerous platforms on which this group has been meeting and discussing this agenda. But the most important one is that of the World Economic Forum which was invented in 1971 by, a then 33-year-old, Klaus Schwab. Its members are: a thousand global corporations with at least 5 billion US dollars in annual sales; politicians; media representatives; scientists; and, other so-called high-profile personalities. They meet once a year in Davos but there are other such meetings for example, in China.

And since 1992 they have created and presented to us their own group of political leaders for the world. Among the first graduates, as I mentioned before, are Angela Merkel and Bill Gates in 1992. Others are: Sebastian Kurz, up until recently chancellor of Austria; Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada; Jacinda Ardern, prime minister of New Zealand; Francois [Emmanuel] Macron, president of France; and, many, many more.

This group, which is now called the “Davos Clique,” is openly – the publication ‘The Great Reset’ by Klaus schwab is one of the most important sources for this information – promoting the shifting of the world’s assets to this group of super-rich people so that in 2030 ordinary people “will own nothing and be happy” as it explicitly states there, under their one world government with a digital currency given to us by their one world bank and they’re also openly promoting – in close cooperation with people like the putative defendant Bill Gates, the Rockefellers and others – the drastic reduction of the world’s population and the manipulation of the remaining population’s DNA all the way into transhumanism.

Their most important goal is, however, the controlled, by them of course, implosion of the completely looted financial system and simultaneous introduction of a digital currency issued by one world bank, controlled by them, and, just as important, the introduction of a world government under the UN, which has come under their full control in 2019. For this purpose, they have made concrete plans for this corona plandemic since at least the spring of 2001, operation “Dark Winter,” followed by:

  • Another such rehearsal the “Lockstep” exercise by the Rockefeller foundation in 2010; and finally,
  • Event 201” in October of 2019 in New York sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security, the Rockefeller Foundation, the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Members of the jury, we will call a number of different highly renowned expert witnesses from all walks of science, but also witnesses who will testify to the damage that they suffered as a result of getting the experimental injections, in this trial.

After our opening statements we will start off, in a week from now, by calling:

  • a former member of the US military, James Bush, who participated in operation Dark Winter in 2001;
  • former members of the British intelligence services Brian Gerrish and Alex Thomson; and
  • investigative journalists Whitney Web and Matthew Ehret;
  • former World Health Organisation employees and advisors Dr. Sylvia Behrend and Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger.

They will explain to us the historical and geopolitical background of what we are confronted with. And they will show to us how this agenda has been planned for at least 20 years start starting with operation Dark Winter in 2001 and, some 10 years later, the Lockstep Scenario by the Rockefeller Foundation, ending with the dress rehearsal Event 201 in October of 2019. In the end they will explain how, when there were no cases which they needed to declare a public health emergency of international concern, they created them by having defendant Drosten invent the story of asymptomatic infections, which don’t exist, and how this PCR test can detect, through mass screening of perfectly healthy people, those who are infected is a lie, as we will show.

We will continue with the next group of witnesses:

  • Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, an experienced lung specialist and former member of the German Bundestag and the Council of Europe, who managed to expose the other side’s first attempt at a pandemic, the swine flu of 12 years ago, as a mild flu;
  • Professor Ulrike Kämmerer, biologist from Würzburg University;
  • Dr Mike Yeadon former Vice President of Pfizer;
  • Dr Sylvia Behrend; Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger; Professor Dolores Cahill of Dublin University; Professor Antonia Gatti from Italy; Professor Berkholtz from Germany.

These experts will explain to us what is behind the legend of the Wuhan wet market outbreak. They will show that: the virus is no more dangerous than the common flu; the PCR test cannot tell us anything about infections but is the only basis for all anti-corona measures including the ultimate measure the so-called “vaccines”; and, the so-called “vaccines” are not only ineffective but extremely dangerous.

Regardless of the natural or man-made origin of the virus, our immune system is perfectly well capable of dealing with the virus as evidenced by an infection fatality rate of between 0.14 and 0.15, or even less, percent. There was no excess mortality anywhere until the experimental injections started. There were not even any cases in early 2020, however they needed cases in order to declare a public health emergency of international concern as this was the only basis on which it would be possible, according to their own made-up rules which all governments of the member states of the world health organization had agreed to, to use untested new drugs – the experimental injections – on people.

