Covid Totalitarianism Exposed

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Peter Breggin MD and his wife, Ginger Breggin, authors of Talking Back to Prozac, have written a key work on the COVID-19 pandemic, titled COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey and published September 30, 2021. They expose the totalitarian nature of the Covid pandemic.

In 547 pages of text backed with 1107 endnotes, mostly scientific citations, the authors show how “global predators” orchestrated the synthesis of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome CoronaVirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) and distributed it worldwide, causing the Coronavirus Disease-19 (COVID-19) pandemic. These global predators comprise billionaires such as Michael Bloomberg, Klaus Schwab, and especially, Bill Gates; U.S. and Chinese government officials and scientists, notably Anthony Fauci, MD, head (for 37 years) of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID); plus Big Tech and Big Pharma.

These global predators have profited greatly from the COVID-19 pandemic, vastly increasing their  wealth, glory, and power.

The U.S. and other countries, especially Australia and New Zealand, have adopted the policy where, “The more society can be frightened, isolated, controlled, and suppressed–the safer it will be from the virus.” The Breggins maintain: “The pandemic continues to be used to justify the imposition of vast fear and oppression on the American people. All this is being done in the name of public health, but it represents authoritarian politics with worldwide ramification.” Plus, they soon discovered:

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“As we began our research into COVID-19 policies and practices, we became dismayed by the absence of any rational science to justify the shutdowns and to prevent the use of the very safe and only useful medication available, the inexpensive hydroxychloroquine—and now including ivermectin.”

Anthony Fauci led the way. He promoted lockdowns, mask mandates, social distancing, and experimental vaccines. He has mocked inexpensive, effective treatments for COVID-19 like vitamin D and hydroxychloroquine, dismissing their purported benefits as “anecdotal.” Many thousands of COVID-infected people have died who would have survived if given these treatments. Fauci has also forced people “to accept destructive, counterproductive restrictions on our personal, educational, business, and religious lives.”

How could a respected physician do this?  The authors of this book put it this way:

“None of Fauci’s behavior makes sense unless we view Fauci for what he is—an archetype of the global predator who feels no genuine identification or emotional ties with any nation or any specific religious or ideological viewpoint and instead remains forever devoted to increasing his own self-aggrandizement and his power, while adding a veneer of progressive idealism to his nefarious activities. Without this lens of predatory globalism, a great deal more becomes painfully clear.”

The authors of COVID-19 and the Global Predators establish that whether or not the release was intentional, “SARS-CoV-2 was made in China at the Wuhan Institute of Virology with technology developed in Fauci-funded collaborative efforts with the United States… part of the line of SARS-Co-V2s developed in labs at the University of North Carolina and at the Wuhan Institute with some involvement of other facilities in the U.S. and China.” They state: “It seems highly probable that the release of the virus was not only purposeful, but it was in fact premeditated and planned over several years. The planning goes at least as far back as 2017, when [Bill] Gates announced the equivalent of what would in 2020 be called Operation Warp Speed and the Great Reset involving corporate-government fusion.”

They note that “as long ago as late 2016 and early January 2017” billionaires like Bill Gates and corporations like Moderna and Pfizer started making billion-dollar investments in a SARS-Co-V2 vaccine with the near certainty of an upcoming coronavirus pandemic. At the start of COVID-19:

“Why would Anthony Fauci have gone to such lengths to promote and rush the approval specifically of Gilead’s medication Remdesivir and Moderna’s mRNA vaccine—both dangerous, experimental, and wholly unproven at the time—if he and Bill Gates were not sure of the need for them?”

The authors compile a Bill of Particulars against Dr. Anthony Fauci based on their research for this book. In Chapter 29 they summarize his offenses against America and humanity in this Bill and add this caveat:

“As powerful as Fauci seems at times, he is doing the bidding of masters far more powerful than he could ever be. He is carrying out the orders of Bill Gates and ultimately of the Chinese Communists, or he would never have the courage or the strength to continue funding research that bloated the billionaires of the U.S. and China, all the while giving China the capacity to make and spread SARS-CoV-2. The bill of particulars against the global predator billionaires, CEOs, and government leaders has yet to be written.”

