Who Brought the Blacks to America?

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Alden says in response to this:

“The Kennedys are important because a rational, comparative study of their murders reveals the ugly truth behind the smoke screen of the “Kennedy curse”, and exposes the deep power that has enslaved America ever since.”

Of course the Kennedys didn’t bring slaves to America. By the time Kennedy became President January 1961 segregation was finished. Unless you are a White hating liberal who thinks there should be a black in every residential block.

All three Kennedy’s were anti White. Ted and Robert were just making speeches. But JFK issued an executive order mandating affirmative discrimination in government employment March 1961 less than 2 months after he became president. Think about that. Has any French President ever issues an executive order mandating black Africans be hired for government employment instead of native White French?

You’re not an American, you don’t know our history except the pro Marxist anti American history every European has been taught in school. And like a lot of naive gullible Americans you believe what the worshipful media write about the Kennedy’s from the 1930s on.

Old Joe Kennedy was a master of publicity. He created a public relations campaign on behalf of his family that’s still going on 80 years after he hired Walter Winchell, Drew Pearson, Walter Krock and hundreds of others.

Kennedy was a carefully crafted actor and so was the whole family. Similar to the British royal family and their charities and 15,000 pound wedding dresses and baptisms and happy married couples. Or like the Bill Gates publicity machine that presents him as a philanthropist to disguise whatever he’s doing internationally.

And there’s a lot more people in America other than the 13 percent of black criminals who have destroyed everyone one of our great cities, our state school system and everything they touch.

Like other jumped up prole Europeans, you probably think George Floyd was an innocent angel murdered with malice afore thought by an evil WASP like me with a French name, perhaps a distant relative of yours. Floyd was a career criminal with no employment history, on parole, who died of self ingested illegal drugs after being arrested for passing counterfeit money.

Europeans all love American blacks and feel soo superior to Americans because America has slavery. I’ll say to you what I’ve said to every jumped up prole Brit about American slavery. The English brought Africans to America an English judge legalized slavery for blacks in 1654 and we stopped importing Africans in 1808.

Ever heard of the slave colonies of Haiti, Martinique, Guadalupe, Cayenne, Devils Island, Louisiana French colony and other Caribbean Islands? That’s France you American White hating ignoramus. Do French schools even teach about the French responsibility for populating the American states of Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas and Missouri with African slaves??

I doubt it. Truth about American slavery is that European ignoramuses don’t know is that it was France and England that dumped African slaves on America. 750,000 White men died to free the slaves England and your country France dumped on us.

And don’t call me a WASP, a racial slur invented by Jewish communists. My British DNA came back a bit of Welsh, Irish and Scots but 60 percent Scandinavian. Which makes sense since my father’s surname is common in Yorkshire settled by Vikings.

So get down on your knees and apologize to George Floyd’s criminal generations on welfare useless wasters of Oxygen and space for being responsible as a French man for bringing Africans to six southern states and the Caribbean. Not only is America plagued with our own blacks but Haitians.

And acknowledge your guilt and apologize to every black person resident today in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas and Missouri for the fact that France imported African slaves to those states.

There’s a few books telling some of the truth about the Kennedys. A good one is The Dark Side Of Camelot by a highly regarded NYTimes reporter. It’s not anti Kennedy at all. Just objective as all presidential biographies should be. Instead of the endless Lives of the Saint Kennedys you’ve been brainwashed with.

I can trade “what about“ history better than you. As you are so ignorant about the French role in American slavery.

Affirmative action, anti White activism, aiding and abetting the blacks to destroy our great cities; that’s what I have against the Kennedys and every American President since Truman.

BTW read some history. The Algerians slave raided, pirated and invaded France for a thousand years before France invaded Algeria and ended the Algerian piracy, slave kidnapping and hit and run raids in France.

Bet you went to college and learned all about the evils of White Europeans and the virtue and sanctity of Arab Muslims who never committed an immoral action since 650AD

You know absolutely nothing about what Algerian Muslims did to Europe for a thousand years before France ended it.

The mind of a liberal is an empty sink. Every once in a while liberal propaganda Central Committee pulls out the plug and drains the sink. Then puts the plug back in, turns on the faucet and fills the empty sink with the current correct thought.

That’s the empty brain if a liberal. Total ignorance until filled with lies.

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