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Is the Unification of Romania to Moldova Possible?

Ed. Note: Long predicted by Algora, a possible realignment of the Eastern European bloc with Russia is more in the cards than ever. There is an irony there, in that the long-held aspirations of Romanians to bring the sister nation of Moldova back to the motherland might occur, but in the reverse. It might be Romania who is “unifying” to the former Soviet Moldova. There are major repercussions for Europe and the world should Romania move into the Russian space, together with the Hungarian state realigning with Transcarpathia, or Poland moving into the arms of Galicia and Volhynia.

Buffeted by negative economic headwinds and with the political class increasingly reviled over issues such as the migrant crisis, the Post-1991 order in Europe appears to be in terminal decline. In this situation, the birth pangs of something new, but also familiar, can now be observed. Nationalism and genuine Rightist thought is returning to the European scene. 

This confirms the era-defining importance of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine in and of itself, but also allows us to speculate on what comes next. As far back as 2014, Russian politicians have advocated for Eastern European nations to join them in a partition of Ukraine and now this seems to be a reality made true. By territorial appeasement, Moscow now has the chance to deliver the death blow to the EU by splitting off its Eastern members. From there, in concert with each other, an alliance can be born, thus establishing a new security framework in Europe in opposition to the liberal one existing in Brussels.

Things are rapidly changing in the world, and this process will undoubtedly continue as the American-led order continues to crumble and decay.

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At a separate event organised by AUR in Iași (Romania), AUR co-founder Claudiu Târziu spoke to a closed audience made up of AUR members and supporters, in what has been called a ”hateful, revisionist speech” by mainstream media and the staunch supporters of the neoliberal American empire because Târziu laid claim to the territories lost by Romania to the USSR after WW2.

Here are the most important excerpts of his speech:

(…) 2024 represents a historic opportunity for the Romanian nation. It isn’t just an opportunity for a political party to gain power, but to achieve the ideal of the Romanian nation, that is to recover our sovereignty, sovereignty which was put in the hands of certain international organisations (…)

Even in these international organisations, Romania can adopt a position of dignity and can reaffirm its sovereignty through hard negotiation like the Hungarians or the Polish (…)

For us to regain our sovereignty we need an adequate mindset, and a strong economy that can afford to fund an army, the army being the number one symbol of a sovereign state. As long as we have an economy built on begging for money guaranteed by the treaties we’ve signed or begging foreigners to invest and develop our country, we cannot speak of independence and sovereignty. As long as we have a small and underequipped army, we cannot speak of independence and sovereignty. With a strong army, a resilient economy, we will be able to afford an independent foreign policy based on our national interests (…)

Lastly, we will not achieve sovereignty until we return to the natural borders of the Romanian state. Bessarabia must return to its motherland, northern Bucovina must not be forgotten, Herța and Transcarpathia (Marmația), all that belonged to Romania shall belong to us again. This is the ideal that we were born for.

Reunification won’t be possible with a lackluster diplomacy conducted by the servants currently in power, that have robbed Romania and sold it for scrap, the servants which you see running towards foreign embassies and foreign capitals to obtain the firman [Firman = an act of recognition signed with the seal of the Ottoman Sultan when Wallachia or Moldavia gained a new prince, the act being a guarantee of the stability of the new ruler which was at risk of being usurped], the approval of others to become presidents, prime-ministers, senate and deputy chamber presidents (…)

165 years later, our situation has improved slightly but not by much. We are a people with a great potential capable to dominate our neighbours. What is preventing us from reaching this potential? Our goal is to carve out a place for Romania among the powerful states of the globe, to make Romania respected, to make our opinions count, and we will start by winning all four elections in 2024 (…)

“At the time when the EU project was strongly influenced by globalist ideology, it began to pursue the creation of a continental superstate, in which national states would dissolve and democratic control would disappear. The globalist project wants the unification of humanity into a large maneuvering mass, consuming goods and services, which will not cause problems for the ruling class. For this, a kind of bureaucratic aristocracy is created.

