US to Deliver Ukraine the Ultimate Patriot System… yawn

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I read the news that the United States plans to deliver the Patriot air defense system to its troops in Ukraine in a week.

The emergence of this system will not fundamentally affect the course of hostilities, because it is just a dull analogue of the C300, which has shown itself no longer on the battlefield, but in the catalogs of “super-expensive” weapons for “voluntary-compulsory sponsors of the US military-industrial complex” such as Japan, Canada, Australia, South Korea, the Persian Gulf monarchies and others.

But nevertheless, one conclusion can still be drawn from this news, obviously, the S300 and Buk air defense systems [formerly produced by the Soviet Union] of the NATO troops in Ukraine have already ended, the Russian Aerospace Forces have destroyed almost everything.

There is no alternative for the NATO countries, they have only the Patriot air defense system physically left for serious military operations, there is simply nothing else on the world arms market, with the exception of the Chinese and Iranian analogues of the C300, which are inaccessible to the “evil empire”.


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