What Putin Has to Say

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The resources of Western countries are not on the verge of exhaustion, Ukraine receives mainly Soviet weapons, we knocked them of by the hundreds, burned it out, this technique is close to exhaustion – Putin

◾️ No one wants unification of the Russian people, except for us ourselves. And we will do it. 

◾️Russia shows much better economic performance than many G20 countries; its unemployment rate is below the pre-pandemic period.

◾️Our youth demonstrate a desire to keep the country moving forward, they have a high level of education and training.

◾️United States has long been meddling in the post-Soviet space, including in Ukraine. Even in Soviet times, they prepared the ground [for disorder].

◾️Our adversary has always tried to divide us and lead us astray from one another. 

◾️We endured it all and hoped for peace – but later we find out that we were simply ‘led by the nose.’

◾️[Nord Stream 2] is an act of international terrorism – individuals without the support of authorities could not have done this on their own. 

◾️The fact that now they [West] are trying to impose an energy price cap is an atavism of colonialism.

◾️The United States achieved its prosperity firstly from the slave trade, then the First World War; they used to rob their way through, but the world has changed – they can’t do it now.



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