After all, How Sovereign is Russia’s Putin?

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Here we have clear evidence of Putin outright lying  with a straight face and false conviction. Putin, so-called Leader of  the Axis of Resistance, reveals himself as a schoolboy boldface liar, afraid and humiliating himself in public. In a true show-trial display, he chokes and stumbles on his own words while professing obedience to the demands of the Western Big Lie.  He is emasculating  himself and exposing his fake independent leadership by his subservience and self-denunciation showing his compliance with the demands of, and his acquiescence to the Cult of the Western Big Lie.   

Here he clearly states that he doesn’t believe it was the American intelligence services who did  9/11 to themselves . He didn’t say exactly who he believes did it either.  So what does he believe ?

Does he believe Architects  & Engineers for 9/11 Truth?  That’s science not belief. Steel cannot melt from a kerosene fire.

Big Red Flag. Where does Russia under Putin really stand?

One can only hope that this is just a Judo moment in the fight.


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