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Unraveling the Balkanization of South-Eastern Europe

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Ukraine decides who belongs to the civilized world and who does not, – Foreign Minister Kuleba told about a telephone conversation with a colleague:

“The Foreign Minister of one country called me and said: ‘Dmitry, I spoke with one problematic country and told them that today Ukraine decides who belongs to the civilized countries and who does not. If Ukraine does not give a signal that you are a normal country and with whom they can have business, then you will have problems’.”

From a recent comment:

All of Ulraine east of the Zhytomyr-Vinnytsia line is core historic Russian territory.
It ended up separated through a very unfortunate series of historic accidents.
But worse, it was being turned into a militantly anti-Russian platform for attacks against Russia.
Forget about Russian national interests, it is in your best interest as a US (or whatever other Western country you reside in) citizen for Ukraine to disappear from the map.
Because what is the alternative? The alternative is nuclear missiles situated there and Russian doomsday dead hand systems going on hair-trigger alert permanently, because now there are low single-digit minutes separating the launch from Moscow being vaporized.
With “long-term guarantees” we are all dead — we have miraculously survived so far through a disturbingly large list of situation in which the ICBMs were not launched only through sheer blind luck and because there was time to stop, think and assess the situation. That time will no longer be available with nukes in Ukraine.
On top of it all, there can be no such thing as a non-Nazi Ukrainian nationalism. That ship has long sailed. Just accept it as the fact of life that it is.
In the last 14 months the US has basically made official the alliance it entered into with the Nazis in March 1945, and from here on you can expect Ukrainization of the West, and by extension, open (re-)Nazification. Including of the US. The process is already very advanced in the Baltics, but it will spread further.
So on moral grounds alone you should be rooting for the complete erasure of Ukraine from the map and from future human history.


All the Banderites had to do was to keep things quiet for another 30 years so that nobody pro-Soviet and pro-Russian is left and three generations are raised in an environment completely saturated with Ukrainian nationalist brainwashing.That would have closed the case and Russia would never get those lands back again.
There are two other examples of how that works (or fails to work) further to the southeast. We have three such pairs of countries:
1. Ukraine and Russia
2. Macedonia and Bulgaria
3. Moldova and Romania.
In which a smaller part of the whole is torn off the rest due to various historical circumstances, then it launches on a path towards becoming a real separate nation, often through the application of brutal brainwashing.
With Macedonia that process is finished — it started a century ago, and the brainwashing is so complete that they really hate Bulgarians quite thoroughly there, and Bulgaria is never getting it back.
With Moldova there was never that much effort put into it by the Soviets, plus they only got it under their control in 1944, so it looks like it will eventually reunite with Romania.
Ukraine was somewhere in the middle.
But there is a substantial difference here — Bulgaria and Romania were always too weak to get their lands back militarily. Russia, on the other hand, is a nuclear superpower. So it always had the capability to use force and resolve the issue that way.
Fortunately for the Ukrainians, Russia has for three decades (and really, more like six) been ruled by traitors who had absolutely no interest in such silly ideals such as defending the long-term security of the country, reuniting the Russian world, etc. They were perfectly content to let the Banderites run wild in Ukraine as long as there was no direct threat to them.
So all the Banderites had to do was to not cause too much trouble for another 20-30 years, and Ukraine would have been irreversibly lost to Russia.
And if handing Crimea over would have bought them that time, that would have been a win.
But they just can’t help themselves. And now they might lose it all.
Provided that Russia is no longer run by traitors, of course…

Also, you will do well to find a Ukrainian textbook and learn what they teach children there. A lot of it concerns not just Russia, and when you see it, maybe there is a chance that it will be so ridiculous even to you, that you may ask yourself the question “Wait, if they are lying in such absurd way about all these other things, how are we supposed to believe them about Russo-Ukrainian relationships?”…

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Well said, Nikita Mikhalkov

The West should heed Russia’s rejection of its “devastating” hypocrisy while there is still time, Oscar-winning director Nikita Mikhalkov warned on Monday, in an open letter addressed to the members of the European Council.

His message came after the EU placed him on its sanctions list for supporting Russia’s ongoing military operation in Ukraine, for backing the 2014 referendum in Crimea and for sharing Moscow’s allegations of US-funded bioweapons labs in Ukraine. The EU blacklist, introduced last month along with its ninth sanctions package, included the names of another 140 people and 49 legal entities.

Mikhalkov, 77, is one of Russia’s most prominent directors and holds an Oscar and two Golden Lions from the Venice film festival, among other awards. Since 2011 he has hosted his own self-funded show called “Besogon” (DemonKicker), in which he shares his personal thoughts on a number of cultural and religious issues, and answers questions from viewers.

