Candace Owens vs. David Martin on Trump’s Vaccine Promotion_

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Candace Owens (Left) and Dr. David Martin (Right)

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Conservative talk show host Candace Owens continues to deal with controversy from her interview with Donald Trump, and recently published a video of her explaining her views on Trump.

She has publicly stated that she is against the COVID-19 shots:

“I just will never ever let that vaccine into my body. I believe firmly that Big Pharma is the greatest evil on the face of the planet. I am healthy, young, in shape and simply unafraid of Covid-19.” (Source.)

And yet, she insists that her views on the shots do not conflict with Donald Trump publicly stating how he wants everyone to get the shots, and lying to the public by stating the same lies that are coming out of the mouths of Fauci, Biden, and others that the “unvaccinated” are filling the hospitals and dying from COVID right now.

A few days ago, Dr. David Martin, who has been one of the leading voices in the Alternative Media exposing the fraud behind Sars COVID for the past two years, was interviewed by Conservative host Seth Holehouse of “Man in America” where the 1-hour interview was titled Why Does Trump Keep Promoting the Vaccine?

I have created a clip from that interview that I believe best sums up what Dr. David Martin said, and between what Candace Owens published, and the questions from pro-Trump Seth Holehouse that Dr. Martin answers, I think we have in under 10 minutes a succinct summary of the two current views about why Donald Trump is out pushing for everyone to get a COVID-19 injection.

Listen to this short video, and then answer this question for yourself: Which view is more credible?

This is from our Bitchute channel, and it is also on our Telegram channel.

The full interview with Dr. David Martin can be heard here, and the things that Dr. Martin discuss are worth your time to learn.

The pro-Trump view on why he is promoting the bioweapon shots that are killing and injuring so many people basically boils down to three points I constantly hear from the pro-Trump cult believers:

  • Trump is ignorant about vaccines and does not understand how dangerous they really are.
  • Trump has a master plan in place that forces him to promote the vaccines for a greater purpose of bringing down the swamp/cabal at a later date.
  • It sucks that Trump pushes the kill shots, but he was obviously the better choice over Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden.

I get emails daily from the Trump cult believers expanding on these points, and attacking me or belittling me as “stupid.”

This is a typical email I received yesterday, for example:

Subject: Please Stick to Vaccine Information and don’t wander into areas where you have no expertise!

I speak for a large group of individuals in “flyover America.” Your recent article where you denigrate Trump for his statements in the bill O’Rielly interview shows you know little of current warfare and have fallen into propaganda put out by the Deep State.

It is clear you have no concept of or background in Military affairs so please stick to vaccine information such as side effects etc. or you will be losing many people who are currently on your subscription list.

This person, who goes by the name “Bitterroot Services and Enterprises,” then proceeded to “school me” on what they believe is the truth about Donald Trump that I am so “ignorant” about.

Other comments I frequently get are that I am “obviously a Marxist liberal” and support Biden, since I do not support Trump.

This is utter nonsense, of course, as any of our regular readers will know.

Donald Trump is a billionaire who supports his billionaire buddies in Big Pharma, as he sings the praises of companies like Pfizer, the most evil company probably in the world today.

And we know that Donald Trump supports these companies, because he told us so himself. Here it from his own mouth:

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9 months ago

[…] Candace Owens vs. David Martin on Trump’s Vaccine Promotion_December 29, 2021 […]

8 months ago

This is what I strongly believe in with my heart and mind that President Trump was actually ignorant about vaccines and does not understand how dangerous they really are. I don’t believe he had a trusting VP and some other evil people in his Administration and wanted to see him fail. I truly believe he does love our Country, his grandchildren welfare and We The People. It’s crazy to think that he would want to bring harm to his own family either.

Thomas Leiber
Thomas Leiber
7 months ago
Reply to  Laura

That is possible too Laura. But after 2 years of data, and Trump still promotes the BioWeapon Jabs, that possibility is getting smaller and smaller by the Day and every death from these Jabs. 400 Professional Athletes have died now Worldwide. When is enough, ENOUGH???

8 months ago

That’s typical for left leaning people to say that’s how Candace Owens feels just wanting to have Trump be President again, that’s obscure making a statement like that about her. Candace Owens is usually good at jugging a person character. I would have to agree with her assessment is about Trump not completely understanding the danger about the vaccine. Besides, who’s to say whether those people fully explained what’s in the vaccine to him, I doubt Trump has a medical degree in science.To be honest there’s so many of us who feels that Trump really wanted to make America a better place for all of us. Trump actually reminded me more like President Ronald Reagan which he was a caring and great leader. Here’s a thought.. what about previous Presidents ie. Bush Sr. and Bush Jr., the Clinton’s and the Obama’s. Do you really think they had our best interest at heart. Just remember all the things they had done during their time in office.