There those who decide are not elected, but appoint each other. They are not noble by blood, they are noble by relationship. They are accountable to no one and abuse their status as senior EU officials. It is an attack on freedom after all. This is why we are against the United States of Europe. But all these shortcomings can be fixed. In the European Parliament there are also representatives of parties in government in some member states which support family, faith, national sovereignty and the right to freedom. I am referring to the PiS parties in Poland, FIDESZ in Hungary, which hold power in their countries, or Vox, which is about to come to power in Spain. Why wouldn’t we also have a political force that would defend Romania’s interest from healthy positions?”, senator Claudiu Târziu asked.

According to him, AUR will join the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists, which is led by representatives of PiS, Vox and the Fratelli party in Italy.

Bucovina Back to Romania?

❗️Bishop Longin suffers an induced heart attack whilst being stopped & harassed by Ukrainian troops at a checkpoint.

☦Metropolitan Longin is an ethnic Romanian Bishop from the Western Ukrainian region of Bucovina. He has refused to recognise Zelensky’s “new fake church”.

⚡️Previously, the Romanian Government, church and media have campaigned in defense of Bishop Longin and the rights of persecuted ethnic Romanians on Bucovina.

By persecuting Romanians in Bucovina Zelensky’s regime only accelerates the potential & justification for a Romanian annexation of Bucovina.

✊Go Romania! Protect your compatriots! Protect your Orthodox Bishops! Take back Northern Bucovina!

✅Putin has given you permission.

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Americans Hide their Interests Behind the Demagoguery of High Values

The Hungarian President said it very well:

Orban: “One of the strengths of Americans is their ability to present what is really an American interest as a universal value. It seems like a small trick. But it has serious consequences intellectually, because if you frame foreign policy on the basis of values, hiding your interests, you deny yourself the opportunity for meaningful dialog. At the end of the day, one is not trying to align interests, one has to choose the values proclaimed by the other side. You can’t defend yourself against what you know are actually American interests, because then you have to argue against those values. That’s what happens day and night. We can’t have meaningful discussions on major foreign policy issues because no one is willing to commit to representing their own interests.”

November 7, Great October Socialist Revolution

Sergey Markov
November 7 is a forgotten holiday, the Day of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The statists – the security officers who are in power in the country – do not like the fact that the Bolshevik revolution destroyed the great Russian empire. 

The billionaires who control the economy do not like to remember the revolt of the people against other millionaires.
People remember how the CPSU bureaucratized the November 7 holiday ad nauseum. — That’s why few people remember November 7th.
Only the Communist Party of the Russian Federation celebrates this holiday together with the remnants of the Soviet people. Those who celebrate it are the remnants of the Soviet people.
The October Revolution brought Russia to world leadership. Russia created a new society of state socialism and stood at the head of the social progress of mankind. Therefore, Soviet Russia had friends in every country and in every city. Russia has made a giant leap in development and has become one of the world’s two superpowers. The USSR is the peak of Russia’s civilizational development. It was socialism and the USSR that created the political 20th century.
Lenin is the main political genius of the 20th century. Lenin created a working theory of political revolution. A political party of professional activists is central to this theory. And the concept of a revolutionary situation. The 20th century became the century of revolutions.
Lenin himself also carried out a political revolution in the largest country in the world. Therefore, Lenin is studied by anyone who wants to succeed in real politics.
In addition, Lenin also created a new type of state, the USSR, which became the main innovating state of the turbulent 20th century. Socialism became the main ideology of the 20th century.
You may not accept Lenin’s theory and his cruel practice. For example, I really don’t like the destruction of the church.
But Lenin’s theory of political revolution works. And Lenin’s practical policy fully corresponds to the realities of the 20th century. This makes Lenin the main politician of the 20th century.

Meanwhile, What is Putin Saying?

Putin on the situation in the Gaza Strip:

 “We see that instead of punishing terrorists, Israel began to take revenge on the principle of collective responsibility… These bombings cannot be justified in any way. We must understand who is organizing the deadly chaos. Who benefits from it? The United States and its satellites are the main beneficiaries of global instability.

