The Modern Concept of Fake News

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Just for laughs, I looked at the reviews of Gordon Chang’s book ‘The Coming Economic Collapse of China’ to see if I could figure out the reasoning, and one of the reviewers said that China is getting weaker because they lack a free press to hold their govt accountable. I had a good laugh at that one.

There’s an objective explanation for that.

In the 1920s (or 30s), far-rightist Karl Popper coined the modern capitalist concept of “public opinion”. This would become a hallmark of Western Civilization in the post-war. “IHS model” (“pyramid of social change”) in his book “The Intellectuals and Socialism”.

The public opinion theory states that the masses don’t have an opinion for themselves or, if they have, it is sculpted/flexible. The dominant classes can, therefore, guide the masses like a shepherd, to its will.

Friedrich von Hayek – a colleague of Popper and father of British neoliberalism (the man behind Thatcher) – then developed on the issue, by proposing the institutionalization of public opinion. He proposed a system of three or four tiers of intellectuals which a capitalist society should have. The first tier is the capitalist class itself, who would govern the entire world anonymously, through secret meetings. These meetings would produce secret reports, whose ideas would be spread to the second tier. The second tier is the academia and the more prominent politicians and other political leaderships. The third tier is the basic education teachers, who would indoctrinate the children. The fourth tier is the MSM, whose job is to transform the ideas and opinions of the first tier into “common sense” (“public opinion”). See “The Open Society and Its Enemies” (1945).

Karl Popper became a declared and virulent anti-communist after the 1920s (which, in the post-war period, would place him in the far-right). If he were alive today, he certainly wouldn’t be offended by being called a “far-rightist”.

But the important lesson is this: the pro-capitalists consider ideology as something they can fabricate and manipulate at will, while the socialists/communists consider ideology as something that arises from the conflict between the classes. Completely different conceptions of ideology.

Therefore, it’s not a case where the Western journalists are being fooled. Their job was never to inform the public. When they publish a lie about, say, Iran trying to kill an American ambassador in South Africa, they are not telling a lie in their eyes: they are telling an underlying truth through one thousand lies. The objective here is to convince (“teach”) the American masses it is good for the USA if Iran is invaded and destroyed (which is a “truth”). This is like modern Shamanism, teaching its subjects the Truth through “mysterious ways”.

Let’s say a decade ago, ideological polarization was the main reason why it was so difficult to have an open discussion on important issues in the US. Today it has become even more difficult because, thanks to the success of the presstitutes, people also have different sets of “facts”. And most alarmingly, after successfully creating a readership who believe in alternative “facts”, the mainstream presstitutes are moving on to creating a logic-free narrative. Examples include Assad supposedly gassing his people when he was winning (even though that was guaranteed to produce western intervention against him). A more recent example is the Navalny affair. Sadly, very sadly, way too many people are affected.

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