Murder by Decree: The Crime of Genocide in Canada. “The Indian Residential Schools”

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By The International Tribunal for the Disappeared of Canada, May 31, 2021

Seven aboriginal leaders died after naming the killers of children :

Virginia Baptiste, died suddenly January 29, 2004 of unstated causes while in hospital
Louis Daniels, died suddenly February 4, 2006 of unstated causes while in hospital
Harriett Nahanee, died February 24, 2007 shortly after her release from prison
Johnny “Bingo” Dawson, died December 6, 2009 after a police beating
William Arnold Combes, died February 26, 2011 after a lethal injection in St. Paul’s Hospital
Ricky Lavallee, died January 23, 2012 after severe blows to the head and chest
Harry Wilson, died April 4, 2013 of unknown causes

1. Our research has established that the crimes represented a deliberate campaign of depopulation.

2. The primary agents responsible for this genocide were the Canadian federal government and the Crown of England, the Vatican, and Roman Catholic, Anglican and United churches of Canada.

3. During the 107 year period of the residential schools’ operation, the perpetrators were routinely protected by both government and church officials.

4. Native children began dying in droves the very first year the residential schools opened in 1889.

5. The enormous mortality was the result of institutionalized germ warfare.

6. The ongoing high mortality rate was also caused by a continual denial of regular food, clothing and proper sanitation to children interned in the schools, amidst a regime of routine and systemic rapes, beatings, tortures and killings: conditions that continued unabated for over a century, from 1889 to 1996.


Kent Monkman.

7. Despite these murderous conditions, attendance in the residential schools was made mandatory for all native children under a federal law enacted in 1920. Significantly, all government medical inspection of the schools was terminated that same year.

8. In the decade that followed this institutionalization of mass murder, special laws were passed across Canada that a) allowed the involuntary sexual sterilization of any residential school child, b) denied Indians the right to hire a lawyer or bring a case into court, and c) made the churches that ran the schools the legal guardian of the children.

9. Despite the death or disappearance of at least 66,000 children in these schools over a century and numerous statements of eyewitnesses to killings, not a single person has ever been charged or tried in a Canadian court for the death of one of these children.


10. The Canadian government and the Catholic, Anglican and United churches have engaged in a continual and illegal obstruction of justice for decades to conceal and destroy the evidence of their residential school crimes.

They have done so by obliterating school records, silencing and killing eyewitnesses and survivors as well as in-house whistleblowers, destroying the remains and mass graves of children who died in the schools, and constructing a false narrative about the schools.

This enormous falsification and cover up culminated in an official whitewash of their genocide established by them known as the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” (TRC), which censored and misrepresented the residential schools genocide from start to finish.

11. Extermination of indigenous nations is not only continuing but is expanding because of its continued importance to the resource extraction-based Canadian economy.

Both foreign capital and domestic politics require that Indians in Canada continue to be made landless, impoverished and eradicated, and profited from in the process.

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A Baker
A Baker
1 year ago

The crimes against humanity is real . War triggered by those who are driven by their greed for power and wealth . They stopped at nothing
There must be Justice