The terrible events in the Gaza Strip cannot be justified by anything 
US ruling elites, not achieving success on the battlefield, are trying to weaken Russia from within 
When you look at bloodied, dead children, the suffering of the elderly, the death of doctors in the Middle East – your fists clench, but emotions are unacceptable
The key to resolving the conflict in the Middle East is the creation of a sovereign, full-fledged Palestinian state.
The US needs constant chaos in the Middle East, so they discredit those who are ready to stop the bloodshed, even the UN is being persecuted
The USA as a world superpower is weakening, losing its position, the “American world” with its hegemon is becoming a thing of the past, but the United States does not want to acknowledge this
Putin – about the unrest in Makhachkala,Dagestan:
 “The events in Makhachkala were inspired through social networks, including from the territory of Ukraine, by the hands of Western intelligence services. But I have to ask a question – is it possible to help Palestine by attacking Mountain Jews? Which are the titular nation of Dagestan. We can only help Palestine by fighting those who are really behind this tragedy.”
US does not need lasting peace in the Holy Land 
Russia today is not only participating in shaping a new multipolar world but also fighting for a new world on the battlefield.‌‌
Special military operation soldiers are fighting evil and oppression, where the future of the whole world, including Palestine, is being decided.
The one responsible for all the problems in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine is the United States.
The stronger and more united Russia is, the better we will be able to protect our interests and the interests of countries that have become victims of neo-colonialism.”

Unraveling the Balkanization of South-Eastern Europe

Ed. Note:

Ukraine decides who belongs to the civilized world and who does not, – Foreign Minister Kuleba told about a telephone conversation with a colleague:

“The Foreign Minister of one country called me and said: ‘Dmitry, I spoke with one problematic country and told them that today Ukraine decides who belongs to the civilized countries and who does not. If Ukraine does not give a signal that you are a normal country and with whom they can have business, then you will have problems’.”

From a recent comment:

All of Ulraine east of the Zhytomyr-Vinnytsia line is core historic Russian territory.
It ended up separated through a very unfortunate series of historic accidents.
But worse, it was being turned into a militantly anti-Russian platform for attacks against Russia.
Forget about Russian national interests, it is in your best interest as a US (or whatever other Western country you reside in) citizen for Ukraine to disappear from the map.
Because what is the alternative? The alternative is nuclear missiles situated there and Russian doomsday dead hand systems going on hair-trigger alert permanently, because now there are low single-digit minutes separating the launch from Moscow being vaporized.
With “long-term guarantees” we are all dead — we have miraculously survived so far through a disturbingly large list of situation in which the ICBMs were not launched only through sheer blind luck and because there was time to stop, think and assess the situation. That time will no longer be available with nukes in Ukraine.
On top of it all, there can be no such thing as a non-Nazi Ukrainian nationalism. That ship has long sailed. Just accept it as the fact of life that it is.
In the last 14 months the US has basically made official the alliance it entered into with the Nazis in March 1945, and from here on you can expect Ukrainization of the West, and by extension, open (re-)Nazification. Including of the US. The process is already very advanced in the Baltics, but it will spread further.
So on moral grounds alone you should be rooting for the complete erasure of Ukraine from the map and from future human history.


