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Chinese Media Coverage, Biowarfare, and My Covid EBook” (Unz):

“Another interesting fact discussed in my new article was the professional background and activities of a certain Robert P. Kadlec. From the late 1990s onward, Kadlec had become one of America’s leading military experts on biological warfare, with his major writings promoting biowarfare as a powerful technique for severely damaging the economy of a geopolitical adversary, but doing so while retaining “plausible deniability” since the diseases could not easily be proven as man-made rather than natural in origin.

After serving as a top biowarfare expert in the Bush Administration, he had more recently been brought back into government as an Assistant Secretary under Trump in 2017. The following year, the Chinese economy began suffering sudden viral epidemics, which severely damaged its important poultry and pork industries, and the Covid virus that mysteriously appeared in Wuhan in late 2019 shared similar characteristics:

[D]uring the previous two years, the Chinese economy had already suffered serious blows from other mysterious new diseases, although these had targeted farm animals rather than people. During 2018 a new Avian Flu virus had swept the country, eliminating large portions of China’s poultry industry, and during 2019 the Swine Flu viral epidemic had devastated China’s pig farms, destroying 40% of the nation’s primary domestic source of meat, with widespread claims that the latter disease was being spread by mysterious small drones…So for three years in a row, China had been severely impacted by strange new viral diseases, though only the most recent had been deadly to humans. This evidence was merely circumstantial, but the pattern seemed highly suspicious.

Furthermore, the particular features of Covid itself seem to fall into this same category. Early last year, we published the perspective of a retired forty-year veteran of American biodefense, who focused on the unusual epidemiological characteristics of the virus, which was extremely contagious but had a low fatality rate of 1% or less. As I summarized his analysis:

One important point he made was that high lethality was often counter-productive in a bioweapon since debilitating or hospitalizing large numbers of individuals may impose far greater economic costs on a country than a biological agent which simply inflicts an equal number of deaths. In his words “a high communicability, low lethality disease is perfect for ruining an economy,” suggesting that the apparent characteristics of the coronavirus were close to optimal in this regard.

According to a long article in the New York Times, from January to August 2019 Kadlec had run an important American simulation-exercise called “Crimson Contagion,” in which a large group of federal and state officials dealt with the consequences of the sudden appearance of a deadly respiratory viral epidemic in China, seeking to protect America from any spread into our own society. And two months after one of America’s leading biowarfare experts had wrapped up that national practice drill, a viral disease of exactly those characteristics suddenly and mysteriously appeared in the city of Wuhan, surely a coincidence that many might find quite troubling.

If a business enterprise in serious financial difficulty suddenly doubles its fire insurance and a couple of months later its main factory burns to the ground, the insurance adjusters would naturally turn a suspicious eye to the circumstances.

We should also hardly be surprised that the Wikipedia page for Kadlec heavily whitewashes his background, making absolutely no mention of his extensive writings on the effectiveness and strategy of offensive biowarfare.”

For what it is worth, the Wikipedia article on Kadlec is basically a list of various forms of wrongdoing, though offing 600,000-1,000,000, and counting, Americans would probably trump all that. WikiSpooks:

“Kadlec is part of a tight-knit group of “bioterror alarmists” in government and the private sector who gained prominence thanks to their eagerness for imagining the most horrific, yet fictitious scenarios that inspired fear among Presidents, top politicians and the American public[6], including Dark Winter and Crimson Contagion. Kadlec’s doomsday speculations about biological weapons attacks soon caught the attention of Randall Larsen, the then-director of the National War College’s Department of Military Strategy and Operations, who hired Kadlec because he “had become convinced that the most serious threat to national security was not Russian or Chinese missiles, but a pandemic.”

In 1995, Kadlec detailed several “illustrative scenarios” regarding the use of “biological economic warfare” against the United States. One of these fictional scenarios, titled “Corn Terrorism,” involves China planning “an act of agricultural terrorism” by clandestinely spraying corn seed blight over the Midwest using commercial airliners. Another scenario, entitled “That’s a ‘Lousy’ Wine,” involves “disgruntled European winemakers” covertly releasing grape lice they have hidden in cans of paté to target California wine producers.”[7]

HHS taps Kadlec to run department’s coronavirus response” (Cancryn) (April 2 2020, and already up to the staggering number of six deaths!):

“The new structure comes as the Trump administration races to head off a rapid increase in confirmed cases over the last 48 hours affecting dozens across the country and killing six to date.”

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