After a first failed attempt at announcing this public health emergency of international concern because there were no cases, they tried again in late January of 2020 – after they had created cases with the help of that now infamous Drosten PCR test – and announced this public health emergency of international concern two weeks later. We will hear from these experts that these cases were almost all false positive test results, nothing else.

The next group of experts are:

  • Dr Thomas Binder from Switzerland;
  • Dr Bryan Ardis from Texas;
  • Dr. Shankara Chetty from South Africa
  • Dr Wolfgang Wodarg from Germany; and,
  • John O’Looney undertaker from England.

These experts will tell us how right from the start we were witnessing a deliberate, completely senseless banning of normal, effective and safe methods of treatment of respiratory diseases. And instead, a mandate of treatments that must now be considered serious medical malpractice – intubation, remdesivir, midazolam. John O’Looney will explain how he first, believing the other side’s allegations about a pandemic, even helped the BBC in pushing their panic propaganda until he realised how under the guise of the pandemic people were intentionally being killed.

We will then call the next group of experts including:

  • Professor Alexandra Henrion-Caude from France;
  • Dr Mike Yeadon;
  • Professor Sucharit Bhakdi from Germany;
  • Professor Luc Montagnier from France;
  • Dr. Vanessa Schmidt-Kruger from Germany;
  • Dr Robert Malone inventor of the mRNA vaccine technique from the US; and,
  • Professor Arne Burkhardt pathologist from Germany.

They will show us that: while the virus did not cause any excess mortality it has a survival rate of 99.97 percent; the shots are now killing people and have been causing excess mortality of up to 40, since September, as a result of a poisoning with the spike protein and of shutting off our immune system. Dr. Mike Yeadon will tell us how a group of scientists has even found concrete evidence that the makers of the vaccines are experimenting with lethal dosages to see how the lethal side-effects can be manipulated in such a way that the population will not immediately understand what is happening.

The next group of experts will explain to us how it could have come to this. This group includes:

  • Professor Mattias Desmet from Belgium;
  • Dr. Ariane Bilheran from France;
  • Dr Merideth Miller from the US;
  • Professor Harald Walach from Germany; and,
  • Stefan Cohen employee of the German Department of the Interior.

These experts will walk us through how the other side, after having established the public health emergency of international concern, in quick succession introduced us to the lockdown, the nonsensical and dangerous mask mandates, and the very harmful, both physically and psychologically, social distancing until they arrived at their ultimate goal – the ineffective and dangerous even lethal injections. And they will explain to us in detail how our acquiescence to all this was made possible through a gigantic psychological operation whose panic message we kept receiving through the mainstream media and our politicians’, both owned by the other side, relentless propaganda.

The next group of experts includes:

  • Leslie Manukian a former investment banker from the US;
  • Naomi Wolfe, journalist and author from the US;
  • Ernst Wolff a German economist;
  • Professor Christian Kreiss German economist;
  • Professor Holger Reichel a German economist; and,
  • Marcus Kroll a German economist.

This part of the proceeding will have these experts explain to us in great detail about the intentional destruction of our economies and how the other side is working on a controlled crash of the financial system to both: get away with the crimes that they have already committed over the past decades – looting and plundering our public coffers until there’s nothing left – and, to introduce a one world bank and digital currency plus digital passport.

The final group of experts include:

  • Matthew Ehret an investigative journalist from Canada;
  • Vera Sharav a holocaust survivor;
  • Ilana Rachel Daniel from Israel;
  • Rabbi Smith from New York;
  • Patrick Wood an expert on technocracy from the US;
  • Avital Livny from Israel.

This final part of the investigation will have these experts tell us how an important part of the other side’s agenda has to do with population control, or rather eugenics. After World War II eugenics had a bad name – Julian Huxley who founded the UNESCO set. But he and the very large group of people who supported the idea of eugenics would soon be able to continue with their efforts in this direction he openly explained. The parallels between what happened then 80 years ago and what is happening now shall not be ignored. Vera Sharav will remind us of this.

