What Went Wrong with WTC7?

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by Anon

“What went wrong” with WTC7? Something certainly went wrong. There are several possibilities.

Actually, this is one of the easiest questions to answer with regard to the “mysteries” of 9/11.

Some have made the assumption that the 9/11 perpetrators were always intent on destroying WTC7, because it contained critical records, or even computers that logged the frantic insider trading that went on ahead of the attacks. There is little way to prove whether this hypothesis is correct or not, since WTC7 disappeared with its contents.

But what we can be certain of is, because WTC7 was too short to be hit by a “plane” (albeit a computer-generated one), WTC7 collapsing was always likely to raise incomparably more suspicion than the destruction of the Twin Towers.
It would risk becoming an obvious smoking gun of the conspiracy, and indeed it did. Remember the “scandal” caused by film director Matthieu Kassovitz, when he stated on TV that he’d like to be explained “how it is possible to bring down 3 Towers with just 2 planes”

Demolishing WTC7 would almost completely undermine the “plane attack” scenario, and it did indeed. WTC7 became the flagship question of the 9/11 Truthers, one that had to be avoided altogether by the NIST report.

So were the perpetrators so arrogant that they took the risk to light up an unnecessary smoking gun? The answer is no, and it can be easily understood why they had to demolish WTC7 just by looking at its videos and related testimonies recorded straight after the explosion of the Twin Towers.

What is undisputable is that just after the collapse of the South Tower, WTC7 suffered irrefutable explosion collateral damage: its internal lobby was blown up, its glass cladding was projected outwards, towards the exterior.


Barry Jennings, a NYC civil servant, entered a perfectly sound WTC7 with his colleague Michael Hess just after the “plane”attack. But when the Twin Towers collapsed nearby, the internal staircase of WTC7 suddenly collapsed too. Both men got trapped in the 8th floor and had to be extracted through the windows by the NY Fire Department. https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Barry_Jennings

So the collapse/demolition of the Twin Towers caused an instantaneous collateral damage to WTC7, and instantaneous can only be attributed to an explosion. WTC7 had become a smoking gun for controlled demolition, and that is an undisputable fact anybody can see by themselves watching its videos.

So how could that have happened? This is my speculation, but it is so evidently correct that I am certain of it.

What is undisputable is that the energy at play in the destruction of the WTC was of nuclear nature. The molten steel in apparent violation of Thermodynamics laws, the footprint radiating heat for over 3 months, were tell-all signs, upon which Pr Francois Roby put an elegant and irrefutable scientific demonstration. He calculated that a low estimate of the heat released by the WTC after its collapse was 10 peta Joules, a stratospheric amount of energy, in the order of the monthly production of 900 MVA nuclear reactor. https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-02004696

The WTC controlled demolition was executed in the same standard, classic fashion hundreds of nuclear tests have been carried out for over seven decades. By lowering a charge inside a borehole, dug up deep into the bedrock, and then detonating it into an underground explosion chamber (a Zero Box) . That is classic nuclear engineering.

But the key insider information comes from Khalezov, the Russian National who claims to be a former Soviet officer privy to US/USSR nuclear agreements, and who was in effect the first to blow the whistle on the nuclear hypothesis. The embedded demolition scheme devised in the 1960’s at construction was managed so as nuclear charges were permanently stored under WTC7, for obvious security and maintenance reasons. WTC7’s basement was connected to the Twin Towers by rail track tunnels, the shock and vibration-free standard delivery method for nuclear warheads.

When the nuclear charges were detonated, each tunnel acted as a path of less resistance, and carried over an unattenuated pressure shockwave, from under each Twin Tower to underneath WTC7. This is how and why WTC7 imploded from the inside.

There is further evidence that this hypothesis is correct, and it is the underground implosion of the WTC subway (underground train network). Any civil engineer knows that structures are independently calculated: the subway tunnels could only have been damaged by an underground detonation nearby, not by the Towers collapsing over ground. https://gothamist.com/news/photos/mta-photos-show-extent-of-911-devastation-in-lower-manhattan-subway?image=7

The nuclear demolition of the the North and South Towers was planned and executed by Israel, who leveraged and utilised a policy error foolishly made by hapless and unwitting American officials.

But the WTC7 demolition was not part of the plan. WTC7 suffered unexpected explosion collateral damage, as result of a Physics phenomenon easily explained retrospectively, but that the arrogant perpetrators did never envisage.

They were taken by surprise when they realised that WTC7 had become a smoking gun for controlled demolition , and they had to improvise damage control.
So the General-in-chief Silverstein hastily made the decision to use the 3rd nuclear charge available and blow up WTC7. This in turn set in motion a process by which the entire false flag was revealed and is now irretrievably exposed. https://www.ae911truth.org/wtc7

WTC7 was the Almighty God instant retribution to the evil-doers; any physicist or engineer, in the decades to come can, and will, understand what really happened on 9/11.

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22 days ago

This is silly. To say WTC7 wasn’t part of plan when at least 58 cutter charges can be seen going off before the collapse. That means the building was rigged. Throw the video on a big screen and you count the charges.