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MK ULTRA Alpha says:

It’s strange, Alex Jones of InfoWars is pro-Zionist. married two Jewish women in a row and what is happening is that the Jewish left wing are leading the take down of conservative sites. It’s similar to the Jewish led boycott of Germany in the 1930’s.

Across the entire web, Facebook is installing a Chinese censorship model to impress the Chinese. Facebook was kicked out of China. Zuckerberg has made trip after trip to impress Xi. Zuckerberg carried Xi’s book around quoting it to Americans in speeches etc. just like Mao’s Little Red Book.

I boycott Facebook and anyone who uses Facebook. I don’t believe the metrics Facebook uses for number of users and Facebook has been caught falsifying advertisement data.

We are not being protected from 1st Amendment violations from these firms. Both Facebook and Google are in violation of the Bill of Rights to conform to a global Chinese model of censorship for access to the Chinese market.

Facebook has been manipulating elections in many countries. The report about Facebook manipulation of foreign elections has been confirmed by Facebook as a consultant fee. Manipulation of foreign elections by US corporations is against US law. Facebook is a political hit man for hire. It’s just like CNN being paid a bribe from countries who want favorable coverage.

It’s unfortunate the Obama administration wasn’t pro-civil liberties and Trump administration is pro-business. But something has to be done, I suggest Facebook, Google and Microsoft be broken up to allow competition in this space.

Quick note: Zuckerberg asked Xi to name his child. Xi refused to name Zuckerberg’s child. Zuckerberg took his pregnant wife to China to meet Xi for the purpose of asking Xi to name his child. It was a con to ingratiate Xi so Zuckerberg Facebook could reenter China. Zuckerberg has done back flips to reenter China.

Zuckerberg started the crack down on freedom of speech right after the elections. The plan was to blame fake news for Clinton’s loss, but for Zuckerberg it was the right time to launch his China censorship model on the USA. At the same time Zuckerberg started offering Facebook services/managing for over 350,000 online publications sites. The plan was to take over all these sites to shut the Americans up.

I was on one of those sites, for many years I posted on that site, it was a great help to the community because I ran down city officials that were thieves. It was my hometown newspaper. The censorship was incredible. I thought it was Chinese intelligence because the censorship on me began when I tried to block $2 billion being used for one Asian shipper for the China trade. The city was being asked to spend tons of money to dredge so larger Asian ships could dump more Asia trade on America.

I had never seen that kind of censorship. Usually on that site, someone using cuss words(expletives) or racial comments were censored. Many were shocked and the newspaper lost many more customers. The newspaper had to be sold and the printing department after 154 years shut down.

A little whining here, I was(I am) an American combat soldier. I did not flinch, I did not turn my face at 18 years old. I told God at the time, I am going to die but I will stand to be a soldier, I will not turn my face. I can’t believe this is happening here in the USA.

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