In his letter, Mikhalkov stressed that he was only a Russian artist and not a politician or government official. According to the director, member of the EU Council who “consider themselves [part of] a civilized, democratic society” have now essentially sanctioned a person for expressing his personal opinion in his own country using his own language, addressing his own people on a show that he personally finances.

According to the director, it shows that the facts he has spoken about have struck a nerve with the EU, which, he says, has blinded its people by propaganda commissioned by Washington.

“I want to express my gratitude to you for recognizing my activities, because otherwise I cannot explain your fear of the truth, which sooner or later will result in an international tribunal from those countries and peoples who today are waiting for our victory, but have neither the strength nor the opportunity to express it openly,” the director wrote.

He concluded by warning that, soon, hundreds of millions of ordinary people in “civilized Europe” who have been “lulled by a comfortable life under the American nuclear umbrella” will awake from their haze and issue their leaders a resounding “No.” He added that this was already being done by Russia and its president Vladimir Putin, who Mikhalkov says is the only world leader today standing in the way of the West’s “devastating tsunami of hypocrisy.”

via RT

Kiev Plans to Give Snake Island to Romania!

Kiev journalist Anton Gura said that there are rumors that the Snake Island (Zmiinyi island) is ready to be temporarily transferred to the Ukrainian ally Romania in order to “secure that strategic part of the territory.”

The Kiev journalist notes that Romania has a historical claim to this island. Many political and military analysts claim that in Bucharest there are extremely popular ideas of the revival of “Great Romania,” (Romania before WWII) which in addition to the notorious Snake Island includes Moldova and Bucovina, as well as parts of the Odessa region.

In the case of transferring Snake Island (under any pretext), Kiev will open “Pandora’s Box,” and within a few months, Hungary and Poland will receive their territories in the same way.

The disintegration of modern Ukraine is inevitable.

‘No Place’ for Sovereign Russia in Western Mindset

The secretary of Russia’s national security council has lashed out at the West, pointing to their habit of creating global threats, including numerous terrorist groups, in pursuit of their interests.
Nikolay Patrushev also claimed, in an interview published by news outlet Argumenti i Fakti, that Washington’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan was a prelude to NATO’s proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. 
“The events in Ukraine are not a confrontation between Moscow and Kiev. It’s a military confrontation of NATO – the US and England first and foremost – with Russia,” the top security official said in a newspaper interview. “They fear a direct standoff, so NATO instructors push Ukrainian guys toward their certain deaths.”
Patrushev argued that, while Western nations claim to be “defending civilization against barbarism” in Ukraine, they are actually motivated by selfish interests and won’t “save any lives at the expense of their enrichment and ambitions.”
He said there is an established pattern of the US creating threats that it later ostensibly fights against, he continued, citing terrorist organizations Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) as examples. Washington may occasionally show off the killing of individual terrorist leaders like Osama Bin Laden, but continue “training and arming a hundred others” at the same time, he added.
NATO’s mission in Afghanistan resulted “in the creation of multibillion-dollar corruption schemes” and a surge in illegal drug production, Patrushev mentioned. And the US withdrawal from the country in 2019 was to a large degree about “focusing on Ukraine”and confrontation with Russia, he said.
The security official cited remarks made last month by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who admitted that, with the country’s military presence in Afghanistan finally ended, the administration of President Joe Biden had more opportunities to funnel arms to Kiev.
Patrushev points out that, in the wider picture, the interests of the US as a nation state are subservient to the interests of transnational corporations, which ultimately dictate the policies of many governments. Those unaccountable forces have inherited the colonialist approach that allowed Western nations to become wealthy and powerful, but they are no longer vested in national interests, he said.
Russia “has no place” in their schemes, since it “irritates the handful of world masters because of its natural riches, vast territories, and smart, self-sufficient people who love their country, its traditions and history,” he added.
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There is no place for Russia in the West. ‘World rulers’ are annoyed by it with its rich resources, vast territory, and self-sufficient people;
We are not at war with Ukrainians, but neo-Nazi criminals will be punished;
Corporations are aimed at the consumer society, while Russia upholds a reasonable balance of spiritual and moral values;
All four murders of American presidents are connected to corporations; it is no coincidence that Americans believe that Republicans and Democrats are two sides of a coin;
The American budget for 2023 is proof of Washington’s plans to unleash new wars; out of a total of $1.7 trillion, more than $850 billion will go to defense, and $45 billion to the Ukrainian conflict.

