Banksters & Aristocrats

The royal families generally use proxies for their banks and finances however they still have many connections in banking today.

Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco and Liechtenstein all use private banking which enables money laundering and criminal transactions.

The nation of Liechtenstein is ruled by the Royal House of Liechtenstein and they own the private banking group called LGT Group with Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein as the CEO and President. In 2008 this bank was investigated for enabling tax evasion by various governments.

Prince Mario Chigi of Rome was investigated for tax evasion involving millions and using private banks in Liechtenstein. Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau worked as Vice President of Goldman Sachs in London and his widow Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau worked for ABN AMRO Bank and George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma is of Italian Nobility and a member of the Dutch royal family and worked for ABN AMRO Bank in Amsterdam. The House of Orange-Nassau has large shares in Royal Dutch Shell, Royal Dutch Airlines and Philips Electronics.

Prince Edouard de Lobkowicz was of Holy Roman and Belgian nobility until his death in 2010. Prince Edouard had worked as an investment banker for Chase Manhattan as well as several other banking firms in New York City and was also an Ambassador of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

Prince Charles-Antoine Lamoral of Ligne-La Tremoille owns Kelfield Co. Ltd. of Switzerland which does business in the mining industry and has a 10 year contract in gold mining and 50 year contract in diamond mining.

The Montagu family are British nobility and established the Bank of England and founded Samuel Montagu & Co. which has gone into contract with HSBC as Montagu Private Equity. The Montagu’s cousins the Barons of Norman helped to establish the Bank for International Settlements.

The Knight of Malta Grand Duke Henri is the reigning monarch of Luxembourg and his royal family of the House of Nassau-Weilberg has part ownership over the Banque Internationale a Luxembourg with the larger shares owned by the House of Thani in Qatar. The royal family of Luxembourg sold off many of their banks to House of Thani because they have large amounts of wealth which is laundered through banks in Luxembourg used for financing organize crime. Since Qatar is a sovereign nation ruled by the House of Thani there is no one to investigate their personal finances used for money laundering and financing of criminal enterprises.

The European royal families have made an agreement with the Mid Eastern royal families involving business deals, organized crime, human trafficking and allowing their nations to maintain their sovereignty. That is the incentive of the House of Thani for financing the agendas of the European royal families. Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg also worked for the International Monetary Fund and the former Minister of Finance Luc Frieden was Governor of the World Bank and Chairman of the Board of Governors of the International Monetary Fund. Royal families use their agents to manages banks and serve their interests.

Christopher O’Neill is a British-American banker and member of the Swedish House of Bernadotte through his marriage with Princess Madelaine of Sweden. Christopher O’Neill worked for NM Rothschild and Sons, Steinberg Asset Management, and Noster Capital as stated in his royal biography.

The Spanish House of Bourbon created and own Banco Santander which has over 1.3 trillion in assets. Prince Louis Alphonse of Bourbon the Duke of Anjou is a Spanish-French banker that worked at Banco Occidental de Descuento and BNP Paribas.

The Pallavicini family are top bankers that own Immobillairie a multi billion dollar real estate development company, Global Wealth Management (GWM) an international finance firm, and are invested in Greentech which is for renewable energies. GWM is located in Milan, Rome, London, Malta, Geneva, and Luxembourg. The Pallavicini princes run Rottapharm pharmaceuticals and Prelios asset management. Marquis Alfonso Pallavicini of the Austrian branch was a top executive for BNP Paribas an international banking group with assets worth nearly 2 trillion.

Prince Jean Christophe is the head of the Imperial House of Bonaparte and from the Bourbon-Two Sicilies family through his mother Prince Beatrice. Prince Jean Christophe worked for Morgan Stanley and Advent International which is a buy out firm with assets at 31 billion.

Prince Eric Sturdza of Romania owns and runs Banque Baring Brothers Sturdza located in Geneva Switzerland.

Archduke Sigismund is the current Grand Duke of Tuscany residing in Switzerland and works in banking as he admitted in an interview.

Prince Lorenz of Belgium the Archduke of Austria-Este is a managing partner for Gutzwiller Bank in Switzerland and a former Advisor to the Board of Directors of BNP Paribas.

Baron Benjamin de Rothschild, Prince Lorenz of Belgium and Archduke Sigismund of Austria are top Swiss bankers assisting the other royal families with private bank accounts, money laundering, tax evasion, international tax theft schemes, and in making illegal payments that finance their criminal agendas. The Erlach family are a Swiss Bernese nobility that work as international tax attorneys and involved with CMS von Erlach Poncet Ltd.

The Rothschild are also top bankers running various investment firms and businesses and hold titles of nobility in France, Austria and the United Kingdom. Lynn Forester de Rothschild is CEO of E.L. Rothschild and her husband Evelyn de Rothschild is a financial adviser for Queen Elizabeth II. Baron David Rene de Rothschild is the head of the French family branch and is Chairman of N M Rothschild & Sons as well as a top executive for other financial and merchant institutions like De Beers. Baron David Rene de Rothschild’s wife is Princess Olimpia Aldobrandini of Italian Black Nobility. Baron Benjamin de Rothschild holds an Austrian title of nobility today and is the head of Edmond de Rothschild Group along with his wife Ariane de Rothschild and they reside in Switzerland where banking is private. Eric de Rothschild is a British-French banker that manages and partly owns Paris Orleans holding company. Edouard de Rothschild is another French banker and head of the Rothschild & Cie Banque.

The higher level royal families like the House of Windsor, House of Savoy, and House of Bernadotte use members of royalty and nobility to manage banks they authorized as the self proclaimed corporate land owners. Many bankers and merchants are knighted by the royal families or educated at universities chartered as royal corporations. The royal families use private banking institutions to conceal their true wealth. They also use proxy share holding companies to conceal their ownership over corporations.

The Dutch royal family established the Netherlands Trading Society tied with various banks and merchant companies. The British Royal family and their peerage do covert business at the City of London Corporation.

The royal families claim to own governments. They have massive amounts of land, resources, companies, and have the largest amounts of wealth hidden in private banking.

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