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by Francis Miville

No, Trump would have lost anyway, even though that would have demanded more efforts from the adverse party and required more promises for centre-left New Deal style measures : the hard fact, established since beginning 2019, was that the rate of satisfaction for the Trump government was stubbornly refusing to climb beyond a 45% ceiling and this according to all opinion studies, including those conducted by Trump’s advisers themselves as well as by foreign powers such as Russia, though Trump’s grip on a certain clientele of adorers was also proved more solid than ever by the same studies.

The main reason alleged by those conducting those studies was the repoliticisation of the American opinion to levels unknown since the 1960-70’s. Trump’s nearly 50% rate of approval in 2016 could only be concomitant with a peak in cynicism resulting in normally left opinions refusing to commit themselves.

A second factor less important is that Trump, though his base had grown in absolute numbers of committed partisans, had lost a small but key part of his electorate composing 7% of his 2016 percentage, the dissident anti-zionist right who then clearly saw that Trump was Netanyahu’s alter ego, as well as traditionally democratic rustbelt voters that had tried Trump to express their rage at the DNC but were very decided to repeat the experiment and now believe only in 1960’s style insurrections to pressure the DNC. Trump had on the other hand gained more attachment among traditional Republicans who vote Republican to be on the side of money and of the love of money as expressed by Christian Zionists, but that attachment to his person on the part of cuckservatives could only fail to translate into greater numbers : after all the Republicans still remained a party vindicating the cause of (non-tech, non-brainy) big business versus labour despite a certain number of workers joining their militant ranks.

All what Trump mainly succeeded to do was to transform an electorate composed of 75% money huggers and Jew-adorers (as representatives of money) into adorers of his person, as a mirror image of those stalinist leaders who regularly succeed in transforming militant workers and union marchers into parishioners of the new cult no longer caring for their own interests. Anyway both the Republican Party and Trump’s mainstay was some art of making stupid people vote against their interests. 45 could thus not go beyond 45%.

He rather could have if he had really shown concern (albeit a purely Hollywood-style, theatrical one) for the sick right at the beginning of the pandemic and for instance never failed to show up in hospitals or street clinics to demonstrate compassion while attacking China and suspecting France of having engineered the disease, instead of golfing and ever more golfing, but Trump clearly refused to take that avenue.

The pandemic did not prevent Trump from winning : it offered him a providential opportunity to win after all, but he did everything to bungle it in as many ways as possible first by denying its existence, then by refusing to invest ressources, then by trusting only big Pharma to produce vaccines : Trump combined the worst of all positions, due to a fault of character of his own, showing that he never gave a damn. Trump really could have divided by 2 or 3 the number of deaths under his guard and place America ahead of Canada , Britain and France in sick care, but he clearly didn’t care and made no efforts to conceal it by showing off Dr. Welby on the screens.

Trump’s real intention was not to win but to gain adorers and since he clearly showed much obedience to Netanyahu and other Zionists who on the other hand had decided that one mandate was enough for him this means every went on perfectly according to the role he had pledged to play, that is to say leading his voter base he clearly despises into economic ruin and planned political defeat.

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1 year ago

I wish that opinion peices would be marked in some way so that they didn’t appear to come off as being informational/factual posts

B. Scott
B. Scott
1 year ago
Reply to  Bradley

The Hiv-like, S1-spike protein and furin cleavage site INSERTIONS, in conjunction with GOF patents PROVE this was a manmade virus/pandemic… Ergo, this is NOT an opinion piece, but factual INFO
Sad to see Del Bigtree drank the AGW / C02 Boogeyman/ ‘climate-crisis’ koolaid, ditto RFK jr
If this wasn’t a PLANDEMIC, and if GOF researchers had already made the above mentioned viral ‘inserts’ by 2006… once they discovered a prion-like domain (at ACE2 Receptor Binding Site) why didn’t they start over, rather than making this deadly (brain consuming) biological time-bomb the main component of their ‘vaccine’? CDC, Pentagon, UK all have contingency plans for dealing with ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ Coincidence? I think NOT!
This is clearly (see Covid19 predictive programing) a genetically engineered and purposely released bio-weapon, meant to be a prelude to the ‘Great Reset’ (read global enslavement and radical population reduction)
Fleming says he’s ‘not anti-vaxx’. RU Kidding Me? When I was a kid autism rate was 1 in 15,000, now it’s 1 in 50. CDC whistleblower Will Thompson proved MMR vax/autism connection. Ditto Hannah Poling’s parents..Bigtree (of all people) certainly knows this… ENOUGH SAID