Hungary and Turkey: More on the Fake War

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by Claudiu Secara

Part I: The Fall of Europe

Part II: The Fake War

Part III: More Evidence of the Fake Wars

Part IV: Hungary and Turkey: More on the Fake War

One glaring red flag in the current stand-off between Russia and the West is the positions of Turkey and Hungary vis-a-vis Russia. Turkey was an arch enemy of the Russian Empire since the 16th century; they fought hundreds of battles over territory around the Black Sea – which enabled Russia to slice away, little by little, Ottoman Empire lands that are part of what is known today as Ukraine (mostly the lower half). In the Crimean War (1853-56), Russia was defeated on behalf of the Turks by the coalition of England and France, who actually carried the brunt of the war, but then in the Russian-Turkish War of 1877, Russia successfully advanced into the Balkans for the first time and came very close to the heart of the Ottoman Empire which, by now, was crumbling.

The Turks were never happy about the loss of their empire, a loss that was caused largely by Russia’s aspiration to gain access to warm water ports. In the previous centuries, Russia had been fighting for access mainly to the Black Sea, but the end of the WWI and the dissolution of the fiery Ottomans legitimized Russia’s unimpeded access to the Mediterranean. This was sealed through the Montreux Convention of 1936. This meant a total loss of face for the Turks, who could no longer exercise full control over their own internal sea, the Sea of Marmara.

Turkey was a less critical participant in WWI, as the main theater of operations was in continental Eurasia. Still, its importance is clearly demonstrated by the fact that Turkey was and remains to this day the only non-European member of NATO and the only non-Christian nation as well.

For 70+ years, Turkey was NATO’s most forward line of offense against Russia (formerly the Soviet Union). Turkey was the most forward trench, or better, moat, that would block Russia’s room for maneuver outside of its limited northern lands bordering the Black Sea.

Then came the Syrian war. What happened? Something very murky. We are told there was some plot by “Gulen sympathizers”, supported in secret by no less than the US government, to overthrow Erdogan. Why? Because.

Then, the story goes, Putin, fond of his direct adversary, decided to throw a lifeline to the drowning Erdogan. He tipped him off about the plot, which Russia was privy to (but not Erdogan’s own secret service) and, through some dramatic flight to safety, Erdogan kept his head and his scepter.

Making this all the more of a thriller is that little incident that took place just a few weeks earlier, when a Turkish fighter jet downed a Russian jet in a direct act of war.

So, who was/is at war against whom?

This whole episode was meant to turn the only country that could actually block Russia from reaching out to its ally Syria into the best friend of Russia, on its western borders. Without Turkey, Russia’s hand in both Syria and Ukraine would be very precarious – militarily and economically. While Poland, the Baltic states, and especially Ukraine are steadfast in opposing Russia, Turkey is undermining the West -and the Eastern European opponents of Russia – for no obvious reason. Turkey is now the gateway for Russia’s gas to Southern Europe, it is one of her largest trade partners (bypassing western sanctions and allowing the importation of gadgets banned in the West and other forbidden goods), it is the one country who helps the rubles-only Russian tourists to enjoy wonderful balmy vacations, etc.

And then there is another subplot. Even while saving Russia in the pipeline war with the West, Turkey convinced the Ukrainians that it is a trustworthy guarantor of their security and is fully on board with the Ukrainians’ aspirations. That is until yesterday when, in another coup de théâtre, Ukraine decided to add these very security guarantors, the Turks, to their hit list as enemies of Ukraine. Again, who is the enemy of whom, here?

Now, how can one explain all these theatrical events, or rather coups de théâtre, twists and reversals of the plot?

Now, let’s look at Hungary, on another European flank of the Russian Empire. The unfriendly nations of Austria and Hungary. Both fought bitter wars with Russia for centuries on end. Austria and its sidekick, Hungary, were engaged in wars with Russia since the 17th century. Most important, though, is the year 1848 when Russian troops quashed a budding revolution in Hungary. This open enmity culminated in 1956 with the Hungarian uprising, put down again, in blood, by the Russian army. Hungary was always at the frontline of anti- anything Russian, while the Austrians can still remember their glorious days before the loss of their imperial territories to, mostly, Slavic brothers supported by the Big brother in the East.

And now? Australia’s Foreign Minster, Karin Kneissl, famously celebrated her wedding dancing with Putin in Vienna. Both, Hungary, very openly, and Austria, more discretely, are voicing support for the Russian point of view in Ukraine and are against the West’s economic war against Russia. How is that?

Victor Orban, the ubiquitous prime-minister of Hungary, made a political career out of his unblemished record as a warrior against communism, against totalitarianism, against the Soviet occupiers. A nationalist bordering on chauvinistic tendencies, a very tribal defender of Magyar ethnic interests, he switched sides and is now a champion of the Russian cause. Hungary defies the West at the risk of losing its substantial financial support, its reputation as a reliable partner of democratic alliances, etc.

What motivates the elites of these two countries to turn their backs to the luring West and make a dramatic break with them in favor of the upstart Russia?