8 months ago

Pres. TRUMP was duped. Now he is saying NO young should get the shot. But he is like my Mama and believes the lying Dr’s around him. He was eve duped that ever though he had covid he needed a shot, for what??? he has antibodies. I pray they gave him saline on those shots or he will find himself with an early death. That is the last thing I want to see. Someone should give him the info needed to undo any damage. He needs to be our president again, as he was cheated out of it. They planned this PLANDEMIC and had the poison ready to go in 2015 and finished it 2017. The evil should burn in hell for what they are doing to America and the rest of the world. Even my wonderful, fighter for right governor, Ron DeSantis has been duped not only about the shots, now his wife has cancer from them. And the expensive anti-bodies the state is paying for could be, IVERMECTIN instead. I have mine just in case I get sick. I would never under any circumstances take the bio-weapon as I would be instantly dead, as I almost died from one flu shot years ago and never had another one and never get the flu. All of this is just a man made flu, and the latest one is a common cold. If you take ZINC, Vit C and Vit D3 you should be fine. If you get it, have Ivermectin and you will be well in 2 days. Anyone that was not vaxxed and died, was murdered by denying them a simple remedy and putting them on a ventilator. Its murder, and they want us in a camp to die. People need to wake up ad fight like I am seeing now. I am glad I live in the FREE state of Florida with a fighting governor. I pray he is there for 4 more years, and TRUMP take back the presidency with Mike Flynn. Then in 2026 DeSantis can do rallies for being president in 2028. With TRUMP in 2024, or before. If we get courts to see truth, and then in 2028 Ron be president. America will be strong again, and people will then learn truth, and the DEM party will be over, along with some evil REP.s.

Lisa Starke
Lisa Starke
8 months ago

I believe that he was played by all “trusted” people around him. They saw a way to have The President push out the shot quickly as only he can do. They (evil ones) already had it made they were waiting for the right time. My pillow guy was telling when he went to see Trump with evidence of fraud in election. But attorneys were telling him no. If all the “advisors” around the President we’re corrupt how can he make an informed decision? He got the vaccine himself so he believed in it. Now what’s come to light over the past several months, I don’t understand why he works say that. I thought maybe this would stop the liberals from taking it and we Trump supporters know better. I don’t know why Candace Owens didn’t ask him why? And say with all the info that is coming out. Then give him doctors names to get with and talk with. Which I don’t know why no one is doing that now!!!

8 months ago
Reply to  Lisa Starke

So let us say that the baboon was played by all his trusted people. So then what makes him Presidential stuff? At best he is an incompetent usurper of the leader’s role, and at worst he is a fraud. He started by yelling: “this is a hoax, this is a hoax…!” So how did he convert into Brandon? taking his medication of two vaccines plus the booster? Did he explain his epiphany? Did he explain his conversion from “anti” to “pro”?

Poor guy is now totally compromised and why do people still eulogize at his funeral?

Suzanne M Burrall
Suzanne M Burrall
8 months ago

Maybe to an extent Candace makes a rational point. Trump openly admitted he doesn’t read anything. Or was that Sarah Palin? Or both? I think Trump is a complete pragmatist at doing whatever he thinks serves himself. I think that is where it stops. Period!

Thomas Leiber
Thomas Leiber
7 months ago

I Too have many questions for Donald Trump. He called out and did many good things for the American People. Then in 2020, he ordered the Country into a Emergency Use Act, giving control of the USA to FEMA. I just saw a video that Biden is not in Charge, FEMA is thru today. He signed the EUA, the Fake PCR tests, and walked away from the Clearly Fraudulent Election. He admitted on TV in the past tense it was the greatest honor to “Have Been” our President. His Cares Act that was signed had also weird concessions. The Government had to release everything they know about UFO’s within 6 months, gave monies to Americans to sit home and not work, and Gave Hospitals, Doctors & Nurses a 20% extra kickback if these people list every illness as Covid. We all saw Republican Poll Watchers being removed from Polling sites in Detroit. We saw Private Defense Contractors keep out Republican poll watchers in Arizona. It goes on and On. I’m concerned that we all have missed the Elephant in the room. The Elephant is FEMA. Are they now in control. We know Biden is a puppet and has Body Doubles. One minute he cannot form a simple sentence, and then he speaks clearly. Really?
Overtime, it’s seems that only the people of the USA will be able to keep our country and our freedoms. Our Politicians are doing a great job BK’ing our Country. 30 Trillion in Debt today. We need to wake up!
So much Guessing, so little Facts. Anyone that has anything to add about the EUA and FEMA is running the Country please speak up!

We the People need to demand the end of the Emergency Use Act!!! There is no emergency from there made BioWeapon. The emergency is the Vaccines, the ventilators (online and can be manipulated), and Remdesivir (another non FDA approved drug to kill us all.

Nothing sense 2020 passes the smell test.

A man made Flu that has a 99.5% of a full recovery. VAERS data (evidence showing represents 1% of all cases), shows clearly by the lot numbers leaked from Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, are harming and killing 10-20% of the Jabbed. That’s nuts! I am donating my assigned Jabs Back to Fauci & Gates! They can have my shots all day long!