Their Bill of Particulars has 12 categories containing 42 particulars. These are 4 of the 12 categories:

I: “Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of NIAID, has abused and continues to abuse his power, becoming and remaining the leading sponsor and funder in the world of gain-of-function research that enabled Communist China to engineer a range of deadly SARS coronaviruses (SARS-CoVs). He carried out these plans in defiance of two American Presidents, Barack Obama and Donald Trump… These activities caused and contributed to the development of SARS-CoV-2 in American and Chinese Communist labs and its release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Because Fauci is the Director of NIAID, he funds and bears primary responsibility for all gain-of-function research making deadly viruses and for all the risks to America and the world associated with these and related activities.”

Dr. Fauci spearheaded the creation of this new coronavirus by funding “gain-of-function” research, designed to render a virus more infective and lethal.

III: “Fauci has abused his power by rushing through EUAs [Emergency Use Authorizations], extremely expensive, highly experimental, very dangerous, and inadequately studied or tested vaccines. In doing this, he supports the investments of Bill Gates, on whose elite vaccine Leadership Council he serves. At the same time, he supports the pharmaceutical industry with whom he is intimate and its vast network of investors… His role is that of chief enforcer for building the wealth, glory, and power of the global predators in the arena of medicine, public health, and ultimately politics in America and worldwide.”

One particular listed in this category is: “He allowed and supported continued vaccinations even after the number of reported vaccine-related deaths rose from the hundreds into the many thousands.”

VII: “While suppressing available treatments, Fauci promoted fast-tracking with government financial support for drugs and vaccines that were and are experimental, unproven, and highly dangerous, but enormously profitable.”

Especially remdesivir, which doesn’t work, is toxic, and costs $3,000 a pop. The authors agree. They cite a study from South Korea where “the authors found that ‘HCQ [hydroxychloroquine] with antibiotic was associated with better clinical outcomes in terms of viral clearance, hospital stay, and cough symptom resolution’… compared to ‘conservative treatment.’ Nothing like this can be said for remdesivir, an expensive, dangerous, and worthless drug Fauci made sure received FDA approval for treating COVID-19.”

IX: “Anthony Fauci knew 3 years ahead of time that a coronavirus pandemic was being planned and announced in January 2017 that it would definitely occur during President Trump’s administration.” [all italics in original]

As currently managed, COVID-19 is promoting totalitarianism, where the state controls every aspect of one’s life, and all opposition is suppressed—with billionaires exempt. The Breggins write:

“Almost every single American billionaire remains deep in the predatory morass: Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet (a partner with Gates until he recently resigned), Mark Zuckerberg, the Waltons, Steve Balmer, Larry Page. All are deeply invested in China… Every global predator we could identify is financially wedded to and filled with admiration for, not the United States or other Western democracies but for Communist China and totalitarianism.”

And then there is billionaire Klaus Schwab with his book COVID-19 and the Great Reset. (2020). In the Great Reset “you will own nothing and be happy.” These global predators are “eager to collaborate with anyone who shares the primary goal of controlling, dominating, and exploiting humanity.”

The COVID-19 death rate in people under age 70 is low, like that of seasonal flu. The mortality risk in children from COVID-19 is even lower than that with seasonal flu. The overall risk so low that there is “no reason or justification to impose totalitarianism on America, to crush our society and ravage our economy, to retard the education of our children and to force deadly wealth-draining vaccines on our entire nation… The motivation for the lockdowns comes from predatory globalists and not from genuine scientists or legitimate science.”

Peter and Ginger Breggin make this important point: “If effective treatments are already available, the FDA cannot issue Emergency Use Authorization (EUAs), allowing the FDA to skip its usual safety and effectiveness studies to push expensive, highly remunerative drugs and vaccines down the pipeline as experiments to be inflicted on the population.” The Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines are still only being administered under Emergency Use Authorization.