After you have heard all the evidence, we have no doubt that you will recommend indictments against all our putative defendants for crimes against humanity.

Thank you.

Further Resources

During the Opening Session of the Grand Jury aired live on YouTube, HERE, the following gave their opening statements:

If the Opening Session (Day 1) of the Grand Jury is removed from YouTube you can watch it on Odysee HERE.

Logistic support is provided to the proceedings by the Berlin Corona Investigative Committee: website (German) or website (English).

More information about the proceedings can be found on the Grand Jury’s website:

Grand Jury Proceeding for Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity


On Saturday 5 February 2022 lawyers gave their opening statements at the Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion, an international natural law court.  Attorney at Law Ana Garner from the United States of America gave an opening statement on false PCR tests.

Below is the video of Garner’s opening statement and the transcript.

Grand Jury Day 1: Attorney at Law N. Ana Garner, USA, Opening Statement, 5 January 2022 (8 mins)


To understand the enormity of the planning they went into this criminal collaboration, on a global scale, we must start with the basis of the pandemic. This was a big lie. It was a lie for the governments of the world to declare, almost in unison, a global pandemic. A word like so many others involved in this official narrative that had its definition changed to meet the goals of the agenda.

Specifically, what I wanted to talk about is the big lie that was based on the PCR test, the testing. This was not a pandemic but a casedemic.

The information we’ve been given by the CDC and the FDA on the PCR test is demonstrably false and we will have evidence proving this. The method is not in fact a test at all, not a diagnostic test, but a genetic manufacturing technology that looks for specific snippets of code and amplifies them by doubling on every cycle.

Its inventor, Kary Mullis, who won a Nobel Prize for the process that he invented, declared that this was never intended to be a valid diagnostic tool. And it’s known by all who use it that it cannot detect active infection. Drosten, one of the accused, knew this. He knew that the test was meaningless and that the test was false. However, this test has been used to create worldwide panic and compliance.

The CDC has even admitted that their own recently withdrawn test was based on contrived samples. The WHO [World Health Organisation] recommended grossly excessive cycle thresholds – which is the number of amplifications that a small amount of genetic material underwent to determine if there was anything present – are far beyond industry standards and they render any test meaningless with false positive results at rates approaching 100 percent.

It’s been studied that the false positive rates of this PCR test are actually closer to 97 percent. This means that three percent of the population who test positive may be sick with something. But we don’t know what they’re sick with because the test doesn’t determine that. This whole test has been globally misused to fraudulently justify the existence of a pandemic and to determine falsely inflated case numbers as well as death numbers.

We will demonstrate with clear and convincing evidence that the defendants participated in this global lie and called a widely geographically dispersed disease with survival rates equivalent to a seasonal influenza “a pandemic,” that would allow false global declarations of public health emergency. And from this emergency, that is now almost two years in the making, governments mandated draconian restrictions and separation and isolation of vulnerable populations – like elderly and the children – as well as instituting vaccine mandates throughout the world.

What we know will happen next is vaccine passports, which will lock down our planet even further, as well as quarantine camps everywhere. Our trust has been betrayed by the corruption in the system. And we will provide you with verifiable sets of facts that we have all been grievously misled to believe a big lie. And in the end goals being, in the words of one of the accused Bill Gates, to vaccinate every man, woman and child on the planet with experimental gene altering shots.

These PCR tests have been used to drive the case numbers and deaths. Let’s look at the definition of a case. Historically, a case was someone who was sick – not just a positive test in the absence of any symptoms.

With worldwide testing of healthy people, they have grossly inflated the number of cases. And this is broadcast in our faces all the time by mainstream media, by department of highway signs in the United States and maybe in other countries, and has been used to incite panic and compliance amongst the whole world

The significant drawbacks are why PCR testing should only be done on symptomatic patients and why a positive test should be weighed as only one factor of any diagnosis. You cannot diagnose anyone in the absence of clinical symptoms and in the absence of medical diagnosis. So, what we have is testing healthy people in large numbers, which predictably result in falsely inflated numbers and the panic. The CDC and the FDA have recognised this potential, as did the perpetrators of these crimes that we will be presenting.

