Enter: Second Phase of Ukraine Wipe Out

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The second phase of the military operation has begun. Russia first used hypersonic missile “Daggers” and began to destroy entire brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, now the fighting will be tougher

At today’s briefing of the Ministry of Defense, information was announced about the use of the Bastion and Dagger complexes as part of a special military operation. This is the first officially confirmed use of these types of weapons in a real conflict.

This fact, as well as the emerging information about the successful use of cruise missiles against the mercenary base near Lvov and the location of the 79th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Nikolaev, suggests that Russia, with a high degree of probability, has begun the second phase of the NMD. And now, unlike the first stage, the conduct of hostilities is built not on the classical concept of a large-scale offensive, but on the principles of “new generation” armed conflicts, when, instead of a ground offensive, priority is given to the use of long-range precision weapons and mobile special-purpose sabotage groups. Such an approach, although it will require more time for the complete demilitarization of Ukraine, will significantly reduce the possible losses of regular ground formations of the RF Armed Forces.

Thus, the military operation is increasingly beginning to look like a tough modern war by all the rules, which greatly frightens the Ukrainian leadership, which is increasingly turning to NATO with a request to create a no-fly zone. However, predictably, there is no talk of any no-fly zone.


More and more details on the results of the strike on a military base near Lviv

According to radio interception, losses among foreign mercenaries and special forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a result of a strike on a base near Lvov have already amounted to at least 267

According to 50-year-old Peter from Austria, who was a member of the “International Legion of Ukraine”, on the basis of the Yavoriv training ground, at the time of the strike of the Russian Aerospace Forces there were from 800 to a thousand foreigners.

The wounded are still being taken out – about 450/300 have been evacuated to Poland.

Many have burns to their faces and bodies, and some have their limbs torn off.

The number of missing people, who are under the rubble of the corps, in which there were American, Romanian and Polish mercenaries, is not yet completely known.

Arms deliveries worth $400 million have been completely destroyed.

Among the dead are a large number of officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and former NATO officers.

The authorities of Ukraine and the United States carefully hide the real scale of the losses, secretly raking up the consequences of a successful attack by the Russian Armed Forces.

After the incident, the enthusiasm of mercenaries from all over the world noticeably faded.

An Austrian mercenary said this about the strike on the Yavorovsky training ground: “These people will all die, no one will get out of here alive!”


In my German city people hoard sunflower oil at the moment, whether to use it as alternative fuel or for food prepairing is unknown to me, but either is obviously stupid. Furthermore, about the “solidarity with Ukraine”: in the last 30 neoliberal years, the concept of solidarity was at least suspicious of socialism and therefore barely mentioned – after all it doesn’t fit the neoliberal and social-darwinistic narrative of a society of competition. It got revived for covid, ridiculously, all the no-vaxxers were accused of being unsolidary. And now all of Germany “stands together with Ukraine in solidarity”. The last time I heard those words as often was back pre- 1989 in East Germany. Of course back then we stood together with the Soviet Union in Solidarity. Or Cuba. Or Nicaragua. How time changes…or maybe doesn’t.

Also, I’m pretty sure the situation in Germany is at least partly caused by “vorauseilendem Gehorsam” – which translates into anticipatory obedience. I don’t know if it’s a specific German trait, but it surely is quite prevalent here. Any small business knows about virtue signalling nowadays and wants to be first to show they belong to the right side. Bakeries selling cake in blue and yellow. It’s beyond ridiculous, it’s disgusting, but the absolut majority of them really don’t know any better. And as if the last century wasn’t enough – every day now I feel more ashamed for my country and people.

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