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Putin as the Tsar?

by Sergey Markov

Putin as the tsar? Which tsar in Russian history is he comparable to?

  1. Patriarch Kirill has compared Putin with Alexander Nevsky. The logic here is that Nevsky repelled the West’s attack on Russia. Putin has the same task.

  2. Putin often associates himself with Prince Vladimir, the baptizer of Rus’. Logic is: Putin erected a monument to him near the Kremlin and right where he himself enters the Kremlin, as if he were his guardian angel.

  3. The opposition often compares Putin to Ivan the Terrible. Logic: the same repressions. And the KGB-FSB are like Ivan’s guardsmen.

  4. The West compares Putin with Stalin. They say omnipotent and repressive.

  5. Patriots in Russia demand that Putin be like Alexander the Third. That is, build an empire on your own national basis.

  6. And the population of Russia would like Putin to be like Brezhnev. And this, by the way, is the Chinese ideal of a ruler: he does nothing, and everyone lives very well because of it.