A Romanian became the oldest man in the world, at 111 years and 6 months

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Un român a devenit cel mai bătrân bărbat din lume, la 111 ani şi 6 luni

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Romanian Dumitru Comanescu became the oldest man in the world, after the British Bob Weighton, who held this title, died on Thursday, at the age of 112. Comanescu is 111 years and six months old and lives in Bucharest.

According to the site Hotnews.ro, at the beginning of the year, in February, Guinness World Records established that the first three oldest living men on the planet were the Japanese Chitetsu Watanabe (born on March 5, 1907), the British Robert Weighton (born on 29 March 1908) and the Romanian Dumitru Comanescu.

The first died a few days after the record was declared, on February 27, and the Briton died on Thursday, the news website notes.

"Dear ones, I have received the great news with emotion, but first of all I would like to extend my condolences to the family of former world leader Robert Weighton. I feel honored and blessed to be now, officially, the oldest man in the world and to represent Romania at the highest level! It’s incredible! ", Said Dumitru Comănescu according to the Center for Seniors of Bucharest.

Comănescu was born on November 8, 1908 in Proviţa de Jos, Drăgăneasa commune, Prahova county. He was an agronomic engineer and one of the most valuable phytopathologists, being the disciple of the founder of the Institute of Agronomic Research, Gheorghe Ionescu Siseşti.

Initially, he enrolled at the Faculty of Mathematics, having as professor one of the most valuable mathematicians of all time, Gheorghe Ţiţeica, and then to find his vocation in the field of plant research.

He graduated from college in 1933 and worked for 70 years. In 2003 he made the last phytopathological expertise. At the age of 86, when a contest for agricultural experts was organized in Bucharest, Dumitru Comanescu obtained the 5th place in the country, so he extended his activity.

The oldest man in the world is a woman from Japan. On January 2, 2020, Kane Tanaka turned 117 years old. It received the Guinness World Records award last year.

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