China Steps In to Block the US’ (and Israel’s) Full Spectrum Domination

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BEIJING (Sputnik) – China stands ready to work with Iran to push back at the policy of unilateral actions and uphold the principle of non-interference in internal affairs of sovereign nations, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a conversation with Iranian counterpart, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian.

The conversation between the heads of the foreign ministries of the two countries took place on Wednesday in the format of a video conference.

“China is ready to cooperate with Iran to resist any policy of unilateral action and harassment, uphold the principle of non-interference in internal affairs and defend international justice and impartiality,” Wang said.

He added that Beijing has no intention to impose its own development model, but hopes to set an example for Iran, seeking to accelerate the country’s development and at the same time maintain its independence.
Wang noted that China appreciates Iran’s support for the global development initiative put forward by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

During the conversation, the ministers also exchanged views on the Iran nuclear deal and the negotiations for the removal of the US sanctions against Tehran.

“China understands the reasonable demands of Iran and supports Tehran in protecting its legitimate rights and interests. In the current situation, all parties should make joint efforts to maintain the tendency to resume negotiations and promote consensus at the Vienna talks,” Wang said.

Abdollahian, in turn, stressed that Iran highly appreciates the constructive role that China plays in the resumption of the negotiations in Vienna.

In addition, the ministers agreed to cooperate in combating the COVID-19 pandemic and overcoming its consequences. Wang said that the Chinese authorities will transfer another batch of the COVID-19 vaccines to Iran to express its friendship with the Iranian people.

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Norman Carter
Norman Carter
1 year ago

China is obsequiously looking for friends in the world, all rogue states that have little respect for human life.