Whites, Arabs and Jews

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Jews were expelled or put under the Spanish Catholic Inquisition in 1492 in large part for taking the Muslim side against White Spanish Catholics, for doing things like being the Muslims’ tax collectors, selling White girls in to sexual slavery to Middle Eastern Muslim buyers — by the way, just as the Muslims themselves were expelled! The Jews have always had a bad reputation for leading White slavery, the worst forms of prostitution, or now the hard core porn industry.

Here is a well-documented article on Spain in the 15th century – Whites, Muslim Moors and the Jews: http://www.occidentaldissent.com/2010/08/26/spanish-history-lesson-when-jews-took-the-arab-muslim-side-against-white-europeans. It provides many details of this history.

Even after the Reconquista, Jews kept encouraging Moslems to invade Spain; that’s why they got kicked out of the country eventually.

It’s pretty much a waste of time for populist nationalists in the USA, the UK, and Western Europe to try to form alliances with Arabs/Muslims, such as the Saudis, to be more fair to the Palestinians. Arabs/Muslims are on the anti-White side; they don’t want alliances, they want our good things including our women. The wealthiest Arabs/Muslims marry our women, like Queen Noor of Jordan. The lower caste, soap and toilet paper-avoiding Arabs/Muslims simple attack, defile our women/girls.

Horace Kallen, a Jewish immigrant into the US, was ‘the father’ of ‘Pluralism’ in the US—a value we soaked up and took to heart. Yet like all Jewish “pushers,” he at the same time insisted Israel should be Jews Only—because Jews were special—which is always their claim when their hypocrisy is called out.

It should be noted that Islam is a form of “Arabicized Judaism”. Many of the “rules” in the Jewish Talmud are virtually identical to the “rules” in the Koran. Both belief systems operate with an air of supremacy of each respective “system” —relegating “infidels” or “goyim” to inferior status, with special “taxes” levied by each respective system, as well as the supremacists in each group being immune from the equivalent of “justice” when wrongdoing is done to the “outsiders”…infidel or goyim…

Both Islam and Judaism believe in Gods of vengeance, unlike the Christian God of peace and redemption.

Reading the Jewish Talmud and the Islamic Koran is revealing. One divergence between the two is the way Jesus Christ is looked upon. Jews consider Jesus Christ a heretic that is “boiling in excrement for eternity”, conceived by his mother Mary, who is looked upon as a harlot, who consorted with a Roman soldier. Contrast that with the Islamic Koran, which regards Jesus Christ as a great prophet…not the “Son of God”, but a great prophet nevertheless. His mother Mary is specifically mentioned in the Koran and is given a place of high honor.

Now, which “belief system” is more hostile to Christianity?

What to do about it? — Simple. The wise Emperor Claudius in AD 46 evicted the troublesome self-serving Jews from Rome. Problem solved.

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