So, what could possibly explain such support from two countries that were archenemies of Russia through their history? And, furthermore, two countries very critical to the geopolitical and geo-strategic actions by Russia in Ukraine. Yes, they are nationalists and yes they see the writing on the wall, one can say. But so was Milošević a nationalist, though he was not tolerated by the West for five minutes despite Serbia’s independent, pro-Western’s position since the WWII vis-a-vis the Soviet Union. Then you have Ceaușescu of Romania, who had pursued a pro-Western policy, pretty much anti-Russia for almost 30 years. The West executed him like a dog.

But they have been tolerating both Orban and Erdogan for a long time including in these very critical days, while both openly defy the West, and, furthermore, are helping the enemy.

I have only one explanation, and that is that the “West” is made up of two “Wests”. One that is the visible one: the quintessential belligerent Biden, the witchy Pelosi, the octogenarian sinister Soros, the scheming Schumer, etc.

But there is another “West” that we don’t see and that makes sure that Auntie Ursula makes a fool of herself every time she opens her mouth in public. They make sure that the sexy prime minister of Finland is videoed getting caressed by a man who is not her husband, that Biden is noted for being a creepy semi-demented old fool, and that Pelosi is an old hag, past her expiration date. And, more importantly, it is the same party within the West that will help to bring about the defeat of Ukraine and the defeat of the old colonial supremacy of the West.

In other words, there is a lot more to the strategy employed by Moscow in pursuing the West. It is not just the singular anti-Western heroic Putin on one side and the block of the West on the other side.

The second “West” is leading the West, in my opinion, from behind, to its great awakening and demise; Saving the West from itself.

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1 year ago

All world leaders know that the war Russia fights in Ukraine is justified. Maybe Orban and Erdogan just want to be on the right side of history.

1 year ago

If Claudia is listening or reading these words. First of All congratulations to her on writing on most critical underlying realities of our WORLD and Societies. There are thousand other reasons which expose this ‘duopoly’. And we are not talking about ‘conspiracy theory’ stuff, but simple ‘connecting the dot’ exercise would reveal the underlying festering world we live in.

First it has been established overtime that our modern world is a society operated by, THUGS. Orban. Turkish. Russian. Or Jewish Oligarchs. Or Maltese elites or Korean Thug Families. or Old School German and european Banking THUGS. There is no other better explanation of explaining all this. From American Political / Banking/ Financial elites, to their control and corruption of State Apparatus it is all THUGGARY !!!. Origin of This THUGGARY has been well documented by Williams Tarpley. Peter Dale Scott. William engdhall. and many many others.
Russia is no different. A Country Raped over and over again by Jewish – Oligarchy , for example recent example when one of the strongest Jewish Oligarch recently flew to , where else, Israel. Untouchables you see. While Slavic, Caucasian, Turkic, Cossack sons are sacrificing their lives in Ukraine. They get to fly away. Reference: Read John Helmer Dances with Bear. One of most Prolific Columnist , Commentator on Russian Society. You want to know how Russia works read him buy his books. Actually he is pretty good about other regions of world Also.
Another example is .. Can you imagine, in strictly state to state affair, that ex Chelsea Owner. AGAIN. J e W I S H – Oligarch, was allowed by Russian State to conduct negotiations with Ukrainian delegation. Slap on Sovereignty of Russia, and Icing on Cake. That whole deal was brokered by none other than Opportunist THUGS. TURKS. LOL !! So you see. They All are like in a Scorpions Jar. Recently Turks brokered another deal on behalf of IINTerNATIONAL THUGS. to make way for WHeat. and we All know that Most of that Wheat – Farmland is owned by Few American Corps. With ‘Black’ and ‘Guard’ in their titles. and right in midst of war. when RUSSIAN SLAVIC Sons are being BUTCHered their argument was . It happened in GOOD WILL !!! 😉
Another event . When Israel Killed through deception 15 or so Highly Trained electronic intelligence officers over Syrian Skies. What did Russia Do.? NOTHING. But kissed the Jewish – Apartheid *** .
even China is compromised. But Still their Society is still not rest of the world. These THUGS have made their inroads there as well. but Chinese are wise people.
It is all Fake Dear Claudia. Thank you.

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I was going to comment that “saving the West from itself” is most definitely NOT what is going on… But, you summed it up better and with more detail.

Although, there could be 2 different ways to look at that last paragraph…

One is that the “west” is purposefully undergoing it’s “demise” by various thugs & oligarchs & corporatists (World Economic Forum & related psychopaths/sociopaths) – just as you describe – so, that they can take it’s reigns from the various “governments” now in power over these lands & peoples. And, their intentions is to do the same to ALL lands & peoples. They’re a good ways on the way to doing so. But, as you point out, the Chinese may not cooperate fully with that plan.

The other is that this purposeful “demise” of the “west” just might result in it’s “awakening” – the various peoples of these nations are awakening to their current state of servitude & slavery, and to whom. And, they want to free themselves of these psychopaths & sociopaths.

What happens in the next few years to decade or so is going to be very interesting.

Last edited 1 year ago by grrlrocks
Ms Chineme Noke
Ms Chineme Noke
1 year ago

This is a cracking good read that explains the historical dynamics brilliantly and entertainingly!
Kudos to Claudiu Sacara!