Russia’s Economy in 2022

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Main Statements by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak:

▫️Russian budget revenues from the oil and gas industry grew by 28% in 2022, despite the sanctions imposed by the West

▫️In 2022, coal production in Russia increased by 0.3%, to 442 million tons

▫️Russia increased LNG exports in 2022 by 8%, to 46 billion cubic meters.

▫️Oil exports from Russia in 2022 increased by 7%

▫️484 billion cubic metres of gas were supplied to the domestic market of the Russian Federation in 2022

▫️Gas supplies via the Power of Siberia to China in 2022 amounted to 15.5 billion cubic meters

▫️Electricity production in Russia grew by 0.7% in 2022, consumption by 1.5%

▫️In the new regions of the Russian Federation, more than 3.5 thousand kilometres of power lines and four power units at stations were restored

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