The evidence will show that Drosten, who claims to have invented the test for Covid-19, was aware of its limitations and its falsity. The test was not specific for any virus or bacteria. Therefore, it’s meaningless in determining what might even be causing any symptoms. What the test is good for is causing worldwide panic.

Even deaths, another falsely inflated number, needs to be investigated in light of these false PCR tests. A death with a positive PCR test is considered a death from Covid whether you would be admitted to the hospital due to a car crash, a heart attack or even delivering a child. If you tested positive and then died within 28 days or so from your test, your death was attributed to Covid-19. Even our CDC admitted later into the pandemic that 95 percent of the deaths attributed to Covid were from other causes, it was simply based on a false test. The manufacturers knew all this as well as the in quote “inventor” of the Covid-19 test, Drosten.

We have now, part of a fear message that has caused institutionalised discrimination against people who are not choosing to be vaccinated, not choosing to be tested. This is morally reprehensible by any humane standard.

As a result of these false tests, we have huge catastrophic harm which has been done to the populace of the world. There are scientists and doctors who will testify about the enormous catastrophic harm that has been done from this.

The legal evidence of intent and knowledge is in the various FDA documents and related materials.  But they are designed to obfuscate and confuse, even lawyers who read and pour through these documents.

As you may begin to see here the pillars of the official and media Covid narrative, which are one in the same, fall like dominoes when the evidence is shown. There is irrefutable evidence of fraud and multifarious malfeasance throughout the Covid regime if you have the courage and intellectual honesty to look and study it, and consider it fairly. Please do. It may be shocking to some, unbelievable to others, but I assure you this evidence is real and disturbing.

One of the things that is a by-product of it, is that the system has to pretend that the only answer to these inflated numbers of cases and deaths are vaccines. And they have done this in order to get them emergency use authorised and on childhood schedules – and this is what is coming next.

Thank you for listening.

Further Resources

During the Opening Session of the Grand Jury aired live on YouTube, HERE, the following gave their opening statements:

If the Opening Session (Day 1) of the Grand Jury is removed from YouTube you can watch it on Odysee HERE.

Logistic support is provided to the proceedings by the Berlin Corona Investigative Committee: website (German) or website (English).

More information about the proceedings can be found on the Grand Jury’s website:

Truckers Win in Canada! The Government is Defeated!

Saskatchewan and Alberta have begun lifting vaccine and mask mandates as the policies can no longer be justified
Canada’s province of Saskatchewan announced on Tuesday it would stop requiring vaccine passes and masks. It comes as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau insisted on the effectiveness of Covid-19 mandates amid trucker protests gripping the capital Ottawa.
The prairie province, situated between Alberta and Manitoba, said it would stop requiring vaccine passports from next week and allow the mask mandate to expire at the end of February. It is one of the first Canadian provinces to offer a roadmap to ending the virus restrictions.
Praising the soon-to-be-phased-out restrictions for helping to stem the spread of the virus, Premier Scott Moe, however, noted that they had created “two classes of citizens,” arguing that “the benefits of this policy no longer outweigh the costs.”
Urging Canadians not to “judge” their neighbors over their vaccination status, Moe said people should be entitled to decide whether to get vaccinated or not.
“This government is going to respect that right,” he added.
Another province, Alberta, also moved to ditch the restrictions on Tuesday. From midnight on Wednesday, residents will no longer be required to provide proof of vaccination in public places, and from Monday next week children aged 12 and under would no longer be required to mask up. Compulsory masking will no longer apply to students in schools.
“We’ll never be able to do a full accounting of the extent of the pain and hardship that restrictions have caused,” Premier Jason Kenney said.

The announcements come amid increasing protests by truck drivers across Canada against vaccine mandates and other Covid-19 restrictions. A group of truckers blockaded the busiest bridge between Canada and the US on Monday, between Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan. Truckers and farmers have been blockading a crossing between Alberta and Montana for nearly two weeks. A massive “Freedom Convoy” that drove across the country and converged in Ottawa on January 29 has remained in the Canadian capital ever since.
PM Trudeau has refused to meet with the truckers or hear their demands, referring to them as a “small, fringe minority” engaged in violence and hateful conduct.
In a speech to the parliament on Monday, he accused the truckers of “trying to blockade our economy, our democracy, and our fellow citizens’ daily lives,” and demanded that their protest “has to stop” because the people of Ottawa and Canadians in general “deserve to get their lives back.”
On Tuesday, the PM defended the mandates and restrictions his government put in place during the pandemic, saying they worked and will not be removed any time soon.
“I can understand frustrations with mandates, but mandates are the way to avoid further restrictions,” he told reporters.