All the Banderites had to do was to keep things quiet for another 30 years so that nobody pro-Soviet and pro-Russian is left and three generations are raised in an environment completely saturated with Ukrainian nationalist brainwashing.That would have closed the case and Russia would never get those lands back again.
There are two other examples of how that works (or fails to work) further to the southeast. We have three such pairs of countries:
1. Ukraine and Russia
2. Macedonia and Bulgaria
3. Moldova and Romania.
In which a smaller part of the whole is torn off the rest due to various historical circumstances, then it launches on a path towards becoming a real separate nation, often through the application of brutal brainwashing.
With Macedonia that process is finished — it started a century ago, and the brainwashing is so complete that they really hate Bulgarians quite thoroughly there, and Bulgaria is never getting it back.
With Moldova there was never that much effort put into it by the Soviets, plus they only got it under their control in 1944, so it looks like it will eventually reunite with Romania.
Ukraine was somewhere in the middle.
But there is a substantial difference here — Bulgaria and Romania were always too weak to get their lands back militarily. Russia, on the other hand, is a nuclear superpower. So it always had the capability to use force and resolve the issue that way.
Fortunately for the Ukrainians, Russia has for three decades (and really, more like six) been ruled by traitors who had absolutely no interest in such silly ideals such as defending the long-term security of the country, reuniting the Russian world, etc. They were perfectly content to let the Banderites run wild in Ukraine as long as there was no direct threat to them.
So all the Banderites had to do was to not cause too much trouble for another 20-30 years, and Ukraine would have been irreversibly lost to Russia.
And if handing Crimea over would have bought them that time, that would have been a win.
But they just can’t help themselves. And now they might lose it all.
Provided that Russia is no longer run by traitors, of course…

Also, you will do well to find a Ukrainian textbook and learn what they teach children there. A lot of it concerns not just Russia, and when you see it, maybe there is a chance that it will be so ridiculous even to you, that you may ask yourself the question “Wait, if they are lying in such absurd way about all these other things, how are we supposed to believe them about Russo-Ukrainian relationships?”…

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Well said, Nikita Mikhalkov

The West should heed Russia’s rejection of its “devastating” hypocrisy while there is still time, Oscar-winning director Nikita Mikhalkov warned on Monday, in an open letter addressed to the members of the European Council.

His message came after the EU placed him on its sanctions list for supporting Russia’s ongoing military operation in Ukraine, for backing the 2014 referendum in Crimea and for sharing Moscow’s allegations of US-funded bioweapons labs in Ukraine. The EU blacklist, introduced last month along with its ninth sanctions package, included the names of another 140 people and 49 legal entities.

Mikhalkov, 77, is one of Russia’s most prominent directors and holds an Oscar and two Golden Lions from the Venice film festival, among other awards. Since 2011 he has hosted his own self-funded show called “Besogon” (DemonKicker), in which he shares his personal thoughts on a number of cultural and religious issues, and answers questions from viewers.

In his letter, Mikhalkov stressed that he was only a Russian artist and not a politician or government official. According to the director, member of the EU Council who “consider themselves [part of] a civilized, democratic society” have now essentially sanctioned a person for expressing his personal opinion in his own country using his own language, addressing his own people on a show that he personally finances.

According to the director, it shows that the facts he has spoken about have struck a nerve with the EU, which, he says, has blinded its people by propaganda commissioned by Washington.

“I want to express my gratitude to you for recognizing my activities, because otherwise I cannot explain your fear of the truth, which sooner or later will result in an international tribunal from those countries and peoples who today are waiting for our victory, but have neither the strength nor the opportunity to express it openly,” the director wrote.

He concluded by warning that, soon, hundreds of millions of ordinary people in “civilized Europe” who have been “lulled by a comfortable life under the American nuclear umbrella” will awake from their haze and issue their leaders a resounding “No.” He added that this was already being done by Russia and its president Vladimir Putin, who Mikhalkov says is the only world leader today standing in the way of the West’s “devastating tsunami of hypocrisy.”

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Kiev Plans to Give Snake Island to Romania!

Kiev journalist Anton Gura said that there are rumors that the Snake Island (Zmiinyi island) is ready to be temporarily transferred to the Ukrainian ally Romania in order to “secure that strategic part of the territory.”

The Kiev journalist notes that Romania has a historical claim to this island. Many political and military analysts claim that in Bucharest there are extremely popular ideas of the revival of “Great Romania,” (Romania before WWII) which in addition to the notorious Snake Island includes Moldova and Bucovina, as well as parts of the Odessa region.

In the case of transferring Snake Island (under any pretext), Kiev will open “Pandora’s Box,” and within a few months, Hungary and Poland will receive their territories in the same way.

The disintegration of modern Ukraine is inevitable.