Saleh’s Meaning in Death

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Posted by elsi

@all the guys saying that the Houthies hit a nuclear reactor:

Please, stop spreading that lie!

Inform yourself a bit (in case you are not willingly disinforming here and infiltrating in your posts the typical sentence you are responsible for leaking today/ this week…, as I have witnessed is the custom in all the so called “US alt-media” by “commenters” and “analysts” ) to know that the nuclear central that was hit in UAE is still under construction and so there was no nuclear reactor there. The attack was made as a warning to the UAE for them to avoid meddling to provoke divisions and seditions amongst Yemeni resistance, since most probably the Houthis saw the move by Saleh, trying to turn the military against them, as a plot coming from his former companion of cabinet Hadi ( who is supported by UAE ) from Aden. The blockade was planned to prepare the field, debilitating the Houthies for the following coup by Saleh in Sana´a, which would be followed by the offensive coming from Aden by Hadi and his proxies to take over Sana´a and the North.

The leader of Ansarolah, Abdul Malik Al-Houthi, explains everything that happened here ( In Spanish).

Related to the guy who has doubts about B´s analyses, I cannot but agree. First, on what facts/ sources does he base his statements that Saleh was operated on by the Russians?… Is it not a way to connect the Russians with Saleh and try to bring them into the Yemeni conflict, where they are not taking part in any way? The same way attempts are made to bring them into every conflict in the world so as to get them deep in the mud? Fortunately, they have avoided it in Ukraine, Syria and so on. From my point of view, the fact that the Russians could mantain their embassy at Sana´a could well be due to the more trust they have from all the Yemeni people based on their history of not meddling in the country, and support received from the USSR. Just they are not so hated as the US Americans and full stop.

Second, we have this insistence on Saleh as an “agent of peace”, which today fits perfectly with the MSM tune,in spite of him being such a “snake”….

Third, for two or three days I have spent here, I have met at least one article praising Flynn, who was of the same ideology as all the alt-righters and nazis who constituted the Trump initial administration. He was at the head of Breitbart Journalism and co-authored a book, with a certain Ledeen, promoting war on Iran and Islam, the same Ledeen who also wrote another book about spreading International Fascism to achieve a New Fascist World Order…

Last but not least, I am finding amongst this charming commentariat the same flatterers I have met at The Saker, Fort Russ, The Duran, and so on…Curiously, or not so, they never disagree with anything the “analysts” at every one of those sites could wrote, which leads me to think that they are nothing but ‘bots’. Curiously, or not so, they are expanding here more than usual, this time by linking Twitter comments by supposed Yemenis who are all pro-Saleh…. Well, yesterday, I took the trouble to read a bit along one of the Twitters linked here, that of “Ammar Aulaqi”, offered here as a reliable source on events in Yemen, and got to understand that the guy has double US and Yemeni citizenship…Despite seeming to love very much his country by publishing beautiful photos and worrynig a lot about the children, he was in support of Saleh all the way, to the extent that, in front of a photo of a table full of bottles of vodka which was taken at Saleh´s hideout after it was taken over by the Houthies, he found such a habit “cool”…It is beyond me why a double nationalized US citizen could anytime consider anything good could come for the Yemeni people so loved by him from a traitor who left its people languish in poverty for decades and besides swallowed about 10 or more bottles of vodka daily with his peers…. Of course, seeing his photo in profile, disguised as a prince of KSA and the kind of Yemeni “diwans” he post as a sample of Yemeni homes ( huge, ugly and extravagant westernized diwans not in the reach, and mainly not in the taste, of most of the Yemeni people ) one cannot but conclude that, in any case, he is most probably one of the few who benefitted from Saleh´s long rule and so had the opportunity to go studying in the US, if not because of, besides, sharing the same ideology and plans for the future of Yemen….

Of course, all these Twitter accounts could well also be fake….

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