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“We need new management at Walmart. Many of you don’t know the story. I’m new to the management at Walmart. I started training on Dec 4. So much has happened already with my mess of a store that it is laughable. I’m having a field day with this shit show but I’m making money. Basically, I got a phone call back in November from a WMT recruiter asking if I wanted be an Asst Store Manager. OK. That led to three interviews and I was offered the position and that is when I found out how much WMT actually pays their management. The compensation is way better than you think. I accepted and started the training but then we had Xmas/quanzaa in the store. Just before Christmas, our not-white female Store Manager from the South took a leave of absence. (I met somebody, by pure serendipity, who has a lawsuit against said manager and WMT and it lawyer-ed up. Everything he has told me has come true so far.)

Right after New Year, I was called to the front office with the other co-managers and was told that I need to take a drug test for reasonable suspicion. I could deny and be terminated or go through with the test. I chose the latter option because I was not doing anything wrong. I was told I was suspended with pay.

Two weeks go by and the drug test comes back inconclusive (negative). So I am reinstated and asked if I can come back the next day. No, I can’t do that because I made all of these appointments so I made them pay for an extra day off. I got paid for just generally goofing off. It was unreasonable to begin with. I could have said that I had a job interview in Idaho or something like that but I didn’t go that far. Just not cool. They were kissing my ass after that fiasco.

Now another week later and we had one Co-manager walked out of the store this morning and the other we don’t know about. I never said a word about that drug test fail to anyone. I was hired by corporate. It’s about more than that though. I was told they could both be gone and the position eliminated. That leave the rest of us in a situation where the only management left are assistant managers. I found myself running a Walmart by myself a few times in the last week. I don’t even have full access to every system yet but I managed to do it. I sure as hell don’t know everything. It’s a business so the tenets of running a business apply. I love the damn job and I love what it pays. The chaos is awesome.

I requested the store that I am at for a reason, and I have one guy hired and I am looking for more. It is time for a change. You might have heard that two days ago WMT fired a shitload of people from corporate. WMT is cleaning house. There is management that has been taking advantage of the situation for far too long.

My whole suspension caused me to miss the rest of my training so now I have to start all over. That costs me money and benefits. This is a legal issue, but not yet. I’ll pick my battles.

Interesting that one of my fellow Assistants was a licensed securities broker for Wells Fargo but he couldn’t stand it he said. He didn’t elaborate as to why other than being bored but he still talks about it. I have to keep my eye on him. I don’t say shit about what I know.

This is the world we live in.

I wish I would have never went to university and just started with WMT right out of high school. I would be retired by now. One thing I do know for sure is that you will always have customers at Walmart. Who wants glamorous? Merica shops at Walmart, and so do you, so keep the snide comments to a minimum. “

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