Worse, “The COVID-19 vaccines are causing a worldwide catastrophe of unimaginable, unpredictable proportions.” They cite three ways:

First, “A substantial number of deaths that are occurring within a few days after the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine jabs. “No one in authority is paying attention to it, even though a tiny fraction of so many deaths would have led the CDC and FDA to pull any other vaccine off the market.”

Second, “It is clear that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein that the vaccines force the human to make are highly toxic to humans, often causing bleeding and clotting in the endothelium or lining of blood vessels. Contrary to claims by advocates, the vaccine-induced antigenic material does not remain localized at the vaccine site but instead is produced throughout the body.” 

Third, this shocking conclusion: “This may be the most disturbing conclusion we have drawn in this book—the lethality of the COVID-19 was planned. The danger of vaccinated human patients dying after exposure to SARS-CoV-2 has been repeatedly warned since 2006 based on animal studies. These ominous reports continued to be published after the start of Operation Warp Speed [government support of vaccine production].” [all italics in original]

The mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) “vaccine” that Pfizer and Moderna market for COVID-19 is not really a vaccine. It is a form of genetic engineering, which get people to produce spike proteins, with their long-term effects yet to be determined. Instead of a “vaccine,” better to simply call it a COVID shot or jab, like President Biden does when saying, “No jab, no job.”

Animal researchers have found that “animals vaccinated for SARS-CoV infections with mRNA or DNA vaccines experience serious illness and death when challenged by SARA-CoV pathogens. The illness often resembled what we now call COVID-19.” Research funded by Fauci’s NIAID shows that vaccinated mice exposed to this virus “are not protected and instead are vulnerable to human-like severe immune reactions. Furthermore, the culprit is the spike protein that the animal or human body makes in response to the vaccine.” [italics in original]  The DNA and mRNA shots instruct our body to synthesize spike proteins identical to those on the virus.

In a damming indictment, the authors declare: “All those participating in the planning for COVID-19 were also planning for the vaccine to further the aim of the ridding humanity of its infirm or old people.” They ask:

“What is going on here? Those who fully understand what they are doing are probably certain they are doing the right thing—culling humanity. It is a principle with a long and honored history among eugenicists and euthanasia advocates, including many scientists, philanthropic organizations, and political leaders. It is twenty-first century eugenics. In the case of COVID-19 and the vaccines, there is nothing voluntary about it—and that makes it mass murder.” [italics in original]

(Standing on a remote hilltop in Georgia, the Georgia Guidestones are pertinent to such concerns about “culling humanity.” Also known as the American Stonehenge, the monument consists of 4 huge granite stones, each 16 ft. high, along with supporting structures. Each of the stones, erected in 1980 and of uncertain provenance, are inscribed with a set of ten guidelines, in 8 languages. The topmost  guideline  is “Maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature.” Another guideline is “Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature.” Could their emerging global agenda be another way global predators are seeking to cull humanity?)

Peter McCullough, MD, MPH; Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD; and Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko, MD write Introductions to the book. Dr. McCullough showed a slide of the book COVID-19 and the Global Predators at a lecture he gave on this subject on Oct 27, 2021, at a meeting of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, directed by the redoubtable Jane Orient, MD. Dr. McCullough considers COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey to be the best book on what is going on with COVID-19. This lecture is available here (for now). Watch it.

And, please, read this book

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2 years ago

This is an EXCELLENT book! Worth it for the references alone!

Sheba Hall
Sheba Hall
2 years ago

You guys where close on the year. But it was in 2014 at a conference that Dr. Fauci spoke at that he made the statement that “the next administration would have to deal with a pandemic “.
He also pattend the vaccine in 2015.
So definitely premeditated.
But in a paper he co-authored he said in I believe it was 2009 or 2011 that any form of SARS-covid could be treated with hydracloraquin or Ivermectan. I know I mis spelled some of that sorry.
But point being the only reason that no one seemed to raise a red flag about all of this is because the vast majority of those who knew about it where set to profit weather it be financially or otherwise