Meanwhile, a member of Trudeau’s own Liberal Party has publicly disagreed with the PM. Joel Lightbound, a MP for Louis-Hebert in Quebec, urged the party to offer a “roadmap” out of the restrictions.
“We need to reevaluate all the measures,” Lightbound said on Tuesday. “That’s essentially my whole point, I think we need to have a clear roadmap for when restrictions will be lifted, and this roadmap must take into account what we’ve seen with the World Health Organization’s recommendation, what other countries are doing. It’s essential for Canadians to have that understanding of where we’re heading and under what conditions and circumstances measures will be lifted.” 

Canada Truckers vs. GloboCop – And Winning

Authored by CJ Hopkins (satirically) via The Consent Factory,

They rolled up on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill like one of the plagues in the Book of Revelations, honking their infernal air horns, the grills of their tractors grinning demonically, the sides of their dry vans painted with blasphemies like “FREEDOM TO CHOOSE,” “MANDATE FREEDOM,” “NO VACCINE MANDATES,” and “UNITED AGAINST TYRANNY.”

Yes, that’s right, New Normal Canada has been invaded and now is under siege by hordes of transphobic Putin-Nazi truckers, racist homophobes, anti-Semitic Islamaphobes, and other members of the working classes!

According to the corporate media, these racist, Russia-backed, working-class berserkers are running amok through the streets of Ottawa, waving giant “swastika flags,” defecating on war memorialssacking multi-million-dollar “soup kitchens,” and eating the food right out of homeless people’s mouths. Rumor has it, a kill-squad of truckers has been prowling the postnatal wards of hospitals, looking for Kuwaiti babies to yank out of their incubators.

I know, this is Canada, so that sounds a little dubious, but this has all been thoroughly fact-checked by the fact checkers at the New Normal Ministry of Truth … you know, the ones that fact-checked Russiagate, and the Attempted Putin-Nazi Insurrection of January 6 at the US Capitol, and the safety and effectiveness of the Covid “vaccines,” and the masks, and the inflated Covid statistics, and the rest of the official Covid narrative.

Or just take it from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau …

Now, this is the actual prime minister of Canada, not just some woke fanatic on Twitter. He was tweeting from his fortified Covid Bunker in an undisclosed location somewhere in the Yukon, or possibly the United States, where he fled as the transphobic Putin-Nazi truckers rolled up outside his office in Ottawa. Trudeau had vowed to stand and fight, but he had no choice but to flee the capital after he mysteriously tested positive for Covid (which also might have been the work of the Russians, possibly the same professional team of weed-smoking, hooker-banging Novichok assassins that got to the Skripals back in 2018).

Russian involvement has not yet been confirmed by the ex-CIA and NSA officials posing as “analysts” on CNN, but according to the CBC, “there’s concern that Russian actors could be continuing to fuel things as the protest grows, and perhaps even instigating it from the outset.”

And, in light of the exposure of Putin’s plot to produce a “very graphic” false-flag video “involving the deployment of corpses” as a pretext to invade the Ukraine and set off nuclear Armageddon, or at least a raft of economic sanctions and DEFCON 1-level bellicose verbiage, it’s possible that the entire “Covid pandemic” was an elaborate Putin-Nazi ruse designed to bring down the Trudeau government, and sabotage the implementation of the New Normal global-segregation system, and the compulsory mRNA “vaccination” of every man, woman, and child on earth, and “democracy,” and transgender rights … or whatever.

But, seriously, this is where we are at the moment. We are in that dangerous, absurdist end-stage of the collapse of a totalitarian system or movement where chaos reigns and anything can happen. The official Covid narrative is rapidly evaporating. More and more people are taking to the streets to demand an end to whole fascist charade … no, not “transphobic white supremacists” or “anti-vax extremists,” or “Russian-backed Nazis,” but working-class people of all colors and creeds, families, with children, all over the world.

