Why Iran’s Attack Against Israel Was A Major Success (updated)

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Scott Ritter: Israel believed that it could launch a strike against Iran and suffer no consequence – that is no longer the case.  

“This is deterrence. This means that in the future, if either Israel or the United States plan on carrying out an action against Iran, they have to weigh in the consequences of their actions knowing that Iran has the capacity to reach out and touch any place, any spot, any target in the region in Israel or out of Israel, and there’s nothing anybody could do to stop that. This is why president Biden has been on the phone with Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, telling him, ‘Do not retaliate,'” Scott Ritter, ex-US Marine Corps intelligence officer, told Sputnik.

Sunday morning Mohammad Bagheri, the head of the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, said that operation ‘True Promise’ against Israel has been completed.

“Operation ‘True Promise’ was an extraordinarily successful operation, not only for Iran, but indeed for the world, because Iranian deterrence now is a reality that can hold Israel and the United States in check,” Ritter concluded.

The news agency Iran in Arabic reported that the Nevatim Air Base, in addition to Israeli F-35 aircraft, also serves as a hangar for Mossad’s spy planes. A large number of intelligence officers and senior Mossad operatives were permanently present at the base.   

According to the news agency, at least 44 officers were killed.

Iran launched 7 hypersonic missiles during the attack on Israel, none of them were intercepted, Iranian media reports.


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