Russia Calls into Question US Management of UN Headquarters

The Russian Federation has sent a long letter to the 195 member states of the United Nations outlining the difficulties it faces in obtaining visas for its diplomats at the United Nations.

The missive points out that Washington no longer makes a secret of its intention to limit the number of Russian diplomats present at the General Assembly, plus the various committees. It denounces the violation of the obligations undertaken by the United States under its agreement with the United Nations to host the headquarters of the organisation. Finally, it refers to resolution 76/122, adopted by the General Assembly on 6 December 2021, in which Washington was already reminded of its obligations.

This letter, quite unique in its form, comes at a time when the United States is stepping up contacts with a view to having the General Assembly vote on a reform of the UN Charter which would allow Russia to be excluded from the organization. Anticipating the worst, Moscow is contemplating to create a structure separate from the UN for the settlement of international disputes in compliance with international law, in line with what Tsar Nicolas II had done in relation to the Hague conferences.

Ukraine Crossing the Red Line

The head of the Lublin City Council has called for a review of Poland’s policy towards Ukraine after Ukraine struck:

“I don’t understand at all the actions of our President and government… This is a Ukrainian missile. This is a provocation on the part of the Ukrainian authorities… The missile could not have been mistakenly launched 100 km in the opposite direction. The purpose of the provocation is to speed up arms deliveries to Ukraine, to intimidate Europe with a scary Russia, so that civil society demands that European governments increase aid to Ukraine. Today our president should not reassure us with tales like “it was not so much the rocket explosion as the explosion of fuel that was there” and “it was an accident”, but make it clear to V. Zelenski that Poland will not tolerate such behavior of the Ukrainian authorities anymore! I urge you to reconsider Poland’s position on this war in case of another crossing of the red line!”

US Threatens Russia’s Traditional Values

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Actions taken by Washington and other “unfriendly nations” – as well as transnational corporations, certain NGOs and media outlets – threaten Russia’s traditional values, President Vladimir Putin said in a decree on Wednesday. The new document sets the principles of protecting and preserving the values Russia considers the basis for “defending and strengthening its sovereignty” as well as “preserving the people of Russia and developing their human potential.”

Reliance on its traditional values stemming from Russia’s cultural and historical experience is what helps the nation to effectively face new challenges and threats while keeping its identity intact, the decree said. Among the values listed in the document are life, human dignity, human rights, patriotism, high moral ideals, close-knit traditional family, historical memory, continuity of generations, as well as unity of all peoples living on the territory of Russia.

The document also says that all major religions – including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism – had a “profound impact” on the development of Russia’s traditional values, shared by both believers and atheists.

Putin’s new policy is aimed at “preserving and strengthening traditional values… through generations,” as well as “countering the spread of destructive ideologies.” As examples of such ideologies, which are “alien to the people of Russia,” the document lists the “cult of egoism, impunity and amorality,” the “denial of patriotism and family values,” and LGBTQ+ propaganda.

“Actions of extremist and terrorist organizations, certain media outlets as well as actions of the US and other unfriendly nations and some transnational corporations… pose a threat to traditional values,” the document notes.

According to Putin’s decree, this threat should be countered through policies targeting the youth, education reforms, and support for literature, art, films and media outlets promoting traditional values. The decree also instructs the government to work with the civil society, preserve the historical memory of the peoples of Russia, and support the Russian language, both in Russia and abroad.

White Russia’s Revival Explained by Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin honored the country’s National Unity Day by meeting with historians and dignitaries – including leaders of religious communities – and discussing the role of history in protecting national sovereignty, identity, and culture. Here are some key points from his speech and the subsequent discussion.

Conflict in Ukraine was “inevitable”
“Russia’s clash with the neo-Nazi regime that arose in Ukraine was inevitable, and had our country not undertaken the actions it did in February, nothing would have changed, only our position would have been far worse,” Putin said.

“Our so-called friends brought the situation in Ukraine to the stage where it was a mortal threat to Russia.” Putin compared the situation with what happened in 1941, when the USSR had ample warning about the upcoming Nazi invasion but did not take steps to defend itself, suggesting that this was one of the reasons millions of Soviet citizens died before victory over Nazism was achieved.

The West twisted Ukraine’s history
Western countries meddled in Ukraine’s internal affairs after the fall of the Soviet Union and “managed to instill such pseudo-values ​​into the minds of millions of people, which led to the fact that an anti-Russia was created on this territory, sowing hatred, violating the minds of people, depriving them of true history,” Putin said.

