Ukraine – Officials Announce False Flag Attack – Sanctions Hit Back

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via Moon of Alabama

There is significant danger that the Ukraine, the UK or the U.S. will launch a false flag attack in Ukraine.

People have started to take note of the directional fear mongering that is coming from various ‘western’ officials.

The Sirius Report @thesiriusreport – 23:36 UTC · Mar 12, 2022

Setting the scene for a false flag?Polish President:
If Putin uses weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine, NATO will have to think seriously about what to do.
You would have to be sub 100 IQ not to see what is going on.

To which I responded:

Moon of Alabama @MoonofA – 17:56 UTC · Mar 13, 2022

They are indeed doing this on all channels.
IMHO an upcoming false flag attempt to get NATO into the fight.

Historian and Russia expert Gilbert Doctorow points into the same direction:

Warning: it is “highly likely” the United States is now about to carry out a ‘false flag’ operation in Ukraine in which it will accuse the Russians of using chemical weapons.

The caption which is now carrying reads as follows:USA Today: Russia could be preparing for chemical weapons attack; 35 killed in strike on base near Lviv: Live updates
Now why would Russia stage a chemical weapons attack in Ukraine? The idea defies all reason. Russia has vast possibilities of destroying Ukraine that it has not deployed to date precisely to avoid civilian casualties. These include cyber attack, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and more intense use of its airpower which has been restrained due to shortage of smart bombs and reluctance to use munitions that might cause greater collateral damage.
Given these manifest signs of Russian caution in staging the war, even at the cost of greater casualties among its own troops and slower progress in a campaign that is very time sensitive, one would have to be utterly mad to consider using universally banned chemical weapons. I rest my case: any so-called chemical attack which may be staged in Ukraine in coming days can only be the dirty work of the United States and its agents.

Having seen how easy it was to deceive the ‘western’ media by staging a fake hospital attack one can easily understand how a fake ‘chemical attack by Russia’ would lead to a public stampede that would push NATO into the Ukraine war.

Meanwhile Patrick Lancaster reports from Donetsk:

Patrick Lancaster @PLnewstoday – 10:47 UTC · Mar 14, 2022#BREAKING Dozens Killed By Ukrainian Cluster Bomb Attack On Center Donetsk. Full report coming soon

The U.S. is trying to pressure China to join their anti-Russian campaign. Yesterday ‘anonymous officials’ claimed, without evidence, that Russia had asked China for military and economic aid.

Moon of Alabama @MoonofA – 20:21 UTC · Mar 13, 2022“U.S. officials said ..” equals “Guaranteed to be a lie ..”
Quoted Tweet:

Michael Birnbaum @michaelbirnbaum · 17h
NEW, and BIG -> Russia has turned to China for military equipment and aid in the weeks since it began its invasion of Ukraine, U.S. officials said. @nakashimae scoop.

“Scoop” now means picking up the phone when some official calls you to plant a lie.

Russia is exporting weapons to China, not importing weapons from it. China has now confirmed that there were no such Russian requests:

Beijing blasted Washington’s recent allegations as disinformation that Russia sought military assistance from China to conduct its special operation in Ukraine, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said at a briefing on Monday.”The allegations on the matter disseminated by the US are false information,” the diplomat specified.

The first story on this also includes this lie:

In recent days, Chinese diplomats, state media organizations and government agencies have used a range of platforms and official social media accounts to amplify a conspiracy theory that says the Pentagon has been financing biological and chemical weapons labs in Ukraine.

That is not a conspiracy theory but, as Tulsi Gabbard points out, a hard fact which even the U.S. government now admits.

The British press took note of it:

Vladimir Putin could unleash biological weapon from seized Ukraine lab, experts fear

The U.S. is delusional in its attempts to deter China from working with Russia:

Jake Sullivan, the White House national security adviser, is scheduled to meet on Monday in Rome with Yang Jiechi, a member of the Chinese Communist Party’s elite Politburo and director of the party’s Central Foreign Affairs Commission.Mr. Sullivan intends to warn Mr. Yang about any future Chinese efforts to bolster Russia in its war or undercut Ukraine, the United States and their partners.
“We are communicating directly, privately to Beijing that there will absolutely be consequences for large-scale sanctions evasion efforts or support to Russia to backfill them,” Mr. Sullivan said on CNN on Sunday.
“We will not allow that to go forward and allow there to be a lifeline to Russia from these economic sanctions from any country, anywhere in the world,” he said.

China will of course continue to have good relations with Russia. It is not for the U.S. ‘to allow’ or disallow China to trade with Russia. The Biden administration has nothing it could do about it. It should stop its campaign and think about how it can dig itself out of the huge hole it has jumped into.

Reviewing the trade shock ‘western’ societies will now experience because of their extensive sanctions campaign against Russia Yves Smith concludes:

Although the complexity of this situation makes it impossible to make any forecasts, consider: a worst case scenario is much much worse than stagflation. Just wrap your mind around the consequences the merely the two outcomes described above: a fair bit of famine and supply shortfalls, even potentially problems with maintaining some critical infrastructure due to chip scarcity. Some of that productive capacity loss could become permanent due to business failures.And let us remind you … so far we are discussing only what the West has done to itself. What happens if Russia goes full Smoot-Hawley and retaliates, or engages in the passive aggressive version, as in no formal pronunciations, just supplies go to friendlies and the West gets chocked down, not 100% but enough to feel like that.
The Democratic Party is in the process of executing a controlled flight into terrain. Too bad that we are along for the ride.

Yesterday and today there seemed to be only minor Russian movement on the battlefield. Presumably Russia is regrouping its forces for the next steps. What those are going to be is for anyone to guess. They will come as soon as the current negotiations between Kiev and Moscow fail. The U.S. will see for that to happen.

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