The Covidian Cult has lost control. Even hardcore mask-wearing, social-distancing, triple-vaxxed-double-boosted members are defecting. Formerly fanatical New Normal fascists are mass-deleting their 2020 tweets and switching uniforms as fast as they can. No, it isn’t over yet, but the jig is up, and GloboCap knows it. And their functionaries in government know it.

And therein lies the current danger.

There is a narrow window — a month or two, maybe — for governments to declare “victory over the virus” and roll back their segregation systems, mask-wearing mandates, “vaccine” mandates, and the rest of the so-called “Covid restrictions.” Many governments are already doing so, England, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Ireland, etc. They have seen which way the wind is blowing, and they are rushing to dismantle the New Normal in their countries before … well, you know, before a convoy of angry truckers arrives at their doors.

If they let that happen, they will find themselves in the unenviable position that Trudeau is now in. The Canadian truckers appear to be serious about staying there until their demands are met, which means Trudeau only has two options: (1) give in to the truckers’ demands, or (2) attempt to remove them by force. There’s already talk about bringing in the military. Imagine what an unholy mess that would be. Odds are, the military would disobey his orders, and, if not, the world would be treated to the spectacle of full-blown New Normal Fascism in action.

Either way, Trudeau is history, as long as the truckers stand their ground. I pray they do not give an inch, and I hope the leaders of other New Normal countries, like Australia, Germany, Austria, Italy, and France, are paying close attention.

Some of my readers will probably remember a previous column in which I wrote:

“This isn’t an abstract argument over ‘the science.’ It is a fight … a political, ideological fight. On one side is democracy, on the other is totalitarianism. Pick a fucking side, and live with it.”

This is it. This is that fight. It is not a protest. It is a game of chicken. A high-stakes game of political chicken. In the end, politics comes down to power. The power to force your will on your adversary. GloboCap has been forcing the New Normal on people around the world for the past two years. What we are witnessing in Canada is the power of the people, the power the people have always had, and which we will always have, when we decide to use it … the power to shut down the whole GloboCap show, city after city if necessary.

So get out there and support the Canadian transphobic Putin-Nazi truckers … or your local transphobic Putin-Nazi truckers. Don’t worry if you don’t have a swastika flag. The agents provocateurs and the official propagandists in the corporate media will take care of that!

Corona Investigative Committee Announces Grand Jury Trial

A Grand Jury Trial against Covid crimes starts on 5 February 2022, the Corona Investigative Committee announced on Monday.

“In serious criminal cases in the U.S., a so-called grand jury is presented with the evidence at hand to convince them that this evidence is sufficient to bring public charges against the defendants.

“We are adopting this model to prove to the public, with the help of real witnesses, lawyers, a judge and experts from around the world, that we are dealing with crimes against humanity that span the globe.

“The goal is a coherent presentation of all the facts gathered to date, and thus to convince the populations of all countries that resistance here is not only possible, but required of every individual,” Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Viviane Fischer of the Corona Investigative Committee announced.

Click on the image below to watch the video announcement on Odysee.

Announcement: Start of the Grand Jury Proceeding, 1 February 2022, (5 mins)

Follow the Corona Investigative Committee on Telegram to stay up to date HERE (English).

In an interview with World Council for Health (“WCH”) on 24 January 2022 Dr. Fuellmich explained the trial in more detail:

“We’re going to base it on the American grand jury proceeding. And what we’re going to do is: we’re going to present all the evidence that we have now to the jury. The jury, in this case, being our viewers. And that is only the first step.

“We’re using a real judge, a Portuguese judge [and] we’re [using], of course, real lawyers.  We have real experts, including Mike Yeadon and Ulrike Kämmerer and all the others. And, we have real witnesses who will explain, and tell the people about the damages that they suffer in particular because of the so-called vaccinations of course.

“Ultimately this will hopefully end up with an indictment against the six figure heads, which we picked as future defendants, we know they’re only symbolic, but still: Dresdon, Fauci, Tedros, Gates, BlackRock and Pfizer.