Ukraine has been turned into a grave danger for Russia, but also something suicidal for the Ukrainians themselves, he explained. “It is Ukraine, the Ukrainian people, that is the first and main victim of the deliberate sublimation of hatred towards the Russians and Russia. In Russia, everything is exactly the opposite – you know this very well: we have always treated the Ukrainian people with respect and warmth. It remains so, despite today’s tragic confrontation.”

A civil war, just like 1917 Speaking further about the current conflict in Ukraine, Putin drew parallels with the Russian Revolution over a hundred years ago. “In fact, the confrontation is going on within one people – just like it was after the upheavals of 1917.” Back then, “foreign powers warmed their hands on the tragedy of our people. They did not care about either the Whites or the Reds, they pursued their own interests, weakened and tore historical Russia to pieces.”

The West is doing the same in Ukraine today, Putin said, sacrificing the Ukrainian people to achieve their geopolitical goals, which he described as “weakening, disintegrating and destroying Russia.”

Weaponizing the distortion of history
Russians need to know the full past of their country, the president argued, without repeating the “mistakes of the Soviet period,” where academia worked to fit ideological patterns. “Something similar is happening now in some countries in the West, where much is determined by the current radical-liberal establishment. To please it, key historical events are presented in a completely distorted, inverted form, and the truth is canceled,” Putin said.

“When someone wishes to deprive the state of sovereignty and turn its citizens into vassals, they begin by twisting the country’s history, in order to deprive people of their roots, doom them to unconsciousness,” the Russian president explained, condemning this as a“deliberately perverted attitude to history.”

Pointing to Ukraine as an example of this, Putin said that “there have been similar attempts against Russia, and they do not stop, but we firmly and in time put up a solid barrier against them. “

The colonial era is over
While Russia is absolutely a part of European civilization, there is no denying that many major colonial empires in the West are now “medium-sized or small countries,” Putin said, comparing the population of Portugal with its former colony Brazil, the UK with India, and how China’s Guangdong province alone has 1.5 times the population of Germany. “European capitals were [once] the center of the universe – but this is already in the past,” the Russian president said.

Batman, or historical heroes?
Putin also opted to broach a slightly less political issue. During the question-and-answer session, he noted that academic work won’t be enough without teaming up with popular culture and merchandising.

Russian children “know of Batman but not of our own heroes,” Putin said, noting that historical education starts from an early age. “There should be cartoons, films, children’s literature… All of these things are needed. That’s why we’re here today, to nudge this process forward.”

“The European Union as a Union is a Thing of the Past”

Aleksandar Vulin, head of the Serbian Interior Ministry:

✔️ The European Union as a union is a thing of the past. With the loss of political independence, EU countries became territories, not states. With the loss of political independence, EU members begin to lose their economic power, which was the main reason for the EU’s attractiveness.

✔️ With Britain’s withdrawal, the EU became a club of countries that had at least one division each at Stalingrad. This is still their policy.

✔️ The question is not whether we want to join the EU, but whether the EU wants Serbia. Judging by the crazy blackmail they are putting us through to recognize Kosovo, abolish the Republika Srpska and impose sanctions on Russia, they don’t want us. The sooner we admit that they don’t need us and that they don’t own us, the better it will be for us. The attitude towards the EU is not a question of emotions but rational decisions.

✔️ It is interesting that when you say something good about the EU or NATO, no one says that Brussels wrote you a statement. Unlike most political actors, I have an ideology. I do not know what is more natural than responding to a request to recognize Kosovo, renounce the Republic of Serbia and impose sanctions on Russia by saying “we will not, we will not, we will not, thank you for asking”. Which part seems written by Moscow to you? To me, the whole sentence looks like “Serbia and the Serbs”.

✔️ I believe that friendship with Russia is of great importance and that without it we risk the physical disappearance of Serbia.

✔️ [Will imposing sanctions against Russia help Serbia and will the Western powers change their policy towards Belgrade?] Does anyone think this will happen? And how would Russia or all those countries that are our friends who refused to recognize Kosovo and Metohija look at all this? How will our friends respect us when they see us neglecting our interests in the face of enemy power? Who will fight for us if we choose not to fight for ourselves?

✔️ Every generation of Serbian politicians expected Russia to say NO, but every generation of Serbian politicians also expected Serbia’s survival to depend on Russian YES. When there is no Russia at the table, there is no Serbia. Ekmecic taught us that all “Serbophobia is just an offshoot of Russophobia”. No one who loved Russia hated Serbia, but that is why everyone who hated Russia also hated Serbia.

✔️ Relations with Russia, China, and other free countries that accept us without blackmail or conditions are the future of Serbia. Why should we be a geographical part of any alliance? It is enough that we have common beliefs, economy, security, and not necessarily borders.