Like, Totally Orwellian: ‘Government Surveillance Cameras In Every Household’

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Nearly one-third of Generation Z says they’d be just fine with government-installed surveillance cameras in every household under the guise of reducing domestic violence and other illegal activity.
“Would you favor or oppose the government installing surveillance cameras in every household to reduce domestic violence, abuse, and other illegal activity?” asks a new survey from the Cato Institute. Of the responses, 29% of those aged 18-29 said yes.

As the NY Post notes;

In 1791, the utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham proposed building a “panopticon” in which people’s behavior could be monitored at all times.
But Bentham’s panopticon was meant to be a prison. A sizable segment of Generation Z would like to call it home.

When it comes to other age brackets, 20% of millennials (between the ages of 30 and 44) also want everyone watched.
Then, wisdom appears to kick in – as just 6% of Americans aged 45 and older were OK with government surveillance in every home.
Broken down by politics, 19% of liberals and 18% of centrists agreed that our daily lives should be monitored by the government for our own safety, while 9 – 11% of those who identify as conservative, very conservative, or very liberal agreed in what appears to be a “horseshoe” issue that unites both ends of the political spectrum.

It’s the middle that has the ethic of old East German secret police — or the KGB.
Maybe that’s not surprising considering the way respectable liberal institutions now run themselves.
From Ivy League campuses to the publishing industry and the digital domains of Facebook, there is an Orwellian sense of perpetual emergency, an irrational fear that misinformation and hate speech will overwhelm society unless every utterance is subject to a censor’s scrutiny.
Even Orwell didn’t imagine Newspeak would require new pronouns. -NY Post

Broken down by race, 33% of black Americans said they’re fine with government in-home surveillance, as did 25% of hispanics, 11% of whites, and 9% of asians respectively.
The question was asked as part of the Cato Institute’s survey on American attitudes on the prospect of a ‘central bank digital currency.’ What’s interesting about that is that 53% of Americans who support a CBDC also support in-home surveillance cameras.

Notably, Americans who support a CBDC stood out in how they think about in‐​home government surveillance cameras. A majority (53%) of Americans who support a CBDC support the government installing in‐​home surveillance cameras to reduce abuse and other illegal activity. This suggests that some of the psychology behind support for a CBDC springs from an above average comfort level with trading some personal autonomy and privacy for societal order and security. -Cato Institute

What’s more, those who view the Federal Reserve favorably are more likely to support a CBDC (duh).
Sheep gonna sheep?

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1 year ago

My Grandfathers both did foreign service in WW1 as did my Father in the Pacific in WW2 They put their real lives on the line daily for some years that we could live in peace and in full freedom.
Ghetto-like in home surveillance is not freedom, nor is it peaceful.
Ghetto like surveillance is a communist/marxist abomination.
Our community can expel those that offend its rules, but it cannot presume the guilt or likely guilt of those that do not offend, moreover it is offensive to suggest that some other person or agency should have access to that familie’s privacy to any such degree, totally offensive.

Sum Sense
Sum Sense
1 year ago

Brainwashing complete

Tony Red
Tony Red
1 year ago

….and this is why humans will get exactly what they deserve!

1 year ago

I’m old enough to know about ‘Big Brother’ and what also happened in Germany and other eastern countries during the holocaust years from first hand witnesses to the atrocities. I refuse to have voice activated services in my home and am always on the look out for ways to protect my privacy. It gets harder every day to do that. Just recently found license plate specific surveillance cameras in our neighborhoods. The public was not informed, and did not get the chance to say no. Its one thing for a police car to be able to ID a plate, and another for the ID of every plate on the street. NJ, as most blue states are, has gone to h*ll in a handbasket. Seriously. I’m so over it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Lora