“It is not so much about getting indictments against these people and institutions but rather, what we really have in mind is, to give the people the whole story. Not just pictures of the puzzle, but the whole story through a judicial proceeding, which has credibility and authority to enable them to understand that they not only have a right, but a duty to resist. Because as it will be made very clear, this is about life and death now.”

Click on the image below to watch the video on Rumble.

WCH: Reiner Fuellmich: How a Grand Jury Will Prosecute Covid Crimes, 24 January 2022 (44 mins)

You can read the transcript for WCH’s interview with Dr. Fuellmich HERE.

Further resources:

New Hampshire Pharmacies To Begin Dispensing Ivermectin Without Doctor’s Prescription

A bill working its way through the New Hampshire legislature would allow residents to receive ivermectin from pharmacies with a prescription of a doctor or an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) for the off-label treatment of Covid-19.

House Bill 2011 would allow pharmacists to “dispense ivermectin under the delegated prescriptive authority of the physician or APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurses), specify a mechanism to document screening performed and the prescription in the patient’s medical record, and include a plan for evaluating and treating adverse events,” reads the bill. “Any such prescription shall be regarded as being issued for a legitimate medical purpose in the usual course of professional practice.”
Ivermectin, a protease inhibitor (just like Pfizer’s new Covid pill), has come under attack ever since former President Trump suggested it as a potential treatment for Covid-19. Shortly thereafter, a flurry of anti-ivermectin studies came out – the majority of which analyzed already-hospitalized patients, as opposed to its use as an early intervention.


Indeed, ivermectin already may have saved hundreds of thousands of lives from India to Brazil.
Co-sponsored by Rep. Leah Cushman (R), the New Hampshire bill would require pharmacists to provide patients with a “standardized information sheet written in plain language” that would note the importance of follow-up care.
“Nothing on the information sheet shall discourage the recipient from using ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19,” reads the bill.
On Tuesday, a state House committee heard arguments for and against the bill.
“Ivermectin is not authorized or approved by the FDA for use in preventing or treating COVID-19,” said Steve Ahnen, president and CEO of the New Hampshire Hospital Association.
Arguing for Ivermectin was Dr. Paul Marik with Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, who resigned his position as Professor of Medicine with Eastern Virginia Medical School following a reprimand from the Virginia Board of Medicine for proscribing drugs to people who were not his patients.

Marik has over 400 peer-reviewed journal articles and 50 book chapters under his belt.
Some key excerpts from his testimony can be seen below via Granite Grok:

This is not controversial. It has been made controversial by politics and special interests.
I’ve been practicing critical care for 35 years.
I’ve published over 600 peer reviewed papers.
After penicillin, this is the second most important drug ever produced. It has saved hundreds of thousands of lives across this planet in poor underserved countries. So, we’re just going to talk about Ivermectin.
It is on the WHO’s list of essential medicines.
3.7 Billion doses have been dispensed to humans, to human beings… not horses.
This is a remarkable drug. It has broad spectrum anti-parasitic, effective against a whole bunch of parasites, and as we heard, it is very effective against RNA viruses: HIV virus, zika virus, influenza virus, SARS-CoV-2 virus. In addition, what makes this a truly astonishing drug, and there is no other drug like it, it is a potent anti-inflamatory drug.
And if anybody knows about Covid, Covid goes through stages. A viral replicative phase to a profound inflammatory phase. That’s why Ivermectin is unique in that it treats across the spectrum of SARS-CoV-2.
It’s safe and well tolerated.
Ivermectin acts on a number of different pathways to inhibit viral replication. This is not theoretical. This is shown in the lab and this is shown in patientsit kills the virus. So any assumption that it doesn’t is false propaganda.”
You’ll see an 83% improvement in prophylaxis trials. 66% improvement in early trials. 34% improvement in late trials. A 52% reduction in mortality. It reduces mortality by half.

More via Granite Grok
Dr. Marik left no stone unturned, and addressed the FDA’s propaganda statement, “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously y’all. Stop it. You should not use Ivermectin to treat or prevent Covid-19 using the drug Ivermectin which can be dangerous and even lethal.”

