Vassalage of the Middle East and Europe

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You don’t really need inside info to see that the game is over and that there is an understanding between the Russians and the Americans. Remember: the first sign was the setup of Erdogan in the shooting of SU-24, which removed Turkey as a player and made possible an alliance between the “good” Kurds and the Russians, next to the US and the other Kurds. I think one of the main objectives was to weaken Turkey, maybe dismember it, through the creation of Kurdistan, done in concert by the two powers. Then it will come the time to deal with Israel and the Saudis.

The rest is just more or less theater.

In other words, the vassalage of the entire ME should be complete. We don’t know the full spectrum yet. What we see is that Syria and Iran (maybe Iraq) are now subservient to the Russians. Turkey cannot continue as an independent power, neither Israel or the Saudis. The new world order means a new re-division of the vassalage in the new world.

Of course, anybody can see, that’s what the conflict between the big powers is all about.

In this game the bad guys are only the so-called independents. First, it was Ceausescu of Romania, who was big on national sovereignty and independence. Then Milosevic, and the fiercely independent Serbs. Then the independent Saddam of Iraq, then the independent Gaddafi of Libya. When it came to Iran and Syria, it became clear that if they don’t swear allegiance to one or the other, they will perish. They called Russia for protection just in time, before too late.

We see the new vassalage structure emerging.

Syria is a small prize for Russia, a bit more than Granada was for Reagan. Russia is in the business of taking over control over the Western Europe and the gas lines from Qatar were a nuisance, they had to be stopped in the tracks. The battle for the last 70 years was/is over the sovereignty over Europe, and I believe it is inescapable in the hands of Russia for many reasons. I could point you to an interesting book written in 1992. Next time.
Ship Carrying Over 11 Tons Of Low-Enriched Uranium Leaves Iran For Russia.
So Iran is no longer an independent nation. Too bad, but true. Once this issue of the nuclear weapons is done with, I would be looking to see the other shoe drop, i.e. the Israeli question should be in the focus, and its nuclear weapons be dealt with, in some way. That’s how I read the writing on the wall.

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