Mom, apple pie, Chevrolet?

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Back then, it was service, it was a country before the fall.

From a soldier or sailor’s standpoint today, the shit hole EEOC society we have, the ugly, fat, tatted up sluts a young man has to come back home to, the hateful blacks, a landscape of illegals that gobble up our bounty and hate the U.S. anyway, there’s little to defend.

There is nothing redeemable in the U.S today, the government and society are so gross and corrupt I wouldn’t defend it today. Mom, apple pie, Chevrolet?

Those pies are now Hostess, the typical Mom is a thrice-married divorced slut and Chevrolet doesn’t build in my country. What’s worthwhile to defend? Nothing. The diversity and old, ugly and obsolete slutty feminists that hate White men are no more deserving of my help than the WASP I gladly spray Raid on. The U.S. is just a tool of enrichment for the Jews in the MIC. Every bomb dropped, some profit.

Trump is surrounded by deep state handlers: Goldmanites, Exxon CEOs and MIC-generals. He has never proposed any policy that counter any deep state interest (name me one). He is a fiat-billionaire (i.e. dependent on his fiat-masters). He is – like his supporters – obviously an idiot (having the vocabulary of a ten year old, an “understanding” of politics/ideologies, economics, history, world affairs and everything else like an average US pleb = none) and therefore easily steered in “the right direction” by his handlers. He has – due to his lifestyle and moral demeanor – more skeletons in the closet than a major metropolitan cemetery = if needed (I guess not) he is easily blackmailed to do the bidding of the deep state.

But apart from empowering the MIC-part of the deep state – what other genius “anti-deep state” policies do you see your orange Messiah proposing (or implementing)?

If $600b military spending won’t get the economy moving, let’s spend $700b. And that’s the on-budget amount. Mattis will probably order three more aircraft carriers – obsolete since 1959. Meanwhile, Russia develops its Kanyon exploding submarine that can take out the entire US east coast. Russia will press the button if threatened with annihilation. Why not end this “run the world” military foolishness and out-compete the world with innovation. Russia & China have the New Silk Road. The US is out of ideas.

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