So that is an outright lie. It’s dishonest and it’s an outrage.
As we’ll see, this is a highly effective drug, and Ivermectin has never killed a single person. It is one of the safest drugs on this planet.
What is really interesting is Ivermectin is safe in 79 countries in the world. Let me say that again… it is approved in 79 countries.
Let’s look at Covid-19 vaccines in one year: 14 thousand deaths and over two million serious adverse events. This does not include the 20,000 deaths in the VAERS database which is probably a tenth of all deaths due to the vaccine. This is their data.

So somehow the SARS-CoV-2 vaccines are safe and effective, yet Ivermectin is a dangerous horse deworming medicine. That is an absolute outright lie. The data speaks for itself. This is not my data. This is from the WHO.
More people have died from Tylenol, which is an over-the-counter medicine, than Ivermectin. As I said, it is one of the safest medications on this planet.

Dr. Marik then compared Ivermectin to Remdesivir (the EUA drug that is pushed on Covid patients in hospitals). There is no comparison…

The cost of Remdesivir: $3,000 a shot. Ivermectin: pennies.
Remdesivir increases the risk of dying by 4%. This is used throughout the entire country as first line therapy for hospitalized patients. It increases the risk of death by 4%, and what is most outrageous is the federal government gives hospitals a 20% bonus on the entire hospital bill for medicare patients if they prescribe Remdesivir.

It is disturbing that our federal government is financially incentivizing the use of an experimental treatment that increases the risk of dying.

Ivermectin reduces the risk by 50%.
This is a cheap drug. It is exceedingly safe. It is exceedingly effective. And patients should be offered the right to use this drug.
If Ivermectin had been promoted at the beginning of this pandemic, we would not be sitting here today.

Dr. Marik’s testimony (cued up below), is very convincing and well worth the watch, as is the Q&A that took place afterwards with the Committee Members.

European Awakening – 600 Organizations Protest Jab Mandates

Fierce clashes between protesters and police in Brussels saw damage dealt to the European External Action Service building

Chaotic scenes unfolded on the streets of the Belgian capital, Brussels, on Sunday, as thousands of protesters joined a mass march against Covid-19 health passes and other restrictions introduced by European governments in the name of combating the pandemic.

Videos captured by RT France journalist Charles Baudry showed white-helmeted police officers in riot gear blocking streets with barricades and deploying water cannons to disperse the crowds. All the while, black-clad masked protesters were pelting the police with various projectiles, including planks they had apparently acquired from demolishing a café’s terrace.

The protesters could be heard whooping and cheering as they threw plastic chairs at the police, who sought to disperse them with tear gas. Officers armed with shields and batons moved in tight formation to push the crowds away from a city park, RT videos showed.

In one particularly violent incident, demonstrators were seen attacking the entrance to the European External Action Service headquarters. They attempted to smash the door, leaving visible marks on its reinforced glass, then used planks as improvised spears as a group of police officers remained inside and attempted to drive them away with tear gas.

The mass protest followed anti-lockdown demonstrations in other European cities on Saturday. It was said to be organized by more than 600 local associations from all over Europe, as well as by some national branches of World Wide Demonstration and Europeans United.

The organizers claimed they were not against Covid-19 measures as such, but were defending freedom, democracy and human rights, while protesting against the “undemocratic way” governments in Europe chose to introduce restrictions.

“We want to point out that a large and ever-growing group of people no longer feel that they are heard in the social debate,” Tom Meert, the head of Europeans United, told VRT broadcaster.

According to AFP, Sunday’s anti-lockdown march in Brussels was larger than ever before. Dutch, Polish and Romanian flags were seen among the packed crowd that filled the streets of the Belgian capital, which also houses the EU’s governing bodies.

A similar protest in early January resulted in dozens of arrests, even though it was described as “largely peaceful” by the media at the time. Police had not revealed information about any detentions linked to Sunday’s protest at the time of writing. There have also been no reports about the number of injuries.

The protest came as Belgium reported a spike in new Covid-19 infections that reached more than 60,000 a day last week and prompted the authorities to describe it as a “tsunami.”

Huge Protest in London Against Mandatory Jabs