A View From the Trenches

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Briefly on the Kherson front from our friend (machine translation):

“The enemy regularly tries to infiltrate the joints of positions in small groups of 10-20 people from the landings. In the course of a small-arms battle, they suffer large losses and retreat. Dozens of people are being killed and wounded in the trenches, but they do not stop trying.

They are also trying to gain a bridgehead foothold. They dig trenches in full view of our fighters and receive fire damage from AGS and mortars, but they hide for only 10 minutes while suffering losses, after which they get out again and start digging. Everything repeats. Only 152 mm helps to stop their ‘earthworks’ for a longer time. Very strange behavior.

The only real inconvenience and danger to our soldiers at the moment is caused by enemy artillery.”

Are they on drugs, such Ecstasy or Captagon (Fenethylline)? Most probably.

via https://t.me/ptsr_team

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