Rand Paul Vows To Bring Fauci To Justice If GOP Wins Back Senate In Midterms

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Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Senator Rand Paul has vowed to directly go after Anthony Fauci and bring him to justice over repeated lies while under oath as regards his involvement in gain of function research that took place at Wuhan virology labs.

During a recent interview with his father, former Congressman Ron Paul, the Senator said that if the GOP wins, and he is once again elected, “I will be chairman of a committee in the Senate. We will use the subpoena power to bring forth all the records.”

“Right now they send us records. If we ask about their discussions, covering up where the virus came from, its origins in the lab, they white it all out,” Paul continued, referring to Democrats in power.

They redact all the information and send us a blank piece of paper and they won’t tell us about their conversations,” the Senator further urged, adding that if power transfers back to Republicans, “We’ll get to the root of everything.”

Paul predicted that should this happen, Fauci will immediately retire and that it would be the “best thing right there for the country because he’s been so damaging.”

“All these blue state governors listen to him and think that it’s science to close a restaurant at 10 o’clock at night or to say that we have to have 25 percent of patrons,” The Senator explained, adding “There’s no evidence that any of the mitigation, any of the rules, and mandates changed the trajectory of the virus at all.”

If Republicans do win back the Senate, Paul is likely to be a front runner to take up the Chair of the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP).

Elsewhere during the interview, Paul warned that thousands of Americans are dying from COVID every month because Fauci is obsessed with pushing vaccines in place of therapeutic treatments that are effective in treating the virus.


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Paul Barbara
Paul Barbara
9 months ago

Rand Paul and his lawyers/advisors should read ‘The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health’ by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.Any one who does will want to get Dr. Faustus locked up in High Security jail and throw away the key.