Trump and the Failed (Bio)War against China

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by Claudiu Secara
Published: November 1, 2020

Why do I think Trump’s time is up?
In retrospect, Trump’s main job was to crash China, do it in a way that allowed for full deniability, and be the fall guy in case of failure. As an aside, he also tossed in a few tasty morsels of raw meat to feed the Israeli beast.

His first act as new president was to invite the Chinese president to a private dinner at his tacky mansion in Florida. Like a genuine mafia boss, he outlined for the poor victim the conditions of his surrender. At the same moment, for the cheering home crowd, he threw in a fireworks display of missiles aimed at another sure victim, the hapless President Assad’s Syria. Then he sat back and watched his guest’s facial expression. “Kill a chicken to scare a monkey.”

Apparently, President Xi didn’t quite grasp, yet, the extent of America’s ruthlessness and pure meanness. He made a hand gesture and went home.

It began somewhat innocuously from there.

But then we started to hear about trade issues, that our cheap Chinese imports were in fact far too costly, that our insatiable demand for toys from China was China’s fault. It was China that caused our addiction to continuously increase our trade deficit and our runaway “[im]balance of payments”.

Let’s impose penalties on the wicked Chinese: first, 5% as a warning. If they don’t get the message, let’s increase it to the point where they understand how serious we are: 20%, no, 25%. How about 50%? Why not, since they’re the ones who’re going to be paying it anyway.

Wait a minute. No? they don’t pay the tariffs? It’s us, the US businesses, in fact the consumers, that are paying?

Of course, we can do more to get their attention, like sailing our “beautiful” navy right through the territorial waters they claim. Are they going to dare attack us? No. They’re going to lose face and make fools of themselves for the whole world to see.

No, it didn’t work. In fact, we embarrassed ourselves, again. Again?! Time to bring in our big stick. We’ve had it in store for some years now. That’s the bioweapon.

At this point things get a lot more complicated and even murkier.

The bottom line is that the US has long since passed the point of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which is the ability to work with one’s creditors to reschedule payments. Although most Americans didn’t get the memo yet. They are still proud that America is Number 1, Number 2, and Number 3, in Everything. So here is the Trumptards’ plan. The little-advertised Military Olympics are held in the Chinese business hub of Wuhan in October 2019. How convenient to have access through our military sportsmen and women to the very heart of their nation’s business and transportation network, and bio-research center, all in one location, a few meters away from the hotel. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And the stupid Chinese don’t have a clue! Launch the “novel” coronavirus right before their mass migration during the upcoming holidays. And we have total deniability.

Since they know that we know that they were doing their own monkey-business, toying with bat viruses, they are easily to be portrayed as the villains here. We can blame them, and look for even more to gain. How do we know that they are working on gain-of-function research using bat viruses in Wuhan? Because our own Dr. Fauci (who works for Bill Gates, by the way, and the Rockefellers) pays them for such work. Of course, that’s what they think. They don’t exactly know what we are doing research on: we told them that our Congress forbids us to do such research, stupid Congress, and that such research is important. Can you help us?

So now, we spread the deadly virus to China. They will be done, crippled in a matter of months. — They had to shut down their economy to a full stop. We’re laughing that they are incompetent and, at the same time, the enemy of the whole world.

After this is done, now the Trumptards can turn their attention to the US economy and to their allies’ attempts to disengage from being good supporters of the American global multinationals like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The Europeans have the audacity to charge them taxes, when our multinationals don’t pay taxes even in their home country, the US? And then, we have to spend money to defend them from the “terrorists,” from the Russians, even from the aggressive Syrians or the Iranians? This has to stop. The Europeans have to pay their fair share to NATO and stop taking our jobs, too.

Finally, let’s get everybody in the US to toe the line, and make some money, all at once. Launch a second wave of coronavirus in the West. Not the same one as in China but a much, much milder form of the seasonal flu  — and then the media can make it seem just as deadly like the strain we launched in China.

All that being done, we can wipe out our debt to China by holding them accountable for the world pandemic; now we can reset our national debt, send our troops to different hot spots like Venezuela to steal their oil, to the perennial Middle East mess: we can bring our missiles closer and closer to Russia; and implement assorted long overdue policies to reassert our control.

Control. Control everything. Control our folks; control the world’s energy resources; cyber control: control outer space; control the healthcare, or rather the sick-making industry, across the board; control the minds and souls.

And here we are. It doesn’t seem to have worked. None of the plan. The US is left in a far weaker position. The US has lost credibility. It lost its economic edge even further. The military is a joke. The notion of American democracy, freedom, free speech, free markets, free everything, is compromised.

The Trumptards can only claim that, in opposition to international laws and the world community, they supported a racist, xenophobic land grab by the Israelis under Netanyahu, who has been rejected by his own people at home and indicted by his own courts.

The Trumptards’ plan didn’t work. China is stronger than ever and the US is weaker and weaker by the day. Every hour that passes and we don’t reverse this trend brings us closer and closer to the end of the road for the US.

The power  elites  need a different plan and that’s why I think Trump’s time is up.

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Tony Boloni
Tony Boloni
3 years ago

Act 2 WW3. He is nostradomas’ 3rd AC.
All 3 were creations of the banksters.
“When you hear that Russia has taken Constantinople, put on your Shabbat clothes and do not take them off. For the footsteps of the Moschiach can be heard.”
“When the Moschiach comes the wealth of all the world will be at his disposal.”