Test… Test… Test… — No, It’s About Collecting Your DNA!

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by Claudiu Secara

What’s in a Test?

There are two major frauds underlying this rush to implement testing on a massive global scale that the prominent critics of the Coronavirus hysteria don’t seem to be addressing.

Dr. Yeadon, Robert Kennedy, Jr., and many other distinguished public figures have told us that there is no meaningful information to be obtained from these tests. The PCR tests look for virus fragments, but they cannot distinguish between a dead fragment of an old Corona flu virus and a live reproductive Covid virus. Only the serology test checks for antibodies, but this test is not even used in the current mass testing.

One can argue that, on the contrary, a positive test result, whether real or false, but correlated with an asymptomatic case is a sign of a healthy person who cannot be affected anymore by the virus since the person has built already its immunity against it. That’s why it is a case of asymptomatic positive.

Furthermore, if these asymptomatic cases are in fact a proof of acquired immunity, then they are the very certification for health in those individuals.

By this logic, we should consider that the people who test negative are rather the vulnerable ones to potential infections. It should be inferred that it’s the test-negative person who needs to be monitored and protected from being infected.

Now, we also know that it not necessary that simple as immunity is not a one-level line of defense within the body defenses. Even the serology test which detects antibodies in merely 40 percent of the cases, is only the first level of immunization. Then, as everybody learned, there are the T-cells that are some kind catch-all net of protection. But, again, that’s not what the PCR tests are about.

OK, so tests are misleading on several levels, top virologists and immunologists from around the world keep telling us. The logic is simple; the more tests are performed, the more we get both positive and negative results. So why are we persisting in testing? Why does this testing mania continue? Is it because of individuals like Bill Gates that are greedy to make profits out of the fear these tests induce in the population? Is it because, the medical industry is out of control in their obsessive duty? Is it because they are just stupid?

What is that these tests do achieve at great costs to society and the individuals?

The other day, supposedly two people in the city of Shanghai tested positive. And? The Chinese leaders, allegedly very focused on “zero tolerance” for even a single infection, lined up the 10 million or 20 million inhabitants for testing right away.

Among the Europeans, the 5+ million Slovakians were the first nation to be fully tested, to the last man and woman. All 5+ million! And? What did that achieve? Is the entire nation of Slovakia now better off in some way? Not really. They have to live with same restrictions as their neighbors.

So again, what information was acquired? Information about the virus? About the level of immunization of the country? They could have learned almost as much by running a test on a representative sample of the population and then simply extrapolating to the rest of the nation. This is being done every day, in all sorts of domains — including predicting election results — to a precision of half a percent.

What else could it be? What is in those testing kits that we don’t think about?

Our saliva! Our nasal pickings, our body fluids, which contain our signature DNA. They are collecting these identity particles and taking them away somewhere. They are taking them to the laboratory, together with all our personal tracing information. Name, address, phone number, Social Security number, and the lab results: all going into the one big database.

The other day Russia just announced that:

“The idea of creating a combined database of information is not a new one, having been proposed in 2014 by long-serving Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev. Six years ago, Kolokoltsev suggested that the unified database should include DNA analysis and information, as well as vehicles and forensic records. Earlier this year, the ministry announced it would be creating a Federal Biometric Information System. When it’s launched at the end of 2021, the pilot system should be able to analyze videos to recognize criminals by their face, voice, eyes, visible tattoos, and even possibly their gait.“

The Chinese are also quite open about their database. During the G20 summit, President Xi proposed a GLOBAL health QR code system supposedly to revive coronavirus-battered trade & travel.

But the West keeps mum about this subject. Here, we’re all about human rights, individual rights, liberty and democracy; but we are testing, testing, testing. And collecting samples. And voilà, it just happens that at end of the day, we too will have a database covering every identifier of every individual: DNA, iris scans, and results from facial recognition cameras and license plate readers, on top of your name, address, phone number, and Social Security number, tracing us from one corner of the world to another. That’s the “Health” Passport they are taking about.

Isn’t that what’s going on under the cover of the illogical, irrational rush to test everyone for a Novel Coronavirus that doesn’t exist and that allegedly has a kill rate below that of the seasonal flu?

This is separate from the question of the vaccine, which for now may be just a test run. The current push for mass vaccination is just training people for the next phase of the vaccination plot.

For now it is just testing for collecting. Worldwide, each country is doing the same. No conflict here among the superpowers, China, Russia, the EU and the US they all are in agreement. Under the cover of fake trade wars, fake riots, but real economic depression, election theater, fake war mongering, etc., the elite has factored in the costs for mapping out the real DNA ID of each one of us — for future control of the animal farm once called humanity.

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